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  • Obsidian confirms demise of Aliens RPG

  • kencleary 29/06/2009

    In complete agreement with UncleLou. While NWN2 was somewhat bland it was lightyears ahead of NWN1 and MoTB was one of the most enjoyable RPGs in years. I think Obsidian could have done a great job with this and i think SEGA have killed the most promising of the trio of Alien games in production! Reply +4
  • BioShock Challenge Rooms

  • kencleary 04/11/2008

    Thanks Mogs and Kangarootoo - looking forward to picking it up when it does come out on 360! Reply 0
  • kencleary 04/11/2008

    Is there any reason why this is coming out for PS3 rather than 360? Reply 0
  • Atari dates PS3 Alone in the Dark

  • kencleary 03/11/2008

    Looking forward to Storm of Zehir in particular. Mask of the Betrayer added a lot to NWN2 and vastly surpassed the original in my opinion. If Storm is anything like as good........ Reply 0
  • Braid

  • kencleary 06/08/2008

    So how many points is it? or did I miss that bit in the review. Reply 0
  • Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey - Gameplay trailer

  • kencleary 23/07/2008

    Looks great alright but is there an in cockpit view or a HUD even? Reply 0
  • Europa Universalis: Rome - Trailer

  • kencleary 19/03/2008

    Yeah looks good but i can't help wondering how awesome this would be if you could fight the battles Rome Total War style :) Reply 0
  • Kane & Lynch X360 demo

  • kencleary 19/12/2007

    Yeah very glad I played this demo. It destroyed any lingering thoughts of buying the game once it hit budget. It really is rubbish isn't it? Reply 0
  • Puzzle Quest on XBLA tomorrow

  • kencleary 09/10/2007

    So wait we're getting this and Speedball 2 tomorrow or am I missing something? Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed - Trailer

  • kencleary 25/09/2007

    bah the future thing is clearly so they can do a franchise. This game is set in the Third Crusade, next one will be in Roman times or something, one after that will be in space etc. If the game lives up to expectations though i'm all for it! Reply 0
  • E3: Mass Effect in November

  • kencleary 11/07/2007

    Really delighted we're going to get to play Mass Effect this year. Though with Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Halo and others it'll more be a problem of finding the time to play it! Reply 0
  • Eve developer cheats

  • kencleary 12/02/2007

    They didn't tell the community. The events happened last summer and since then a hacker named Krugstman man uncovered the truth and published it on his website. CCP then had no choice but to come clean and really most of the community thinks this is simply the least of what t20 did. Reply 0
  • Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

  • kencleary 23/11/2006

    Warhammer Dark Omen was one my favourite RTSs ever. Was great fun playing around with Mages & Vampire Lords etc - made a difference from the standard RTS fare. I loved the fact too that you played a mercenary army where every unit was unique and your losses cost you your much needed gold.

    From reading the review this sounds like it has some of these factors back in but seems to play more like one of those god awful Lord of the Rings RTSs. Think I'll wait for a demo buying spluring on this one!
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  • Autumn update problem solved?

  • kencleary 02/11/2006

    Anyone contacted Microsoft on this? Whats the solution?

    Autumn update bricked my 360. Basically it now lasts 5 minutes before freezing in any game or DVD or anything really. No red lights just a straight up freeze - it's intensely annoying
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  • Eve Online to evolve for 'years'

  • kencleary 20/09/2006

    Hmmm two more months I have to wait for the Rokh. Well at least it'll let me train up my Gunnery skills! Reply 0
  • Civ box set coming to Europe

  • kencleary 08/09/2006

    "knocking out at a bargain SRP of Ł39.99"

    Errrmmm €60 for four games I already have is a bit steep. Sad thing is though i'm sure i'll still buy it for the Civ goodies!!
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  • Sensible World Of Soccer for Live Arcade possible - senior source

  • kencleary 29/06/2006

    I really don't understand why there hasn't been a rush to release to release old games like this on Arcade. There are so many games that could sell bucketloads that are just lying around. I'd instabuy games like Speedball 2, Chaos Engine, Cannon Fodder, Stunt Car Racer etc

    Why aren't publishers exploiting this? I'm assuming the coding would be fairly straightforward. Is it rights issues or what? - Anyone in the know care to explain?
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  • Lumines 2

  • kencleary 13/05/2006

    Yeah can't see what a sequel would be about except a cash cow for the Devs. I don't see many people paying 29.99 for a few new skins and tracks which is how this looks so far Reply 0
  • Combat Mission: The story so far

  • kencleary 29/10/2005

    "assuming it isn't immediately torn apart by a well-aimed 88mmm shell"

    /grog mode on

    Panther uses a 75mm gun rather than an 88mm :)
    I'm delighted theyre changing to a modern format - theres only so many times you can cover World War 2
    I would have preferred a Nato versus Warsaw Pact in the 50s or something though
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  • US Navy to launch new game

  • kencleary 12/07/2005

    Damnit and here I thought they were going to re-make Harpoon or somethin. Instead we get some fu*ked up superhero diving game or something :) Reply 0
  • Sony slashes Platinum price

  • kencleary 04/07/2005

    Hmmm and here was me thinking all measures like this would be held off till mid November.

    And was the senior retailer KOTI? :)
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  • Civ IV info, pics

  • kencleary 20/05/2005

    Civ III was also a lot lazier than Civ II and a retrograde step from Alpha Centauri. No wonder movies for example. It amy seem like a small detail but playing Civ II or AC you really felt that the developers poured their Soul into the games. Even the manuals reflected this! Civ III felt like just a re-polished Civ II, adding one or two features but without the love and care. Civ IV looks like more of the same unfortunately. Reply 0
  • Halo 3 to see off PS3

  • kencleary 16/05/2005

    You might think its childish nonense but unfortunately it does work. Look at the demolition job Sony did on the Dreamcast! Reply 0
  • FM 2006 for PC and PSP!

