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  • Telltale premieres multiplayer Crowd Play feature in Batman

  • kangarootoo 26/07/2016


    Ah, fair enough. I thought you were referring to graphical tweaks. My bad.
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  • kangarootoo 26/07/2016


    So, visual fluff before features? ;)
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  • Nintendo shares dive as investors realise it doesn't own Pokémon Go

  • kangarootoo 25/07/2016

    Not all investors are stupid. I bet some investors made fat sacks of money off the back of this spike. Reply +1
  • Looks like the original Dead Rising is headed to PS4

  • kangarootoo 18/07/2016


    Just for balance, the 360 was by far my main gaming system of that generation. Although it kept dying on me, the swap process wasn't too bad (made all the more easy by the easily removable hdd), and it did seem that most cross platform games were better on XB360.

    When my PS3 died, I had started using it a lot more, as I was doing most of my coop gaming on there (driven by a reasonably regular supply of PS+ monthly games that supported coop, and XBLive gold membership that I had let lapse months ago). I then of course found that HDD swap on a PS3 is much more of a faff, as it won't let you just shift the drive from one console into another - you instead have to have a backup.

    Even getting the new PS3 up and running with the old drive formatted (I had a 320GB, so I wanted to move it across) was a faff that involved installing firmware from a USB stick before the thing would even boot. So it is probably rather fortunate that the PS3 had many less failures than the 360, as dealing with such a failure was much cleaner on 360.

    This is the first generation that I've not had both. I own a PS4, but no XBO as yet (hard to say whether I'll ever get one - some exclusives that I like, but an installed base that doesn't instil confidence). At any rate, hardware seems solid all round, so we can all be thankful that this generation has no RROD / YLOD to speak of (touch wood).
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  • kangarootoo 18/07/2016


    Whilst your personal anecdotal experience may skew towards the 360 being reliable, the global numbers show that the 360 problem was considerably worse.

    For equally pointless comparison, I lost 1 PS3 (a launch model that died less than a year ago) and 5 360s to overheating. Yes, 5. Almost all of them went within a year, and so I was able to pop down the road and have them replaced by the shop I bought them from (the last one had to go back to MS, but credit to them it was an extremely quick service). The 6th 360 I got was bullet proof however. I got it several years ago and it is still going strong.
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  • Highest-earning game on Patreon cancelled amidst developer squabble

  • kangarootoo 16/07/2016


    So we agree about slavery, but back to the point at hand... you appeared previously to be justifying something on the basis that it "sells", but now you seem to have changed your mind?

    "I take it you've heard the term "World's Oldest Profession"? Obviously not."

    Sorry, what point do you think you are making here?

    "Now go back to your paper round"

    Yes sir, immediately. On my way.
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  • kangarootoo 15/07/2016


    I believe slavery was very profitable until only very recently. Presumably you feel the same way about that too, based on your logic?
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  • Reckon your RPG is nerdy about realism? Get a load of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • kangarootoo 14/07/2016

    This is looking better and better each time I see it. Of course this level of detail isn't for everyone, but there is a market for it, just like there is a market for realistic driving or flying sims. For RPG fans that also appreciate a degree of historical accuracy, this seems like it is striking a good, playable balance. Really hope it hits the mark when it finally comes out.

    And also "Rabbit can be more sneaky, and surprise you from behind" is the sentence of the year, I'm calling it now.
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  • Holocaust museum pleads: stop playing Pokémon Go here

  • kangarootoo 13/07/2016


    I don't think we disagree actually, if you read the history of my comment in the conversation I was part of.
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  • kangarootoo 13/07/2016


    Yes, I know you're right. I guess I just ask more from people.

    Perhaps someone went to the museum to learn, and couldn't stop themselves playing Pokemon Go (which is rubbish, but better than nothing), or perhaps they went there specifically to catch Pokemon but learned something during their visit (which is also rubbish, but better than nothing).

