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  • Why I think big console game sales are down

  • m0thr4 03/12/2016


    the games industry is maturing. for too long i think it thought customers were like football fans - loyal to the point of delusion. they are wrong.
    Absolutely. I simply don't trust the people releasing games any more (and not that I said "releasing", rather than "developing").

    Review copies held back until launch day. Reporting embargoes. Way too many over-hyped games that were broken on release.

    Just how stupid do they think we are?

    Since being burned 3 times this year, I now no longer buy **any** games on launch day. I wait until the first price drop (usually about 4 weeks) and will only break that if I read a review from a trusted source telling me the game is essential.
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  • m0thr4 03/12/2016

    What happened to demos? Seriously... back in the early days of disc-based games (PS1 era), these were common. Early on in PS4's life, there were a few demos released.... but recently, nothing. Why can't we download the game free, and then pay to unlock beyond a certain point?

    Yet another of the 1,000 cuts that makes me no longer trust the people who release video games.
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  • How to configure gaming HDR on Samsung 4K TVs

  • m0thr4 30/11/2016

    Given HDR is a thing that has to be patched into a game (i.e. no equivalent of upscaling) it seems HDR televisions are just not ready for HDR games consoles yet, and this explains why HDR has to be manually enabled in "game mode".

    I'm going to wait a year and see how this evolves.
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  • m0thr4 30/11/2016

    so it may make sense to use two HDMI cables, each connected to different ports and then swap between them - or just get used to the settings tweakery required each time you switch between an HDR and non-HDR enabled titles.
    Why, what happens if you play a non-HDR title with the TV set to HDR?
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  • Oblivion is now backwards compatible on Xbox One

  • m0thr4 29/11/2016

    As a PS4 owner, I've got to admit it: seeing all these classic games arrive on the Xbone via backwards compatibility - and at no extra cost - reminds me, every time one of these articles appears, that Sony aren't even trying.

    Sure, we understand that the PS3 was a deeply weird piece of hardware and therefore doesn't lend itself (at all) to the kind of backwards-compatibility roll-out that Microsoft have managed with Xbox 360 games - but, truth is, Sony could add PS1 disc support to the PS4 any time they pleased, and they could be adding support for selected PS2 games in exactly the same way Microsoft are busy adding Xbox 360 games.
    And they could be bringing the PS3 version of Oblivion to PS Now at the very least... but I still cling to the hope that Bethesda might remaster it.
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  • No Man's Sky studio breaks silence, announces base building and more in huge Foundation update

  • m0thr4 25/11/2016

    Build a base that I can never find my way back to? No thanks. Reply +12
  • How Football Manager 2017 is making football fans panic about Brexit

  • m0thr4 25/11/2016

    @Flashy Surely anyone who voted Brexit on the basis of restricting immigration would welcome this being applied equally to the football industry? Reply 0
  • The Wii U a failure? Far from it

  • m0thr4 20/11/2016

    @Merdalor You may be disappointed in the Retropie if you're buying it for N64 games. Very few of them run properly. SNES & Megadrive Games work great though. Reply 0
  • m0thr4 05/11/2016

    @SuperShinobi Your 6th point is exactly why I stopped purchasing Nintendo's systems. Sadly, I don't think they are capable of upgrading their user account system. Reply +2
  • m0thr4 05/11/2016

    Those lousy experts analysts and their sales figures, eh? Who needs them? I mean, you can prove anything with facts, right?

    Here's hoping Nintendo manage to get a similar balance of bad business decisions with Switch, so the author of this article gets the console he wants. Heaven forbid it should be commercially successful, because that would ruin it.
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  • Skyrim Special Edition patch causing game crashes on PC, PS4, Xbox one

  • m0thr4 14/11/2016

    @RicardoG Yes, I noticed this. Same in 7.1 where both sets of rear speakers are swapped over. Reply 0
  • Why are some PS4 Pro titles running slower than base hardware?

  • m0thr4 11/11/2016

    @Nutzogamer "I don't think Sony really care about gamers or developers when it comes to Pro. Sony just wants a 4K label on the game to sell 4K TVs."

    But the reality is much more likely the other way around... to people who already have expensive 4K TVs, but precious little content to show them off, a few more hundred quid on a games console is worth it.

