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  • Guitar Hero Live skips backwards compatibility as it reboots series

  • kangarootoo 17/04/2015


    "A lot of this stuff has to do with numbers"

    Hahaha. If that isn't unprepared evasive talk, I don't know what is :)

    Thanks for the extra info.
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  • kangarootoo 15/04/2015


    ""On demand" will absolutely cost money, and it will cost it every time"

    That seems out of line with "you can play a song "on demand" as often as you'd like". Saying that you can buy the same thing as often as you like is hardly a sales pitch :)

    Have you got a link to that other interview?
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  • kangarootoo 15/04/2015


    I feel the same way, but I suspect it is cost. They will have surveyed players, found that 90% of them never play on Hard or above (that just-made-up stat is probably not far from the actual truth), and dropped the pinky as a result. Sad times :(
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  • kangarootoo 15/04/2015


    When I read this - "If you don't fancy the song that's on, you can change channels until you find something more to your taste. Otherwise, you can play a song "on demand" as often as you'd like." I am reminded of things like Amazon Prime instant video. A subscription for the channels, and "on demand as often as you like" being an actual purchase. I guess we'll see :)
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  • kangarootoo 15/04/2015

    Not happy about the lack of backward compatibility, but the game as a service GHTV thing sounds very interesting. But.... no mention of a subscription fee. Because there isn't one, or because they don't want to say there is just yet?

    Also, needing a new controller sucks... but, the double button rows sounds interesting. "Proper" cross strong chords, and cross string scales? I am definitely interested in that. All that said, no fourth button? All that work I put into my pinky wasted? That is what higher difficulty levels are FOR, Activision!
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  • 9 minutes of gorgeous Trine 3 gameplay footage

  • kangarootoo 10/04/2015

    Not entirely sure about this. I love Trine 1 and 2, and Trine 3 does look excellent. Although full 3d movement is the next logical step, it is also the next obvious step, and is also quite a fundamental change.

    I'm just being cynical I guess. I expect it will also be excellent, but there were a couple of moments in that vid where the 3D movement didn't really seem to add anything (and then others when it did, for balance).
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  • Procedurally-generated high seas adventure Windward sets sails for May release

  • kangarootoo 10/04/2015


    Word for the day - timezone.

    Alternative word for the day - simpleton.
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  • Elder Scrolls Online offers £12.99 PC-to-console migration deal

  • kangarootoo 10/04/2015


    A lot of older dedicated controllers don't work on PS4 (and loads of bluetooth headsets), but basic items such as keyboards and USB mics are well supported.
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  • Halo Online modders working to strip micro-transactions, release worldwide

  • kangarootoo 09/04/2015


    "Ironically the chief reason for Russia's piracy rate was a lack of properly localised releases"

    That totally need a link to back it up, because I have a sneaking suspicion it might be more than a little bit untrue.

    Like, I can't help pointing out, that if language is the barrier to you enjoying a game, how does a pirated version solve that for you?
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  • kangarootoo 09/04/2015

    "I find it a bit weird that Eurogamer is, even ever so slightly, trying to paint these hackers as just innocent "modders."

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  • 80 Days dev gives Sorcery! 3 iOS and Android release date

  • kangarootoo 09/04/2015


    I'd also recommend the Tin Man versions of FF that Garfy mentioned.

    A few years back another company did a few FF books on iOS, but they were buggy and were borderline scans of the original books.

    Tin Man proved themselves with their own range of game books (which are also mostly vbery good), and eventually got the contract for the FF stuff. Like Inkle, they have really considered how a game book should work on a tablet or phone, and have made some well judged gameplay additions to the original material rather than just lifting it across untouched.
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  • kangarootoo 09/04/2015


    The Sorcery iOS versions are both excellent. They really raised the bar when it came to ports of game books, both in terms of graphical presentation, but also in adding new gameplay mechanics that compliment the original content really well.

    Anyone who is a fan of game books should check these out (I realise that reads like a press release), especially if you're old like me, and remember the original books fondly.
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  • Microsoft mulled idea of giving away original Xbox free

  • kangarootoo 01/04/2015


    "they only keep them until the new hardware comes out"

    Oh but so what? Seriously.

    Games are to be played, and consoles are to play games on. Once the job is done, so what if someone gets rids and gets a different machine.

    Beyond the self aggrandising pretence of being the curator of your own personal museum, why on earth do you care whether people keep their old consoles or not? Because that makes them "the kind of gamers" that play games?

    Here is a suggestion. How about you try and find ways to elevate yourself that don't involve trying to bring others down to below you? Enjoy your original XBox if you want, I'm glad you're still getting some enjoyment out of it, just stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing.
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  • Silent Hills/P.T. page removes Kojima Productions' logo

  • kangarootoo 01/04/2015

    I think it is obvious what is happening here.

