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  • Gabe Newell responds to paid mods controversy

  • kongzi 27/04/2015

    Funny how purely monetary reasons have to called 'evil'. Money is bad, mmmkay...that's why I make so much of it...to protect you all from it's evils!!

    This stuff was going to happen eventually and it was always going to be controversial. Modding has become huge, so of course the valves and Microsoft's take note. They see money...untapped revenue streams. Monetizationpotential.

    I get why people are pissed. It's against the spirit of a lot of modding communities. But they're the same PC gamers that have let valve monopolize the PC market to a point where they can shape it by launching services like this. Of course they're always looking to break your gaming fun into smaller and smaller chunks so they create more opportunities for monetisation. Make people spend smaller amounts of money, but with greater regularity instead of selling them a fixed (boxed) product. So what if that cheapens the product? That just makes it easier to produce.

    If it's really that bad...shut up and stop funding the same 3 or 4 companies all the time.
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  • Gears of War remaster set for Xbox One - report

  • kongzi 25/04/2015

    Yay...yet more big developers focusing on anything but making new IP. I'm so excited :-| No...I feel refreshed. Thank you, Microsoft. Reply +1
  • Xbox sales decreased 20 per cent year-over-year in Q1

  • kongzi 24/04/2015

    Consumers are holding on what little cash (credit) they have, across the board. Another financial crisis is brewing and the last one isn't even close to solved. The core gamers that would've bought, have done so by now... Everybody else is going to be much slower on the uptake.

    That, and some wrong bets on MS's part and here we are. But I read this as having to do mostly with the economic shitstorm we've been in for the past years. Regular consumers are simply out of cash and credit.
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  • Telltale is making a Marvel game due in 2017

  • kongzi 24/04/2015

    Kongzi will forget that...please press RB remind him in... Well, forget that too.

    Telltale is pulling an assassin's creed as we would say around our house
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 teaser goes all Deus Ex on us

  • kongzi 24/04/2015

    The cod franchise is going to plough itself into the sun with a dick shaped rocket with US flags painted on it. I kinda always hoped mass effect 3 would be like that, but maybe cod will grant me my wish. Space marines hurrah!! Reply +4
  • Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Désilets announces Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

  • kongzi 23/04/2015

    I'm intrigued. I think he's the mind behind some of the things I like most about the earlier AC games and they're lacking now. But I'd like to see uhm game first. Reply +5
  • Watch nine minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt footage

  • kongzi 22/04/2015

    Rant blah PC not Xbox. If ps4 rant blah not PC then bla angry much much xbox360, fucking Sony. Angry!!!

    So what did you guys think of the game? I think it looks lovely apart from some popup and the weird lighting.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets new 1.6GB patch

  • kongzi 22/04/2015

    That's not my experience with ps4. I've seen some ridiculously large patches. 19 gigs!! On the other hand Sony's own patches are few and far between, something Microsoft handles much better.

    This isn't an issue with any one console. It's an issue with the industry. PC gamers have been dealing with this kind of shit for years.
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  • kongzi 22/04/2015

    I wonder if going forward GotY editions will get advertised as 'includes all the patches and fixes!!!' or if publishers do have a tiny a bit of shame left. Reply +3
  • Party Hard lets you slay everyone at an obnoxious shindig

  • kongzi 22/04/2015

    @aros damn you.
    On paper its still a great idea though. I love concepts like this. Maybe it'll stimulate io interactive to make the next hitman game more ...ya know...like hitman?
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  • Bill Paxton to play Jack Thompson in BBC GTA drama

  • kongzi 22/04/2015

    I'm sure some people will take offense when Sam Houser is called The Creative Mastermind Behind Grand Theft Auto. I'm pretty sure that, like all creative breakthroughs, it was more down to iterative teamwork. In any interview I've read with Sam or Dan (I get confused) they're always stressing they're not technical guys and how much of team effort it is.

    I'm very interested in a series like this, but reading that tagline likes that makes me worry it'll be played as heroic eccentric versus arch conservative psychotic. Dull, dull, dull.
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  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC

  • kongzi 21/04/2015

    Anger.. Hate...drama... frustrated dudes...this is either a late 90's hardcore show or a PC comparison topic. Reply +6
  • Look at League of Legends-maker Riot's new office

  • kongzi 21/04/2015

    Impressive, but open plan offices suck to work in. Reply +1
  • War for the Overworld review

  • kongzi 21/04/2015

    @Kremlik I'm not so much questioning this game or it's release. Just wondering what to do with the all important 'review' in a world where everything is in some kind of early access, beta or demo state and is constantly patched.

