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  • Yakuza Kiwami is the next best thing to a Shenmue remake

  • kimchibaka 07/02/2016

    If they released it worldwide and PROMOTED it properly in the West I reckon it'd be a good success. Reply +1
  • The Fallout fan made to destroy his records for a refund

  • kimchibaka 05/02/2016

    If they can't replace one record they should issue a full refund and let him enjoy the rest of his incomplete set if he wishes to. Basic customer service imo. Reply +1
  • Everything that's changed in Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

  • kimchibaka 05/02/2016

    @rock27gr Fair enough! I've only played OoT and Windwaker as well as TP. I suppose I meant it wasn't the 'usual' type of story - my memories are hazy but iirc TP was all about Midna and she used you as a puppet, and I didn't like that. May be wrong, perhaps it was just the character! Reply 0
  • kimchibaka 05/02/2016

    @Smokemeakipper Midna I think she was called and it's what ruined the game for me - it was her story and not Link's. Reply +1
  • 30 years in space: Meet the man who's kept space sims flying

  • kimchibaka 31/01/2016

    I had Rescue on Fractulus. It was bloody hard to work out wtf was happening. I could get as far as picking up one stranded pilot, not sure I ever managed to get him off the planet though...lots of memories of simply crashing into planets and not much else :( Reply +1
  • Remembering Dragon Age: Origins

  • kimchibaka 31/01/2016

    Played through it all and really enjoyed most of it, suffered the shade, built my whole play style and team around having Morrigan, and then in the big meeting before the final boss...she didn't like one of my choices and left :( Faced dragon, insta-death. Poor Wynne, brought in just to be slaughtered with the rest of us. Reply 0
  • People are already modding Street Fighter 5

  • kimchibaka 25/01/2016

    That's not Birdie vs Laura, it's Pete Burns :O Reply +1
  • I was patched out of Eve Online

  • kimchibaka 17/01/2016

    Interesting piece, as always with Eve on EG.

    It looks amazing, but sounds absolutely nuts to be a part of!
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  • Watch: Death Star avenged in Star Wars Battlefront

  • kimchibaka 20/12/2015

    @jabberwocky I would kick the royals out of the most expensive property in Britain, and let them retire to their hundreds of other massive estates (with accompanying stately homes, and thousands of acres of grounds). Instead let the starving freezing homeless have somewhere warm to sleep for once ffs. The chef there would have an easier time too just serving them some edible grub, without worrying his way to an early grave if her 'maj' will find her 1000 truffle slightly overdone.

    Walk down The Strand and see the homeless sleeping in doorways if you have time, because in two or three days they'll be either kicked off to they-know-not-where (else to go), or locked up for some petty 'misdemeanor' simply because it's an unpleasant truth that most of us can't deal with in the state-sanctioned orgy of greed and waste season.

    One source - a chap there (towards the St Paul's end) who served in Afghanistan and when he found out the US soldiers had been told to protect the opium poppy fields, and shoot anyone on sight who tried to mess with them, broke down utterly :(
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  • kimchibaka 20/12/2015

    @dfernand Hey go easy on us, it's the one day of the year unrelated to the royal bloodsuckers our fascist overlords allow us to enjoy ourselves (the rest of the year we have to stay miserable) - it's no surprise so many (literally) buy into it! Oh and there's New Year's Eve too, when those inconvenient freezing starving homeless are cleared off the streets of central London so a fireworks party costing millions, and Bacchanalian excess, aren't rudely interrupted... Reply +1
  • Preserving the past: why emulation matters

  • kimchibaka 26/11/2015

    google Despecialised Star Wars. It's a fan made HD project to remove the special edition "enchancements" and restore the films to as close to the originals as possible. Technically it's piracy but hey, George ain't selling em.
    Yes it's the closest we'll ever get to the original cinema experience. It's even more ambitious than you suggest, with all the small incremental changes made after the original release (but before the SEs) and colour matched with frames from a very, very rare original print from an 'unknown source' iirc. (The masters and original prints have either been destroyed or kept by Lucas, and he would never let anyone touch them - even the DVD you could get was a shoddy remaster of a much later version).

    I'm sure the deal with Disney won't have included Lucas' personal archive - just the crap later cuts of the films.

