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  • In Theory: How AMD's Ryzen will disrupt the gaming CPU market

  • lefizz 20/02/2017

    @kirankara Agreed that's just way beyond their power envelope even on 7nm. Reply 0
  • lefizz 19/02/2017

    Also the reason games haven't taken advantage of loads of core is cos Intel are still charging a premium on anything over two core in 2017. Ive had more core in my phone for the last 6 upgrades. Reply +4
  • lefizz 19/02/2017

    The gaming PC market hit $30 billion last year so tiny niche it isnt. However compared to their server market and corporate stuff its pretty small. The thing is its a it like the car market, not many M5 get built but they sure come in handy selling regular diesel BMWs to rep all over the world. Reply +5
  • lefizz 19/02/2017

    Just to say i have a i7-2600k in my main rig since it launched and nothing has even remotely interested me in a full upgrade until ryzen. I will probably go all in and get a 1800 since the way things are going that will do me for another 7 years.

    Intel really has sat on its laurels for far too long and i think the gaming side is going to the least of their worries once the server chips come out. The 32 core Naples is going to get some serious use and generate a sack load of cash for AMD.
    Which is only a good thing cos gaming has really suffered from this stagnation and really needs a bit of competition to move things forward.

    I believe in Zen so much i bought a few hundred shares in AMD over the last few months, just to be clean about where i stand. And i've made enough now to build my new rig, isn't that beautifully circular.
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  • Hardware Test: Xbox One

  • lefizz 21/11/2013

    @El_Che_xx Its like you read my mind. MS utterly cocked it up by thinking they could win the living room by short changing the public. All the extra money is being spent on a naff peripheral that noone ever worked out what to do with. Xbox always won on brute force power vs Sony. This time selling something underpowered thats more expensive.

    Bloody disaster IMHO
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  • "It's less to do with specs and more to do with what you do with those specs"

  • lefizz 06/11/2013


    I havent chipPed in here for quite a while but all this is worth a comment.
    I have been following the Beyond3d forums next gen thread since about 2007 and that really was aroller coaster ride. Until the spec leaks much earlier this year +
    there had been so many ideas about what each company was going to come up with. The story however always seemed to be the same which was that the PS4 was was a pretty decent spec but that the next box would blow it out of the water.

    When we finally got leaked numbers on CU units and memory config etc it was obvious that MS had gone something truely stupid. They had been successful with a certain kind of gamer through there whole xbox experiment by building easier to programme powerful hardware at a bit cheaper price than Sony with great online. Oh and a great controller. This made them along with Halo the go to place for console FPS fans and anyway they went. They have never had the quirky depth of titles that PS had but this demographic didnt care.

    A few year ago they came up with this daft toy to try and compete with the Wii and Christ knows why it succeeded. This has been a bloody disaster for them. Suddenly they though they were Nintendo, that specs didnt matter and they should include a silly expensive camera toy in with the next box. To do this they would cut down on the graphics parts of there SOC. Thus pissing off all the "hardcore" fps fans etc, i.e. the people who bought there boxes in the first place.

    In my mind this was a catastrophic error, kinnects success has completely diluted the design of the xbox one and we predicted this as soon as the final specs were released.

    How a company such as Sony loosing money hand over fist could go to the same supplier (AMD) as MS with Gazilions in the bank and come away with significantly inferior hardware shows how far the XBOX division has become diluted since Allard and Moore moved on. Really how incompetent they are when they try and turn a console into a new way of selling apps,streaming video, mobile phones and tacky fair ground games.

    I am 41 ive have almost all the important systems over the years. I truely agree that specs dont make gameplay. However we live in an age where big budget games such as GTA, BF, COD etc are system sellers to a huge degree. These interactive Michael Bay films may be shallow as fuck but they are so important to shifting boxes. And given the choice most people will save a 100 credits to get the better experience, i preordered a PS4 in june.
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • lefizz 07/06/2013

    I really cannot understand MS at the moment. Its one cluster fuck after another.

