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  • Skate 3 gets reprinted following its recent YouTube popularity

  • kenbarnes 27/08/2014

    My local Tesco and Sainsbury have both had copies for 8 or less for AGES. They seem to be having trouble shifting them! Reply +3
  • Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?

  • kenbarnes 17/07/2014

    @Hyrulian But it isn't sponsored. "Sponsored" (generally) suggests that cash has changed hands.

    FGTV were given "access to" a 2DS and the game in the same way that pretty much every site out there is given review copies of games in order to review them, and in the same way that every other site out there is given preview/beta access in order to provide previews and coverage.

    There's a big difference between "we will pay you this many pounds if you provide POSITIVE coverage of our product" and "here is a copy of our latest game so you can review or cover it however you may wish."

    YouTubers glossing over issues with products in fear of not getting paid by the people that make those very same products is a million miles away from what FGTV have done in the video that you've linked.
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  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • kenbarnes 08/07/2014

    @MonkayMajic Generally the question came with a picture of a tonne of feathers and a picture of a tonne of lead. Lead is heavier, so that pile was smaller.

    Which is why everyone wrote "feathers" rather than having intelligence.
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  • Face-Off: EA Sports UFC

  • kenbarnes 23/06/2014

    In before the standard and ever so super-hilarious "wrestling/MMA is just two sweaty guys in shorts doing homo-erotic things" joke...oh, wait. Turns out I was late to the party this time. Reply +3
  • EA Sports UFC demo performance analysis

  • kenbarnes 06/06/2014

    @craigcarlhowlett Not even remotely true, but keep on keeping on. Reply +1
  • The making of Match Day

  • kenbarnes 01/06/2014

    The sequel was probably the 8-bit game that took up the most of my time. Absolutely superb game. :) Reply +8
  • These are the most popular games on Steam - report

  • kenbarnes 16/04/2014

    Guilty as charged. I'd say that more like 60% of my Steam library is untouched. Reply +4
  • People are using the PS4 and PlayRoom to stream a call-in show

  • kenbarnes 22/11/2013

    Very cool! Love it :) Reply +24
  • What the hell is that?

  • kenbarnes 16/11/2013

    @MMMMMM7 You have to be kidding, surely? Reply +5
  • Rayman Legends owners discover Vita version is missing 28 levels

  • kenbarnes 03/09/2013

    @coffeemix They're denied of the whole game if they don't buy it based on principle, simply because it's missing a handful of levels that at best only provide a limited extension to the core game. If an entire new game (which is excellent), plus challenges, plus 40 Rayman Origins levels aren't enough to splash 30 on the game, then they probably weren't going to buy it anyway and are just posturing because hating corporations is cooooool.

    But yeah, because I enjoy a game, I'm clearly "corporate's bitch."
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  • kenbarnes 03/09/2013

    The Invasion levels are nice additions, but losing them hardly detracts from the overall game experience, in my opinion.

    If you decide not to buy the game based on this, then you're the one that's missing out. Absolutely essential game to anyone who actually enjoys games and doesn't just sit on the internet all day bitching about them.
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  • Nintendo announces Nintendo 2DS handheld console

  • kenbarnes 29/08/2013

    @Stealth20k Not going to get into a slanging match with you my friend. But the fact that you instantly go on the attack about the console I write about, rather than trying to form any real defense of the 2DS says more than I ever could. Reply +3
  • kenbarnes 28/08/2013

    Horrible. Nintendo are slowly committing suicide. It'll take a while, but with the Wii U and ideas like this, it'll happen.

    They need someone to captain their brain-ship, as the guy in charge is quite clearly drunk at the wheel.
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  • Live: Phil Spencer's Gamescom keynote

  • kenbarnes 21/08/2013

    Why would Phil have the date tattooed on YOUR arm/back/forehead? You would have felt it, surely? Reply 0
  • Face-Off: PlayStation 3 vs. PlayStation Vita

  • kenbarnes 17/08/2013

    @ziggy_played_guitar According to some you are. You can only like one company or the other. Did you not know?

    If you get in trouble for it, then I'll be getting the book thrown at me too. Worry not. :)
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  • kenbarnes 17/08/2013

    @phil_75 What about us "Xbots" that own a PS3 and Vita because we're gamers that play games, and not platforms?

