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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2: Frostbite stress-tested on Xbox One X

  • macmurphy 19/11/2017

    @higganos e Reply 0
  • Worms WMD wriggles onto Switch at the end of November

  • macmurphy 15/11/2017

    Oh that is some sweet, sweet punning. Reply +4
  • Microsoft Xbox One X review

  • macmurphy 03/11/2017


    No mate DF don’t give grades.

    Eurogamer does as a site for game reviews.

    Any tech stuff by DF, and I think any hardware reviews generally like graphics cards, doesn’t get badged. Irrespective of its quality.

    So just because it hasn’t got a badge saying ‘essential’ or ‘recommended’ doesn’t mean they don’t like it. DF just don’t grade stuff. You just have to read the review and see if you like it.
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  • macmurphy 03/11/2017

    Before people get confused, DF don’t give grades to hardware.

    Just because this doesn’t have an ‘essential’ or ‘recommended’ badge doesn’t mean they don’t like it.
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  • Rocket League careens onto Switch in November

  • macmurphy 30/10/2017

    Where’s God of Porn. He’ll be squirming in his pants Reply 0
  • A Hat in Time review

  • macmurphy 06/10/2017

    That is indeed some exceptional pun work.

    Tip o’ the hat to you.
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  • Tech Evolution: 25 years of Super Mario Kart

  • macmurphy 04/09/2017


    I can only think you haven't put many hours into number 8/deluxe mate.

    I don't mean to be patronising but the best guy wins almost always. When Thingy played against maybe ten of us online he got 57/60 on a cup.

    I've put a good few hours in on 8 almost all heads up against a mate. If you have a perfect race, you nearly always win.

    I looked back at DD on YouTube just now and it holds up well. But I also remember my jaw dropping when I first played 8. It's a beautiful game. Add to that an amazing soundtrack, the best collection of levels, the best online, the most comprehensive battle mode (in deluxe, shine thief is a thing of wonder).

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion about their favourite; I was always a big SMK and MK64 fan because they were what I grew up on.

    But anyone that says MK8 is not about the racing or is a party game due to blue shells just hasn't played it. I'm still playing it (now deluxe), and we wouldn't do that if we didn't both feel that skill wins out long term. Those few times when you get Mariokarted and you're screaming obscenities at the TV balance out over time and for me they just make it more fun.

    It's still as skilful as it's ever been, and the handling, racing and tracks are even better.
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  • macmurphy 03/09/2017


    It's horses for courses. I would have agreed with you right up until MK8. It's the series best for me. And I've played every one at release.

    It's funny, there are a few double dash fans, a few Mariokart Wii fans. Definitely number 8 for me though. For tracks, for game balance, for battle mode, for good old fashioned racing.
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  • Much-loved UK video game mag Super Play returns for a one-off to celebrate the SNES mini launch

  • macmurphy 01/09/2017

    My favourite magazine as a kid by a distance. Having a SNES and reading this was a magical time. I can still remember that buzz of excitement when you walked into the newsagents and saw the latest edition had landed. Reply +1
  • Windjammers review

  • macmurphy 31/08/2017


    Was Super Dodge Ball. Funny how memory plays tricks on you.

    Looks like I only know this by reputation, but I still want to see what the fuss is about.
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  • macmurphy 31/08/2017

    Sure I had this on the game boy advance but not much is coming up on google.

    Anyway, it was good. Another desperate please for a Switch version.
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  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle review

  • macmurphy 28/08/2017

    Bloody good review that. Really well written. Reply +34
  • Splatoon 2 review

  • macmurphy 18/07/2017


    Fair one mate, thanks for the response.
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  • macmurphy 18/07/2017

    Are you sure you can't alter your load out between rounds? Read a few places that you can by pressing '+'. Reply +10
  • Monaco dev's minimalist RTS Tooth and Tail sets September release date

  • macmurphy 17/07/2017

    Pleeeaaase bring to Switch. Love an RTS and always starved of them on consoles. Reply +2
  • Surprise! Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a thing

  • macmurphy 12/06/2017

    Fair dos, that trailer was awesome. Mario Rabbid 😂 Reply 0
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe review

  • macmurphy 21/04/2017


    Fair one, if you've played it and you don't like it.

    We all have different tastes, I never got on with Bayonetta.

    But I think it's fair to say reading the forum that a lot of gamers are huge fans. I had every version starting with the SNES and before 8 I still considered this the pinnacle. But for me 8 beats it, and a lot of other posters feel the same.

