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  • Xbox Live bans users from Skype and Upload. But why?

  • kongzi 25/11/2013

    so.. has anyone been banned for just using skype? Not the upload video thingy..

    any case.. the more i read about xbone, the more I know I really, truly do no want it.
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  • Faulty Xbox One disc drives emit loud, terrifying noises

  • kongzi 24/11/2013

    Wow I had this problem too.. twice, with my 360. Seems microsoft hasn't learned. And to the apologists, just because everybody puts out faulty hardware these days, doesn't make it right. If you pay 500 for something you should be able to expect it to work. Reply +4
  • Digital Foundry vs. Forza Motorsport 5

  • kongzi 24/11/2013

    I love forza, this looks great... but I'll never play it because I hate the console and business model it comes with. Reply +1
  • What happens when free-to-play games aren't free?

  • kongzi 24/11/2013

    So tell me MS and Sony... why in hell would I want to pay you for this? Where do I, as a gamer, benefit? Apart from giving me graphics my PC was technically already capable of 2-3 years ago? Where is this a BETTER CONSOLE and not just a better opportunity to put me in a sales situation and cram 'offers' down my throat? I don't see it. Even the graphics fail to deliver, imo.. all I see are some obvious benefits granted by directx 11, which has been around for years. The industry as a whole is out of ideas and now has finally lost touch with reality.

    So far, it looks like I'll buy the couple of games I still want to play from this (old) gen and I'm done. The new gen feels like rip off and I've lost all enthusiasm for it. I'm spending my money elsewhere. It's not even about the money... it's about the cheap, money grubbing way it's delivered and how it's allowed to ruin the entire experience from top to bottom by pushing you into things you basically don't want.

    A sincere fuck you to both Microsoft and Sony for driving gaming into precisely the directions it shouldn't, and shouldn't WANT TO go!
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • kongzi 08/06/2013

    Even if they change all of this.. I still don't want it. None of it's new features give me that tingle. The people that buy this crap and microsoft deserve each other Reply 0
  • Windows 8.1 changes detailed, Microsoft to revive Start button

  • kongzi 31/05/2013

    Not a fan of windows 8 interface OR the start button and I think apps is a word we laugh about 10 years from now. I am pretty happy with the improvements in win 7. I find it stable and easy to work with, although I probably don't use 80% of the features. I use it to run software because i'm oldschool like that.

    Apart from all that, purely strategic, this seems a bad move from MS (what else is new?). You do not fix an idea by just sort of mixing it with another idea. I see a lot of potential for win 8 on touch screens, working as a media server and connecting to other devices around the house. It's not something I would buy Not on a desktop and certainly not in an office. The kind of closed ecosystem Apple wants to offer as well.

    They should've marketed it alongside windows 7.
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • kongzi 24/05/2013

    And that settles it... no buy. Publishers get a cut for resales? Seriously? I don't care if it's 5 cent. If I sell you my car, do I owe the manufacturer a cut? And the original dealer? No way I'm going along with this, on principle.

    Economically this is going to stimulate publishers to put out a lot of shitty games that people can't wait to get rid of because with every sale they get a cut.
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  • Inside Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's new open world

  • kongzi 10/05/2013

    I'm still not convinced by the hacking. Look at something, press X to 'interact' is all I see him do. I hope this isn't one of those games where there's zero skill or strategy involved.

    The rest looks nice. The city is bland (too realistic maybe?) but looks interesting enough to explore. The way side missions are handled sounds good and putting all npc's in a database with some basic info about them is a great add. I want to like this, but my past experience with Ubi + open world isn't great.
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  • Raymond: Splinter Cell popularity held back by its complexity

  • kongzi 23/04/2013

    woweee.. that was the dumbest rehashing of marketing cliches I have heard in a long time. Most of them are completely false too and especially damaging coming from someone in charge of managing a franchise. She fundamentally does not understand what creates appeal for your products and that's not talking from a gamer's perspective. I don't care how much user data you collect... if you don't get that you don't boost the long term appeal of your franchise by watering it down or focussing on short term sales, that it kills it... you should not be in that position.

