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  • One year on, is No Man's Sky the game it should have been?

  • kangarootoo 10/08/2017


    I actually don't think the size if the team is a consideration in terms of player satisfaction. If you pay AAA money you're allowed to expect a AAA game, and I think the author makes a mistake when he suggests anyone was unreasonable in expecting a AAA game.

    Perhaps with a smaller team, and therefore a smaller feature set, the game should have been priced lower and everything would have been fine. I'm sure the publishers and Sony are happy, as sales were high, so they probably wouldn't agree with me :)
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  • kangarootoo 09/08/2017


    I wouldn't call it a "genuinely bad game", but I would consider it quite flawed.

    But I felt the same as you, that people were saying it was "overhyped" as if that explained everything, but that wasn't the problem for me.

    I don't generally suffer from hype and other types of mass hysteria, and the grumpy old man in me objects to the idea that I would be so easily influenced by such things. In the early days of the previews and interviews, I was asking "What is the meta-game? What is my goal? I see the second by second gameplay, and some of the minute by minute, but what is the hour by hour?"

    Then the game came out, and I played it, and I left it (and then after the updates came back, and then left it again), and had the same feeling (which I won't harp on about again here.

    But back to my point, like you I never felt I was suffering from "over hyping". I never felt I had arrived with unrealistic expectations, which a small indie team could never hope to meet. I simply felt that the priorities were wrong for NMS, that too much development time had been spent on building this procedural world, and not enough time had been spent considering the player's role in it.

    Anyway, in discussions like this it is easy for one to end up playing the same polarised tune over and over. I shall say no more negative things about it :)
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  • No Man's Sky screenshot teases Stargate-style portals

  • kangarootoo 09/08/2017


    Seriously man, I was sat there thinking "I am TOTALLY in space!"

    I was a PC gamer years back, and then a console gamer for a decade. Just recently I returned (for fun and work reasons) and got a Rift set up. I've played a lot of VR, and developed a fair bit of VR too, and whilst Elite isn't the most original "only on VR" type experience, they have clearly build a VR experience with consideration (rather than just bunging in a VR driven head look camera and shipped it).

    The sense of position, especially when flying into a space station, is phenomenal. The situational awareness during a dogfight, compared to viewing everything in a TV. The curved menu used for the Starport Services screen (but curiously not the commodities page, though I think I know why). Even the way that you can now access your status screens (positioned to the side of you) by turning your head to look at them.

    There are a couple of rough edges (that top interface is really easy to accidentally close as you read a message), but overall it is an excellent VR implementation. I love original VR content as much as anyone, and bespoke physical experiences such as shooters, but if Elite is the kind of game you might like, playing it in VR adds a huge amount to the experience.

    Sales pitch ends :)

    Edit: I bought a Saitek X52 Pro stick and throttle set to go with it, and I heartily recommend it. An XB controller is a little limited, and you don't want to be jumping out of headset to go to a keyboard mid-play. I can do everything I need to do (including opening game menus and changing settings) from my sticks, with the exception of typing system names into a search field (which I do very rarely).
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  • kangarootoo 09/08/2017

    I played NMS, got bored and stopped. Then the update came and I returned, did some missions, built a base, it was all quite fun.... but then I stopped.

    Played Elite Dangerous. Was hooked. Played ED in VR, was quadruple hooked. Played ED in VR with a friend flying with me in the same wing, one of my best gaming experiences of recent years. So many people have tried to nail what Elite games are all about, and after so many years David Braben comes back with ED and shows that he really understands what he has created better than anyone.

    So, back to the subject at hand. I've been thinking about why ED grabs me and NMS still falls short. In short, NMS is about being by myself, surrounded by procedurally generated things that don't really seem to be alive. A variety of alien creatures that all seem to fit into groups (small rabbity thing, tall giraffey thing, dog like thing, rhino like thing). Sure they are all different, but they are different in small ways that don't matter to me. Three alien races that are essentially the same, but slightly different looking, with missions that involve going to get stuff. Ships that again suffer from their procedural origins. Sure every ship is different, but in such subtle ways that they are essentially all the same bit with more or less inventory space.