    I believe that technically it's not illegal to download if you own all of the source material it's been composited back from frame by frame, that's commercially available (i.e. several different shoddy versions over the years including the horrible SEs).
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  • Discovering Hearthstone's League of Explorers

  • kimchibaka 19/11/2015

    @Bedders Is the separate Heartstone site you started still going? Unless I've missed the link, there should be one if it is, or you should make it more prominent. Reply 0
  • kimchibaka 19/11/2015

    Enjoyed it but once again it's very short. I think there should be a third skill option between 'normal' and 'heroic' as 'normal' is too easy and 'heroic' often too frustrating/impossible without RNG luck. I'd actually like to replay these again at a challenging but not hair-pulling level. Reply 0
  • Hearthstone adds co-op battle option

  • kimchibaka 04/11/2015

    Love the co-op but it's shite if you get a bad partner (did they add 'add last player met' back in?)

    It's a great arena, I've loved most of them but co-op is a great addition.

    I too though am getting somewhat tired of the game, apart from Arena :/ I'm totally casual (not like that rank 12 guy who thinks he's not that good!) and am wondering if it's worth selling my account at this point. I've been two years into this, never looked up the meta decks, just worked things out on my own...but for me TGT felt like a weird mix up too far when the cards aren't in 'standard' packs, and not used much.

    Meh, I'll keep eking the fun out of Arena I guess till/if they have a rethink.
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  • Uncharted: Remastered, revisited, reassessed

  • kimchibaka 09/10/2015

    I can't believe they left the multiplayer out of this, I didn't bother with 3 (because of the single player experience) but 2 was absolutely spectacular; the co-op in particular was a huge favourite here.

    I feel the piece is harsh on 1 for what it was at the time, fair on 2, and goes very easy on 3, probably because sites (including this one) overrated it at the time. Whilst 2 is a great (almost perfect imo) mix of set piece and game, 3 is just set pieces masquerading as a game. The first two even now are among my favourites ever (there may be nostalgia there of course) and I played through multiple times until, and beyond, I could master Crushing difficulty (alright, alright, I had to use the 'run back to the jeep so you don't have to jump down into the flooding chamber section' exploit in 1, because that was just too brutal). I still enjoy them just as much today. But 3 I couldn't get past a single playthrough.

    That's not because either games or my tastes had moved on. It's because, however hard in places the first two are on harder difficulties, success (or failure) is mostly in your hands (as much as it can be most of the time). In 3 to pass many of the shoot-outs you have to follow the script of where to stand, where to move to, and exactly when, or just fail. I.e. they took the scripted succeed or fail set piece bits from 2 and applied them to 3 for the shooting sections as well. I was gutted.
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  • Video: Introducing Low Batteries, a series about mental health and gaming

  • kimchibaka 26/08/2015

    @Fragtaster I'm so sorry to hear about your father and glad that you made it through that awful, awful time.

    You say that video games were the only thing that got you through, did you try things like bereavement counselling, general counselling, or any of the other options? I mean no criticism whatsoever if you didn't, we all do what we need to to survive at such times and the easiest thing to turn to is what we have closest at hand. I just think it'd add to the insight we can share together, but only if you don't mind sharing more on what I totally understand is the most sensitive and personal of topics. Anyway, all the best buddy :)

    Johnny - this is a very brave piece indeed, and not something I ever thought I'd read on a gaming website - bravo. I'll follow the series with great interest. I have insight as a fellow sufferer of both, as well as OCD and many years now of family tragedy.

    The only thing I'd say is unlike in the video you must say that certain statements are your opinion or musings from your own experience, because it's not a 'one size fits all' theory (I know you didn't mean that but it's how it sometimes came across).

    Otherwise - again bravo, and well done Eurogamer!
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  • Is it too late to start playing Hearthstone?

  • kimchibaka 26/08/2015

    Just to add - I think the one really cynical cashgrab by Blizzard imo (not sure how true it is but I read they earn an astonishing $40m a month from the game) is the recent introduction of the new hero avatars (animated etc) - the only thing so far that can only be bought for cash and not gold.

    While it's not part of the core experience I feel this may set a precedent. It's not right to me that after so long (with everything available until that for gold as well as money) there's suddenly something that bucks the trend, and once so many people have become so invested in the game.
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  • kimchibaka 26/08/2015

    @loinnird Although not as common, there are quests for killing minions, damage to enemy heroes, playing certain values minions, and a free card pack one for spectating a friend winning, and you can swap one quest per day so if you wait three days swapping the ones you don't want, then clearing a space for the next day's quest, you should get more of these (though the card pack is once a month I think).