    But in either event, it is rude and disrespectful, and I don't like this race to the bottom "better that people do sucky thing X than nothing at all". The part that dismays me most is that for some people, the very idea that it wouldn't be OK never entered their head. I am sorry to say it, but when I hear that I honestly think "that person is a f*cking imbecile, who wasn't raised properly". There are many people out there who wouldn't dream of doing such a thing, and that difference in people is what dismays me. It just reaffirms me general lack of faith in humanity, my belief that there are a few billion people in the world, a wondrous and endlessly varying populace, everyone potentially having something unique and special to contribute, and millions of them are just idiots who can barely think for themselves enough to breath in and out in the right order. Don't mind me, I'm just a grumpy old sod :)

    But it is true that in reality, perhaps they wouldn't be there at all. Some might argue that if playing Pokemon Go is part of the picture, their absence is better than their presence, but without knowing what they actually did during their visit, I suppose I can't really say.
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  • kangarootoo 12/07/2016


    If inappropriate games are the only way to get young people into a holocaust museum, we are raising nations of imbeciles.
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  • The one and Leone: Returning to Red Dead Redemption

  • kangarootoo 10/07/2016


    I'm actully the reverse regards GTA and RDR. I agree about the mission formula, though many open-map games tread that ground, so I can forgive it. I also quite like ww tropes, and I loved RDR purely as a sight seeing experience (though same goes for GTAV, which I did finish).

    So I'm really looking forward to another RD, much more than GTA. No accounting for taste :)
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  • PC game-security company Denuvo downplays alleged Rise of the Tomb Raider crack

  • kangarootoo 07/07/2016


    "video games are sold incredibly, incredibly cheap there"

    Because you can never compete with free on price. Price is of course always a factor in a purchasing decisions, but there are many others, such as convenience.

    When I was young, and a PC gamer, I pirated all the time (wind back further, same was true of my Amiga days, my C64 days, my ZX48 days... though it wasn't even called piracy back then in my young life). Not only was it cheaper than buying games, it was typically more convenient.

    In recent years, the same has remained true. Piracy has been more convenient than going shopping. Then digital delivery started being a thing, meaning the convenience playing field was level, and what did we see? Steam sales all over the place - digital started competing on price as well as convenience. But then it still fought back on convenience - cloud saves, play anywhere, easily manageable libraries, achievement systems, the list goes on.

    One day we will see the end of piracy, and it won't be just because of price or DRM, it will be because the pirated experience will be notably worse than the legit one (maybe that day is already here, but some habits die hard).

    Edit: the more I think about it, the more die hard piracy seems like a life style choice, like religion or alternative medicines. People aren't interested in the facts (whatever they end up showing), because for them it is not about the truth, it is about maintaining a life style, a hobby if you like. For some, pirating games is as much about pirating games as it is playing pirated games.
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  • kangarootoo 07/07/2016

    You know those studies that were flying around in the run up to the Euro exit referendum in the UK, showing the mismatch between held beliefs and true facts, I'd be keen to see the same information for what some people believe about piracy and whether sales are harmed.

    This is going to sound unavoidably flippant, but I genuinely think that some of the bias exhibited on this subject, with people firmly believing that piracy does not harm (and sometimes helps sales), despite data and logic to the contrary, would make an interesting study.

    It all seems to be anecdotes and theories, no broad data on the side of "piracy helps sales". Surely if it were true, it would be really easy to prove? Piracy helping sales is like the video game version of homeopathy.
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  • kangarootoo 07/07/2016


    "I bet there has been no measurable increase in the sales of games using this copy protection"

    Based on what data? Serious question.
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  • kangarootoo 07/07/2016


    Of course it is hard to compare exactly, as you would have to A / B test the same game in the same territory, but comparing one get to another has surely already shown that piracy harms sales?

    Tbh, even if the data didn't exist, Occam's razor would also suggest piracy harms sales :)
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  • CS:GO gambling sites can be "rigged" for YouTuber promotion, streamer reveals

  • kangarootoo 06/07/2016


    "to a government that prints money, it has no intrinsic value... BUT, to the mere mortals (us) it does..."

    No, no it doesn't. This isn't me disagreeing with you, this is me telling you what money is. Be it a coin, a note, a poker chip, or a sea shell. If you don't agree, you don't understand what intrinsic value means.

    Money has no intrinsic value beyond the nominal worth of its paper or metal. What it represents is value elsewhere. A representation of "value elsewhere" is fundamentally what all money is.

    The first government insured tender was typically a bond that entitled the holder to an amount of gold stored in government vaults, but in much earlier times, money was simply a way to avoid having to carry barter-able valuables with you everywhere.

    It is functionally, EXACTLY the same as a poker chip. A poker chip is intrinsically worth almost nothing, a bit of plastic. Its value however is what the casino will give you for it.

