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  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions has pre-order DLC and platform-exclusive levels

  • lucky_jim 20/11/2014

    Puzzle game threequel Geometry Wars 3:
    Wait, what? What have they done to Geometry Wars? It's supposed to be a twin-stick shooter, not a puzzle game!

    /hasn't been paying attention
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity walkthrough and game guide

  • lucky_jim 14/11/2014

    Here's my walkthrough:

    Walk. Fall through floor.
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  • Far Cry 4 map editor doesn't support competitive multiplayer

  • lucky_jim 14/11/2014

    It's almost as if Ubi WANTS to be hated. Reply +13
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth review

  • lucky_jim 12/11/2014

    Yet there were people on the comments thread and in the forum saying they'd rather have fucking Knack when this was announced as a PS+ title. :rolleyes: Reply +58
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • lucky_jim 11/11/2014

    While I agree with you, there are so many people that consider 7 a bad score that I don't know what the solution is. I mean, there are already people in this thread talking like 8 is a bad score! I guess people have been ruined by certain US sites that never give any game less than 7.
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  • lucky_jim 11/11/2014

    Enjoyed the first, got bored with the second about two-thirds of the way through. Flaws be damned, I can't wait for this. I've been wanting a meaty RPG for my PS4 since launch, this should see me through the xmas break nicely. Reply +10
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 review

  • lucky_jim 10/11/2014

    The review hasn't covered THE most important question for me, someone who gave up on PES early last gen and never warmed to FIFA, despite a few concerted attempts.

    Are the classic teams (Classic Holland, Classic Brazil, et. al.) still in it? And are they still unlockable rewards for winning tournaments in the game?
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  • Majora's Mask is getting remade on 3DS... finally

  • lucky_jim 05/11/2014

    I know this isn't really the point, but a themed New 3DS might be just the thing to make me upgrade from my launch model. Nintendo's Zelda-themed hardware usually looks good. Reply +3
  • PS Plus is getting Injustice: Gods Among Us and Secret Ponchos in December

  • lucky_jim 05/11/2014

    Why do you want Knack? I find this absolutely baffling, we get awesome games like Resogun, Don't Starve, Outlast and The Swapper, and people want turgid shite like Knack instead. Is it just because the RRP is higher? Or because it's also available in a box? Or because it's not technically "indie"? Surely a good game is better than a shit one, regardless of whether it's self-published or not?

    Is it me who is mad, or everyone else?
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  • lucky_jim 05/11/2014

    No, I absolutely 100% don't think that. I think that Sony is announcing the next two month's games this far in advance to placate the whiners, but this was always coming.

    Anyone with more than a couple of brain cells to rub together knew that the issue was the relatively small PS4 catalogue. It's therefore completely logical that, as the busy November and December release schedule approaches, thus making it less likely that people will be buying games released in the PS4's launch window, some of the latter games would end up on PS+.

    Your argument is a bit like saying "I was praying for nice weather all through December, January, and February, and then in March the sun started shining, so my prayers worked!"

    And while I agree there's "nothing wrong with pushing for a better quality service", that's not how I'd characterise the petulant, embarrassing tantrums that have blighted every games site every month when the line-up has been announced.
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  • lucky_jim 04/11/2014

    This will hopefully shut the whiners up, but I hope they spend enough time on The Swapper to realise it's actually the best game of the two months. Reply +2
  • PS4 software update v2.01 to tackle Rest Mode problem

  • lucky_jim 05/11/2014


    It's not as straightforward as that, mine intermittently hangs when going into rest mode despite having made the same change to the settings as you have.
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  • lucky_jim 05/11/2014

    It was changed to "Rest Mode" with the 2.0 update. As far as I can tell, the main difference is that with Rest Mode, the console turns itself off after three hours, unless you tell it not to (in the settings)

    Edit: Or "what everyone else said" :)
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  • Football Manager 2015 review

  • lucky_jim 04/11/2014

    Ouch. Given that I've barely touched 14 still, I think I can afford to skip this. It seems to have lost some of its magic for me. Reply +3
  • PlayStation Plus' free November offerings revealed

  • lucky_jim 31/10/2014

    As for "OUYA-quality", can you list the games on the OUYA that are comparable in terms of budget, RRP, and glossiness* to Alien Isolation, AC4, Diablo III, Killzone, MGS Ground Zeroes, FIFA/PES/NFS etc., Wolfenstein New Order, and The Last of Us? And the forthcoming games that will be a match for the likes of Bloodborne? I seem to have missed those.

