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I'm an 82'er which means that gamingwize I grew up in the adventure game golden ages.
I left my mothers teet for Monkey Island and Lucasart Archives, The Kyrandia Series and the early Sierra stuff. This is the gaming equivalent to music in the seventies... collective strokes of genius. Nowadays, in this EA infested world, games like these are perhaps more for the indy crowd and the curious. Apart from obvious gaming hilights the last decade (Half-life, Max Payne, GTA III) I have to take advantage of this blurb and mention Beyond Good And Evil and Psychonauts. I recommend them for anyone with a similar gaming background. If you have any honorable mentions for a guy who's played too many games - don't hesitate to let me know!

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lurenwist (aka Kerschnouffel) has most recently played Batman:Arkham City™ PC, Batman: AA GOTY, FIFA 14, and Fallout 3 on Xbox Live.

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