    The last one's a new addition and in this and other ways I think Blizzard are moving in the right direction (guaranteed card pack for an arena run however you do, a free pack for your first weekly Tavern Brawl win and the other changes) but not enough (yet?) for a casual useless player like myself to start now perhaps!

    Forgot to add in the last comment - Naxxramas is worth playing through for all the cards but the common consensus is if you're not that interested in one class (forget which - Paladin perhaps?) you only need to play the first wing of Black Rock Mountain.

    To sum up everything I've said, really - if you're new you may well enjoy it if the matchmaking's decent, but if you're casual like me you might hit a wall at some point where to get much further you need more cards imho, which will require either time or money. If you go for time and just enjoy messing around in the game it shouldn't be a problem (though you'll tear your hair out at times!).
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  • kimchibaka 26/08/2015

    @mrcheesyelf I started soon after the full release and haven't spent a penny. Before the new expansion I had probably around 80% of all the cards, bought all the adventures with gold, and if I dusted all the cards I'll never use can craft anything I like.

    One thing I learned when the first expansion dropped was to save up all your gold as soon as it's announced. Now I try to have 1000 'in the bank'.

    I was lucky to start when I did. It's my first CCG and it took me months to 'get' it. Luckily the card pool was quite small back then compared to now and plenty of folks were in the same boat as me. Also the matchmaking is quite fair at times, in a sense. If I use my main (Mage) which is quite a competitive deck and has won loads I get tough opponents, if I use Hunter who I only recently started with I seem to get other 'newbies'. I say it's fair 'in a sense' because my Mage gets matched to some ridiculously good decks, far better than mine by people who obviously really know what they're doing and have spent ages researching netdecks/combos, and 9/10 I'll face four or five Priests in a row. I'm far too casual/don't have the time so I don't bother and can only marvel when someone buffs a card to one hit kill in one turn.

    In general I'd say for someone like me who's new to these games, doesn't put much time into deck creation or researching everything, isn't particularly skilled, and just likes a good skirmish and the 'puzzle solving' aspect of a game unfolding now's too late to start. I have the feeling though that new players get a generally easy ride being matched with similar, as they should.

    I absolutely disagree with the comments that say certain expensive cards don't win matches - you have to learn and plan for them coming from your opponent at certain turns otherwise they can - and do - in my frequent experience. They can turn the whole tide of a game.That said, yes some of the best cards are also easily got and common.

    Looking at Gamefaqs when the last expansion dropped I was staggered by how much people are spending on this - one guy bought 581 decks!!! He was moaning because he got a handful of legendaries. Luckily I bought ten packs with my gold and got two (one golden which I can exchange for any other 'regular' legendary so that was cool).

    One thing I've noticed in ranked play, as I bounce between the lower ranks (20-17, always been the same since I started) is that netdecks etc are much more common in the last month or two, and it's regular to see ridiculous combos, sets of cards, and legendaries, (and even golden heroes - which means 500 wins under their belt) at level 20.

    I basically do the dailies, rise up when they involve the Mage, then sink again when I have to use something else.
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  • A great explanation for how oldschool graphics worked

  • kimchibaka 19/08/2015

    @Tyronne I sold my Amstrad 6128 (full working order) on Ebay 9 years ago...I got a quid for it :( Regretted that minimum price as a cheapskate listing expecting it to get far more, but now more than ever I wish I'd just kept it whatever the offer. Ah, the memories.

    Really shoddy ports at times (well most of the time) but when the games were done decently it had some of the best versions around for the 8 bit (Gryzor I am looking particularly at you with loving, nostalgic eyes).

    Happy gaming :)
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  • 129 Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller nearly half price at Amazon

  • kimchibaka 12/08/2015

    @null Thank you too sir (as per my previous post) :)

    I'm so surprised at this and am thinking of all sorts of ramifications such as restaurants where the menu gives a price but you don't pay until the end.