    3 months ago i was rabidly waiting for both next gen machines.

    Now we know MS, a company with billions in the bank has produced a console at least 30% weaker than Sony, a company on the verge of going bankrupt.

    Why? Cos they spend the bloody money on Kinnect and loads of cheap slow ram cos they need it to run 3 OSés. Wow that sounds fun and high performance.

    The reveal basiclly showed no games at least of any interest and spent an hour telling us we could use their new box to watch cable TV and netflix. Neither of which i did in the UK or in Spain where i live now. Who spends that kind of money on a streaming device when apple tv / roku boxes do the same for peanuts.

    Then theres DRM, software licensing, always on requirements.

    I couldnt have thought of a more complete way of destroying my interest in a product if i had tried.

    No self publishing, seriously what were they thinking there?

    MS we care about GAMES, we care about Performance to a reasonable degree, we couldnt give a shit about new ways to watch TV. We care about the games we have bought. We generally dont buy an xbox for kinect thought it might be an excuse to the missus in the first place.

    I dont think with the kind of money they had its difficult to work out want people wanted, Sony in there somewhat weaker position seem to have worked it out.

    I have to say this gen i started 100% behind xbox even thought i also bought a PS3 As time goes on the xbox is gathering dust while PS3 gets truly interesting AAA titles which aren't just bland shooters. Cant wait for ´last of us´to arrive from the UK.

    This might be the first gen where i only buy 1 console. The missus will be happy
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  • Nintendo's Wii U GamePad prototype was two Wii Remotes taped to a monitor

  • lefizz 07/12/2012

    Pity the final console hardware seemed like it got stuck at this stage. Reply -3
  • Manic Miner 360: Revisiting a Classic

  • lefizz 26/07/2012

    Ditto about Menagerie, heard it first in Manic Miner as well.
    How strange, first time I had ever heard ´In the Hall of the Mountain King´ too.

    Great game but truly bastard hard even with the reactions of a ten year old.
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  • Wii U GamePad battery life detailed

  • lefizz 05/06/2012

    So if they ported Skyrim to it you would have about enough time to juggle all the crap in your inventory sell your stash from the last mission make a few potions and then just as you were looking where you were going to go for the next one the battery would die.

    Three hours in an RPG, thats pathetic
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  • Is Nintendo HD Ready?

  • lefizz 03/06/2012

    But saying Nintendo got it right suggest you dont think Wii´s lack of power and the fact a lot of children then went on to buy a ps3 or 360 is an issue.

    Bluntly it is.

    I work as a teacher in Spain and basiclly you have got a new generation of kids and parents who feel burnt by the Wii. They feel they were robbed cos they ended up buying two consoles in one generation. And 90% of the time the Wii sat gathering dust while the PS3 (massively ahead of the 360 here in Spain) got used for shooters, and sports games.

    One thing is making a buck hoodwinking punters into thinking the Wii was next gen, the trouble is that is really negative for you the next time around.

    Their saving grace may be that the opposition aren't meant to show stuff at E3 so they have probably at least a year in the clear. However I really am not sure on that, I think there is a great deal of bullshit being talked between MS and Sony trying to outfox each other about release dates and specs. After the damage done both of them by the Wii last time I cant see them waiting a year to show something or another 18 months to release however that is what we have been fed.
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  • Apple unveils its new iPad

  • lefizz 07/03/2012

    Quad core graphics, buts its dual core, marketing spin for sure. Sure its very powerful gpu wise though.

    EG's "It's twice as fast as the Tegra 3 and offers four times the performance." makes absolutely no sense at all.

    If you mean it runs at 2x tegra 3 clock that would be around 3ghz which is never gonna happen in a million years.