    Namedropping 9/11 and then saying that it has put you in "a good place"... nice one.
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  • Microsoft creative director dismisses "drama" around always-online consoles

  • kongzi 05/04/2013

    If the past is any indication, always on doesn't matter because the nextbox will probably fry itself before I'm likely to ever have internet outage. Reply +1
  • Amid growing anger at micro-transactions, CliffyB calls on gamers to vote with their wallets

  • kongzi 10/03/2013

    Ultimately, Bleszinski's point is a simple one: "If you don't like EA, don't buy their games."

    Wordemup brodude! And that's exactly what I have been doing. Not even as a conscious protest. I'm just way less interested in buying new games than I have ever been.
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  • Shooters: How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers

  • kongzi 04/02/2013

    I've felt disgusted with these military shooters for a while now.. and stopped buying them (or enjoying them). This just confirms my gutfeeling about these games was right. It wasn't so much the guns, but the whole portrayal of conflict.

    I wouldn't let my kids play them, either. Only when they're 18. As comparison: GTA at 11.. no problem. CoD at 16..we're gonna have a talk.
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  • Next-gen Xbox specs leak

  • kongzi 23/01/2013

    i'm not so much disappointed in the specs, i'm sure devs can make something beautiful on it. I'm disappointed that it points to a continuation of the current business model: moving towards more microtransactions, drm and generally becoming more of general media/living room machine. And I'm afraid this will have it's effect on the games, just like it had this gen: more sameness, overreliance on established IP, more blockbuster or bust, and more creative developers falling back on smaller platforms.

    I'm not interested in watching TV on it. I hardly watch TV anymore. The ability to watch old media is not a new feature that adds any value for me: games > tv. I don't care about social media connectivity because I don't want to connect my social media into my game experience. If you complain about how games are becoming more similar and sequelised, and that most of the innovation goes toward finding new ways of cashing in on old ideas, you also have to consider how the business model and hardware play in to that. So yeah.. watching the current gen, and seeing the next gen will be a continuation of that (just look at patents they're filing)... it's hard for me to get excited about terraflops.

    I also don't think PC is going to make a big comeback, because all the old drawbacks to that platform still apply today. But I think steambox (if true, real and succesful of course) occupies an interesting middle ground that combines advantages of consoles with some of the openness on PC. Developers and publisher that want to try new ideas are going to flock to it, because it'll be easier to make money on without being a triple A blockbuster. And i'm much more interested in the next new idea than in Gears Of War 8.
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  • kongzi 21/01/2013

    okay so I've come to the conclusion that Im actually much more excited by the promise steambox is. Modular hardware is the way to go. The platform is much more open to whatever tomorrows great idea may turn out to be.

    just look at how ms is now stuck with kinect and how its apparently not included as standard in durango. To me that shows the old hardware centric model is dead.
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  • THQ auction rumours: Relic to Sega, Volition/Saints Row to Koch, South Park to Ubisoft

  • kongzi 23/01/2013

    Sounds like relic may be better off once the dust settles. Any word on that studio behind Metro? They should go to Take Two, imo. Their games never really took off, because they always had that THQ cheapness about them. Give these guys enough time and money and they could really stand alongside the likes of Bioshock.

    Screw Volition. Their games aren't bad, they're just so goddamn cheap in everything. And every major publisher already has one or two studios making better open world experiences than them and I don't think they're capable of making anything that isn't entirely derivative. Relic sounds like they may be better off once the dust settles. Sega a strategy powerhouse, now there's a surprise...good one though, I like it.
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  • BioWare: Mass Effect 4 due "late 2014 to mid-2015"

  • kongzi 13/12/2012

    Next time someone anounces a triligy i'm going to laugh really hard at them. Reply 0
  • Splinter Cell film in good shape as New Regency comes on board

  • kongzi 06/12/2012

    I played all the SC games and I still have no idea what the story is about. So this is one series that may be a good movie candidate? Reply +1
  • Microsoft denied Killer Instinct trademark because of little-known 7 year old TV show