    They don't own you, friend. You don't owe them anything once you've paid for the machine and games.
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  • Superfrog HD review

  • kenbarnes 01/08/2013

    Worms. Worms. Worms. Worms. Superfrog. Worms. Alien Breed. Worms. Worms. Worms.

    It's like they're out of ideas, or something. Waiting on the full-price XO and PS4 editions of Worms to be announced any day now.
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  • PES 2014 preview: Why I'll be making the switch back this year

  • kenbarnes 31/07/2013

    @simsini I apologise. The FIFA 13 version of the Champions League.

    If that's the only thing you could pick me up on, I guess I'm right about the rest.
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  • kenbarnes 31/07/2013

    I so want PES to get back to the glory days, but time and again Konami focus on the wrong things.

    The engine wasn't a million miles off, last year, but outside of single matches, there was very little to keep me playing. The Master League is still there of course, but the loading times - an entire minute to load an in-engine visual of my coach who just tells me that the next team will play a 4-4-2? Please. - and the horrendous off-the-field interface meant that there was a constant feeling of detachment from the game world. Their version of "Be A Pro" is nothing short of laughable.

    Plus, where's the depth? Konami could pick up the rights to the Championship, League One, and League Two easily. Same in other countries. EA don't have exclusivity on them. Do they bother? No. FIFA lets me play as Exeter City, and try to get them to the Champions League, whilst competing in the league, and three different domestic cup competitions. PES just doesn't have that level of depth. Do I want to play the Argentinian premier league? No. But Konami have spent time and money to get the licence locked up for that one this time around.

    Off the field, comparing PES and FIFA is like comparing Premier Manager on the Megadrive with Football Manager 2013 on the PC. Konami seems to think that they've totally nailed the interface and that it and don't need to make any improvements. Your engine may be the greatest thing in the world, but if I don't have a reason to play match after match after match, it's all for nothing.

    I so want to love PES again, but it's almost as if Konami don't want me to.
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  • The last arcade

  • kenbarnes 16/07/2013

    @chubster2010 The same way as Paignton and Torquay, unfortunately. Dawlish Warren has a couple of arcade machines (GRID Arcade, one DDR cab) but the majority of the place has shifted to redemption games and cranes. :/ Reply 0
  • kenbarnes 16/07/2013

    @jamyskis There haven't been a decent number of arcade machines in Paignton for way longer than 2 years. 1990-2002, it was the place to be. There wasn't a machine you couldn't find down there. Since at least 2005 though, it's all been redemption game trash.

    The best place to go used to be Paignton Pier, which had about 5 DDR machines, a bunch of NAOMI cabs, and tons more. The street that houses all the amusement areas - Leisure 2000, etc - has gone to the dogs, too. Walls of redemption machines and crane games, with "over 18's" casino sections pushed off to one side.

    Torquay is the next closest place, and the arcade down by the Princess Theater (which used to have Beatmania and stacks upon stacks of other machines) is pretty much entirely made up of shuffle, crane, and redemption machines also. They do have a half-working Guitar Hero Arcade machine, mind...
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  • Inside GAME's tiny Xbox-only shop, with pictures!

  • kenbarnes 21/06/2013

    @Retro_ Thanks for all those assumptions, none of which were true.

    Still, can't win every time you try to take a cheap shot, eh?
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  • kenbarnes 20/06/2013

    @FoolInjection Agreed. I worked in games retail in the UK for many years, and the treatment from customers was unbearable.

    From the geeks who try to show you up in front of their friends by calling you out on any little mistake, to the chancers trying to rip you off, all the way through to the parents who look down their nose at you as they drop another 700 on gaming equipment for young Jimmy. They can all do one.

    I genuinely liked very, very few of my store's regular customers. Shame, because the team and the work were actually OK - it's just the customers and the pay that made it unrealistic to keep going.
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  • kenbarnes 20/06/2013

    @Bigglesworth I did not, but thanks very much for letting me know! :) Appreciated. Reply 0
  • kenbarnes 20/06/2013

    @tiagoalmeida1 But then you're suggesting that they open the packaging (meaning they can't then sell the item as new) of 4 or 5 off-brand controllers just so someone may, on the off chance, want to try them out.

