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  • Face-Off: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

  • kongzi 31/03/2015

    I dont care about frame rates. Just the general unfinished state games are relrased in. Took me
    4 hours just to grab the day one patch for this. On fiber :( It just ruins the whole excitement of buying a new game and getting to play it right away. Takes me back to the PC days of spending hours before I had my game working properly. Its a fine hobby, I'm sure...I don't have the time.
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  • Headteachers threaten to report parents who let their children play 18-rated games

  • kongzi 30/03/2015

    I would write a letter back, kindly telling them to keep their meddling noses out of my and my kids' business. Luckily I don't have kids but I would be fine with them playing something like GTA... military shooters I'd have more of an issue with. Reply 0
  • Battlefield Hardline fends off challenge of Bloodborne in UK chart

  • kongzi 30/03/2015

    If it was multiplatform then, Bloodborne would've outsold Hardline... Good! Hardline is fun, but entirely derivative. Bloodborne is obviously the better game and the greater (creative) achievement. It even managed to draw me in, that's saying a lot.

    Good show for Borderlands too, I'd buy that before I get Hardline. Dying Light deserves to be much higher on this list. Especially with the new hard mode (+graphical upgrades) added that pushes it much further into hardcore survival territory. It's really good now!
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  • Has Rockstar really downgraded GTA 5?

  • kongzi 30/03/2015

    I think it's a bug. Read a statement from a Rockstar support rep that said as much. Not sure how valuable that statement is and I don't really care. POM gone in return for better performance is a good trade off. I had a bug where leaving my console connected would lead to stutters in sp, that's gone now.

    I played it yesterday and the smoother performance was very noticable. Good stuff.

    Overall I think this game has no business playing with POM and other bells and whistles while the texture filtering and aliasing are as bad as they currently are. That affects image quality much more than POM. In the shots presented here it only results in some deeper shadowing. I know that in motion and with varying light angles it's a bit more impressive than that, but the impact is gone anyway as soon as you look up at the horizon and are confronted with a mess of dancing, blurry pixels.
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  • Game of Thrones: Episode 3 is due this week on all platforms

  • kongzi 25/03/2015

    In wait and see mode. Compared to the Tales from the Borderlands it feels stilted and lifeless to me. Both games so far lack moments where I feel I am a meaningful part of the story, at least Borderlands is a fun ride. Reply 0
  • Google Nexus 6 review

  • kongzi 23/03/2015

    Mobile phone upgrades are pointless until an actual better class of device comes out. Of course they had to make the screens bigger, else there would be very little to distinguish new phones from older ones aside from minor performance upgrades that for a typical, casual user like me don't make a lick of difference anyway.

    And it's too big. Other than that it looks like great, quality phone. I get that if you spend a lot of time on public transport and have a bag to carry it around in, the big screen may be a plus for you. To me it just seems pointless, annoying to have in my pocket and the extra size makes it more vulnerable to bending and breaking.
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  • Rich Stanton on: Other worlds and the inner eye

  • kongzi 21/03/2015

    Great article. Stuff I've had on my mind for a while but better articulated. This is why I'm enjoying dying light so much at this moment. There's a lot to criticize about it, but once you start messing with it's gameworld that becomes irrelevant.

    Kind of proves that this kind of investment can happen in typical AAA games, as long as the developer dares to allow it.
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  • God of War 3 Remastered announced for PS4

  • kongzi 20/03/2015

    I could do with all three of them, never owned a ps3 and GoW and uncharted were always the games that made me regret that the most. Reply +3
  • Dying Light has reached 3.2m players

  • kongzi 20/03/2015

    Game of the year so far for me. And retroactively of last year too. It IS that GOOD, even though most of the criticisms I've read are true too. It's unfair to just call it a structural clone of Ubi's openworld games, because it actually works that structure much better than any Ubi game has, and that includes AC2.

    You can level critique at the fetch-quest mission design. Or applaud it for not holding the player's hand. Go there, get this, take this medkit and figure it out yourself. (gameplay tip: you can have all sidequests active next to your main one... do this and combine errands. Treat the side quests like the real meat and go after the story quest when you feel you're ready to 'move on'. Chasing down the story fragments and cheapens the experience, just remember that it isn't very good while the moment to moment open world action is).

    Can't recommend it enough and haven't even scratched the surface on MP and co-op myself. Well played, Techland.
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  • Mortal Kombat X Quitalities explode rage quitters' heads

  • kongzi 20/03/2015

    According to the developer, this is a way of "making the winner look better".

    It's also a damn fine way to make the quitter feel even worse. Maybe about himself, but more probably about the game because that's easier than blaming yourself. That's one more copy for the second hand bin then.

