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  • Fable developer Lionhead closes down today

  • kongzi 29/04/2016

    The lionhead is dead, long live the microsoft!! :-/ Reply -4
  • Telltale's The Walking Dead season three sees return of popular character

  • kongzi 27/04/2016

    Cool, but it's gonna need some real innovation to draw me back in. Loved the old games, but another one like it would feel stale now. Running into old characters, as lovely as they are, will only emphasise that.

    Ditching that old engine for something a bit more 21st century would give them a lot more options to expand the formula and maybe even give back some control and choice to players.
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  • It looks like this year's COD is named Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • kongzi 26/04/2016

    I'm just gonna crawl back into my black hole and wait this one out. Unless it features lots of zero gravity battles and gigantic laser satellites ripping through planets. That would be kinda awesome :) Reply +3
  • The Gears of War 4 season pass costs 40

  • kongzi 26/04/2016

    @Syrette I do, don't worry about my credentials. You don't have to be convinced by my story though. It's not my money you're spending on glorified rentals. I've been saying the same thing for a while, and I'd rather be wrong about it, but so far I really am not.

    It's not a Microsoft exclusive, it's the way a significant of (not just) the gaming industry is trying to move. Many 'digital experts' believe it's the future. I've sat through tonnes of meetings with people like that and none of them convinced me. In the meantime, DLC practices that were considered egregious are the norm... I see writing on the wall there.

    Again, don't be convinced, by all means... This is my opinion, you don't have to share it. I'm also not saying Sony is any better, just less aggressive about it (Sony as a company was doing horrible for a while so they simply can't afford to piss anybody off now).
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  • kongzi 26/04/2016

    McMicrosoft gave themselves away with that launch presentation for the Xbone. It gave such a great insight into their thinking. It's not about gaming with them. They literally don't give a rats ass about it. For them consoles are the new TV.. a place where you get to enjoy some sterile, sanitized, glossy but vapid entertainment in return for being bombarded with ads, advertorials and product placement. And definitely don't forget that THAT is the desired transaction... The games are there to get you to watch the ads.. If, after you watched the ad and engaged in a microtransaction or two, you get bored with the game because..well, it's utter shit you played a 100 times before and 3/4 of it is locked away behind further paywalls.. if you do get bored. Well, that's great.. because it just means the process starts all over again.

    Microsoft has almost zero incentive to give you the kind of classic gaming awesomeness you can play for days on end.. because it means you don't drop into their dashboard to watch more ads and suggestions every 2 minutes. It means you don't run into barriers and paywalls that can only be overcome by buying 'more' of the game... preferably with some stupid invented MS-coin monopoly money they can inflate the crap out of. They don't want you in their game.. they want you dropping in and out of them constantly so they can ad- and paywall you some more :)

    It's a Brilliant Business Model. And if you expect them to come up with anything you aren't a very smart person. They've been doing this for years. They'll pay lipservice to core gamers, or acquire some quirky indie titles.. but it's a classic bait and switch to sucker you into their ecosystem which they're progressively making harder to break out of.

    I'm real glad I went with my PS4, not because it's a great machine (it is not) or I have particular love for Sony (it sucks) or because I care about exclusives (I really, really don't). The only thing it does better is not making me feel ripped off at every turn I take with it. In this day and age.. I guess I'll take that.
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  • Why is video game lore so awful?

  • kongzi 23/04/2016

    Couldn't agree more with the article. I just think The Witcher 3 isn't the greatest example of over bloated lore.

    It's a game with a lot of text. But it also drops a lot of new players into a strange new universe with complex characters and that does require some explanation and setting up. Also, text and books play a very important role in the story and Witcher world in general, so it makes sense you're confronted with that a lot.

    The reason why I really think it's an unfair example, is that it also features some of the very best ambient and organic storytelling I've seen in a game. If you don't read anything in the game and turn off all the HUD you can, there is still so much you can gather simply from reading your surroundings. It's incredibly layered, from the way the landscapes are naturally formed (erosion, swamps, floods) and settlements are dotted around them in a way that makes makes sense and tells a story about how they were formed. You can see how the humans have built on top of the elven ruins. How the cities where races live together have been segregated. How the swamp is reclaiming communities. Even down to how the remains of battles are arranged so you can almost exactly trace out the course of the war between Redania and Nilfgaard.

    The text is mostly done in a way that supports and adds a bit of color and voice to it. And definitely not to fill in major blanks in the storytelling and world building. The way it should be done.