    It still has weapons but it somehow seems fairer; there's a greater emphasis on racing. As I said it just feels consistently like the best man wins over time.

    I guess I just wanted to say to anybody on the fence that you should believe the hype; the chances are you'll love it.
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  • macmurphy 21/04/2017


    Have you played it? I'm guessing not. I've played hundreds and hundreds of cups with a friend. Yes there is some luck but over the course of almost every grand prix I could point to the mistakes I'd made that had cost me. When I won it was usually because I raced well and didn't make mistakes.

    It's mariokart, there is some wild fortune and that's the joy of it. But it averages out. I can honestly say that after maybe fifty evenings with it, it always felt like the best player on the night won and that's why we always come back to it.
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  • Watch someone defeat Dark Souls 3's Ringed City big boss on NG+7 with a broken sword

  • macmurphy 19/04/2017

    'Naught but a broken sword' not 'not but a broken sword.'

    Sorry to be the duty pedant.
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  • How to triple your Switch battery life for under £20

  • macmurphy 26/03/2017


    You haven't played the new Zelda. It's perfect for bite sized gaming. A lot of shrines are done in 5-10 minutes. You can explore a bit, climb a tower, cook some food, go upgrade things, all in 5-10 minutes. And the sleep and restart feature means you can be back in game in seconds. Not sure if it's by accident or design, but BOTW is a great portable game.

    Looks awesome on the screen too. I've played it a lot in handheld mode, it never feels like a compromised experience.
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  • Fan project to get Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on PC shows remarkable progress

  • macmurphy 22/03/2017

    This argument's absolute bollocks because no one's paying Nintendo. These threads always fill up with people that say 'I've bought it on Switch so I've already paid.' The truth is once it's out in the wild most people will take it for free and cost Nintendo millions. Even now the coders are getting the money, not Nintendo. It's just theft, no matter how you want to dress it up. I don't give two shits if you have all the GameCube discs so you don't feel guilty about playing Dolphin - most people don't and Nintendo won't get a penny for all their work. Reply 0
  • macmurphy 22/03/2017

    Take a really dim view of this. It's just piracy.

    Nintendo have worked unbelievably hard to create a stunning game. There really isn't a lot out on the Switch, and if you take Zelda away there is not much of a reason to get one.

    If the game is available on PC it's going to hurt Nintendo through software and hardware sales. The less money they make, the less they can invest in the next one.

    All that money you take out of the developer's pocket is only going to hurt their ability to make great games. It will hurt their ability to experiment, to revisit fan favourites that might not be big sellers. It just means a worse product for all the legitimate consumers. Hope Nintendo sues shit out of them. In essence I'm just paying to give them free stuff.
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  • Blaster Master Zero: Switch vs... NES?

  • macmurphy 19/03/2017

    Nice article Mr Linneman but you repeat 'it feels like a sequel lost in time' in the last paragraph. Reply +2
  • Stephen's Sausage Roll review

  • macmurphy 25/12/2016

    Haha. Awesome work EG you beautiful people. Merry Christmas to Neilka and all. God bless us, every one! Reply +11
  • Street Fighter 4 is so good maybe we don't need a sequel just yet

  • macmurphy 07/12/2014

    Without knocking Wes, look for Simpn Parkin's article on SF4.

    The best piece of gaming journalism I've ever read.
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  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • macmurphy 28/08/2014

    Hope she reads all this. Her work transcended the genre, the two people I can always know will offer something special are her and Simon Parkin.

    Very funny, she made me look at reviews for games I had no interest in and that says a lot. She will be sadly missed. Best of luck Ellie.
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  • Nintendo confirms limited edition 3DS XL for Super Smash Bros. launch

  • macmurphy 13/08/2014

    @Incarta It's from Jim Bowen. Bullseye. And 'Savile' has one 'l'. Oh well. Let's have a look at what you could have won... Reply +2
  • Nordic Games buys THQ name to use when publishing

  • macmurphy 13/06/2014


    What you said. Ocean would be brilliant, loved that brand.

    Maybe I got burned in the N64 era and haven't seen their latest catalogue, but for me THQ is a shit brand, and if I saw it on the box I would probably put it down.

    I really think this is an odd choice - everyone that knows games probablyis turned off by the brand, and anyone that doesn't won't give a shit if you're called Nordic or THQ or whatever.
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  • Battlefield Hardline beta performance analysis

  • macmurphy 13/06/2014

    Yeah this smells like DLC rebranded. Even if it is a separate development team who will put more time into it, I still think it feels like a DLC idea spread thin.