    That's fine, but that's maybe 100-150 (depending on the product) of stock PER STORE that can't be sold. In a chain of 100 stores, that 10,000 out of the window. And what happens when someone complains that they didn't have a chance to try out the black version of the controller, as they only had a white one out for testing? Or that they want to see how well the 3DS screen wipes work? Should everything just be "open box"?

    It wasn't the store policy that I took issue with. It was your attitude toward someone who was just doing their job, and who happened to not know the answer to a question that most - be fair - people wouldn't ask, is all.
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  • kenbarnes 20/06/2013

    @tiagoalmeida1 And this minimum-wage slave could have worked there for one day before you turned up. Assuming he and all Gamestop employees are idiots because he couldn't answer your question right away is unfair. Reply +2
  • kenbarnes 20/06/2013

    @Ezzy_525 Wow. Just wow. Reply -2
  • kenbarnes 20/06/2013

    @Ezzy_525 Yay! A little fanboy! You don't see those around here very often. Oh, wait. Reply -2
  • kenbarnes 20/06/2013

    @tiagoalmeida1 Without using Google, tell me how many HDMI ports the 50" Samsung Series 5 LED TV has, please?

    What's so hard about knowing how many HDMI ports a specific TV out of the thousands available has? YEESH.

    Give the guy a break.
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  • Poland and Portugal not supported at Xbox One launch, importing near ruled out

  • kenbarnes 13/06/2013

    @alibson Probably because nobody in Japan would buy it if it came out there anyway. They've only shifted 1.5million 360s in Japan in seven years! Reply +15
  • A list of every confirmed Xbox One game

  • kenbarnes 12/06/2013

    @Torturas It seems everyone did but us, which is a shame because it looks great! Reply 0
  • FIFA 14 preview: A different game, but not necessarily a better one

  • kenbarnes 06/06/2013

    @Issidingo Erm, he's not my "buddy game journalist", which you'd see if you read the other posts I have written here which show that I entirely disagree with him.

    I was surprised that a man in his 30s would use a term like "Gaynaldo" is all.
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  • kenbarnes 06/06/2013

    @Issidingo It's a little harsh to be accusing someone of being a moaning teenager when you're using phrases such as "non sense shit with Gaynaldo", is it not? Reply +11
  • kenbarnes 06/06/2013

    @Olimite I agree with you entirely. They finally killed off the guaranteed goal from a ground-based through-ball about two years ago, and now the chip over the top has to go.

    How many goals are scored in real life, where an average midfielder lobs a ball over two defenders - who both just stand there looking confused at each other - for a middling forward to run onto and blast into the bottom corner? Not many. Far more goals come from set plays and slow build-ups. If they get this right, it'll be spot on.

    Then they can take a look at how corners work in real life, and how there are generally more than 5 people stood in the penalty area when a corner comes across - something that's passed them by since the Megadrive years. :)
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  • Is this XBLA's worst game?

  • kenbarnes 24/04/2013

    Not Croshaw. Reply +2
  • BioShock Infinite review

  • kenbarnes 25/03/2013

    @Joudansokutougeri Yep. That seems as good a reason as any for trading something in. Pathetic. Reply -1
  • 16-inch Skyrim Dragonborn statue costs $300 quick get one

  • kenbarnes 12/03/2013

    Wow, gamers, imagine how many XBLA/PSN/Steam titles, or even full priced boxed releases you could buy with $300, gamers. You dig, gamers? Hey! GAMERS! Reply -3
  • Tomb Raider review

  • kenbarnes 05/03/2013

    Played five hours so far - the text notifications have in no way destroyed the immersion for me. They appear when you need them, and disappear without you having to press anything. And if you're any good at the game and can remember the controls, they don't appear very often at all.

    A very strange thing to complain about.
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  • kenbarnes 05/03/2013

    The first hour of Tomb Raider is one of the finest you'll see on the 360. Quite how it's "embarrassing", I don't know. Suspenseful, brutal, dynamic - everything you'd want from a title such as this.

    And, funnily enough, I'm relatively sure that most women would squeal if they were burnt, would groan as they hoisted themselves up for a final time after doing the equivalent of 20 pullups, and would pant out of breath if they slid down a 200ft incline, rolling and dodging to avoid things as they did so.