    It's also a great way to make sure online will get dominated by the most hardcore of the hardcore who will make sure the barrier of entry for newbies is as inhumanly high as humanly possible.

    If that's the goal.. then fine. Personally i'd be more interested in making money and reattaching players to a brand that has faded considerably since MK3. But then, maybe that's why i'm not a game developer.
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  • Konami announces plan for brand new Metal Gear series

  • kongzi 20/03/2015

    Hard to know what exactly is going on. Trouble at Konami could be much deeper than anybody thinks right now. Kojima, in his position, obviously would know that first hand. So maybe he's just the smartest rat on the ship? Or maybe he just has a lucractive deal waiting for him somewhere. I'm sure Sony and MS keep a few bags of money hidden away just for that chance. Or... maybe it's Nintendo, eager to develop first party IP that's both mature and still uniquely Nintendo... now that would be something!

    Either way, Konami right now probably isn't the best place in gaming to be. So I prefer to view this news in a positive light. Let's just wait for some announcements.. which probably wont happen anytime before the game comes out. If they're smart they'll go completely dark on the subject until TPP has launched.
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  • Life is Strange dev talks lip-syncing, release schedule and publisher demands

  • kongzi 18/03/2015

    Good decision. Lip syncing is a bitch to do and the best possible result still far from ideal. Spend it where it counts!
    I still have to give this a try because I'm playing other adventures right now and don't play them that often, but it looks like a nice. The atmosphere from screens reminds me of The Longest Journey a bit. Is it anything like that?
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  • La-Mulana EX review

  • kongzi 18/03/2015

    This just sounds annoying to play. What worked in the 80s doesn't always work now, simply because you've played so much more games and have some logical expectation of how things are supposed to work. Rooftops are safe, red barrels explode.. Reply -2
  • DDoS attack disrupts Battlefield Hardline on Xbox One

  • kongzi 18/03/2015

    Meh...I was going to get this until I got Dying Light. Most fun I've had with a game in a long time. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Rogue

  • kongzi 15/03/2015

    A fitting farewell for the series then...
    Really not interested in seeing it continue.
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  • Performance Analysis: Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer

  • kongzi 13/03/2015

    Not sure if there's a point in testing performance now when it'll receive a pile of patches starting from day one that'll change the performance anyway? Reply -3
  • Nyko's Xbox One "Intercooler" seems rather pointless

  • kongzi 11/03/2015

    @LeslieTSibley does it overheat much too? Reply +1
  • Uncharted 4 delayed to spring 2016

  • kongzi 11/03/2015

    I don't mind, I'd rather it be good. In any case, this opens a window for Uncharted 1-3 in remastered glory. Reply 0
  • Dying Light to get bow and arrow weapon, time trial mode and dune buggies

  • kongzi 11/03/2015

    It's derivative as fuck, yeah...it's also one of the richest and downright fun games I've played this gen. It does a lot, gets most of it right and yes, it does jack the ubi open world formula...but delivers it with more depth and a much greater sense of progression and accomplishment. And better gameplay, it effortly flips between tense stealth and exploration, parkour and chases, a constant fight or flight tension. They day night cycle is a brilliant gameplay hook.

    Story is really only the letdown, it's laughably cliché and only the main cast is relatively well voiced. But I've seen much much worse from much bigger studios, and this game is fully aware that it's not that great there...it generally gets to it's point pretty fast and then gets out of your way.

    Oh and there's no pay wall, comapanion app and the multiplayer stands out by being both free of charge and in working order. The game doesn't need a day one patch to prevent it from shitting itself either.

    The polish games industry is doing really, really well this year. Keep it up with the fresh, generous games and no-bullshit policy on things like dlc, release dates and I see a bright future.
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  • The Witcher 3 was going to include ice-skating - but it was cut

  • kongzi 07/03/2015

    @thevictorhugo1992 ninjas on ice... fuck the witcher. I want this. Reply 0
  • Steam now shows Steam Machines and their prices

  • kongzi 06/03/2015

    Much too pricey for me, for now... but I'm not one of those early adopter types anyway, so I get I'm not the target audience. I'm really looking forward to seeing this take off and actually compete with mainstream consoles. So for now it's just good to see a good number of builders on board, the boxes will get cheaper and more versatile and integrated. And I'm presuming that enthusiasts will always get to build their own steam boxes of sorts. Reply 0
  • Puke! RollerCoaster Tycoon World looks...

  • kongzi 06/03/2015

    Very Impressed Peep right here... lol. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer readership survey 2015

  • kongzi 02/03/2015

    To be short...
    There's no conceivable way I'd pay subscription fees for the kind of content Eurogamer (or any other gaming site for that matter) offers. All due respect, It's just not that kind of content...gaming news is a YouTube snack at best, something to browse on the train.