    If Sony truly believe a significant number of people who already own a PS4 and a 1080p TV are going to go out and buy both a 4K HDR TV and a PS4 Pro to replace them... they need their heads examining.
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  • Skyrim remastered guide: Everything you need to know about PS4, Xbox, PC Special Edition upgrade

  • m0thr4 03/11/2016

    One change that had me scratching my head was the removal of the Frost Troll that normally attacks you on your first visit to meet the Greybeards. Reply 0
  • The Skyrim Special Edition launch day mod difference between PS4 and Xbox One

  • m0thr4 28/10/2016

    Interesting how this game was 49.99 to pre-order from the PSN Store... but on the day of release, it's already available for 39.99. Reply +4
  • Samsung pulls YouTube video of GTA5's exploding Note 7 phone mod

  • m0thr4 20/10/2016

    @MerricK Yep... it's not as if their attempt to remove YouTube videos will result in a massive backlash involving YouTube flooded with ten times as many similar videos... oh wait. Reply +8
  • Nintendo to unveil NX this afternoon

  • m0thr4 20/10/2016

    @doctorklaus "Heaven" is a day off work and the announcement of a new Nintendo console? I do not envy you. Reply -12
  • DriveClub VR review

  • m0thr4 14/10/2016

    I played the demo that came with the headset... this and Heist VR have by far the worst visuals.

    It seems that trying to represent something photorealistic is just not within the capability of PS VR. The better games are definitely those with abstract or cartoon-like graphics, or which find other ways to disguise the lack of visual fidelity.
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  • m0thr4 14/10/2016

    @Tackli How does the full game compare to the free demo, in terms of visuals? Reply 0
  • m0thr4 14/10/2016

    Slated in Metro... which is one of the only reviews the mass market will see. Tl;dr, they're basically suggesting that PS-VR requires an upgrade to PS4 Pro.

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  • Unionists want Mafia 3 banned for "sick glamorisation of terrorism"

  • m0thr4 13/10/2016

    the impact it could have on "impressionable" minds.
    I'm sure the minds of 18+ year old gamers are nowhere near as impressionable as those of the politicians failing to see why real life is sometimes mirrored in art.
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  • What works and what doesn't in PlayStation VR's launch line-up

  • m0thr4 12/10/2016

    Batman: Arkham VR is download only in the UK.

    I want to use PSVR on more than one Playstation, so that's pretty annoying.
    Owning multiple PS4s does not restrict you to physical copies unless you're signing in to each with separate PSN accounts and, even then, so long as your account is present on each machine (to initiate the download), there's still no problem.

    I have two PS4s, and buy all my games digitally from PSN. Never had any problems.
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  • Skyrim remastered: PS4, Xbox, PC, mods and everything we know

  • m0thr4 11/10/2016


    I think you're underestimating the size of the console market compared to the PC market. You've cited one Eurogamer reader for whom 2K made an exception. Maybe they made a few more... who knows? I think long before it became 20,012,200, 2K would have stopped and refused any further exceptions.... and that's how many people bought Skyrim on console, who you're suggesting should be able to send in a photo and then get the game for only 14.99.
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  • m0thr4 11/10/2016

    Easy. If the game is already owned digitally, then it's already on your account. If the game was bought as a physical disc release then I refer you to paragaph 4 of this Eurogamer article
    You're still comparing an offer for PC gamers to the world of console games. What made it "easy" for that offer was that players were asked to provide a unique code as proof of ownership. Nothing like that exists in the world of console game discs.

    So that stuffs all PS3 owners, and probably the vast majority of Xbox 360 owners too (I reckon everyone who really wanted Skyrim on Xbox 360 would have bought the disc copy long before the digital version was released).

    If the Bioshock offer were that easy, 2K would have made the same offer available for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners.

    Also worth bearing in mind that the upgrade to Bioshock is pretty minor in comparison to the Skyrim upgrade (for console owners, that is).
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  • m0thr4 10/10/2016

    this remastered edition should be available at a discounted price for everyone who already bought the game on whatever format (Xbox, PlayStation, PC).
    Talk us through the logistics of how that would be policed, such that it would not be open to abuse and yet still allow all interested parties to turn a profit.

    various indie console games (Guacamelee, Rainbow Moon, etc) have already done exactly that: they offered a heavily-discounted upgrade to the shiny new current-gen edition as an option for people who had already bought the game on the last-gen console.
    Ok, but those were available for download via the consoles' respective stores, therefore very easy to verify the license ownership. Skyrim was never available as a digital download on PS3, and was only available on the Xbox 360 as a digital download some considerable time after its disc release.

    Most people who bought Skyrim on console got a disc copy... a proportion of them may even have bought it second hand, with no money going to Bethesda.

    The only people getting the PC are those who bought digital copies of the full game plus all DLC. PC sales only accounted for 14% of the total copies of Skyrim sold*, so you're talking about a smaller percentage than that subsidising the console gamers?

