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  • Strike Suit Zero review

  • jlaakso 23/01/2013

    Based on first night with the game: I purchased blindly on love of mecha and space, and have enjoyed my first hours with the game without reservations. It's pretty, runs well save for some chugging in screen-filling explosions if you fly through a bigger ship you've just taken out. Reply +7
  • How do you get a job in the game industry? "Give yourself one," Valve tells us

  • jlaakso 02/10/2012

    @gabrielbell For QA there are no "prior requirements" typically.

    For production or design, you need to get yourself involved in a project. If you're any good and passionate, yes, there are lots (lots) of indie projects out there you could work on. That's what I did for my producer position.

    For a designer, just make something yourself using the super easy to use, no coding required tools out there, if you're really averse to teamwork.
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  • jlaakso 02/10/2012

    Nobody is expecting you to have a hit in your hands when you apply at a game studio. We do expect you to have something you've made. But then again, you don't need a job at Valve to be a game developer - you make your own fortune. Or not, if you're not good/lucky/hardheaded enough! But in any case, you need to make games to be able to make games. No way around it. Reply +1
  • jlaakso 02/10/2012

    @ozthegweat 9-year olds can create games with Scratch, and it's a small step up to something like Stencyl or Game Maker, which you can use to ship a commercial game. You don't have to be a programmer to create games anymore. These days if you're not creating, you're just making up excuses. Reply +1
  • Ridge Racer Unbounded launch trailer

  • jlaakso 24/03/2012

    @Machetazo A demo is coming on all platforms. Just no date yet. Reply 0
  • jlaakso 24/03/2012

    @DifferentClass We do have one of those, actually, the silver one in front. Pac-Man car, too. :) Reply 0
  • Daggerdale: The Future of D&D Games?

  • jlaakso 07/02/2011

    I'm really interested in this. As a player of D&D 4E, I can see much of the ruleset's flavor carrying over to CRPGs well, seeing how much playing the tabletop game resembles playing an, yes, action RPG or MMORPG.

    Still, if it's just a cool co-op ARPG with D&D terminology and monsters, I'm fine with that, too.
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  • SEGA bringing Virtual On to XBLA

  • jlaakso 25/02/2009

    Oh my god YES

    Virtual On is one of the last arcade games I was really into.
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  • Leisure Suit Larry to return this spring

  • jlaakso 23/02/2009

    I've been playing the first five lately, great fun. Cost next to nothing as a compilation. Reply 0
  • F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

  • jlaakso 10/02/2009

    I don't even care about the review, but SHOGO 2? Please god let it be so! Reply 0
  • Super Stardust Portable

  • jlaakso 08/01/2009

    It works really very well on the PSP, somewhat to my surprise. Very good value for the price. Reply 0
  • SEGA unveils OutRun for XBLA/PSN

  • jlaakso 19/12/2008

    Oh god yes! I've been playing the Xbox original lately, and it's still ace. The low resolution btohers a bit, so an HD update is welcome. Reply 0
  • Uncharted 2 to use all the PS3's power

  • jlaakso 11/12/2008

    "Chloe Frazer"

    Cloetta Fazer is a Scandinavian chocolate & sweets manufacturer.
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  • Tom Clancy's EndWar

  • jlaakso 11/12/2008

    Too bad the mechanics are a bit shallow, can't see playing this for very long. Still, it's the first RTS I've ever played where I didn't feel like I was fighting the controls. Yes, this includes every PC RTS ever. Reply 0
  • You're In The Movies

  • jlaakso 10/12/2008

    It's completely dependent on your living room setup, for sure. However, I had very few issues with minor setup required (pull a sheet over the sofa, change of white T-shirt to something else). It still looks bad,mind, but it works and the overall feel is so crappy B-movies anyway, I didn't mind. Of course you shouldn't play this alone for a single minute - it just doesn't hold up without other people. I would certainly be interested in a more technologically solid follow-up to this, but I can't say that I'm actually disappointed. Reply 0
  • Nine songs for Rock Band this week

  • jlaakso 30/11/2008

    I believe I need the Children Of Bodom track. Others? Never heard of them. Reply 0
  • Sony launches MyPSN on PlayStation.com

  • jlaakso 29/11/2008

    About time, but sure this is welcome. Live has really changed the way I view my gaming and Sony has been feeling left behind. This is a step towards evening the experience. Reply 0
  • Lips

  • jlaakso 20/11/2008

    "I wish the reviewer had spent more time actually playing the game properly, as opposed to trying to confound it."

