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  • Amy Hennig's EA Star Wars game like Uncharted and 1313, says Nolan North

  • kongzi 30/06/2015

    These guys are last years news.. The Witcher is the new king of ridiculously gruff voices. Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC fixes are "significant" and "will take some time"

  • kongzi 29/06/2015

    The fact they're coming out to admit it means it's A LOT worse than everybody thinks. Reply +37
  • The problem of farming, and the rise of video game gardens

  • kongzi 28/06/2015

    It's not the problem of farming. That obsessive-compulsive streak runs way deeper in gaming. Just look at the console-wars, inane arguments about pixels, people flaunting their masterrace rigs, buying into pre-orders and ridiculous DLC schemes and going completely off the rails if anything isn't up to expectation. It's a kind of uber-consumerism you don't see anywhere else. You don't see fishermen pre-ordering non-existing future-rods that may even be completely shit.

    It's everywhere and it has always been there. Farming games just make it explicit: a game doesn't have to be fun, it just needs to be addictive and artificially stimulate our reward-neurons or whatever by flashing shiny shit or numbers at us. We don't like to talk about it, because that would make it something real, we'd have to deal with... personally and even more so as a community. Nobody likes to talk about it, because it would candy crush the dream that gaming is good and ultimate and fun and the best and the most inclusive and the most moneys! Even the industry itself is showing serious signs of OCD or addictive behavior. Lots of binging and purging going on everywhere, haha.
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  • Shuhei Yoshida on saving The Last Guardian and PS4 in Japan

  • kongzi 26/06/2015

    There's gonna be more games that'll take small teams a longer time to craft. I think that's a good answer to trying to rush out ever bigger AAA bugfests and ending up embarrassing everybody. Reply 0
  • Battlefield Hardline: Ultimate Edition owners unable to access DLC on PS4

  • kongzi 26/06/2015

    Now. That. Is. Funny! Reply 0
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider brings back Lara's sense of adventure

  • kongzi 26/06/2015

    I wasn't aware this was coming 360?

    Explains why the e3 demo screamed last gen. Shame what they're doing to this series commercially. I really like the first one.
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  • Fan attempts to pre-order Fallout 4 with bottle caps

  • kongzi 25/06/2015

    What if I'm the millionth?
    Worth trying...*burp
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director apologises, Collector's Edition content will now be sold separately

  • kongzi 25/06/2015

    Suck my pricing model, bitches Reply +2
  • It gets worse - Batman: Arkham Knight on PC lacks console visual features

  • kongzi 24/06/2015

    The industry needs to get it's collective shit together. This going to bite them in the ass. I've stopped buying day one, didn't preorder to begin with... And I'm getting really tired of having to investigate whether a game runs decent enough, looks as advertised or which of the 600 DLC plans I need to buy into to not feel ripped off. It's just not fun anymore... We need another atari moment, quick! Reply +13
  • Destiny: The Taken King promotional Red Bull quest and bonus XP detailed

  • kongzi 24/06/2015

    A New Low... :( Reply +1
  • The Elder Scrolls Online's PS4 patch is 15.9GB

  • kongzi 24/06/2015

    The reason for this is that it contains all the content from the PC version's first three patches, developer ZeniMax Online Studios noted on Twitter.

    No, the reason is lazy devs...period.
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  • After a week, 1m votes cast for Xbox One backwards-compatible games

  • kongzi 24/06/2015

    I want a V style remaster for this. It's worth it, it would sell like hot cakes and the improvement would be more dramatic than with V.

    My bet is they're already working on that. Maybe this will get them to announce it.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited review

  • kongzi 22/06/2015

    Wow..sounds like you have to both incredibly bored AND easily satisfied at the same time to get any kind of (weird) enjoyment out of this. I'm the easily satisfied type, I admit, but that means I'm never bored enough to plough 30 hours into something before it 'finds it's feet'. Reply +1
  • Bethesda confirms Fallout 4 1080p30 on consoles, unrestricted on PC

  • kongzi 22/06/2015

    Considering the states Fallout 3 and New Vegas were released in on consoles...let's try to keep expectations on a modest level here, lol. "Functional", "relatively smooth", "...was able to restore my save after crashing" are the words I'll be looking for. Reply +1
  • 15 minutes of Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay footage

  • kongzi 22/06/2015

    @XbDf No. It just left me about as cold as that snow's supposed to be. And salt is good, it melts snow.

    What I saw was a long cutscene that didn't have to be that long. Then some walking straight forward, which I admit is slightly more exciting than walking backward. Some rudimentary stealth that looked easy. If I can just fire sleepgas at enemies in that cramped area, there's no challenge.. Then more trudging forward and a bear fight which was kinda nice but no more interesting than a low level witcher contract. More cutscene, with hideous looking water.