    When you look at something like the Vietnam upgrade for BFBC2, that had new maps, vehicles, songs. This is no different. All it will do is fracture the community, piss off already annoyed fans - after all the time they took to fix BF4 another wallet gouging bit of DLC wrapped up as full price content feels like a kick when customers are down.

    Can't help but feel the money men at EA are strangling a great franchise. I was a huge BFBC2 fan, but got burned by 3, ignored 4 (rightly, judging by all the complaints)and now am apathetic about a brand I loved. That takes some skill EA.
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  • Final Fight retrospective

  • macmurphy 25/05/2014

    Yeah. This made me moist as a kid. This, Double Dragon, Goldenaxe and Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja were coin op gold. Reply +13
  • Battlefield 4 gets long-awaited Squad Join feature on console

  • macmurphy 06/05/2014


    Another reason why BC2 was so great. That upgrade had a completely different feel, all the gunfights were close and raw, just groups of you hurling grenades into ravines to stop the onslaught. Made it feel like a whole new game. Still the only title I got every achievement for, I felt like it deserved it.

    Have to try and start the EGGMILF back up, seems like there would be takers.
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  • macmurphy 06/05/2014

    Another shout for BC2. That game was pretty much perfect and it seems like a lot of people feel the same way. Reply +10
  • Luftrausers review

  • macmurphy 18/03/2014

    Looks like the bastard spawn of Wings of Fury and Biplanes. Never played Jetstrike. Reply +1
  • Titanfall tech interview

  • macmurphy 13/03/2014

    @Gojiratron Cheers for the heads up. I still think it will be great, and it's going to be under Respawn's stewardship if nothing else. Reply +1
  • macmurphy 13/03/2014

    I've heard dark rumors that the reason they are completely ignoring the 360 version is actually because it's very good, and because it makes the xbone version look less like a generational leap.

    Reading some of the interview (about the xbone version not being planned originally and about the EA handlers trying to curb any conversation about it) this is starting to make a lot of sense. Titanfall is a massive draw to potential new adopters; it's the first time I have ever wanted to upgrade.

    Respawn were the king if silky frame rates, I'm calling it now that they have actually made a rather excellent version on the 360 and so Microsoft, aided by EA, are trying to keep it as quiet as possible to try and drive through as many Xbone purchases as possible.

    I'm now really excited about the 360 version.
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  • PlayStation 4 sales hit 6m after Japan launch

  • macmurphy 06/03/2014

    @donniebox Since you mentioned me in your post I will reply. The Bone is a very capable machine, and I would say that graphics do not make a game.

    But is is underpowered compared to its main rival, despite being more expensive. You have to say that will be disappointing to consumers. It's a foolish person that rates power and graphics above all other features, but if one console is more powerful and usually outputs in a higher resolution, it's going to be a big plus point.
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  • macmurphy 04/03/2014

    @mcmothercruncher I never bother to +1 people but you got one from me. I'm an Xbox man but will be changing brands. They really did make a hash of the Xbone. An integrated hardware peripheral that no one wants, more expensive and demonstrably underpowered.

    Microsoft did amazing things, going from industry outsiders to making arguably the best console in two generations. They forced Sony to react, which is great for the industry as a whole.

    But this gen it feels like Microsoft just choked and gave it all away. Sony did nothing special, just chimped all the way to the bank after Microsoft made a lot of questionable decisions.
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  • RedLynx defends Trials Frontier's mobile micro-transactions

  • macmurphy 26/02/2014

    Trials is a brilliant game, RedLynx are a great developer. If they think that this is the best way to reach a bigger audience by starting free and asking for infusions of cash, then fine.

    But there should be an option to just pay 4-5E for the game in a one off payment. I'm not going to keep paying every time I want to play, and what that means for a lot of IOS games is that you can only play for ten minutes and then you have to wait 5 hours or so for your lives to recharge.

    I hate this model, because it means if you really want to spend a lot of time with a game you get rinsed, much more than you would have done if you just made one initial payment. So if you are telling the truth, why not include a one off payment option. I will happily give you my money on the basis of how hard you worked to bring us Trials. 5E, maybe even 10E, no problem.
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  • Street Fighter 4 online money matches announced

  • macmurphy 20/02/2014

    @houldendub @MontyBrewster

    I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up.

    I can see why people would be worried about this but as other people have mentioned, between television betting shows and fixed odds betting machines there are already plenty of ways for fools and their money to be parted.

