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  • How to triple your Switch battery life for under 20

  • m0thr4 25/03/2017

    @rezB Actually, given the recent changes in airline policy, it's likely your Switch will have to go in the hold luggage, along with any other equipment larger than a small iPhone. Reply -2
  • m0thr4 25/03/2017

    Very good. Try using one of these on your next journey, then a PS4 on the return trip, and let us know how you get on.
    I did the latter with my Vita from a cross-country coach in Mexico recently over the onboard WiFi, which remained at a fairly consistent 5Mbps over 6 hours.

    At around the 4 hour mark, I did need to plug the Vita into the power socket next to my fully reclining La-Z-Boy style seat.

    Rarely did it feel as if the PS4 was 5,000 miles away in London. If only public transport in the UK were so well-equipped - the 6 hour journey cost less than standard class London to Newcastle.
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  • Nintendo: Super Mario Run sales "did not meet our expectations"

  • m0thr4 24/03/2017

    If I could play it on the train, or on an aeroplane, then I'd be interested. It's very unusual for non-multiplayer games on iOS to require a permanent internet connection; this must surely have put many people off. Reply +6
  • Ubisoft defends For Honor's controversial progression system

  • m0thr4 23/03/2017

    @Maverick4096 I've gone further and stopped myself from pre-ordering any games at all or buying them at launch. It's taken some considerable self-discipline, but I now wait for about 2 months after launch for the inevitable price-drop. By that time, the hype has died away and you're far better able to get balanced opinions on whether the game is worth it.

    I see there are some games now on the PSN store where you get a small discount for pre-ordering... but I'm not falling for that one when I know the game will be back down below that price point eventually.
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  • m0thr4 23/03/2017

    @Murton Well said. But do any mainstream reviewers have the balls to say that? Reply +3
  • m0thr4 23/03/2017

    Sigh.... if people keep buying these kinds of games, developers will keep making them. Reply +2
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

  • m0thr4 19/03/2017

    iPhone 7, 599
    Pixel C, 479
    Original PS4, 349 (not adjusted for inflation)
    Switch, 280!? Geez, that's way too much!
    I don't see what the iPhone 7 has to do with it, but if you're comparing against the PS4, have you added the following to your costing for a Nintendo Switch?

    - Ethernet Adapter
    - 1TB of storage

    ... which are included with the PS4.

    I could add the cost of either the JoyCon charging grip or the Pro Controller, but I'm sure you haven't even considered buying those, and are perfectly happy with those tiny JoyCon things.

    By the way, given the base price of the cartridge is 20, do you think you will ever see as many Switch games for under 20 as you do on PS4?
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  • m0thr4 19/03/2017

    @Edski I wouldn't necessarily put so much faith in "portable Skyrim". Remember how the PS3 version turned out? Reply 0
  • I hate freedom

  • m0thr4 11/03/2017

    @mostro Not only that, but it's about game companies jumping on a bandwagon that provides maximum ROI. Huge open worlds with activities dotted around them are the "formula du jour"... and formulaic it is, with Ubisoft's asset-flipping antics.

    It's a shame when there are some genuinely compelling /enagaging open world games out there, but they're the exception rather than the rule.
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  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands review

  • m0thr4 10/03/2017

    Another example of a site reviewing the political content of a game, rather than just focusing on the gaming elements. As video game players, we've been solving the world's/galaxy's problems with guns for years, so why does Ghost Recon Wildlands get such a rough ride?
    You've actually answered your own question in that second sentence.
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  • m0thr4 10/03/2017

    Plus. I don't want to be a Make America Great soldier douchebag any more.
    In this respect, I feel ever-so-slightly sorry for Ubisoft, as the game will have likely been in development since before the World's perception of the USA was soured.
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  • Breath of the Wild is a Zelda game for the Minecraft generation

  • m0thr4 10/03/2017

    @PickleJuice I think that is part of the point this article is making. All the people who need their hand held while playing a game will probably have given up on Minecraft because of the lack of signposting. I have even encountered people who played Minecraft for years thinking it's just an open-ended sandbox... completely unaware of portals, the Nether, the ability to enchant items and craft potions and, of course, the Ender Dragon.. Reply +1
  • m0thr4 10/03/2017

