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  • Sony confirms Vita game and memory card prices

  • lollage 23/12/2011

    "Exactly the same as Microsoft did with the 360, give the consumer options."

    This isn't exactly the same. Many games on the Vita - including Uncharted - will not even boot at all if you don't have a memory card.
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  • reveals Vita launch game prices

  • lollage 19/12/2011

    "People seem to disregard the fact that they pay over a grand for an iPhone over 1-2 years and if they bought the phone at the outset it would cost over £400."

    You always carry your smartphone with you though. That covers you for phone calls, texts, emails, taking photos, shooting video, listening to music, browsing the web, gaming etc. The fact that you can pay for it over the course of 2 years is a plus, and that fee also covers the service your receive from Orange, T-Mobile or whoever.

    How many people are going to carry a Vita around in their pockets? It's twice the size of a smartphone and it doesn't replace your phone, so you'll still have that with you anyway. The battery life is piss poor and you have to undo 8 screws to swap the battery out, so it's not even great for gaming on a plane or whatever.

    It's a handheld console that most people will only use at home, yet it's priced higher than a PS3 and with versions of games that are available on the PS3 at around the same price.
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  • New 360 dash borks video playback

  • lollage 19/12/2011

    "XMB > Metro"

    Shame the functionality of the console is shite in comparison. From the moment you put a game disc in, you can have a massive forced install. Fire the game up - oh great, massive patches, with installs! There's no 1080p upscaling for all games. Manually syncing trophies unless you pay for PSN+. Lots of the features of the PS3 are horribly inconsistent such as multi-user logins, cross-game invites, join session in progress, custom soundtracks etc. - all standard features in all games on the 360. Then you've got the inferior game performance in the vast majority of games, and an inferior online system to play the games on.

    As for media, it supports a similar set of codecs, but look at the apps. No HD in the YouTube "app" which is really just a shortcut to the outdated web browser that's worse than Internet Explorer 5. Only 720p with stereo sound and no streaming for movie rentals, compared to 1080p with 5.1 and a choice of streaming or downloading with Zune. No wireless N and no way to add it, so streaming full HD without stuttering is nigh on impossible. The "all you can eat" music rental service is more expensive per month, but offers fewer tracks.

    And yet here on Eurogamer, some people (the deluded ones) would have you believe that the PS3 does literally everything better. :lol:
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  • lollage 19/12/2011

    Eurogamer in "censoring posts while allowing trolls to run riot" shocker. Reply 0
  • lollage 18/12/2011

    "Looks like this thread is now filled with trolls and Microsoft haters. LOL"

    Of course it is. This is Eurogamer. The only post that makes real sense in this thread is the one posted by "loveless" and what a surprise - that was marked down. It's just an excuse for people to whine about MS (sorry, "M$") again.

    RGB limited is the only setting you should be using with any console when connecting it to a HDTV. Unfortunately, there's a lot of divs out there that haven't got the slightest clue what these things even mean, with even less of a clue on how to properly set up and calibrate a TV.
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  • Sony boosts Japan Vita shipments to 700,000 - report

  • lollage 16/12/2011

    "That must be it. Its my lateral thinking skills. Its not you taking a perfectly normal sentence, but having it mean something different in your mind than in everyone elses. You've found the solution, well done you."

    You're a dopey cunt, but a persistent one. A bad combination.

    A guy said that these numbers speak volumes about the demand for the Vita. I replied "yes, in the land of the handheld". The article is about Japan. Japan is well known for favouring handhelds over other devices. It's not rocket science to connect the dots.

    If I went to NeoGAF right now and said "where is the land of the handheld?" I'd get a string of replies saying "Japan", not a bunch of gormless feckers saying "what does that mean?" and being pedantic due to their own ignorance of commonly used phrases.

    What's worse is that you thought I meant "the handheld market in general" as if I would reply to someone and say "yeah, but the Vita is only going to sell well in the handheld market, not in others!". LOL!

    Seriously, get a fucking grip. Stupidity + a large ego = You. I won't reply to you again, cos I don't like wasting my time talking to the local village idiot.
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  • lollage 16/12/2011

    "In what possible sense did that clearly mean Japan?"

    In that Japan is a land and it's a land where handhelds dominate, thus, "the land of the handheld".

    If I said "the land of McDonald's and American Idol", presumably you'd think I was talking about some odd combined burger/reality singing show business, rather than America, LOL.