    4x as powerful maybe in gpu terms

    Nice looking specs though overall
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  • GAME confirms talks with lenders have begun, hints at overseas sell-off

  • lefizz 02/02/2012

    I have lived in Spain for 3 years and we are swimming in bloody game stores, prices here are horific with 70 euros the standard price for a AAA release. Thing is I always stock up when i am back in the UK. Stopped in Game cheltenham over xmas and after 10 minutes walked out with nothing. Hideous experience. In the end i bought 9 games in one hit in Sainsburys cos they had what i wanted at a price i was willing to pay.

    Game really are a very sloppy company, poor service and constant pushing of crap onto consumers. They have effectively killed themselves off due to poor service brought about by buying up all there competition.Of course Onlline must have had a big impact but i really think that game sales must still be pretty high. IMHO if you cant keep going in the current climate then tough. Hopefully something will replace them but maybe Digital will put paid to anyone investing enough to create another national chain
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Bring On The Next Generation

  • lefizz 17/12/2011

    I did exactly the same Oli. I built a top of the line PC and have been very happily playing Skyrim maxed out . It has a SSD so there are basicly no load times and everything looks a lot prettier than on any of the consoles.

    I am through fedup of waiting for the next gen. I bought a 360 and ps3 day one and it may be years ago but it feels like a bloody life time.

    Has been a woeful year for games in many ways, sad how the super fps has started to dominate so much, and its a genre i used to love. But they have become so big, expensive to make and dull really
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  • Retrospective: Urban Champion

  • lefizz 22/08/2011

    Come on Clint 'Think in Russian' :) Reply +3
  • New Far Cry 3 screenshots

  • lefizz 18/08/2011

    Nice to be around people with some sense and taste. I couldnt agree more particulary with Koopa.
    The sad thing is that in parts the first Far Cry really tried and pushed the shooter fowards unfortunately we seemed to have been going backwards ever since. I recently played through Crysis 2 and it amazed me in the same way as any big budget shooter does these days. However the mechanics of Crytechs first game all those years ago was far more interesting.

    One thing that really sticks out in my mind was the first Far Cry PC demo. I must have played it through 40 times if not more but because it was a sandbox rather than linear and because the AI seemed so good you got different results each time.

    The game did go down a bit as soon as all the Trigens appeared and became too linear as it went on, but the parts that worked were so good you could forgive the developer a lot.

    Pity all the follow up were so poor in comparison or just linear shooters in disguise. 3 will hopefully go back the the games roots.
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  • 3DS price cut sees Japanese sales soar

  • lefizz 16/08/2011

    Yeah but lets be honest the days when Ninty released a system with a killer app were the days when their systems were horriblly late to launch i.e. SNES vs Megadrive and N64 vs Playstation n Saturn. Reply +2
  • The Bold and the Braben

  • lefizz 11/08/2011

    Put it this way I managed after about a year of bother them to convince my parents to buy me a diskdrive for the BBC.
    I thnk i must have made up a thousand reasonds why I needed it but the only real reason i wanted it was to speed up loading Elite.

    I think about the 100 hours i put into Fallout 3 but compare to Elite thats just tiny, that was months and months of play, buying it again on floppy and starting again. Then when i got my first PC 14 years later spending days and days doing the same on an emulator.

    Someone already said it but best game ever, for me by a huge margin.
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  • Retrospective: Wild Metal Country

  • lefizz 01/08/2011

    Weird, One of my most memorable games, if only cos I played it to death at work, and on my first PC (not my first computer by a long way).

    Great game, used to play it on Lan at work, thats when it really came alive.
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  • Digital Foundry Sony NGP analysis

  • lefizz 28/01/2011

    I can´t see Sony going to cell in the mobile sphere. Just doesnt make any sense. The world and his dog and working high performance multicore ARM based chips. These provide a decent level of performance with world beating power consumption. Why try and re-invent the wheel when so much dev time and energy is going into ARM platform at the moment. Reply 0
  • Better Than Halo: The Making of Halo 2

  • lefizz 12/04/2010

    Nitpicking around the technical details of a game to justify a game score isnt really appropriate ihmo.
    Feel really is all with games for example MW 1 just felt fresh, had great depth and played brilliantly, even the plot was interesting.
    MW2 was such a let down because although technically it may have been better, the fact the actual game turned into a crap hollywood movie lost all that made the first one great. Online it may be better, i wouldnt know that just isnt my bag.