    All that in an environment that looks flatter and less alive than Yamatai. The Definitive Edition looks better, imo and I'm not seeing a lot of technical improvements beyond tree climbing and some new tools. Shame because I actually liked the previous one a lot.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Batman Arkham Knight

  • kongzi 20/06/2015

    Hmm i was afraid this game was bloated beyond being fun. I loved Arkham Asylum to death, but City not so much.

    But it does look mindblowingly good in motion, damn. And Rocksteady delivers quality stuff (meaning, it doesnt just look good for the trailers) I know.

    So tell me, what are the predator sections like? Are they still important? Have they been improved upon? Or has the balance shifted entirely towards open world, massive beatdowns and tanking around with the batmobile?
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  • Digital Foundry vs Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • kongzi 20/06/2015

    Good engineering challenge indeed. But if performance on xbone is generally a cut lower than on 360, it hardly makes for a worthwhile experience. A lot of 360 games especially later on, have (to me at least) performance that's just about acceptable on 360. Even the slightest loss of performance is gonna make a big difference.

    Then there's the assumption that later games are more tailored to the hardware, eeking more performance out of it or using very specific tricks to achieve effects. It remains in question how well the emulation holds up then, when the difference in hardware becomes more apparent. It could widen the oerformance gap even further.

    It sounds like a gigantic moneysink for MS. A lot of engineering effort was spent on getting here: to a point where it works, but probably isn't up to emulating those games everybody wants. Every game they bring to this is going to take more work..and it's obvious the emulator needs more work as well, if it's to meet expectations (created by MS). And for what, really? I dont suspect xbox one owners are going to pillage the 360 shelves for classics. If they do they'll buy second hand games mostly. Hardly anyone is going to make new money out of this. Apart from the few it'll convince to buy that xbox one, if they hadn't already.

    That's going to matter with publishers who are approached to relicense their games or whatever they need to do to allow it: Is this going to make us money? Not really... That means they may be willing to, but they're not going to put effort in. MS needs to handle it. If they have plans to remaster or bundle one of their games, they'd probably rather not have it available here.

    So while it's a great marketing stunt and a nice jab at Sony, who are technically unable to do this for ps3 as everybody knows. It's also a very nice technical achievement. But as an actual business operation (where things cost money, take time and don't turn out quite as good as you had hoped) it makes very little sense. It'll never turn a profit...and if it does only very indirectly by convincing people who haven't bought a next gen console yet to get an xbone...i don't know maybe these people are attracted to last gen games. Some of them. I see most of them as casuals who probably don't buy a lot of games, especially not old ones.

    I think when Sony does the math they'll see this too and continue with their course of remastering their best and leaving third parties the option of doing the same. I don't think they're in a great rush to do anything like this, or to position PSNow (which isn't up to expectations either) as their competing proposition.

    As a gamer I'm also not really that interested in continually replaying games...whether they're remastered or even rebooted, no matter how great they are/were...which more often than not they aren't. I'd love to replay Mass Effect until i remember those tedious planet exploration sections...and the performance.
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  • Don't hold your breath for PS4 backwards compatibility

  • kongzi 19/06/2015

    Oh well, that was expected.
    I'm not bothered because I don't own any ps3 games, the ones that I'd want to own are being remastered anyway. And how many old games do I want to replay, really? I barely have enough time to get through what's good and new.
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  • Impressive new trailer for no-fantasy RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • kongzi 19/06/2015

    I'm looking forward to how this turns out. I like the idea, but partly because I'm wondering: how will they make this fun? And Mafia 2 was all setting, no substance too. Reply -3
  • Obsidian "super excited" about new South Park game it isn't making

  • kongzi 16/06/2015

    I read super-excited as cynical. Like yay im super excited to not be working on this moneymaker of a game that ubisoft done did bought right from under me. I wish them all the best (carcrashes) in the world. Reply 0
  • Destiny's divisive PlayStation-exclusive content deal continues with The Taken King

  • kongzi 16/06/2015

    We pays money #4theplayers! Reply 0
  • Keep your eyes peeled for planet Sugas-Uomi when No Man's Sky comes out

  • kongzi 16/06/2015

    Very underwhelming presentation, but probably good cause people were treating it like it was going to end world hunger.