    Here is an example. lets say you have the equivalent of Ł10k in some currency, and you also have a chicken. Some change in the borders of the country of origin of the currency means that nobody will accept it, it is no longer legal tender anywhere, no bank will convert it. At that moment, its intrinsic value is what it always was, a few pence for some paper or metal. Its representative value used to be about Ł10k, but now it is nothing.

    The chicken on the other hand, remains equal in value to what it always was - another chicken, a carved pencil, a head massage, whatever the market will give you for it. That is because its intrinsic value is entirely its value (unless it is a famous chicken, and then its intrinsic value may be exceeded by its external value, perhaps in the zoo of a celebrity obsessed farmer).
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2016


    I'm not sure you realise, that by the same measure, money has no intrinsic value either.
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  • Rockstar's The Warriors come out to play-ay on PS4

  • kangarootoo 06/07/2016

    I remember when The Warriors was supposed to be this gritty violent thriller. I watched it again recently. Still a great film, but let's just say that in terms of its sensibilities, it has aged. An unarmed man hanging out on roller skates, is no longer the threatening vision it once was. Reply +10
  • Why did ancient Egypt spend 3000 years playing a game nobody else liked?

  • kangarootoo 05/07/2016


    On the front of the box -

    "Over 35 levels"

    So, 36 then.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2016

    "One of Hesyre's many titles was 'chief dentist', according to the literature, which sounds like a pretty exhausting gig in an empire of over two million people. "

    Yeah, but being a dentist back then probably just involved swinging a stick roughly in the direction of an aching jaw :)

    Excellent article. More of this.
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  • Things fall apart: Looking back at Resident Evil 5

  • kangarootoo 04/07/2016


    "Does the racism stem from the game being based in Africa or for the developers making the African population black?"

    The accusations stemmed from neither of those things.

    "I always found the RE6 racist accusation weak."

    How can you find the accusation weak, if you don't yet understand it to the extent that you have to ask questions about it?
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  • What's your #BestBrexitGame?

  • kangarootoo 30/06/2016


    I think you are asking some good questions, but honestly a few line breaks would make it much easier to try and hear you. A solid block of text like that is bad enough, but then you end a question with a full stop, and I am already set against going further.

    But I shall persist.

    "Hate crimes have been exponentially growing in one direction and that is against indigenous Europeans, including Brits"

    So for the moment, I shall put aside the question of what on earth you mean by "indigenous Europeans". Though in order to answer your question, I have to assume that one way or another you mean white people, and so your question is a bit of a trap.

    If you are suggesting that within Europe, it is increasingly white people that suffer hate crimes and racism, I have to straight out say, what an absolute load of grade A nonsense.

    "And your facts follow the same logic as of course not all blacks are in the US are gang banging murderers, but most gang banging murderers in the US are black"

    If by "follow the same logic" you mean that my facts are true, and your comment on black crime in America is also true, then I would agree with you.

    However, both subjects are complex. The choice in the case of what is happening in the UK should not be a matter of either "all brexit fans are racist" or "racism in no way plays a part in any of this", in EXACTLY the same was as in the case of your example it cannot be a matter of "race plays no part in gang crime" or "that black on black crime is a problem means it all the fault of black people". In both instances, there is a very complex middle ground that includes specifics (some individual leave voters are definitely racist, some gang members are definitely black), and some general discussions (why are reasonable not-racist people concerned about immigration, and what is it about American society that results in high rates of gang shootings).

    "Bottom line is it doesn't matter if "racist" support Brexits."

    Of course it bloody does.

    "What matters is if it is good for Britain and the British?"

    Because many people rightly don't subscribe to a "by any means" mentality, because many people rightly believe that personal or national success is no success at all if we accept racism in any way. If, take the example to an extreme, Britain became a rich but very racist country, I would consider that to be a failure, because I don't want to live in a racist country. And lets not even pretend that it is a balance in some way, racism is based on ignorance and fear. There is no benefit, to be weighed against other benefits and costs. Racism gives nothing of good to world, and the idea that is does is a myth persisted by scared and/or stupid people.

    The last few sentences are your post were just rambling hyperbole, which if backed by any factually based opinion, you are failing to share it.
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  • kangarootoo 30/06/2016


    "I've only mentioned it once."

    You're quite right, I was speaking generally, but whilst still directing my comment at you. I apologise.

    "And even if I had, don't I have the right to defend myself from criticism?"