    ED on the other hand, feels authored. There might only be 20 or so types of ship, but they all feel like they have a purpose. Space stations have people in them, that talk to me in a range of accents when I land. Different types of space station, from ones that feel like Arctic research stations, to ones that feel like Tokyo has been fired into space. Missions that range from hauling cabbages, to tracking down and killing a military deserter that messages me to say he just didn't want to fight anymore, whilst my missiles pound the hull of his ship to earn me money.

    That is the problem with NMS, it has no life in it. ED feels like space has been colonised, NMS feels like a video game. Hopefully this update will add more of that life to NMS, but it isn't just about portals and back story, it is about the second by second story. The reasons to do one thing over another thing. That is what I found lacking from the very start, there was no reason to do one thing rather than another, all actions felt equally significant (which meant none of them were).

    I wish them luck.
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  • Creator of canned Metroid fan project AM2R hired to work on Ori sequel

  • kangarootoo 07/08/2017


    Because he has shown intellect, initiative, and a great deal of personal motivation.

    These are fundamentally positive things to look for in anyone getting into games dev.

    "Has he done other games?"

    ...is exactly what makes it difficult for new people to enter the industry, and what makes developers miss out on promising individuals that are snapped up by other studios with a more expert eye.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege gets 2.3m players a day, Ubisoft says

  • kangarootoo 07/08/2017

    Somewhat the opposite of The Division then. Reply +1
  • Rock Band keeps on rocking with new season pass

  • kangarootoo 04/08/2017


    Ahhhh, I forgot about that. It is the reason I typically played SingStar with the voice volume down low. No amount of calibrating the scoring will make the audio come out of your speakers any quicker, its true.

    Have you always been using the same sound system? Typically most of the lag comes from your equipment rather than the game (though it is of course possible that the game lag has increased). It is the reason that Rocksmith on PS3 recommend you connect your audio using analogue cables rather than HDMI, and the reason that Rocksmith on PS4 doesn't work very well.

    If your audio is going through your TV and out to a sound system, or even if it is going straight from your console to your sound system, these can all add delay.

    Apologies if you are well aware of all this stuff already.
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  • kangarootoo 04/08/2017


    Do you mean the calibration for input lag is broken?

    Input lag itself can never be "fixed", it can just be accounted for in the scoring timing.
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  • kangarootoo 04/08/2017


    For any ongoing service, video game or otherwise, an absent audience seems kind of significant to me...

    "Really the only thing that left was most of the audience."
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  • kangarootoo 03/08/2017

    "Rock Band keeps on rocking...."

    Yeah, sure it does. That's the spirit.

    I loved GH and RB back in the day, but the genre was saturated and is now over.
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now warns you against forming larger groups than allowed

  • kangarootoo 03/08/2017


    "How about they shut the fuck up and allow people to play the game how they want?"

    Because it is their job to design rules that create the best experience for the majority of players?

    Your approach, whilst boldly principled, would result in a worse experience for most players. In short, they are better at designing their game than you are.
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  • The hackers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

  • kangarootoo 01/08/2017


    I'm really trying to work out your point of view in this discussion, and I'm struggling.

    Are you simply playing devil's advocate? What are the values here?
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  • kangarootoo 01/08/2017

    You know that saying "I'm only trying to help"? Where a person making things worse, thinks they should not only be applauded in their efforts, but perhaps even allowed to continue, because their intentions are good?

    The sentence "I have never used cheats to purposely ruin someone's enjoyment" is entirely the same thing. The delusion that if you have positive intentions at the start (or in the case, simply the absence of negative intentions), the negative outcome is somehow less bad.

    Anybody who cheats, but states they never set out to ruin the experience of those against whom they complete, can at very best claim a defence of profound idiocy. Except this dude doesn't sound that thick, so one can only imagine he is just conveniently deluding himself.
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  • kangarootoo 01/08/2017

    "Let's face it, no one likes losing. Even sat at traffic lights in your car, you never want the car who pulls up next to you to beat you off the line."


    That single quote tells me everything I need to know about the mental maturity of the person involved.
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  • BioWare veteran and Anthem lead designer Corey Gaspur passes away

  • kangarootoo 01/08/2017


    "But then, what is the article here for if not that?"

    You have issues.
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  • The Overwatch dialogue that everyone remembers but doesn't exist

  • kangarootoo 27/07/2017

    I was half expecting that before the end of the article, I'd be reading that someone involved in development received death threats for denying the existence of the supposed lines of dialogue. That is usually how some small parts of the internet react to being told "no". Reply +38
  • PlayStation Plus' August freebies include Just Cause 3 and Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry

  • kangarootoo 26/07/2017


    Yes it does. New ship with new upgrades, lots more naval fun to be had.

