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  • Digital Foundry vs Saints Row 4: Re-Elected on PS4

  • kongzi 18/01/2015

    Cap the framerate and I'll buy. Haven't played 4 yet so I'm actually quite looking forward to it after putting so much time into V. But with these graphics it should be smooth.

    I have to say, these df articles aren't as useful as they were because there's bound to be a day one patch that can change performance, for better or worse.

    Just wait for that and then analyse it. I don't buy games day one anymore either so I can wait a week.
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  • Untangling Evolve's convoluted DLC plan

  • kongzi 15/01/2015

    Lol, this is getting pretty ridiculous. That 15 dollar supermonster is an obvious ploy to get you to pre order.

    Keep hollowing out your own industry, guys! Doing great!
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity story DLC Dead Kings out next week

  • kongzi 08/01/2015

    Like I care.
    Haven't finished unity and am going to trade it in. They fixed some obvious bugs, but it still breaks a lot. The parkour is horribly frustrating, because you can't stop jumping all over the place all the time. They need to just rip that system out entirely.

    Stealth is broken and the AI is dumb as a rock overall.

    The assassinations are dull. Open ended my ass.

    I really wanted to like this but I won't buy another ac game ever again.
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  • Games of 2014: Destiny

  • kongzi 26/12/2014

    This game has never had a single bit of appeal to me. I like the world design, that's about it. To me it takes elements of twitch shooters, something I'm thoroughly bored with, and combines it with the elements of mmo that I find least appealing (grinding, collecting, absence of story and context).

    But it's been literally everywhere this year and pulled a lot of people into next gen so it deserves it's spot.
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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • kongzi 22/12/2014

    It's easy to complain that games don't feel next gen without specifying what that entails. Graphics alone aren't doing it obviously.

    What's the next big idea?
    I don't think there any (for AAA games at least). It's probably for the best too. Some of the big ideas going into last gen still haven't properly materialised. They were:

    -large interactive open worlds. GTA V is great but that formula is starting to show it's age while most other games are still struggling to catch up as much as they were before.

    -HUDless. Ironically this was a big idea at Ubisoft last gen. Oh, how they got lost. I liked it. No more health metres and floating icons everywhere, just stuff that's visually apparent from the gameworld. Hey, my guy is all bloody and limps, he must be wounded. Most games now are constantly notifying you of stuff that could either be saved for a stat screen or should just be visually apparent. If there are menus part of the gameplay, like in RPGs, they're often cluttered and convoluted to navigate. They can do a lot better.

    -destruction and persistent damage:
    Devs were playing with this but probably just ran out of memory. But there's a lot they can do here. Especially once they get around to letting GPU handle that stuff.

    A game with all 3 of those and a seamless, somewhat engaging and competent cinematic presentation is what I'd consider next gen. But I'd probably said the same thing going into the ps3/xbox360 generation.

    So maybe this will be the gen that makes good on last gens promises, haha. I'm fine with that.
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  • Elegy for a Dead World review

  • kongzi 19/12/2014

    Its great that games are becoming more artistic...but i really can't play another moody, existentialist game with philosophical overtones or undercurrents for at least a couple of months. I've had my fix.

    Fiending for some commander keen right now, but afraid they'll reveal themselves as complicated metaphors for child abuse when played too much :s

    Edit: I'm not negative about this game, at all. It actually sounds pretty damn interesting. I'm just personally more interested in kicking alien butt with laser powered tennisshoes at the moment.
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  • CVG to close

  • kongzi 19/12/2014

    That's shitty...I liked them, they had a good geeky fun vibe that a lot of publications have forgotten about. I really dont know how to describe it any better than that. I really didn't know they were thát old (I'm not British), that makes it even sadder to see them go. Reply 0
  • Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island review

  • kongzi 19/12/2014

    The only game that makes me feel bad for getting a ps4. Im not a big enough gamer to have two consoles, so it'll be a while before I get to play this. Been a big fan since fm2, and it has had undoubtedly the best driving in any game since fm3.

    This sounds like an expansion done right. Forza precision with a bit of Codemasters' off road drama is probably even better than it sounds on paper.

    Enjoy, you utter bastards.
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  • January's Far Cry 4 DLC adds permadeath

  • kongzi 19/12/2014

    All for more permadeath in games.

    Not sure how this would actually work in coop though. It does make playing cooperatively ( and picking a good partner) a real necessity.