    No, because I am 41 years old.
    Oh you grown-up man you. I'm 44 and absolutely remember my first adventures in Minecraft, and the many many further adventures my son and I have had, playing co-operatively to reach the end of the game.
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  • m0thr4 10/03/2017

    Minecraft has no end goal. It's more of a sandbox creation tool, than an "Adventure".
    There is an end goal of Minecraft: defeat the Ender Dragon. Do that and you will see the game's end credits. Getting there involves following a very particular quest of sorts.
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  • PlayStation 4 update that adds Pro boost mode out tomorrow

  • m0thr4 08/03/2017

    Point being nobody can realistically play that many games at once unless they have severe ADHD
    /raises hand
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  • m0thr4 08/03/2017

    Awesome news; the 1TB SSD can go back in as the main drive, and the 2TB samsung drive becomes the "overflow" device. Reply 0
  • Why Valve has no interest in making console games

  • m0thr4 10/02/2017

    So, am I the only one who thinks that releasing 5 or 6 updates a day is just really bloody annoying?
    It depends on how those updates are delivered. If they can be deployed without disruption to the end user, what's the harm?

    This is actually the way modern commericial software applications (outside the world of video games) is delivered; the reason being that it's far less risky to deploy tiny changes regularly than to save them up for one big mega-release.
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  • Seagate Firecuda 2TB review: the ultimate PS4 storage upgrade?

  • m0thr4 31/01/2017

    @higganos I doubt it, as I can download 50GB from PSN in around 3 hours, but the same file from Steam takes 35 mins. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Every PS4 Pro native 4K game tested

  • m0thr4 22/01/2017

    I just don't sit close enough to my TV to get a benefit from 4k. If PS4 Pro offered performance improvements for Full HD owners, then I might be interested, but I've seen too many reports of poorer performance (e.g. Skyrim) and hasty patches removing enhancements as a result. Reply +1
  • m0thr4 22/01/2017

    @59fps Yes, this. I sometimes wonder whether those promoting 4k live in mansions with giant 120" screens. Reply +1
  • m0thr4 22/01/2017

    How many of those game also offer HDR?

    Only 2. :(.
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  • The story behind the worst game ever made

  • m0thr4 22/01/2017

    You're saying we should be grateful for Digital Homicide? Reply +1
  • Watch Dogs 2 gets a free three-hour demo

  • m0thr4 20/01/2017

    @Boomerang Because, not so very long ago, demos were part and parcel of releasing a video game. They don't take significant resources away from main game development either, as they're often required internally on a regular basis for the money men to see demonstrable progress. Reply +1
  • m0thr4 20/01/2017


    2 days ago
    @bemaniac Yeah, I agree. The characters sold me off the game. Its like a bunch of 40 yr old corporate suits got together and tried to create what "the kids like these days" without having any idea of their audience and what it actually wants.
    Hehe, yeah.... wait? 40 yr old? Ya cheeky wee bugger. I'm 44, but I listen to the same music from the Hit Parade as you youngsters. My 11 year old son even taught me how to "dab"... and although the expression on his face looks like he's sucking a lemon, and sure he's just frowning with admiration.
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  • m0thr4 19/01/2017

    Perhaps sales would have been better if the demo had been released before the game? You, know... like what used to happen in the olden days? Reply +1
  • Brexit blamed for incoming UK App Store price rise

  • m0thr4 17/01/2017

    I fancy some downvotes today. I voted for Brexit, no regrets.
    You do realise the thing you voted for hasn't yet begun, don't you?
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  • Dirt Rally getting a PlayStation VR support, but it'll cost you a tenner

  • m0thr4 14/01/2017

    @andrzejmezynski "... Because DC is unplayable with VR - no weather effects, cut down track graphics, much lower resolution. "

    Hardly unplayable. And what you lose in the graphics is easily made up by the sense of immersion. I've had loads of fun with it... it's the VR game that gets by far the most use in my house.
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  • m0thr4 14/01/2017

    Adding VR to a game that was never designed to incorporate VR, and making it work well, is by no means trivial. As anyone who makes games for a living knows: it's more than just adding a new camera angle.

