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  • The Persona 3 movie heads west next month

  • kupocake 10/04/2014

    Looks like anime fans will be getting the full Japanese DVD/Blu-Ray experience then. Their video-discs are hellishly expensive, every shop stocked with titles stickered at prices that HMV would think twice about. Except their HMVs, which presumably sticker products in gold bullion.

    Funny that the standard release is about the same price as a second hand PSP and a copy of Persona 3 Portable.
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  • Sega lays off a "limited number" of employees in London

  • kupocake 10/04/2014

    Taken as a given, I would have thought, considering Sonic Boom is in development at some American offshoot?

    Should have kept these poor folk on board to help localise Puyo Puyo Tetris. What do you mean you aren't localising Puyo Puyo Tetris? Se-gah!
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  • PlayStation Store Easter Sale has Ni no Kuni for £5.49

  • kupocake 09/04/2014

    The Wolf Among Us for Six Fiddy sounds like a good shout. It's also on sale on Steam for nearly twice the price. TIME PARADOX. Reply +17
  • Microsoft's Siri rival really is based on Cortana

  • kupocake 03/04/2014

    This is just going to seem a tiny bit naff and exactly what you'd expect of a Microsoft spin on a voice assistant. It's like releasing a major competitor to the Tom Tom sat nav and forcing your users to use the novelty Mr T voice. The mass market is going to dismiss this as the ridiculous geek executive toy it is - though wait, why am I pretending that Windows phone has anything to do with the mass market again? Reply 0
  • The story behind Nintendo's detective

  • kupocake 17/03/2014

    Akihiro Hino is in an extraordinary position. At various points in his career, he's been given the keys to three of Japan's key creative institutions - Dragon Quest (Director, DQVIII), Studio Ghibli (Writer, Ni No Kuni) and Mobile Suit Gundam (writer, Gundam Age TV series) - which is kind of insane when you think about it.

    Here's the thing though - his narratives kind of suck. He has a knack for creating loveable characters, but his worlds are stereotypical at best, generic at worst. The central mystery in the Layton games is always a little weak, convenient or fantastical, but you forgive it because the puzzles and the interplay of the characters is so good. Ni No Kuni is painfully weighed down by its JRPG tropes - its all elemental temples, themed cities and forests of such and such (and in terms of Ghibli-esque whimsy, it's really only a Cat Returns-level product) - but then there's a character like Mr Drippy to help you ignore this stuff.

    The product that puts the magnifying glass up the problem - and most will have been spared it - is Mobile Suit Gundam Age. For whatever reason, Hino decided that in a 50 episode Anime series, he was going to feature three entirely separate generations of a protagonist family - so every 13 episodes, 75% of the cast is swept away in favour of a new set of wide-eyed youngsters. The result is notably bad (yes, yes, 'even by Gundam standards') - and I think that's because, given the unnecessarily tight character development imposed by the structure (and, to be fair, the constraints of the franchise itself, which has been continually reconstituted every three years for the last thirty-five), the characters don't work and you're left watching the dull horror of the tedious world he's created.
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  • PlayStation Store rental links spotted

  • kupocake 14/03/2014

    @null Did you intentionally make the price in GBP nearly three times more expensive? :P Reply +2
  • Video: Let's Replay Final Fantasy 7

  • kupocake 16/02/2014

    Was it ever made clear why Squaresoft skipped releasing Final Fantasy games in Europe for an entire decade? Or was that Nintendo's fault? Reply +2
  • Chronicles of Ys: A series retrospective

  • kupocake 10/02/2014

    Have only played Oath in Felghana. I swore my way all the way to the end. Would recommend to anyone who likes doing the same. Reply +1
  • How Thief has changed, for better and for worse

  • kupocake 24/01/2014

    I kind of dig the first person animations, but there's so much to still your excitement here.. I'm bored of that picture frame minigame already, and I've only seen it twice.

    (Also, isn't it kind of jarring to see a safe hidden behind a painting when half of the time you're cutting paintings out of frames? If you're going to outright cut a bunch of canvases out of one set of frames, why wouldn't you just brute-force the other 'puzzle' frames off the wall instead of all that softly-softly faff?)
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  • Indie devs troll King's "Candy" trademark as Banner Saga targeted

  • kupocake 22/01/2014

    @goggyturk You can add the entire "Saga" series to your list. That's about 10 games, though only "Saga Frontier 2" and "Unlimited Saga" would likely count in Europe. Reply +1
  • This piracy-enabling 3DS flashcard tried to prevent itself from being pirated

  • kupocake 20/01/2014

    For those not keeping score, in a 3DS context, "homebrew" basically exclusively means "emulators and roms". Or, you know. Piracy. Reply +1
  • This student-made first-person puzzler has a brain-meltingly clever mechanic

  • kupocake 09/01/2014

    This comment will amaze you with its opinion on the use of Buzzfeed-style headlines.
    They sort of suck.
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  • Gaming's most intriguing deleted scenes with Outside Xbox

  • kupocake 04/01/2014

    @javvyman "PS4 in brackets, like it's an afterthought..."
    In an article for Outside Xbox? Those dastards!