    (I know the consumer can send uneaten food back at anytime and can't be charged if not satisfied, so perhaps food is separate and a bad example. Unfortunately I did naively try 'UK law' in a Chinatown in Japan once over a really fucking dodgy Peking Duck, and my gonads ended up being a couple of sword strokes away from the next day's menu so I paid up - lesson learned there!).
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  • kimchibaka 12/08/2015

    @trisclark Thank you kindly, I'm really surprised at that given my experiences, which is why I asked. I think my largest discount over the years was 50 a year or two ago off a Satnav at Currys and they didn't blink before selling it to me at that price(before dashing off to correct the mistake in a panic). I didn't even ask for the discount - if they'd said 'sorry, no' I wouldn't have wanted it, would have questioned it, put it back on the shelf, and then come home to look into it a bit more. So I guess it's just company policy, but funnily I've never come across a bricks and mortar store in 25+ years who don't honour the display price.

    I don't care about negs (been round here long enough) - just wanted to ask why people were doing it for me asking an honest question. I see not one has bothered to respond in writing. Hey ho.
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  • kimchibaka 12/08/2015

    @BobbyDeNiro Has that changed recently? I've always had retailers honour marked prices in store where they've made an error (before money changed hands) over decades and as late as last year - ?

    Edited to add - How can I get negged for a genuine question? I've had it happen so often (over very many years, being an old 'un) and without quibbling or usually even asking got the item at the advertised priced. Usually the shop staff have immediately dashed over to the offending item to remove/change the prices, so I'd assumed it was trading standards legislation???
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  • Humble Bandai Namco Bundle includes Dark Souls and Enslaved

  • kimchibaka 05/08/2015

    @Sousuke_Sagara Yes the graphical tweaks are essential for Enslaved 'out the box' on PC - the motion blur, AA....urgh it was a mess. Bit of tweaking and runs a beaut :) Reply 0
  • Now it's got Steam Workshop support, is Knights of the Old Republic 2 worth returning to?

  • kimchibaka 29/07/2015

    @bad09 Many thanks my friend I will jump into 1 first then :) Reply +1
  • kimchibaka 29/07/2015

    I got one and 2 in that ridiculously cheap humble bundle, is it worth playing 1 first or just jumping into 2? Reply 0
  • Hearthstone's next expansion is all about the Hero Power

  • kimchibaka 23/07/2015

    @Alnilam 'no, "reduce by one" would mean if you played 2 of the same card they would each reduce it by 1 ultimately making it cost 0 to use your hero power. "Set to 1" means that even if you played more it would only ever get set to 1 never be possible to cost any less.'

    Yes, obviously, it seems I'm not explaining myself well enough - you'll only be able to play ONE of these in your deck at a time (even if you can have two in your deck, which I'd be surprised at), so you can only reduce your hero power to 1 mana - which is exactly the same result as 'set it to one'.
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  • kimchibaka 23/07/2015

    @BigDannyH 'Ahh, set to one not reduced by one, that makes sense.'

    Isn't it the same thing, as hero powers all cost two, and you'll only be able to use one card in your deck?
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  • The murky genius of Fallout: New Vegas

  • kimchibaka 12/07/2015

    @lucky_jim I hear you. Maybe I was just unlucky but I sunk 50+ hours into Fallout 3 only to fight my way to the top of a building for a mission. Finished the mission and went to take the lift down which needed a battery - no problem as I'd left the battery (I didn't think I'd need) in the room below due to a full inventory. I spent an evening looking for that battery, even though after five minutes it was clear it had despawned, and the only way out the building was the lift :( My old saves didn't help so I had no choice but to give up or start again. I won't ever play one of these titles again. Reply 0
  • Blizzard gives European Hearthstone players free cards

  • kimchibaka 12/05/2015

    An Ironbeak Owl...just what I'd always dreamed of :( Reply 0
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood review

  • kimchibaka 08/05/2015

    @kafiota Never forgive! Never forget! It was a travesty of a review.
    @bostec - What worse than 'Dead Space' Dan?!!

    (Edit) This review's by Dead Space Dan!!! :0
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  • Nintendo records first annual profit in four years

  • kimchibaka 08/05/2015

    They've completely fucked the whole thing up from start to finish the way I see it - they should have sold at least three times that number. Half of the Gamecube sales is an absolute disaster (and I say that as a proud owner still of that machine and most of its best games).

    They got it terribly, terribly wrong from day 1 with just the name alone where their previous casual market didn't know it was a new machine, and there was basically zero marketing, or proper selling of the controller (the only thing I remember was that terrible commercial where the bloke 'hit' a golf ball off the controller - I think with a Wiimote - which was set up on the floor).