    However, as this is a ubigame. It's not really relevant as I don't buy ubigames anymore. Maybe a GoTY pack with everything bundled in, maybe.
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  • Minecraft creator Notch bought the most expensive house ever in Beverly Hills

  • kongzi 19/12/2014

    I'd probably feel depressed and lonely within a day. Wtf do you do in a big empty house by yourself at night? Reply +6
  • Ubisoft delays Assassin's Creed: Unity's next major patch

  • kongzi 18/12/2014

    My first impressions (ps4) is that it's an improvement but a lot of the bugs are still there, especially with crowds. Missions are still prone to bugs and everything you do just feels wonky and imprecise. There's also a really weird animation when you pass through them I hadn't seen before. Looks to me like the entire character model kind of swivels out of your way (wtf?)

    Sad, because underneath the layers of shit there's a pretty good AC game and it can look pretty damn amazing. I don't think I'll ever buy another Ubi game though, the last couple were always ultimately letdowns in some way. First they need to restructure their ridiculous yearly franchise model and make games that don't just lazily copy each ohter's mechanics. And keep patching the hell out of Unity so that ultimately I am playing a polished game (not very likely that'll happen)
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  • Advanced Warfare sales 27 per cent below Ghosts in the US

  • kongzi 14/12/2014

    It's the IP is king ethos that's ruining AAA games more than anything. It kills creativity. New ideas are only valid if they can be shoehorned into the existing template.

    Part of that is the gamers' fault.. they won't buy an interesting new title to try it out, but slap a familiar brandname on it and they'll lap it up, no matter how much you make a mockery of the original concept. Publishers are just answering what they perceive as market demand in this.

    Industry and consumer, choking each other to death. I don't see it changing anytime soon, but that's not a bad thing. There are great games coming out left and right, just not as much from the big guys. Atari-moments...
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  • Which is the better media player? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One revisited

  • kongzi 14/12/2014

    Surplus to requirements?

    Only if you're able (and willing) to invest in the latest in smart TVs and streaming services.

    I am not. I want a simple setup that takes care of my games, can stream music in a decent way (Spotify lo res streams aren't doing it for me). A screen, a ps4 and a mixer with speakers is all I would need. I don't care about TV shows.
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  • Rich Stanton on: GTA's growing pains

  • kongzi 13/12/2014

    Its pretty clear Rockstar sort of wants to move away from it too. I thought IV made an effort to change this a bit, but got heavily criticized for not being over the top enough. So in a strange and ironic way GTA V was playing it safe. You also feel that rockstar is kind of stuck to the GTA template for now...they haven't been able to match it's success yet. And with a game so big and renowned you can't radically change the tone without alienating your core audience.

    I totally agree with the points made in this article, but at the same I'm also sort of bored with all the games trying to be deep and meaningful (and failing mostly) and I miss the irreverence and political incorrectness of old games. Part of me likes the fact that one of the biggest games out there still has a bit of that and is so willing to be deliberately crass with everybody. As a gay person, I wasn't offended at all by the GTA stereotype queers. I laughed my ass off.

    But again, totally agreed that right now, it hasn't been able to do next gen potty humour yet. Rdr was a much more cohesive experience, but then again...that wild contrast between first person blowjobs in a grubby alley and watching a quiet sunset from the top of Mt chilliad also makes a lot of the appeal. Whatever gaming experience I want, slow, fast,crass, sensitive...GTA can offer it in some way. In that way, and because the story does have some brains beneath it all, it remains one of the more interesting titles. Personally I haven't paid the hookers any mind since VC (imagine the furore if you could pick up gay prostitutes!!)..but a lot of people have. That's kind of cool,that we all play this game and latch onto different things we like and dislike about it. So while I feel every bit of criticism you can level at it, and there are much better designed, tighter games out there, GTA V is still my favourite game ever, by quite a margin.
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  • Tripwire defends Killing Floor 2 PS4 port

  • kongzi 10/12/2014

    Oh this debate again...still as pointless as ever. Let's get smug over a machine....never understood that, never will.

    Kf2 looks nice, that's all I need to know. And the main thing I take away from this is that it'll be harder than most other shooters on consoles... If that's true, that's nice too.
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  • Witcher 3 dev: "Market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen"

  • kongzi 10/12/2014

    I think they see this as an opportunity to truly break into the big leagues. With all the big guys dropping the ball on almost every major release.... A relatively small studio from Poland breaking that trend with a large immersive, sp RPG will look very good indeed.