    This section of my comment is your obligatory reference to Half-Life 2's Hydra, which I suppose is a decade too old for anyone to care anymore.
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  • Bravely Default censors its clothing upon its western release

  • kupocake 03/01/2014

    Enjoying the censorship boo-hoos some are having over this. I think the fact that it's taken a month for anyone to notice the difference reveals how little it matters. It's localisation, not censorship. Reply +21
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013

  • kupocake 31/12/2013

    PS3 owners: Instead of reading this, you should be buying Ni No Kuni (voted #7 here) for £6.79 in the PSN's January sale.

    Though it has taken about 24 hours for the damned thing to download...
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  • Remembering Sega's classics the right way

  • kupocake 15/12/2013

    "It's no wonder Diana Ross, who reportedly owns a deluxe cabinet, is a fan."
    Hello, bizarre and uncited Wikipedia fact :P
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  • PlayStation Store opens on Amazon.co.uk

  • kupocake 12/12/2013

    "Oh finally, I'll be able to add stuff I want on PSN to some kind of wishlist so I can actually keep track of things I want to buy!"

    *looks at Amazon*

    *Shakes first in air*

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  • Long-lost level restored in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remaster

  • kupocake 12/12/2013

    @Revolver2000 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M2_(game_developer) Reply +1
  • A Link to the Past awakens on the Wii U eShop

  • kupocake 09/12/2013

    @blip You're in luck. This write up omits to mention the Mega Drive games they've just released, the third weekly batch of 16-bit titles. All with swanky-arse 3D features, exhaustive port work done by specialist developer M2, and available for less than £5. I believe we get Shinobi III next week.

    (Edit: Full list)
    3D Space Harrier, 3D Super Hang-On, 3D Sonic The Hedgehog, 3D Altered Beast, 3D Ecco the Dolphin, 3D Galaxy Force II, 3D Shinobi III, 3D Streets of Rage

    Elsewhere: personally, I'll be snapping up Crimson Shroud (I less than three Matsuno) and Attack of the Friday Monsters, because they sound ace.
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  • The Super Mario Bros. Story

  • kupocake 08/12/2013

    I guess the article has a better shape to it through virtue of omitting Super Mario Land 2 - the fact is that they did return to the Super Mario World formula, and in some ways they actually improved on it. SML2 allowed you to tackle most of its worlds in any order you felt like, and there were plenty of secret routes to other worlds and one-off stages (some were tantalisingly displayed on the world map and you had to figure how you'd hop over to them).

    The Gameboy Super Mario games were always a little off-kilter - SML1's egyptian fetish, SML2's odd world themes and power-ups (Carrot ear wings? Wha?), that arguably diluted what was a rather more restricted brand as time wore on - but I'd definitely recommend picking them up from the eshop if you have a 3DS.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013 voting

  • kupocake 06/12/2013

    I believe Professor Layton 6 may be missing. Yeah, I know I'm supposed to tell you via Email, but since I failed your captcha and there are no hint coins available to help me decipher it, I'm just going to say it here and walk off.

    It's not like I've even played five 2013 games yet.
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  • Bravely Default review

  • kupocake 03/12/2013

    @RawShark Yup: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akihiko_Yoshida Reply +6
  • kupocake 03/12/2013

    @DreadedWalrus I think it was said that you can people the town via your friends list too.

    Even though the construction time is pretty huge with few villagers, you do have the option of leaving the game running in sleep mode to get work done - doesn't affect your save game play-time, but will wind those hours down.

