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  • Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta dated, entry costs 100

  • ludodown 10/04/2014

    What a shame to make the chance to play it early only available to those with that sort of spare cash, rather than just open it up to passionate fans who get their names plucked at random (i.e. including skint fans). Especially since you're doing the devs a favour by testing the thing. Really shitty move.

    Edit: I may have slightly misunderstood, having read about this on PC Gamer just now. Seems fair enough if it was an incentive from the start if you backed the game at a certain level. After reading the EG news above, I read it that it was something separate from the Kickstarter thing and open to all who could afford it. Which, I still think, would be a bit mean. It won't just be people with loads of cash spare who'll buy the end product, after all.
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  • Team17 moves on from Worms with Lemmings-inspired Flockers

  • ludodown 07/04/2014

    Sadly, the timing of this reveal is quite apt, as it's annual 'baby sheep killing' time. Back on topic, I'm sure this game will be solid and fun. I'm just happy to see T17 do something other than Worms, though they've certainly long ago lost their cutting-edge, hardware-pushing reputation from the Amiga days. A T17 game was always an event back then and stopped me feeling fed up that I didn't have a Megadrive. Team 17 haven't been able to make the jump to more powerful hardware with the resources and talent required. We lost them to endless Worms games right back when the PS1 arrived. I remember playing a brief demo for Alien Breed 3D, but the game never appeared and that brief flicker of T17 making a meaningful jump forward vanished. Not that Worms is bad, just disappointing. Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 iFruit app now on PlayStation Vita

  • ludodown 02/04/2014

    @Stan546 It did make it to Android. Not sure why you got downvoted. It does get a little negative around here. I thought games made people happy. Reply +13
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • ludodown 21/03/2014

    Looks wonderful but I hope it's not another Watchdogs/Dark Souls II/Aliens CM style 'looked better in previews' situation. Looking forward to this though. With any luck they've rebuilt some of those creaky AC systems. Reply +1
  • Minecraft dev Mojang made 200m last year

  • ludodown 19/03/2014

    @Nikanoru It doesn't really make me depressed. I was just being silly. Though I'm sure most of us would love to have a killer idea, make a killer product and become wealthy. Most of us won't. Minecraft is a great game made by a chap who treats his customers with respect. I think it's inspired many devs since. Reply +3
  • ludodown 19/03/2014

    Please don't. These articles make me very depressed. Reply +5
  • God of War developer Sony Santa Monica suffers layoffs

  • ludodown 19/03/2014

    Doesn't seem to make sense. Surely at this early stage in PS4 lifecycle they need their big-hitting, hardware-pushing studios working at 100%, not being stripped back. Reply +1
  • ludodown 26/02/2014

    Seems to be a common theme. I'm starting to think our shiny new consoles will be host to a few big games a year - prob more CoD and Assassin's Creed - but perhaps moving much more toward indie and smaller titles... that would have been perfectly doable on the last gen. Why are we investing in powerful new consoles if the big, hardware pushing games aren't going to get made; if that model has finally broken? If Sony are making cut backs with their big studios and megga hits like Bioshock Infinite aren't seen as profitable, then how do others with less cash stand a chance of surviving?

    Don't get me wrong, I like a decent indie title as much as anyone, but I bought my PS4 for games just like the God of Wars of this world: hardware pushing, sprawling, jar-dropping adventures, not Ken Levine's new 2D platformer* that I could play on my PC.

    We've lost the middle tier games - like Prototype - and the triple A is unsustainable, so what are PS4s and XBox Ones all about? Overpowered indie boxes in a few years time?

    * I don't really know what he's going to work on with his smaller team, but it won't be a game with the scope of Infinite.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes review

  • ludodown 18/03/2014

    Reading through these comments makes me think what perfect consumers gamers are. We are fiercely loyal to certain brands and will defend and buy unfinished, buggy, brief experiences (speaking generally, not necessarily about this new MG game). We might moan on forums about it afterwards, but we bought the game again.