    I have to say, I'm not into rpgs and fantasy at all, but witcher 3 has won me over purely on the strength of their gameplay demos. It comes closer to what I consider next gen game than just about anything else out there...scope and breadth is where it's at, not realistic clothing folds and illuminated rain drops.
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  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • kongzi 09/12/2014

    Translation: we looked at our balance sheet, needed money, ms had some. Please move along, the AAA industry is not turning into a cynical cashgrab and good gameplay is still way more important than graphics and milking the shit out of the same franchise for 20 years because all the good designers left and went indie. Thats not happening! Have another award show.

    Microsoft still has the worst pr newspeak in the business. Go ahead and forge the hell out of that brand, dude bro. Forge + positioning (market-wise, obviously) + ????? = good game = moneys.
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  • Face-Off: The Crew

  • kongzi 06/12/2014

    Still no decent racer on ps4. I got turned off on this game when I saw crashes just spawn you back on the road. It all looks very directed and bland to me.

    And what's up with aa these days? It's great to have lot of detail but when it shimmers and pops all over the place I'd rather not have it.

    Microtransactions always cheapen the experience. No matter how or where they are implemented and whether they affect actual progress or just add more bullshit..
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  • Xbox Japan boss resigns amid dismal Xbox One sales

  • kongzi 28/11/2014

    Madden versus the Pokémon smartwatch...it was always going to be an epic battle. Reply +1
  • Minecraft gets Xbox-exclusive Star Wars DLC

  • kongzi 26/11/2014

    Now to find a way to tie it into Marvel universe and combine it with happy meal giveaways and were there...pure licensed heaven. Reply +1
  • BioWare's brilliant Dragon Age: Inquisition sex scene

  • kongzi 21/11/2014

    That was surprisingly sweet... Being gay is no longer so awkward you can't make a joke about it. Reply +13
  • Grand Theft Auto 5, one year on

  • kongzi 21/11/2014

    So what was this article about exactly?
    GTA does large action set pieces like...ahem...the wire? Hahah, right. The chases in that series were epic!

    But again what is the point this article is trying to make? I couldn't find it. The characters are unlikeable, yes...just like all action game characters. But there's a lot more to them and the story...

    Quality on eg has been going downhill for a while.
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  • Assassins Creed Unity's creepy "no face" bug fixed

  • kongzi 19/11/2014

    The game is already much improved with the previous patches. That launch was bad, but it seems they're working hard to clean it up.

    Not being able to test on retail hardware sounds fucked up and frustrating. I bet more developers run into that. Something for ms and sony to look at that. Fair explanation though.
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • kongzi 17/11/2014

    I'd love to bash this game and ubi with it, but tbh I'm having a lot of fun with it and its relatively issue free for me. Only going online creates that insane stuttering.

    Frame rate varies but seems to stick close to 30 most of the time and there's no vsync issues. A lot of the pop in issues on crowd actually looked more like bugs than performance issues. Wrong models getting loaded on LoD transitions, cloth simulation flipping out when it becomes active (like there's no rest state for them).

    Playing though last night on the new patch this all looked significantly improved. It's not quite there yet, but it's far from the shambles I read about online. It's no more buggy than Black Flag, which was a right mess for me and performs better than most latter day last gen games.

    The game itself is good. If you liked brotherhood and 2, you'll like this. If you're looking for a major overhaul, you'll be disappointed but the missions are more interesting and varied than before. Even some of the side activities have some attention paid to the and everything feels much less copy pasted in.
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  • How Assassin's Creed: Unity's micro-transactions work

  • kongzi 15/11/2014

    Not only the shameful 'buy progress' macrotransactions...as i saw on the ubi forums, they didn't even work, lmfao!

    Not just dicks. Incompetent dicks.
    Thank god they organise such great events for the press.
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  • Far Cry 4 review

  • kongzi 15/11/2014

    Reviewing games at organized review events. Illustrating them with provided screens...

    I'm sure this opinion is all very independently formed and whatever...but it's a bad, bad look and i shouldn't have to explain why. Not a thorough review. Not the Eurogamer I remember and I don't whine about that kinda stuff, I just pack up and leave.

