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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • m0dm0use 07/06/2013

    Go read the origonal source don't waste time reading this page Reply 0
  • UK's first eSports bar to open in London

  • m0dm0use 13/05/2013

    I don't even watch pro gamers at events let alone at home, but at a bar thats different yet unless im in the area forget it! Reply 0
  • Now TV under fire for failing to send Xbox 360 owners promised free Microsoft Points

  • m0dm0use 26/04/2013

    @nswan I've not been offered this second lot of 2400 points. How do you do this? I'm getting annoyed with NowTV aka SKY for not being consistent. Reply 0
  • m0dm0use 26/04/2013

    It is all a load of rubbish, they email the same message when you email them as instructed saying they are placing the account under investigation. WTH does that mean!?!?

    I signed up and so did my mum we both have an Xbox 360 each and both of us have not recieved our 2400 points, we use one for entertainment and I use my console for games. If these were sent 1st class then why have I recieved a lot of other items even from roosterteeth in america before our points?

    They only provide generic responses to customers and by the looks of it even to the media.

    Since not a lot of people knew about the forum a lot of people will do now, I will now also respond on that forum soon. The more people active in negative comments about the points the sooner they will take real action.

    I want to buy Far Cry Blood Dragon and I would like to use some of these points. I signed up in the first wave offer late Jan and still haven't had anything except a 24 hour sky sports pass, what use is that when Microsoft points are the offer here?
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  • Nintendo shutting down Wii channels and online services

  • m0dm0use 12/04/2013

    Bring us full Wii game downloads, Donkey Kong Country Returns for new is still full price, so I'm getting the 3DS version instead. Reply +2
  • 30 minutes of bonkers Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon footage leaked online

  • m0dm0use 09/04/2013

    @DrStrangelove https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcc26bLVLK4 this i think is the origonal channel he is using MrCultux Reply +1
  • Microsoft hauls Xbox Entertainment Awards website offline after user information revealed

  • m0dm0use 20/03/2013

    This is poorley handled, shouldn't those affected be contacted directly by now or at least have the security question of birth date removed from phone centre convos in the future. Reply +1
  • m0dm0use 19/03/2013

    So entracts, looks like those entering to win an Xbox 360 when they already own the console would have been included in this breach. Though it is unclear if that includes those who signed in via the facebook app just to place a vote. Reply 0
  • m0dm0use 19/03/2013

    Well does this mean it's due to the known facebook app exploit that this happened? Reply 0
  • Microsoft offering Halo 4 warrior avatars for watching political debates

  • m0dm0use 02/10/2012

    We need a some EU elections for Halo 4 golden avatar gear plx Reply 0
  • Peter Molyneux exits Microsoft, Lionhead

  • m0dm0use 07/03/2012

    So no Black & White 3 then... Well it depends who owns the rights to the game : /

    If EA own the rights then EA + 22 Cans next game ? I hope so!

    When I met him in 2010 he seemed that he wanted to work on the next Black and White so he has the spark still there now he needs the ideas and backing.
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  • Where to get FIFA Street pre-order extras in the UK

  • m0dm0use 02/03/2012

    I'd rather pay £4.50 less than all these stores and miss out on this unknown team dlc Reply +1
  • David Braben Discusses the Raspberry Pi

  • m0dm0use 28/02/2012

    I'm in my final year doing computer science so this is a must buy for me!

    I love now how it's powered over usb just use a usb mains adaptor and a long cable and use my lcd 7" module and I have a linux handheld that can and will work on big tvs also awesome!
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  • What would happen if GAME died?

  • m0dm0use 28/02/2012

    If game close I'd open my own store, and make games in front of the public while selling other publishers games. I'd also make sure all staff knew what they were talking about and have internet access available to all.

    Make eurogamer the homepage and only page that can be seen by passers by so everyone would bennefit from it.
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  • What happened to the Mass Effect 3: Space Edition copies?

  • m0dm0use 28/02/2012

    On the first day EA had lost thier marbles, and since then it only went south :p Reply +2
  • GAME to close 35 stores

  • m0dm0use 23/02/2012

    Game if you close my local store I will be left with no where to buy games, oh wait I buy online. Reply 0
  • GAME: "we can't stock absolutely everything"

  • m0dm0use 22/02/2012

    Game killed the small retailer, I do hope that Game closes up shop and the staff find jobs else where in the gaming sector.

    I'm not pre-ordering with them anymore who is to say if you're order is safe to only find days before they might cancel.

    I'd rather go with a retailer who I am certain charge less for games, have a better customer service team and don't tack on tacky exlusives.
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  • Street Fighter DLC confirmed for Asura's Wrath

  • m0dm0use 21/02/2012

    Why is it only delayed in the UK, might this hurt sales of the game? Reply +2
  • Syndicate Review

  • m0dm0use 21/02/2012

    Because it's not Call of Duty it gets a 7...