    Lateral thinking is not your strong point I guess.
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  • lollage 16/12/2011

    "it's a sony games product, it can't really fail to do well"

    The PS3 has failed to do well. The raw sales numbers are OK (worse than 360 or Wii though), but it's lost them billions. They've lost more on the PS3 than they ever made in profit on the PS2 + accessories + games. I suppose it depends how you define "do well". If all you mean is selling 30 million then yeah, it might do that.
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  • lollage 16/12/2011

    "You aren't comparing apples with apples here. If BMW released numbers related to a new model, would you pipe up "Yeah, in the land of car sales only." Of COURSE its in the land of hand held only. Its not going to be in the land of fruit and vegetable sales is it? Why not chuck some carribean cruise sales numbers into the mix too, and suggest that "Thomas Cook won't be bricking it anytime soon"?"

    By "the land of the handheld", I clearly meant Japan. Not clearly enough though, obviously. Sorry you wrote that wall of words for nothing.
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  • lollage 16/12/2011

    "Think these numbers speak volumes about the consumer demand for the Vita."

    Yeah, in the land of the handheld only.

    LOL@this getting marked down. In Japan, usually more than half the top 20 games in the sales chart every week are handheld titles. The PS3 outsells the 360 by about 15-20X every week. But yeah, that obviously means it's just the same in the rest of the world! #sonyfanboyslol.
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  • Sony: Vita intended to be played by only one user

  • lollage 16/12/2011

    The more they fuck up, the more chance it has of bombing everywhere outside of Japan which is good for me, cos if it ends up in the bargain bin like the 3DS did I might pick one up. Reply -1
  • Ex-Last Guardian producer wants to create Facebook's first masterpiece

  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "lollage you buy a console to play games PS3 has loads of great games but you still slag it of your not being honest your a MS lover."

    Yes, obviously I have to agree with your taste in games 100% and if I don't, I'm an MS lover. Some of you people need your heads screwing on a little tighter.

    There's virtually never a reason for me to buy a cross-platform game on the PS3. They usually perform worse. The online system is worse. There's fat forced installs and patches. Fuck all that noise. I'll just buy games for the 360.

    So that leaves me with exclusives and as I said, there's usually a couple a year that I buy. This year I bought Uncharted 3, the Ico/SOTC collection and Motorstorm Apocalypse, although I think that's the worst Motorstorm game released so far and I wish I hadn't bothered with it.

    Oh yeah, and before someone calls me a liar again, I can prove that I own all of the games I just mentioned easily, so spare me the bullshit about "you don't even own a PS3!".
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  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "Seeing how much you love to hate the PS3, you made a great choice to buy a PS3 (if that's actually true)."

    It is true. I can list all of the games I own for it and post a pic of any of them, with Eurogamer in the background if it somehow eases your suspicions. I've already done that once when someone claimed I didn't own Uncharted 3 because I said the controls (pre-patch) were crap.

    I just find the PS3 disappointing outside of a couple of exclusives per year. The cross-platform game perform is usually always better on the 360. Live is better than PSN and all of the downloadable games have demos, plus they're often on Live first and at cheaper prices.

    Sony need to make the PS4 more developer friendly (cos not every dev is first party and only making games for one system) and make it less clunky overall. Forced installs suck, as does having to manually sync trophies which can sometimes take an age for some unknown reason. The system needs better communication options too, as the 360 trounces it in that respect.
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  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "We're still getting The Last Guardian, what are you getting on your precious 360 lollage?"

    Why do you refer to me as if I only own one console? You already know that I own a PS3 as well. You're so desperate to defend the console that even YOU admit is inferior (LOL!) that you can't think straight. Get a grip boy.
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  • lollage 15/12/2011

    Another rat deserting a sinking ship. Best of luck to him. Reply -31
  • Sony: 2011/2012 PS3 sales slightly ahead of target

  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "I want to know if lollage is so concerned about profit and sales why isn't he jizzing himself over the Wii instead?"

    What on earth are you talking about? I was simply making the point that raw sales numbers don't mean anything if the company hasn't made a fucking penny from those sales. Sony will end the generation in the red. They're only in this business to make money, so the PS3 is a failure. A huge one.

    It doesn't mean that you can't love it or its games and defend it all day every day on forums if that's what takes your fancy.
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  • lollage 15/12/2011

    ^^That's fair enough, agparrot. We'll just stick to facts.