    "Konami has switched from a studio-based to a headquarters-based organisation" - means that they don't want studio names to be a prominent part of their identity, so that franchises can be moved between studios without anyone really noticing or caring.

    Equally, removing HK's name from everything now would appear to be better than the next MGS game notably NOT having his name on it for the first time.

    HK clearly doesn't want to make any more MGS games, but Konami clearly do, and in that context the dependency on his name isn't helpful for them. A move away from identifying talent means franchises can be moved about and studios can be closed without interfering with release schedules. 2K went through a similar thing a while back (2K Marin, 2K Boston, 2K Australia, etc).
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  • Watch someone complete Bloodborne in 40 minutes

  • kangarootoo 31/03/2015


    "need to get a life"


    This old chestnut.

    Here is the news at ten. Everyone has a life, and then they do with it whatever they choose, until eventually and inevitably, every single one of us dies.

    So long as you aren't hurting anyone, who really give a flip what you do with your life? If someone follows your advice, stops doing something they enjoy, starts doing something that you approve of, and "gets a life", what difference will it make in the end, to you or them? Answer - it will harm them, make no difference to you.

    In other words, stop whining about people doing things for their own entertainment that make no difference whatsoever you you either way. THAT is the definition of wasted time, and one day I guarantee you'll wish you'd been more efficient with it.

    And this irony laden advice is costing me my own time, so don't f*cking waste it.

    TLDR version.

    "speedrunners don't impress me"

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  • PS4 firmware 2.5 release date and details

  • kangarootoo 26/03/2015


    "so when you get the maximum internal HDD which at the moment is 2tb"

    2TB is the largest anyone makes, correct. Sorry, who are you blaming for this?

    "if you can find one"

    Amazon, Ebuyer, Google Shopping, eBay, 30 seconds, job done.

    And for the love of Buddah, please learn to use full stops. I know you know what they are - I can see one right at the end of your post - but they supposed to go after sentences, not paragraphs.
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  • kangarootoo 26/03/2015

    Important Note™

    I just noticed that the latest firmware on this site, is still 2.04.


    Now I suspect this means that if you were to back up your PS4, and upgrade to a larger drive, you would not be able to install 2.5 on that new drive from a USB stick (which I think is the only way), therefore rendering your PS4 unable to yet see your full PS4 back up.

    Perhaps EG could investigate this?

    Edit: obviously the website will be updated pretty soon, but if someone were trying to upgrade right now, this may be a problem.
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  • Arnie's new film channels The Last of Us

  • kangarootoo 26/03/2015


    Yeah, as soon as I wrote it I thought, "Nah, that isn't right. 100% of films could be average, if they were all the same."

    I left it for the joke, and just hoped no one would notice ;P
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  • kangarootoo 26/03/2015


    80% of movies are average? Not sure about your maths there.
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  • kangarootoo 26/03/2015


    A huge amount of TLOU is the gameplay. The key plot could easily fit into a movie format.
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  • kangarootoo 26/03/2015

    It, doesn't look that much like The Last of Us. Not once you escape the genre. Reply 0
  • DriveClub developer Evolution set to lose 55 staff, sources say

  • kangarootoo 23/03/2015


    "it is well known"

    And yet no link. How puzzling ;)
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  • kangarootoo 23/03/2015


    I actually thought that was some fan reall-footage-game-footage mashup thing at first. I could literally not believe I was looking at game graphics. That video is genuinely amazing :)

    Or is this where you tell me some of it is real, and I look stupid....
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  • kangarootoo 23/03/2015


    "It's normal to have some redundancies after a game is finished"

    No it isn't.
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  • Don't forget to download Bloodborne's 2.69GB day one patch

  • kangarootoo 23/03/2015


    Better to have a patch ready (a patch goes through QA quicker than a disc, which is why this kind of thing happens), than no patch at all (AC Unity, we're looking at you here).

    That said, I agree with the principle of finishing games before you sell them :)
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  • The best PS4 games

  • kangarootoo 22/03/2015

    Destny, lovely shooting, but some of the worst game writing in modern history. Not exegerating.

    P.T, very nice, but not really a game. Also, that screenshot is kind of a spoiler. Really couldn't find one of an empty coridor?

    DA Inquisition really looked interesting to me, but I sort of struggled with the first one (never played the second one). A friend that really likes RPGs considered it to be incredibly slow and boring. So people who've played it, please tell me about it.
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  • Making sense of Steam's refund policy

  • kangarootoo 20/03/2015


    I don't think that is true. What is being discussed here is the right to back out of an online purchase.