    We talk about 'making your own fun' if a game falls short, and about how we can offset the game's shortcoming by finding it cheaper on Amazon, and the usual comparisons to Call of Duty, as if that makes every game better by comparison; a game that is not sold on its single-player but the multi content that people get 100s of hours out of. What about just demanding fulfilling products that provide plenty of quality content and value for money? If you've got to make excuses for a game then something is wrong. And yes, value for money should be part of a review. Most of us have to pay for games, and they're not cheap. If I have the cash for only one game, I would be interested to know what game out of a bunch of good ones offers the most content for the cash.
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  • The future of Rare

  • ludodown 17/03/2014

    I can't see MS greenlighting a triple A platformer. They're very focussed on the Call of Duty crowd and those peeps who are snapping up Titanfall like their lives depended on it, and selling 1 or 2 million copies of the latest Banjo won't be of interest to them. Low sales of first class platformers like Rayman Origins and Legends won't inspire anyone holding the purse strings at any studio. Even Sony relegated Ratchet and Clank to a budget release this time around, shipping a game that clearly didn't have the priority, budget or scope the series used to enjoy. These games don't sell the crazy numbers publishers expect (Mario aside). It's in the indie space they thrive.

    As for releasing Goldeneye, I can't see that setting the charts alight either. Retro novelty aside, the multiplayer shooter has moved on. Goldeneye was amazing when it came out because there wasn't anything much like it around; the perfect game at the perfect time. Rare doing a new shooter? Maybe. But I can't see MS pitting them against its priorities: CoD and Titanfall. Maybe a single-player FPS, but where's the recent evidence to say they could do anything in that space even as good as the 10 year old Half Life 2? Just not convinced, based on what they've done - or been allowed to do - since they moved to MS.

    I think Rare may continue to be the Kinect guys. A real shame, though I don't think they've done anything since they moved to XBox to rival their glory days with Nintendo. Doesn't mean they don't have it in them, though, if given creative freedom and a chunk of MS cash. I won't hold my breath. I'm already holding that for Half Life 3 and for Retro to get their act together and do another Metroid. All fruitless!
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  • Microsoft bosses still "extremely committed" to Xbox

  • ludodown 10/03/2014

    @Dabs Glad I'm not the only one who didn't understand what the heck he was trying to say. Reply 0
  • Banished review

  • ludodown 28/02/2014

    Peeps, the game is being reviewed, NOT the team - or size of - that made it or how capable said team is of paying the rent if the game flops etc. Paul liked it, but has valid criticisms. Nothing to do with Titanfall or Thief either. Gonna stop scrolling below reviews from now on I think! Reply +5
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth censored in Europe

  • ludodown 25/02/2014

    I'm going to miss the anal probing. It's been ages. Reply +1
  • Thief review

  • ludodown 24/02/2014

    @DaeDra_ Objective means not swayed by personal bias. I think most reviewers try to be objective but, as you point out, a review is ultimately a human's opinion, and we're all different. I've been reading reviews for years as a guide to whether a game is worth buying or not. Your comment suggests that I've been doing it wrong. Why do people read reviews? I enjoy good writing and enjoy reading reviews, but there's more than that to it. My point about using reviews to aid buying decisions stands. I'll still make up my own mind about Thief when I play it, as it still sounds good and other reviewers like it. I've also enjoyed similar games in the past, but I'd be daft to ignore gaming websites and spend my cash based purely on 'I like sneaky games' and 'I hope it's good'. I'm not that wealthy or have the time to sift painfully through every game that I liked the look of from the box.

    Edit: Forgot to say, a review is an opinion, but its also full of indisputable facts too, like the descriptions here of how the sneak-o vision works and how rooms are structured etc.
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  • ludodown 24/02/2014

    Odd to read how some can't understand a review causing others to cancel preorders or for allowing reviews to 'make their minds up for them'. Reviews are a buying guide, essentially. 20-55 is a lot of money for many. While ultimately we make up our own minds about the game when we plug it and and play it, many use the opinions of reviewers to steer them toward quality games that sound like they might enjoy them. It doesn't always work though (Assassin's Creed 3 was rave reviewed all over the place and I hated it) but it's entirely reasonable to cancel a preorder upon reading about how the game disappoints or gets things wrong. Reviews allow you to go in with your eyes open, at least, or perhaps wait for a sale if you're still keen but aren't as confident about the game anymore. I'll never order a game off the back of a few YouTube previews and my own hopes for the title. I'd run out of cash very quickly. That's why I read as many reviews as I can. A good review presents more than just an opinion, it gives clear facts about the way the game works. Here, in Thief's case, its fundamental systems and design don't sound as slick and compelling as I'd hoped, so I'll wait for a Steam sale. Reply +3
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate confirmed for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U

  • ludodown 20/02/2014

    A different dev handled Blackgate, nothing to do with the Origins lot. Don't skip this because you're angry with the latter's approach to bug fixing. Reply +4
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze review

  • ludodown 17/02/2014

    The last DK was over 3 years ago. I don't think words like 'milking' apply here. Nintendo could easily have done 2 or 3 DK games on the Wii, once the engine and tech were established for DK Returns. Even in Mario's case, you get the 2D and the 3D core platform games that play differently and neither have a yearly release cycle. Nintendo do innovate within the framework of the 3D ones as we've seen in 3D World: a toybox of more ideas than many games even attempt.