  • kongzi 04/12/2012

    Its a shit name for a game anyway. I dont really get the obsession with franchises and especially their names. Especially if its old series that more than 90% of the audience have no memory off? Gamers seem much more loyal to studios than to the names they put out anyway. Reply -1
  • Trailer for Company of Heroes film starring Vinnie Jones released

  • kongzi 04/12/2012

    This is gonna be great. No, really this time. Reply 0
  • Devs slam Hitman: Absolution promotion that invited you to identify female Facebook friends by their "small tits" and then kill them

  • kongzi 04/12/2012

    Hilarious! Not the app, but the situation. The app is just tasteless, can't say Im really shocked about it though. I find it kind of heartening that this kind of gargantuan amateurish fuckup can still happen in the industry and that Square Enix grants IO this much freedom artistically and apparently promotionally. But Im a cynical bastard.. cynical enough to be more annoyed by the folk that feel the need to pile in on the story and express their Moral Outrage than a boneheaded decision by IOs martketing dept by people that are about to get fired. Again, tasteless as it is and rightfully pulled, amid all the blandness that is gaming today...at least theyre still willing to ruffle some feathers. So what if theyre all the wrong ones. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed retrospective

  • kongzi 29/10/2012

    I like AC but there's one thing about it that annoys me and that's way the camera cuts way too often and time skips ahead. AC1 didn't do this as much and it gave a much better sense of an open, living world: walk in, do the kill, get out. Ezio constantly skips around and there are just too many cutscenes showing stuff that could've been done in-game. It's like the game can't decide wether it wants to be like a film with lots of dynamic camera angles and cuts or if it wants to be an open world.

    To me that's why the series seems to have lost focus, not so much all the features that were added, which are pretty cool and play to the strengths of the gameplay for the most part.
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  • Jagex says Carnage Racing brings triple-a graphics to Facebook

  • kongzi 11/10/2012

    @The_HEAD_85 you act like you're suprised. that surprises me Reply 0
  • Windows 8 Store won't allow PEGI 18-rated games

  • kongzi 11/10/2012

    "But the connotations for the future are scary. What if a Windows Store presence becomes a necessity for Windows 8 games? How many publishers could resist that user base (and how many users could resist Windows)? And then what - a world of PEGI 16 games?"

    No they aren't. If the Store becomes a requirement, those games'll go elsewhere... or maybe they'll just stay on Steam where they are now, lol. Same with users and developers. If 8 is as bad as it seems now, people aren't going buy into it. They'll stick with all the other platforms out there. I actually like windows 7 and installing 8 would be a serious downgrade.

    And the cynical part of me just wants to add that this is just another step in MS attempt to bog down the pc as a gaming platform and drive people towards Xbox, where they already have their closed little system in place and stifling development and creativity.
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  • Dishonored Preview: Honor Thy Player

  • kongzi 28/08/2012

    I already know this is going to be criminally slept on. Great to see EG pays it proper attention Reply +2
  • The Medal of Honor Tomahawk

  • kongzi 28/08/2012

    I'm so done with modern warfare games.. they're depressing. Hope shit like this makes other people realize how depressing and silly it is and buy dishonored instead. Reply 0
  • New Splinter Cell: Blacklist video shows off controversial torture scene, moral choices

  • kongzi 19/08/2012

    The game was ruined for me even before they tagged this on. Morality and ethics aside.. Splinter Cell is now R.I.P. It's true that games have done much worse, but I'm just increasingly disgusted with where these modern warfare are going and how they choose portray real world conflict.

    Ubisoft has no class.
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  • Retrospective: Manhunt

  • kongzi 12/08/2012

    lol @ the suggestion Manhunt was social commentary. No way. It was about not having a message, not having a context to make you feel good about yourself, no pretense, no touchy feely how does that make you feel moments, no plot, no justification.

    there is a reason nobody since has dared to go where that game went, not even rockstar themselves, not even manhunt 2.
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  • Hitman HD Collection spotted for PS3

  • kongzi 01/06/2012

    one month? that's damn short to sample three hitman games. Hope it comes to xbox too. Reply 0
  • Max Payne 3 Review

  • kongzi 20/05/2012

    7? I'd say that's a fair review. If you look past the polish it's basically Max Payne 2 with better animations.

