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  • Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts

  • kongzi 03/08/2015

    Is anyone here remotely concerned about the privacy policy on this? It's pretty goddamn invasive. You do have to sign up for that shit before you get to the shiny new grafix, you know?

    Seriously.. just this once, read it.. okay?
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  • P.T. gets a fan remake in Unity

  • kongzi 01/08/2015

    @RawShark it definitely connects with that rear view mirror though. I think Reply +2
  • Tropico 5 rules Xbox One spring 2016

  • kongzi 31/07/2015

    So how's this on ps4? Does it play/perform well?
    I've been wanting to pick this up but it's proving damn hard to track down.
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  • PlayStation 4's stunning sales success continues

  • kongzi 31/07/2015


    Now shut up, fuck off and make some games for it.
    Thanks :)
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  • Inafune's Red Ash fully funded after Chinese company swoops in

  • kongzi 31/07/2015

    How's this weird? Insulated gamer kids just haven't noticed the giant stock market crash in China? Investors are pulling their money and next to 1929, some unproven, vague kickstarter idea looks really fuckin solid. Especially if that game is a way off still... That money will be looking good on said companies balance sheet instead of having evaporated in the stock and real estate collapse.

    It's not weird at all. It's probably a good thing for games...for a while: a lot of Chinese desperate to dump their money. But look at what it's done to Hollywood.

    This money will likely make the game more shit.
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  • Mafia 3 reveal set for Gamescom

  • kongzi 29/07/2015

    It's probably gonna look great...gameplay we'll see, mafia 2 had none to speak of....driving around listening to poorly written dialogue...pfff. Mafia, vintage time period, open world... There shouldn't be too many ways to fuck that up, I'd say. No reason to either... Reply 0
  • Feist review

  • kongzi 29/07/2015

    Oh look it's another platformer...yaaay Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3 is getting a New Game Plus mode

  • kongzi 28/07/2015

    Great stuff...i hope they look at overall balancing too. The start is nice and challenging but I was ploughing through monsters like a goddamn ninja before long. There are.too many mid level quests. Reply +2
  • Inafune's action-RPG Red Ash adds PS4 stretch goal

  • kongzi 25/07/2015

    @saymoncarvalho bwagaha...that is some backwards ass rigging! I'm going to split the polygons to give it a more mechanical movement... Roflmao. You do that, girl.

    Unless their real animator is in the bathroom or something, this doesn't inspire a whole lot of faith.
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  • Puma is making official Metal Gear Solid 5 sneaking boots

  • kongzi 24/07/2015

    Are we actually going the extra mile for distasteful here, instead of just leaving it at plain old tasteless. I already wonder in trepidation what CoD needs to do to top Puma's androgynous geekbikerdomina boots. Reply 0
  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • kongzi 24/07/2015

    And once again, the only moral of the story is...don't preorder like a sheep and stop listening to people you don't know. It's so simple.

    Why exactly do you NEED that game right away? 6 months from now it'll be patched, have cheap dlc and cost about a third of the premium price. If you were a rational person, you'd see that. I guess some people like their games the way I like my cigarettes.

    Pitchford, from this interview, is clearly one of those industry sociopaths you hear about. But who cares...a lot successful people are...as long as they deliver good games I don't give a shit. I don't have to like a guy to enjoy his work. Just don't expect a guy like this to ever give you a straight answer or to be anything less than evasive and slippery.
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  • Lords of the Fallen 2 loses exec producer Tomasz Gop, and changes direction

  • kongzi 24/07/2015

    "I focus on story."
    "Great story, bro."
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider hits PS4 "holiday 2016"

  • kongzi 24/07/2015

    Releases a year later with advanced graphical features: file under R for Remaster. Reply +1
  • Fallout Anthology brings five classic RPGs to Europe in October

  • kongzi 23/07/2015

    @Yautja_Warrior amen... and a limited edition that's actually limited.

    Big question is, does it run properly?
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  • How's Xbox doing?