    Other laws exist to cover "fit for purpose", laws that could be relied on way after the 14 day period, and those laws still apply here. If a game turns out to be so badly broken that it is unusable, a customer could pursue a refund regardless of this current debate.
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  • kangarootoo 20/03/2015


    "The problem in this case is people coukd effectively rent the game and then claim a refund on the grounds its faulty, and its hard to tell whats genuine in this age of half finished games being released."


    The trick with any law is striking a balance between the letter of the law, and the spirit of the law.

    The most important thing is the spirit of the law - the job the law is supposed to do, the protection it is supposed to afford. However, we can't just operate on case by case judgements, so we have the letter of the law to try and maintain some sense of continuity.

    To take the example in hand, if the law protecting digital good allowed people to download a game, play the game to completion, and then get a refund on the grounds it was broken or rubbish, the law would be entirely exploitable, would not afford any protection to the seller, and in the end would be a broken law.

    So whilst anecdotally it makes sense to say that someone should be able to return for refund something they don't like, a law that is not built to function broadly, and balance protection of the consumer against protection of the seller, is not use at all.

    A law that says "no refund once you've played it" protects the seller, and ALSO protects the consumer in the true majority of cases (who can still reverse a purchase if the game has not been "used").
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  • kangarootoo 20/03/2015


    "You can return it in 14 days as long as you havny taken wrapper off."

    This is true but the caveat is specific to DVDs and a few other types of product.


    In general, your right to return goods within 14 days does not require those good to be unused. Same as buying a graphics card, installing it in your PC, finding it not suitable, and returning it (which is also permissible under the law).

    "You should be able to download a game and if you don't install it be able to return it as this is the digital equivalent of opening it."

    This part is already clear in the existing law. If you download the software, you can no longer return it. You say that installing the game (not downloading) is "the digital equivalent of opening it", but that is your own definition, and the law disagrees with you.

    The issue here is not the law, it is Valve's application (or non-application) of it.
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  • Bloodborne can be purchased with your actual blood in Denmark

  • kangarootoo 20/03/2015


    Getting someone to donate blood the first time is the battle. After the first donation, the odds of donating again rise considerably. For that reason, this promotion is an excellent, practical idea.

    And all blood is screened, so talk of people trying to donate contaminated blood is just scaremongering.
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  • Phil Spencer's new vision for the Xbox One

  • kangarootoo 15/03/2015


    If calling someone a "fucking idiot" for playing one console more than another, is what you describe as "calling him out", then I say again, you have issues.

    And no accountability for trash written on forums eh? On that, we agree.
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  • kangarootoo 13/03/2015


    "bullshit you spend most time on Xbox 1. If you do you're a fucking idiot."

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  • Watch The Last of Us star Ashley Johnson's emotional BAFTA speech

  • kangarootoo 13/03/2015

    And Destiny, game of the year, whuuuu? Reply +2
  • kangarootoo 13/03/2015

    What a lovely, genuine speech. Reply +1
  • How Elite: Dangerous' new Wings co-op works

  • kangarootoo 12/03/2015

    Yay! Coop is a word that always makes my ears prick up. And coop Elite is the stuff that wishful conversations with friends were made of 20+ years ago. Reply +11
  • Here's your first look at Cliff Bleszinski's new game

  • kangarootoo 11/03/2015

    "Developed by Bleszinski's new studio Boss Key Productions, Bluestreak will be a free-to-play shooter......" awww maaaaaan.

    Also, at the risk of sounding like an ass, I didn't see footage of a game. I saw footage of an environment (made in an engine that makes good environments).

    A game has gameplay, and until I see that, I'm not really looking at a game.
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  • Ninja Theory cut one of Devil May Cry's most sexually suggestive lines for Definitive Edition

  • kangarootoo 09/03/2015

    I can see why they cut at, as it is quite a childish line. I don't mean childish in any kind of moral high ground way. I mean only that the line seems designed to titillate, but does so very clumsily, and the way the sentence is cut off just before a "rude word" appears... it is just poor writing, which is all the reason you need to remove it.

    Now I've not played the game, so perhaps there are lots of other equally shonky lines that have stayed, I am just describing the line as I see it.
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  • Steam now shows Steam Machines and their prices

  • kangarootoo 07/03/2015


    Amen brother :)
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  • kangarootoo 06/03/2015

    That is a very light coloured glass of red wine there. If I didn't know better I'd say it was a prop glass of Ribena.

    It may indeed just be something light, like a nice Pinot Noir (yum yum), but if I were to pick a wine to accompany a granite based monster PC, I would go for something like a Malbec or a Mourvedre, something that wears heavy boots.

