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  • 160GB PS3, wireless keypad unveiled

  • jonchoo 21/08/2008

    What is so confusing?

    All allows the user to play the majority of PS3 games out of the box without additional hardware purchases.

    I am happy that Sony is refining the PS3 model like what they did with the PS2 (which went through no less than 15 revisions that we know of).
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  • YouTube integration for PS3 games

  • jonchoo 17/05/2008

    People will always find something wrong with everything Sony does. Personally I think this is brilliant, considering how many times I've played a game and just wished I've captured some memorable moment. Reply 0
  • Konami plans Rock Revolution

  • jonchoo 16/05/2008

    GuitarFreaks and DrumMania can be played together since GuitarFreaks 3rd DrumMania 2nd Mix, with support for two guitar controllers and one drum set (either Konami's own or Yamaha DTX series).

    That very title was released in 2000.
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  • Crisis Core FFVII here in June

  • jonchoo 15/05/2008

    I enjoyed Crisis Core far more than FF VII and X. The battle system while shallow, was great fun IMO - though I do understand why some felt detached from the DMW. I have to agree that side quests were woeful. You would think that they could at least create more environments, but the majority were drab. Ignoring the side quests, I thought the main campaign was memorable. Plus I didn't button mash 'X' my way through, instead taking my time to use the Materias equipped properly. Reply 0
  • Gears criticised for stereotyping

  • jonchoo 10/04/2008

    This coming from a guy who makes games that evolves around a stereotypical female? Okay... Reply 0
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus

  • jonchoo 11/03/2008

    Well proven wrong. Either way the inclusion of co-op/multi didn't make it out of pre-development planning stages so it wasn't 'cut'. Subsequently we were never promised of any. Reply 0
  • jonchoo 11/03/2008

    Dunno about co-op or multiplayer. Never read about the possible inclusion of any, and this review is the first I have read about them (in fact if you google co-op and chains of olympus you will reach this review). So the fact that both didn't make it into the game didn't bother me one bit as I never expected them anyway.

    Either Eurogamer is making stuff up to disparage the game or RAD promised some co-op/multiplayer to them that we didn't know about.

    But RAD did cut a level out. A video of the level is included as a bonus and it looks pretty good.
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  • jonchoo 11/03/2008

    @BBIJ, there are slowdowns in the downloaded demo because it is compressed. Running the game from UMD is fine. I didn't encounter a single slowdown, at all.

    Personally I found the control for the PSP version even better than the PS2, particularly dodging.
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  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

  • jonchoo 03/03/2008

    Apart from Apollo's yuppie-like fashion sense, there is nothing 80s about the visuals, and certainly not the gameplay. Reply +1
  • Patapon demo today in Europe/US

  • jonchoo 15/02/2008

    The hell. When I created my PSN account they immediately recommended me to download and install the network downloader. Took like 10 seconds of my life. Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

  • jonchoo 22/01/2008


    Stats please. I didn't find MGS2's cutscenes to be any different than the one MGS1 had, but maybe it is just me that I like my games to have stories rather than just pointlessly shooting aliens or unlocking achievements to show off some gamer related stats.

    Or perhaps all the hate MGS2 is still getting are because of how insecure some gamers truly are...
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  • X360 not getting built-in HD-DVD

  • jonchoo 07/01/2008

    "The differences between VHS and DVD are much greater, namely increased picture resolution from below 200 lines to 576 lines (or 480 for NTSC)... "

    So the difference of 480 lines to 1080 lines is negligibly when you cited resolution increase of VHS to DVD as the main contributor to increased quality.

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  • Boardgames and game history

  • jonchoo 02/01/2008


    Wasn't Christmas last week?
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  • Console Accessories Roundup

  • jonchoo 21/12/2007

    "Fender Frontman Controller"

    WTF. The Nyko is clearly modelled after the Gibson Explorer. The Fender Frontman is an amp series.
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  • Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

  • jonchoo 17/12/2007


    Yes. Some of the maps are huge (relative to the DS screen size anyway), and panning with the d-pad is slow. Tapping around the map when holding down either shoulder buttons allows for quicker scan around, IMO.

    Face button panning is useful if you want to guide the camera as accurate as possible (for example during skirmish). I can see this as a problem if someone likes to disperse the party around, though for me it isn't a problem as I like my battles as tight as possible.

    I was disappointed by the lack of multiplayer mode. My girlfriend loves this and a one on one battle between us both would have been awesome. Feel & Good should have coded in some local multiplayer support ala Rocket Slime - which BTW S-E really ought to release here.
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  • jonchoo 17/12/2007

    You can press either shoulder buttons to swap the screens and tap on the map. The camera will immediately pan over there. Much easier and quicker than panning with the stylus or using the d-pad. Reply 0
  • In2Games

  • jonchoo 17/10/2007

    Why would Nintendo sue them? Concepts like these exists before Nintendo. In2games even had motion sensing products (GameTrak) for PS2 before the Revolution controller was announced. And the use of accelerometer as pointers has been done before.