    All that said, most other games are still really really bad at it..and in general I'm always way more impressed by more minimalistic, compressed stories than large sprawling ones. I love The Witcher for what it is, but I'm also fond of how Hitman has finally stripped most of it down to the absolute minimum. There's merit in both approaches as long as it's done well and with a good purpose. There aren't many studios that do it well.. And none of them are the pretentious art house studios that use terms like 'interactive drama' 'new kind of storytelling' 'it's not a game it's an experience' :p
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  • Performance Analysis: Battleborn beta on PS4 and Xbox One

  • kongzi 21/04/2016

    I'm not seeing anything here that has any business running at 30fps Reply +1
  • Microsoft discontinues Xbox 360

  • kongzi 21/04/2016

    @carmagainagain if I am anything to go by you can divide the number of total sales by 3.

    The again, those lost units are still economically significant, they were produced after all. MS would've had to pay suppliers for the parts, foxconn for the fabrication etc. It's only a loss for MS and afaik the entire run of the 360 generation has been hugely profitable for them, so I guess they could take a hit like that. I've had mine replaced twice, which sucked, but I have to say the way MS handled the repairs and replacements was really good! I don't expect Nintendo or Sony to be anywhere near that nice.
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  • Ubisoft just implemented a smart fix for The Division's incursion exploits

  • kongzi 21/04/2016

    That's not a fix, its a workaround. Reply +10
  • Smite streamer leaves Hi-Rez after controversial comments about suicide

  • kongzi 20/04/2016

    Sounds like he is unhappy himself, but can't own up to it.

    "Everyone has f***ing depression and anxiousness. Everyone has a hard time f***ing waking up, and still a lot of us do it without putting the burden on a lot of other people..."

    No dude, everyone really doesn't. If you think that's a normal state to be in, you clearly got some stuff to work out yourself.
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  • The Division players up in arms over bugs, exploits and glitches

  • kongzi 20/04/2016

    Everything I read about The Division just screams FUN, FUN, FUN at me!
    Maybe they should've done a few more rounds in alpha and beta with it.. instead of treating them like glorified demos.

    Real glad I stuck to my 'It's Ubi, so it'll be a gigantic deflating letdown one way or the other' guns here :P Most people know that's true, but for some reason they all end up falling for it every time. "This time it's different..." This stuff will keep happening until the world runs out of suckers... considering this was one another one of those "Biggest launches in like forever, yo!" it seems the suckers are secretly multiplying.
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  • Revealed: Sony's plan for PlayStation 4K - codename Neo

  • kongzi 19/04/2016

    Cool, I like it. Only thing I'm wondering about is the price.. I'm hoping this comes with a price drop on the base model and doesn't cost more than 400-500 euro itself.

    At that price I could really go for a slightly beefier version of what I already have. I'm not liking the flimsy build and ridiculous amounts of fan noise on the old model, at all. On top of that, it already feels underpowered for some of the games now.
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  • Batman Arkham HD Collection revealed via leak

  • kongzi 19/04/2016

    PEGI: "Realistic looking violence"?
    Hahaha, really now?
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  • The new Doom is having a tough time with Steam user reviews

  • kongzi 18/04/2016

    Franchisitis...if they had called it 'Hell' and didnt invite the comparisons to one of the most beloved games of all time...everybody would love it. Reply 0
  • Here's the most streamed Spotify music on PlayStation

  • kongzi 16/04/2016

    Shit I'm old... and so is Eminem. I remember hating his voice back in highschool. He's technically a good rapper though. People that shout about how music nowadays is so shit remind me of my dad, who says the same thing about the 70s. Don't whine about shitty music, just promote good music instead. I'm regularly finding tons of great stuff on Spotify that has like a couple of hundred or thousand plays tops.

    The only thing I personally miss on Spotify is mixes. I like electronic, techno, etc.. stuff that's simply better in a mix, and the best individual tracks are usually on singles and EP's. Spotify isn't great for those.
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  • Some people are upset the new Mirror's Edge locks abilities behind XP upgrades

  • kongzi 15/04/2016

    Wasn't this supposed to be an origins story of sorts? In that case unlocking abilities makes sense. Not very innovative, granted. But on the other hand, I'm not seeing anyone coming up with good alternatives to giving a sense of progression in an open world...other than just cramming a map full of icons.