    Sony has lost billions this gen and will end the generation in the red. Next gen starts next year and people will begin to move away from the weaker consoles like the PS3 (whether it's technically more powerful or not, in most games it performs the weakest).

    The PS3 does not have the same draw as the PS2, which dominated, so it's not like the PS3 will continue to sell and get loads of dev support like the PS2 did. Everyone will move on and the PS3 will just go down as a huge financial failure, regardless of whether you like the console and its games or not. Of course some people only look at raw sales figures, but I could sell a million iPhones today at £1 each and be the top performing mobile phone retailer in the UK, but I'd lose a fortune in the process. That's essentially what Sony have done with the PS3, only they're the worst performing in terms of sales as well.

    "I don't think a single person on this forum believes you anyway."

    I've already posted pics on here that prove I own a PS3 and can easily do so again. :)
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  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "@lollage And how exactly did Unchartered 3 fare on Eurogamer's face-off results? Fill in the blanks Xbot!"

    Hahahaha! More LOLs. You can't even spell the name of the fucking game, you dribbling div. It's typical Sony fanboy tactics to pick a game where only 1 version exists so it can't be compared to anything, cos when you pick games that are on both 360 and PS3 which means you can make real comparisons, the PS3 gets utterly trounced! :lol:

    @spf_doodle: -

    A quote from spf_doodle from a recent thread: -

    "I agree that the 360 is the better console"

    And yet, you'll find him defending Sony all day every day on the Interwebz. What a confused little boy! :lol:
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  • lollage 15/12/2011

    On no, it's spf_doodle! The most confused gamer on the planet! Always defending Sony like a good little corporate chump, but when pushed he admits that it's not as good as the 360. :lol:

    "ook dude if you're happy to have the 2nd best console available to you that's fine. But don't go around attacking people who prefer to have better graphics"

    Hahaha! Always coming with the LOLs.

    Eurogamer face-off results: -

    360 wins = 153
    PS3 wins = 38

    The PS3 is the choice for gamers who like inferior versions of games.

    PSN = down all the time, hardly any demos, no cross-game chat, no party mode, no voice messaging etc.

    Outside of a handful of exclusives, the PS3 has nothing going for it over the 360. Ask spf_doodle. He agrees with me. Besides which, I already own a PS3 anyway, so WTF are you banging on about you dribbling div? :lol:
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  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "No. You will get negged because you hover around PS3 news items bandying penis terms like fanboy around."

    And why would that upset you if you're not a fanboy?

    Are you that dumb that you think "PS3 fanboy" is the same as "PS3 owner"?

    I own a PS3 myself. If I say something negative about PS3 fanboys, then I am not saying something negative about all PS3 owners - just the subset of twerps that hang around on gaming forums whining when PS3 exclusives don't get 11/10 and what not.

    "if you take a snapshot of the the current climate Sony have the strongest position in the video games industry."

    Thanks for the LOLs. Sony as a company are in the worst position they've been in financially in years. The PS3 has done nothing but lose them billions and their dominance of the market is over. Even if you're one of those "raw sales twerps" you have nothing to shout about as they're still in last place. They've lost the most money. They've sold the fewest consoles. Three cheers for Sony! Hip, hip, hooray!
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  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "Given a year's head start, MS must be a wee bit nervous"

    About what? Sony had to sell their console at a greater loss and for longer. They've run PSN at a loss since it began. They've lost billions and will end this generation in the red, even though they've been selling the PS2 and PSP at a profit while MS only have the 360 on the market. The PS3 is a huge failure financially and has swallowed up all of the money they ever made from the PS2 (and games and accessories) and then some.

    MS will end this generation in the black. They won't be worried about raw numbers that only matter to twerps on forums. If they were, they would have cut the price of the 360, but they haven't done that since 2008.

    This comment will get marked down by the Sony fanboys, but it's based on fact.
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  • CD Projekt responds to demanding nearly €1000 from alleged pirates

  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "Do the 50% that think this is a good idea just not understand what the other 50% are saying? It's not some kind of fabrication, you actually can't identify people reliably with IP addresses."

    I agree, but it seems the German courts do not as they've deemed that if someone uses your connection to download something illegally, that's your problem and you are responsible as the account holder.
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  • Sony explains PS Move Sorcery "re-tooling"

  • lollage 15/12/2011

    A good game for people who like flicking their wrist at the TV for hours on end. Pass. Reply -5
  • Platinum: Metal Gear Rising lead platform is PS3

  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "It is a shame. The PS3 will hold back the 360 version from being what it could be."

