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  • Wii to get BBC iPlayer

  • korky 09/04/2008

    The ISPs are going to love this! All those Wii owning "casual" gamers gobbling up bandiwdth and (unknowingly) hammering their monthly allowances to watch EastEnders an hour late (probably due to playing their one and only game - Wii Sports). Reply 0
  • ICO

  • korky 17/10/2007

    Thanks for the comments - really it was more of an exercise in exorcising my enthusiasm for the game :-) 9 or 10 could have gone either way - just me subjectively plumping for one particular side of the fence. 10/10 doesn't mean perfect to my mind, it just means an absolutely top notch gaming experience - this isn't a maths exam after all :-)

    The formatting really p1ss3s me off too :( Every time I write a review for EG the single quote marks are replaced by question marks - clearly I've missed something so if anybody can enlighten me as to why this happens I'd love to know...
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  • Euro PS3 announcement at E3

  • korky 09/07/2007

    "What will they give us loyal owners who shelled out 425 notes only a few months ago? Didn't MS have to do something with the XBox?"

    They gave all early adopters a free controller and game. There was a choice of about 4 including classics like their in-house basketball game :-)

    So I guess a Sony equivalent would be a free six-axis + a copy of Genji ;-)
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  • Carcassonne

  • korky 09/07/2007

    More votes here for the "family zone". We've been having some excellent 4 player (4 pads) local multiplayer and its great family fun. No arguing about rules, scores, who knocked the table / tiles etc :) Even had the grandparents playing - from 8 years old to 65 years old it's easy, accessible and fun with a perfect luck / skill / strategy pay-off IMO Reply 0
  • Vista games cracked for XP

  • korky 26/06/2007

    MS lying about Vista, DX 9/10, "technical compatibility reasons" and all the other BS is shameful but (sadly) to be expected. What sometimes get's lost in these discussions is of course the impact on the developers. Those poor guys at FASA have produced a labour of love over this past 3 years or so and the frustration / pain it must cause them to see their baby flounder in the snake pit of corporate lying and marketing greed is saddening. Spare a thought for those poor b@5t@rd5 - they'll probably be looking for work in a few months :( Reply 0
  • GI.biz Editorial: Rings of Red

  • korky 30/05/2007

    I can 2nd biker_bob's customer service comment. I rang yesterday and I was on hold for 21 minutes! On answering I asked if they thought that was acceptable and the response was "sorry but there's nothing we can do about that". The most cash rich company in the world apparantly can't afford a few more slave waged Indians to man their phones.

    It's a great console but they are unreliable and the customer service is shoddy. It's hard to believe it until it hits you personally and then you realise that all those internet moaners WERE right :(
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  • korky 30/05/2007

    I always thought the stories were massively exagerrated but my launch console recently failed and when you read through the details of other people's stories you realise they are genuine and there are far too many to fall into the "acceptable" mythical 3% failure rate stated.

    I'm a 360 fanboy in many respects - I worked for MS in games at the time of launch so I'm naturally biased in favour of 360, but... there genuinely does seem to be a problem and MS don't appear to be addressing it. I already posted this elsewhere, but I've just blog'd up my own sorry experience:

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

  • korky 23/05/2007

    The industry defecates once more and the scat loving masses lap it up...

    Next time you're in town, look out for the hordes of Little Britain (the game primarily but...) loving chavs and half term fearing parents / grandparents rushing out to ensure little Johnny is "entertained" next week - and of course to ensure this alleged pile of excrement makes it to the top of the ... pile for next week's charts.
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  • korky 07/03/2007

    Looks like some genuine innovation in the genre... from EA... credit where it's due... Reply 0
  • Next-gen Havok engine at GDC

  • korky 02/03/2007

    "Still the only game that used physics as a gameplay element was Half-Life 2"

    Psi-ops, Dark Messiah and Crackdown immediately spring to mind and I'm sure there are many others
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  • korky 01/03/2007

    UE3 now incorporates PhysX if I'm not mistaken - and supports their PhysX processor. Reply 0
  • Little Britain: The Video Game

  • korky 16/02/2007

    What are the odds on it selling 3 or 4 times as many copies as Okami ? :(

    "'ere corw'ney kum an' look at this - it's ****in' brillyan' - vickey ***ing pol'ard ska'in inna pink burkini - thas ***in' class that is"
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  • Crackdown team wanted 200 achievements

  • korky 06/02/2007

    I would imagine that the whole of Oblivion was a testing and certification nightmare, but there are no standards to restrict that.

    That's the point - there _were_ standards to restrict that, the same as for every other game.

    Whilst the harvesting of gamerpoints is certainly not a level playing field as is, without some framework to work within it becomes ridiculous. As JonFE / Skooch etc rightly point out, if you divvy them up in tiny fragments or dole them out willy nilly, then "achieving" becomes meaningless.

    Oooohh, hang on, another cheque from MS just fell through the letter box ;-)
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  • korky 06/02/2007

    wrt achievements, you have valid points from a consumer perspective - but consumers don't have to manage / run test teams, certification and massively populated servers :-) What seems "trivial" or artificial from the outside is often (not always!) done for very good reason. Reply 0
  • Crackdown - Gameplay montage

  • korky 01/12/2006

    "I read that the creative director of RTW David Jones worked on GTA 1 and 2 in Edge I think"

    He created GTA back when Rockstar North was DMA. Lemmings was his too. Great guy - modest, approachable and genuinely all round nice guy.
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  • The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 2

  • korky 09/11/2006

    "...Microsoft games division essentially using the rest of the company's wealth to back its loses and gain market share on companies whose sole business is videogames..."