    Me I'm not a fan of rebooting and origin stories anyway. Not everything had to be a damn franchise. I'd wager this game could've been even better if they just took the good ideas from mirrors edge and made an entirely new game around that, without being constrained by franchise expectations and limitations. They could call it run motherfuckers run for my part. I'd certainly be more interested because it would seem like something fresh, instead of just a fresh take on something I've played before. Which this does. I actually prefer the old game's aesthetics too so far.
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  • Here's Fallout 4's Chryslus Rocket '69 car, in Forza 6

  • kongzi 14/04/2016

    Why don't real cars look like that? Reply +13
  • What went wrong with Quantum Break on PC?

  • kongzi 09/04/2016

    Lollolollol. AAA gaming today..lololololol. What a gigantic shitfest.

    Notice to all devs and pubs thinking they can get away with this: you're on my watch list. Do this a couple of times and you will lose me as a customer. Microsoft has unlocked that achievement with me a long time ago, but Remedy is now added as well. Have fun hitting on those sexy ubisoft interns guys.
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  • David Hayter reprises Metal Gear Solid role in Ford commercials

  • kongzi 09/04/2016

    @Cafuddled haha. In an interview I saw or read Kojima actually gave that as his reason for the change. Because Snake has so little dialogue, he wanted a real Hollywood actor to bring out the non verbal aspect of the performance...

    Or some line like that. Made me laugh then too.

    Not diminish Sutherland as an actor, btw. I think he's a lot better than people are willing to give him credit for and there's a lot he can do with that voice of his. His performance in V is pretty dull and uninspired though.

    Edit: snake never struck me as a Ford man actually.
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  • Layoffs at Guitar Hero Live developer

  • kongzi 02/04/2016

    @adwodon meh...I could've told them years ago plastic guitars weren't gonna come back. Reply 0
  • Road Redemption slated for PC this summer

  • kongzi 02/04/2016

    @Mobius1 me too.
    I learned I shouldn't take my game news before my morning coffee.
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  • Quantum Break review

  • kongzi 01/04/2016

    Oh how I got negged for making snarky remarks about the length.

    Shame this though. Remedy always has great ideas,technical prowess, buckets of style...but somehow it always falls short of great. Maybe they should just throw all the fancy crap out of the window and just make a really decent shooter. I bet you that'll be brilliant.
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  • Nintendo fires marketer after sustained online hate campaign

  • kongzi 31/03/2016

    For such a great and positively regarded company...why do they always seem so utter shit to work for? So they do like butt in on your personal life and tell you want you can and can't do in your personal time, but if the entire internet decides to take a dump on you during company hours.. Not a goddamn peep!

    I don't care about this girl, what she thinks or why she was fired. The fact that she's apparently not sueing the crap out of them is pretty telling there... just remind me to never ever take a job at ninetentoes.
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  • Shadow of Mordor 2 leaked via stuntwoman's resume

  • kongzi 30/03/2016

    @IronSoldier it's a Monolith game, they're a quality dev when given the chance. I don't think WB is a publisher in the way the other big ones are. They don't have a very active role in development...they just sorta buy titles they'll think do well and have a few movie related brands they hire studios to develop games for.

    Personally I was hoping Monolith was gonna bring the ideas behind Mordor to a game of their own cause quite frankly I detest lord of the rings. I loved Mordor on the strength of the game itself, not that universe.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda marketing survey leaks

  • kongzi 30/03/2016

    The point of leaking this is to gather the vibe on the interwebs for the fine ladies and gents only the design board. So as a big fan of the old series (1 and 2 mostly) here we go:

    This absolutely sucks donkey balls and I'm so bored I had to push myself to even finish reading the press release. An RPG, set in our galaxy (because recognisability is fun), where you explore, mine, colonise and make sweet love to the pretty aliens and shoot all the ugly ones with lasers...... How hard is that?

    Sounds like the only aliens here are the people designing this game. I've always felt that mass effect neglects the most interesting corners and histories of it's universe. The best stuff is only read or heard about while you play out this dreary space marine saves the universe from insects crap. I'd like to play that origin story, humans finding those ruins, taking their first steps into space, the turian wars, the krogan rebellions. Stuff like that back story of Thane or whatever he was called. Crap, just give me Garrus - The Mercenary Days. Or an action strategy game where you command a team of those Salarian special ops guys, that would be a lot fun.

    No...let's discard all of that and just move on to the next universe and try to copy Destiny a lot. Count me out.

