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  • PlayStation Phone is "definitely real"

  • laz1973 28/10/2010

    Wheres the buttons for dialing and if it's a touch screen why have you to press A or B buttons when it doesnt even have those.Surely they would just have it working as a touch screen even if it was a prototype.Massive Fail I my eyes Reply +1
  • laz1973 28/10/2010

    I still say it's fake but only time will tell. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Medal of Honor

  • laz1973 18/10/2010

    Do you's compare the XBOX360 from Disc or HDD? Reply 0
  • New World Rally Champ game coming

  • laz1973 16/10/2009

    I've looked all over the tinternet for when it's out and everyone is saying 2010 and thats it.Well I asked Black Bean Games when in 2010 will be out and I was told (wait for it) SEPTEMBER.Yes people SEPTEMBER just under a year away and it's ment to be THE rally game , but is it going to be that good only time will tell..... Reply 0
  • PS3 Blu-ray issue not firmware-related

  • laz1973 01/10/2009

    @seasidebaz You talk a load of SH!T ."clean your house" if you where in front of me saying that I would beep beep beep you.SONY are to blame end of ,Wait for 5 years and most of them will have died some how and thats SH!T .No wonder the slim is selling well everyone trading in their fat ps3 as most of them dont want to be left with a dead machine.SONY still failing their own PLEDGE OF QUALITY to customers"High-quality,reliable prouducts that our costumers can use with confidence" bla bla bla SONY suck right now and I cant see them ever getting better which is a shame . Reply -14