    I mean, dropping scores was a good step. But suppose this game gets finished, or even changed, in the coming months... then most of this review becomes irrelevant.
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  • kongzi 21/04/2015

    This is nowhere near finished enough for a release build. War for the Overworld shouldn't be out of Early Access, never mind pushing an "Early Adopter" bonus of DLC intended to cap off the glitchy campaign.

    Nowhere near finished enough to warrant a review maybe?
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  • Footage released of canned Alan Wake 2 prototype

  • kongzi 21/04/2015

    I'd still love to see that game Alan Wake 1 was supposed to be in it's initial open world survival phase. Reply +4
  • Probing the latest Mass Effect 4 leak

  • kongzi 20/04/2015

    Looks like theyve finally listened to me and dropped the lets get epic and save the universe from like the biggest threat everrr...not sure why people were mad over the sucky ending...I always expected something like that. Theres just no way in hell that ending to that story arc would ever work without royally pissing off at least some of the fans. Exploring the universe and finding all the smaller stories and histories about all the places and characters, getting tangled up in your companion's issues..that's what kept me going. The whole omg, the reapers are coming! angle never did it for me. If you played it the way I played it and did a lot of side quests the reapers were hardly a threat. I would just mow through them, bosses included. It did help that combat was generally very enjoyable.

    Of course this leak is deliberate to gauge fan reaction. Hello bioware employee browsing these comments!
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  • Dungeons 2 review

  • kongzi 20/04/2015

    Hmm reads like it's missing the things that elevated the original DK from fun little game to enduring classic, like freeform tactics and sharp (for its time) controls. But maybe I'm just overly nostalgic. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars

  • kongzi 17/04/2015

    Not sure what the fuss is about? Considering the amount of cars, depth of simulation and that it's ...eh..unfinished, I'm impressed.

    I never expected to be able to push out all the options and not have it affect performance. It's only a 300/400 euro console! Just having the options is a breath of fresh air. If you're that dedicated to perfect 60fps racing, you're not going to get this on console anyway.

    As long as the performance is consistent, I'll manage. Just include a 30fps cap I can turn on for the more extreme scenarios and make sure a regular race can stick to 60fps. That looks perfectly realistic from I'm seeing here.

    Again if you're that dedicated, get a PC and stop disappointing yourself.
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  • Digital Foundry vs extreme frame-rate gaming

  • kongzi 12/04/2015

    "...jarring dips to 100fps."

    Just wanted to single that one out. Lol!
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  • New Witcher 3 trailer has a bit of it all

  • kongzi 11/04/2015

    Wow. Really looking forward to this and I normally don't even like fantasy! This seems to have the touch though.

    Between this and Techland Poland has some seriously good studios all of a sudden. I like it.
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  • Rockstar Games up to 80 per cent off in Humble Sale

  • kongzi 11/04/2015

    @Spuzzell: indeed Reply -1
  • kongzi 11/04/2015

    Great stuff. But I'm not going to keep rebuying games out of nostalgia. There's too much nostalgia in gaming nowadays. I long for the time when it was reckless pioneering, wildeyed overambition and futurism. Reply +3
  • Microsoft testing Xbox 360 update that adds 2TB USB support

  • kongzi 09/04/2015

    1. Impose arbitrary restriction
    2. Remove arbitrary restriction
    3. Money!

    I doubt playing installed games via USB is going to be worth the while. Unless Microsoft writes a little programme that swaps installs to and from the USB drive as needed. But they wouldn't make it that easy now, would they!

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  • Halo Online modders working to strip micro-transactions, release worldwide

  • kongzi 09/04/2015

    @Liuwil no problem then. Whatever you want done to your game, Russians will do.

    Just pointing out that Russia is a weird launch market for Microsoft, considering the amount of piracy there, the world news the past year (Snowden, Ukraine, sanctions back and forth), censorship, spotty connections...well, everything about it is just weird.
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  • kongzi 09/04/2015

    Kind of asking for it when you launch in Russia.

    the beta of Halo Online is a PC experience tailored specifically for the tastes, tech and infrastructure of the Russian market and furthermore, is still in an early state

    You should know that cracking, hacking, modding and what not ARE practically the taste of the Russian market.

    Unless this is a plot to install backdoors on Russian PC's and eventually jailbreak the Kremlin....in that case: go NSA space marines!! Euh...Microsoft, I mean of course.
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  • Game of Thrones opening meets Legend of Zelda

  • kongzi 09/04/2015

    That's a lot of work for a derivative joke that only works once. Nice job though. Reply +7
  • Don Mattrick leaves Zynga

  • kongzi 09/04/2015

    Sad it didn't work out... They both have the corporate fuckwit speak down to a tee. That certainly can't have been the problem.