  • kongzi 22/07/2015

    Lets consider the wider bubble in tech before we say Microsoft is doing well. Sadly, the way things are going elsewhere in the world it'll go up further before it finally pops and it's all exposed as a bunch of hot air.

    Marketshare is everything and they practically gave that away to Sony. In terms of doing well there...you could argue Xbox One has set them back a good couple of years.
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  • The Surge is the new game by Lords of the Fallen dev Deck13

  • kongzi 22/07/2015

    Shit shit shit. I need to be quick and announce my dystopian future action rpg with visceral combat and an innovative new way uh....uh....the electric sheep are procedurally generated and interact with the game world and uh...uh...the player. Yeah... That was it, I'll think. Electric sheep...players. Reply +1
  • Watch nearly an hour of Assassin's Creed Syndicate

  • kongzi 18/07/2015

    Glad I'm not only one thinking it looks lame band thoroughly uninspired. Gameplay is one note missions cut and paste: kill ten rivals, go here, kill ten rivals, go there. AI still looks dumber than a rock.

    They took to carriage racing straight from Revelations, or an older AC even, don't remember, don't care.

    But it'll get kind reviews, and do great at retail. Because well...gamers are idiots by and large.
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  • Prototype's HD Biohazard Bundle is a big disappointment

  • kongzi 17/07/2015

    Reshovelware then. Reply 0
  • Meet the man cleaning up after the Godus disaster

  • kongzi 17/07/2015

    I like this guy's approach. Could be something cause I believe Molyneux can still work great ideas into games.

    Edit: and they're underdogs now.
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  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst's Collector's Edition is $200

  • kongzi 09/07/2015

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D1KzmRFNPs Reply 0
  • Can Halo 5 deliver on its 60fps promise?

  • kongzi 05/07/2015

    This looks so bland. In terms of design, characters. All the new features have been shooter tropes for years.

    Not sure how excited the world would be for this if it wasnt big 'ol Halo, or a console exclusive. It'll probably succeed because it'll still do some things very well, as fanboys are probably happy to detail, but that resolution though.
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  • kongzi 04/07/2015

    Serious question: given last years experience with the collection...do you think it's worth it to wait for the inevitable HD remaster for this? Reply 0
  • Video: Star Wars Battlefront, Scrolls going offline and H1Z1 - The Eurogamer Show

  • kongzi 04/07/2015

    @ChiefGB Relax. You're right, that balance is hard to find. It's no different than tv. Most shows take a season to find their tone. Watch some first season Simpsons if you doubt it. Outside Xbox, lol...if they had a head start why do they remind me of a badly judged, poorly produced public access teen show from the 90's. It's just embarrassing to watch and realise there are adults actually involved in producing it.. Definitely noy what anyone should be shooting for.

    I was pretty harsh before and i can still be about this one but it's actually gotten a lot better. Tone is more relaxed. The segments are still overlong and need more direction/editing though...there's too much contrast between them in terms of presentation, tone and all that. They need to be at least twice as short and it shouldn't be too hard to make them a bit more than a voiceover playing over a gamestream. It doesn't feel produced, but the moment you put two people in front of a white screen that IS what you're shooting for, imo. You can't have the rest of the show looking like it's cobbled together from streams with some talking on top. It actually works a lot like radio now. It shouldn't be too hard to get some graphics and things going with after effects?
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  • Reddit drama prompts gaming boards to shut themselves down

  • kongzi 03/07/2015

    reddit down, euro down, grexit, batman doesn't work... the end is nigh! Reply +2
  • Bungie hired Tobias from Arrested Development to write jokes for Destiny's script

  • kongzi 03/07/2015

    Typical bungie

    Never in the world has so much effort been spent on stories so few could give a crap about. Bungie needs me to punch up some scripts and things at their office.
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  • Keiji Inafune: video gaming's harshest critic

  • kongzi 03/07/2015

    @TekMerc then maybe it's time to look beyond AAA gaming? Maybe after three decades you're just too jaded?