    Sorry EG staff, I love you but I really hope you're not considering a subscription model. That would be incredibly dumb. EG stands out for me because it's not plastered with adds or social features and puts out the occasional piece of decent journalism. Keep it simple, stupid.
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  • While we wait, 15 new Grand Theft Auto 5 PC screenshots

  • kongzi 28/02/2015

    This launch better be flawless or r* stands to lose a lot of credibility with PC gamers. Same goes for the game which better be optimised to perfection and should avoid even the faintest whif of 'console port'.

    Am I glad I'm not rockstar, or a PC gamer...pfieww..see you guys online. I'll be the pikey fella in the orange futo GT.
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  • Does resolution really matter?

  • kongzi 28/02/2015

    Every jump in resolution is going to have diminishing returns. No need to argue about that. And everybody with some sense knows that a 'clear picture' involves more factors than just resolution. No sense in debating that...

    And we've all seen examples where a lower-resolution render with bells and whistles produces a nicer picture than a stripped down higher resolution render. 900p with proper anti-aliasing is always going to look better than 1080p with fxaa.

    Personally, I think nowadays picture quality is more determined by motion. A lot of games are very pretty in terms of models, shaders, textures and such...but completely fall apart when they start to move. Whether that's shitty framerates, temporal aliasing or just cheap animation.

    So entirely pointless debate in my view. Everybody with some sense know that yes, resolution is an important factor in picture quality and yes, picture quality is important to make a game appealing. But no, it is not the only one and there are many ways to achieve a good looking picture beyond brute-forcing more pixels and polys on screen. Not sure how anyone could disagree with those points, as they're simple proven facts.

    On a side note... Nielsen is also struggling to find relevancy in a post-television world.
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  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • kongzi 27/02/2015

    @frazzl it does...a bit. You can hold down jump to freerun a bit. I actually prefer that over ac's system (which annoys me to no end).

    Oh well...traded my unity in for dying light. Some great parkouring in that.
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  • kongzi 27/02/2015

    Bunk and McNulty realise there's 20 years worth of ac games still coming: http://youtu.be/1lElf7D-An8

    @frazzl: euhm...watchdogs?
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  • Battlefield Hardline's EA Access trial detailed

  • kongzi 26/02/2015

    @uzivatel oh Yeah...commercially it's a great idea. Just until your customers get sick and tired of being herded around like that and get fed up with the fact it's mostly the same couple of publishers that think its perfectly acceptable to have you pay full price for broken, unfinished games. I have to see, even as a staunch free market capitalist, the last two years in gaming are getting me there fast.

    These platforms are just a way for them to fully monopolize their product and killing off the bargain bin and second hand market that retail allows. Of course they're going to throw in some free stuff to entice the consumer. The more free stuff they throw in, the more worried you as a consumer should be about their long term plans.

    If you can't see where this is headed or if you think this has anything to with providing consumers an increasingly better product or service at increasingly competitive prices you're blind.
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  • kongzi 25/02/2015

    Great idea...hold your game back by a couple of weeks and charge people for 'early access'. I'm not too fond of these publisher based digital platforms either. Gives them way too much control.

    You get your 5 euro discount right after they just hiked the price by ten. At only 5 Euros a months it's a steal.
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  • £250K Dying Light My Apocalypse Edition includes a house

  • kongzi 25/02/2015

    Does it include bribes for my local zoning commission? No sale if not. Reply +1
  • Sony still committed to DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition launch "as quickly as possible"

  • kongzi 24/02/2015

    Maybe not the best, but definitely one of the most fun racing games I've played in years.

    I really like how it doesn't try to have a cool hook. It's not open world. You can't customise anything and there's no RPG like progression and sure as hell no story. Here's a grid of races, here's a grid of cars...have fun. It's unapologetically old school like that...the racing is front and centre. It reminds me of the first need for speed games. That's good.
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  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • kongzi 23/02/2015

    "Destiny is rated PEGI 16 in the UK and holds a Teen ESRB rating in the US - which denotes content "generally suitable for ages 13 and up". We have asked about the suitability of the game and will update if Courtney responds."

    That is sad...

    I think parents can decide for themselves what they let their kids play, instead of some panel of 'experts' judging along some rather arbitrary lines.

    Ages 13 and up, because heads explode and entrails fly, but them boobies are kept nicely covered up and they don't use any bad words during the interactive torture sequence!
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  • Gold Mario Amiibo to be Walmart exclusive in US

  • kongzi 18/02/2015

    So its like a memory card?