    I guess my point is that there are many ways in which a person can do that, and I'm not sure self reflection straight out of the gate is necessarily the best one. Perhaps start with a condemnation of the abhorrent views, perhaps then include some honest recognition of the connection between one thing at the other, and close with an "obviously, I don't agree with these people". Simple saying "I'm not racist" does not recognise the issue at the centre of the discussion.

    "Oh and "being around a long time" generally means a acquisition of knowledge and wisdom"

    Here, I am afraid we will have to flat out disagree. Humans seem almost custom build to maintain beliefs based on zero evidence, bad habits that do nobody any good, and demonstrate a preference for easily digestible nonsense over complex fact.

    At the risk of paraphrasing Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact, some humans may do the thing you describe, but people in general most certainly do not.

    An intelligent, inquisitive mind can accrue more knowledge in a year than a lifetime of simply rolling along believing in the concept of "it's obvious".
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  • kangarootoo 30/06/2016


    "an undemocratic political superstate that can overrule any of our laws"

    Well that isn't true.

    "and have a more valid opinion on the matter than anyone else"

    A valid opinion, as you put it, is developed through knowledge, not just being around a long time.

    "and subscribed to the absurd, frankly insulting fallacy that a vote to leave automatically equalled a racist vote"

    It is a real shame that idea has taken hold, because it is killing proper discussion from either side.

    Fact 1, of course not all leave voters are racist.
    Fact 2, the vast majority of racists voted leave.
    Fact 3, we have seen a marked increase in racially motivated hate crime since the referendum.
    To accept those statements is not to condone them, but to intelligently and maturely recognise the connection or the consequence.

    So it would be nice if leave voters, instead of complaining about how they aren't racist, took active steps to speak out against the recent racists incidents that we have seen, which in part resulted from the voting choices of leave supporters.

    Yes, we get it, not all leave voters are racist. Stop playing the same tiny violin, and deal with the world as it now is. There are shades of grey, influences unintended, consequences of choices made. To simply pipe out "I'm not racist" is no better a response than the accusation in the first place. It is the archetypal putting of one's fingers in one's ears and singing "laa laa can't hear you". Nothing is perfect, there are always downsides. Even if you don't regret your voting decision, at least accept all of what it means, and maybe take steps to show you find some unintended (if, frankly, not at all unpredictable) aspects of the outcome regrettable.
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  • kangarootoo 30/06/2016


    "but hey bashing Brexit is the cool thing to do"

    Of all the strawmen that wander through these pages, that has to be one of the tallest.
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  • kangarootoo 29/06/2016


    "the UK will no longer be dictated by 400000 bureaucrats from bruessels?"

    This idea that the UK is or is not dictated to be anyone based on the result of this referendum is absolute nonsense. If we want to trade favourably with the rest of Europe (and we do, because these days we export half of what we import), we have to negotiate with them. If we leave the EU, we are in a considerably worse position to do so.

    The entire point of the EU free market was to make it easier for the countries involved to do the business that they HAVE to do. We are now heading towards a place where we lose all of those benefits, have to negotiate individual deals with individual countries, and have no significant leverage to do so.

    This exit will give the UK the same control a person has sat in a rowing boat, heading toward a waterfall. Just because we have the oars in our hands, doesn't mean we are better off.

    Honestly, if you had something other than simply saying the word "control" periodically, I might be interested in hearing it. But the entire leave campaign has been based on sound bites. Whether you value control of your laws, your trade, or your borders, the suggestion that leaving the EU will give you that control is simply false. Stop talking about what you want, and start considering whether this route is at all capable of giving it to you, because that is surely what actually matters.

    Sorry for the rant, I just can't bear woolly thinking and slogans. Back to the games :)
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  • Total War: Warhammer is about to receive a massive update

  • kangarootoo 30/06/2016

    A 2 min video asking why two separate trade marks haven't been mashed together on a whim, undermining both of them. Time well spent. Reply 0
  • Sony forces Saudi gamer called Jihad to change his PSN ID

  • kangarootoo 29/06/2016


    Good grief. I shall use numbers to make it easy for you.

    1. It doesn't matter whether any of the items in a list are similar or not, that was never the point. The point was a previous poster saying that the victim can't "play victim" because they could have predicted the negative reaction of another, as if that is how justice is determined. THAT was the point I was addressing, so can people stop harping on about whether items in a list are similar, lest they start looking stupid.

