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  • PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale and the question of how new genres form

  • kdsh7 31/01/2018

    There's a fuzzy line marking the transition between the GTA3 "clone" (cutely referred to as a Grand Theft Also on the EG forums at the time) and what we now refer to as being an open world game. Despite there being everything from Elite to Shenmue before GTA3 it took that particular execution to gain critical mass, inspire the clones and actually spawn the genre.

    You could say the same for Canabalt and the infinite runner, Dune2 and the RTS, and Bejewelled and the wave of match 3 casual games that came after
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  • Why the spirit of Flash gaming must never die

  • kdsh7 18/08/2017

    @Dr-Strangelove oh yes, another fan! I wrote a review of this way back in 2004. I was hopelessly addicted to it http://www.gotoandplay.it/_reviews/review.php?r=75 Reply +1
  • Punching Nazis

  • kdsh7 28/01/2017

    @Some_Goats well there's a lot to be said for terminology. I hate the negging system. If there has to be anything there then there should just be a straightforward "like" and a much less obvious "report this post". We should be able to have differing opinions that contribute to the conversation without being judged. Reply +1
  • kdsh7 28/01/2017

    Well i found this an engaging and thought provoking read. Keep up the diverse and interesting work EG. Reply +100
  • Stephen's Sausage Roll review

  • kdsh7 25/12/2016

    Brilliant! I wonder when this was planned! Reply +11
  • Blood in the gutter

  • kdsh7 15/10/2016

    God I love the weekend articles, and this is one of my favourites.

    I think this can also be a reminder to engage with games in a more playful spirit. Experienced gamers like ourselves can start to take on games as if they were challenges rather than experiences. An example: NPC goes into a building, a moment later NPC using same character model walks out but with different coloured clothes. As an experienced gamer you'd either look at that as being a limitation of budget or tech, we know budgets don't allow artists to create millions of unique npcs or engines the ability to handle them.

    But! If we had complete faith/ignorance in the tech and were able to take everything at face value we would be wondering what happened to that NPC in the interim. Are they on the run? Did they buy a new suit for an interview and need to wear it right away?

    The problem is that we don't accept everything we see in games as an intentional decision like we do in comics or film. We allow suspension of disbelief to cover up dodgy blue screens or badly drawn perspective to see through to other ideas in those mediums because we accept their visual language and can distill intentions from them.

    I would put forward that increased fidelity and VR are what you want.To build trust that the cuts and gutters are done through creative intent. If every other sprite in FtL was awash with animation, stars twinkling, smoke emanating from a burnt out console - then how much more impactful would a perfectly still mantis sprite be? Is it gazing at a distant star trying desperately to hold back tears as it clenches the controls? Think about the ultimate cut - the 60seconds of silent black screen at the end of the sopranos. There is no way that would be taken at face value in game - we'd be checking the power cable or checking the disc for scratches!

    So maybe the answer is, as a player in the interim, to just raise the threshold of our disbelief levels, to engage with our games in the spirit of play and fun taking everything at face value. It's cheaper!
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  • That Dragon, Cancer is now available on iOS

  • kdsh7 06/10/2016

    @Turniplord just because you release on multiple formats doesn't make you a lot of money. It's a lot of work and you can tell how much has gone into the game. It's about bringing the game to more people - it's a deeply personal piece of work and I don't think it's for internet commenters to presuppose what they do with any income from it or even bring money into the discussion. Reply +4
  • The space that isn't

  • kdsh7 17/09/2016

    The newly released Event[0] perfectly encapsulates the ideas brought forth in this article. An AI on board a spacecraft that you communicate with by typing in whatever you want. An Indie game with limited resources brought to life by use clever and innovative systems. Reply +2
  • Gauntlet: Slayer Edition coming to PS4 in August

  • kdsh7 08/07/2015

    Had to come in and applaud that tagline. Bravo! Reply 0
  • Artoo detour: the original Star Wars Battlefront had anarchy and soul

  • kdsh7 19/04/2015

    Thanks for this, since that dice trailer I've become very interested in this series which completely passed me by!

    There are two psp battlefront games compatible with the vita; battlefront2 and elite squadron. Any of those worth getting?
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  • Sony to partially refund early US Vita adopters after its "deceptive" marketing

  • kdsh7 25/11/2014

    The promise of remote play was genuinely one of the reasons I bought a vita. It was something they'd always teased at shows, with people demonstrating how the button layout would work, and with hackers enabling the feature with custom firmware I thought it'd come sooner than later.