    Agreed. Playing the game like it's supposed to be played, I haven't noticed any problems.

    Being a fan of singing to my telly with friends, I have several iterations of SingStar, Rock Band and now Lips. Lips is easily our singing favorite, if it wasn't for Sony's now considerable tracklist.

    The vibrato and movement add a lot to the game. I actually like not having to select a difficulty level - it's scoring your performance (I always lose to my wife, as in every other singing game), but you never fail, which isn't good for a party atmosphere in the first place. The SingStar & Rock Band way of forcing you to copy the original singer pitch-perfect is just torture for your voice on the higher difficulties - not a good approach. I always sing "medium" on Rock Band despite being perfectly capable of upping it. It's about performing, not scoring.

    Regarding the online thing, yeah, probably a missed opportunity. Then again, I have never and will never play these games online or alone - they're meant for party use anyway.

    DLC being a way off is a given, this being a new title. I'm willing to give Microsoft a chance to back it up. That said, we've found Lips on-disc selection a lot better than any of the recent SingStar outings.
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  • Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City

  • jlaakso 17/11/2008

    I was shocked to play this at a convention. It's the exact same game with so little extra content that even my wife, who's hugely into Animal Crossing, was very disappointed.

    Nintendo can say what they want about HD, but N64 graphics should not be put out to a modern display. I am very surprised that they didn't bother to redraw some of it - or if they actually did, the change is so minor that I can't tell. It's just ugly. When it's meant to be cute. Doesn't work.

    I really honestly thought that Nintendo would put a lot more care into a new Animal Crossing game, especially considering how this is supposed to be the season's "hardcore" title.
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  • Shaun White Snowboarding

  • jlaakso 17/11/2008

    And here I was waiting for something to finally top Amped 2. I'll check it out anyway - I played it for some time at a convention and didn't find it bad at all, despite the weird (different, not bad) controls.

    Why oh why did they botch Amped 3. And regarding Supreme Snowboarding: yeah, that was a cool game back in the day. Someone told me that Transworld by the same guys who did Supreme would be good as well, but I never played it.
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  • Romance is "f***ing hard" - Bleszinski

  • jlaakso 12/11/2008

    Not knowing anything about Epic's development, I'll just say that writing for games is hard. It's not about money or effort, it's the difficulty of finding a writer who gets games in general, gets your concept, writes well, is on the same page with the developer and seemingly the hardest part of all - has the time to get involved. Reply 0
  • Siouxsie headlines Rock Band update

  • jlaakso 27/10/2008

    Ooooh, Siouxsie! So cool. Reply 0
  • EA cuts price of Rock Band in Europe

  • jlaakso 09/09/2008

    Regarding the Scandinavian versions: most of the big Scandinavian retailers carry it. In Finland, at least Gamestop, OnOff and Anttila have it. I think it's a Swedish version? Not sure. I think it's still not "officially" out here, but more and more retailers are finding a way.

    I imported mine from the UK in the spring. Not regretting the outrageous price at all, it's been so much fun. Even the bundled guitar has found some use now that one of my GH guitars has stopped working.
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  • Viva Pińata: Trouble in Paradise

  • jlaakso 09/09/2008

    I never could get into the first game. The numerous, effectively "version 1.5", tweaks and fixes work wonders, though - I've been enjoying this a lot. The same-couch co-op is great fun after the initial confusion.