    Still really looking forward to it.
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  • Star Fox Zero finally revealed, due this year

  • kongzi 16/06/2015

    This looks like the ugly end of 1995. Reply -5
  • Hitman's new features outlined in video

  • kongzi 16/06/2015

    I really liked the best levels in absolution. The worst ones were really lame, but there were some really fun stealth sandboxes in there. I liked the vibe too...very hit and miss game, but when it hit, it was pretty great. Add some current power, make larger, more intricate levels (add time of day, dynamic weather, complex sniping). Aka, mix up blood money with absolution.

    I'm not sure if i like this talk of changes. The problem with these 'ever evolving' games is that in the end it's still the same game...which eventually you'll tire of. Avoiding that was kinda the point of bundling your best creations together, calling them 'levels' and the resulting endproduct 'a game'. Which coincidentally gives the player a sense of accomplishment when he 'completes' it. In terms of 'crossgenerational intermedial market appeal and uptake' i always thought that was an interesting marketing concept.
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  • Just Cause 3 release date confirmed for December

  • kongzi 16/06/2015

    If this game was like only 350 square miles, i'd be so disappointed. With over 400 miles of Complete Freedom, consider me intrigued tho. Reply +3
  • Killzone dev announces new PS4 action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • kongzi 16/06/2015

    Okay on paper this sounds really dull and generic, a greatest hits remixed. But i really liked the demo, it looks fantastic. I'm a bit concerned that it'll be too directed and eager to get it's story out and explain everything like most AAA. Girl hunting techno dinos in post apocalyptic wasteland is all the premise i need really.

    Edit: and lose that dumb subtitle
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  • Triple-A is back at E3 2015

  • kongzi 13/06/2015

    They back, they're big and loud and probably very boring. Reply +12
  • Man behind never produced $123K Kickstarter board game brought to justice

  • kongzi 12/06/2015

    But...but...but...crowd funding was going to save the world :'( Reply -9
  • Mariah Carey signs seven-figure deal to promote free-to-play Game of War app

  • kongzi 12/06/2015

    Some light reading:

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  • Could this be the last year 'For the Players' is enough for PlayStation?

  • kongzi 12/06/2015

    The thing I'm curious about is whether Sony stands by it commitment to smaller games and devs or whether that was just the cool thing to do that year. Their biggest strength at this point is the variety of games, new and old, you can play. Looking at my catalogue, it's not big, it lacks exclusives, but it's varied, fun and high quality. A good mix of old and new.

    I hope Sony leaves the big mainstream crap to Ubi, EA and Activision and continues to put it's own weight behind relatively niche games like GT, Bloodborne and forward thinking smaller studios. I think that's a very good way forward for them. Nobody really cares about exclusives, people buy the console that lets them play the most games with the most of their friends. There's nothing innovative or groundbreaking about that, but it works.

    They need to step up their game on updates and features on the console itself though. They're slow and this far in, the PS experience itself is very barebones and lacking some really basic features. Otherwise they're in the saddle and they know it....for better and worse.

    I think we'll see a big contrast in tone between Sony and MS. MS will be loud and giddy.. Sony is probably gonna be more relaxed, conversational.
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  • E3 2015 guide - all the conference times and announcements

  • kongzi 11/06/2015

    @dipje experience.. it's just the way things are headed :( Reply 0
  • kongzi 11/06/2015

    So practically all the big announcements are for games in established franchises, most of them around for over 10 years? That makes me a sad panda.

    Triple AAA has become stale, repetitive and creatively brain dead. Enjoy it while it lasts folks cause we're over the hump here.
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  • Microsoft's difficult choice at E3 2015

  • kongzi 11/06/2015

    @markandrewroberts1 The reason I made the jump is their constant and aggressive attempts to lock me into that wonderful ecosystem of theirs. It had nothing to do with actual machines or games on it. I can play wonderful games on any machine. Just that I wholly disagree with their 'vision' for a digital entertainment landscape. A closed, monolithic ecosystem where everything is to be delivered to you by Microsoft, over Microsoft devices. Their shitty privacy record all over your stuff.

    As someone who works in digital entertainment, and wants the industry as a whole to prosper and flourish and to keep on being a cradle for innovation, fresh ideas and a little bit of the good 'ol subversion.. I try to stay as far away from Microsoft as I can. I value adaptability, compatibility, fair competition... all that.

    I don't see their botched xbone launch as a one time mistake. They didn't get too big for their boots...those are the boots. True colours moment. If you look at their wider behaviour as a company, that whole presentation fitted perfectly. That is what they want to for you, make no mistake about it and they will keep nudging you until they have you there.