    Fair warning then.
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  • Performance Analysis: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • kongzi 15/11/2014

    I have major frame issues when connected (ps4). It starts off fine for a good while, but gets progressively worse. I suspect it's to do with the game keeping track of you and your actions constantly to sync them with the app and all your accounts. First the frametate goes to hell and then the game starts stuttering and skipping frames like every half second.

    Turning that all off is like night and day for me. I wouldn't call it smooth but it is a dramatic improvement. Weird that you're not able to reproduce, are you signed in to uplay, iniates and the companion app?
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity launch debacle sparks Ubisoft rethink

  • kongzi 14/11/2014

    Lol...turns out its actually all the superficial added online and microtransaction crap that's causing the problems and horrible frame rate. If you play it offline, it runs a lot better.

    Other than that it's mostly just animation glitches. I've been playing it all day yesterday and really enjoyed it.
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  • Ubisoft launches Assassin's Creed: Unity live blog as devs battle bugs

  • kongzi 13/11/2014

    The internet echo chamber has blown this out of proportion. It's very unpolished, yes and performance definitely needs work and yes, that's somewhat inexcusable. But I have been playing it all day (ps4) and it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.

    Buggy crowds look especially bad because the game is downright gorgeous almost everywhere else. The issues I've spotted so far all look perfectly patchable, which makes it an even bigger shame they didn't just delay it for a month...
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 and The Crew in UK Steam no-show

  • kongzi 06/11/2014

    I'm getting really fed up with Ubisoft's business practices. It's seriously affecting my enjoyment of their games to the point where even though far cry 4 and ACU look great so far, I'm not buying them.

    I'm pretty sure I'll be dissapointed by them, if not by games themselves (I'm looking at you, watch dogs, ac3 and black flag) by the stupid bullshit around it.

    They used to be one of my favourite publishers, but they're worse than activision or ea ever were at their worst....and that is saying A LOT.

    I'm done being their cash cow.
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  • Death to the mini-map

  • kongzi 01/11/2014

    I remember how at the start of last gen, developers were really making an effort to remove as much HUD as possible and replace it with in world information. I guess that sort of got lost as the generation progressed.

    Time to revisit that idea.

    Next step would be to drastically reduce any kinds of overlays and mission markers and replace them with things that are organic to the gameworld, where possible.
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  • Project Spark is pulling in two directions at once

  • kongzi 31/10/2014

    Nothing wrong with that model, as long as it's not misleading.

    Still, I'd rather just try a demo and then pay one full price for the complete package.
    Somehow, running into paywalls during gaming cheapens the experience a lot for me.

    F2P and chunking games in general is often too transparently used to beef up the price for the full game. It's well known that publishers want to make more than that 60-70 Euros and they've been trying all kinds of ways to get that price up. They're afraid to let the market price their product according to it's value
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  • Watch Dogs has shifted 9 million copies

  • kongzi 30/10/2014

    About half the second hand ps4 games in my local game store are watch dogs copies. The marketing campaign was more succesful than the actual game.

    The game is pretty fun, but soulless and ultimately left me cold like most big Ubi titles. That's an experience I'll bring into my decision to buy another ubi game in the future. Looking at all those second hand copies I suppose I'm not the only one...
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  • Shadow of Mordor Lord of the Hunt DLC details

  • kongzi 30/10/2014

    Not enough to drag me back in.

    I enjoyed it mostly because it was simple, focused and sharp and mostly avoided the bloat that's part and parcel with every AAA game it seems. Extra mounts and bosses on mounts amount to bloat.
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  • Microsoft Band is a health-focused smart device for your wrist

  • kongzi 30/10/2014

    Ah my health data in the cloud.
    I totally want that.

    The cheap looking rubbery watch design does the rest. Do you get a discount if you trade in your Tag Heuer for this?
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  • The Xbook Duo is an Xbox One and Xbox 360 in a laptop

  • kongzi 29/10/2014

    Pretty cool as a project. As a gaming machine (tiny screen, tinny speakers) I think you'll get more mileage out of just buying both consoles and a roll of duck tape. Reply +2
  • PlayStation 4 system update adds USB background music

  • kongzi 17/10/2014

    Lame update..so we can play audio but no video from a usb stick? Will a usb drive work as well?