    7 is still a good score, look at the Darkness 2 it has only co-op and single player and that game has the best story so much so with most games I complete and move on the Darkness 2 I want to go back very soon to start again.

    I played the co-op demo didn't like it but I got my self an early copy in the post today and so far I'm loving the single player. There vision on future tech and the audio as well as interesting boss battle ideas as well as depth on the world arround the player is worth the purchase alone.

    Shame on EA for thinking co-op sells and single player story telling doesn't.
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  • Remedy's message to Alan Wake PC pirates: "enjoy the story!"

  • m0dm0use 15/02/2012

    Now if only Epic and Bungie and other studios had there way of thinking!

    Halo 1 PC & Xbox
    Halo 2 PC & Xbox
    Halo 3 Xbox 360
    Halo ODST Xbox 360
    Halo Reach Xbox 360
    Halo Anniversary Xbox 360

    Gears of War PC & Xbox 360
    Gears of War 2 Xbox 360
    Gears of War 3 Xbox 360

    Notice how those pc players get left out in more recent times.
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  • Battleship movie gets Activision game tie-in

  • m0dm0use 08/02/2012

    So we have a movie based on a game and then a game based on the movie... full circle = epic game? I sure hope so! Reply +2
  • First NeverDead DLC announced

  • m0dm0use 08/02/2012

    Squash bugs then do dlc! Reply +1
  • THQ reveals plans for 1.4m unsold uDraw tablets

  • m0dm0use 04/02/2012

    I got one for £59.97 and the two games at £2.50 each new, so I didn't do to bad but sad to see they didn't realize its full pottential.

    Now I'm left with three ok games and a device that wont be usable as a pc tablet, THANKS FOR NOTHING THQ
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  • GAME agrees new deal with lenders

  • m0dm0use 02/02/2012

    Stop used games , have lower prices that compete with online , same price online and in store, stop getting so many exlusives, stop selling Game branded goods, when game is faulty offer refunds. Reply -5
  • EA concerned at financial health of "major European retail partner"

  • m0dm0use 02/02/2012

    Game have been a problem for a while, I've been noticing a patern with stock since November of 2011. Not only are most of thier retail almost deviod of pc games in London, but also they are mostly also filled with used games.

    Game are trying to be Gamestop withot the magic fairy dust Gamestop has in IE and US markets, and thus a downward spiral.

    Also they keep paying out to get exlusives such as pre-order bonuses and bundles and don't know what the consumer wants which is good customer service and games early or on time, at good prices.

    Not reward points and pre-order bonuses, they gave me £30 reward points last year due to certain website errors and technical glitches. I'm glad I have less than a pound in points to use with them now with the mess they have at the managers end.

    Also since the purchase of Gamestation it's even worse, what a stupid decision by the owners of Game.

    Ever since Game didn't stock Sonic Generations Collectors Edition in the UK but they did stock it in France in Game it has been noticable how much of a bad, bad, very bad situation they are in.

    I only hope they back out of the online market and just concentrate on saving the retail stores, if they go I have no video game retailers in my area. Just random stores who happen to sell very few video games.

    As for them killing of independant game stores, I have no idea what effect they have had. But if Game close I'm moving in on thier territory and going to start my own finaly the little guy wont be dwafed by a big company.

    Gamestation are surely in the same possition being owned by Game.

    And well EA, Game closing how can that effect Q4 sales! Look at online game stores such as Shopto, gameplay, amazon, tesco entertainment and many more exist if Game is that big for EA in europe then it shows how many parents who know nothing about video games walk in and have Game staff point them at the sims on ds and wii, ahem.

    No HMV in my area now, and thats another story.
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  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior sells two million copies

  • m0dm0use 20/12/2011

    The game didn't sell to me just becuase of the word sniper, it is the pacing and the multiple ways you can look and attack a situation yes on release the AI was far to strong and this ruined the game but many updates later it is great £13.99 now you can get the game with the DLC included on the consoles and is a worthwhile game to play.

    A lot of comments seem to be from players who either love cod/battlefiled and camp.

    Nothing wrong with call of duty or battlefiled but don't make connections between those two series and this game they are for a different market both being fps but both different in there own ways. And with the use of a different engine and already stunning game will be even more so to look and play.

    A lot of the negative comments and reviews seem to be in the period where it was "filled with bugs" the only bug I found was the one on my screen and the magic eyed ai which has been since fixed.

    I sold the game soon after release due to not having live and access to updates and my replacement just arrived today and I look forward to getting back online soon.