    2. Islam, nor any religion, inspires me. And I am not defending any religion. I am talking about the meaning of words, and how those meanings can change over time, but how an innocent person cannot reasonably be held to account over the evolving meaning of their own name.

    3. Many old religious texts are pretty horrible, because they were written by people in horrible times. If you think that I am in any way defending any religion, or indeed am really even that interested in any religion, you are off on your own little crusade (see what I did there). I say again, I was talking, quite clearly I might add, about the meaning of words. You are changing the subject, trying to imply I am talking about your new subject, and it is making you look foolish.
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  • kangarootoo 29/06/2016


    "But in the society we live in, few people know the real meaning of the word. They know a very different meaning indeed."

    It sounds like we mostly agree, with perhaps one difference. I believe people should educate themselves, so that innocent people don't have to change to fall in line with ignorance.
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  • kangarootoo 28/06/2016


    "You don't usually hear fanatics shout the word "crusade" when they blindly murder others in a public area."

    I imagine that during the Christian crusades, that sort of thing was actually very popular.

    Anyway, plenty of drunken shit bags shout 'England" when attacking innocent bystanders or smashing things up - should we ban that word too?

    Besides which, it doesn't matter. This is his name, and he should be allowed to use it. It may have other meanings to other people, but as has frequently been pointed out on this thread, it's original meaning isn't what you imply it to be. He can't control who else uses it and when or why, so get over it.
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  • kangarootoo 28/06/2016


    "The worlds international language is English"

    What does that mean? English hold no official status as international language. Neither is it the most commonly spoken language (or even the second).
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  • kangarootoo 28/06/2016


    The example you just made up is similar to the things I listed, in that you still framed it as pushing focus onto how YOU should expect people to react to your name, which I am saying is irrelevant.

    The issue here is whether the name is / should be allowed. If it should be allowed, that is that. Whether the gamer in this case could have EXPECTED some people to react negatively to it is neither here nor there.

    Rules have to be clear and fair. Basing judgement on the random expectations of others is unreasonable.

    But by all means write LOL a bit more though, if you feel that is the best way to represent your point of view.
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  • kangarootoo 28/06/2016

    I wonder if an ID containing "Crusade" is allowed? Reply +11
  • kangarootoo 28/06/2016


    So he doesn't get to "play victim", because he could have predicted the bad reaction of some 3rd party?

    You have a little think about that logic, and see whether you think it is reasonable. here are some examples to help you along.

    The assault victim can't play victim because they could have expected drunk thugs to be out late on a Friday night. The girl can't play victim because she have expected sexual predators to be attracted by makeup. The black person can't play victim because they could have expected the politician to be racist. The list goes on.

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  • Trials of the Blood Dragon review

  • kangarootoo 23/06/2016


    Which is another reason on a long list for me to continue avoiding them :)
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  • kangarootoo 22/06/2016


    "Maybe you need purchase validation, I don't"

    If you think that reviews are about post-purchase validation, rather than pre-purchase information, you definitely don't get it.
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  • kangarootoo 22/06/2016


    "Why should the opinion of a random person on the internet shape your purchasing decisions?"

    Change this to "Why should the opinion of a person who has already tried the product inform your purchasing decisions?" and your answer is surely staring you in the face.

    Here is another way to look at it. Either decades of review informed purchasing across a multitude of markets is wrong, or you are.

    "I don't get it."

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  • Steam game's Ł27 DLC is a PDF certificate

  • kangarootoo 22/06/2016

    Some people on this thread seem rather unhappy, for reasons that are unclear. So long as everybody knows what they are getting with this (and the dev seems to be going to some efforts to make it quite clear), I really don't see what the problem is.

    You know, whenever someone says "more money than sense", they always assume not very much sense. A perfectly sensible person could just have a fair bit of money.

    But also, we as gamers should know that there is nothing wrong with spending money on things that don't really matter. Everyone should just stop worrying about what other people are spending their money on, and just focus on whatever makes them personally happy.
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  • Overwatch will remove the "avoid this player" feature

  • kangarootoo 22/06/2016


    I don't really play competitive online, but do people typically need to hear the voice chat of their opponents?