    I still don't get it, I feel old.
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  • The sorry state of The Stomping Land, another abandoned Kickstarter video game

  • kongzi 18/02/2015

    This demonstrates exactly the issues I've seen with kick starter, early access projects from the start. Fantastic if it works but also a great environment for broken promises.

    I could make a great kickstarter right now. I can produce great looking screenshots for some pretty cool game ideas I've had over the years and write a glowing pitch for it... It would be pretty convincing. Convincing enough for at least a couple of people to send some money. But can I actually make those games? No. Have I ever been in a mindspace where I thought I could make them? Yes, when I was young and reckless.

    In the end I think you got to take this kind of failure as part and parcel of this way of financing. It's a risk you have to calculate for and investigate what and who you're buying in to. Because of the hype surrounding kickstarter sucesses like Minecraft people haven't been doing that. Eventually that'll turn crowdfunding into just another way of investing.

    Early access and involving users in your design sounds like a great idea. We all like inclusiveness, but it comes at the expense of authorship and creative control. There will be an aspect of 'lowest common denominator' to it. And you see that with games now. So many zombie, survival games and otherwise unremarkable platformers with great art. So many teams reaching for that cute, artsy indie aesthetic or providing 'an emotional experience'.

    Not saying that's a bad thing, mind you. But just saying that crowd funding and open access come with their own caveats. Most of the games I really love weren't produced with a lot of user input, but by people with a singular vision. Crowd funding is being seen as a natural environment for these people to present their ideas to potential fans and eliminate corporate meddling that would dilute the artists' integrity. I don't think that's automatically true. Just like a lot of government subsidies aren't necessarily a good thing for any sector of business.
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  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • kongzi 17/02/2015

    I have a wait and see attitude with this one. Had that from the beginning. Tight storydriven shooters shouldn't have long campaigns. Just as long as the story is good and takes the time it needs and has a good way of drawing me, as the player, into it.. to make me feel like I'm a relevant part of it. That's mostly gameplay and that's where most of my concern with The Order is. It seems like one of those games that might as well have been an on-rails experience start to finish. Reply 0
  • Windows on a stick: the Hannspree Micro PC review

  • kongzi 14/02/2015

    Impressive machine, but I can't come up with a single use I would have for it. My console and TV pretty much already carry all the apps I need and I'm not looking to add yet another layer of user interface between me and whatever I want to see and do. Which is essentially what this does.

    Windows is a nice interface but I would still have to deal with my TV's obtuse menus to get to it. If it doesn't offer gaming performance the only thing I'd use it for is media playback but my console and TV already have that more than covered with less hassle, cabling and input devices.
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  • Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer

  • kongzi 14/02/2015

    Real tragic, this. But it's a pit he kinda dug for himself. You could already see this coming a bit ever since he started lionhead. Back then he had major publisher backing and big teams to paper it over, but now that's gone the naked truth is ugly.

    The mistakes are so obvious. There have to have been dozens of people in his past that have pointed them out to him, tried to change it or whatever, but he apparently really doesn't listen.

    Shame, because before the ego inflation he was definitely one of the greats. It's hard to gauge nowadays how far ahead of everything else bullfrog was at the time. Just in a creative sense, they really were great. Even the best that lionhead put out didn't have that particular magic going on.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity and Rogue shipped 10m copies combined

  • kongzi 13/02/2015

    That's cool.
    But I'm not buying any new Ubisoft game anymore until I see a marked change in their franchise milking, some new ideas and a level of polish mega teams should afford.

    Unity's unfinishedness was insulting. They only worked on the bits that would stand out during previews. And even those were mostly broken. Everything else was shoddy, like they hadn't even tried.

    That's definitely going to be on my mind with every game they're going to release on this gen. At best a second hand purchase, if its unmissable...
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • kongzi 10/02/2015

    Great move, couldn't agree more.
    Hurray and 3 cheers for journalism then?
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider details emerge

  • kongzi 04/02/2015

    I hope this makes it's way to ps4 eventually. The first one was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. Not very imaginative, but very well put together as a game. A joy to play, with a pretty decent plot and setting too. If they improve the characters, expand the gameplay and make it less collect-a-thon this could be a winner. Reply +3
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold 45m units to retailers

  • kongzi 04/02/2015

    Good for them. And GTA doesn't just well initially, IV kept selling well. Leave it to rockstar to properly milk a success. That's not a bad thing if you make games this big, stylish and content rich. I was quite happy to dish out all over again for an extra camera and some grass blades on current gen.