    And you certainly won't hear me say crap about games letting me be who i want. I bashed that nonsense during the debate about how gay people are portrayed in games. So let's leave it there.
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  • kongzi 03/07/2015

    “The true meaning of has been lost.” -An Old Fart.

    I can't take any argument about anything that starts off that way seriously, even if it's Inafune. Especially Inafune... people still play his games, want to interview him and hear what he's got to say. If there was a true meaning of something he represented in the past, he apparently still does. I don't even believe in this "True Meaning" crap anyway. Games, like anything are part and product of their environments and change is the only constant, that's it. Don't romanticise it.

    Other than that he does make some interesting observations about Japanese games vs the world. Ones, I think, everybody is aware of.
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  • Peter Moore recounts $1.15bn Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death saga

  • kongzi 02/07/2015

    It was awesome...MS first fixed my broken console by replacing anything but the case. When the dvd drive on that gave out i got an entirely new one (more ram ahoy). When that broke down I bought one myself, which got replaced promptly when it broke down. The last time I checked the new one produces interesting rattling noises.

    MS has great customer service, which you'll probably need with build (and design) quality like that. Hahaha.

    I remember the process was kinda weird tho. They were being hush hush about it. I had to send it in an unmarked box (couldn't use the branded one it came in) to some vague warehouse in Germany. They kept their name far away from it. The irony was of course that in over 5 years I never actually had the RRoD..
    Just all kinds of other problems with shoddy dvd drives, motherboards giving out, overheating..just crappy shit, all related to the general shoddiness of the way that machine was designed and built.

    Excellent customer service notwithstanding, they lost me as customer after this. Not that I expect my ps4 to fare any better, mind you.

    pS. The 360 was remarkably water resistant! I had water pouring out of the vent holes at some point...that machine was the best of the bunch, held out the longest. This was the launch model. Which supposedly was the most problematic...not for me, then.
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  • Gothic/Risen dev reveals "edgy" new post-apoc open-world RPG ELEX

  • kongzi 02/07/2015

    Oh, I see you're going for that Witcher/Fallout dollar there? That's a big dollar! Lot of people are into that. We've done the research... Reply +1
  • What does it take to run Arkham Knight smoothly on PC?

  • kongzi 02/07/2015

    Can we run broken games if enough horsepower is thrown at them? Probably. In the same way this game could've been released UNbroken if WB had thrown a bit more money at it...

    Really, what's the point?
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  • That Fallout 4 Xbox One plus free Fallout 3 deal needs a pre-order

  • kongzi 02/07/2015

    So that's actually 15 pounds for a buggy, ancient last gen game, featuring two colours total, that everybody's played to death already.

    Another day another great microsoft deal y'all!

    Just kidding: i love fallout 3...still though
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  • Sony: PS4 market share "frequently greater than 90 per cent in continental Europe"

  • kongzi 30/06/2015

    Lol. I don't anyone that (openly) owns an xbox one.

    Ps4 didn't have to do shit for that marketshare. It's Sony's laziest console ever. Europe was MS's to lose, they fucked up with the whole way they launched the One and just handed the keys to Europe (back, remeber ps1 and 2) to Sony, who have been triumphantly rubbing their nose in it ever since.

    Hard to see the coming back from this. Then again, PS4 is the only thing that's going well for Sony at the moment. MS as a company is in a much healthier state. They can take the hit, but I wouldn't be that surprised if the Xbox brand comes up for sale at some point or becomes just a service as part of the Windows ecosystem that's gonna be everywhere from your phone to your pc, your girlfriend, the fridge and any salon table (provided it's not too big). A dreadful prospect, if you ask me, but some people apparently go for that shit. MS is ultimately much more interested in competing with google and apple than with PlayStation. They don't really want to make hardware.
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  • Amy Hennig's EA Star Wars game like Uncharted and 1313, says Nolan North

  • kongzi 30/06/2015

    These guys are last years news.. The Witcher is the new king of ridiculously gruff voices. Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC fixes are "significant" and "will take some time"

