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  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime review

  • lucky_jim 12/02/2016


    Yes, and he posted that comment five months ago, i.e. before that line was added and when the game was PC/Xbox only.
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  • Klaus on PS4 is too good to overlook

  • lucky_jim 09/02/2016

    No, it isn't. The headline isn't a review headline, and the badge at the top of the page says "articles" not "reviews".
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  • Unravel review

  • lucky_jim 08/02/2016

    If all you want from Unravel is a restful play with some decent production values, then many of the above complaints can be ignored
    Yep, that'll do nicely -- once it's in a sale or on PS+.
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  • BMX legend Dave Mirra dies, aged just 41

  • lucky_jim 05/02/2016

    I'm not sure about that 08- number for Samaritans at the end of the article. They have a number that works across the UK and Ireland, 116 123.

    Edit: Source is
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  • Not a Hero review

  • lucky_jim 04/02/2016

    The controls on Olli Olli are perfect!
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  • lucky_jim 04/02/2016

    Just in case anyone is wondering after reading the comments from when this review was originally published, the Vita version got canned, and that sucks. :(

    Would have gladly bought it at full price had there been a cross-buy, cross-save situation like OlliOlli 1 and 2 (the latter of which is still arguably my favourite game of this generation so far), but as it is, I'll wait for a sale.
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  • Rainbow Moon shines on PS4 this month

  • lucky_jim 03/02/2016

    Yeah, I'm in agreement with jamyskis1981 and 7M7 here. I tried to love this game, I gave it a good few hours on both PS3 and Vita (iirc, the Vita version also required me to pay for it despite owning it on PS3 -- I figured it'd suit the Vita better, so gave it another go). I felt like I was playing a jumped-up mobile game though, i.e. that the grinding was there deliberately to force me to pay even more.

    I may give it another chance if it ends up as a PS+ freebie, but I'm not paying again -- even a reduced price -- when it's done nothing for me twice now. It's a genre I have a lot of time for, and at its core it's a good game, but the business model is all wrong. I'd pay 25 for a version without all the pay2win stuff, though.
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  • XCOM 2 review

  • lucky_jim 01/02/2016

    Ah, looks like we've established it's on Mac too, then. Good.

    I kinda enjoyed the first one on console, but it somehow felt more "right" playing it at my desk on my Mac anyway, so I'm not too fussed about a console version this time -- as long as I can play it without installing Windows, I'm happy.
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  • lucky_jim 01/02/2016

    Is this PC-only (as it says at the top of the page) or PC and Mac (as it says on the side)? These things matter to us Windows-phobes. :) Reply +10
  • Lego Marvel's Avengers review

  • lucky_jim 29/01/2016


    My understanding (only from a Reddit poster's impressions, so very unreliable) is that the levels are significantly smaller on the Vita. I think if anybody buys the Vita version expecting something approaching the home-console versions, they'll probably be disappointed.

    But in general you're right, it is open-world after a fashion and the Vita versions of the Lego games have been getting closer to the proper console versions for a while.
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  • lucky_jim 29/01/2016

    Just a "point of order", can you please not list formats with a review if the game for said format is substantially different than for other formats? Someone I know (not me, honest!) bought Lego Batman 2 for Vita in a PSN sale, because they'd checked your review and presumed from the Vita badge at the top of the page that it wouldn't be substantially different (i.e., he knew the graphics would be less good, but thought it'd still be open world).

    It's very easy for a reader to presume that your comments and thoughts on this game apply for the 3DS and Vita versions too (because why would those formats be listed at the top of the page otherwise?), but when they're very different games on those formats, this review doesn't apply.

    I'm not saying that you should point out the differences or anything, just don't list a review as being for a format that it doesn't apply to.
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  • Sony drops pricing information from the PlayStation Blog

  • lucky_jim 27/01/2016

    Also, I'd advise anyone else pissed off with this to give up on the blog and use instead. Especially useful if you have PSN accounts for more than one region.

    (Edit - link added)
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  • lucky_jim 27/01/2016

    It's a pain in the arse for me. I have US and UK PSN accounts, but I'm in the Czech Republic. I usually check things on the blog when I'm not near my PS4 (e.g. at work), but clicking through to the store forces me onto the Czech version, which has precisely zero relevance to me. Reply 0
  • Platinum's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game looks great

  • lucky_jim 26/01/2016

    Looks VERY similar to the recent Transformers game, which I guess is no bad thing. G1 Transformers has a nostalgia factor for me that TMNT doesn't (you can probably guess my age from that), but ninja turtles are clearly a better fit for the fast-paced combat than giant robots. Reply +7
  • The Eurogamer podcast is back (again!)

  • lucky_jim 21/01/2016

    Ah, good. I've been so starved of enjoyable gaming podcasts since EG's died, I had to resort to listening to IGN's! Reply +4
  • Star Wars PS2 Classics now available from PS4 store

  • lucky_jim 19/01/2016

    I notice a lot of comments saying these games are all crap. I quite enjoyed Jedi Starfighter at the time though, and it reviewed pretty well (average of 81% according to metacritic).