    Still, if I was allowed to choose just one game to be remote play compatible, both ico and SoTC would be near the top of my list so I can't be too grumpy about it I suppose!
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  • New Nintendo 3DS review

  • kdsh7 19/10/2014

    @melnificent @skeletor I too abhor their disgusting region locking practices.

    I'm afraid OutRun in the West isn't such a simple thing. I think it might have something to do with the Ferrari licence that Sega no longer hold. The excellent versions of OutRun 2 on xbla are no longer available, and the psp port has never been available on PSN
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  • kdsh7 19/10/2014

    @Blaaaaaaag Amiibo are those Skylanders style figurines with NFC chips, so you can place them in close proximity of your 3DS and have those characters unlock things in game. So you'd have to keep hold of them to use them in future games. Reply +3
  • kdsh7 19/10/2014

    None of you have answered the most important question raised by this article. WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO PLAY OUTRUN ON MY EUR 3DS??? Reply +32
  • Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers remake sets October release date

  • kdsh7 11/09/2014

    "So what can you tell me about.. voo.. doo... ?"

    Have fond memories of this - the seriousness of it contrasted well with the whackiness of the Lucasarts adventures, and I remember really enjoying the music too.

    If this does well it'll be interesting to see if they contemplate remastering The Beast Within too. Being an FMV game it's probably way too much work, but I wouldn't mind a re-release. I felt that game in particular was quite richly researched making it quite engrossing.
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  • Mojang's CCG Scrolls is coming to tablets

  • kdsh7 07/04/2014

    @faramis I don't understand the hate. He made a game that gives millions of people, of all ages, genuine joy. It educates kids. It was a breath of fresh air among the game worlds by big publishers hell bent on us selling us destruction again and again.

    There's a man in his late 40s who every day spends his lunch break in my local cafe building big machines using a minecraft mod for no other reason other than he really enjoys it. I met some friends yesterday whose 6 & 7 year old kids had just bought a minecraft annual so they could try out some of the tricks in it. They themselves had no idea what it was! Parents and their kids play split screen on the 360, building things together and exploring - a massive virtual playground they can visit even after it gets dark outside.

    The increased diversity we're enjoying in our games now are partly down to him. That he has opinions doesn't make him a "narcisstic ass" (sic) does it? And "self appointed Mouth of PC scene"? Really??

    Things like Minecraft should be celebrated. One man makes a game that makes lots of other people happy. This is a good thing.
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  • Win a Ł400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • kdsh7 21/02/2014

    "Lair of the Shadow Broker" for Mass Effect 2.

    Without being too spoilery, it was nice to see more of characters from the first game, while actually tackling head on incidents that you'd been hearing about throughout the main game. Actually, all the ME2 DLC I thought enjoyable and smartly handled, and Lair of The Shadow Broker was a nice final piece.
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  • This student-made first-person puzzler has a brain-meltingly clever mechanic

  • kdsh7 09/01/2014

    @AlphaCookie something like this I'd guess:

    - Calculate current scale at current distance.

    - When view changes calculate what scale should be at a point in the world at the centre of the screen.

    - Calculate what the scale should be at that point to keep the screen size of the object the same (use the camera's focal length to calculate the rate of scaling with distance)

    - Move object to world position at the centre of the screen and scale object to calculated scale
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  • kdsh7 09/01/2014

    @AcidSnake you're being negged but I reckon that's a great comment :) People assume fanboyism too easily. Reply +1
  • People are using the PS4 and PlayRoom to stream a call-in show

  • kdsh7 22/11/2013

    they just went "Holy Cow! Eurogamer!" Reply +12
  • 37 new titles have been greenlit on Steam

  • kdsh7 17/10/2013

    If anyone would like to help out a British indie dev, some mates of mine, the "Gaming Your Way" team have their labour of love "Lost Outpost: Director's Cut" on Greenlight and could do with a few more upvotes.

    Lost Outpost: Director's cut

    The Outpost games have to be the most immersive browser games I've played, and they've ramped up everything for this Steam release. They're only a team of two and they've put so much work into this it'd be such a shame if they didn't make it.
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  • Amiga Games and the rights to its 300-strong game library bought for $500,000

  • kdsh7 09/07/2013

    This is fantastic news.