    Back to DK, I'm well up for more. My memory of the last one is now fuzzy enough that it'll be a joy even if it is similar. I just finished Rayman Legends which was very similar to Origins. Legends was bigger and better than Origins but wasn't turned into an FPS. Loved them both. It's the yearly November lot that have me feeling fatigued.
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  • ludodown 17/02/2014

    Good. Have a few weeks off and then please start work on Metroid Prime U. I'm baffled that DK was their secret project not that long ago. DK is great, but Prime is what the fans have been crossing their fingers for. I'm wondering if Nintendo would commission it though, considering not many people will get to play it. Maybe they're save MP for their next console. I hope not. Reply +5
  • Get Castlevania Mirror of Fate HD free on PS3

  • ludodown 14/02/2014

    I can understand how Castlevania fans would have been disappointed with LoS, as it had little of that DNA, but taken on its own merits it was great. It sounded like LoS2 was going to be LoS crossed with Darksiders, which sounded brilliant. Not so sure now. Reply 0
  • ludodown 14/02/2014

    @GavinUK86 Edge tend to do a pretty good job usually and I've seldom disagreed with their reviews. I want to believe LoS2 is amazing, because it's a sequel to a favourite of mine, but unless Edge fibbed about all the horrid things the game does wrong, it's not looking good. The demo was too short and too focussed for me to judge, but the combat seemed as good as ever. Edge pointed out that they've dumbed down the platforming with silly glowing grab points, and that is apparent in the demo. Reply +2
  • ludodown 14/02/2014

    @null Lords of Shadow didn't do anything new, it just did it well. I found it to be very polished and satisfying to play, with incredible visual design. But if you're not fond of God of War type games, it wouldn't win you over. As for Mirror of Fate, again, it did nothing new but I didn't struggle with the controls and really enjoyed it. Very nice looking game too. They might not be your cup of tea, is all, and I can understand why some might not be too impressed initially because we've seen most of these ideas before. Reply +1
  • ludodown 14/02/2014

    A loved Lords of Shadow 1, but Edge's 4/10 review makes the follow-up sound dreadful. I cancelled my preorder and will see what other reviews say before risking it. Mirror of Fate was quite good, actually. Really enjoyed that on the DS. They captured the great combat from LoS but it had richer level design and more scope for exploration. Worth checking out. Reply 0
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 console demos out today

  • ludodown 12/02/2014

    @mannyYearsAgo Did you enjoy it? Reply +5
  • inFamous: Second Son is likeable, but not yet loveable

  • ludodown 12/02/2014

    I enjoyed the other two, but agree with Christian that they've never quite hit the real highs of the best games in and out of the genre. It comes close at times but just keeps you at arms length rather than really pulling you in. I hope the full game nails it. I know I'll enjoy another 7 or 8 our of ten inFamous, but I'm hoping for the 9 it's always promised to be. Reply +31
  • BioShock Infinite isn't up for a Best Game BAFTA

  • ludodown 12/02/2014

    Bioshock Infinite bored me after the first few hours of wonderment, but I can see that it is a 'good' game, and understand why it got the attention it did. I wanted to love it, but it felt shollow, even though it was doing its best to tell me it wasn't - along with all the gaming press - if that makes sense. Reply +9
  • Nutjitsu and Worms among first Xbox One ID@Xbox games

  • ludodown 10/02/2014

    Crikey, more worms. Come on Team 17, I remember when you did more than one game over and over for a decade. Reply +21
  • Flappy Bird dev is removing popular app for some reason

  • ludodown 10/02/2014

    Reminds me a little of the flying barrel bits in Donkey Kong Country Returns. You only use one button throughout these, which makes your barrel rise up. Dare to leave the button alone and it will sink pretty quickly, but the handling is so good and that one button is all you need to navigate through everything thrown at you. Simple stuff, but very compelling, even after multiple deaths. FB won't win any awards, but it clearly resonates with people. It's a shame this delicate chap is running for the hills. I'm a sensitive soul too, but think I'd just avoid Twitter and the gaming press for a while and console myself with my rising bank balance. Reply 0
  • Dungeon Keeper Android's rating system filters out "1-4 star" reviews

  • ludodown 07/02/2014

    If they're proud of their game and stand by their design decisions and consider their product morally sound, then why try to censor low opinions of it? I left my 1 star rating last night. Reply +3
  • ludodown 06/02/2014