    Yes, it's baby steps and yes, the interface isn't quite there, but it's not broken anymore, as it was for me the first time around.
    It's just charming, I'm all warm inside, like after a good session of Animal Crossing.
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  • BioWare considering Mass Effect for DS

  • jlaakso 08/08/2008

    I would be very interested indeed in Bioware's takes on mobile versions of its RPGs. Tactical games, space exploration, what have you. Reply 0
  • WAR system requirements revealed

  • jlaakso 31/07/2008

    I'm thinking that MMOs really should target laptop users, which are beginning to replace the powerful desktop PC in many homes. After I'm done at work, I don't want to sit in an office chair, staring a monitor like I do at work. Of course they still need to look pretty, but make them downscaleable. And no, downscaleable like the way Crisis is playable but looks worse than Far Cry when ran on a med-spec machine doesn't cut it. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • jlaakso 23/07/2008

    I've been very disappointed by the previews and footage shown - it just doesn't excite at all. Jade Empire had tons and tons more of charm. It looks like Baldur's Gate, but in the sense that it makes me long for a new 2D Baldur's Gate. Charmless models, flat colors, imagination-less surroindings... oh how I hope they make up for it in tactics and writing. Must've been a long and difficult development process. Reply 0
  • New Animal Crossing Wii details emerge

  • jlaakso 22/07/2008

    Well color me disappointed. I was really hoping for bigger changes. I've played this exact same game twice already, not going to give it a third go. It should get a lot more buildings and especially more varied AI. Reply 0
  • Shaun White Snowboarding

  • jlaakso 22/07/2008

    I't been way too long since Amped 2, the only proper snowboarding game there is. So this is very welcome. But how does the snow feel?

    I'm still worried about their approach a bit - the SSX series never did anything for me, Amped is where it's at.
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  • Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

  • jlaakso 22/07/2008

    Oh my that looks horrible. Still, I'm happy that the game is getting more publicity, because supposing it's ported intact, it's one of the more unique games of the last few years. Reply 0
  • PSP Roundup

  • jlaakso 17/06/2008

    I want to like Portable Ops, but it sure does its best to convince me otherwise. What the hell is wrong with the people responsible for the series' control design? Reply 0
  • New Guitar Hero IV controller unveiled?

  • jlaakso 16/06/2008

    Considering that my outrageously priced Rock Band is shipping from the UK today, I'm probably not going to bother. I do say that the touch-sensitive neck does seem like a great idea. Since I've already got a bunch of GH guitars in the house, maybe we'll just let the drums aside and play on the guitars and mic with GH World Tour. No way in hell am I going to get two sets of plastic drums in the living room.

    Really, both Activision and Harmonix should work on making sure their games are compatible with the competitor's hardware. They're going to miss out on a great many customers who would like to buy your game and your DLC, but not another set of plastic instruments.
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  • Guitar Hero: Metallica spotted

  • jlaakso 04/06/2008

    Yeah, well, SOLD.
    Even my wife is now into Metallica, thanks to Rock Band.
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  • Shaun White Snowboarding revealed

  • jlaakso 29/05/2008

    Looks okay, Assassin's Creed engine might mean we're getting a sort of realistic take on the sport.

    I could do with a decent snowboarding game. The last one was Amped 2, and before that, Supreme Snowboarding on the PC. The niche isn't exactly overflowing.
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  • Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One

  • jlaakso 27/05/2008

    "1. I like using my mouse for, y'know, the pointing and clicking. The gamepad somehow doesn't feel right. "

    Except there's no pointing and clicking on the 360 version. You walk with the left stick and hit A to interact when you're near something interesting.
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  • jlaakso 27/05/2008

    I'm some three hours in and really liking it so far. I am a fan of PA, but I do think I'd enjoy this regardless. The combat took some getting used to, but I like it, certainly a lot more than your usual Final Fantasy fare. It looks gorgeous, as well, although the tiny icons and typeface are a problem. Reply 0
  • Activision "reinventing" Tony Hawk

  • jlaakso 09/05/2008

    Sounds like the only thing they can do. GTA IV reinvented itself successfully, going back to basics after the bloated sequels, they really need to do the same. Reply 0
  • BioShock movie on the way

