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  • Best cosplay video ever! Arguably

  • lisahpg 08/10/2012

    @Timotei No. Booth babes are there to make money and use their bodies to bring attention to a product. Cosplayers are there to be at the convention, in costume, showing their appreciation for a game. You're missing the point here, not me. Yes we may be dressed as apparently sexualized characters, but that issue is with how the game companies portray women, not us. My point is using glamour models to sell products and draw attention is very different to girls deciding on their own backs and with their own money to cosplay. Reply +5
  • lisahpg 08/10/2012

    @Fox89 Thank you! Yes we're all good friends and formed the group that way. :) Reply +2
  • lisahpg 08/10/2012

    @Timotei Not some, I know personally 90% of the cosplayers in that video, and the others are friends of friends. So ALL were not paid booth babes, thanks.
    The difference is we are portraying game characters, and we've paid for that privilege. Not been paid. WE'VE PAID for tickets, just like you. Women are portrayed that way in games, we recreate that in cosplay. Simple. Like Jessica Rabbit says "I'm not bad, I'm drawn that way". That is very different to glamour models being paid to walk around in croptops and hotpants with QR codes on their arses.
    I'm a gamer like you, as is everyone I know personally in that video AND the guys that filmed it, who I also know well. We paid to attend, just like everyone else. This means I got to play Hitman dressed as a Saint, and Tomb Raider dressed as Lara Croft... which was an AMAZING experience. It also means I was part of this video. And I get to walk around pretending to be a character I love for a day, not being paid to draw attention to a booth. That is the difference.
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  • lisahpg 08/10/2012

    @Timotei Did you completely miss my reply where I said that I AM one of those girls? I use this username for everything, you can look me up, I'm not hiding/lying here. We're cosplayers. We. Were. Not. Paid. Or booth babes. Yes, some of us do SEPERATE model work, but we were legit punters who paid for tickets to EG Expo and wore costumes to become characters we love. We are NOT paid for models, for the last time! Reply +14
  • lisahpg 08/10/2012

    Just to clarify one thing. No one in this video is, under your definitions, a booth babe. None of us were paid to attend EG Expo. Yes some of us DO do model work, as one of you has so helpfully linked to one of our pages. But we're all gamers, all BOUGHT tickets like everyone else, and spent hours working on our costumes. We were not paid to attend, pure and simple. We're replicating girls as they are portrayed in games, not walking around with QR codes on our arses.
    Yes I'm in this video. Yes I'm one of the Hitman Saints. Yes it was my choice to make and wear that costume, not that of any company that paid me. Yes I consented to being in this video. Yes, I love the result.
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