    In good news today: there's a huge giant gaping black hole in the marketplace for an epic, mainstream space opera type exploration RPG! Somebody is bound to jump in there soon.
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  • This year's Call of Duty is set in space - report

  • kongzi 29/03/2016

    Psst...relax. The next installment of Mass Effect after Andromeda will take place across various real world battlefields tastelessly ripped from today's headlines. Next EA will also launch a persistent online shooter RPG based on World War 1 trench warfare. Think Destiny meets Minecraft on mustard gas. Reply 0
  • Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter throws shade at Hideo Kojima

  • kongzi 28/03/2016

    Kinda sleazy how this article stretches what Hayter actually says into something just a bit more salacious.

    Not sure what illusion this should burst about Kojima. I'm not friends with the guy, so I don't care what he's like in person. If he continues to put out good games I'll continue to call him a great game maker. If he doesn't I'll call him a has-been.

    That said. Replacing Hayter was one dumb ass decision..especially when Sutherland literally has like 2 lines in Phantom Pain and sounds completely uninspired for his entire 3 seconds of speaking time. Kept you waiting huh?
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  • That Dragon, Cancer "has not yet seen a single dollar from sales"

  • kongzi 28/03/2016

    Sorry to say because the game itself is super commendable for the way it handles the subject matter and everything. But all I can say about this reaction is: welcome to the marketplace, boyo. Come down from your ivory tower and learn a bit instead of bitching about what could or should've been.

    You should've realised that while you're almost sure to draw a lot of (positive) attention with a game like this, the marketplace for these high concept, low gameplay titles isn't actually that big. You should've looked at similar(ish) titles and would've seen that quite easily.

    Brings me back to a point I made the other week about games being toys, not art projects. I'd like to add to that that if you treat a game like an art project and act like an auteur, that you get all the usual difficulty of making a game...development, long pipelines, heavy technical restrictions, bugs and testing testing testing only to find more bugs... And on top you have to deal with the issues of trying to be an auteur: no money, no acceptance, misunderstanding and misinterpretation of your work, People leaching off your suposed brilliance for nothing and all ready to kick you some more should you ever fall down. You also can't turn around and start acting like a business manager referencing disappointing sales and break even points. Art can serve a lot of purposes...breaking even isn't one of them.

    While it's still nice to see a bit more auteurship in games and studios taking on headier and more creative concepts. That's fantastic, but gaming is a commercial industry first and foremost. You absolutely can use a commercial industry to produce art (as in: something more than mere entertainment), I'm not denying that..but you have to understand and respect that you're part of that industry all the while. You can't deny facts on the ground.

    I'd be happy with the exposure let's players would give me and not try to beg for tips at the exit. That's dumb. I would've had a proactive plan, engaging with a few streamers I'd like and I think would do my game and it's message justice. I'd try to get the various cancer charities involved as well. If the game is about getting a message out, that's the way to do it. If you just throw it on steam like just another point and click adventure it's gonna be treated as one. I don't think a dollar an hour ratio is the problem... People are not that shallow, really. But some of these more artsy studios seem to have either forgotten that a game is a toy, or...and this is common with artistic people, are adverse to any kind of marketing strategy and afraid to be seen as commercial and exploitative. This makes them push their games out with no strategy as to how to present them or (dirty word incoming) frame them.

    Next time, hire a guy like me. He's gonna tell you things you don't like, but you'll both be happier for it and get more done in the end.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight gave us the hero we deserve

  • kongzi 25/03/2016

    And yet, good games, bad games, movies brooding or exuberant...I am just so goddamn bored with Batman, Joker and superhero fiction as a whole. The genre now masquerades behind ever more complex, brutal looking suits, plots, military hardware, bigger muscles/boobs and shinier latex as if the whole genre is directed by Cliffy B. But in the end they're still kids stories, just dressed up in daddy's big business suit and Trump wig.

    And aside from that, because nothing wrong at all with a good kid's story, there's still such a concept as 'saturation'. Just so bored with epicness :-/ big stories of no significance. Tell me something that's small, human or just for the hell of it: means something....or just shut up and be happy with being a game... You know, something that people play...for fun. Something that's not "an experience". You're not Tolstoy, you're a toymaker... Be Gepetto. You're not even Hideo, and he's great because he understands he's making a toy.

    Arkham Knight for me was the perfect embodiment of what I don't like about this kind of design philosophy. It's loud, brash, but empty. All pomp and circumstance, but ultimately soulless. The only way to compensate is to try and drive everything over the top until you get the cacophony that's AK. They realise they're being boring so it's has to constantly switch it up. That batmobile needs to look that way because the story has no confidence or drive. It really is a giant tiny dick on wheels. The shame in it is that Rocksteady really is an excellent developer and the game is really well made (in consoles at least).