    The closest I typically come to playing mp online is games like Battlefield 1943, in which I'll be in a squad with a couple of friends, and it feels more like coop in the middle a giant battle. In situations like that, I'm talking to my squad mates and that is it. If I were playing solo against other players, I can't imagine why I would need to hear anything they had to say. I am probably missing something, but I don't understand why verbal trolling is even a thing in competitive play.
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  • kangarootoo 22/06/2016


    "The problem that they are saying that when the matchmaking system decides to open up it does it ignoring skill"

    That was indeed the eventual result, but it happened because players of the equivalent level of that chap in this case had excluded him from their games, and so he ended up being matched with less experienced players as a fall back (the alternative being, no game for him at all).

    Any match making system has to work with the players present, and so if nobody who matches your ability level is online, you either get someone who does not match you, or you get no game at all. No dev can do anything about that edge case, beyond encouraging their community to grow.

    Anyway, I was just referring to your initial point about them needing match making to work before removing this system. I suggest that removing this system is in fact part of making match making work more effectively.
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  • kangarootoo 21/06/2016


    "Before removing the feature they should revise how match making is made so high skilled people don't ends against total noobs"

    That would be the way the matchmaking system already works. Nothing in the article suggested they were n00bs avoiding him, just players who didn't want to play against him. You see the bit where the article mentioned him ending up being matched against n00bs, the exact thing you rightly see as undesirable? That was the result of this system, not the result of its removal.
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  • Korean teenager answers her pro Overwatch doubters with live demonstration of skill

  • kangarootoo 21/06/2016

    My elderly eyes could literally not tell what was going on half the time, it was all happening so quickly. All power to her :) Reply +8
  • Skyrim remastered: PS4, Xbox, PC, mods and everything we know

  • kangarootoo 20/06/2016


    It drops frames occasionally, but not often in my experience. Not consistently in busy areas too, perhaps areas where everyone is showing off their spells (so town centre type areas)?

    I play ESO a fair bit, solo or coop rather than as an MMO, and I've honestly not seen enough frame rate probs to harm the experience. Maybe 2 or 3 times in a few hours is typical for me.
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  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • kangarootoo 16/06/2016


    Sorry, I wasn't being very clear. I know that functionally a Steam box is more of a PC, I just mean from a market perspective a Steam box already filling the uber-console space that Scorpio touches.

    If you are in the market for a powerful system, and don't mind spending a wodge of money to get it, you are probably already a PC gamer. And if you want something tidy to sit under the TV, but still want the power and flexibility you are used to, the PC market still caters for you with the sorts of system I mentioned.

    I am really just questioning the need for any console to be the same spec and cost as a top end PC. Especially when you see that all off the exclusives made a point of being for XBO and Win10 (something that surprised me, as it undermines the XBO message all the more).
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  • kangarootoo 16/06/2016


    "The Neo and Scorpio will be for people who want the best graphics and have the money while the regular and slim versions will be for people who don't care as much about graphics and want to spend less money"

    But is that not the space traditionally filled by PC gaming (which is of course, very much the question the article is asking)?

    And if you want some of the convenience of a console, but with the power of a PC, is a Steam box or that Alienware thing (sorry, don't recall the name) not already filling that space?
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  • Hitman's latest Elusive Contract is now live

  • kangarootoo 16/06/2016

    I played one, once, and made a right pigs ear of it. Haven't been back since. Not that I don't like them, I just don't find them that compelling when I still have challenges left to do in a level. Reply +3
  • Watch: 27 minutes of bollock-popping Sniper Elite 4 gameplay

  • kangarootoo 15/06/2016


    I see your point, but I think the idea that shooting some balls for the 40th time qualifies as "humour" is both stretching reality somewhat, and also making terminaljeremy's point.

    I think actually, the game itself has simply created a system whereby damage is represented semi-realistically, across the whole body of the opponents. It is the author of this article that has made his world revolve around fascist balls (pun partially intended).

    I didn't mind it all in honesty, and it can be turned off, but I also found that after the first time (which was barely comical), it was about as "funny" as someone opening a door.

    However, on a more serious note, I think it sells the franchise seriously short to suggest to a wider audience that Sniper Elite is about shooting testicles. Anything for a headline though, eh? I know I seem like the fun police here, and I don't really mind either way. If nothing else, it has stimulated energetic debate (pun partially intended).
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  • kangarootoo 15/06/2016

    Just watching this now. Holy crap you suck at this game. Sorry, but seriously. Reply +1
  • kangarootoo 15/06/2016


    SE3 was a massive step up from SE2. If you've not tried it, I recommend you do.
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