    I'd probably go higher but this is my kinda game: MP is about ugly people shooting ugly people in parking lots I'm actually glad they didn't waste too much time on annoying QT events or the kind of bland gameplay mush to goes for 'variety' these days.

    But I'm wondering about the difficulty before I buy. Are these really the infamous rockstar difficulty spikes of old (say vice city)? Or is it just a case of if you're not getting 60 headshots a minute, you're doing it wrong? Cause I have no problems with that.
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  • Activision claims visual overhaul for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • kongzi 02/05/2012

    another near-future military shooter...I've been waiting for this for years man!!! Reply +3
  • Peter Molyneux: Why I quit Microsoft, and why my new game will change the world

  • kongzi 11/04/2012

    Peter, Dungeon Keeper. Yes? Okay! Reply -1
  • Cliff Bleszinski defends on-disc DLC

  • kongzi 10/04/2012

    Shut up. Make games. The moment we need economics lessons from an industry-dweep cokehead, we'll be in touch.

    Here's one: a customer that feels ripped off never returns. And downloadable games the way industry wants them are a rip-off. You don't even buy a product, you buy the non-transferable right to use it. Warning: conditions may apply/vary/fuck you.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 launches in October, says dev CV

  • kongzi 10/04/2012

    My money is still on spring 2013. Springs seems to be their window anyway. The only thing i can see forcing their hand is maybe the announcement of the next-gen consoles this year. They'll want the game out before momentum shifts to the new consoles and MS/Sony probably don't want GTA hype distracting from their own either.

    But october 2012 is fine too.
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  • Bulletstorm 2 was in development before Epic decided against it

  • kongzi 10/04/2012

    Maybe the piracy had something to do with that nowadays you can't be sure whether a game is good or utter trash, if it is good whether it'll run without rebuilding your pc and spending hours downloading patches and drivers, or maybe it's gonna be another shitty port, or you get to be part of the QA team by reporting bugs for them because the devs couldn't be bothered to properly finish the PC version.

    Bulletstorm seemed fun.. but ran and looked like shit on my pc.. so no deal.
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  • Take-Two boss: "THQ won't be around in six months"

  • kongzi 06/04/2012

    Lol, hate Zelnick all you want but he's right to boast. Not so long ago people were laughing at his strategy and ready to buy out T2, but it worked and now they're on top. Love it or hate it, but as this generation comes to an end, and top IP's like Mass Effect, Gears, Call Of Duty are running out of steam, their best is yet to come: GTA 5, Bioshock Infinite and a bunch of smaller, but interesting titles.

    They took a gigantic risk and they're getting ready for the pay out. Good for them. And they did it with interesting, big games and generous DLC. They know how to treat a customer. That's why the other publishers declare boxed games dead, they just can't compete.
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  • Just Cause dev: "better looking games won't save the game industry"

  • kongzi 05/04/2012

    The problem with the industry is they're squeezing the fun out of everything. Nobody likes working for them anymore and more people don't even like buying games anymore. It's all about content and IP's where it used to be about ideas and just having fun.

    The magic is gone. Good luck reviving it with a business-model that gives even less value for money. They're running themselves into the ground like this. But who cares, games will be here long after microsoft, activision and ea are gone.
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  • Activision promises "meaningful innovation" in next Call of Duty

  • kongzi 10/02/2012

    RPG elements, yay Reply 0
  • I Am Alive director explains controversial PC piracy comments

  • kongzi 25/11/2011

    short for: we'll see how it sells first. Reply +2
  • Rockstar: we "adore" Bully

  • kongzi 18/11/2011

    In fact I think every game developer out there should make another Bully(-like) game. Reply -2
  • How 9/11 changed Grand Theft Auto 3