    Then there were virtually no major releases for the first year...the unique controller for asymmetrical gameplay that was hardly ever used...the list just goes on and on...

    It's got to the point where there are enough 'essential' games for me to really, really want one. But I feel like I'm going to be burned if I do buy - having to run a gauntlet of overpriced old games (compared to other systems), the same for Wiimotes and nunchucks (as I never had a Wii), and looking for that one shop anywhere in London that stocks Nintendo stuff (just as I had to in the late Gamecube days - will never forget the solitary rack of stuff in HMV Piccadilly trying desperately to shift a few games but mostly Freeloaders - great pieces of kit - for 3 or so).

    I probably still would get one EXCEPT they've basically already said it's dead with the announcement of the NX.

    Very sad how (imo) they've effed up what to me is still the most appealing current gen console. They should be absolutely flying right now with this machine. If I had to buy one of the three tomorrow I'd probably get a PS4, not because I'd rather have one for the games on offer, but because there is ENOUGH on it to play to keep me occupied, coupled with the fact that Nintendo have completely lost my faith in them :(
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  • Spelunky speedrun world record set at 1:47.182

  • kimchibaka 08/05/2015

    @gummygod It's a Jeffrey article...there is always one major mistake as an easter egg :) Reply +6
  • Playtonic launches 175k Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter campaign

  • kimchibaka 03/05/2015

    I can't find the link to the pre-alpha gameplay at 5pm yesterday promised in the behind the scenes vid...perhaps I'm just being blind, anyone help?

    Oh they've added it to the middle of this article...
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  • Video: Why the brains behind Banjo-Kazooie left Rare to start again

  • kimchibaka 03/05/2015

    I can't find the link to the promised pre-alpha gameplay at 5pm yesterday... Reply -1
  • Video: What happens if you delete P.T. from your PS4?

  • kimchibaka 01/05/2015

    @TomPhillipsEG So put the spoiler UNDER the video or in white text that needs to be highlighted. Reply 0
  • Trine 3: Can Early Access iron out some of the series' kinks?

  • kimchibaka 27/04/2015

    As single player games I found the first two slightly hollow - if gorgeous - experiences. Reply 0
  • Amiibo Touch & Play: Nintendo Classics Highlights free download on Wii U this week

  • kimchibaka 27/04/2015

    Err... That sub-headline...? :confused: :eek: :-(
    That's why the last editor quit!
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  • In Theory: Nintendo GameCube remasters on Wii U

  • kimchibaka 26/04/2015

    @MattEvansC3 No, the reason no one bought it and third party support dried up overnight was because the marketing budget was non-existant.

    Even in Japan barely anyone knew and/or cared what it was or that it was out.
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  • kimchibaka 26/04/2015

    I lived in Japan throughout the years before Nintendo gave up the Cube and barely anyone there either knew or cared it existed (I'm being generous here as while no-one I knew did, I'me sure there were a few).

    No marketing and the PS2 was already all-dominant.

    Such a shame because not only is it one of my favourite consoles ever it houses some of the very best exclusives of that era imho.
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  • Mortal Kombat X review

  • kimchibaka 20/04/2015

    Terrible review imo for many of the reasons already stated, so won't retread.

    The reviewer seems to be a new writer here, so I hope they're fresh to it, been given a big job as a show of confidence, and won't feel too knocked by the scathing criticisms.

    If not, this 'review' - which is about as informative, unfortunately, as those two paragraph bits in papers like The Metro - is yet another huge knock to the site imo. If the stuff posted above about the writer's seeming long-term agenda against this game is true...oh dear.

    If the writer is a new hand setting out I hope they don't get discouraged, but I feel they've been needlessly thrown to wolves here.

    Oli - get a grip on this site asap.
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  • Mortal Kombat X enjoys biggest ever launch for a Mortal Kombat game in UK

  • kimchibaka 20/04/2015

    @cbaxter006 There's already a mod to change fov, albeit on foot only and pretty sure it won't be allowed online. Hopefully they'll patch that in officially. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 played on omni-directional treadmill and Oculus Rift

  • kimchibaka 18/04/2015

    @spekkeh Unlike some others I think you make some very good points in your earlier comments, before the one I have just read which is followed by one by EvilWaterman.