  • jlaakso 09/05/2008

    I allow myself to be mildly enthusiastic about this. Reply 0
  • GTA IV PS3 patch due today

  • jlaakso 07/05/2008

    The "game won't boot with an internet connection on" thing is the kind of crap I really don't want to deal with on a console. I spent several hours looking for a solution on launch day. Reply 0
  • Bioware wants to innovate in MMOs

  • jlaakso 28/04/2008

    There's so many MMORPGs coming out, the vast majority of them are going to fail miserably. Then again, it'll be a good 2-3 years before this one's ready to go out, I think. Reply 0
  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • jlaakso 25/04/2008

    The System 3 games are horrible to control without an old-fashioned joystick (Tac-2 all the way, baby). They never were very good in that respect to begin with, but yeah. Reply 0
  • PS2 Roundup

  • jlaakso 25/04/2008

    ATV Offroad Fury 4 was a really pleasant surprise for me. I've liked it far more than Motor Storm, to be honest, even if the physics are a bit light. Except for the cutscenes, it looks very good for a PS2 game, too. Only the audio makes me cringe.

    After a couple of really crappy reviw games I had been going through, this really made my day. Such an honest, well-made game, even if it's over two years old.
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  • New peripherals for Guitar Hero

  • jlaakso 22/04/2008

    The instruments better work in both games, but basically, I'm just happy there's choice. I've been playing both GH and RB quite happily. Reply 0
  • Three new Burnout modes unveiled

  • jlaakso 16/04/2008

    They have not killed Revenge as far as I know. And so what, considering that all of the players have moved on long before that? Reply 0
  • Rock Band "won't magically get cheaper because you wish it so"

  • jlaakso 11/04/2008

    Sure they care about Europe, I think we're roughly the same size as the US, altogether. (At least in consumer electronics, EU is a bigger market than the US.)

    Attribute it to what you will, but having to more than double the price to enter a new market with a ready product means there's something wrong with your business model. We're used to paying more than the Americans, that's to be expected, but the difference is just too huge to take in stride.
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  • jlaakso 11/04/2008

    Having played some 30+ hours of Rock Band already, we were determined to get it, but 240 euro is in no way acceptable. Luckily, we only need the drumset and the game, so it'll come in at around 150 euro. Absolutely outrageous for a set of plastic drums and a game, though, but affordable.

    They have absolutely no justification to make us buy the game disc at full price instead of a bundled copy with the instruments, though. That's just greedy and opportunistic. I can't help but keep feeling that the whole of Europe gets shafted, time and again.
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  • First Warhammer 40K MMO details

  • jlaakso 10/04/2008

    I would love them to give me a squad to build and lead. That would rock, and work so much better in the 40K context than lone heroes. Maybe a sort of Mass Effect-ish approach.

    But FPS - why on Earth? Melee has always been a bigger deal in 40K than guns.
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  • Xbox Live DLC Roundup

  • jlaakso 10/04/2008

    I can only speak as a small magazine's part time videogames editor in a minor European country, but for what it's worth: I don't get DLC for review. In some cases the content is sent on a disc and there have been cases when I've been supplied a code to download for free, but they're not pushing DLC like they do with retail titles. Reply 0
  • EA clarifies Rock Band pricing

  • jlaakso 08/04/2008

    I was prepared to pay 200 euro for the whole set (double the price of GH III), but seeing that I've already got two guitars, I expected to get by with around 100 e. Now it looks like it's going to be 160 e + a microphone from somewhere, so probably just about 200 e. That is way too high.

    I was prepared to pay "whatever it takes", I really didn't think they could go so high I would need to re-consider. Maybe I'll get the drums and mic from abroad, then. :/ This sucks, I thought having to wait half a year was bad enough.
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  • Fresh Kane & Lynch maps dated

  • jlaakso 08/04/2008

    I still don't get all the hate. It's a solid game. Too bad the gameplay is never up to the level of the narrative, but it's not broken in any way. Reply 0