    If there wasn't aliasing and shimmering literally all over the place it would easily be the prettiest game I have on ps4. That's the one thing I don't get about it, it really ruins a great look and it's not like a better solution couldn't be patched in...lose some of the grass if necessary.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Saints Row 4: Re-Elected on PS4

  • kongzi 18/01/2015

    Cap the framerate and I'll buy. Haven't played 4 yet so I'm actually quite looking forward to it after putting so much time into V. But with these graphics it should be smooth.

    I have to say, these df articles aren't as useful as they were because there's bound to be a day one patch that can change performance, for better or worse.

    Just wait for that and then analyse it. I don't buy games day one anymore either so I can wait a week.
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  • Untangling Evolve's convoluted DLC plan

  • kongzi 15/01/2015

    Lol, this is getting pretty ridiculous. That 15 dollar supermonster is an obvious ploy to get you to pre order.

    Keep hollowing out your own industry, guys! Doing great!
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity story DLC Dead Kings out next week

  • kongzi 08/01/2015

    Like I care.
    Haven't finished unity and am going to trade it in. They fixed some obvious bugs, but it still breaks a lot. The parkour is horribly frustrating, because you can't stop jumping all over the place all the time. They need to just rip that system out entirely.

    Stealth is broken and the AI is dumb as a rock overall.

    The assassinations are dull. Open ended my ass.

    I really wanted to like this but I won't buy another ac game ever again.
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  • Games of 2014: Destiny

  • kongzi 26/12/2014

    This game has never had a single bit of appeal to me. I like the world design, that's about it. To me it takes elements of twitch shooters, something I'm thoroughly bored with, and combines it with the elements of mmo that I find least appealing (grinding, collecting, absence of story and context).

    But it's been literally everywhere this year and pulled a lot of people into next gen so it deserves it's spot.
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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • kongzi 22/12/2014

    It's easy to complain that games don't feel next gen without specifying what that entails. Graphics alone aren't doing it obviously.

    What's the next big idea?
    I don't think there any (for AAA games at least). It's probably for the best too. Some of the big ideas going into last gen still haven't properly materialised. They were:

    -large interactive open worlds. GTA V is great but that formula is starting to show it's age while most other games are still struggling to catch up as much as they were before.

    -HUDless. Ironically this was a big idea at Ubisoft last gen. Oh, how they got lost. I liked it. No more health metres and floating icons everywhere, just stuff that's visually apparent from the gameworld. Hey, my guy is all bloody and limps, he must be wounded. Most games now are constantly notifying you of stuff that could either be saved for a stat screen or should just be visually apparent. If there are menus part of the gameplay, like in RPGs, they're often cluttered and convoluted to navigate. They can do a lot better.

    -destruction and persistent damage:
    Devs were playing with this but probably just ran out of memory. But there's a lot they can do here. Especially once they get around to letting GPU handle that stuff.

    A game with all 3 of those and a seamless, somewhat engaging and competent cinematic presentation is what I'd consider next gen. But I'd probably said the same thing going into the ps3/xbox360 generation.

    So maybe this will be the gen that makes good on last gens promises, haha. I'm fine with that.
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  • Elegy for a Dead World review

  • kongzi 19/12/2014

    Its great that games are becoming more artistic...but i really can't play another moody, existentialist game with philosophical overtones or undercurrents for at least a couple of months. I've had my fix.

    Fiending for some commander keen right now, but afraid they'll reveal themselves as complicated metaphors for child abuse when played too much :s

    Edit: I'm not negative about this game, at all. It actually sounds pretty damn interesting. I'm just personally more interested in kicking alien butt with laser powered tennisshoes at the moment.
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  • CVG to close

  • kongzi 19/12/2014

    That's shitty...I liked them, they had a good geeky fun vibe that a lot of publications have forgotten about. I really dont know how to describe it any better than that. I really didn't know they were thát old (I'm not British), that makes it even sadder to see them go. Reply 0
  • Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island review

  • kongzi 19/12/2014

    The only game that makes me feel bad for getting a ps4. Im not a big enough gamer to have two consoles, so it'll be a while before I get to play this. Been a big fan since fm2, and it has had undoubtedly the best driving in any game since fm3.

    This sounds like an expansion done right. Forza precision with a bit of Codemasters' off road drama is probably even better than it sounds on paper.

    Enjoy, you utter bastards.
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  • January's Far Cry 4 DLC adds permadeath

  • kongzi 19/12/2014

    All for more permadeath in games.

    Not sure how this would actually work in coop though. It does make playing cooperatively ( and picking a good partner) a real necessity.

    However, as this is a ubigame. It's not really relevant as I don't buy ubigames anymore. Maybe a GoTY pack with everything bundled in, maybe.
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