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  • Playing Hearthstone to lose

  • kimchibaka 26/08/2014

    I've always greatly enjoyed the articles by Christian I've read :)

    This is no different - but perhaps only (the wider scope aside, there is enough specific detail there to make it exclusive imo) because I've played the game a fair bit.

    On the one hand think it's fair to call it 'P2W' now that you need to pay to go through Naxx to get the extra cards/knowledge of them, on the other I'm quite happy bouncing around the lowest ranks - mostly having fun when I don't face ANOTHER bloody Priest - and (thanks to saving gold up for Naxx) haven't spent a penny.

    Do feel sorry for new players though.
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  • Hearthstone Naxxramas bug causes some users to be charged twice

  • kimchibaka 30/07/2014

    Finally unlocked for me a few hours later - it seems so far I've only been charged once (paid in gold).

    First boss seems cheap but is rather easy if you have the right build/class (beat first time with Druid).

    I guess they're working quite hard to fix this (?) compared to previous problems as cash is involved.

    Hope everyone else's problems are resolved soon :)
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  • kimchibaka 30/07/2014

    Now when I try to buy it again it says I already have a transaction pending and to wait, guess that was my 'activating purchase' attempt (?). I blooming well hope so or I dread to think how many times I've bought it :( Reply 0
  • kimchibaka 30/07/2014

    Not working again here - all sorts of errors from the screen just hanging permanently to 'failed database'.

    I got as far as 'authenticating transaction' at one point which hanged for so long the game timed out.
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  • Video: Why do Japanese games tell you characters' blood types?

  • kimchibaka 18/07/2014

    Maybe a bit off-topic but it's 'interesting' to say the least imvho that very, very few in the UK know their blood type even though it was checked as soon as you were born - but they don't tell us, and it's not on your medical record - you have to pay for private tests. If your mother remembers (sadly mine is not around anymore)then that'll help in case of emergency.There is a 'neutral' replacement but it's not the same thing.

    In an emergency situation blood tests take twenty minutes to come back at best. And that's after you get to the hospital.

    Good luck going to somewhere like Japan if you have a major accident where there are simply no blood stocks of the rarest 'Western types' whatsoever. I don't know about other Asian countries that I visited (Vietnam, Thailand etc), as Japan is where I lived for many years.
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  • kimchibaka 18/07/2014

    @lone_wolf_uk I'm not saying it's OK, I'm just saying how it is, a quick google tells you that. OK, it's drawn attention to it, the article isn't railing against the 'injustice' is it? (I've not bothered to watch the video to be fair, but why would I watch an 'Outside Xbox' vid as a PS3 owner?)

    Completely unnecessary article imvho unless it was written in one line - 'blood groups are important in Japanese culture so that's why they're there'.

    Unless you're going to crusade against it (which this article doesn't), it's simple.
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  • kimchibaka 17/07/2014

    Because blood types in Japan are seen (rightly or wrongly) as an absolutely crucial part of one's personality/personal compatibility. They're obsessed with it to the point where it'll affect your uni and job prospects, not to mention possible marriage matches.

    What next - a show analysing why American characters in games have American accents?!!

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  • Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?

  • kimchibaka 16/07/2014

    Excellent article. Shame on Yogscast (and others). Reply +2
  • Starcraft, Guild Wars and State of Decay designer reveals MOBA Gigantic

  • kimchibaka 16/07/2014

    Pixies will never/can't play Gigantic again unless Kim rejoins :( Reply 0
  • Here's some off-screen PES 2015 gameplay footage

  • kimchibaka 05/07/2014

    'Real-time lightning?'? Sold! Reply 0
  • What's it like going to a Hearthstone Fireside Gathering?

  • kimchibaka 29/06/2014

    @Ayche This was my first such card game and I started by levelling all the characters to 20 against the AI. You get enough cards from that to have a good go at ranked games at the beginning levels 25-21 where people are in the same boat. Plus you have a rough idea about different classes and a good sense of the neutral cards.

    Reading up a bit about basic starter sets and cards is good too.

    I'd definitely do all that before jumping online! It's also good to beat all the enemy AIs on 'expert' for extra practice and the bonus gold you get.

    I still don't have some key cards I need for my Mage but have enough fun to play daily and probably win about 50% of the time, so my level is quite stable. I rarely come across decks with far more powerful cards than mine, so in that sense I think my level and the matchmaking is pretty spot on.