    And also, errr, nice PCs. Pricey. I guess you get what you pay for (though I know what granite costs, and it isn't that much).
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  • Rock Band 4 announced for PS4 and Xbox One

  • kangarootoo 05/03/2015

    Back catalogue, check.

    Old peripheral support, check.

    Nothing more to say really. Lets go.
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  • Infinite Crisis dev Turbine making Batman: Arkham Underworld for iOS

  • kangarootoo 03/03/2015

    "Infinite Crisis dev Turbine making Batman: Arkham Underworld for iOS"

    Holy shit, that is a headline and a half!

    It is like when you get a spam email that tries to sneak past spam filters by random inserting words at the start.
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  • Eurogamer readership survey 2015

  • kangarootoo 03/03/2015

    I'll add my name to the list of those calling for comment scoring to be abandoned. It promotes group think, and frankly I was never sure the point was.

    It can't be for removing offensive posts, because it doesn't remove them, and besides you have mods for that.

    If people want to say they agree or disagree with something, might I suggest wrting "I agree/disagree" as appropriate. Maybe even expand on why, and well I never, a discussion may actually develop.

    Maybe this thread is an opportunity, as you seem to be reading it @Oli, so I'll ask directly. What is the intended purpose of the +/- system?
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  • Unreal Engine 4 is now free. For everyone. Really

  • kangarootoo 02/03/2015


    I don't think you know what $19 a month actually gets you.
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  • kangarootoo 02/03/2015

    Unreal have seen how much dosh Unity are making from their asset store, and have decided to focus on being a service. Good news for everyone I think. Reply +11
  • Among Friends: How Naughty Dog Built Uncharted 2

  • kangarootoo 02/03/2015


    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but the reason people are negging you rather than engaging, is that you haven't said anything worth engaging with. Repeating variants on "the truth hurts" simply makes you look desperate for personal attention by any means. Maybe your approach works on youtube, but it won't here. Try saying something substantial, instead of just posting pictures like you found a new button, and you may get some responses.

    I'm giving you this advice as a little gift. There will not be a conversation.
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  • kangarootoo 02/03/2015

    Such a great game. The best if the Uncharted games by leagues. Reply +1
  • Riot boss regrets reaction to League of Legends SpectateFaker case

  • kangarootoo 02/03/2015


    But it isn't against their will.

    They use a service, by choice, that allows others to stream their gameplay. If anyone wishes their gameplay not be streamed, they stop using the service that allows it.

    You see, the word "basic" doesn't apply here. You should investigate further what the actual setup is.
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  • kangarootoo 02/03/2015


    But the morals argument makes no sense. It is over simplifying something that is comlicated.

    I pay the amount of tax that the law requires me to pay. I rather expect that you do too. I don't pay less than I am required to pay by law, but neither do I pay more.

    Tax credits for families, are these immoral? What about tax free ISA savings accounts, are these immoral? Salary sacrifice to increase the tax free payment made into a pension, is this immoral?

    I am not saying it is morally right that some people have a lot of money when others do not. What I am saying is that for everyone, you, me, rich, poor, the law is what dictates how much tax we pay. Everybody is treated the same in that regard. If society deems that I should pay more tax, the law is changed. If society deems that you should pay more (or less for that matter) the law is changed. This happens all the time, with changes in tax rates, and exemptions for those on lower incomes or with families.

    If a "rich" person takes investment advice, and that advice guides them to use their money in a way that results in them legally paying less tax, they are acting no differently to me or you putting money in an ISA. But I bet we don't consider ourselves immoral if we do so, because "hate the rich" is a nice easy slogan that makes comlicated economics easier to understand.

    Bottom line, you legislate tax. And if somebody doesn't pay as much tax as you think they should, or takes advantage of a legal approach that allows them to pay less tax than you think they should pay, you change te law.... because that is what the law is there for in the first place.

    A government that avoids forcing tax payments in law (to keep a rich few donating), whilst jumping on the popular bandwagon (that talks about taxes as a moral issue, when it is no such thing), gets to look moral whilst washing hands of responsibility for the actual result. THAT, is immoral.
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  • kangarootoo 28/02/2015


    Are you sure it isn't because he used to be 14, and is now 16?

    He turns into a moody loner as he turns into a teenager, and your first port of call is to blame a video game?
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  • kangarootoo 28/02/2015

    The accusations of bullying are extremely ill chosen. StarLordLucian was legitimately using a service supported by Riot. If the software they provide or support allows for behaviour they aren't keen on, they should modify it. If legitimate use of supported software can harm a player's career, the first responsibility lies with those that create/support it.

    This reminds me of the government complaining about rich people using legal tax avoidance schemes, when it is the government's own responsibility to determine tax law.
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