  • kongzi 29/06/2015

    The fact they're coming out to admit it means it's A LOT worse than everybody thinks. Reply +38
  • The problem of farming, and the rise of video game gardens

  • kongzi 28/06/2015

    It's not the problem of farming. That obsessive-compulsive streak runs way deeper in gaming. Just look at the console-wars, inane arguments about pixels, people flaunting their masterrace rigs, buying into pre-orders and ridiculous DLC schemes and going completely off the rails if anything isn't up to expectation. It's a kind of uber-consumerism you don't see anywhere else. You don't see fishermen pre-ordering non-existing future-rods that may even be completely shit.

    It's everywhere and it has always been there. Farming games just make it explicit: a game doesn't have to be fun, it just needs to be addictive and artificially stimulate our reward-neurons or whatever by flashing shiny shit or numbers at us. We don't like to talk about it, because that would make it something real, we'd have to deal with... personally and even more so as a community. Nobody likes to talk about it, because it would candy crush the dream that gaming is good and ultimate and fun and the best and the most inclusive and the most moneys! Even the industry itself is showing serious signs of OCD or addictive behavior. Lots of binging and purging going on everywhere, haha.
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  • Shuhei Yoshida on saving The Last Guardian and PS4 in Japan

  • kongzi 26/06/2015

    There's gonna be more games that'll take small teams a longer time to craft. I think that's a good answer to trying to rush out ever bigger AAA bugfests and ending up embarrassing everybody. Reply 0
  • Battlefield Hardline: Ultimate Edition owners unable to access DLC on PS4

  • kongzi 26/06/2015

    Now. That. Is. Funny! Reply 0
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider brings back Lara's sense of adventure

  • kongzi 26/06/2015

    I wasn't aware this was coming 360?

    Explains why the e3 demo screamed last gen. Shame what they're doing to this series commercially. I really like the first one.
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  • Fan attempts to pre-order Fallout 4 with bottle caps

  • kongzi 25/06/2015

    What if I'm the millionth?
    Worth trying...*burp
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director apologises, Collector's Edition content will now be sold separately

  • kongzi 25/06/2015

    Suck my pricing model, bitches Reply +2
  • It gets worse - Batman: Arkham Knight on PC lacks console visual features

  • kongzi 24/06/2015

    The industry needs to get it's collective shit together. This going to bite them in the ass. I've stopped buying day one, didn't preorder to begin with... And I'm getting really tired of having to investigate whether a game runs decent enough, looks as advertised or which of the 600 DLC plans I need to buy into to not feel ripped off. It's just not fun anymore... We need another atari moment, quick! Reply +13
  • Destiny: The Taken King promotional Red Bull quest and bonus XP detailed

  • kongzi 24/06/2015

    A New Low... :( Reply +1
  • The Elder Scrolls Online's PS4 patch is 15.9GB

  • kongzi 24/06/2015

    The reason for this is that it contains all the content from the PC version's first three patches, developer ZeniMax Online Studios noted on Twitter.

    No, the reason is lazy devs...period.
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  • After a week, 1m votes cast for Xbox One backwards-compatible games

  • kongzi 24/06/2015

    I want a V style remaster for this. It's worth it, it would sell like hot cakes and the improvement would be more dramatic than with V.

    My bet is they're already working on that. Maybe this will get them to announce it.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited review

  • kongzi 22/06/2015

    Wow..sounds like you have to both incredibly bored AND easily satisfied at the same time to get any kind of (weird) enjoyment out of this. I'm the easily satisfied type, I admit, but that means I'm never bored enough to plough 30 hours into something before it 'finds it's feet'. Reply +1
  • Bethesda confirms Fallout 4 1080p30 on consoles, unrestricted on PC

  • kongzi 22/06/2015

    Considering the states Fallout 3 and New Vegas were released in on consoles...let's try to keep expectations on a modest level here, lol. "Functional", "relatively smooth", "...was able to restore my save after crashing" are the words I'll be looking for. Reply +1
  • 15 minutes of Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay footage

  • kongzi 22/06/2015

    @XbDf No. It just left me about as cold as that snow's supposed to be. And salt is good, it melts snow.

