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  • The Smart Move

  • lovely2cu 07/02/2009

    JohnnyWashnGo, you couldn't have missed the whole point of the Apple brand any more if you tried. It's like complaining that there isn't enough hardcore online deathmatch fragfest available on the Wii. Not who it's aimed at. Reply +1
  • lovely2cu 07/02/2009

    The iPhone and iPod Touch, are probably the purest form of casual handheld gaming. The games are impulse cheap, simple to play and can be played in snatches.

    The lack of physical buttons is a limitation but it's been proven that the touchscreen can work decently when done right and the accelerometer has its own potential which, being the increasingly ubiquitous mainstream devices they are, it won't be long until the big devs with greater resources come in to expand on it.

    That said, there are a decent number of good games on the App Store even now, Rolando, Fieldrunners and Puzzle Quest being some of my favourites

    And the best thing about iPhone for me is it's convergent capabilities. Music, video, internet, games and loads more besides, all in the one device, all in my pocket. Sweet.
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  • iPhone Roundup

  • lovely2cu 30/01/2009

    *Yawn* anti brand/popularity haters are just so tiresome.

    FACT, as a gaming platform iPhone is superior to conventional mobile phones in almost every way. Screen, controls, graphics capability. The killer blow is its distribution model via iTunes and the cheap-as-chips (in many cases, literally) pricing structure is the icing on the cake.
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  • lovely2cu 30/01/2009

    Don't be spoiling for a fight Nabokov. It's fairly obvious to why iPhone is getting more respect as a gaming device than any other mobile phone ever..

    Anyway, would like to see a write-up on Puzzle Quest: Chapter 1 soon. My first foray into the whole PQ thing and I quite like it, tis an excellent companion on those bus journeys (along with my favourite music, the internet, YouTube, video, podcasts...iPhone rocks!)
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  • Uphill Struggle

  • lovely2cu 17/01/2009


    1. The Dual Shock had its genesis as a riff on the SNES controller. Remember, PlayStation was originally meant to be a CD-based add-on for Nintendo's console. It was good at the time and the handlebars were a masterstroke, given how successful PlayStation was in making games (more) mainstream and getting older people with bigger hands to play. Then along came the N64 with its analogue stick. Sony chose to bung a pair into an unergonomic position on their own controller, in order to stay relevant, and 10+ years later it's all a bit outdated. Sony can't/won't refresh the design though, presumably because its silhouette is too iconic as a semi-logo, which is why the triggers are shaped the way they are, to fit, thus why they're crap

    2. Maybe you're right about Sony removing PS2 BC from PS3 in order to prop up PS2 sales, which of course are profitable to Sony, but if that is indeed the case, all they're doing is holding up uptake of the PS3, with people not wanting to get rid of their PS2 games. Remember, a lot of non-nerd casuals probably don't want multiple games consoles under their TV, they've already got the Sky box, DVD player, etc under there

    3. The PS3 is expensively prohibitive for cost-conscious families no doubt, but for someone like me who's young and has a decent amount of disposable income, it's palatable. And tbh I'd spend such money on a laptop or an iPod easy. The problem is one of value. What do you get with the PS3 that you can't get with the considerably cheaper 360? A much worse online ecosystem for one. A worse controller. Poorer multiplatform games, technically-speaking. A dwindling number of important exclusives. This is why the price seems worse than it is, there's a serious lack of value attatched to the sum you pay. Blu-Ray is the only source of any real value in the PS3 but I and many people don't really care about it, DVD is fine.
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  • lovely2cu 17/01/2009

    I just have two major problems with the PS3:

    1. The controller is gash (position of the left stick, triggers)
    2. Lack of FULL PS2 backwards compatability

    Fix those two things Sony, and I will buy a PS3.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2008

  • lovely2cu 22/12/2008

    "GTA IV's high place was interesting - a lot of folks complain about it, but there are clearly plenty of fans out there. Which is nice.

    Nah, all this shows is the 'I'm going to look cool by shouting down populist game X at the top of my lungs" crowd are getting louder, to the point where you think they represent the majority.

    But really they don't.
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  • FIFA 09

  • lovely2cu 03/10/2008

    Finally a review that rightly acknowledges Fifa as the new King as opposed to all those deluded copy and paste from 2004 review Pro Evo fanboy reviews that refuse to acknowledge the truth.

    And I don't want to sound like a tard but only 8? Didn't Fifa 08 get 8, an inferior game? Could be wrong.

    Anyway I've played the demo so can make up my own mind. This is a must buy, can't wait for poxy work to finish so I can get stuck in!
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  • Apple hypes games for new iPod touch

  • lovely2cu 10/09/2008

    "For a lot of iPod owners who don't own, and don't wish to buy separately, a DS or PSP it is a pretty competent gaming platform for casual users. Yes, it isn't perfect by a long shot but if I want to play a few games on the move, on the tube etc. without shelling out for another entire system then the iPod is spot on."


