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  • BioWare responds to Mass Effect 3 ending furore

  • krkus 15/03/2012

    Grandpa, can I hear another story about The Shepard?"

    "Did I ever tell you about the time he fucked the psychotic abuse victim for kicks and then got her killed?"


    "What about the time he punched a reporter in the face?"


    "What about the other two times?"


    "Did I tell you the one about how he shot his best friend in the back?"


    "What about the one where he killed 300,000 people?"


    "Did I tell you the one where he had sex with a dude?"


    "What about the one where he walked around in circles and fired randomly into the scenery for an hour and a half in bright pink armor?"

    "Yes! Jeeze grandpa, don't you have ANY new stories? Or can't you at least finish that one important one?"

    "I don't know. Do you have ten dollars?"


    "Then I guess not, huh? Shut the fuck up. Go to bed."
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