    * http://www.statisticbrain.com/skyrim-the-elder-scrolls-v-statistics/
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  • Advertising Standards launches investigation into No Man's Sky

  • m0thr4 29/09/2016

    Would that have made or broken the game?"Yay! I can't wait for this game where animals can move the vegetation! What?!?! They can't?!?!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!1111"
    No... because that would be silly. No Man's Sky's is death by 1,000 cuts. Lots of individual promises and half truths that never came to fruition in the released article, despite being perpetuated by the head of the studio in interviews, days before release.
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  • m0thr4 28/09/2016

    @mega-gazz Yes, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Look at his background on LinkedIn, and you can see that he's a software developer who's mistakenly climbed the corporate ladder. That look on his face in those interviews is look of a woodland creature caught in a trap.

    It happens a lot: devs without the bottle to go contracting see it as the only way to take home more money. It seems especially common in the games industry to see former coders sitting at the helm of a company... perhaps contracting is less common in this sector?

    The point is: if they're really good coders, then it's highly unlikely that they're also good PR people. Coders and PR people are two opposite ends of a spectrum. The former, with all due respect, need to be locked away from public view, to get on with their magic.

    (And I speak from personal experience as someone who would rather be left alone to code in peace but somehow, even as a contractor, frequently find myself tasked with the horrendous job of managing people.)
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  • m0thr4 28/09/2016

    @Gamblix Exactly... every time I see a video game advert displaying the subtitle "Not actual game footage", I'm thinking, "Why? Does it really look that bad?" Reply 0
  • m0thr4 28/09/2016

    Most amusing about Sony's recent attempt to distance themselves from this shit show is the fact that their own EU website still contains misleading comments and videos for No Man's Sky: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/games/no-mans-sky-ps4/

    Here are some priceless quotes you can find there.

    Discover a living galaxy with trade convoys, smugglers, police and galactic armies ready for action and forge alliances and rivalries with everyone you encounter.
    Journey from the farthest depths of space to answer the call of an irresistible mystery at the centre of the galaxy.
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  • Time crisis: Is this the end of the light gun?

  • m0thr4 10/09/2016

    Anyone care to start a Kickstarter to produce a modern 50-inch 1080p 60Hz Widescreen CRT? I'd buy one if the price was right.
    I'm trying to imagine how big and heavy such a TV would be. I think it would start attracting smaller objects into orbit around it.
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  • Apple accidentally announces iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus via own website

  • m0thr4 07/09/2016

    @jonsaan Well, I've been ignoring those guidelines for years, and never had a complaint from the crew. Reply 0
  • m0thr4 07/09/2016

    Scarcely was there a bigger Apple fanboy than me... I have at least one of everything Apple makes (and duplicates of some, and much more that I really should sell on eBay). I'm normally the first in line to pre-order every one of their new products... and yet I have absolutely zero interest in the iPhone 7. It's probably the least inspiring device they have ever release. And if I'm thinking that... what must more casual Apple customers be thinking?
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  • m0thr4 07/09/2016

    the problem with Bluetooth is that you can't use your headphones at take off and landing on a plane.
    Only if you have a cheap nasty device that doesn't let you re-enable Bluetooth when you're in Airplane mode.
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  • Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro for November 2016, priced 349

  • m0thr4 07/09/2016

    Patently PSVR is not better than Rift and Vive. The only reason why someone would buy a PSVR is to play games they can't currently get
    Or maybe they want a VR headset that doesn't suffer from the "screen door" problem?
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  • m0thr4 07/09/2016

    4k HDR TV is about 1300 for a really good 55" set which will be future proof for a decade.
    Are you high? A decade?
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  • m0thr4 07/09/2016

    If you've got a very large (>70") 4K TV and sit extremely close to it, then PS4 Pro is going to make a huge difference.

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  • The state of video game TV

  • m0thr4 06/09/2016

    "These TV executives, we imagine, perhaps played Sonic and Mario 20 years ago then moved on."

    Oh dear... you've not met many TV execs, have you? Mostly guys in their late 50's / early 60's... if they did play video games as teenagers, it would have been Pong (on a Binatone system). But the sad fact is they most likely didn't play video games at all.
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  • Sounds like we won't get a Mass Effect trilogy remaster

  • m0thr4 01/09/2016

    "We just feel like we want to go forward"
    EA'S upcoming, forward-looking releases
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  • Here's the first trailer for the new Toejam & Earl game

  • m0thr4 25/08/2016

    I spent days playing the Megadrive version, to the extent that I quickly discovered you could get to the end in about 20 minutes.

