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  • Black Friday deals for Friday 25th November

  • kinggibbon 25/11/2016

    @grassyknoll Just looked it up on their site and unfortunately there are no Ł87.49 deals on there. Have you got a link as I am trying to convince my friend to get one Reply 0
  • BioShock Infinite review

  • kinggibbon 29/03/2013

    Just finished the game. Score well deserved! Reply +1
  • Square Enix "investigating" after Tesco stores break Tomb Raider street date

  • kinggibbon 05/03/2013

    I went into a local games store in my area and got it on Friday. This store sells games early on a regular basis but I would never tell on them. Why would I ruin this opportunity? Reply 0
  • Dead Island

  • kinggibbon 21/09/2011

    They gave this a 6/10 which is the same score as Divinity 2. Dead Island is way better than that piece of crap. Everyone who has played it that I know has gven it a good 8/10. I think Dan White played it for 10 mins, couldn't get the hang of it and cried in a cupboad for 2 hours. It takes some getting used to. Longer than 10 mins. The collision detection is fine. But I do find the shadows funny when punching. Reply 0
  • Naughty Bear

  • kinggibbon 30/06/2010

    I wish I saw this review before I pre-ordered this game months ago. Its absolutely horrendous! I loved the idea of an orginal game but they blew it with the linear gameplay. Reply +1
  • Overlord II

  • kinggibbon 27/06/2009

    8/10! What the hell are you on?!?! This game is horrendous. I've just spent Ł39.99 on it and i feel it is worth a fiver in a bargain bin. The game looks horrendous(Especially the cutscenes!), plays like a normal game with some crappy camera and seems the script was writen for a 8 year old. Why it is a 16+ is beyond me as it is far less gory than games with the same age rating. Though I could only play it for an hour before turning it off and almost snapping the disc in rage of how grossly over priced and over rated by every game site this piece of rubbish is. This is my opinion and i'm sure others may like it. Perhaps more children than grown adults but if you haven't guessed yet, this game didn't hit me very well. This'll teach me to try demo's before i buy. *Afterwatds edit* I thought i had been too harsh on this game and gave it another go. After this i could see the 8/10 rating. The start levels are pretty horrible but after that its quite addictive. I owe this game an apology. Reply 0
  • Atari to distribute Tekken 6 in Europe

  • kinggibbon 31/03/2009

    People will probably mock me for this but i actually look forward to it. I've followed the story line since tekken 1. Its a decent beat em up but i have to add. It needs more features. Tekken 3 had that sort of streets of rage and beachball game just for a small feature and that made a nice addition imo. As for character customisation i love it but i dont like that some clothes give more energy / more attack strength. Just like to custimise my fave character without consequences for not having a stupid looking helmet that gives insane hp... Yes im looking at you soul caliber 4! Reply 0
  • Lord of the Rings: Conquest

  • kinggibbon 27/02/2009

    A complete disappointment :( Reply 0
  • Halo 3

  • kinggibbon 27/02/2009

    Another shameless overly generous review. Being an owner of Halo 3 i thought it was a normal FPS but a bit duller. Reply -1
  • Fable II

  • kinggibbon 27/02/2009

    No way a 10/10. I loved fable 1 and was extremely excited to hear about Fable 2 but... Why did you change the combat style. Also the humour just isn't funny anymore. 8/10 i'd say. Reply +2