    It's also worth getting the demo, because there's some degree of cross-compatibility with the full game: a number of villagers from the demo can be used in the full game, and you can streetpass between the two versions.
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  • This is what Frozen Endzone actually looks like

  • kupocake 02/12/2013

    My endzone has been totally frozen in this weather. Reply 0
  • Rome 2 expansion Caesar in Gaul announced

  • kupocake 02/12/2013

    By toutatis etc. etc.
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  • "It looks as if he's having electronic urination against that pillar"

  • kupocake 29/11/2013

    The silly thing about this was that Snow clearly doesn't even know what the Avengers, or what the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are - so why are they even having this conversation, as if he somehow holds the key to media legitimacy? Also, no television network would ever devise a segment where Mark Kermode was charged with defending Cinema armed only with clips of White House Down and Thor: The Dark World. Reply +51
  • Sony explains PS4 digital game pricing

  • kupocake 28/11/2013

    There's no big mystery here. If you buy a next gen console in the first quarter of its release, you are a gigantic money filled piñata with no concept of how money works in the real world. Pricing for mere mortals will follow later on. Reply +1
  • The Typing of The Dead: Overkill gets Shakespeare DLC

  • kupocake 25/11/2013

    Oh wait...
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  • kupocake 25/11/2013

    As much as we should probably root for the Typing of the Dead guys (because of the struggles to get the game out and their commitment to a bit of good old-fashioned Dreamcast-era SEGA humour), I can't help but think that the words "Shakespeare DLC" represent some kind of all time low for civilisation. Reply +17
  • Ballmer: You can trust Microsoft with your privacy

  • kupocake 20/11/2013

    @Playstationman It used to happen all the time. True "Trust" and "Microsoft" were paired with "anti-" and "lawsuit", but still.

    "You can trust Microsoft with your privacy. Yes you, recent divorcee Mr Michael Field, a 34 year old aviation engineer from Stockport whose interests include Football, Barbershop Quartets and Japanese illustrated pornography!"
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  • Register a 3DS and game this Christmas, get Mario 3D Land free

  • kupocake 19/11/2013

    If you registered your Nintendo 3DS with Club Nintendo when they weren't running a one of these crazy deals, was it the Yoshi cleaning cloth or the Princess peach notebook that you were rushing to redeem? Reply 0
  • kupocake 19/11/2013

    @SuperSoupy @Mister-Wario Offer is only valid on *purchase* of 3DS and 3DS XL only. You can *download* the game to any 2DS, 3DS or 3DS XL system. A world of difference.

    Are registrations defined as using the registration keys on those club-nintendo cards? I've not used those for my system or Layton 6, but I have logged into my CN account via my 3DS...

    If I'm in the clear, that will have been the three games I most wanted and a 3DS XL for £159.99. Cautious whoop whoop.
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  • Super Mario 3D World review

  • kupocake 19/11/2013

    Great news, but I can't help but feel I won't play this until it's released on some future handheld console. Not a dig at Nintendo and the Wii U as such, but I've only ever played Mario games in any depth in their handheld re-releases. Just never seen the justification to get a Nintendo home console for little more than my Mario fix when the handhelds have got that covered.

    It's a money thing mostly, and unlike Galaxy (which actually, I played a load of) I can't see myself chancing into playing because a friend or housemate owns it. I've seen a Wii-U in tactile plastic only once in my life so far. For shame.
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  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PS4 spotted on Amazon Italy

  • kupocake 18/11/2013

    @Shoozle This is hardly a Square Enix exclusive thing. Games get GOTY editions all the time. Sure you save money, but everyone else gets to play it well before you do.

    And when considering this in the case of Deus Ex HR and Tomb Raider, that's a pretty daft stance to take. Human Revolution came out two years ago, and the extra content being bundled with Tomb Raider is basically all Multiplayer focused... which you'd have had a better experience with on the original launch day, considering that most of these tagged-on MP modes die off quickly.
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  • Sony's PlayStation Vita Tearaway bundle currently costs just £140

  • kupocake 18/11/2013

    Technically better than the 3DS offer that Argos has on till tomorrow: Buy a Black/Pink 3DS XL for £159.99, get Professor Layton 5 and 6 for free.

    Technically better, except for the part where Professor Layton, I mean. I love that guy and he's definitely worth £10 more than Media Molecule's best (only just though. Both fine choices. EVERY PUZZLE HAS AN ANSWER).
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  • South Park takes on next-gen console war and wins

  • kupocake 14/11/2013

    I for one am surprised that Butters wants an Xbox One. Reply +2
  • Knack review

  • kupocake 13/11/2013

    Yes, but how mad are the marbles? Reply +1
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut review

  • kupocake 05/11/2013

    Got the £3.75 Steam upgrade from the original version w/ Missing Link, because replaying it was always going to be on the agenda at some point. That said, Missing Link always seemed like an answer to a question nobody ever asked - I honestly can't imagine it doing much for the game's pacing (it was already pretty long and it occurs right when a major plot thread is finally about to pay off). It's a bit like Disney's early 00s habit of dusting off crap song concepts and putting them into their DVD releases: less is more.