    Halo :CE felt amazing even if techically it was far from perfect.
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  • lefizz 11/04/2010

    I do find the EG excuse about the 8/10 a bit well hmmm horse shit.

    I mean the fact that a major publication gives an obviously genre redefining or creating game a medium mark isnt unheard off.
    Edge giving GTA 3 an 8/10 is another truely gobsmacking error, like being given Elite after reviewing Chucky Egg of the BBC and giving that an 8 as well.

    No what get a little on my nerves is that the excuse they were from a PC background. I was from every background, at that time i had played pretty much every console going and was also in a (very rare at the time) 6 month pc build spiral to get the best out of games. Even so i thought there was something so sublime about Halo :CE that it was literaily all i played for months after. Halo was special, on so many levels, superb AI, great oudoor enviroments, varied level design, great story arc, superb vehicle controls. Along with Fallout 3 i think it is the game i have played the most in my 37 year on the planet. Ok it had issues with reused textures, poor navigating of the player through so of the maps etc however it always felt special, Halo 2 never quite did that for me in the same way, and 3 was just dissapointing.
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  • Save your Scorn

  • lefizz 07/11/2009

    Surely the drop in actually sales figures is partly related to the fact that many people, myself included, who have an idea about the guts of the wii view it as an overclocked gamecube and as such wont part with near 200 sheets to play the few interesting titles. I serious price drop has been needed IHMO for about a year to get a certain group on board. Compared to the 360 the wii has always been stupidly expensive for what it offers and as such i wont buy it at that price. If it hit say £120 in the u.k. or £150 euros over here in Spain i might pick one up
    Ok there was a recent price drop but it was too little to late, nintendo really have been very greedy, the fabrication cost of so a low tech device must be in the order of £50 yet they have milked the fad for all its worth. If it was a reasonable price i would pick one up for boomblocks, galaxy etc.

    These are my views, and the reason i havent bought one, maybe it not a common viewpoint but it mine.
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  • Gran Turismo

  • lefizz 16/09/2009

    Now thats quite funny.

    A 7 is fine, if it was an EA title no one would think twice. The issue is EA have never been seen as the creators of the modern racing genre, have never been put on that high pedestal, have never said there games were the second coming. Oh and EA would never spend 4 years making a game let alone one which gets a fucking 7.

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  • lefizz 16/09/2009

    I have to say i havent been truely impressed with a Polyphony racer in f@>king years. GT 1 and two on PS1 were when they were at there best
    I remember when the first Gt came out on pS2 and really in some ways that was pretty dissapointing, no damage, basiclly a glossed up version of their PS1 stuff
    Ever since they have been late to every party, online, damage.

    Others have just taken this stuff further and further whilst they just added more polygons and spent years getting the specularity on paint work right.
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  • 250GB PS3 Slim bundle for October?

  • lefizz 09/09/2009

    You could include a copy of fifa with a frozen dogshit over here in Madrid and it would sell.
    Combined with the fact almost no-one here gets the fact the 360 is viable competition and Sony probably has a winner on their hands.
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  • Nintendo Wii price to rise for UK trade

  • lefizz 12/03/2009

    I currently live in Spain so i really should say fuck it. Games and machines are so cheap in the u.k. compared to here.
    I moved around september last year just as the christmas releases were coming out and just as the pound start dropping like a sack of shit.

    Anyway cut a long story AAA games for PS3 and 360 are 60 - 70 euros vs the £36-40 i used to pay in london.

    So obviously i waited till i came home in January and got all the bog games i wanted for £20 in the Game sale a little over 1/3 the price they are here. I should say stop moaning but considering all things, i.e. the pathetic spec and the rediculous margin Nintedos makes on then i have to say WHAT UTTER PISS TAKING BASTARDs.