    I remember the other two being terrible, but iirc Jedi Starfighter's greatest crime was not being as good as the Rogue Leader (or whichever it was) that launched with the GameCube.

    Is my memory deceiving me, or does Jedi Starfighter not deserve the stick it's getting here?
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  • lucky_jim 19/01/2016


    I agree -- I didn't say it was good that the EU gets the crappy gimped versions, just that you don't have to stand for it.
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  • lucky_jim 19/01/2016

    There's no point even asking if the EU store carries the 50Hz versions -- the EU store has had PAL versions ever since Sony started putted PS1 games on there.

    Make a US account for these. I've done it, and if I can, anyone can. It's really simple.
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  • Dark Chronicle is coming to PS4 next week

  • lucky_jim 15/01/2016

    Great news. I was playing Rogue Galaxy via remote play last night. I feel there should be some kind of trophy for playing a PS2 game on a Vita via a PS4. Reply +17
  • Psychonauts comes out on PS4 this spring

  • lucky_jim 12/01/2016

    Yeah. There was a complicated fix, but it still felt wrong, and frankly became too much effort.
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  • lucky_jim 12/01/2016

    I don't care whether this is just the PS2 version, or a remaster -- sold. I've been wanting to replay this for years, but the OG Xbox on which I played it has a broken disc drive, and I couldn't get the Steam version to work properly with a controller on my Mac. Reply +2
  • lucky_jim 12/01/2016


    I set up a US account just for this reason. Easy to do, works a treat.
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  • Ellie Gibson on: Manual Stimulation

  • lucky_jim 09/01/2016

    Amiga games had the best manuals (and Atari ST I guess, but I never owned one). The box-size-war between publishers made sure of that. For the uninitiated or simply young, the game boxes weren't standardised as they are now: Many publishers worked out that a big, eye-catching box on the shelves of a game shop effectively served as cheap advertising, and filling it with massive manuals and other tat (that would nowadays warrant a price hike and "limited edition" tag) helped dissuade piracy.

    The massive box thing carried on for a while after the PC danced on the Amiga's grave, but it wasn't long before standardised CD/DVD boxes became the norm, and you can't really fit a novel-sized manual in one of those.
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  • Pimped game controllers with bullets and diamonds - who makes these things?

  • lucky_jim 08/01/2016

    True fact*: his company is formally called "The Kustom Kontroller Kompany", but people objected to the original logo.

    *Fact may not be factual
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  • PlayStation Network is currently down

  • lucky_jim 05/01/2016


    gaming was created inside of a boardroom in order to make money.
    Oh god, that is so incorrect it's not even funny. I'm guessing the "91" in your username is your year of birth? Because there were games long, long before that, and the first were not created in boardrooms.
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  • lucky_jim 05/01/2016

    Maybe. But I've played Dragon Age during past PSN outages without this problem. I tried a few other games, at least five or six, and all but one (Metro Redux) ended up hanging on some "connecting" screen.

    I thought Sony were taking a stand against such shenanigans, so I feel very let down and, frankly, tricked.
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  • lucky_jim 05/01/2016

    I don't understand why I couldn't play a single-player, disc-based game like Dragon Age -- it just kept hanging on the "connecting" screen with the soldiers marching. Isn't this (not being able to play offline disc games for some arbitrary reason) precisely what we were screaming at MS for before the Xbox One was launched?

    I'd put aside last night specifically to finally finish that game, and I'm not likely to have any more games time until the middle of next week, so I'm really pissed off. Totally unacceptable.
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  • Amplitude review

  • lucky_jim 05/01/2016


    Who is pretending it's successful? I think people are just saying that it'd be a great format for this game. And we're right.
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  • lucky_jim 05/01/2016

    I'd buy this on any platform, but other commenters are correct -- this REALLY needs a Vita port. Reply +11
  • Xbox One exclusive Scalebound delayed to 2017

  • lucky_jim 04/01/2016

    Suits me fine. I'm expecting the X1 price to hit my "sweet spot" some time in 2017, and this is currently the only X1 game I'm really itching to play (well, apart from that Rare compilation, but I can wait for that). Reply -1
  • Seeing in the new year with Resogun

  • lucky_jim 04/01/2016

    Much to my surprise, my Xmas game this year ended up being Dragon Age: Inquisition. Poor Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 have developed neurotic disorders as a result. Reply 0
  • Games of 2015 no. 4: Rocket League

  • lucky_jim 29/12/2015

    Full disclosure: Eurogamer took part in an unofficial Rocket League tournament earlier in the year

    Surely that warranted a blow-by-blow write-up, if not a livestream. Did I miss it?
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  • GAME blames low last-gen sales for pre-Christmas slump

  • lucky_jim 23/12/2015

    Has everyone who got stung with GAME's multiple-charging fiasco been refunded? This could get messy. Reply +3
  • Yakuza 5 review

  • lucky_jim 18/12/2015


    Huh? I said the graphics were good for a PS3 game, but I'm not buying PS3 games anymore. The two points are unconnected. How does that make me a "graphics whore", you fucking prick? Jesus, you're just the epitome of the tiny-cocked, neck-bearded so-called "PC Master Race", aren't you?