    Overall I thought Freedom Cry was very good, with one small slightly ironic and awkward issue related to its unlock system, which doesn't harm it much, but will be apparent to most who play it.
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  • Atari is making a hat with speakers in it

  • kangarootoo 24/07/2017

    The only thing I need to know about this is, when someone is using it can everybody hear what is coming out of the speakers, or are the speakers very directional and focused only on the user's ears?

    If it is the former, it can fall into a volcano.
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  • Rogue Trooper Redux comes out in October

  • kangarootoo 20/07/2017


    Your mum.

    Sorry, I'm so sorry. It was just hanging there in the air.
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  • American McGee's had enough of your Alice 3 questions

  • kangarootoo 18/07/2017


    Yes, let's encourage people to continue to waste everybody's time, including their own, for no practical reason. A sound plan.
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  • Sports Direct buys chunk of GAME

  • kangarootoo 13/07/2017

    It's a low-ethics love in. Reply +1
  • Making Cyberpunk: when Mike Pondsmith met CD Projekt Red

  • kangarootoo 12/07/2017

    Nice article. I played a bit of Cyberpunk 2013 back in the day, and am really looking forward to seeing CDPR's efforts. Reply +7
  • 13 years later, Spider-Man 2's swinging has never been bettered - here's its story

  • kangarootoo 12/07/2017

    Yup, the finest rope swinging system in the business. I remember it well, and remember just as well raving about it to anyone who would listen. It is still a go-to reference for me when talking about flow and choice in movement. Reply +2
  • You'll never see a Game Over screen in Super Mario Odyssey

  • kangarootoo 06/07/2017


    "How are they going to make that work?"

    By designing it more effectively than you seem to imagine they will?
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  • Riot blames Brexit for 20% League of Legends in-game currency price hike

  • kangarootoo 06/07/2017


    "The problem is... for every ten polls like this there are ten polls that say the opposite."

    I know, I know. It was more of a cheeky dig than a serious comment.

    But also, it is probably true ;)
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    "but I don't regret voting to leave and would vote the same way again if given the chance"

    You aren't going to be happy with me leaving this here then ;)

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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    I got way too angry with you, and I'm sorry.

    For the record, I have disdain for a shit ton of things. Generally for good reasons.

    I just want everyone to think about things, just that bit more. I think if everyone just thought things through a bit more, there would genuinely be less bad shit happening in the world.

    But yeah, I got too annoyed, and I got too absolute. I need to take some of my own advice, and think a bit more instead of ranting.

    I still don't want you to ever say "Wow, just wow" ever again as long as you live. But I apologise in any event.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    "By scaremongering the British people and not explaining the good and bad points about the EU the government "lost" the vote."

    I kind of agree actually. The quality of debate all round was poor. One person's scare mongering is another persons stark truth however, and I don't really like scaremongering as a measurement (even though I use it msyelf sometimes when I'm low on patience - my bad).

    "I voted to leave the EU not because of immigration but because of the arrogance of our government and the EU bureaucrats thinking the UK would never leave. They were wrong!"

    If I were to replace some key words within that paragraph with the words "nose" and "face", you'd probably have an idea of how I feel about that ;)

    If the captain of a ship assumed that you would never just jump off the side into the sea, would you call that arrogant, and would you jump off to prove them wrong? It isn't a great analogy in terms of severity, but perfectly appropriate in terms of logic.

    "The USA federal system works because they are one country who all think the same."

    I'm sorry, but that simply isn't true. It is highly questionable whether the US federal system works in a way that the EU does not. It is profoundly untrue to say that any success or otherwise is because everyone in the US thinks the same.

    And that leads us onto an aspect about which we simply won't agree. That Europe can't work because we are all "different". Difference is good, and difference is inevitable. The Britain of today does not have the same values and ideologies of the Britain of 100, 200, 500 years ago. I personally believe that is good, because I'm not much into child labour, subjugation of women, and slavery, but also we can't ignore that change is unavoidable.

    The idea that Europe is bad because Spain is full of Spanish people and France is full of Frenchies, is one I can't get behind, and at the risk of being rude, I think it is based on ignorance and fear. I've travelled a reasonable amount, and I've worked with people from many different countries, and I love it.