    Oh wii are 250 euros over here i.e. £230 and the euros has sunk like a lead ballon against the yen aswell so hopefully i we can look foward to the £250 Wii anytime soon
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  • Uphill Struggle

  • lefizz 18/01/2009


    Not so sure Sony are happy about their main console being seen that way but still.
    And XBL might be full of chavs and yanks but it does work 99% of the time.
    I remember trying GT4 prologue the day it came out online, and that fact a flagship product had been launched with with an online service or code like that was just jaw dropping. I think quake 2 online with a 56k modem 10 year earlier was a better experience.
    Hopefully it has been patched up to a decent level but at launch it was just plain embarassing.

    Truth be told MS could learn a lot from Sony about build quality and Sony could learn a hell of a lot from MS about networking infrastructure.
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  • lefizz 18/01/2009

    Rash Microsoft claim to have doubled sales over the christmas period in europe compared with last year.
    That seems like a pretty decent improvement to me, i dont think the UK sales were anythign like that but still.
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  • lefizz 18/01/2009


    Thanks, simple fact is most generations i buy most of the machines.
    I think true game fans often can't stand to miss out on the exclusives.
    I bought the 360 because although the original xbox was late to the party and had too many shooters and not enough variety i actualy though in terms of user experience it was a great machine. Significantly better than the PS2 even though there were a few issue, too big no style etc.
    The 360 at a launch price of under £300 was a superb machine, I have had most consoles, everything from PC engines to Vectrex etc and have never put anywhere near the hours onto a console like i have with the 360. It just managed to fix 90% of the issue the original one had and at a great price, which importantly has been reduced often enough to now entice the casual gamer out there.
    MS have almost either through bunging them money or just building an exciting machine that is relatively easy to programme got loads of dev on board. I think really these are the two crucial thign you need to win sales, good machine at the right price with loads of games. Worked for Sony for about a decade.

    Whilst i think people are right when they say online isnt that important to get the casual gamer I actually think the relationship is a lot more complicated than that. Why are casual gamer lapping up 360 now? Because there hardcore gamer friends have been going on about the 360 for years have been saying what a great machien it is. Mr/Mrs Casual gamer wouldn't even consider a machine at £300 but at £130 it seems ok and an if it doesnt get used much we can use it as a DVD player anyway. Now there friends, family , people they know who are into games were into it because of the online multiplayer, the downloadable content, the demos the whole 'Live' experience. This make them almost evangelical about what a great machine it is. So indirectly the online is important to casual gamers cos they might not know shit all about the machines and what they can do but like most people they take advice from people around them that do.
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  • lefizz 18/01/2009

    I also own both the proper consoles and the only game on wii i have really been annoyed at missing was BoomBlocks which havign played it is utterly brilliant.

    As other have said the PS3 is the better made device in terms on build etc. Main issues having had mine for 18months and the 360 since launch are these.

    The PS3 controller is piss poor, really is, i loved Uncharted :Drakes fortune, great game, but had to stop so many times from crippling hand ache> i got call of duty 4 on PS 3 last year same thing.

    The PS3 is stupidly expensive, here in Madrid in the run up to chistmas a decent 360 pack was about 269 euros i.e. 1 or 2 games you want plus machine with HD. A PS3 was around 399 with 1 game, usuall LBP, which was never gonna be a seller in a country where people who think they are gamers play fifa.

    The PS3 has a piss poor library of exclusives. Uncharted was blinding for me but i cant think of any other must buys this gen in the Sony camp. OK MGS 4 for a lot for people, there are a lot of deent thign comign out this year, Killzone 2 looks great but how many console shooter fans are going to have waited half way through this generation and then decided to buy a PS3. About 2 people, the xbox has been the place to be for shooter since the launch of the first one.