    Time to hide those negative thoughts and comments on this game, this isn't EA or Activision with multi million budgets and big budget add campaignes and comparing it to those publishers works is not going to help the industry start new studios with the attitude so many above have.
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  • Infinity Ward issues 5000 day Modern Warfare 3 permabans

  • m0dm0use 14/12/2011

    @maxb A lot of games have under age gamers in it's an even bigger issue on COD as most swarm over that game. Reply +2
  • THQ lays-off uDraw developers

  • m0dm0use 12/12/2011

    @HermitArcader I wanted and then purchased uDraw for the Xbox 360, it's sad to see THQ give up so soon. With only three titles released I am beggining to wonder when and where the rest will come. I'm a programmer, and was sad to see that at the moment there is no way to use the uDraw tablet fully on computers, and that they haven't thought of extending the use of the hardware into all THQ titles.

    I can see if thought through properly this tablet could be used in some way like Kinect as a better with Kinect type deal where the game allows you to use the extra hardware but its not forced upon.

    Darksiders 2 supporting uDraw would be great for things like navigation and map controlls.

    Why hasn't THQ opened up the hardware for all publishers to use on the consoles.

    I would love the navigate the dashboard with my fingers or a pen.

    I spend £60 on something that has dropped so soon and has been given up on so soon by THQ, I feel like THQ owe me the other two games if they will no longer support this.
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  • Unreal Epic Developer Day in London

  • m0dm0use 16/06/2011

    I've booked, please do remember Games Fest is not free and limited scope for non professionals. I can't wait : ) Reply 0
  • Invite friends into Gears of War 3 beta

  • m0dm0use 03/05/2011

    Isn't this a US 50 state only thing?!?!? I'm sure it is, eurogamer please update Reply 0
  • GAME runs out of Gears 3 beta codes

  • m0dm0use 21/04/2011

    I didn't get my code from Game and I didn't get this statement email, I also didn't get my MK pre-order codes. I did get a code from gameplay though. I pre-order the epic edition on the day it was added to the website, where is first come first served? Reply 0
  • Gears of War 3 public beta date

  • m0dm0use 04/03/2011

    did you know there were 200 days to the release of Gears of war 3 :D sweet news I just got my volume 2 gears of war comic in the mail today and now we get codes for gears of war 3 pre-orders, guys dont forget pre-ordering means no money is taken till its dispatched! I dont see any details of this on the game website, and past expeirence I never get codes from game on time. If at all my local game store has denied existance of codes for betas in the past.so pre-order with any location you can find that wont take money till a week before!

    Right-o fellas eurogamer has not posted the right info.

    Game & Gamestation will take pre-orders for the UK and give out codes these codes are not for the early access but the "public" beta period I think... There is a lot of confusion on this so I am not certain about it being three week beta, and not the full four weeks with pre-ordering. hopefuly the guys at epic will get back on twitter and the forums on this matter.

    So epic edition still appears to be the only way in for four week grears of war 3 beta, the pre-order is for "public" beta access.

    Shows how much epic like having ea money thrown at them and not supporting gears of war veterans which is a shame.

    I have read all the gears of war books and comics released, and have two figures of Marcus gears and gears 2 versions. hopefuly the pre-order is for the full four week beta access and not just the "public" perioid.

    so Bulletstorm is the only way... (I think)
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  • Eurogamer Expo tickets on sale

  • m0dm0use 02/03/2011

    What will the regular prices be this year?

    Also £4 more for an hour early is a bit steep. Last year I got in early with a group of friends with the press pass HMV ticket registration. Thursday is tempting as I went two days last year and still found I didn't have enough time, does four days even more games on show?

    Please tell me those guards for the 18+ rated area are not so mean I'm 23 and kept getting asked for ID and they were not clued up on University ID and said birth cert of driving licence which I have neither of.

    Hopefully HMV have some good deals in the store this time, and the food at better pricing with more choice and tables.

    Well the only tickets I may rush for are the Thursday tickets and go three days this year have more time for talks.

    One tip HMV tickets were great, we got in and it was empty. So if your after a press like feeling go in for the early passes, even managed to sneak in a few minutes of the gears of war 3 single player as no staff were around, as soon as they noticed they got all protective over it and were were forced to hoard mode.

    One issue I noticed two years running is some tickets end up on ebay and sell for a lot more than they do here, maybe something needs to be done to make sure those who book turn up or pass them back to the expo for a refund if unable to turn up minus some small return fee.
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  • Live action Street Fighter footage

  • m0dm0use 08/02/2011

    Eurogamer check my video quality out youtube.com/watch?v=19B8sl-nORs&feature=related ; ) my sound and camera angel KO's the competition! Anyway thanks eurogamer for the invite enjoyed all two hours of it! Reply 0