    But hey...y' need to worry about that. IT SOUNDS LIKE PORN.
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  • Why Tomb Raider's camp fire scene has changed

  • kenbarnes 05/03/2013

    @FiReTiGeR2K Really? Batman AA engine and assets? Batman AA that's by a completely different developer and publisher by a completely different publisher? Cool! Reply +14
  • HTC 8X review

  • kenbarnes 17/02/2013

    To be totally honest, I've used and owned iOS and Android devices, and about 6 months ago, switched to a cheap HTC Mozart with Windows Phone 7.

    I've had absolutely no problems with the OS at all. My Android devices all crashed far more often than they should. The Desire HD hasn't crashed once to be the best of my knowledge, and everything runs a lot smoother than it did on my rooted Xperia Ray (Android). Switching into the list of text messages just...happens. No delay. No frozen screen. Just...bam...and it's there.

    The app store seems absolutely fine to me, too. Game quality is generally good - especially if you stick to the Live-enabled titles. Wordament and GeoDefense Swarm are ridiculously addictive (not to mention free.)

    Instagram is missing, notably, and the battery life isn't amazing, but everything else I want is there. I'm not a power user when it comes to my phone, I have to say, but I'm a convert and will probably be picking up a W8 device next time I'm in the market. I used to sing the praises of Android, but I just can't see what the fuss is about it anymore. The Google Play store is riddled with absolute rubbish - a lot of which only works on one or two devices - and I spent more time rooting my phone to be able to get the latest version of the OS (Orange STILL haven't put ICS on the Xperia range, although they've been promising it for 18 months) than I ever did on calls.
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  • Made-Up Next-Gen Games of 2013

  • kenbarnes 05/01/2013

    @Resurrected-X460 "By the way Tom, you either read that on Wikipedia or you know fractals or Mthematical analysis." - I'm guessing that if its the latter, then he already knows.

    Probably appreciates the heads-up, though.
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  • Games of 2012: Journey

  • kenbarnes 23/12/2012

    @RawNinjaKid Explain why Journey is pretentious, please? Is it because you didn't "get" it?

    If so, that doesn't make it pretentious. Just saying.
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  • kenbarnes 23/12/2012

    @BartsBlue I couldn't agree with you more. I'll admit that I was sobbing like a sailor's wife looking into a storm at that point. Reply +3
  • The Eurogamer Christmas Challenge

  • kenbarnes 21/12/2012

    @Monkeyspoon Yeah, but my trainers were more expensive than your trainers, so you smell. Reply +14
  • Why Xbox failed in Japan

  • kenbarnes 14/12/2012

    Great article, Wesley - enjoyed that. Reply +2
  • Tank! Tank! Tank! review

  • kenbarnes 06/12/2012

    @nickthegun Indeed I am. Reply +7
  • kenbarnes 06/12/2012

    @Bagpuss If I was SEGA, I would be bothered by that.

    I'm not, so I'm not.

    From the Dreamcast, I got 18 months of quality games, and a fair few weekends of gametime since then. How does the Dreamcast causing SEGA to fall out of the hardware market have anything to do with how much anyone enjoys the Wii U?

    Any point you had, has well and truly gone now. You just sound bitter. Like a man who wants a Wii U but can't have one for whatever reason.

    (Oh, and SEGA are living off Football Manager and Total War, actually. And a bunch of Japan-developed games that are actually really good.)
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  • kenbarnes 06/12/2012

    @Bagpuss I hope it *does* go the way of the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast had some fantastic games that I still play today.

    I have no need to make myself feel better. ZombiU is easily my game of the year so I feel just fine, son.

    Switching between that and Far Cry 3 on 360, and All-Stars Battle on PS3 means I have nothing to be depressed about.

    Games, not consoles, kid.
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  • kenbarnes 06/12/2012

    @Bagpuss So its a "Fisher Price" toy because I work hard and can afford it, meaning that I don't have to wait until next year for a new console? I think not.

    I'll buy the next Xbox and PS, too. Why? Because I can afford it. Because I work. Because I save. Because I prioritise. Because I like GAMES and I'm not attached to a single platform holder.

    In the meantime, I'll enjoy NSMBU, Nintendo Land, and ZombiU.

    I suggest you head back to griefing children on CoD.
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