    The 360 has a huge library of exclusives or at least titles that came out first on it. 99% of the time those games run better on 360 than PS3 and if your a fan of online multiplayer well lets the 360 is a no brainer. The machine may be a bit cheap, and very modular i mean who buys a fuckign core/arcade whatever unless it is to replace a rrod one, but the fact is a machien which is you are tight as a duck arse can be bought for £130 but almost always performans better than the PS3 in multiformat games.
    The thing is MS have simply done a hugely better job this time around on all the other thing. They designed a great box of tricks, ok it has been woefully unreliable but the actual chip design etc is so much simpler than the PS3 and yet consistantly beats it.

    In many ways thoguht the PS3 is actually the nicer box to use, its quiter, great with media playback, decentish webbrowser.

    I think both camps ahve learnt a lot this generation, i personally think that Moore did a stunning job in turnign around the xbox division before he jumped ro was pushed due the the rrod issues.
    Sony produced a nice machine but this time lost out buy simply being too arrogant( you dont need rumble, you need to save to buy our device, we can just build it and the developers will fall over themselves to work on it etc etc... not signing up many if any exclusives.

    They really had this generation to loose and did so in stunning fashion
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  • That Was the News 2008

  • lefizz 25/12/2008

    Well thats my birthdya over for another year i guess. Lets have a boozey sleep and wake up
    to christmas
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  • Resident Evil 5

  • lefizz 13/11/2008

    'If it's better than 4 we will be happy' and so say all of us Reply 0
  • WOW subs hit 11 million mark

  • lefizz 28/10/2008

    'very rewarding' I am sure it has been $$ Reply 0
  • 'Google to buy Valve' report "speculation"

  • lefizz 17/09/2008

    Too true, the Reg is getting pretty snore worthy.
    I love the Inquirer, OK is can be off at times and is of course sensationalist.
    But i think the whole IT mixed with red top style works brilliantly.
    Mike Magee has certainly left a huge impact on IT journalism and I for one love him for it.
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  • Haze not in HD, has 4GB install

  • lefizz 19/05/2008

    Anyone who recons you cant tell the difference between 480p and 1080p is basically talkign utter bolox.
    I don't care how much AA you put on top that anyone can tell the diffrence. That a 1/5th of the pixel compared to a 1080p image.
    Thats NTSC vs 1080p , do you actualy believe that yourself? 1080 vs 720 is different and if it meant a decent jump in frame rate i would very often choose the 720p simply because its high enough res that scaling hardware/software can do decent work interpolating it up.
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  • Retrospective: Phil Harrison

  • lefizz 25/02/2008

    Jesus H Christ, it's Feburary the 25th and Eurogamer has put up its first interesting article of the bloody year.
    I really dont know if congratulations are in order or simply to state as i am sure others have that the site, like Sony needs to reinvent itself.
    Or to draw another anaology with Sony just go back to what is used to do so bloody well.

    Just what happen with the redesign did you loose all your staff as well? I know thw landscape has been barren but come on.

    Please please please mix great copy with a nice visual style so we can stop going to hideous places like maxconsoles and gamespot, for christ sake i almost bought an Edge the other day it had gotten that bad.

    Good article
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  • PS3 DivX playback imminent

  • lefizz 17/12/2007

    you need to find a better bittorrent site mate.

    A lot of us have been downloading hd divx, xvid and h264 file for a couple of years.

    I mean you have to justify that hd screen to the missus and 'games' often doesnt cut it
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  • 60GB PS3 drops to GBP 349

  • lefizz 05/10/2007

    Thing is all u.k. PS3 used mostly software based emutiation anyway, they just had the GS chip since the huge internal bandwidth of this chip cannot be emulated, latencies are just too high even on a PS3 to do this stuff .