  • kongzi 18/11/2011

    hmm .. i distinctly remember reading about this story well.. about 15 times before in the past years. Great find yo. Reply 0
  • Brendan McNamara is making the video game of "one of the great untold stories of the 20th Century"

  • kongzi 09/11/2011

    Me thinks those publishers are more interested in access to Motion Scan, kind of like how I'm more interested in either LA Noire II made by R* or a Mad Max game by former Bondi-workers. Reply +2
  • McNamara: why you thought LA Noire's characters were "dead from the neck down"

  • kongzi 09/11/2011

    Bullshit McNamara, the stiffness and weirdness had everything to do with your technology and how it works:

    -bodies and faces were captured seperately, because the two are impossible to match up you had to instruct the actors to not move around to much. The way the face captures work is that the actor can't move or turn his head too much, and it shows in the game. That's why characters in the game either sit or stand still when they talk and that's why the characters that move and emote the most have that weirdness about them.

    -the stiffness in the bodies had nothing to do with the clothing. No game this scale has cloth simulation on characters. I think the body mo-caps where quite good to begin with, but they had to be compressed down a lot to accomodate the data for the faces. A standard way of doing is reducing the number of bones on the skeleton, and the first place to start is the spine. That's why the arms and legs move alright, but the torso is stiff, which is exactly what happens in LA Noire. You can't blame that on not having cloth deformations, which aren't that hard to achieve anyway by getting creative with skinning and some simple effects. But that was probably impossible because of the demands motion scan put on the hardware and production.

    -Phelps comes across as a psycho precisely because what he says, but how did that come about? Same reason. You have to record voices early on in the production. Most developers work exactly the other way around so they can evolve storyline and characters along with the gameplay. You don't try to wrap a game around some cutscenes.

    Motion scan is really impressive, but also highly impractical. I think it hampered development of the game, which is why it took years to make and still feels underdeveloped, why rockstar had to step in, why Bondi is broke and had to treat it's people like shit and most of all why the game is impressive and boring at the same time.

    Face it, it was weak and amateurish direction that made this game fall short. Most of the components on their own were good or at least adequate, they just failed to come together to make anything interesting beyond following the storyline. That turned out to be rather aimless and trying way too hard to tie all of the genre cliches together failing, again, to do anything interesting with them. It didn't know whether it wanted to be an intimate story about love, betrayal and friendship or a sprawling narrative about LA and it's crime, corruption and conspiracies.

    THAT is why I thought LA Noire's characters were "dead from the neck down" and why Team Bondi is "dead in the water". Don't put words in my mouth, McNamara. You have only yourself to blame. Grow up and stop making excuses and blaming others. Maybe you should've tried to put out a decent open world cop game first before overreaching yourself and your team.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Something Borrowed

  • kongzi 29/10/2011

    It's not the recycling that's the problem, every other form of entertainment recycles assets, storylines, characters, riffs and whatnot. The main problem the games industry has right now is a lack of creativity. Or not being able to get that creativity out there or something. I think that's caused by the way it's structured around the developer -> publisher model, it's not that the people working aren't creative.

    Another major problem here is the price (also tied in to this structure). Every game has to be the same price, but they're not the same quality. It doesn't make sense.. that's why a lot of games can drop 50% or more in price in just a couple of weeks on the market. They are being overvalued. We need cheaper games. If a small studio has to sell their fps at the same price as the battlefields and cod's, they'll never compete.

    I think where possible (any story driven game) you'll see a move towards more episodic formats. GTA episodes did it well and my hunch is that GTA5 will take that idea even further to point of not having one main character anymore.
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  • Mass Effect 3 SP/MP demo in January

  • kongzi 23/10/2011

    So I have to play MP to get the best ending on SP? Screw that... Reply -1
  • 49% of gamers don't buy DLC - report

  • kongzi 20/10/2011

    I still think in the long run DLC actually takes value away from games because it makes consumers less sympathetic towards your company and the products you put out. The (economic) rationale behind DLC treats a game as a normal consumer product, like a washing machine. You can buy the baseline model, but if you pay a little extra you get these extras on it... Problem is, in my view entertainment products don't work like that. If you'd approach music or movies like that a lot of succesful titles or bands wouldn't have happened at all. There's always a degree of symphathy involved. Maybe Justin Bieber's music is pretty good (don't know) but he's an annoying little shit so I don't care to find out. Game publishers don't really seem to understand that aspect of it and that's where you get dumb ideas like DLC or the hype against second hand sales.