    I'll take it. I guess.
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  • The Evil Within PC debug console commands unlock god mode, infinite ammo, more

  • kongzi 14/10/2014

    Way too many horror games these days. It's like every other game is a survival horror game. I guess this one gets away with it because of the re4 connection, but I'm done with horror, zombies and survival. Reply 0
  • Let's have more games that show rather than tell

  • kongzi 11/10/2014

    I think with mordor they were genuinely afraid things would be overlooked and having just the nemesis system out front would look a tad too lean and mean. It does take a while before you get to appreciate it.

    It probably worked in convincing the suits up top the game was worthwhile.

    I could do without but at least I can applaud mordor for keeping the tutorials and distractions short and sweet.
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  • Microsoft's indie parity clause exists so Xbox One owners feel "first class"

  • kongzi 10/10/2014

    "I don't want somebody to come in and just think 'I'm going to go do a special game on one platform and then I'll get to Xbox whenever I get to it.' I don't think that's right," Spencer concluded.

    And so you enforce it with policy because by default that is EXACTLY what a dev will think.

    Xbox One from its announcement on has made painfully clear where Microsoft wants gaming to go. It's a direction I won't be supporting with my money. Chiselers. Sure they reverted on the worst policies, but the intention was clear enough. They'll try again with the next one.

    I'm done with Microsoft. I've owned three 360's, the last one is also ready to break down while my good old ps2 still works even though it's turned into a ball of dust and shards of broken plastic.

    I hate console wars, but this gen it was just no contest.
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  • Ubisoft hits back at Assassin's Creed: Unity downgrade claims

  • kongzi 10/10/2014

    We get it, you don't hold back your games and the possibility of a post launch patch miraculously freeing up the resources for 1080p on ps4 is still on the table.

    That's not fishy at all.

    Now I'm suspecting Microsoft paying for parity. Have they just invented the timed exclusive screen resolution?
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  • Ubisoft defends Assassin's Creed: Unity graphics lock for parity on PS4, Xbox One

  • kongzi 07/10/2014

    Getting turned off more and more by this game. Seems like more of the same. I'll get V instead and Unity second hand.

    New features: a crouch button and downward parkour which sounds like more of a hassle than just jumping down into a haystack, which are still everywhere.
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  • Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • kongzi 04/10/2014

    Picked this up when I heard its a monolith game. Many good memories with that studio! Good to see they haven't lost their technical chops.

    Really curious how I'm going to like this. I don't like lotr at all, but everything else about this looks great.
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  • Amplitude's rules for Early Access development

  • kongzi 21/09/2014

    Fan service is the death of creativity. Developers that do it too much kill their franchises. I always thought early access a perfect model for when you do want the feedback, but in a constructive way. But its easy enough to abuse and cover up half finished or failed projects with.

    Once you go early access you have to absolutely communicative. And that indeed includes being very clear about the scope and boundaries of your project. The things you're not going to do are just as important.

    It'll become a much better model as the development tools progress, making it easier to have something out there quickly so the feedback is actually feedback and not just 'random shit I'd like to see'.
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  • The show ends for Rock Band Network

  • kongzi 20/09/2014

    Never was a fan of these games, I have other ways to make music, but I have to admit they weren't trash. The idea is still good so I'm fully expecting it to make a comeback this gen. Reply 0
  • Sony quadruples forecast loss for financial year

  • kongzi 17/09/2014

    @muro that's good for gamers because it means they really can't afford it to fail. Reply +1
  • Why isn't Dead Island 1 developer Techland making the sequel?

  • kongzi 12/09/2014

    I like Techland. They're ambitious to play with the big studios and even though the games aren't quite there yet, they make up for it with fresh ideas. They games are always enjoyable, apart from the cartel which was terrible but also at least tried to bring something interesting to the table.

    DI2 and Dying Light both look good, if similarish. But the concept is good enough to have two games next to each other.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity's heist co-op missions shown off

  • kongzi 10/09/2014

    I hope that if you tackle them solo, AC finally becomes challenging. Reply +5
  • Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

  • kongzi 10/09/2014

    If true at all, it's weird. Kiss goodbye to Minecraft. There will be lots of talk about helping the franchise evolve and shit. That will happen for about a year. 5 years later (tops) mojang will be dead. 5 years on, the brand name will be revived as an internal studio. Reply +6
  • Digital Foundry vs Dead Rising 3 on PC

  • kongzi 07/09/2014

    There us no incentive to optimise this properly. It would be a bitter pill for MS if it's 'exclusives' for its brand new console are completely outshined by mediocre pc's already. Reply +2