    That's the difference between the classic stuff people still play today and the goddamn tripe you have to inject with monthly dlc to keep even the most compulsive of compulsive gamers on the hook. And the next installment is gonna have to be bigger, better and more badass all over again...and, just because your shareholders probably have a say too: a lot more cost effective too. Do more with less, better management and all that. Good luck with that! :)

    *rant over.
    Summary: games are toys, not "experiences ".
    Disclaimer: my opinion, not necessarily yours.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront has made some great strides since launch - the Outer Rim DLC isn't one of them

  • kongzi 25/03/2016

    Moar stuffs for your game! Yayah! Make Battlefront great again, hurdur.

    Last I saw this game was a big hit on the trade in scene. Low low prices too.

    Never a good sign.
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  • Sony announces new mobile studio ForwardWorks

  • kongzi 25/03/2016

    What the hell is a full fledged game?
    There will not be any DLC? Is that what you're saying.

    And what the hell is non-full fledged game then? Or does it just mean they won't do anything with The Order 17whatever?
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  • Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 3 to premiere this year

  • kongzi 23/03/2016

    The Milking Cow

    kongzi will remember that.
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  • Watch: Ian plays 90 minutes of Quantum Break on Xbox One

  • kongzi 21/03/2016

    I'm unpleasantly surprised at my pleasant surprise that it does indeed apparently seem to offer more than 90 minutes of playtime.

    Edit: Joking aside, looks excellent. Instead of resolution they went with effects, destruction and scene density. I like it.
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  • So, will Sony actually allow PS4 and Xbox One owners to play together?

  • kongzi 17/03/2016

    Smart PR move by MS. Sony is obviously not going to allow that...just as MS would probably never allow it vice versa either. But if you're the one proposing it, you leave the other party to strike it down, and looking like a bunch of dicks.

    Nothing's gonna change.
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  • Chinese mining company buys Runescape dev for $300m - report

  • kongzi 15/03/2016

    Shady.. mining companies in China are doing terrible. They're expecting mass layoffs, as in the hundreds of thousands. Looks more like some execs found 300 million in their socks they had to hide real quick or risk ending up in a re-education camp or lynch party. Reply +5
  • Assassin's Creed gets official virtual reality spin-off this year

  • kongzi 15/03/2016

    "It's not a game...it's an experience"
    Oh boy oh boy...:/ Here we go again. Games not trying to be games, or how to fail in 1 easy to follow step.
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  • Metro 2033 author partners with Hollywood for film

  • kongzi 15/03/2016

    @jamyskis1981 yeah, not sure if i was thinking about Putins home-movie maker in chief helming the joint...haha. Reply +2
  • kongzi 15/03/2016

    Could be good with the right people on it. But I'm afraid Hollywood is too sensitive to get too far into the nasty meat of the story. They'll focus on the 'boy versus monsters' aspect and keep it safe for all audiences.

    Aren't there Russians that can make this? It's their story and Russians are ace storytellers.
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  • System Shock remake debuts gameplay footage

  • kongzi 15/03/2016

    @betonos same here. I'm not a fan of unity's performance specifically on larger more complex games like this. Seems like Unreal would've been a much more natural fit, if only for it's shooter pedigree.

    I'm not worried about the design that much. The first games weren't really lookers either.
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  • Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto lawsuit gets ugly

  • kongzi 15/03/2016

    The claim is BS and Lindsay Lohan is a dumb cow, duh, but I'm glad the judges have to decided to judge the case based on it's merits and not the ones of the person bringing it before them.

    Maybe they want to do that because they want to strike this down hard, create a precedent and leave little bloodsuckers like her no recourse in the future? That would be doing the legal system a favour.

    And you can't deny the likeness like you can't deny Lohan's narcissism and fading career. And in typical R* fashion they hit her hard, so she gets to be angry for a while.

    If she had any class and character she would've teamed up with Rockstar to satirise herself in GTA 6. But then again, she probably wouldn't be half as a famous if she had those.
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  • The Division review

  • kongzi 15/03/2016

    "Part of The Division's personality is a little obnoxious, admittedly - this is a Tom Clancy game after all, that believable real-life setting and delectable premise coming with a side order of a questionable worldview and a story that would be objectionable if it weren't so forgettable and fumbled in its delivery."