    As per wikipedia:
    "Embrace, extend, and extinguish",[1] also known as "Embrace, extend, and exterminate",[2] is a phrase that the U.S. Department of Justice found[3] and was used internally by Microsoft[4] to describe its strategy for entering product categories involving widely used standards, extending those standards with proprietary capabilities, and then using those differences to disadvantage its competitors.

    Oh hello there!

    Apart from my pesky principles.. I just don't feel at home in that ecosystem of theirs. I read books, I travel, I follow news, I like my entertainment smart the way I like my journalists skeptical. It's all too dumb, mainstream and, sorry to say..American for my tastes. I may be an intellectual yuppie snob.. but fact is, they don't really have that much to offer me.

    Again, I'm not saying Sony is any better..(Universal..ahoy!) but it does have the eccentric Japanese thing going for it. At least Sony recognized the trend and seems to have gotten behind indie gaming in some capacity, for now. We'll get No Man's Sky, Gone to the Rapture.. While Sony has given up on their crappy music service and opened up Spotify (which they have a vested interest in, by way of Universal) MS has doubled down on theirs because they're locked into that strategy for a closed, singular 'ecosystem' and are willing to drop a couple of billion in operational losses on it. Carrot before the stick, always.

    So go ahead.. bring it down to the childish level of who has the bestest exclusives or can push the mostest pixels. But there are plenty of other, perfectly valid reasons to hate Microsoft and jump any of their ships. Am I right, @neelie kroes?
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  • kongzi 11/06/2015

    "It's a solid line-up: big brands, big money, big gaming."

    And there's you problem. That exactly the part of gaming I'm fed up with. Fuck a solid line up...I want to be inspired and wowed. They have nothing of the kind.

    More and more I'm beginning to think MS fundamentally doesn't understand gaming. All of their innovations seem to go towards making Xbox less of a game machine and turning games into franchises that you supposedly keep going back to...here's a little trade secret: you don't because it gets boring. Games should inspire and wow...tomb raider 21 can't do that for me.
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture out in August

  • kongzi 11/06/2015

    It looks incredibly nice but I have to admit I'm on the fence about the gameplay. It seems a bit one note and uninteractive. I'll probably give it a go on the strength of the artwork and atmosphere alone. Reply 0
  • The Elder Scrolls Online still feels limited in its opening hours

  • kongzi 11/06/2015

    So it's dull, uninspired and had major technical and design flaws...you must be a very nice person for still wanting to like it then.

    Anton, my boy, you're an artist. I know that. And this story is the best kind of art! A simplistic, cliche-ridden pile of dross that you will turn into magic.
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  • PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

  • kongzi 11/06/2015

    No flat fee subscription... no deal, simple as that. I'd pay 10 a month for immediate access to a sizable catalogue, nothing less. Reply +1
  • This week's free Witcher 3 DLC is...

  • kongzi 10/06/2015

    I basically restarted the whole game because I felt I wasn't savouring it enough and didn't want to spoil the end. Been ages since I did that.

    I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere but the in game economy is really well done. It's fun to play and seems quite complex, although I haven't quite figured that out yet. Prices seem to vary between locations and merchants and there's definitely some smart algorithms at work that'll for instance spawn an ingredient you need for a potion on merchants nearby and make sure that if you miss an important upgrade here, you can find it elsewhere.

    I laugh at people who hang around White Orchard stabbing cows in the utters for a quick 27 crowns, while I'm schlepping crafted armour and weapons all over Velen and Novigrad making so much more by actually playing the game and having fun. Seriously people, craft! The blacksmith is your friend. Also, pearl diving.

    I also love how the game doesn't rub your nose in it. It's just there for your to find out, or not. If you don't pay attention, there's a simple quest around diving for a pearl and that's it. Anyway, back to business.. There's a rainy swamp and a decomposing body waiting for me...lovely.
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  • Here's your first official look at the 1TB Xbox One and tweaked controller

  • kongzi 10/06/2015

    So we're doing hardware exclusivity now? And controller updates? What's that all about? Reply -1
  • The Witcher 3 sells 4m copies in two weeks

  • kongzi 09/06/2015

    @TarickStonefire I detest (most) fantasy fare too. It's tropey, mechanical and doesn't tell me anything worthwhile.

    I wouldn't just blindly put The Witcher in that category though. It has me hooked, for one. Not sure how to explain why, but the game uses the fantasy setting to tell you something about real life/people. It has much more in common with traditional fairy tales, which it extensively references (I ran into the seven dwarves and snow white, no joke).

    It's really well done, it's bleak, smart and manages to throw in some hilariously funny moments too. This story has bite. Actually, a lot like what Fallout tries to do when it's at its very best, but I have to say this is better.