    However, saying that being on the autistic spectrum (which everybody is to some extent according to many/most experts in the field) makes anyone 'have less empathy' is ignorant in the extreme.
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 gets PS4 release date

  • kimchibaka 17/04/2015

    Blimey, is this the most officially re-released game ever in its various incarnations?

    Serious questions - five installments beggars belief for me (I gave up on Street Fighter 2 all those years ago after its second or third iteration).
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  • Super Mega Baseball review

  • kimchibaka 17/04/2015

    @greenllama88 Great to hear MLB The Show mentioned. I've never played it but always wanted to and really should (I got absolutely addicted to baseball - and sumo - when I lived in Japan, having known nothing about it before). Even the PS2 games when I was over there looked great for the time (sadly no chance to try).

    For any sports fans who don't know the game I would heartily recommend it (baseball in general). The rules aren't too hard to pick up (less so by far imo than cricket) and some hard fought games become beyond epic.

    The only thing that puts me off this one a bit is the aesthetic - would love a realistic sports sim - must pick up the last MLB The Show.
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  • Hands on with the Recreated ZX Spectrum

  • kimchibaka 05/04/2015

    The British have a very totemistic self image. We define ourselves by red buses, black taxis, cups of tea and the Sunday roast.
    Oh do fuck off.

    Were you one of the ones waving flags at Thatcher's send off too, despite anybody with half an interest in politics knowing that her government was packed with paedophiles? Have you only realised that since? Or don't you follow the news at all? You certainly know nothing about present day British culture.

    No time for such nonsense. As I'm from Kent I'm off down the local now for a half of mild, reminiscences about hop picking, and if I'm lucky a roll in a barn with a milkmaid.

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  • Ride review

  • kimchibaka 03/04/2015

    @Krappers At least it wasn't 'Drive Blind'! Reply +3
  • "He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10"

  • kimchibaka 02/04/2015

    Great article and some wonderful, responsible responses.

    I was pretty disturbed when my 9 year old niece (who in many ways is young for her age) wanted me to sign up to some online girly superstar game (with in-game chat) and within seconds of creating a character I had friends requests coming at me. I left that one there and immediately had a word with her mum.

    She told me she has a 'best friend' online in the game who she's obviously attached to, now who knows if it's another child or someone old enough to have children themselves like myself?

    I find all this pretty scary really. And this is a 'kids' game!

    My nephew's 5 and is routinely given his mum's iPad to pacify him in the car which he mainly uses for Mincraft. The thing is, he's obsessed with Let's Plays, and while the game may be OK for a child that young many of these are most definitely not, both in terms of language and tone as well as the kind of social skills a boy in his first year at school shouldn't (imo) be learning from.

    All the children are dearly loved by both parents but they are incredibly busy people who don't really understand what's involved in some of this stuff, and spoil the children rotten with all the latest internet-connected devices, both because they can, and because that's the norm in their social circles.

    I got GTA IV on release day and played it a LOT in the first weeks. There was one forum thread on Gamefaqs where a young adult said he'd played for days straight and then when driving to the shop for some snacks with his friend was struggling not to speed and take shortcuts over pavement corners, grass verges etc. He also said he did have weird thoughts about mowing down pedestrians if he saw any (it was nighttime). Many thought he was joking at first, but as the thread went on it appeared not...

    I didn't buy GTA V purely because of the random rape encounter where (I've read) the choices are either to shoot the rapists or just walk away and leave them to it. That's way too much for me in the same way I don't watch sick films like Hostel. In fact I wonder if it's worse, as it's interactive...

    I grew up in the early 80s and things have got a lot, lot worse since then imo.
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  • Watch the world's best Call of Duty teams compete for $1m

  • kimchibaka 30/03/2015

    Denial star James "Clayster" Eubanks, who had one every major Call of Duty competition apart from the Championship before tonight's victory, was named tournament MVP.
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  • The Legend of Zelda Wii U will not launch in 2015

  • kimchibaka 29/03/2015

    For me Nintendo have really effed everything up. I was a PS2/3 early adopter who is less and less likely to buy either 'next gen' effort the more I hear about them, and just stick with my modest PC. But, the last few months I was beginning to think a WiiU purchase was inevitable sooner or later...

    Then they broadcast the NX, now they announce this. True or not, my perception is that they're either giving up for now and/or the NX will be backwards compatible (games aside, with their now ridiculous range of different controllers it better be!) so I won't be getting one after all.

    Seems like a right old mess, and so much so avoidable :(
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