    Good grief. And to think this 'game' and the publisher's general approach to mobile will be some peoples' introduction to gaming. Tragic. Reply +5
  • Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition still uses PS2 cut-scenes in Separate Ways

  • ludodown 06/02/2014

    Separate ways was brilliant, all new areas to explore and Ada even controlled a bit differently from Leon, with her hookshot thing. Back in the days when extras were bunged in for free. Reply +2
  • Dungeon Keeper review

  • ludodown 05/02/2014

    @PlugMonkey But the only way to play it without the payment model getting in the way and being mentioned at all, is to set a wad of cash aside and go with the flow and see if there's an enjoyable game underneath, or just a cynical way of fleecing people. I doubt that the way these games are reviewed will ever be done on that basis ie. EG start reviewing these games with a spend limit of 200 and see how much fun they've had before they run out of cash. OR they review without spending anything and tell you how much fun waiting 24 hours for actions to complete is (I don't need a review for that).

    This game sounds all but unplayable unless you get your credit card out - it's relevant and worth discussing. And shouldn't value for money be part of a review anyway? I like to know if a 40 game can be completed in an evening or if a tenner indie title will keep me busy for weeks and is getting free DLC. The majority of us aren't wealthy and/or want to spend wisely and/or don't want to be ripped off. I'm struggling to see how anyone can defend this product or this pricing model.
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  • ludodown 05/02/2014

    @PlugMonkey but the only way to review this game without talking about the payment model is to either take the stance that you'll pay nothing and then comment on how awfully slow it it to do anything, or set yourself an unlimited budget that removes all paywalls, and then play it for a set amount of time before drawing conclusions. The former scenario is something few would have the patience for. The latter scenario means you'd be reviewing an experience most people won't have. It's impossible, if being fair to their readers, for EG not to comment on the payment model which seems to be intrinsically linked to how the game was designed. But it would be interesting to see whether a wealthy person playing this game would claim it was the DK 3 we've all been waiting for. I doubt it. Reply +10
  • ludodown 05/02/2014

    It's all too easy to push the 'buy' button if your card details are stored, and have no solid sense of how much you're spending. These games are designed to be addictive and pester that completionist part of our brains: just a little but more... Nasty stuff. Reply +4
  • ludodown 05/02/2014

    Get the original and its sequel on GOG for pennies. This review gave me the urge to do just that. Loved DK back in the day. Reply +8
  • Is this Dark Souls?

  • ludodown 05/02/2014

    I was so dreadful at DS, died many, many times at the first boss before deciding this wasn't for me. But the amount of 'let's play's I've watched and news stories I read about it, I'm still a big fan and absolutely fascinated by it and it's world that still begs me to explore. I just wish I was even remotely competent at playing it. I was secretly hoping DS2 would be a touch gentler, at least for the first few hour, but it doesn't sound like it. I'm pleased though that the fans are getting what they want. I'll be sitting somewhere safe watching the DS2 let's plays. Reply +7
  • Borderlands 2 getting Mad Moxxi Valentine's Day DLC

  • ludodown 05/02/2014

    Continuing to support their game - and the fans of it - by constantly making new content is great. If they'd 'released it with all the dlc' as some suggest is the right and fair thing to do, the game would not see the light of day until April this year! The main game, DLC-free, is huge. This is a great example of DLC done right; you can ignore it and still be busy for weeks and weeks, or buy it and get more great content for the game you'd otherwise be done with after the credits. It hardly makes Gearbox anti-consumer - they seem very pro-consumer to me*.

    Edit: *Apart from the Aliens CM thing, of course.
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  • How Thief has changed, for better and for worse

  • ludodown 25/01/2014

    They did such a good job with Deux Ex HR, I had high hopes for this. A few concessions to current trends aside, I was hoping for a solid Thief game. Sounds like another mindless corridor. Reply 0
  • Iwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

  • ludodown 25/01/2014

    I think it's safe to say the WiiU is a flop and may never gather momentum. I love mine and at this point I'll be happy if Nintendo support it for a few years, thus doing the right thing via the 3 people who did pick one up. I won't feel too cheated if after said few years they release something new a little sooner than they might have otherwise planned. Mine's gathering dust a lot of the time but when I boot it up - much like with the N64, Cube and Wii - it's to enjoy some of the best gaming I have in any given year: Resi 4, Metroid Prime, Galaxy, Xenoblade Chronicles - the're all in my all-time top 10.