    The only thing that annoys me is that some of the 'random' attack cards don't quite seem so random after you've been on a winning streak (and probably vice versa) e.g. say I have four cards on the board and my opponent plays two random attack cards, they always take out my best card!

    Delighted with the game on the whole and haven't spent a penny :)
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  • kimchibaka 29/06/2014

    I always greet on my first turn and say thanks at the end of a game, if they've played particularly well they get a 'well played'. Not everyone is sarcy and unpleasant! Unfortunately the tone of most of the emotes is rather provocative so you do have to be careful.

    You'd be surprised just how simply greeting someone often sets off a good game with emotes used appropriately and politely.

    If someone's spamming just right click to squelch them (shut them up). I don't find I have to do this very often though.
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  • Video: Let's Replay Yoshi's Island while doing a Mick Hucknall quiz

  • kimchibaka 27/06/2014

    Waiting for Tom's article about Ellie's sexist jokes about 'bellends' and impotency (how hilarious) - NOT. Reply -5
  • Sniper Elite 3 has a 10GB day one patch on Xbox One

  • kimchibaka 23/06/2014

    Does this merit two reviews of the game on Xbox One - one for the patched version, and one for out the box for those who can't download such a huge amount of data?

    Seems to be getting awfully close to the point where a DF article - while interesting - won't be enough - it should be reflected in scores.
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  • Mercenary retrospective

  • kimchibaka 16/06/2014

    Great to see this game revisited, just driving round shooting all the buildings was a fun and absolute unique experience at the time. Reply 0
  • BioWare reveals Mass Effect 4 details, early footage

  • kimchibaka 09/06/2014

    It looks like you'll once again be using a Galaxy Map to traverse through space...
    How else would you find your way around - by smell?
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  • Hover is a parkour-based spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio

  • kimchibaka 29/04/2014

    Whatever the promise the game seems to have this article reads far too much like an advert for me. Reply -1
  • Chris Roberts shows off Star Citizen dogfighting

  • kimchibaka 12/04/2014

    New to this one and some comments about the business model made me look for older articles to understand why. Anyway, came across this one from December which talks about the DFM being delayed...that side of it doesn't look very advanced from this video, and this is four months on...
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  • Titanfall Xbox 360 won't come to Games on Demand

  • kimchibaka 11/04/2014

    When's the SNES version out? Reply +24
  • Microsoft's Windows XP support ends today

  • kimchibaka 08/04/2014

    Ye gads...folk suggesting Vista or 8 (with or without 'update') instead :O

    Thought it was common knowledge the 'even' ones were absolute shite and the 'odd' ones were the ones you wanted (ME anyone?)?
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  • Catherine retrospective

  • kimchibaka 16/03/2014

    What next...a Titanfall 'retrospective'? Reply +2
  • Godus 2.0 launches with "virtually no clicking"

  • kimchibaka 12/03/2014

    Please fuck off with this BCE/CE shit...whoever it comes from. Reply -10
  • Microsoft "concerned" by claims GCHQ considered using Kinect for surveillance

  • kimchibaka 28/02/2014

    Some people are genuinely surprised at this?!!

    Believe it or not MS didn't spend $0.5bn promoting the original Kinect so you could 'enjoy' dancing with stormtroopers...
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  • Infinity Ward confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts PC minimum specs

  • kimchibaka 24/10/2013

    @null 50MB? Pfft! I remember having to upgrade my ZX81 from 1KB to run some games!

    Mind you that was when we lived in a lake, had gravel for tea and used to work 25 hours a day down't pit. We've moved up to a wheelie bin and cat litter for tea now - luxury :)
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  • Sony vows to improve PSN for PS4 following GTA 5 issues

  • kimchibaka 28/09/2013

    How about improving it for the PS3...the customers you already have and are paying for things on that? Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs. the Xbox One architects

  • kimchibaka 22/09/2013

    Just read like an open platform for Microsoft PR, with no challenge whatsoever from Richard.

    Very poor.
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  • Tada! The 20-year crusade to solve checkers

  • kimchibaka 18/09/2013

    Fascinating article :) Reply +7
  • Microsoft will "aggressively challenge" any government attempt to use Kinect for snooping

  • kimchibaka 24/07/2013

    Yep, smartphones are a massive concern too - snail mail not so much (was that a serious comment?!!). That's why I won't have one - I have nothing to hide, but why should someone be able to track me at all times and be so simply able to hack my email and everything else I use or look at on there, and potentially gather my address, passwords, photos, banking details, etc?!

