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  • Game Room

  • krushing 30/03/2010

    Sounds like a really shit frontend for MAME. Reply +29
  • Rogue Warrior

  • krushing 09/12/2009

    Has Rebellion actually made anything worthwhile other than the original AvP? Looking at their games list in Wikipedia makes me think not. Reply +2
  • Call of Duty: World at War

  • krushing 21/10/2008

    Haven't played this, but sounds strange that this'd been in dev for 2 years, yet it's a carbon copy of CoD4?

    Also re:
    I sniped an enemy in the back with a rifle from a distant high window, only for them to turn around and kill me instantly with a few shots from a machine-gun.

    This has something to do with how the network code works, but those "few shots" are often actually a long, sustained, spray-and-pray burst. It just doesn't show up in the killcam.
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