  • kencleary 10/05/2005

    Yeah seems like this would either need a large chunk of a memory card and/or a lot of UMD access. Still I'd be perfectly happy with a simplified version of CM for those train journeys in the morning. Editing tactics could be tricky though. Do you SI guys intend to use a 2d match engine? Reply 0
  • Namco swings Warhammer licence

  • kencleary 09/03/2005

    Wow I didnt realise Dark Omen came out for Playstation. That was one of my favourite games for PC. A pity Sega didnt pick up the licence instead of Namco. I'd love to see it remade using the Rome Total War engine :) Reply 0
  • Silent Hunter III

  • kencleary 03/03/2005

    I've got my pre-order in. Even if it is sh*t I reckon itll be worth spending 25 euro to find out :)
    Due out in 2 weeks i think - can anyone confirm?
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  • PSP priced at $249.99 in North America; launch set for March 24th

  • kencleary 03/02/2005

    So thats means 250 euro over here so. Not bad but not great either considering you can import one from Japan at the moment for about that. I also don't like the fact that you can only get a value pack i.e. a sh*t pair of headphones, a tiny memory card etc etc Reply 0
  • Take Two picks up Civilization for 2K Games label

  • kencleary 27/01/2005

    I really hope they do something interesting/innovative with this title. I'm not hopeful though. I think Alpha Centauri was the pinnacle of the Civ genre. Civ III just added some decent features (culture etc), made some portions of the game worse (Diplomacy) and stripped the game of its soul i.e. they dropped unit modications, wonder videos, the fantastic quotes when you discovered a new tech etc. and crapified the air/naval/artillery military units.

    What i'd really love to see is a Civ IV with a Rome Total War style map with the same style of game as Alpha Centauri and dedication put into the new wonder movies and quotes. It may sound superficial but to me it was those little differences that really added to the immersion of the game and added an incentive to continue playing right through to the end. After all most Civ games are effectively over by 2000 BC anyway. A poster on slashdot recently put it brilliantly when he said that:

    "My favorite, at least in a way, for the Punishment Sphere (no drones in the city you build it in, production drops 50% (think rebels if you haven't play SMAC)):

    It is not uncommon to see patients undergo permanent psychological trauma in the presence of the Sphere, before the nerve stapler has even been strapped into position. Its effect on the general consciousness of the culture is profound: husbands have seen wives go inside, and mothers their children. Dr. Xynan left the surface of the sphere semitranslucent for a reason. You can hear them in there; you can see them. It is a thing of terrible beauty.

    Baron Klim: "The Music of the Spheres"
    I kid you not: I have build precisely one of those things. I almost can't stand the thought of building them after the quote."

    This is the kind of effect that those little differences can make. Nothing in Civ III can possibly generate that kind of feeling.

    I suppose from the Developers point of view though its easier just to pump out Civ III mk2, which from the screenies and news available seems to be their aim. Ho hum I think i'll continue to stick to Alpha Centauri.
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  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

  • kencleary 24/11/2004

    Hmmm its hard to quantify the performance dip between this and HL2. I'd only call it slight but there does seem to be a lot going on in the streets of Vampire like several people walking around and rain falling etc that increases the load.

    As I said the story has engrossed me to the degree that i'm currently playing this ahead of HL2. The levels are a bit samey samey after a while and I'm so sick of being directed by one person to another who can only help me if I help another person who can only help me if I help another get the idea :)

    Bottom line if you like RPG games or games like Deus Ex you'll love this.
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  • kencleary 24/11/2004

    Unfair i'd have said. I'm (i think) near the finish and I haven't suffered one serious bug so far. The sound is a bit glitchy but so was the sound in HL2. The only real bugs i've ever seen are where a person seems to float in the air beside a bus stop and i've only seen that happen twice.

    As everyone's mentioned here the story is excellent, some fabulous characters, there's true variety in the characters you can play and real dialogue choices with real consequences. Alright the combat is a bit sh*t, but its better than Morrowind which wasn't penalised for it and is very similar to that in Gothic II.

    I may come across a bit fanboy here but frankly this is consuming more of my time than Half Life 2 at the moment and is really on a par with Deus Ex. 8.5/9 would be my conclusion.
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  • The Bluffer's Guide To GameCube Cult Classics

  • kencleary 23/08/2004

    Mwhahahaha - I know its evil picking over the carcass of a console like this but really when its possible to get a Gamecube plus most of the titles mentioned in the article for less than €200 you can't call yourself a gamer unless you get them. Reply 0
  • Vivendi announces Scarface game

  • kencleary 12/08/2004

    Tiptop: "/Votes for Memento game"

    Its already been released - its called Planescape Torment :)
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  • Baldur's Gate II : Shadows of Amn

  • kencleary 20/01/2004

    There's also Tales of the Sword Coast - An expansion pack for Baldurs Gate 1. Reply 0
  • Ubisoft floats Silent Hunter III

  • kencleary 20/01/2004

    Sounds promising but a game like this really needs good AI to be great. This is where the other SH games fell down IIRC. Reply 0
  • Planescape Torment

  • kencleary 05/09/2003

    Heh have only seen this review now but have to agree 7 is a travesty. A 10/10 game if ever there was one. Reply +1