    Difference is a problem if you refuse to see the value in it. Only if someone not being the same as you is seen as bad, is it bad that they aren't the same as you. The logic is circular. You literally get people complaining about "foreign food" shops in their high street, without tasting it, and without remembering that their favourite dish is curry or a kebab.

    The idea that British values are this immovable thing, that hasn't changed, or shouldn't change, is a complete myth. That is why governments and TV stations spend so much time talking about what it means to be British - because it changes every day, and means something slightly different to everybody.

    "Brexit is brexit."

    Please don't. You, I, and everyone here knows in their heart, that slogan means nothing at all, other than as a flag of stubbornness. Politicians say that shot because they've had media training, and saying anything at all is too politically risky these days. You aren't a politician. You've expressed yourself with reasons and opinions up to now. You don't need slogans that mean nothing, they just make you look like you aren't thinking for yourself (and clearly you are).

    "Move on and make it work or run away like a coward."

    Again, it is a massive straw man to act like those are somehow the two options. Again, you don't need it.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    It actually explains some of the aspects of why the debate surrounding brexit was so poor. It could in fact be suggested that wisdom of crowds was in not able to take place in this case, and if it had, we may not have ended up with the result that we did.

    "In his book You Are Not a Gadget, Jaron Lanier argues that crowd wisdom is best suited for problems that involve optimization, but ill-suited for problems that require creativity or innovation. In the online article Digital Maoism, Lanier argues that the collective is more likely to be smart only when

    1. it isn't defining its own questions,
    2. the goodness of an answer can be evaluated by a simple result (such as a single numeric value), and
    3. the information system which informs the collective is filtered by a quality control mechanism that relies on individuals to a high degree.

    Lanier argues that only under those circumstances can a collective be smarter than a person. If any of these conditions are broken, the collective becomes unreliable or worse."

    Point 3 in particular, was a piece of crap during the run up to the referendum. Quality control on information was non-existent.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    Where to start.

    "No, it makes YOU absolutely right doesn't it?? 100%."

    Ridiculous strawman. Try and dismantle a statement by making a ridiculous statement and pretend the two are related.

    "is that the people who voted Brexit MIGHT be right because the wisdom of crowds is an actual thing"

    First off, I would genuinely be interested in a link about "the wisdom of crowds is an actual thing". I'm always happy to learn, and I'm curious as to what it means (are we talking statistics here, or a genuine exchange of information).

    "there are reasoned arguments for both sides"

    If only the UK public had got to hear them, instead of single sentence slogans and strategically edited scare mongering photos of crowds.

    "none of which have been proven categorically false in the longer term because we don't have a crystal ball. "

    We don't need to categorically prove everything to be able to recognise the truth of what can be observed right now.

    "Wow, just wow."

    If you and I were to do a tour of the internet, and search for the words "Wow, just wow" including the comma in the middle, I guarantee we would find a raft of people unable to construct a counter argument.

    React as if overwhelmed - "wow". Then pause for careful consideration ",".
    Then act as if there is simply no logic to what has been witnessed, and once again settled on incredulity, but with an air of disappointment and resignation "just wow".

    Doesn't matter the subject or the type of discussion, writing "wow" is in no way a counter argument. All it says to everyone reading this is that you have nothing else to offer.

    I realise this sounds incredibly, incredibly patronising, and it is guaranteed to make you pretty annoyed with me, and I'm sorry. But anybody writing "Wow, just wow" as a contribution to a discussion between grown adults about complex subjects, deserves calling out in the strongest terms.

    I should probably have a cup of tea.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    It doesn't matter how many people voted when it comes to the truth of whether it will work or not. Democracy means everyone gets an equal vote, not that everyone who votes with the majority is right.

    There was a time when people thought the sun was a dude driving a fucking chariot across the sky. EVERYONE can be wrong at times. If 100% of the population of the UK had voted to leave, they would now ALL be wrong.

    It is NOT sanctimonious to say "We told you shooting a hole in that bucket would make it leak", when the water is visibly pouring on the floor. It is just inconvenient and tiring to those since proven to have made a mistake.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    There is a third, perhaps less aggressive (but still not very positive) option. Apathy of a sort.

    Economics on a global scale is very complex, and damned boring. I'll say it right now, and I'm not ashamed to do so. I think I understand it reasonably well, but it was hard work doing so.