    However I did play Alien Breed on PSMinis the other day and that hasn't aged well unfortunately. There's a flash game series out called OutPost which shows what a game like that can be these days

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  • Naughty Dog apologises to cartographer after he spots his copyrighted map in The Last of Us

  • kdsh7 25/06/2013

    I really don't get the hate directed at Ellen Page from EG commenters. She was asked a question on Reddit, she certainly didn't approach the press to vent. Also, Eurogamer themselves last year must have been so taken by the likeness that they reported:

    The changes are subtle but noticeable. Once heavily modelled on Juno actress Ellen Page, the new Ellie has now lost her freckles and gained a different shaped nose.
    Article here

    Not to mention that a few commenters on the first video reveal of TLOU also thought Ellen Page must have lent her likeness and voice.
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  • The Evil Within gameplay trailer is bloody, disgusting

  • kdsh7 14/06/2013

    One of those cases where the pun is so brilliant the article can't possibly hope to match up! Reply +11
  • Stranger's Wrath HD Vita patch pulled, but don't panic

  • kdsh7 18/02/2013

    I wonder if there's any chance they'll add gyro controls for fine tuning your aim? Got so used to using them in Uncharted and Gravity Rush that I really missed them in this. Reply +1
  • NyxQuest developer announces isometric voodoo roguelike Full Mojo Rampage

  • kdsh7 01/02/2013

    @KanePaws I think that's more axonometric, with a non distorted plan and skewed side planes! Isometric is more like Sonic3D: Flickies Island, Marble Madness, or Shadowlands ont he Amiga. Reply +3
  • Two years with Vlambeer: the inside story on gaming's greatest new studio

  • kdsh7 05/11/2012

    Good to see them getting recognition in this piece, love their output. Super Crate Box gives me game designer envy, a game so simple but so utterly brilliant - it could be an old nintendo classic on a nes cart. I've spent hours trying to better my hi-score of 11*...

    (despite loving it to bits, I'm so very bad at it)
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  • The actor who plays Jesse from Breaking Bad is in the Need for Speed movie

  • kdsh7 16/10/2012

    @SEVQA well since you asked:

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  • Ex-Rare staff rally up Twitter support for Banjo-Tooie spiritual successor

  • kdsh7 27/09/2012

    I wonder if this video has anything to do with these guys - it's quite a polished little demo and appears to use assets from Nuts & Bolts running in Unity, so it would fit that they've been having a play around and want to take it to the next level.

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  • Saturday Soapbox: Guilt By Association

  • kdsh7 07/07/2012

    In my opinion, guilt is the thing that may lead to games becoming the dominant art form over movies - the problem is giving the player enough consequence to make each choice meaningful.

    But sometimes all you need is a sad piece of music and a swirling camera; the game that's made me feel the most guilty is Shadow Of The Colossus - that game plays my heart strings like a harp each time one of those gentle giants comes crashing to the ground.
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  • PlayStation Mobile powers Left 4 Dead on Vita

  • kdsh7 06/07/2012

    This makes me happy, at least someone is working on remote play Reply +6
  • Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Review

  • kdsh7 04/07/2012

    Aerith DIES??? Reply +9
  • E3 Reaction: Nintendo Blows Its E3 Conference Opportunity

  • kdsh7 06/06/2012

    Did anyone see today's Metro? Instead of making WiiU the headline, it ran with the 'fact' gamers will have to stick to their existing hardware because Sony aren't releasing PS4 this year. (WiiU does get a couple of sentences in the article) Reply +8
  • Definitive Years in Gaming History: 1991

  • kdsh7 07/05/2012

    Rich Leadbetter and Jaz Rignall writing about SNES and Megadrive again, I thought I'd never see the day!

    Like yesterday's retro article a thoroughly enjoyable trip through memory lane. I bought my Megadrive in 91 so it's always been a significant year in gaming for me.

    But 91 also sticks in the mind as the time when PC adventure games were at their peak. The sierra point and clicks were still doing the business, and then Lucasarts released Le Chucks Revenge - very significant especially considering Tim and Ron have just raised over $3M to make a brand new point and click adventure game a mere 21 years after they made that particular masterpiece.

