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  • Chime Super Deluxe coming to PSN

  • localnotail 02/02/2011

    This is my most favourite XBLA game and I've been badgering zoemode about getting Super Deluxe onto XBLA and they say "if enough desire for Chime is out there then we would love to give you the deluxe version" - so if you want it too, please tweet using #chime #xbla or sign up to the thread in the 360 section of the forum. Cheers. Reply 0
  • Livetext beta test: Q&A with Tom!

  • localnotail 28/09/2010

    @craigy sorry, didn't realise. Who was your favourite Spicy Girl? Reply 0
  • localnotail 28/09/2010

    Not highlighted blue for me, craigy.

    jonsaan, can I come as I am?
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  • localnotail 28/09/2010

    Aw, I miss all the fun. I wanted to ask him where our prize was :( Reply 0
  • Left 4 Dead 2: Swamp Fever and Dark Carnival

  • localnotail 17/10/2009

    Thank you Valve, for at last my dream is realised - I can kill a clown in the face while screaming "NOT SO FUNNY NOW, EH PENNYWISE?!" Reply -1
  • Left 4 Dead: Crash Course

  • localnotail 01/10/2009

    re: glitchiness - apparently (according to Slint1000 in the XBOX forum) it was due to a server issue that was fixed in the early of hours of this morning. It was all working fine on the day of release, but the dedicated servers went down so L4D was running on P2P hence the problems yesterday. Reply +1
  • localnotail 30/09/2009

    @mkreku - it's all about the online co-op Versus mode. It's a whole new game that way, one that never seems to get boring, for me, anyway. Not with randoms though, unless they are all talking and working as a team (rare). There is a still a large pool of willing regular players in the Left4Dead group on EG, even after almost a year since the original release.

    edits: on 360, anyway. Less so on PC, for some reason.
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  • localnotail 30/09/2009

    Come and play Versus with us Tom :) We'll be gentle. Well, we'll use boomerlube, anyway. Reply +7
  • L4D Crash Course released on Live

  • localnotail 30/09/2009

    For the record: I bought it at 800 points as I was too excited to wait. I emailed XBOX Live support and they sent me the following:
    "Thank you for contacting Xbox Support. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kindly note that the points will be automatically refunded to your points balance". So that's that sorted then.
    Our versus games are taking about 45 minutes, which is a nice time. Now we just need them to patch the weird weapon & health pack spawns that have been occurring since the last update.
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  • localnotail 29/09/2009

    First Versus game was more fun than even I was expecting, due to the new achievements \o/ And the ending \o/ Reply +1
  • localnotail 29/09/2009

    That was so much fun. Versus is going to be wicked on those maps. Reply +5
  • localnotail 29/09/2009

    @DrRobotnik - I understand that this release might get people upset on principle, but I personally simply do not mind paying for it. I love this game, I still play at least 4 games a week of it, sometimes a lot more. So I know I'll get more fun out of it than I would from spending the same money on anything else I can think of. I really don't care if it's free for PC users, good for them - I prefer to play it on my XBOX, which cost me a damn sight less than a good gaming PC would. I don't understand why people get so irate about it. Reply +2
  • localnotail 29/09/2009

    I just noticed it was 800 points as I was downloading it. It's still only the price of a round of pints for someone with only a few mates. Or a large pizza. Reply -1
  • L4D community rallies against sequel

  • localnotail 08/06/2009

    ok. 154 comments is a lot to get through. Is it worth it? Or shall I just ask - is this really the latest instalment of PC (tightwad technological superiority) vs XBOX (fun! fun! fun!)?

    for what it's worth, I'd like to place myself in the pro-L4D2 camp.

    /waves "Frying pans FTW" banner excitedly and holds out her hard-earned cash in readiness
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