    Still, torn between declaring this or Dishonored the best immersive sim of this generation. Better than all three Bioshocks at any rate.
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  • Eurogamer's Games of the Generation: The top 50

  • kupocake 04/11/2013

    @PlugMonkey Half-Life 2 was last gen -not only was it released before the 360, but it's first console release was on the first Xbox :)

    Though wait, it was released in the same month as World of Warcraft, so whaaaa?
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  • kupocake 04/11/2013

    Consensus does strange things, and it's hard to shake the feeling that this list feels off to me simply because Eurogamer helped shape my opinion differently in the first place. It seems a lot like an 8-rated game appearing in your top 5 of the last decade is a bit of a mis-step, but at the same time, I'm hoping nothing will be falsely tightened up editorially because of it. Eurogamer's controversial 8s are frequently the one voice of reason in a sea of pointless, cloying one hundred percenters.

    Perhaps the list would have been better if you'd weighted games with their review scores? It seems unfair to the original journalist that you've basically collectively slapped a giant "VOID" sticker on their work.

    (Also, why did Mass Effect get counted as a series where others didn't?)
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  • Gradius 5 retrospective

  • kupocake 03/11/2013

    I suppose the reason we don't have this on current gen consoles is somewhere between the Sony and Konami element - Treasure being either unable to release PS3 stuff because of cost, manpower or exclusivity agreements, and I imagine Konami's ownership of the IP adding a little extra complexity that has meant other ports have been more desirable.

    Hopefully Sony's new attitude to indie development will translate into schmups releasing on Playstation, rather than the bizarre situation we have where the entire genre is an unlikely selling point for Microsoft in Japan. Not that I have anything specifically against that, aside from the sense that it's stopping some PS2 era stuff receiving an update. Or perhaps the PS2 was just too healthy in Japan for too long, or something. Shooters do seem to have this weird necrophilliac relationship with old consoles.

    Though if they want to skip all that and just release straight to Steam, I'm down with that too.
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  • Sonic, Ecco, Shinobi getting new 3D Classics re-makes

  • kupocake 30/10/2013

    3D Space Harrier? Space Harrier 3D: Reply +1
  • Steam passes 65 million active users milestone

  • kupocake 30/10/2013

    @StooMonster RE: Announcement timing, they could be priming the PR channels to discuss the first Steam boxes going out. The Hardware Beta signup ended just a few days ago. Reply +3
  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag review

  • kupocake 29/10/2013

    AC3 seemed like the perfect ditching point, tbh. Sexy pirate plate spinning is still plate spinning. Reply +3
  • Games of the Generation: Fallout 3

  • kupocake 24/10/2013

    Nope, don't get it. The wasteland only feels so impressive because the low quality of the writing, scripting and animation turns you into a misanthropist. It's all shoebox villages peopled by a handful of rigid dolls. The article dismisses that rather unconvincingly.

    A game of the generation only because it's symptomatic of how easily we've become impressed by the sheer quantity of content over its quality. Even the cows have too many heads. And the combat *is* floaty.
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  • Flower, flOw, Escape Plan, Sound Shapes added to PS4 launch line-up

  • kupocake 16/10/2013

    Flower is a game I want to have the option of playing forever, frankly, so this is great news :) Reply +20
  • These Super Mario 3D World screenshots will brighten up your day

  • kupocake 16/10/2013

    A ray of sunshine into this, the dreary year of Luigi. Reply +3
  • James Pond Kickstarter cancelled

  • kupocake 08/10/2013

    Something like Elite can get away with a minimalist pitch because even people who have never played it still hear about it. James Pond may be a fond memory for some, but you'd have to dig pretty far into an article about the glut of anthropomorphised 90s platformer mascots to hear about it today.

    Even Fantastic Dizzy has been mentioned once or twice by Yahtzee. They did look at what went wrong with that pitch, right?
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  • Ikaruga hits Steam Greenlight

  • kupocake 04/10/2013

    Why Treasure can't just show a business card and instantly have their games swooshed onto a platform is beyond me. Perhaps there's some kind of projected sales data thing here?

    Edit: Seriously. It's like if the Rolling Stones had to be crowd voted onto iTunes. These guys are development royalty.
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  • Now Lightning is in Final Fantasy 14

  • kupocake 26/09/2013

    I still haven't forgiven lightning for all those times I had to jump her in Final Fantasy X. Reply +30