    Anyway, it isn't just about economics for me. The debate on both sides, but in particular on "the other side" has for the most part been a piece a shit, slogan and lies that will suck the intelligence out of any room. If it costs our country a few quid to remain inclusive, forward thinking, and moderate, instead of what some (not all, but significantly some) want it to become, I'll happily pay it.

    All that said, I still say the economic argument doesn't stand up, but it is easy for some to believe it does if they have been eating the sort of information that has been handed out over the last year. That doesn't make them racist or stupid, because understanding international economics is too high a bar to set for the definition of stupidity.

    What always makes a person stupid, is denial of the truth. Refusal to want to learn, if that learning interferes with dogmatic belief. That is what I would call stupid, and it can exist on all sides.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    I'm not going to use the same terms as mattshark, but I have to say that I am still unsure as the motive for both the developer and the journalists reporting, to not include all of the pertinent facts.

    It feels like the motive is to hide "inconvenient truths", under the guise of "not getting political".

    People almost never say "keep politics out of it", unless the addition of politics is supplying a truth they would rather not acknowledge.

    And it is a way of thinking I just can't get behind. Let's hear the facts I say, all of them, no matter how much they mess with our closely held beliefs. People getting annoyed with truths that confound dogma is the reason we have wars, seriously.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    I think you need to spend a little more time digesting your own sources.

    The article you linked says the pound was overvalued before Brexit, and is potentially undervalued now.

    That is not the same thing as saying that brexit did not cause the pound to fall (from its perhaps overvalued rate, to its new potentially undervalued rate).

    The article in fact finishes by saying -

    "So right now itís hard to say whether the value of the pound has dropped lower than what the IMF would recommend. Since no-one knows what kind of trade relationships the UK will have once it leaves the EU, opinions on the UKís long-term potential for trade or the best exchange rate for sterling are open to debate."

    So your statement of "Brexit isn't the underlying reason for Sterling's fall" is neither proven, nor stated by the article.

    Correct valuing of a currency is of course important, particular for longer term judgements, but a statement that the article supports the idea that "the pound would have dropped even if brexit hadn't happened" (which seems to be your implication), is false.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    "Blame everything on Brexit."

    Classic childish strawman nonsense.

    Don't blame everything on brexit, just those things that a direct result of it.
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    At the root of your suggestions, you seem to be wanting the article to avoid mentioning Brexit because it makes some people unhappy to face the consequence of their choices?

    Pro-brexit people being tired of hearing how brexit will damage the UK economy is rather like a bank robber wishing everyone would "stop banging on about the stolen money".
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  • kangarootoo 05/07/2017


    "Politics does not belong on a gaming website."

    I'm not sure you know what politics is. Politics is unavoidably part of everything.
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  • What's Phil Harrison up to these days?

  • kangarootoo 30/06/2017


    "Less than 5 secs latency as well. Think they were also at E3."

    I think you mean 5ms :) I believe the Vive kit said 9ms last time I was looking into it, which is still pretty good.
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  • kangarootoo 30/06/2017


    "Proper VR without a single cable means having all the computing power on the headset itself, and a battery large enough to power the computing unit and the screen"

    Or a good wireless connection to the base processing unit, which is already a thing.

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  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 dev admits it screwed up, explains why

  • kangarootoo 27/06/2017


    Did you drop your keyboard in Ribena or something? Stop writing like a 4 year old ffs.
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  • Paradox performs price rise U-turn following fan backlash

  • kangarootoo 23/06/2017


    Price Point is a very standard term in business, including the games business.

    His mistake may have been to use business terms in a public forum, but there is nothing sinister or weasley about it.

    It is no different to a builder referring an RSJ instead of a "steel girder". When dealing with such terms every single day, it a reasonable mistake for someone to occasionally use them with an audience who aren't familiar with them.
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  • I'm not sure what David Cage is trying to say with Detroit

  • kangarootoo 23/06/2017


    Haha. I am now picturing Xmas morning, with you gripping a bunch of stapled together lined paper sheets in your tiny hands, with "Have a lovely adventure" written on the front in biro.
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  • kangarootoo 23/06/2017


    "but Create Your Own Adventure books have been around for some time"

    Choose Your Own Adventure. CHOOSE! Stop messing with my childhood! ;)
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  • kangarootoo 22/06/2017


    "what do you see the point of this article to be?"