    CaptainKid, yesterday:

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  • lucky_jim 17/12/2015

    Pretty nice graphics for the PS3. But I can't see me buying any new PS3 games at this stage. Reply -18
  • Watch: Better late than never - the delayed games of 2015

  • lucky_jim 16/12/2015


    But, like, do you just "like" Aiofe, or do you, like, "like-like" her?
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  • Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect

  • lucky_jim 16/12/2015

    I went from super-hyped to totally uninterested in the original Kinect when the news leaked that it wouldn't have its own processor (as originally promised). Now I just see it as the thing that ruined Rare, hopefully with its demise they can get back to their former glory. Reply +17
  • PS2 PaRappa the Rapper 2 drops on PS4 next week

  • lucky_jim 12/12/2015

    Ok, US PSN account all set up -- where's the best place to get US PSN credit with email code delivery? And is it worth getting a Plus sub for the US account, even though I'm not gonna play online on it? Thinking more in terms of the additional PS+ discounts. Reply 0
  • lucky_jim 11/12/2015

    @Hnetuduft (and others)

    Cheers, good to know I'm not going mad. From the sound of it though, I should really set up a US PSN account if I want to play any of these, so I don't get the gimped 50hz versions.

    It's so dumb of Sony. There are only a few games I'm willing to buy (I'm not re-buying any of the PS2 games I bought for my PS3 as a matter of principle), so for the sake of one or two games I'm going to set up a US account; once I have it, I'll end up buying all my PS4 games on it too because they're so much cheaper.

    So, by giving us the gimped PAL versions, Sony is going to end up getting far less of my cash over the course of this console generation than they otherwise would have, because I'll soon be paying US prices for everything. If they'd just given us the proper versions of the PS2 titles, my inertia and laziness would have prevented me setting up a US account (I've been meaning to do it for a while, but this has proved the push that makes me go ahead).
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  • lucky_jim 11/12/2015

    Why can't I find these PS2 games on the PS4's PSN store? I was looking for Rogue Galaxy, but I couldn't find anything that looked remotely like a PS2 Classics section, and a search just returned Rogue Legacy.

    Are these games available on the EU store? Everyone seems to be talking as if they are, but I can't find them!
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  • BigFest review

  • lucky_jim 11/12/2015

    Glad I waited for the review. Will wait for a big discount or PS+ appearance. Reply +1
  • The Last of Us, Until Dawn are BOGOF on PSN

  • lucky_jim 10/12/2015

    Why do I have to keep pointing out that not every EU country has a games retail market as competitive as the UK's; that in many EU countries, the launch RRP of a game is the price it stays at forever; and for those of us in those countries, these deals aren't that bad?

    Edit: Though having given it a closer look, these are pretty crappy even here. I think the only way I could "save" on this deal is if I bought Until Dawn and DW8, and I'm not interested enough in DW8 for that to be worthwhile.
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  • SteamWorld Heist review

  • lucky_jim 10/12/2015

    But it'll deliver an impactful, holistic customer experience across multiple geographies going forward.
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  • Rez Infinite is PlayStation VR's best game yet

  • lucky_jim 07/12/2015

    I was hoping that there would be a stereoscopic 3D version of Rez on PS3.
    Not quite as good, but you should check out the PS3 version of Child of Eden if you haven't done so already.
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  • lucky_jim 07/12/2015

    Wasn't 100% sold on PSVR. Now I am. Reply +15
  • Report: PS4's PS2 emulation won't support discs or PS3 digital purchases

  • lucky_jim 06/12/2015


    A better comparison would be if Apple made you re-buy your music for every new iPod or iPhone you bought.

    I don't understand this mentality of defending a multinational corporation that's actively ripping you, and me, off. It's actually pretty creepy.
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  • lucky_jim 04/12/2015


    No, but it'd be nice to use the PS4 to play the digital PSN versions of the Shin Megami Tensei games I bought on the PS3 store, as my PS3 is now in another room, plugged into a much smaller display, and much less convenient for me to use. I don't have space for the PS3 under the TV in my living room.

    Not letting me do so is blatantly shitty, gouging behaviour. They're basically trying to make us pay again for things we've already paid for, by making it needlessly and unnecessarily inconvenient to access our paid-for content. Stop defending it.
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  • lucky_jim 04/12/2015

    Incidentally, this is what I posted when I read the Digital Foundry piece on the Star Wars emulation story. A handful of people ridiculed me for it.

    I hope I'm wrong, but I have a horrible feeling that Sony are going to try and make me re-buy all the PS1 and 2 games I bought from PSN to play on my PS3 and Vita. That would be a terrible tactical mis-step in light of the goodwill Microsoft have generated from their backward compatibility, and (much more importantly) it'd piss me right off.
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  • lucky_jim 04/12/2015


    But once the service itself has been revealed, I don't think it's too much entitlement to hope that at least your digital purchases will carry across platforms.
    This, exactly this.
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  • lucky_jim 04/12/2015

    Fuck you, Sony. Seriously considering switching back to Xbox now.

    Edit: That's me being pissed off about my already-rebought digital PS2 games not being usable; never expected to be able to use discs.
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