    10 seems about right for being able to enjoy an already enjoyable game in a whole new way.
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  • m0thr4 14/01/2017

    @dedhead "Charging gamers for a VR feature that is so minuscule after already paying for the game just made me chuckle is all."

    Your mirth is a result of your ignorance of game development and simple economics. But they say "ignorance is bliss", so please... continue to chuckle.
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  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • m0thr4 14/01/2017

    Is Skyrim a dead cert then? Or could it in fact end up being cancelled? Reply 0
  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • m0thr4 13/01/2017

    @shaunydub "Still can't find any prices or pre-orders here in Germany but I expect it to be as high an Nintendo always charges..people just use Brexit as an easy excuse these days."

    An entirely foreseeable consequence of Brexit (and it was indeed predicted) was that Brexit would be used as a feeble excuse for raising prices, taxes, etc. So you have the people who voted for Brexit to thank for that.
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  • m0thr4 13/01/2017

    @scottyd "but 280 before games or extra controllers is just wilful self-harm. "

    Can't believe you missed the opportunity to say "Wiilful self-harm".

    I'll get my coat.

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  • m0thr4 13/01/2017

    @kinky_mong "Calling it now, this piece of gimmicky garbage will crash and burn as fast as the Wii U, and ... they'll go software only from that point forward."

    The fact that they've started releasing apps for mobile platforms tells me they're already preparing that as a contingency.
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  • Sony's 2017: steady as she goes as PS4 goes big on games

  • m0thr4 06/01/2017

    I can't play the first video in your article... has it been removed from YouTube? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's game of the year 2016

  • m0thr4 03/01/2017

    I'm too old to appreciate multiplayer now. My reflexes are just too slow and I get curb-stomped every round, therefore, I avoid any game without a substantial single player element
    100% this... although I have managed to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront, just because... you know... Star Wars.

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  • m0thr4 03/01/2017

    Overwatch holds zero interest for a significant minority of your readership.
    Is it a minority though? I'd love to see the stats for both Eurogamer readership and the gaming population in general.

    The triple-A titles seem to prioritise multiplayer over single player, but I always thought that was because multiplayer games are far cheaper and easier to make.
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  • Overwatch webcomic not released in Russia over gay character

  • m0thr4 31/12/2016

    There are lots of great scientists who believe in God etc.
    "Great" as in what? Famous? Care to name some?

    There's hardly any reliable data on the percentage of scientists that believe in an invisible superbeing... if you Google it, you'll frequently come back to one where 1600 people across "elite" universities in the USA were surveyed. Hardly representative of leading scientists across the planet.

    However, there are some interesting studies looking at the inverse correlation between Religiosity and Intelligence, for which this Wikipedia article is a good starting point: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religiosity_and_intelligence
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  • 2016: A year in review

  • m0thr4 28/12/2016

    2016 was a great year for indie games... the ones that didn't try to pass themselves off as triple-A titles, that is. Reply +2
  • No Man's Sky changed the video game hype train forever

  • m0thr4 28/12/2016


    doesn't tell you what to do
    Are you playing the same game? NMS doesn't shut up about what to do when you launch a new game... there's no option to skip/hide the mandatory tutorial pop-ups.

    it worked, and was, at the very worse, OK, and had no shitty DLC ripoffs or server fails

    I wonder how you missed the frequent and widely reported "server offline" messages whenever you tried to upload/rename your I'm-game findings. Or the multitude game-breaking bugs and crashes that even Hello Games acknowledged publicly before going into their long period of radio silence.
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  • m0thr4 28/12/2016

    Lesson to be learned from this: patience. When was the last time a video game sold out and was then unavailable for a long time? Unless you get some massive discount through doing so, don't pre-order. Wait for reviews to come and, and balance the sycophantic reviews with the cynical, even if you end up disagreeing with everything the cynical reviewers say. Reply +2
  • m0thr4 28/12/2016

    People get too emotional. It was just a game. So you burnt 60 in something that was overdressed, tough shit. Take note of the dev's name and be careful next time.
    Good advice, but it's the names of the media outlets that recommended this game I will be taking note of, and then ignoring their advice in future.
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  • m0thr4 28/12/2016

    Still not played it. Wonder if should bother-Dishonored 2 is keeping me busy right now. Isn't there a new patch that makes things more interesting?
    Technically, yes, there is a patch, and it does not make the game less interesting.