    Run straight to the elevator on every level until you get to the highest level... then deliberately fall off the world edges to go back down again; you'll land right next to each of those ship parts you're collecting.

    I wonder if this would work in the remake?
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  • PlayStation Now is coming to PC tomorrow in the UK

  • m0thr4 25/08/2016

    @FMV-GAMER This doesn't require a gaming PC. It requires a fairly low spec PC/Mac, possibly a laptop. So those people maybe can't afford a dedicated console but then can afford the occasional rental of games via PS Now.
    Mac aren't supported. The only way to play PS Now games on a Mac is to stream them from a PS4 via Remote Play.

    Was amused at the idea of Mac owners not being able to afford a console, btw. ;-)
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  • m0thr4 25/08/2016

    400 Games... yet doesn't include Red Dead Redemption, Oblivion or Skyrim. :eek: Reply +1
  • Finally, you can add 2-Step Verification to your PlayStation account

  • m0thr4 25/08/2016

    I can't buy anything from the store any way, there is a bug which means loads of users can't buy things digitally, it's going back years. I've ended up removing PayPal and credit card details becuase Sony will never accept them. I have to buy credit from Amazon and then buy the games digitally..
    Same here... although it's an intermittent fault for me. At one point, I had a debit card and two credit cards from different banks in PSN and unable to buy with any of them.
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  • Watch: Why I'm not sticking with No Man's Sky

  • m0thr4 25/08/2016

    ... I don't find NMS a grind at all. I have no eye on my next whatever when I'm playing, it just find it really relaxing. Like visiting a national park.
    Same here... plus I paid very little attention to the hype leading up to this game. They had me at the initial pitch of: "ridiculous number of planets, universe-like scale, procedural generation and voxels". After that, I deliberately avoided reading/watching anything about the game.

    Looking now at Angry Joe's review (among others), I can see exactly why so many people are disappointed; I just can't empathise because the game is more or less what I expected it to be.

    That said, it definitely has its annoyances... particularly that there's nothing to help you find a place you've previously been to. I'm sure this will be simple to patch.... although 6 patches in and the creatures' height and weight are still displayed the wrong way round, so I'm not holding my breath.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • m0thr4 18/08/2016

    I lost interest in the Tomb Raider games once you stopped raiding tombs. I understand that's still very much a side quest to this latest game? Reply +5
  • No Man's Sky modders start by shutting up your exosuit

  • m0thr4 17/08/2016

    Also, on the planetary level, the planetary system is just a very big box you can't actually leave by other means than using the hyperdrive, no matter how hard you try.
    Yes, the hyperdrive sequence provides the necessary loading screen.
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  • m0thr4 17/08/2016

    The most-needed mod is one that saves previous locations and allows you to find them again. Far too many times, I arrive somewhere without the necessary elements (e.g. crashed ship) and, when I've gone off to find said elements, I then can't find my way back! Reply +2
  • m0thr4 17/08/2016

    I got an email from Hello Games to tell me that a patch is coming out for the PS4 this week (to fix major game-breaking issues), followed by another next week (to fix minor issues).

    I'm hoping they will fix

    1. Creature height and weight back-to-front up in scanner screen.
    2. Current and Previous save are always the same time/date
    3. That crash that happens after your ship is destroyed, but before the game reloads (CE-34878-0)
    4. The Evo suit reporting low life support, when it's at 75%
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  • No Man's Sky's most aggravating omission (on PS4)

  • m0thr4 14/08/2016

    I was quite surprised to find that your EvoSuit has a light, activated by pressing Up on the D-Pad. No mention of this in the controller layout screen. Reply +3
  • m0thr4 14/08/2016

    @SvennoJ It's a shame you didn't think to upgrade to the pre-order ship straight after getting the hyperdrive, before getting that new ship. But what happens if you claim the pre-order ship, compare it, but then decline it? Reply 0
  • m0thr4 14/08/2016

    I get why you might be reluctant to claim your pre-order rewards because of the hyperdrive bug, but once you've built your first hyperdrive then why not just claim the pre-order ship
    Indeed.... this is what I did, and the pre-order ship is definitely worth having as it has 15 storage slots, and those slots become everything in this game.
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  • m0thr4 13/08/2016

    Hmm... surely a far more aggravating problem is the fact that when you scan any animal the values for the height and weight are mixed up... e.g. weight = 1.55m, height = 80.4kg.

    Here's a video (not mine) showing the provblem which only affects the PS4 version...

    EDIT: Although I should point out that I'm loving the game; the glitches and occasional crashes haven't stopped me coming back again and again.
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