    Definitely don't put this aside because you don't like fantasy. It's a lot sharper than your average 'omg the dragons are possessed by the dark powers from the world before and you are the only warrior bravezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....huh?'
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  • kongzi 09/06/2015

    Yay. More shoeses for cdpr trollloloos... Reply +1
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst title spotted ahead of E3

  • kongzi 09/06/2015

    Ce ci n'est pas un videogame. Reply 0
  • kongzi 09/06/2015

    As far as nonsensical, needless, pointless and overly used subtitles go..'catalyst' has always been my fave too! It gives a sense of foreboding, or happy anticipation. Something will happen and it will be caused by something!! Or not!!!

    Considering this a game about running and avoiding, I thought Mirror's Edge: Overdrive! would fit the bill nicely too. But maybe it's better for the third installment because it gives them 2 extra "e's" to turn into 3's. Mirror's 3dg3: Ov3rdriv3!

    Mirror's Edge: Reflections - great title for the game where Faith actually finds out she was cloned by an evil corporation and is actually a cyborg and has to battle her cyborg sisters while reflecting on what it means to be human.

    I jest. Really happy this is making a comeback. Not the best, but definitely one of the coolest and prettiest games last gen! I hope they're keeping the tight focus though and not add 'light rpg elements' or 'a moving storyline' or anything like that.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 real-life recreation is eerily accurate

  • kongzi 09/06/2015

    Brilliant... looks like future AI still sucks tho.. Reply +2
  • Uwe Boll quits crowdfunding with expletive-laden tirade after third project fails

  • kongzi 08/06/2015

    I love Uwe Boll. I can't help it, hahaha. Bat shit insane, raging coke habit, foul mouth, zero patience... Yep, proper movie director then.

    Second vid is pretty much spot on, actually. But the movie industry IS dead, Uwe. Brain dead producers poaching oil sheiks for the next 'Captain America Plays Well With International Audiences' with free dope , hookers and a photo-op with Angelina at Cannes IS all that's left of the movie industry. Don't act like this is news to you.
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  • The latest Witcher 3 patch is...

  • kongzi 08/06/2015

    @captain-b that's your personal taste then. I always found those old RPGs to be incredibly boring and cumbersome, with vague fantasy stories I can't relate to in any way.

    You don't have to like it. But you can't deny it's an achievement in interactive storytelling, worldbuilding, technology and to me at least, the game design itself is fun and compelling. Whether that's minute to minute questing, fighting looting, or the larger drive of the plot, world, systems, etc..
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  • kongzi 06/06/2015

    @cloudskipa definitely! It's not perfect, but what I played yesterday felt and looked a lot better. It now runs and plays as it should. Geralt moves better, the horse too, performance is up across the board, less glitches and popping. All those combined make for a much better experience. Reply +5
  • XCOM 2 likely won't launch with gamepad support

  • kongzi 07/06/2015

    @Vorlan depends on the interface. For the first xcom I definitely preferred a gamepad. And that was the first time anyone made a strategy game work well with gamepads, IMO. On consoles even.

    I saw a bright future there because for slower paced games like that I definitely prefer my console..or rather, the couch in front of it. I already spend my working days sitting behind a desk with a mouse and keyboard so it's gonna be a damn special game to keep me there at night. My only frustration is the lack of decent strategy titles on consoles...xcom seemed to reverse that trend by being both excellent and excellently playable. So I'm disappointed they throw that away, because my life is PC centric enough as it is.

    My comment was about that gamepads have been perfectly legit controllers for PC's since forever. I still have the Gravis Gamepad somewhere I think, lol.
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  • kongzi 07/06/2015

    Their reasoning doesn't add up. For many games I prefer a gamepad, on PC too. They're just trying to suck up to the irrational PC master race crowd with a comment like that. Reply -1
  • Tech Analysis: Halo 3: ODST on Xbox One

  • kongzi 07/06/2015

    So a sub par addition to what has been a very sub par remastering then. You know you're in a sad state as a dev when you can't even get last gen's shooters to work properly on new hardware...I'm looking at you 343 and gearbox. It's really unacceptable. If a game like TW3 has flaws at launch, I can live with that as the price of ambition, as long as some effort is shown to fix them. If you're trying to sell me something I played 5 years ago and have the balls to ask good money for it too you better make damn sure it's as shiny as 47's bald head.

    The big devs/publishers are the biggest letdown this console generation...way ahead of the lack of horsepower. I'm also sick and tired of these monolithic franchises that just don't end like halo, cod, bf and asscreed. The utter lack of creativity was one thing...but now we get lack of competence added to boot?

    No thanks.
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