    It raised my interest level for about 90 minutes... and then the malaise set back in. It certainly doesn't fix what's wrong with NMS, and what sets it apart from every other sandbox game you've ever played.... the complete lack of emergent gameplay.
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  • m0thr4 28/12/2016

    Sony seemed to get away from this scot free, even though they did the majority of the PR
    That remains to be seen. Already, a number of recently hyped games have had disappointing sales.
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  • m0thr4 27/12/2016

    I find it tragic, in 2016, to see TV/Cinema adverts for video games with the subtitles (in tiny font) "Not actual game footage". Those words really boil my piss. The gap between pre-rendered and realtime graphics in the best video games is so narrow, that to resort to the former to advertise your game can only mean you're embarrassed by your end product, and feel that weasel tactics are the only way to recoup your losses.

    If the NMS debacle does nothing more than bring an end to that kind of shyster practise, then I will be happy that the money I spent on that disappointing game was not entirely wasted.
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  • Watch: The best and worst PSVR games of 2016

  • m0thr4 20/12/2016

    There's absolutely no guarantee Sony or their 3rd party developers will support PSVR beyond Q1 2017. The platform will either be an economic success (like PS3/PS3) or it won't (3D games, PS Vita). If it's not making money, then it will be dropped like a hot potato.

    So, for goodness' sake, unless 350 is nothing to you, please look at the PSVR games available right now, read reviews, and then decide... don't think it's some sort of investment on a future promise. Better still, try the thing out, because you may be shocked at what it actually looks like through those lenses, compared to the videos you see online.

    Also remember that, just like stereoscopic 3D, Virtual Reality technology has been around for decades (and uses quite extensively in commericial and military training applications). Graphics aside, the limitations of the format are very well understood. It's generally better (and safer) for the player to remain fixed to the spot; to avoid motion sickeness, certain kinds of in-game movement need to be compromised and, of course the framerate has to be ridiculously high.

    So, the kinds of games you're seeing right now... you're really only going to get more of the same. The chances of some breakthrough game that makes PSVR a compulsory purchase are extremely slim.
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  • Crytek once again in crisis

  • m0thr4 13/12/2016

    @IslandMonkey On iOS, I found 1Blocker to be the most effective at blocking this offensive crap, while still allowing the banner/sidebar ads, which are at least relevant to gaming. Reply 0
  • The Last Guardian review

  • m0thr4 11/12/2016

    Please could you specify which machine you used to write your review? Because your friends at Digital Foundry are practically saying that the game requires a PS4 Pro to be playable. Reply -1
  • Steep review

  • m0thr4 11/12/2016

    As a regular skier/snowboarder, games like SSX make me wince... but I accept I'm in the minority on that one. I never thought a game approaching semi-realism would ever have a market, and I wonder if Ubisoft thought that too... hence the extremely high price they're charging. On PS4, I reckon this might even feature in the "12 Deals" offer but, if not, it will be dropping to around half its price early in the New Year, at which point I may give it a go. Reply 0
  • One Night Stand is suitably awkward

  • m0thr4 11/12/2016

    What I got was an extremely potent flashback to my bed-hopping early twenties...
    Final proof, if any were needed, that videogaming has reached its mainstream peak. Wind back to the 1970s/80s/90s and hardly any video game player would be able to relate to the above sentence.
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  • Super Mario Run only playable with an internet connection

  • m0thr4 11/12/2016

    who jailbreaks iPhones these days?? I reckon a minimal percentage compared to the hundreds of millions potentially in the user base
    It's reckoned to be 7.5% of the global user base; but this is skewed by the fact that the jailbreak percentage in China is 50%.
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