    To drop the BC this must have been dropped and that means no emulation full stop. Considering what that chip must cost to produce these days, £2 - £5 it does seem a bit cheap. However Sony unlike MS cannot take out the hardrive and and bluray player is obviously sacred. They have limited options for price cuting and I see why they did this even if I don't agree with it.
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  • lefizz 05/10/2007

    Ok next couple of week for 360 Mass Effect, PGR 4 and for Sony? Reply 0
  • lefizz 05/10/2007

    "The 360 hasd a couple of decent FPS titles, and will be knobbed by the PlayStation game-wise within the next six months. Motorstorm, anyone? "

    Ok name the title that will win back this war for Sony, which titles will stop them getting outsold 4 - 1 by ninty and 2-1 by MS? Cos owning both consoles i cannot see it.
    The price cut is a great move, though the new SKU isnt, peopel literaly cant keep up with the versions Sony are spitting out.

    It all reeks of desperation
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  • lefizz 05/10/2007

    Bumble??? you have a bumble? get it fucking seen to mate? Really put down the controller and go see a doctor/ physicatrist Reply 0
  • lefizz 05/10/2007

    A PS3 is only expensive it terms of the fact its a games console with no games Reply 0
  • lefizz 05/10/2007

    Things is even with this huge price cut why is anyone going to buy it. Blu-ray?
    I mean look at the triple AAA games on 360 then look at Lair, War Hawk, and Heavenly Sword. I bought a PS3 in a moment of madness, do worry i have a 360 to actually game one, in the 6 month or what ever it is i have owned the ps3 i have only bought Motorstorm ,Locoroco and Super Stardust HD, and there is nothing on th ehorizon for PS3 i am interested in. Compared to the 360 lineup which is positively too full on i mean lets take racers, this year we have had, Forza 2, Dirt, Sega Rally, PGR 4 plus all the EA NFS type bollox. I mean my cup it overfloweth.

    Same with FPS , i mean we get a sure candidate for game of the year in Bioshock and then the very solid Airbourne a week or so later then Halo 3 a couple of weeks after that. This si crazy but brilliant, on PS3 there is nothing on the horizon i want.

    Apart from watchign the odd blu-ray movie, viewing photos and pissing about in linux is a fucking expensive paper weight.

    Own a PS3 i see absolutely no reason anyone would want one when the 360 has so much more in terms of game releases, and the quality is so high.
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  • BioShock

  • lefizz 27/08/2007

    Got this on saturday morning and i have to say its bloody ruined my bank holiday weekend.

    Brilliant game, never played anything as richly and loving design in my 25 odd years gaming. Just for the work that been put in and the atmosphere it creates it deserves a 10. Seems like someone one set out to make the game of there lives and delivered, its not without faults, the camrea gets dull and you forget to use it, the actual combat gets too difficult for no reason and the vitial pod doesnt work that weel you often end up saving to keep you health and plasmid energy but as a whole it is quite brilliant. make my preveous fav game of this generation Oblivion seems a bit flat compared.

    By the way Blockbuster were selling it when everyone else had sold out on the Isle of Dogs for £35 with a free face plate with seems like a bloody steal to me.

    If you havea a 360 you simply have to get this game.
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  • Clive Barker's Jericho

  • lefizz 19/07/2007

    oh yeah lloks like a croos between doom3 and condemend, snore. Falls asleep Reply 0
  • lefizz 19/07/2007

    In my job I am looking at swapping a 40k job in lodon for a 20k euro job in madrid. Pathetic doesnt even cover it Reply 0
  • lefizz 19/07/2007

    Dont talk to me about high housing costs and low wages, i bought a place in madrid 18 months ago and am still tryign to find a job that will pay for the morgage when we finally move. Reply 0
  • lefizz 19/07/2007

    I would say that 'Spanish' was a race though the spanish might not. They would far more likely say they were castiliana, gallician, andalucian, basque or catalaunian. Reply 0
  • lefizz 19/07/2007

    Turambar I stand corrected. The definitation in my head for that term was incorrect and based on the fact it was a dictatorship, have read the defintiton I can see i am wrong. Reply 0