    Yep, but the Sony fanboys will be cheering cos it means they won't get the shitty end of the stick for the 154th time in Eurogamer's face-off.
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  • Capcom Digital Collection an Xbox 360 exclusive

  • lollage 15/12/2011

    As it's a collection of downloadable games, it'll come to the PS3 about 6 months later at twice the price. That's usually how it works with XBLA/PSN. Reply -3
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare to be more action-oriented

  • lollage 15/12/2011

    "It's more faster-paced, and more action-orientated"

    One single short quote and look at some of the comments already from closed-minded dicks. lol.
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  • Alan Wake PC confirmed

  • lollage 14/12/2011

    "Being a PS3 gamer I still hope it makes the jump at some point."

    Buy platforms to play the games you want to play instead of labelling yourself as a "PS3 gamer" (whatever the fuck that means), then you'll never have to miss out.
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  • NFS: The Run £49.99 on PSN Store this week

  • lollage 14/12/2011

    PSN shafting users again. Literally everything except the new Marvel pinball pack is cheaper on Xbox Live. Reply -6
  • Infinity Ward issues 5000 day Modern Warfare 3 permabans

  • lollage 14/12/2011

    How do these bans work? Does the console get banned or the user ID? Reply +1
  • PSN's best-selling indies of 2011 revealed

  • lollage 13/12/2011

    "Sales figures would be nice."

    It's PSN, so aren't they the numbers to the left of the game names? :P
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  • Blinkbox now available on Xbox 360 dash

  • lollage 13/12/2011

    "I don't really get the business model; I pay MS a monthly/annual fee (for Live), and that gives me the right to... what? Pay for content from a third party? So I'm paying twice? That really doesn't seem right."

    Yeah, with the 60p a week you pay for Live you should get all of the £3.49 a pop movie rentals from BlinkBox for free! lol.......

    This is the worst of the apps I've tried so far. The interface is fine, but you can't actually buy things from within the app. You can only browse what's there, but you have to go to the website to pay for it, then back to your console to view it.

    If you want to try it, BlinkBox are running an introductory offer where you sign up, deposit a quid, then they put another fiver in your account for free. It is not a subscription based service as the article here implies. You top up your account with cash, then you can rent or buy things for a set fee. Movie rentals are £3.49, but they're only in SD.

    The MSNBC app is out now too and that has full series of shows available to watch for free, split into comedy, documentary, entertainment and drama categories.
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  • PlayStation 3 Other OS lawsuit dismissed by judge

  • lollage 13/12/2011

    "@lollage Do they force update? And either way, I think the spirit of the quote is "You don't lose any existing features or functionality by not updating""

    They do force you to update, yes, but I don't understand your "spirit of the quote" thing. Ignoring PSN altogether, you will at some point have to choose between one of these options: -

    1. Keep Other OS, but don't play any disc-based games that have system update 3.21 or higher on them, which is all games after a certain point.

    2. Update the system so that all disc-based games can be played, but lose Other OS.

    Either way, the functionality is impaired.
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  • lollage 13/12/2011

    "The flaw in plaintiffs' [argument] is that they are claiming rights not only with respect to the features of the PS3 product, but also to have ongoing access to an internet service offered by Sony, the PSN."

    But don't some games come with system updates on the disc that force you to install them before you can play? Even if you don't use PSN at all, you would be left with the choice of keeping Other OS or not playing the game you just paid for.
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  • Gears of War 3 Season Pass owners can't get Raam's Shadow DLC for free

  • lollage 13/12/2011

    It's fixed now.

    lol@being marked down for telling people it's fixed.
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  • lollage 13/12/2011

    I don't have the season pass, but I just bought the DLC.

    It is kinda hard to buy it by mistake. When you click the button to purchase it, "Cancel" is highlighted by default on the next screen, so you have to actively scroll up twice to where it clearly says "1,200 MSP" to buy it and there's a warning in capital letters saying "DO NOT PURCHASE THIS IF YOU HAVE THE SEASON PASS".

    It's still naff that season pass holders are having to wait though.

    "Season Farce's are shit for consumers and companies. they dont generate cash flow. Its all up front so no residual income for the company and little incentive for the devs which means crap DLC and apparent 'cock ups' like this."

    Of course there's incentives for the devs. There's plenty of people that will buy DLC, but not pay up front for the season pass. I'm one of them. There's also the fact that if they have your money up front and then make the DLC shite, nobody is likely to buy a season pass (or their DLC) again.