    Whilst you're absolutely right Dr Faulk, Sony did exactly the same to Sega and Nintendo years back and from that position Sony became the darlings of the industry. Bottom line is, they all want your money. You get "choice", they get rich :-)

    One thing that's easy to forget is that despite us loving to despise these big corp's, the people who create these groups / divisions usually do have a genuine passion for what they're doing - they want to bring you the best hardware and software. Sometimes we love those individuals and sometimes they're complete t055p0t5 but that's life right ;-)
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  • Lego Star Wars II demo hits Live

  • korky 27/09/2006

    Agree compleyely with the_dudefather - the sonic demo's controls and (inherently linked) camera interaction are bloody awful. REALLY bad. Coupled with a "seen it all before" gameplay mechanism I see little to warrant any move into "the next generation" Reply 0
  • Trailers, map packs on XBL

  • korky 20/09/2006

    Aragorn's Journey (LoTR:BfMEII map pack) is currently listed at 350 points rather than free :( Reply 0
  • XNA to 'democratise' 360 dev

  • korky 14/08/2006

    Given the *DETAIL* available so far, it isn't surprising that there's a lot of confusion here but there are a couple of key points to understand:

    1) for your $99 you WILL be able to run your creation on your retail 360 - all you're doing is running a signed (and constantly updated via XBL) CLR on the 360 and then deploying / running your XP / XNA / C# developed apps onto it.
    2) XBLA isn't suddenly going to be flooded with "homebrew". The "Creators Club" will simply be a new area of XBL where subscribers can upload / download each others creations.

    If they put the right interface on the "Creators Club", it should work a treat with decent games getting rated by downloaders and then rising up. If they're lucky, they might get a publishing deal and THEN they might make it to XBLA.

    Very smart move. Good for hobbyists / indies, should create a good community and great for MS - nice selling point for 360 and they may sign up some interesting new games eventually
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  • Atari exec gives Driv3r a kicking

  • korky 11/08/2006

    He must have checked his diary and seen "make a complete knob of myself in public" the day he spewed forth this garbage. Since when did developers under the thumb of a largish producer ever decide when to ship a game? It is knobs like him who foist this kind of garbage onto the public and rob them of their hard earned cash. Sitting in their "Middle Manager's Monthly Mediochrity Meeting" deciding the fate of games they don't understand or have barely played and kow-towing to the whims of marketing people who've already blown their marketing budget and need a release.

    Like the Guinness, I'm not bitter ;-)
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  • Pac-Man joins Live Arcade

  • korky 09/08/2006

    Off topic somewhat but someone raised the refresh rate issue...

    The 50 / 60Hz switching is infuriating to VGA connected 360 owners (and component I believe?). I'm connected to my LCD via VGA but I also have to keep my composite connection handy so that I can boot in "legacy" mode and switch between 50 / 60 for different games. I then switch back to VGA mode where the setting is irrelevant! Arguably its the fault of the developers - they shouldn't be checking the 50/60 setting if you're connected using VGA / component - or MS should allow autoswitching as somebody suggested.

    For me, its a BIG issue and should be fixed as a priority...
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  • No Gears demo pre-release

  • korky 04/08/2006

    It does take ages to create a demo - a polished and properly tested demo at any rate. Its not just a case of chopping back the full game and shipping it. For one thing it depends if you've planned to create a demo all along? Do you already have "tutorial" code and content or do you need to create it? How do you isolate and repackage the content you want to ship with the demo (minimising download times for example)? How do you trim back the code? Assuming all this is straightforward (ha!), have you got the demo scheduled and resourced for a full test cycle? Is bug fixing scheduled in with a team needing a break? What level of bugs are you prepared to let through (there are always quite a few)? Is your config mgmt system wired up for feeding bug fixes back into the main code / patch branch ? Oh, then there's certification + feedback / fixes, partnernet testing... etc etc etc

    Next time you delete a demo after 1 min and 23 seconds of play saying "load of shite" just think what went into it - at least after some consideration, your original assessment will seem fairer ;-)
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  • Frogger hits Live Arcade

  • korky 12/07/2006

    Its easy to dismiss XBLA titles as 5 minute wonders available freely elsewhere but isn't that missing the point somewhat? *Personally* they're not something I would buy, but combining classic gameplay, XBL leaderboards /achievements, broad appeal and couch appeal all for the price of a pint of Guiness (almost) and you can see why it is popular. Especially through rose tinted nostalgia specs...

    Obviously just another idea that MS copied from Sony ("can't shake those guys") but a cunning move nonetheless ;-)
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  • Xbox 360 BC: 10 Most Wanted

  • korky 15/06/2006

    MotoGP2 please - then I wouldn't need to think about buying 06! Reply 0
  • More Xbox games for 360

  • korky 14/06/2006

    Anybody else out there got their 360 hooked up via VGA? Mine's hooked up to a nice widescreen DELL via VGA and several "working" xbox games don't work at all - including Halo / Halo 2!! You don't see this mentioned too often. I can only assume its something to do with refresh rates - but if anybody knows better... Reply 0
  • GT4 Online details

  • korky 05/06/2006

    An awful lot of the declared functionality was present in Forza over a year ago and it didn't suffer from that atrocious "bounding box" collision model that GT4 (and predecessors) did. You can bet that Forza 2 is going to have a lot more than V1 did too... Reply 0
  • Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

  • korky 25/04/2006

    be warned, the handwriting recognition is poor at times - which is REALLY annoying when you get the maths right but the DS says you got it wrong and sets your brain age at 54 instead of its rightful 22! Worse still, is the test where you have to remember 30 words. One minute you're flying through them and on target to beat your best and then you have to spend 54 secs (I joke not!) out of 3 minutes trying to get the damned thing to recognise a "k" - drives you nuts! Reply 0