    (*Definitely not my criteria for a good game, but they seem to be yours)
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  • lucky_jim 31/10/2014


    How old are you, roughly? I don't mean that in the internet-insult way: I'm genuinely curious, because the only way I can understand this attitude is if you're under, say, 23-25; with the PS360 gen being so long, that could mean that this is the first time you've bought a launch console, rather than relied on a parent/guardian to do so.

    The PS4's software catalogue is actually pretty good, compared with the same point in the lives of past consoles. With older consoles, there was ALWAYS a huge drought after the launch window; all we had then to bridge the gap was magazine demo discs, because there were no indies on console.

    What I think you're failing to grasp is that Sony's choice wasn't/isn't "shall we give them indies, or shall we give them Bloodborne" -- those AAA games don't exist yet. Their choice is "shall we give them indie games, or nothing", and your petulant toy-throwing is like saying "if I can't have Bloodborne or The Order, then nothing! I hate you!" like some stroppy teenager.

    Personally, I love the indie games, I can't imaging anything worse than being served insipid rubbish like Knack and the never-ending chain of supposedly "AAA" COD-wannabees. Maybe that's all you want; maybe you only watch films by Michael Bay and read books by Dan Brown, too. But those gaming equivalents of Michael Bay films and Dan Brown books don't exist on PS4 yet, so the alternative retail games that Sony could give us are actually considerably WORSE than the indies we're getting, as my post above with the metacritic scores show.

    To be honest, I find your attitude quite astonishingly childish.
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  • lucky_jim 30/10/2014


    Agreed, 100%. Unfortunately I think we're outnumbered by morons who'd rather have Knack than Resogun, just because it has a higher RRP.

    And I have a horrible feeling that Sony is going to listen to them. :(
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  • lucky_jim 30/10/2014


    Meh, again.

    With the exception of Trine, Contrast, Outlast and Rezogun I've felt very underwhelmed with the PS+ offerings on the PS4.
    I'm pretty sure that those four would have cost you in the region of forty quid without a PS+ sub, probably more. So, even if there isn't anything else at all that you like until your sub runs out, you've at worst broken even.
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  • lucky_jim 30/10/2014

    Metacritic scores --
    Binding of Isaac: 84 (PC version; PS4 version is supposedly improved)
    Steamworld Dig: 82
    Frozen Synapse Prime: 84 (Vita version, PS3 version not scored yet but I expect the game will be identical
    Luftrausers: 83 (Vita)/ 80 (PS3/PC)
    Escape Plan: 71
    Hungry Horde: Not yet reviewed

    Yet people are complaining, and saying they want Knack (currently sitting on a rather generous score of 54) instead?! Wtf is wrong with you people? Just because a game hasn't been trailed with 18 months of paid-for hype on IGN and Gamespot, it doesn't make it "bad", you effing imbeciles: it just means you're not paying attention to where the good, original games are coming from.
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  • Costume Quest 2 review

  • lucky_jim 16/10/2014

    I really liked the first one, but I was mostly stoned when I played it. I can see me giving this a whirl. Reply 0
  • Microsoft's indie parity clause exists so Xbox One owners feel "first class"

  • lucky_jim 10/10/2014

    The obvious answer for independent developers is to stick with the more powerful, easier-to-code-for console platform with a much larger installed base.

    This shit might have worked in the 360 era, but it's a much tougher trick to pull off when it's MS playing catch-up.
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  • Digital Foundry vs DriveClub

  • lucky_jim 08/10/2014

    Re the open-world thing, I agree with the other commenters above. I fucking HATE open-world driving games, it's a "development" that has pretty much killed the genre for me; the fact that Driveclub has actual tracks has increased my interest in the title a thousand times over. Reply +9
  • Sony "temporarily holding back" DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus edition

  • lucky_jim 08/10/2014


    ""So you only play games, that score 8 or higher?"