    Mattrick is probably just one of those takeover and restructuring specialists.
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  • Postal rejected from Google Play due to "gratuitous violence"

  • kongzi 09/04/2015

    I'm sure calling Google people that may be able to help you brainless fucks is gonna help the cause.

    I bet this guy did a little victory dance when he got that rejection email. Just go back to the 90s.
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  • Daniel Radcliffe in talks to play GTA producer Sam Houser

  • kongzi 09/04/2015

    Considering it's BBC doing it and Daniel Radcliffe probably doesn't come cheap, this may be good. Is there any word on rockstar's involvement? What info is it based on? This is only going to be good if it's brutally honest. Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to receive two major expansions

  • kongzi 08/04/2015

    Tbh..expansions on top of an already 200 hour game, which'll take me months to complete on it's own. Its gonna have to be a really fucking great game to keep my attention after that. Maybe it is though. In that case: great. Reply 0
  • Bloodborne soundtrack goes on sale later this month

  • kongzi 08/04/2015

    I don't think it works outside of the game. At least not for me. I like it but I can't really picture a moment where I'd play it. Then it probably just makes me want to.play the game.

    But its a great soundtrack. Overall some great sound design in Bloodborne. It could do with more variety in weapon impact sounds.
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  • Winners might use drugs

  • kongzi 08/04/2015

    Omfg...the kids have found out their parents, teachers and doctors have them on prescription speed again. THE OUTRAGE!!??
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  • Tomb Raider reboot has sold 8.5m copies

  • kongzi 07/04/2015

    Great game, but why did it have to be a Tomb Raider game? Why not leave that franchise in the past and come up with something inspired by it? It's not like calling a game Tomb Raider or Deus Ex is going to make me buy it faster... instead, it'll make me extra sceptical. I also imagine it puts the developer in a serious binder having to pander to the oldschool fans as well as drawing new ones. Leading to crazy design decisions like cheesy bossfights in Deus Ex and a lack of challenging puzzles and exploration in Tomb Raider..

    Both games could've been new franchises and probably would have been better for it.
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  • The best Xbox One games

  • kongzi 05/04/2015

    I miss forza :( But overall exclusives are clearly less relevant than ever. Reply +4
  • Gen Con responds to Indiana amending its discriminatory "religious freedom" bill

  • kongzi 04/04/2015

    As a gay person I actually believe that a pizza guy can decide who he serves or not, just as much as I can freely decide who I share my bed with. If you're not going to serve me because of that...then you're an utter idiot. But battling with fools is pointless and I don't have the time or energy for it.

    All this debate does is further entrench everyone's positions and apparently my sexuality is now at issue when I want to order a pizza. Great! I don't want the right to order pizza everywhere. I don't want to do business with people that don't want my business, and I sure don't want theirs. I would like the right to marry who I please, you shouldn't need the government's permission to do that. I would like the right to be treated fairly and equally when it comes to taxes and laws. And most of all, to be left alone and at peace.

    That said, this law only pretends to be about that kind of freedom. Some American conservatives are quite convinced they are libertarians these days... Well haha! The real intention here is quite clear. But you can turn this law around too...there are quite a few people I'd have issues serving pizza: any religious fundamentalist, for instance. I'd love the right to refuse them into my bar, store or whatever. I probably wouldn't use it all that much because is a buck is still a buck....but then again, that mentality is probably why religious (or any other kind of) zealotry never appealed to me, haha.

    Seriously, screw these people...they'll die out together with the oil-based economy. Putting myself in their (narrow) shoes I totally get why they're scared as fuck and rather hide out in the Indiana hinterland with enough walls and guns to last through the zombie apocalypse (which, I'm willing to bet, a good number of them actually expect to happen as part of the UN and Obama's master plan to first undermine their Christian (?) values, then take away their guns and finally kill them all and turn the US into an islamic fundamentalist zio-bolshevist police state). These people are afraid of everything...especially gay people, because being openly gay (sadly still) takes guts. Guts they don't have.

    Just because I'm gay don't expect me to be tolerant and inclusive either. If you profess to be part of a religion that says what I do is sin and should be punished for it...yeah, you WILL have some explaining to do before we're gonna be on friendly terms. The knife of freedom cuts both ways.