    Loving the 3DS. Can't understand how that's considered an underperformer; it's got lots of support and everyone seems to have one. I hope things pick up again for Nintendo, I'd hate a gaming landscape without them in it. Though I do like the idea of games like Metroid Prime finally getting played by more than 6 people.
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  • Google developing smart contact lens to help diabetics

  • ludodown 17/01/2014

    This could be big. And a bit sad. Sign of the times when instead of promoting healthier lifestyles and weight-loss to prevent and reverse type 2 (a growing issue in the west) we sell people tools so they can carry on regardless.

    Edit: not all people with type 2 have it because of poor eating or being overweight.
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  • For this developer, Steam sales "screw your fans"

  • ludodown 16/01/2014

    The promise of a future discount doesn't stop me buying a product I'm excited about on day one. I doubt most visitors to sites like this regularly wait 6 months or more for a game they're keen on because they hope it'll be discounted one day. During Steam sales I tend to pick up curios and games I was unsure about at full price. Sales mean I play games I never would have otherwise taken a gamble on, and the dev makes something out of me rather than nothing. Reply 0
  • GAME's back on track and eyeing the stock market

  • ludodown 15/01/2014

    Nope. Still way cheaper online (I don't mind 3 or 4 difference to support the high street and have my game immediately, but a tenner is just throwing money away), still no sense of being actively listened to when answering any of the daft questions, still offering nonsense cash generators like a year disk insurance while encouraging trade-ins anyway, still given a bag when I said I didn't need one... though they do that last one in Sainsburys too. Reply 0
  • It's the last day of the Steam Sale

  • ludodown 03/01/2014

    'Prepare to Diet'. Yep, starts Monday. How is it possible to gain 10 pounds in 3 frickin' weeks! Reply +1
  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is more than a facelift, dev insists

  • ludodown 18/12/2013

    Would love to revisit this, but at 25. Dreadful judgement/greed at this current pricepoint.

    Especially considering they considered sales disappointing the first time round. They won't exactly grab impulse buyers with this tactic either.

    Great game though, I was pleasantly surprised.
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  • Yet another Nintendo Direct tomorrow

  • ludodown 17/12/2013

    Metroid Prime reboot/sequel/whatever please! DK TF will be great, but I don't think it was top of the wish list. Reply +1
  • Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 wants to win fans back

  • ludodown 12/12/2013

    If it's not about making money, let people who want to fast forward or skip content do it from a menu option. For free. And if someone wants to skip content they've spent 55 on then something's wrong with the quality of that content. Reply +12
  • Nintendo: fan campaigns "don't affect what we do"

  • ludodown 05/12/2013

    Exactly, those that sign petitions don't necessarily get their wallets out. Which is why I'm worried we won't see X2 over here, especially considering the WiiU's current user base and that Xenoblade Chronicles sold 3 copies, despite all the fuss and it being incredible. Reply +3
  • PlayStation 4 UK launch sales hit 250k

  • ludodown 02/12/2013

    Really concerned about the WiiU. If it can't shift numbers this Christmas with the excellent new Mario game then I can't see it gaining much momentum at any other time and will remain an early adopter/Nintendo fan system. I have a great time with mine but am already expecting to only dust it off once or twice a year when Nintendo themselves release something. Thankfully, when they do, it's usually worth taking notice.

    WiiU seems doomed to be overlooked now that the new consoles have been released and Nintendo really couldn't afford that first quiet (silent!) year they've had. There just haven't been many reasons to own it, and now there is there's PS4 and X1 sitting on the shelf beside it. What a mess.
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  • 150 Tesco stores will have PS4 stock tonight

  • ludodown 29/11/2013

    Got one at Asda last night. They had 22 spare machines and I was 12th in the queue when I arrived at 7:20. I felt completely mad, and many grocery shoppers seemed quite bemused by us, but I'm a happy gamer today (though still slightly hypothermic since they made us queue outside and I must have chosen my thinnest jumper before leaving home). Very slick machine and interface and looking forward to some Assassin's 4 today.

    Edit: Managed to cycle (yes, balance the thing on my bike) home at 12:30 without getting mugged too. Pleased.
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  • ludodown 28/11/2013

    @Trashpants Game did the same to me, but will have one for me in a few weeks. That's why I'm temped to chance it at Asda tonight to get one a bit earlier. Don't want to stand in the cold for 6 hours like some nutters though! Reply 0
  • ludodown 28/11/2013

    What time do people think is a good time to start queuing? If it's a case of more than an hour or two I think I'll wait.

    Edit: for chancers who haven't preordered, I mean.
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