    Yes.. Doesn't everybody?"

    There's a lot of competition for this, but that's got to come close to being the single stupidest thing I've ever read in an EG comment.
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  • Nintendo to focus on Nintendo Direct and social media following Official Nintendo Magazine closure

  • lucky_jim 07/10/2014

    So are there any Nintendo-only mags left in the UK now?

    Although I totally understand why the games magazine business is dying, it saddens me, given the excitement with which I used to remove the covertape from each new issue of Crash, Your Sinclair and Sinclair User.
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  • DriveClub review

  • lucky_jim 07/10/2014

    Looking forward to Fred Dutton's EG review of Forza ;)

    (calm down, I'm taking the piss!)
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  • Vib Ribbon is coming to European PS3s and Vitas next week

  • lucky_jim 07/10/2014

    I still have the PS1 disc version of this. That's right, I'm the person who bought it! :) Reply 0
  • Shining a light on Bloodborne

  • lucky_jim 06/10/2014

    Did nobody else spot the standfirst, which says

    A Souls non-believer's brief take on From Software's latest.
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  • Alien: Isolation review

  • lucky_jim 03/10/2014

    Interesting that in general UK sites are reviewing this more generously than US ones. I remember in the 8-bit and 16-bit days, games that got praised in UK magazines for being "challenging" would often get criticised by their US counterparts for being "too hard". I wonder whether there's a similar dynamic at work here.
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  • lucky_jim 03/10/2014

    So it's good then?
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  • Shadow of Mordor 20 Season Pass gets you Sauron fight DLC

  • lucky_jim 29/09/2014

    This is totally unacceptable, given how content-thin the "full" game apparently is. This is stretching the definition of a "season pass" to a degree that should concern all gamers; this clearly isn't additional content, it's content held back from the game in order to charge you extra. If the main game cost thirty quid then that'd be ok, but not at full price.

    I was really looking forward to this game. When (if) I eventually get around to buying the complete game, when they release an insultingly mis-named "game of the year edition" in 2015, it'll be against much stiffer competition: and much more likely to be overlooked.
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  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor review

  • lucky_jim 26/09/2014

    Damn, this wasn't even on my to-buy list, but I guess it has to be now. My bank balance is going to take a battering between now and the end of the winter. Reply 0
  • FIFA 15 review

  • lucky_jim 23/09/2014

    I didn't think much of the demo, that's for sure. I'll give the PES demo a thorough going-over, but tbh I've kinda fallen out of love with football games over the last generation, PES went shit and FIFA has always been style over substance. Reply +11
  • Delta and the twilight of Xbox Live Indie Games

  • lucky_jim 22/09/2014

    I was an avid consumer of XBLIG titles until I packed away my 360 on arrival of my new PS4. Great idea, poorly implemented (from a consumer perspective, can't speak for the devs), but some of my favourite 360 gaming moments were thanks to XBLIG. RIP. Reply +8
  • What next for Minecraft on PlayStation?

  • lucky_jim 18/09/2014

    It's quite obvious what's going to happen. Microsoft will release "Minecraft 2" some time next year, and THAT will be exclusive to Xbox One, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 (yes, they'll try and force Win8 on people again). That way, they won't be breaking their word on Minecraft, because Minecraft 2 will technically be a new game, even it if uses the same code. Reply +2
  • Bloodborne release date confirmed

  • lucky_jim 18/09/2014

    A lot of good games coming that month. Hopefully by February 2015 my bank balance will have recovered from November 2014's release list! Reply +15
  • Destiny review

  • lucky_jim 17/09/2014

    I haven't bought this game, because I'm not much of an FPS fan nor an online gaming fan (yes, gaming this decade does kinda suck for me). But from what I've seen, read, and played (of the beta) I can't help but feel that Destiny will be held in much higher esteem in 6-12 months time than it is now. Reply +56
  • GaymerX convention will return following developer donations

  • lucky_jim 16/09/2014

    I'm not gay, and I'd totally go to this if it was closer to home just to stick a middle finger at the ridiculous homophobes in this thread. Reply +8
  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • lucky_jim 15/09/2014


    "The fact that all the other non-MS versions of Minecraft are still to be fully supported"

    Do you honestly believe that? If so, I have a bridge you might like to buy.