    You might ship a few extra units in the short term, but in the long run it hurts your standing with your customers. It'll make people more critical of your products, and you'll get more of these disapointed gamers that are angry because their favorite character has a different outfit they don't like.. giving them more outfits to choose from isn't going to fix that, once people start looking at your product with that mindset you've already lost the battle I think. If they like your game, they might buy all the DLC and you might think you're doing well, looking at the cold statistics, but when you put out your next game people are going to be looking a little harder at it.... do I get the value I want out of it, or not? All of a sudden it matters how many hours of gameplay there are, if it's 'polished enough'. People will compare your game with other games as if they were buying a household appliance. It doesn't work like that for any other form of entertainment you can't boil it down like that.

    You don't go 'oh U2 is much better than the white stripes.. yeah.. cause there's like way more people on stage at any given time and if you buy more than five drinks during the gig you can stay for some extra songs after the main event'.

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  • Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 better installed

  • kongzi 20/10/2011

    This really doesn't bode well for overall performance on either console. First they were really vague on console versions and now they're constantly chatting them down. But we'll see.. I'm not gonna pick it up day one, I'll wait until I know what I actually get with it. Reply 0
  • Why LA Noire PC edition is late

  • kongzi 19/10/2011

    Shortly after completing L.A. Noire, controversial developer Team Bondi closed its doors. Work on the PC version was undertaken by UK outfit Rockstar Leeds.

    I reckon that (and probably piracy concerns) has a lot more to do with it being late.

    Another interesting thing here is that LA Noire is now apparently a full-on Rockstar franchise

    EG is becoming more and more like other game sites that are just mouthpieces for publishers and marketing. Do any of you guys care about being an actual journalist or is it just the free games? How about posing some critical questions sometime? Some fact-finding here and there? A follow-up to a previous story?
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  • Resurrecting a Dinosaur

  • kongzi 17/10/2011

    Well with cryengine or udk it should be possible for a couple of guys to put something together.

    But judging from what he's talking about, it's a bit early for an article like this. It would be much more interesting to see it if the project had been underway for some time and he could talk about some bottlenecks, misconceptions he came across and just stuff that's of interest for people trying to make their own games. Show some work in progress.

    Now it's just a kid talking about the kind of game he wants to make...maybe.. in the future.. if he's only just getting started, by the time he's gonna have a game on xbl, the rest of us will have the next gen consoles. I'm not hating on the kid, good for him..but we all have our pipe dreams. It's not that interesting until something actually comes out of it.

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  • Hitman: Absolution Returns

  • kongzi 05/10/2011

    Hah, the last couple of answers were pretty interesting. I've said before the K&L games only existed to fund the next hitman.

    I really don't see where you guys'd get co-op from though ? The interview clearly states agent 47 works alone.

    From what I read here and elsewhere I really don't think they're dumbing it down in any way. They did K&L on the old engine with as little an effort possible while the tech guys worked on the engine for this and producers were sketching ideas for it. Of course you'll never admit to doing something like that in and interview...that would be rude to the fans. (same story with the movie probably)

    They're not that big a studio, and making a big stealth game is really expensive. Compared to other games you need big levels, very complex AI and iterate on gameplay constantly. I think that was the strategy behind it, pretty smart one too. Beats selling out to a big publisher that'll close you down after you've done the obligatory DLC bullshit for them.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. OnLive UK

  • kongzi 01/10/2011

    It could be a really cool service if they get the latency and compression worked out, probably in two years or so. And having your digital 'rental' twice the price of a physical purchase.. is bad, okay?

    But hey, maybe those kids growing up on kinect now are so used to laggy input that they need it?
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