    I don't want a pocketful of gadgets going to work, and my daily commute comes to about two hours so a few simple iPhone games suffice, I don't want or need a dedicated games machine like the DS.
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  • Gun-shaped box for Saints Row 2

  • lovely2cu 30/08/2008

    Ugh, it's this sort of immature nonsense that gives games and gamers a bad name! As of now I hope SR2 crashes and burns.

    Will never be as good as GTAIV anyway, and I think they must know it.
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  • Europe to get 80GB PlayStation 3

  • lovely2cu 16/07/2008

    No change on the PS2 back comp front? Disappointing.

    Don't know why I'm still interested in PS3 anyway now that FFXIII is coming to 360. Forza > GT imo and I don't like MGS series. What else is there that's good and isn't already on 360 in either exact or equivalent form?
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  • Metal Gear Online

  • lovely2cu 17/06/2008

    "Chaos Theory will always be the king of stealth-based multiplayer gaming."

    Maybe not always but for now it's still the stealth action MP game to beat.

    Might fire it up this avvie for a go, wonder if anyone still plays it.
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  • Sony making "break apart" PS3 pad

  • lovely2cu 13/06/2008

    Interesting. Let's hope Sony can repeat what they did way back when with the original Dual Shock, and improve on Nintendo's pioneering controller. Reply 0
  • PS3 "first and foremost" a games console

  • lovely2cu 03/06/2008


    I was playing Wipeout 2097 on the PS2 the other day on a 40". Blurtastic! Still good fun though.

    I think it's worth it even if you only go back to play one or two games, it's about preserving legacy and having the option more than anything else. I dunno maybe I'm just a soppy idealist.

    It's like when you buy a DVD player innit you have a whole library of past and present to choose from
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  • lovely2cu 03/06/2008

    PS1 and PS2 games you missed the first time round. And they'll be dirt cheap as well. If you aren't a complete graphics whore and gameplay's your thing then Ebay would be a great place to raid for some forgotten classics, in between big PS3 releases. Reply 0
  • lovely2cu 03/06/2008

    Full BC would be nice. The PlayStation back catalogue is so rich, it should be a Sony priority that it's available in its entirety on their most current machine. Reply 0
  • GTA IV still top of the UK charts

  • lovely2cu 28/05/2008

    Wow GTA IV is a monster. Doesn't everybody have it already? Reply 0
  • PSP is "gateway drug" to consoles - SCEA

  • lovely2cu 23/05/2008

    "The PSP is a games system first and foremost."

    Aye,but I was talking about the multimedia side of things
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  • lovely2cu 23/05/2008

    "Sony is looking at a wide variety of other uses for the PSP besides just gaming", Koller said

    iPhone & iPod Touch > PSP as portable convergent media devices, especially as they're soon to have DS and Wii style touch screen and motion control games.
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  • YouTube integration for PS3 games

  • lovely2cu 18/05/2008

    Direct integration > capture cards Reply 0
  • Your echochrome levels as DLC soon

  • lovely2cu 15/05/2008

    It will be interesting to see what the userbase can come up with. Should be some interesting youtube vids up soon anyhoo! Reply 0
  • SEGA Goes Platinum

  • lovely2cu 15/05/2008

    Good news all round, hopefully they'll continue to push creative and artistic boundaries. Reply 0
  • Boom Blox

  • lovely2cu 15/05/2008

    Who would have thunk it, from EA of all devs. Fair play, keep up the good work! Reply 0
  • LostWinds

  • lovely2cu 15/05/2008

    Looks interesting and fresh. Hmm, fresh winds Reply 0
  • Too Human - Co-op footage

  • lovely2cu 14/05/2008

    Awesome music, 'specially from 00:52 onwards Reply 0
  • Gears 2 gameplay video on Live

  • lovely2cu 10/05/2008


    "GOW2 will sell 4 million copies allright, but meanwhile PS3 owners will be enjoying Rfom 2, LBP, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Online, Haze, Motorstorm 2 and Home.... Far more varied and appealing. "

    Shooter, Platformer, Shooter and Shooter, Shooter, Racer and lobby system.

    Gotta love the variety there.

    Compare that to the big 360 exclusives to come this year and you have GoW2, Halo Wars, Fable 2, Banjo 3, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Too Human.

    So what's Shooter, RTS, RPG, Platformer, Beat em up and Action Adventure.

    You're right, far more variety on the PS3. :/"


    Both consoles have good games and these fanboy wars make me lol but if it's a question of variety then 360 has PS3 beat all ends up past, present and near future.
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  • Microsoft claims GTA IV victory

  • lovely2cu 08/05/2008

    "Why are people talking about percentages of users buying the games? How many percent of the PS2 userbase bought San Andreas at launch? It's meaningless... because as a system grows in sales it inevitably starts to attract gamers with different preferences and reduces the percentage of owners who are hardcore gamers.

    Take for example the first week of San Andreas in the US. There were roughly 28m PS2 owners at that point and the game sold 2m units in the first week (7% of owners bought the game). Compare the PS3 in the UK with 1.2m owners and GTA IV selling 0.41m in the first week (34% of owners bought the game). Don't you think that speaks volumes about what an enlarged / more varied userbase does?