    In other words, you're talking shite! Season passes are a good thing for those that know they'll already buy all the DLC anyway, which is a lot of people. Those that don't buy the season pass are no worse off then if season passes didn't exist.
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  • Sonic CD, Trine 2 Xbox Live Arcade release dates

  • lollage 13/12/2011

    Damn, I'm gonna be caning a lot of MSP this week. Reply +1
  • Joe Danger Special Edition avatar awards in action

  • lollage 13/12/2011

    "I was seriously considering getting Joe Danger at the Movies but after the way Hello games treated PS3 owners I don't think I'll bother. PS3 owners supported them and the way they repaid them was to realease JD on 360 with exclusive content. I dont mind 360 owners getting to play the game but due to M$ rules it gas to be better than the PS3 version. So all those that got it on PS3 are getting screwed over. I'll only get JD2 if it's free on PS+."

    LOL. What a bell end.
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  • lollage 13/12/2011

    @riz23 - It's 1,200 MSP. Reply +1
  • Skullgirls artist responds to sexism controversy

  • lollage 13/12/2011

    The Eurogamer staff were so outraged when they heard about the sexism in this game that they collectively spat grand skinny decaf latte over their copies of The Guardian. Reply +3
  • Haunting new BioShock Infinite footage

  • lollage 12/12/2011

    GOTY 2012. Reply 0
  • Epic unveils first Fortnite footage

  • lollage 12/12/2011

    Epic criticised for making a zombie game = Mark comment up!

    Naughty Dog criticised for making a zombie game = Comment at -10 in seconds!

    Gotta love the defence force.
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  • Metro Politics: What Xbox's New Dash Means

  • lollage 11/12/2011

    "Their main concern is making money. That's what this update is telling us."

    As opposed to every other company on the planet, that's just doing it for the love? LOL. Some of you people really need to engage your brains.

    The Muzu.TV, DailyMotion and YouTube apps are now available if you're a beta tester. DailyMotion is a bit naff, but the other 2 are great.
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  • lollage 09/12/2011

    "and only browsing the games you bought on XBLA is no longer possible."

    Yes it is. Go to your games library, push up, press A, choose to filter by XBLA games. There are various ways to filter your library.

    "I used to enjoy checking the XBLA marketplace every day or so and seeing what was new"

    That's a bit daft, considering XBLA games are released on Wednesdays.
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  • Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim dominate crowded November US sales chart

  • lollage 09/12/2011

    "there is not a single original IP in this lot"

    Yeah, cos you would expect the largest sales month of the year to be full of niche new IPs, rather than sequels to some of the biggest selling games ever released.
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  • lollage 09/12/2011

    PS3 number is in. It's actually slightly above Wii at 900,000. Reply +7
  • lollage 09/12/2011

    Haha, and the markdowns from the butthurt Sony fanboys begins......... Reply -13
  • lollage 09/12/2011

    Hardware: -

    360 = 1,700,000
    Wii = 860,000
    PS3 = 900,000
    3DS = 795,000
    DS = 350,000
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  • Free Xbox Live Gold access this weekend

  • lollage 09/12/2011

    "Apparently, Dashboard updates flash the 360's drive firmware as well. In some cases, it can cause the drive to brick. I'm not the only one to have this problem, I'm part of the Dash preview programme and there have been dozens of people who have suffered the same fate."

    This dashboard update doesn't flash the 360's drive firmware.

    These updates reflashed the drive firmware: -

    2.0.13146.0 (fat 360s)
    2.0.13599.0 (slim 360s)

    The reflash was so that the drives supported the new disc type that MS use for certain games, so it was only done once.
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  • Microsoft: all new Xbox dash apps must support Kinect

  • lollage 09/12/2011

    "1) Why get upset that MS are forcing new Apps to use Kinect in addition to controllers?"

    Cos it's Eurogamer and therefore chock full of Sony fanboys and retards.

    For some reason, some people would rather that MS release these apps with just controller support, rather than controller and Kinect support. The only explanation for that is that some people are utter divs.
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  • Gamers discover how to block ads on new Xbox dashboard

  • lollage 09/12/2011

    "@Subdominator You're confusing a website supported entirely by advertising money with a console for which you have already paid."

    So people's issue is not the ads then, as they're happy to whine about ads on a website that's utterly infested by them and which also tracks their browsing habits and sends them spam/advertising personal messages from time to time.
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