    Origin had just released Wing Commander too, a further step in the game industry's attempts to ape the film industry which has continued apace today. I'll never forgive EA for what they did to Origin and Bullfrog.
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  • Free 3DS Wi-Fi at 5000 McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, hotels

  • kdsh7 01/02/2012

    @skowhegan ah ok, I've had experiences where I've passed a free wifi hotspot and the indicator (top left) changes from STREETPASS to INTERNET and thought it was responsible for my ridiculously low (at the time) streetpass hit rate. Good to know it's not affected :) Reply +3
  • kdsh7 01/02/2012

    however, does this also mean that Streetpass will no longer work at all these locations? Bit of a shame that! Reply 0
  • Nintendo announces Pullblox 3DS eShop release date

  • kdsh7 06/12/2011

    @mister-wario I've still got my Wario Ware Twisted cart somewhere, I remember having to import it and it being worth every penny! I'm hoping for an e-shop version that uses the 3DS gyros for control. Till then I guess the Ambassador download of the first game will have to do.

    Intelligent Systems still have Paper Mario to come this Feb too.
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  • kdsh7 06/12/2011

    It should probably be mentioned that Pullblox is also the first Intelligent Systems game to appear on the 3DS. Hopefully they'll be working on a new Advance Wars title next! Reply +4
  • Editor's Blog: In Memory of Allie Fraser

  • kdsh7 07/11/2011

    Well done for putting this front page EG, and RIP Foo, your presence here was keenly felt and appreciated. Reply +3
  • Buy dinner with Eric Chahi for Ł25

  • kdsh7 13/10/2011

    hang on, is it Eric Chahi or Michel Ancel you're talking about? Reply +3
  • Brink nominated for Writers' Guild Award

  • kdsh7 19/09/2011

    The Curfew was by Eurogamer stalwarts Karen Gillan and Simon Parkin for Channel4. Remember being pretty impressed by it when it came out.

    But I too would like Enslaved to win it.
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  • iOS Machinarium is iPad 2 exclusive

  • kdsh7 23/08/2011

    I think it's obvious why this is iPad2 only. Machinarium was built in Flash, and Amanita have never released a game that wasn't based on flash code. Adobe AIR on iOS doesn't run at decent speeds yet, but the processing grunt of an iPad2 would probably be just enough to have a game as simple as Machinarium run normally with all it's incidental animations. The fact it may help sell iPad2s is an unintended bonus for Apple, I'm sure if they could, Amanita would release it across all platforms and increase their sales. Reply +23
  • Retrospective: Animal Crossing

  • kdsh7 14/08/2011

    Fantastic retrospective Christian.

    Can't believe no one's mentioned this other heartfelt tale yet:

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  • Jaws: Ultimate Predator announced

  • kdsh7 03/06/2011

    /applause for neilka :D Reply +2
  • Eurogamer Readers vs. Nintendo 3DS

  • kdsh7 30/01/2011

    Great write up, the best I've read of the 3ds thus far! Answers all the questions I had about the 3ds, I look forward too experiencing the 3d for myself at this event coming next week.

    it's a real shame they didn't go for a capacitive touch screen, yet more cost cutting by nintendo I guess. people's expectations of touch screens have changed significantly since the ds, having to use my fingernails on my satnav for example really puts me off.
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  • Nintendo 3DS competition winners

  • kdsh7 12/01/2011

    Nice to see a couple of regs win! Looking forward to the reports, and the no doubt endless stream of questions these two will get on the forums :) Reply +4
  • Music To Play Games By

  • kdsh7 30/11/2010

    Nice article. Don't forget about Michael Giacchino though. As someone who pretty much did game soundtracks exclusively he's now the proud winner of an academy award for UP. Reply +1
  • LEGO Universe

  • kdsh7 12/11/2010

    if there's ever a Lego Universe2, they should licence Notch's Minecraft engine - a perfect lego engine if there ever was one. Reply +7
  • InstantAction shuts down

  • kdsh7 12/11/2010

    It's a shame, for a while it was the best solution for indie devs looking for a convenient way to go 3D, but I'm guessing the success of Unity3D and their move to provide a free indie licence contributed to their diminishing market share. Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Medal of Honor

  • kdsh7 17/10/2010

    NewbieZilla: "I think the point you missed was that PC is going to trump consoles."

    I take that as a given every time :)
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