I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me. (HST)

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localnotail (aka The Localnotail) has most recently played Geometry Wars 3, Chime, Grand Theft Auto V, and Peggle on Xbox Live.

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  • Blur - Powered Up Racing

    Organise online games HERE! 41 Members

  • Dads' Club

    Hi, the way EG handles groups is bullshit, so applications to
    join get looked at like once a year, tops. 235 Members

  • EG Author's Guild

    A place for indie authors on EG 15 Members

  • Eurogamer Cricket Club

    Oh no, I love it. Match threads, comment, and ranting. All
    nationalities welcome. 196 Members

  • Fighting Games

    Primarily focused on versus fighters, but feel free to share
    your love of beat 'em ups in general 45 Members

  • The Dead Parrots

    Best group in the world ever, FACT! 11 Members

  • Trials HD

    Vroom vroom! I'm ready to go! Time to let the muh muh muh muh
    monday night-ro! 178 Members