    What I saw was a long cutscene that didn't have to be that long. Then some walking straight forward, which I admit is slightly more exciting than walking backward. Some rudimentary stealth that looked easy. If I can just fire sleepgas at enemies in that cramped area, there's no challenge.. Then more trudging forward and a bear fight which was kinda nice but no more interesting than a low level witcher contract. More cutscene, with hideous looking water.

    All that in an environment that looks flatter and less alive than Yamatai. The Definitive Edition looks better, imo and I'm not seeing a lot of technical improvements beyond tree climbing and some new tools. Shame because I actually liked the previous one a lot.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Batman Arkham Knight

  • kongzi 20/06/2015

    Hmm i was afraid this game was bloated beyond being fun. I loved Arkham Asylum to death, but City not so much.

    But it does look mindblowingly good in motion, damn. And Rocksteady delivers quality stuff (meaning, it doesnt just look good for the trailers) I know.

    So tell me, what are the predator sections like? Are they still important? Have they been improved upon? Or has the balance shifted entirely towards open world, massive beatdowns and tanking around with the batmobile?
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  • Digital Foundry vs Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • kongzi 20/06/2015

    Good engineering challenge indeed. But if performance on xbone is generally a cut lower than on 360, it hardly makes for a worthwhile experience. A lot of 360 games especially later on, have (to me at least) performance that's just about acceptable on 360. Even the slightest loss of performance is gonna make a big difference.

    Then there's the assumption that later games are more tailored to the hardware, eeking more performance out of it or using very specific tricks to achieve effects. It remains in question how well the emulation holds up then, when the difference in hardware becomes more apparent. It could widen the oerformance gap even further.

    It sounds like a gigantic moneysink for MS. A lot of engineering effort was spent on getting here: to a point where it works, but probably isn't up to emulating those games everybody wants. Every game they bring to this is going to take more work..and it's obvious the emulator needs more work as well, if it's to meet expectations (created by MS). And for what, really? I dont suspect xbox one owners are going to pillage the 360 shelves for classics. If they do they'll buy second hand games mostly. Hardly anyone is going to make new money out of this. Apart from the few it'll convince to buy that xbox one, if they hadn't already.

    That's going to matter with publishers who are approached to relicense their games or whatever they need to do to allow it: Is this going to make us money? Not really... That means they may be willing to, but they're not going to put effort in. MS needs to handle it. If they have plans to remaster or bundle one of their games, they'd probably rather not have it available here.

    So while it's a great marketing stunt and a nice jab at Sony, who are technically unable to do this for ps3 as everybody knows. It's also a very nice technical achievement. But as an actual business operation (where things cost money, take time and don't turn out quite as good as you had hoped) it makes very little sense. It'll never turn a profit...and if it does only very indirectly by convincing people who haven't bought a next gen console yet to get an xbone...i don't know maybe these people are attracted to last gen games. Some of them. I see most of them as casuals who probably don't buy a lot of games, especially not old ones.

    I think when Sony does the math they'll see this too and continue with their course of remastering their best and leaving third parties the option of doing the same. I don't think they're in a great rush to do anything like this, or to position PSNow (which isn't up to expectations either) as their competing proposition.

    As a gamer I'm also not really that interested in continually replaying games...whether they're remastered or even rebooted, no matter how great they are/were...which more often than not they aren't. I'd love to replay Mass Effect until i remember those tedious planet exploration sections...and the performance.
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  • Don't hold your breath for PS4 backwards compatibility

  • kongzi 19/06/2015

    Oh well, that was expected.
    I'm not bothered because I don't own any ps3 games, the ones that I'd want to own are being remastered anyway. And how many old games do I want to replay, really? I barely have enough time to get through what's good and new.
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