    Looking purely from a poker perspective, the biggest clients have spent years working on the integrity of their clients. If sites are found allowing cheaters then they lose business or go bust - as happened with UltimateBet.

    So if companies can generate a revenue stream from gambling gaming then they are going to have to pool resources into protecting game integrity and banning cheaters. It basically will put players requests much higher on the agenda.

    New games and styles have developed off the back of player demand. Players can vote with their wallets and their is a very quick evolutionary process whereby sites have more of the most popular games and are always spending their budgets to bring in new players.

    This could catch on or it could die on its arse, but in the online poker industry sites have had to please the players to keep their revenue streams, moreso than I think big games publishers do now.

    If this takes off, I think along with kick starter projects it will give more power to the consumer.

    As a failed poker player I can also say that it could be a bad thing, with gamers spending years trying to 'make it' when they should be focussing on a better career. Thus would be my biggest worry.

    But I spent more time playing games than I ever did playing poker, and I never got a penny, so how badly can it go wrong?
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  • macmurphy 20/02/2014

    This is a great idea. And if someone can be the guy that can create a unified system that brings this to the masses they would make millions.

    Look how much Pokerstars is worth, and compare potential player pools. It could be the future of gaming. I will definitely be playing against friends on this, and there is no reason why at some point you couldn't bet on COD and FIFA. Looks like professional gamers will finally have a an outlet that does not rely purely on sponsorship.
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  • Games of 2013: Diablo 3 console

  • macmurphy 26/12/2013

    Another vote for wife related console japes. I played it through with mine and it was great.

    But I also have a problem with the longevity and replay value. We still replay Resi 5 sometimes as the basic mechanics and game variety are so enjoyable, but once we finished this there was no desire to return.
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  • Games of 2013: Candy Crush Saga

  • macmurphy 24/12/2013

    Just wanted to say I think it does get so hard I think it really pushes you to spending money. I have had bejewelled, CCS, zookeeper and jewel mania but my favourite by some distance is candy blast mania.

    A blatant rip off, but much more enjoyable and whilst luck plays a huge role I'm at level 200 and every level has felt achievable without spending money. It also has a lot more variety and charm.

    You can argue all day long about whether you enjoy the model, but I find it keeps me busy on the tube and I actually rather enjoy the way it stops you playing as otherwise it might become too much of a time sink.

    Didn't like CCS in the end, always felt it was trying to fleece me on later levels. But I think Candy Blast Mania has been great. Recommend it to anyone.
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  • EA PS4 games cost an eye-watering £63 from PlayStation Store

  • macmurphy 25/11/2013


    That rings a bell. Whatever it is it's pretty watertight, we were selling games at double amazon prices, people just weren't buying and the guy from the games company said there was no way we could go lower as it would break prexisting agreements with retail.

    Seems like lunacy to me, retail needs publishers and developers, not the other way round. You think companies like Sony could just grow a pair and charge what they want.

    As time goes on it I will quite happily go all digital, most of the games I have seem to contain largely online components which will probably be gone in a few years anyway, so I can live without physical copies. Never bought a single full priced game online, but I would happily buy all of them. Hopefully Microsoft and Sony realise there are a lot of people ready and waiting to go all digital, they just need to stop taking the piss with the pricing.
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  • macmurphy 25/11/2013

    I read the thread and I understand the rage but does anyone know why digital costs so much? Someone pointed out, quite rightly, that if the games companies can cut out the middle man (the retailer) then they can make a lot more profit. They also undermine (destroy?) the second hand market which for years has leached off the games industry.

    I'm not talking about people mixing and matching their collections by selling on Ebay, I'm talking about the parasites like Game who can sell and resell a game seven times, offering little value to the seller and often charging the buyer a premium, thereby sometimes making similar or even more than the publisher and developer. This always seemed like a massive drain to the videogames economy.

    So it seems like everything is in favour for Microsoft and Sony to create a thriving digital marketplace but for years they have charged laughable amounts and must make weekly sales in the hundreds.

    Does anyone actually know why? It's really odd. Years ago I did promo for a games company and they sold their games at shows for way over the amazon price, often saying they had relationships with retail to maintain. Always felt a bit embarrassed letting people buy stuff that I knew they could get for half price. But now can companies like Sony not just bite the bullet and see how well Steam has done, and see the failure of high street retailers and realise that maybe it's time for a new model?