    A discussion of the potential shortcomings of Detroit, based on previous works by the same creator.

    "Also you quoted me as saying "you're opinion sucks" nope never said that."

    I didn't quote you, that was clearly paraphrasing. If that wasn't clear enough, I apologise.

    What you actually said was "How can you possibly compare Star Wars prequels to the brilliant Westworld and think that earns your opinions on anything credibility?"

    1. the author didn't do that.
    2. you inserted the idea that the author would think their opinion "should earn credibility", the author did not.

    It was clumsy piece of ad hominem, and you can be better than that. In a subjective discussion of quality, it is all about the case made. Whether any of think the author made their case effectively is up for discussion, but you made no case beyond essentially saying "your opinion sucks".

    "The author has not played the game yet either, just a very short vertical slice"

    Which as I've commented elsewhere, is the exact purpose of a vertical slice.

    "So what is the point of this kind of article?"

    To review the vertical slice, that was supplied to him for the express purpose of being reviewed. As it is only a preview, speculation is fully allowed.

    "It seems like negativity for negativity clicks sake"

    That is one way of seeing it. Another is that you are unaware of your own bias in this instance, that you are excited about the game (which is great), and that you see any negativity as needless because it doesn't serve your need to be excited about the game.

    There is nothing wrong with critique. If everyone felt like you and all they saw in critique is someone "being negative", games would not get better. Frank critique is crucial, and also interesting to talk about, so long as you can let go of the emotional shackles that result in you only wanting to hear good news about a game you are looking forward to.

    Anyway, I don't want to keep bashing away at you. I think I've made my point. A vertical slice was supplied, so that journos could play it and review it, and that is what happened here. Perhaps one way you could see it is that some of the negative points raised here and elsewhere, can feed back into the later stages of development, maybe the game you are looking forward to can become even better. Nothing is perfect, there is always room for improvement, and maybe if every journo just said "Amazing, no other comments to make" something that could have benefited from fresh eyes loses that opportunity.
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  • kangarootoo 21/06/2017


    Snappy a phrase as that is, it isn't true about any of the things you mentioned :)

    Good opinions are why we have space travel and video games :D
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  • kangarootoo 21/06/2017


    "there wasn't well explained detail"

    My point is that questioning credibility by just saying "If you do XYZ you have no credibility" is guilty of the same. As the accuser, the burden of proof lies with you. So explain with detail why you disagree with the opinion, instead of just saying "Your opinions suck".

    OK, before I continue I'm going to apologise, because I went all guns in and it isn't personal. I just feel that there is a discussion to be had here about writing in games, and when someone just starts laying out all of the usual internet argument fallacies (like "Why do you not like things?" or "Well if you like XYZ your opinion ins invalid") it presses my buttons.

    How about we instead try and engage in the interesting discussion that is available, instead of distracting with name calling just because someone disagrees with you. IT IS OK TO DISAGREE, it can even be fun and interesting, so long as do it like intelligent adults :)

    "I guarantee you this same author would be the first to completely trash Detroit if it didn't take the precise risks the author is thinking of while writing this article"

    Such is the life of a creative, coming from one who knows. It doesn't matter in the end though. DC will still make his game. As I said to another poster, there is no such thing as perfection, so being damned either way is just the way creative life works. Perhaps the problem is not that the reviewer would always find something to critique, but that you see any negatives as inherently bad. How about just seeing the criticisms as fair comment, and if you disagree, present a well thought out counter case.
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  • kangarootoo 21/06/2017


    "why don't you like anything?"

    Seriously, grow up.

    And what earns opinions credibility is well explained detail, not unexplained consensus.
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  • kangarootoo 21/06/2017


    A fair point, but a different one.

    As is often my pedantic way, just because I disagree with someone doesn't mean I am defending all the things they choose to disagree with :)
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  • Detroit: Become Human tweet swiftly removed after poking fun at Xbox

  • kangarootoo 23/06/2017

    The universal truth remains, if you're going to make a childish joke at the expense of another, it has to be funny. Otherwise, it is just left being childish. Reply +9
  • Sega releases classic games on mobile, for free, but at what cost?

  • kangarootoo 22/06/2017

    Poor performance, and treating a small developer like shit. Think I'll pass. Reply +1