    Well at least I now know I can skip Indiana on my next trip to the US. But then again...I probably would have anyway. Other states have NASCAR too, ya know.
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  • Dead Rising Watchtower movie review

  • kongzi 03/04/2015

    Was this ever going to be good? Nope...
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  • Cloud gaming company OnLive shuts down this month

  • kongzi 03/04/2015

    And this is why I have stopped signing up for every cool service that comes out. Stay in business for longer than 6 years first, then we'll talk subscription. Reply +10
  • Has Rockstar really downgraded GTA 5?

  • kongzi 03/04/2015

    Played it yesterday, most of the issues are solved...now they can get back to solving the initial issue of car spawning. I'm still swamped in identical SUV's a lot of times. Weird thing is, traffic variety used to be much better but a clean and unpatched install makes no difference. Reply 0
  • kongzi 02/04/2015

    @dogmanstaruk: precisely the point I've been making for a while. Seems like a waste of effort to test performance when it'll be patched before the end of the week.

    I do enjoy these articles, they're just not that helpful anymore. I think DF should find another format for their performance tests, maybe so they can be easily updated when anything changes? I imagine a lot of time goes into testing right now...shame when all that is out of date with the next patch.

    Unless performance is egregiously bad, I'm much more interested in the parts about the graphical makeup than how it performs. And with really bad performance I expect to read about in the review and have that affect the score.

    Now to give this patch a try
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  • kongzi 30/03/2015

    I think it's a bug. Read a statement from a Rockstar support rep that said as much. Not sure how valuable that statement is and I don't really care. POM gone in return for better performance is a good trade off. I had a bug where leaving my console connected would lead to stutters in sp, that's gone now.

    I played it yesterday and the smoother performance was very noticable. Good stuff.

    Overall I think this game has no business playing with POM and other bells and whistles while the texture filtering and aliasing are as bad as they currently are. That affects image quality much more than POM. In the shots presented here it only results in some deeper shadowing. I know that in motion and with varying light angles it's a bit more impressive than that, but the impact is gone anyway as soon as you look up at the horizon and are confronted with a mess of dancing, blurry pixels.
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  • "He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10"

  • kongzi 02/04/2015

    Whatever the reason...issuing threats is no way to start a constructive discussion. If you'd do that to me as a parent it hurts your cause, because I would get protective and defensive right away. And I would only get madder if it turns out it was a fake threat...to open a discussion. If you want to have a discussion with someone, first rule of business is to respect the person and their (possible) viewpoint (which in this case the teachers have absolutely no idea about).

    I still strongly believe kids can handle graphical violence and are perfectly capable of putting it into context. As long as they're someone helping them to find that context. That's a parent's job. I'm actually much more concerned about kids growing up extremely sheltered and with an overly rosey outlook on the world.

    If they've never been exposed to for instance the fact that there are wars in this world, and some clue as to why...it'll be extra easy for some smooth talking demagogue to cajole them into supporting his. If they've never handled 'scary' situations (like in a horror game) they won't be able to do that as adults. People are sadly violent creatures capable of insanely gruesome acts and thoughts. Most people are capable of this. I still believe that the main difference between the killer and us normal peaceful people is the ability to assert rational control over those emotions and to put them into a proper perspective. That's something kids still have to learn to some extent, especially boys. Violent entertainment and play is part of that learning process.

    That is truly dangerous. A kid losing some sleep over a horror game...meh, might be a problem, really depends on the circumstances. It may be an indicator for neglect...it may also be an indicator for perfectly normal boyish curiosity gone a bit too far, and a lesson well learned.

    I'm not arguing that kids should just be let loose on games or the internet without oversight or that educators (or anyone else) has a duty to act when there are clear signs of neglect or abuse. Nor am I arguing that this isn't an important discussion to have. Just pointing out that issuing threats is no way to start a constructive discussion, especially not with parents. Especially not if they're ignorant to what kids actually can come into contact with online and in certain games. It'll either turn on their protective irrational side like it does with me or they'll overreact and try to play catch up and start overprotecting or banning, which won't work either. They'll feel as if their parenting is being questioned, while 99% of parents parent absolutely fine.

    Also trying to point that you do not automatically have the moral high ground by arguing to "protect the kids"...consider what part of that is you covering your own ass (better safe than sorry, right?). Okay, thats a bit harsh... Its a perfectly valid impulse. But, there are completely valid arguments that violent entertainment and play are part of let's call it the human experience and that learning how to safely and responsibly deal with that is one of the most valuable lessons you can teach your kids. Just as it is also true that constant exposure to violent media (without context) desensitises kids (and adults alike) and some games have experlty crafted compulsion loops that kids shouldn't be exposed to because they lack the self control to handle it responsibly (aka turn it off at some point).