    Utterly confuses me, and so I must be missing something. No one on here have mates in the business that can explain it?
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  • Microsoft will now include a headset with Xbox One - report

  • macmurphy 04/07/2013

    Fair play to MS. Someone's listening. Reply +22
  • Saturday Soapbox: Christopher Nolan has ruined video games

  • macmurphy 16/03/2013

    Also seems a little tenuous to me. If it's true developers are randomly alluding to Nolan it's very disappointing, it implies they are going for cliches and marketing ideas, and looking to leech off other media as opposed to surpass it.

    Not sure how complelling an argument the writer makes that this is really happening. Also, regardless of Nolan's style surely the overreaching aspect of it's cinema is it's complexity, it's intelligence. He makes movies that challenge people's intellect - the popularity of his work means that more complex movies are getting made.

    If designers want to take something from Nolan, why not take this? The idea that you can just dim the palette and take out the smiles and suddenly you've taken videogames to the next level is never going to hold water.
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  • Microsoft's Xbox boss: Valve isn't our competitor. Sony, Nintendo, Apple and Google are

  • macmurphy 06/03/2013

    I had an XBox and a 360. I never had a gaming PC. I'm not a PC gamer, never have been.

    But I'm really interested in the Steam Box. If they can make something simple and easy to upgrade that can bring PC gaming to my living room I'm all over it like a fat kid on a smartie.

    He's probably thinking that most people the Xbox is aimed at prefer the simplicity of console gaming. But how many gamers now see things like DLC and the online marketplace as standard. How many people use their consoles as a home entertainment centre using a variety of different sowtware packages. If they can get a box that completely integrates all their content, something which is much easier to do on a PC, that also has the best graphics and often superior versions of the games, a lot of people will be very interested. The titles are obviously superior graphically, but also for things like Battlefield 3 with increased player counts - let's not forget that FPS's are the most popular genre. Also Steam sales, facebook games that - whilst trying not to be too sexist - wives and girlfriends might play on whilst they will never touch an Xbox. I'm aware this is a huge generalisation but I think the statistics bear me out.

    I'm not saying the Steam box will become the market leader in a generation, but it seems like the thin end of the wedge. Microsoft has aimed to bring all the functionality of a PC to its consoles with things like Twitter and Facebook, but it's often a slimmed down inferior version of the software. So people still have to have a PC, for work, for facebook, for twitter, for browsing.

    If Steam can create a box that will allow me to use a tablet around the house to access my content, to be able to have a games console in my living room with a pad, to be able to stream the feed to a desktop to play RTS's and catch up on work stuff, then that's my dream.

    It's the single box everyone has been talking about for all these years, and only a PC based system can offer this. I know I'm imagining the perfect system with a touch of optimism - the reality may never match the vision. But to discount the possibilities out of hand seems a touch misguided for a man in his position.
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  • EA cans Dead Space series following poor sales of Dead Space 3 - report

  • macmurphy 05/03/2013

    Yeah, I normally defend EA. It was a few years ago when they were cracking new IPs and releasing some great stuff. Lately they seem to have buggered up Battlefield, MOH, Dead Space. Every time we get an EA story they are being douchebags, and it nearly always relates to them trying to squeeze extra cash out of punters or closing studios. And often it seems that, as in this case, design decisions are coming from the top, interfering with the final build quality (or certainly affecting the appeal, or alienating the game's previous audience) then affecting sales. Then due to poor sales, studios are shut.

    They can be the replace Activision on the naughty step.
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  • Capcom hopes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will spark a "breakthrough" in the west

  • macmurphy 01/03/2013


    I don't think the demo really does it justice mate, the controls can be a bit clunky especially if you use one of the bigger weapons.

    The joy was all the collecting and levelling up, opening new areas, finding big monsters. The large array of tricks and traps you could use. Those big heavy weapons in the demo might make it seem cumbersome, but when you've put hours into the game earning those weapons and you realise how much damage they do compared with what you started with, it's really satisfying. Also as you learn the intricacies of the control system it becomes a lot less difficult.

    I bought it for the Wii and it was like crack cocaine, but I got mates to buy it and they couldn't get into it - you have to put the time in to get something out of it.

    Someone else has already said the multiplayer is great; I never even got that but even as a single player game it was outstanding. If you can put some time aside it will reward you in spades; don't judge it on the demo as the combat is only a small part of the appeal, and it takes time to learn the finer points.

    Great, great game - you just have to get into it.
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  • Halo 4, 3, Reach, Wars sale on Xbox Live today

  • macmurphy 26/02/2013

    Just another vote for Halo Wars. I thought it was brilliant, if the price does come down then get involved. Reply +5