    Fanboys saying this will be a failure because it would not be bundled. Are you going to admit that the Wii Fit is destined to be a failure too?
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  • Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

  • jonchoo 19/04/2007

    Best strategy for me: infiltrate and sabotage from within, then guard their firing room to prevent any of the enemies from firing at my tank. Works well for all tank battles except the final tank.

    Local multiplayer tank battle is fun.
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  • Theme Park DS

  • jonchoo 04/04/2007

    If the port stays faithful to the PC game but with excellent DS additions I would be getting this. Still wished they ported Theme Hospital instead. Reply 0
  • Microsoft confirms 120GB Xbox 360 revision

  • jonchoo 28/03/2007

    Shouldn't the lack of WiFi be included in the article, if it is true. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Multiformat Face-off

  • jonchoo 23/03/2007

    It was always obvious that the two would have similar graphics. The difference would probably be more subtle, in stuff like online integration (360 wins) and physics engine (PS3 wins).

    Regardless nice flamebait.
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  • PS3 compatibility site live

  • jonchoo 20/03/2007

    Devil May Cry ***
    Devil May Cry 2 *
    Devil May Cry 3 ***

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  • jonchoo 20/03/2007

    Well the games that matters, to me at least:

    Vagrant Story

    all works fine.
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  • Fantasy Reborn

  • jonchoo 13/03/2007

    "Famously, the game is one of the largest RPGs ever developed for the SNES platform"

    It was on the Famicom platform.

    "The most obvious of those is the use of high quality full-motion video that spans both screens of the console"

    Metroid Prime Hunters had FMV on both screens.

    Anyway great read. I imported this game last November and it was just lovely to be able to play through an old-school jRPG. Even my girlfriend who only ever played one jRPG in her life got addicted to it (particularly the job system) and completed the game without a FAQ.
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  • GDC: Shigeru Miyamoto's keynote address

  • jonchoo 08/03/2007

    @Razz, Reggie is a marketing guy. GDC is all about the developers hence why Phil did Sony's keynote and Shigsy doing Nintendo's. Reply 0
  • jonchoo 08/03/2007

    Damnit, I have a train to catch in 15 minutes. Hurry up already. Reply 0
  • GDC: Sony announces PS3 Home

  • jonchoo 07/03/2007

    Then enjoy the games and ignore Home when it is rolled out. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy VI Advance

  • jonchoo 06/03/2007

    The Siliconera post compared FFVIa to the localised SNES version (FFIII) and not the original Super Famicom version. Reply 0
  • DS convinces Miyamoto's wife

  • jonchoo 16/02/2007

    My girlfriend hardly ever plays games until I bought her a DS/AC:WW combo last December. A few months later she imported a DS Lite. Now she just completed Final Fantasy III (her first RPG) and will start FF VI once she gets hold of my copy.

    Her closest friend, a female as well, is also a keen gamer, introduced through the DS of course.
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  • Final Fantasy III

  • jonchoo 09/02/2007

    The game isn't as difficult as many people think it is. My girlfriend completed this game and it was the first RPG/Final Fantasy title she ever played. Just make sure you take the time grinding.


    Excellent review BTW.
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  • Rafa Nadal Tennis

  • jonchoo 03/02/2007

    There was a good stylus based Tennis game I enjoyed. It was Tennis Addict and it came out years ago on Pocket PC. The stylus play on this is surprsingly good but no where as accurate as Tennis Addict was. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XII

  • jonchoo 25/01/2007

    While it doesn't sound like a 'traditional' Final Fantasy, it does sound like what they have implemented (the ones you didn't like) may be welcoming (to me at least). The series has been becoming pretty stale anyway so I am looking forward to seeing how the reinvention works, next month.

    I am confused by the statement regarding dungeons. Surely if you played early FFs before you would realise that dungeon crawling is very part of the series (at least on most of the pre-VII FFs).
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  • PDC World Championship Darts

  • jonchoo 24/12/2006

    Can you exchange games at GAME if the seals has been opened. Not refund, but exchange? Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy III

  • jonchoo 14/12/2006

    I didn't find the lack of save points in dungeon and 'difficulty' to be a problem. Fans of old school Final Fantasy will love this. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy III Euro date

  • jonchoo 06/12/2006

    I agree the game isn't difficult (I would even consider it easy), but I read that was one of the reason the game didn't make it out of Japan. Another reason was the SNES was already out and Square didn't think that anybody would want to purchase a NES game.

    With FF Origins, they could just recompile the existing NES games for the PS1. They probably didn't think it was worth translating a whole NES game for what is basically a give away bundle. Remaking it makes more sense, and judging by the sales in Japan, was worth it commercially.
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  • jonchoo 06/12/2006

    @Steroyd, because it was difficult. Well that was what I heard anyway.
    Makes sense as most of the reviews by mainstream sites are marking down the remake due to difficulty (which isn't).