    Also, I noticed the Mac version was suspiciously absent from Microsoft's list of current platforms that will still be supported.
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  • After Lemmings was a hit, DMA Design declared war with Walker

  • lucky_jim 14/09/2014

    Yep, definitely a tough game. The walker was beautifully animated iirc though, made me feel like I was controlling ED-209 from Robocop. The early-to-mid 90s was a fantastic time to own an Amiga. Reply +19
  • Sony insists Vita is here to stay

  • lucky_jim 12/09/2014

    Funny, it's probably the single best console purchase I've ever made. But I've always preferred more imaginative games (for the most part). Yes, a lot of these indie and otherwise-odd games can be played on other platforms, but the Vita consistently offers the best experience.

    If you have a PS+ sub, I'm a bit baffled that you've played it so little.
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  • Life is Strange: It takes time to be different

  • lucky_jim 12/09/2014

    Enjoyed the bit of Remember Me that I played after it was made available on PS+ -- I thought it was clear it came from talented developers, even if it was a bit too bland to hold my interest for long. I'll keep an on this. Reply +2
  • PS4 passes 1m sales mark in the UK

  • lucky_jim 09/09/2014

    Was this article edited after posting, or are there really several commenters who haven't noticed that the article compares PS4 sales to the Wii's, not the Wii U's? Reply +1
  • Halo review

  • lucky_jim 07/09/2014

    So... as good as Metal Gear Solid 4, then? Reply +2
  • IGF winning surreal puzzler Back to Bed awakens on iOS, Android and Steam

  • lucky_jim 03/09/2014

    Clueless whinging about art style? Check.
    Bandwagon-jumping anti-indie jibe? Check.
    Vacuous pointless comment? Check.

    Yep, another idiotic anti-indie comment from a wannabe-dudebro who doesn't seem to realise nobody's forcing him to play this stuff.
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  • PS4 version of Dust: An Elysian Tail announced

  • lucky_jim 29/08/2014


    Vita version isn't confirmed, but looks possible:

    Edit: Link for those finding the image too small to read
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  • lucky_jim 29/08/2014

    Can't see me rebuying this, but I'll probably replay it if it ends up as a PS+ freebie, because I thoroughly enjoyed it on the 360. A word to anyone who hasn't played this before, though: don't play it on the "normal" difficulty setting, it's way too easy. That's not me trying to brag about my gaming prowess, I'm more likely to play most games on easy than hard, but in this case you just get too powerful too quickly on normal difficulty. You can't change the difficult mid-game iirc, so if you play it on normal and realise after a few hours that there's no challenge (as I did), you'll have to restart from the beginning. On the harder difficulty level though, I found the combat system to be really satisfying. Reply +5
  • Dishwasher and Charlie Murder dev reveals PlayStation-exclusive Salt and Sanctuary

  • lucky_jim 29/08/2014

    Never played Charlie Murder, but this looks similar enough to the Dishwasher games to have my interest. They were great, even if they left my hands looking like twisted claws after an extended session. Reply 0
  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • lucky_jim 28/08/2014

    Noooo, EG needs Ellie to eviscerate truly awful games! Reply +2
  • BioShock iOS is out tonight for $15

  • lucky_jim 28/08/2014

    I'd pay a tenner (or even a bit more) for a downloadable Vita version, and something close to full price for a cartridge, but there is no way on earth I'd even attempt to play this on iOS. It's the gaming equivalent of watching Gravity on a 10" black-and-white telly from the 1970s. Reply +6
  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • lucky_jim 27/08/2014


    I do, that's why I asked. I noted the original story and the shifty initial response, then heard no more about it; this seemed as good a place as any to ask. Thanks for the answer, but not for the presumptuous condescension.

    And having said that, once you read past the first few lines of the apology, it does descend somewhat into "I was right, but...". Still, better than nothing I guess.
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