    These things aren't linear, and there's a reason the PS2 doesn't have an attach rate of something like 20+ games."


    The SDF are the first to bash the 360, citing high attach rates as the sign of narrow demographics, yet as soon as evidence appears that suggests new customers with varied tastes are coming aboard, a lower attach rate suddenly becomes a weakness?

    That's SDF hypocrisy for you.

    Fact is, more copies of GTA IV were sold on the 360. Period. GTA V multiplat confirmed.
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  • lovely2cu 07/05/2008

    Ha ha, swam;headbog;apologie is getting owned left and right! Reply 0
  • lovely2cu 07/05/2008

    Watch that blood pressure mate, you'll do yourself a coronary something terrible! Reply 0
  • lovely2cu 07/05/2008

    " Typical MS reaction whilst failing to consider the %age attach rate, which considering the 360's hardcore shooter/driver userbase and it's much larger intall base, is surprisingly low.
    ignore poster"

    Seems to me that after the recent price drop, the Xbox 360's install base is beginning to broaden out from the early adopter consumer unlike the PS3. Ironic, whoddathunk it?
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  • lovely2cu 07/05/2008

    "And you are a 360 loving weasel that eats MS bull for breakfast and settles for a RODing shitcan Shootbox"

    Lol swam's fuse is about to blow! TAKE COVER!
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  • GTA IV sales hit 926,000 in five days

  • lovely2cu 07/05/2008

    Lol swam's in full SDF damage limitation mode now!

    Xbox 360 sold more GTA and has sold more consoles world wide. Pull as many numbers out of your ass if you like, bottom line is XBOX 360 IS WINNING AGAINST THE PS3!!!11!!``lol!!one!

    (doesn't care either way)
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  • Wii Roundup

  • lovely2cu 08/03/2008

    smelly is such a blinkered deluded fanboy fool I don't know why I'm wasting my time acknowledging his moronic rantings but here goes.

    Zelda TP, can be played on GC. Same for Resi 4.As for Metroid 3, Mario Kart, Mario G, Super Smash Brothers etc, yawn, yawn, yawn and yawn. Just tired rehashes of the same games, redeemed only by a new control scheme. Big whoop. If the new SSB game was developed on PC with m+k controls, would it be such a big deal?

    The 360 is light years ahead of the Wii in terms of the depth, breadth and quality of its software and only a retard (such as smelly) would even waste his breath disputing that fact
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  • Resistance 2 is Sony's answer to Gears 2

  • lovely2cu 25/02/2008

    /dons tinfoil hit Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

  • lovely2cu 08/01/2008

    "Is "apples and oranges" the new net slang for " I've just been pwned" ?"

    It would seem so
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  • lovely2cu 08/01/2008

    Kryon wrote: "But surely headbog, Bluray is a flop, right? I mean it's only done so well because it's packed in with the PS3, right? So it must be a flop and Bluray sales aren't really better than HD-DVD because you get one 'free' when you buy a PS3, right?"

    Haha, answer that headbog! If Forza 2 is such a failure for having great pack-in sales, I wonder what that makes Blu-Ray? Jebus, the ratio of standalone BR player to DVD player sales must be absolutely pitiful! :DDD
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  • lovely2cu 08/01/2008

    "The PSP and PS3 are not flops just because their sales are below certain people's expectations."

    Um, yes they are. The PSP was meant to become a new iPod style hi-tech gadget phenomenon, to rival and overtake Nintendo handhelds. It failed

    The PS3 was meant to be this sooper dooper console/computer, the ultimate in all-round digital entertainment, the world's premier media hub. It's anything but.

    Yes, both have flopped and badly.
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  • lovely2cu 08/01/2008

    Dear headbog,

    The only flops around here are the Sony PSP and PS3

    Yours truly,

    The World

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  • Coming Attractions: Racing

  • lovely2cu 08/01/2008

    Forza 2 doesn't exist...

    Actually what happened to GTR 2 on Xbox 360?
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  • BT Vision through Xbox 360

  • lovely2cu 07/01/2008

    I have Eircom Broadband in Ireland. What do I get? More to the point, when can we have Sky IPTV instead? :( Reply 0
  • Worldwide 360 sales hit 17.7m

  • lovely2cu 04/01/2008

    What a sad cunt that headbog is. The 360 is selling well, and? Where's the drama? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2007: 10-1

  • lovely2cu 29/12/2007

    @The Bodybuilder

    So true what you've been saying about that Keza MacDonald one. Her Ninty loving grates throughout the entire top 50. Here's what she said in her Zack & Wiki comment: "the only people who wouldn't like this would be FPS retards"

    No Ms. MacDonald, the only retard here is you. What a patrionising twunt you are.
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  • lovely2cu 28/12/2007

    "retarted" lol

    That Apologie is some dick though. What a total and utter fucktard
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