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  • Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV device

  • kirby2096 09/09/2013

    I wonder how this will handle multiple PSN accounts. Since it's basically a home console version of the PS Vita they should allow you to swap accounts without having to factory reset the device.
    Imagine if someone else wanted to play on your Vita TV with their own PSN account/memory card and had to do a factory reset, but you haven't uploaded your trophies in a while, all those will be lost.
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  • Switch from playing Final Fantasy 14 on PS3 to PS4 for free

  • kirby2096 09/09/2013

    Square-Enix building up that goodwill. I bought the PS3 CE just for the goodies, so it's great I won't have to purchase the PS4 version ..until they announce a CE that I would then have to buy to satisfy the consumer-whore in me. Reply +2
  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Premium Edition announced

  • kirby2096 16/02/2012

    So tempting to throw money at this edition as I've already amassed a load of Blazblue goods, the manga and poster would for me justify the extra £30 over the LE. If they were sold separately on the store it would cost about that price anyway.

    If they maybe threw a free mouse mat and promise to package it better, I'd definitely buy. The last Blazblue premium edition they produced were sent out in oversized boxes with no air bags or foam peanuts resulted in many arriving with damage to the items within.
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  • Namco Bandai enters SoulCalibur 5 DLC debate

  • kirby2096 03/02/2012

    Namco Bandai are the kings of overpriced DLC. You just have to look at their Idolmaster series to see that they've been at it for years; £18 per song, £15 per costume etc. If you were to buy just one volume of DLC for Idolmaster 2, you would have to spend £90-100.

    This being a Namco Bandai game, you can forget them ever bringing out a complete edition, maybe a sale at the end of the game's life and for one week only.
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  • Huge Final Fantasy sale on EU PlayStation Store this week

  • kirby2096 26/01/2012

    T'was going to get V-IX during the sale, luckily I remembered that they put the shoddy PAL50 ports on the EU PSN, which are 17% slower than NTSC/PAL60 versions. Reply +1
  • Zavvi tweaks Metal Gear Solid HD Ultimate Edition

  • kirby2096 01/12/2011

    So this is no longer limited to the 4000 copies preorders worldwide, will be produced in larger quantities and for the Xbox 360 too. Not really worth the £70 then as they're bound to have loads left and slash prices to get rid of them. Reply +1
  • Live Sony E3 PlayStation Conference

  • kirby2096 07/06/2011

    So does this mean the PSVita won't have DualShock 3 pairing like the PSPGo so you can play it on tv like a home console? Reply 0
  • The 3rd Birthday release date

  • kirby2096 24/02/2011

    I hope they keep Eyes on Me by Superfly as the ED theme, suits the game well (from reading the translated lyrics and listening to the song endlessly). What this game needs is an in-game wedding dress costume you can fight in :D Reply 0
  • Bonus mode for Yakuza 4 special edition

  • kirby2096 04/02/2011

    The Black Edition case looks nice, might get this when it's discounted. I haven't even started on 3 yet! Reply 0
  • Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force

  • kirby2096 07/01/2011

    Just so that everyone here is informed, both Japanese AND Asian versions of Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force are region free. This might have a bearing on how likely it's going to be picked up by a publisher here (though Sega would probably do the honour themselves, so who knows). Reply +3
  • Resonance of Fate

  • kirby2096 16/03/2010

    Have preordered this a month ago on ebuyer when it was at £20.43 inc vat, it was at this price for 2-3 weeks and it only garnered 2 more preorders!?! Sure, it won't be coming to me on release day as I chose free delivery but I have FFXIII to keep me going until it does. Reply 0
  • Chapter Command Wargear giveaway

  • kirby2096 17/02/2009


    Ah I see, it should have read "..or Saturday" instead of "..and.."

    Now I'll just cancel my Play preorder as I thought I wouldn't be able to get that key :D
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  • kirby2096 17/02/2009

    So the 5 keys you get today only unlock the first wargear set?
    Will the order of the giveaway be the same as the one set out in the article with the wargear rundown?

    I don't care much for the the 6th wargear set though, as it's still £5 more than GAME/ even with the discount, and it doesn't come with a nice box to pop on your shelf either.
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