    Further to my previous comment - as I'm 'lucky' enough to soon receive a PC with Windows 8, I looked around for how to install Windows 7 on it instead. I found this article on, which is a site I don't know but sounds fairly mainstream; 'Why We Can No Longer Trust Microsoft'. If it is mainstream, it's a pretty big red flag when even they start talking about Microsoft reshuffling to put intelligence agency people at the top, no?!!!,2817,2421733,00.asp

    Apparently the deliberate government backdoors were suspected as long ago as Windows 2000! If so, being critical, one might think that this was perhaps at least some of the point all was the half a billion spent on marketing Kinect (an otherwise pretty useless device).

    Linux for me on my PCs from now on I think. And thank god for Noscript on Firefox.

    And for anyone like me who's belatedly woken up to this issue (thanks Xbone!) and after a bit of research is now also untrusting of Google, Duckduckgo is an alternative I believe - personally I'd appreciate any other recommendations.
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  • kimchibaka 23/07/2013

    British security services have people at all major newspapers 'guiding', censoring and spinning the news, and otherwise reporting back etc, so anyone who thinks Microsoft, Google, etc, don't is mad in my book.

    That kind of stuff is WAY beyond what the NSA and the courts do in plain view (which is what has been picked up on here). MI5/6 and the NSA etc essentially have a level that operates completely above the law.

    Now bear that in mind as a mere possibility, at least, please - how does this look to you?
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  • This week on Outside Xbox

  • kimchibaka 13/07/2013

    @metallicorphan It's years ago now, but apart from the friends 'thing' I thought we were promised that ~70% of buildings would be enterable.

    Didn't happen. Plus (and more importantly) they took the fun out of it I think most gamers would agree on that.

    It was a good game but not great by any stretch of the imagination.
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  • The DualShock 4's bright rear-facing light can't be turned off

  • kimchibaka 08/07/2013

    Makes absolutely no sense at all for a game that's single player and doesn't use the eye (i.e. most of them to some degree) as it'll just drain the battery.

    It'll look cool for a but if you look at it...but you won't. You'll only see it reflected off the TV, which'll be annoying.

    @SeesThrough All vertianly sees through this - late design decision means a lack of a useful feature which actually could get quite annoying if games don't use it.
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  • Microsoft suggests Windows 8 apps may come to Xbox One

  • kimchibaka 01/07/2013

    Can I get a version with Windows 7? Reply +42
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf spoilercast

  • kimchibaka 24/06/2013

    I haven't been back to my Gamecube village for over five years...I would love to pop back but dread to think of the state of the place now, and all those letters from friends who have moved on :( Reply +4
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze coming to Wii U later this year

  • kimchibaka 11/06/2013

    Looks brilliant to me, but not something I'll pick up a Wii U for. Pretty much the same as everything else they've shown. Shame, but I imagine a lot of people will get one as a second console after the PS4 eventually when the price drops.

    Is it 'pony tail' or 'ponytail' Jeffrey? Or, as I will know you as from now on, Jeff Rey :D
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  • Watch Gran Turismo 6 at 60FPS

  • kimchibaka 18/05/2013

    So they've ditched the characters, the wacky courses, and the weapon pick-ups?

    No matter how good it looks, I think Nintendo have really dropped the ball on this one :(
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Force feeding fandom

  • kimchibaka 11/05/2013

    I've never played it but I agree Dan, Kinect Star Wars not only looked like 'crap' but seemed an absolute insult to the fans.

    Shame EG gave it an 'average' 5/10.

    Still, all reviewers are different eh? Oh, was you.
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  • Windows 8.1 will revive the Start button, reports suggest

  • kimchibaka 09/05/2013

    How on earth is having more government spyware than ever before 'not a bad OS'?! Reply 0
  • Candy Box is the stupidest, most addictive thing since Cow Clicker

  • kimchibaka 08/05/2013

    @Bluetooth Very many thanks - good on ya :-)

    The dragon level scales :( Almost beat it a few times with 900-odd health, so thought I'd level up a little bit. Got up to 1080 and suddenly I can't even reach the dragon because of some crazy enemies they've introduced.

    I guess you need to tackle each level with the right approach at roughly the point you're 'meant' to...

    Correction - there are different paths through each level, some (much) harder than others. Not sure if the harder ones open up as you get 'stronger'. But beating the harder paths gets you extra handy items. And, it's the right item at the right time (duh me) so for the much-tougher enemies on the dragon level invulnerability was the key.