    But is it really new knowledge that kids should be kept busy and challenged with a variety of both fun and serious activities? A kid that only plays video games lacks just as much social development as the kid that only plays sports, or reads books.

    Ya know...the teacher's association could also, instead of writing an easy, illinformed and -advised, letter...put their heads together and ask themselves: what can we do? Can we make it a topic in the classroom and teach kids themselves how to be more responsible or at least communicative. Maybe it's something the kid could even bring up at home?

    This letter, as reasonable as it tries to be, accomplishes nothing at all and just adds to the irrationality that already makes this debate hard as hell to have as reasonable adults.
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  • Silent Hills/P.T. page removes Kojima Productions' logo

  • kongzi 01/04/2015

    And to see how kojima is going to position himself. No matter what he'll be a presence in gaming, with or without konami.

    There's also to possibility of him having a fat deal with a major publisher in the pocket.
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  • kongzi 01/04/2015

    We just don't know...

    Everyone's speculating about a fallout between kojima and konami, but thats pure speculation. Maybe kojima will actually move up in this new konami model and oversee all of their creative output. Maybe they're taking kojima productions and fox engine as the new model to base their structure on.

    Or maybe kojima is just at that age where he feels he's doing it all over again and wants a clean break. He's been associated with MGS for so long that he personifies it. I image that must becomes very tiresome.

    Until either him or konami speaks on it, we won't know. And even then we probably have no clue as to what really transpired. Neither of them will say anything about it before TPP releases. Even if there's a huge irreparable conflict between them, they both want/need that game to succeed so they'll keep the peace until then.
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  • It's over: PlayStation Home has closed

  • kongzi 01/04/2015

    Oh well back to second life then, lol.

    Weird project from the start. It never really worked and never really was going to. But that doesn't automatically make it a bad project, just more of a study case, prototype thing. They probably learned a lot from it that'll find it's way into games, psn or other projects.

    One of the reasons big entertainment companies don't innovate with content anymore is that everybody and their mom is ready to crucify you if it turns out less than perfect. Which it will as is the nature with these things.

    Nowadays you won't just get a bad review in a tech or gaming mag, but it'll be referenced and distorted in comments sections, every douche with ablog will want to have a stab at Sony or Microsoft's big failure. And it becomes part of their internet canon...it will be held over their heads indefinitely.

    Yes I am becoming ever more sceptical of this online, everything social (everything stored) trend. I think it'll reverse at some point.
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  • Face-Off: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

  • kongzi 31/03/2015

    I dont care about frame rates. Just the general unfinished state games are relrased in. Took me
    4 hours just to grab the day one patch for this. On fiber :( It just ruins the whole excitement of buying a new game and getting to play it right away. Takes me back to the PC days of spending hours before I had my game working properly. Its a fine hobby, I'm sure...I don't have the time.
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  • Headteachers threaten to report parents who let their children play 18-rated games

  • kongzi 30/03/2015

    I would write a letter back, kindly telling them to keep their meddling noses out of my and my kids' business. Luckily I don't have kids but I would be fine with them playing something like GTA... military shooters I'd have more of an issue with. Reply 0
  • Battlefield Hardline fends off challenge of Bloodborne in UK chart

  • kongzi 30/03/2015

    If it was multiplatform then, Bloodborne would've outsold Hardline... Good! Hardline is fun, but entirely derivative. Bloodborne is obviously the better game and the greater (creative) achievement. It even managed to draw me in, that's saying a lot.

    Good show for Borderlands too, I'd buy that before I get Hardline. Dying Light deserves to be much higher on this list. Especially with the new hard mode (+graphical upgrades) added that pushes it much further into hardcore survival territory. It's really good now!
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  • Game of Thrones: Episode 3 is due this week on all platforms

  • kongzi 25/03/2015

    In wait and see mode. Compared to the Tales from the Borderlands it feels stilted and lifeless to me. Both games so far lack moments where I feel I am a meaningful part of the story, at least Borderlands is a fun ride. Reply 0
  • Google Nexus 6 review

  • kongzi 23/03/2015

    Mobile phone upgrades are pointless until an actual better class of device comes out. Of course they had to make the screens bigger, else there would be very little to distinguish new phones from older ones aside from minor performance upgrades that for a typical, casual user like me don't make a lick of difference anyway.

    And it's too big. Other than that it looks like great, quality phone. I get that if you spend a lot of time on public transport and have a bag to carry it around in, the big screen may be a plus for you. To me it just seems pointless, annoying to have in my pocket and the extra size makes it more vulnerable to bending and breaking.
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