    I'm glad one review at least mentions this. When I was 16 I wouldn't care, now I'm an adult and actually think about stuff, this is actually one of the most off-putting things about it. Think about it, to play this well you have to immerse yourself in it for 100 hours and more...and sorry, but immersing myself that long in this world and fiction...it's not enticing at all. I don't like this type of loot driven game at all, but if I did I'd prefer Destiny because the setting is sci fi escapist fantasy. It's not only more pleasant to be in, it carries the game mechanics so much better.

    Moral of the story: the morals of the story do begin to matter at some point. To me at least. Not for any high flying political or ethical reasons, just fun factor. It's all about treatment too, it's kind of interesting that this repulses me in a way GTA V didn't, even though morally it maybe should have.

    Still, looks like a solid game and that's bucking the trend of shitty bungled AAA releases. I'm not trying to say anyone is wrong for liking it, just pointing out where it loses me (as someone who's always liked the Clancy games overall).
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  • Gears of War 4 stars Marcus Fenix's son

  • kongzi 08/03/2016

    Because Marcus Fenix was such a great character with a deep back story that's worth revisiting... Reply -2
  • "I was slightly confused by the reaction"

  • kongzi 04/03/2016

    @kangarootoo Really? I think that reaction was a perfectly logical one from people who feel (and have felt for a while) they're being shafted with this talk about 'exclusive this, exclusive that'.

    When it is unmasked as corporate PR double speak that has no bearing on reality... some mild irritation is to be expected. Add extreme overexaggeration and some vitriol because well..euh.. gamerkids.. and you get this.

    But as any PR guy knows.. never let a good crisis (fake or not) go to waste to talk up your game a bit more.
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  • Epic boss accuses Microsoft of trying to "monopolise game development on PC"

  • kongzi 04/03/2016

    I find it funny Microsoft even still has people defending it. It's clear what they want to do...it's clear they're not consumer or content producer friendly and only interested in taking over all your entertainment and information needs with their crapshit... To the exclusion of everybody else. Adapt, extend, extinguish...this has always been their explicit method and intention in everything they do.

    Sometimes they do nice things, or are forced to fold on it because of backlash (seems to happen a lot)...so after the xbone announcement (TV TV TV!) I was sure we were gonna see nice Microsoft the clown handing out balloons to gamerkids for a while before they would dare show their true face again.

    If you disregard them as a consumer and just look at the kinds of parents they file or listen to what they tell investors you'll get a much clearer picture of it.

    But gamers seem to be blind and oblivious to this kinda stuff because it's not fun, and games are supposed to be fun. As long as I can play my xxxyyyz I'm good...right?
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  • Our best look yet at Mass Effect: Andromeda's main character

  • kongzi 03/03/2016

    As space marine as generics can come....oh wait Reply +3
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda will be out Q1 2017

  • kongzi 02/03/2016

    @riceNpea that too, yes. Reply +1
  • kongzi 02/03/2016

    Sci-fi action game...
    Sounding more like Destiny every day. I'm gonna give it a pass me thinks. Love the mass effect universe, but I don't think bioware understands what makes it an enticing place.... They're taking it in all the wrong directions (bigger, grander, more epicly) while the best parts of it are actually exploring a space station and it's local politics, the trials and travails of a fledgling colony, the adventures of a small band of Rogue mercs. But seems they're moving further and further away from that into identikit sci fi action space marines saving the universe all over again cack everybody seems to be into. Everybody except me. I want The Witcher in space.
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  • Harmonix launches Fig campaign for Rock Band 4 on PC

  • kongzi 02/03/2016

    My music would fuck a lot of plastic instruments (and people's fingers) up. I have to consider this. Reply 0
  • PlayStation blog page suggests No Man's Sky will be full-priced release

  • kongzi 02/03/2016

    A lot of people will buy it for novelty sake and get bored with it pretty quickly. I love this game gets so much attention, but it seems to me like a pretty niche and singular game actually. I'm pretty sure I'll like it, but that's usually a negative indicator for mainstream appeal, lol. If you're really that desperate for the extra 15 euro beer money, it'll be available cheaper pretty soon. Reply +1
  • Uncharted 4 release date delayed another two weeks

  • kongzi 02/03/2016

    Fine...but if you delay your game a couple of times like this, you commit yourself to an absolute flawless launch, without gigantic day one patch, server bullshit, performance issues etc...

    Let's make that deal, okay?
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