    Also Bandai had the publishing rights to the Wonderswan remake. Square always wanted to remake the game, but lucky for us (well me), it was delayed long enough for the DS platform to be considered.
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  • jonchoo 06/12/2006

    It's FFIIIj Famicom that was never released outside Japan.

    Agree with the others, import this.
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  • The History of Zelda - Part 1

  • jonchoo 28/11/2006

    OoT was a great game back then (even though the graphics weren't exactly mind blowing). However I recently tried to play the game again and found that it aged badly. Perhaps a new coat of paint would revive it.

    2D Zeldas fortunately doesn't suffer the same fate. Personally I adore Wind Waker's style of graphic much more than the "realistic" Zelda, which explains why I am looking forward to PH more than TP.
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  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All

  • jonchoo 08/11/2006


    GS1 GBA remade into full price GS1 DS (PW:AA) with bonus case
    GS2 GBA remade into budget best price GS2 DS (PW:AA:JFA) with no bonus case
    GS3 GBA DS remake not announced - yet
    GS4 DS with new rookie lawyer

    Speaking of playing as a prosecutor, I do hope that one day we will see a GS game where we can play as a prosecutor. Maybe as Miles Edgeworth through his rookie years with both von Karmas as his tutor/partner.
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  • jonchoo 08/11/2006

    Great review for a great game. Case 4 was incredible.

    @Hog-Lumps, not that I know of. In GS1 there are a couple of spelling/grammatical mistakes too but nothing biggie. Translation was excellent. Same case with GS2.
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  • BVG opens Wii, DS studio

  • jonchoo 07/11/2006


    That was developed by Capcom.

    Still, if they put just as much effort in developing new IPs for games as they do in some of their official canon classics then maybe it would be a good idea.
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  • Lik-Sang 'forced to close down' by Sony lawsuits

  • jonchoo 25/10/2006

    @spongebob, cheaper doesn't mean illegal. Stolen goods are illegal but Lik-Sang isn't selling stolen goods or even mod-chips. As far as I am concerned, importing or not, part of the money still goes to the developers.

    Regarding greed. This is a capitalist society after all. I may not be a fan of capitalism but since the UK is subscribe to its free market economy system I can't see why we have to exclude other 'greedy' retailers. It isn't as if greed is illegal in the UK is it now? I am sure in many people's eyes, even fanboys, the three: Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft can be considered greedy companies.

    Whatever we argue we would never know how it would turn out if Lik-Sang fought in the courts. Note that the judgement passed down by the court does not imply that they were guilty. They were found guilty out of a technicality (because they couldn't afford to fight 15 separate lawsuits). We won't ever know, as by filing 15 lawsuits, Sony has given them no chance to put in a legal response.
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  • jonchoo 24/10/2006

    I couldn't care less about major retailers like Asda or GAME.

    When I spend Ł30 localised or Ł20 import I am sure the developers (the people who matters most in gaming) would be getting the least of the cut. The idea is Lik-Sang and other exporters allows me to spend on 'will never ever be released in the UK games' (like Ouendan, and to a certain extent WarioWare Touched!) and that is better at supporting the developers than pirating such games.
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  • jonchoo 24/10/2006


    I tried to import from Amazon USA and they would not allow it. So what is your point?


    Where is the link to the 'pirated games' that you alleged Lik-Sang sells?
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  • jonchoo 24/10/2006

    Someone mentioned that importing will only reduce the localisation of games. What about Osu Tatakae Ouendan? I am sure one of the reasons Elite Beat Agents is being made is due to the popularity of the Japan only Ouendan to importers.

    Regardless, localisation should be included in the developing time-frame and not after the game goes gold (I am looking at you Square-Enix). Capcom does that with the DS remakes of Gyakuten Saiban.
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  • Nintendo DS Browser

  • jonchoo 24/10/2006

    Good review, although I will stick with the excellent NetFront on my Pocket PC for now. I would probably get this if you can surf for free on Cloud and BT OpenWorld (which is free for WiFi DS games). Anyone knows if it would work? Reply 0
  • Ken Kutaragi's PS3 keynote

  • jonchoo 22/09/2006

    Loaning out extra idle computing power for research isn't new actually. Reply 0
  • jonchoo 22/09/2006

    Why don't he just simplifiedby saying that the PS3 is a computer that connects to the internet? I understand where he is going at but isn't this a keynote at a video game trade show? Reply 0
  • jonchoo 22/09/2006

    It sounds as if he is now completely obsessed with the concept of the Internet. Reply 0
  • Sim City built for DS

  • jonchoo 04/09/2006

    I am still waiting for a new SimTower. Reply 0