    Anyway, worth replaying the levels a few times to make sure you get all the items :)
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  • kimchibaka 08/05/2013

    @L0cky Cheers buddy, exactly as the instructions said, and exactly what I thought I'd been doing...this time it worked though :D

    Bring on the dragon!
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  • kimchibaka 08/05/2013

    @L0cky How do you make the invulnerability potion? Can't seem to do it, and it looks so simple :( Reply 0
  • kimchibaka 06/05/2013

    @Bluetooth Hey bud, what does the GMOOH potion increase the lps to? Still stuck at 100 with 30 000 invested. Cheers!

    went up to 500 000+ after using, still no change :(

    Ah I see you get an item after defeating the cows which multiplies the lps by 3, but you don't actually gain from adding any more lollipops to the farm :)
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  • kimchibaka 06/05/2013

    @L0cky Aha! Thanks again, onto that now :-) Does the GMOOH raise the lp/sec farm rate? It's expensive! Reply 0
  • kimchibaka 06/05/2013

    @L0cky Cheers buddy, you just saved me 80 000 lollipops trying!

    Just need the 'get me out of here' scroll that @Bluetooth has mentioned then (?)
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  • kimchibaka 06/05/2013


    Looking forward to the DF face-off :P

    Can anyone tell me if the cap on the lollipop farm is 100lp/sec until you get further into it?
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  • Quantic Dream "very interested" in PS4 touchpad for "designing games that are adapted to a larger audience"

  • kimchibaka 22/04/2013

    Studio with vested multi-million pound interest in next Playstation bigs Playstation... Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Podcast: PlayStation 4 special edition

  • kimchibaka 22/02/2013

    Offensively bad on a number of levels (not least to this website's credibility) - you should be ashamed to have broadcast that EG. Reply +4
  • Dead Space 3 review

  • kimchibaka 06/02/2013

    So it's shit then, just as expected (I adored DS, never even bothered finishing 2 after getting 3/4 of the way).

    And the review reads like shit. Can anyone please explain to me what the fuck that opening paragraph is all about?
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  • Next-gen Xbox specs leak

  • kimchibaka 21/01/2013

    As a tech novice, (if any of this is correct) it sounds like the PS4 will be more powerful, while Microsoft is aiming for more of a 'complete media machine/lifestyle "solution"' (which games-wise means that it will be even less powerful with the extra overheads).

    Is that roughly right?

    I never got one, but won't that leave a lot of very peed-off Kinect 1.0 purchasers, who have seemingly got very little for their investment, and a lot of bad-will for Microsoft? I would have guessed so, but read very little about disaffected Kinect buyers in comments here (?)

    I'll be holding off myself for a good few years I should think this time - the backlog of decent games for this-gen will probably keep me going for half a decade more! Just interested :)
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  • Bungie helps a boy find his smile again

  • kimchibaka 21/01/2013

    All that matters to me is that ENORMOUS smile on that little boy's face after the incredible ordeal he and his family have been through. That could make a huge difference to his recovery - just read what it meant to him.

    I refuse to believe any company would exploit such heartbreaking ill-health for publicity.

    The parents sound very responsible and I don't see local Halo multiplayer as anything worse than the original Star Wars trilogy (which is rated U).

    Brady - lots of love and best wishes to you for hopefully a very swift recovery young man, and never sell that helmet (sure you won't!)
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  • Games of 2012: Journey

  • kimchibaka 24/12/2012

    I appreciate the sentiments (even though I haven't played the game yet, those I know who have have have echoed just those feelings,) but this was a very poorly written piece for me. (I gave up after the first four paragraphs - perhaps it got better, but I wasn't hanging around to find out).

    Just for starters:

    'Much like Journey itself, it was a simple moment but an incredibly powerful one, laying bare the foolishness of the entire "are games art?" debate. Of course they are'.

    Fuck off are they 'art' by default. Write an article explaining exactly how the latest Call of Duty or Fifa is 'art' and then message me so I can tear your argument apart on every level. Otherwise stop trying to be a pretentious so'n'so, and attaching added significance to the games you review (and the 'job' you do) by pretending it's mostly anything other than just PLAYING (nothing wrong with that). Most of what we play is meaningless, time-wasting, fun, and nothing more. (Which is, btw, mostly why we play them.)

    Also, please learn about punctuation.
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