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  • Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

  • kenzie316 24/02/2014


    Makes no sense

    "What I would also do is remind you that many of those consoles that were purchased at launch and in the run up to Christmas came with the inclusion of a game. You'll know we did a day one offer with FIFA and also Forza, and this latest offer has been timed to celebrate the launch of Titanfall."
    Either way early adopter got ripped off 30 or more.
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  • Thief 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • kenzie316 18/02/2014

    Im bored of the console comparisons, I know that ALL PS4 games will run at 1080p which is what the "next gen XBOX" should be running at. The battle is already over. Reply +75
  • Broken Age to receive its finished public release in a fortnight

  • kenzie316 14/01/2014

    Art style is very nice. It seems to be playing well so far. Love the two characters. Reply +2
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Battlefield 4

  • kenzie316 28/11/2013

    These comments are laughable, do people jsut go through going, oh they say positive things about XB1, dislike comment, oh positive PS4, like comment. Yes I have an XBOX One, and yes I am annoyed that it is crap in comparison to the PS4 at the moment.

    All I can hope for is that it does what the 360 did and narrow the gap. I just wish the Playstation had a decent controller that doesn't split your index fingers and thumbs so far.

    Yeah give me negatives for knocking Playstation and liking XBOX. We all pick our console for whatever reason and this shouldnt dictate how people treat you.
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  • PlayStation 4 off to great start in North America

  • kenzie316 18/11/2013

    @Suarez07 By the sounds of it i'll need to use the new controller. Not sure that it looks any more comfortable though but the only way to find ut id to use it. Also agree with the fanboy stuff, its quite pathetic. The controller isnt s**t, I used to love it on PS1/2/3 but once I tried the XBOX S controller I thought it was far more comfortable. Reply +2
  • kenzie316 18/11/2013

    @Suarez07 No I aint. Im not a fan of where the analogues sticks are on previous versions, so going by images they look to be in the same position. Reply +1
  • kenzie316 18/11/2013

    I think its funny how the chat here is not about the success of the PS4, its all about people being very protective about their own console. "You're XBOX sucks",... "No you're PS4 sucks". Whatever groupee you are a memeber of, you cant deny that the launch of the PS4 has been successful. Looking forward to my XBOX on Friday. On Paper the PS4 seems to be the most powerful machine but I am still getting the XBOX, my sole reason for this is I cannot stand the PS controller..... very uncomfortable (not as bad as the first XBOX controller)...Cue negative comments.

    Let the media and companies go crazy over who is better, this will result in us getting better games in long run.
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  • Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome Season Pass announced

  • kenzie316 01/11/2013

    This is pathetic, already naming exactly what is in the DLC. Its already built and ready but why add it into the game when you can STEAL more money from us?

    No wonder people buy from the secondhand market as they know they are getting exactly what they have paid for - half a game.
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  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes announced

  • kenzie316 08/01/2013

    @imyj hell fly like superman did Reply 0
  • Sony shocks world and announces PS3 super duper Slim

  • kenzie316 19/09/2012

    How many times can you re-sell the same product?? Reply -2
  • Geohot Sony settlement details leak

  • kenzie316 12/04/2011

    Im with you crazyhorse174 on this one. They cant do him for hacking his own console as long as he isnt distributing it. Look at Kinect, its being hacked to death but most of the things coming out from it are all positive. Maybe Sony should get this guy to show them a thing or too.

    If he is making money etc out of his hacking then hell yeah take him to the cleaners.

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  • Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Dev diary

  • kenzie316 20/01/2008

    @CHAOS_BROON sorry mate my comment was unclear. I was stating that vegas doesnt steal anything from cod as u cant do what vegas is attempiting with the ranking up in single player with cod. I loved the first vegas and cant wait for this one. I agree we need more co-op i loved terrorist hunt. that damn library with 50 realistic terrorists was mentally hard but thats what kept me playing. roll on part 2 Reply 0
  • kenzie316 17/01/2008

    Yeah its totally stolen!!! as in cod 4 u can customise your character and the weapons in the single player campaign???? Reply 0