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  • Time Gentlemen, Please! now half-price

  • jimbob101 05/11/2009

    Bought, hope it's good. And if it's not, well I heven't lost much. Reply 0
  • Live Arkham Asylum interview

  • jimbob101 29/07/2009

    Urban Riot was brillant, please make a number 2. Reply 0
  • E3: Games-on-demand service for Live

  • jimbob101 02/06/2009

    The cheapest prices from Gamestracker. I bet all the donwloads will be about £20, so what's the point?

    Mass Effect - £11.99
    Assassins Creed - £8.91
    Bioshock - £9.98
    Sonic - £10.98
    Oblivion - £14.99
    Crackdown - £10.79
    Dirt - £13.87
    COD2 - £9.98
    Lego Star Wars- £16.63
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  • jimbob101 01/06/2009

    How much? I'm going to guess about £20, when most of these are avaiable for about £10-20 new at retail, which you can then sell on. Reply 0
  • SingStar: Past, Present and Future

  • jimbob101 07/04/2009

    Singstar Disney, it is awful. The least amount of tracks of any other disc. Rubbish songs. Two Player appaling. Reply 0
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

  • jimbob101 04/04/2009

    all the Olympic events will be available for multiplayer games from the start.

    At last, now can we make this standard. Wario Ware, Rayman and all you other games with stupid designers.
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  • Why Dennis Hopper did the Mario movie

  • jimbob101 09/11/2008

    I actually read the book ataptation of the film. I was on holiday with nothing else to read. Reply 0
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition

  • jimbob101 10/03/2008

    Why have both Eurogame and GameCentral (UK Teletext) reviewed the 360 version. I would of thought more people would be more interested how it works with the Wii controls, rather than the upscaled graphics. No? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2007

  • jimbob101 28/01/2008

    I got quoted! Reply 0
  • Rock Band

  • jimbob101 13/12/2007

    "What's more, you can't simply pick up the game and play any track as a group until you've unlocked them - either in Band World Tour or one of the solo modes - which limits the game's appeal as a casual party activity until you've done so."

    Stupid stupid developers! When will they bloody learn.
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  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

  • jimbob101 19/11/2007

    "Mario & Sonic's biggest flaw, however, is undoubtedly the unlocking nonsense."

    Rayman: Raving Rabbids did this as well. I just took it back. Stupid unlocking!
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  • Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

  • jimbob101 09/11/2007

    Is the camera still completly rubbish when playing co-op? Repeataly respawning one character on 1mm wide ledge. Reply 0
  • Lara 360 in shops next week

  • jimbob101 18/10/2007

    Any news on the Wii version? Reply 0
  • Exclusive: Crysis - Ice gameplay

  • jimbob101 23/08/2007

    Lots of choppiness/screne splitting, is that a lack of V-Sync?

    Those enemies look very boring, walk backwards while shooting.
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  • Medal of Honor Heroes 2

  • jimbob101 21/08/2007

    We are really big fans of the early Medal of Honor games like Frontline and Allied Assault

    I thought 'Medal of Honor' and 'Medal of Honor: Underground' were the early games? Surprished he didn't mention underground as the theme/objectives sound similar.
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  • E3: David Reeves Talks PS3

  • jimbob101 13/07/2007

    Eurogamer: But you're still asking people to commit GBP 425 to a games console. Isn't there a problem with the perception that that's an awful lot of money to shell out?

    David Reeves: It is, but surprisingly, people are paying that amount of money for it

    "surprisingly" ??? So even HE is surprised Euro consumers pay these prices ?

    Exactly what I thought when reading it!
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  • Paper Mario joins Euro VC

  • jimbob101 13/07/2007

    "Not bad going, Nintendo, but some free trials would be nice."

    Or at least a video of each game built into the shop channel.
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  • E3: Peter Moore

  • jimbob101 12/07/2007

    Good and interesting interview. Moore was as open as you can hope a suit to be. Glad to Eurogamer asking difficult questions and pushing for answers. I hope it's the beginning of a new trend. A few interesting interviews will drive traffic to eurogamer a lot more than a bucketful of the standard run of mill interviews which allow the interviewee to read a press release. Reply 0
  • E3: UT3 exclusive to PS3

  • jimbob101 12/07/2007

    >>but I wouldn't like to be stuck with a joypad playing online against a keyboard and mouse.

    >>Its been confirmed that you can use a USB mouse/keyboard for the PS3 as well. Standard USB slots FTW.

    Terrible idea, if you want to use a K&M buy the PC version. If it is a feature they need to have seperate rooms for K&M and pad players.

    Pad player wins - K&M player says "you just won because of the auto aim!"
    K&M player wins - Pad player says "you just won because of the quicker turning!"
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  • Hour of Victory

  • jimbob101 04/07/2007

    This was meant to be part of Midway's new serious look, i.e. leading up to the next Unreal 3. It's been heavily advertised here, front cover of MCV.
    Oh well.
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  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • jimbob101 28/06/2007

    I completed the first game on the PS1, quite enjoyed it. WIll probably pick this for the Wii at some point when it's a bit cheaper. Reply 0
  • SEGA Rally

  • jimbob101 21/06/2007

    I'm disappointed there are 30 cars, I would prefer a lot less so we can really tell the difference between each one.

    I want fewer tracks, fewer cars. MORE polish.

    It sounds as if it may become easy rather too quickly.

    If it's anything like the brillant original it's about beating your times.
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  • FIFA 08

  • jimbob101 14/06/2007

    "The nunchuk is where all the player movement happens, with the Z button used to sprint"

    It's an analogue stick, you didn't need a button for sprint! When will football games learn!
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  • FIFA 08

  • jimbob101 01/06/2007

    Same goal, much better commentary

    Mancini, Mancini, Mancini, Mancini, Mancini, Mancini, Mancini, Mancini
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  • Carnival Games for Wii

  • jimbob101 22/05/2007

    "Cat Daddy Games of 'Deal or No Deal' fame will be creating the title"


    Why not just print the press release?
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  • SingStar PS3

  • jimbob101 17/05/2007

    During playback is there an option of turning off the original vocals? Must missed feature that was only avaible in the first disc. Reply 0
  • Valve embracing DirectX 10

  • jimbob101 14/03/2007

    "and down to DirectX 8 if people really want. "Valve's attempting to also support DX7, but couldn't confirm it'd go back that far with technology,"

    I support this, the PC market is dying as the average PC can't play new PC games without costly upgrades. Developers/Publishers/ Chris Taylor make your games scale! Give the people with turbo graphic cards fancy graphics and give us simpletons a decent frame rate!
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  • XBLA is "so conservative"

  • jimbob101 06/03/2007

    Zee-3's co-creator Ste Pickford believes that digital distribution services like Xbox Live Arcade are still too conservative and inaccessible for independent developers."

    "The rise in Internet distribution, indie games and things like XBLA has opened the door again and allowed smaller budget games to exist and succeed."


    Put them the other way round and put a 'but' in the middle:

    "The rise in Internet distribution, indie games and things like XBLA has opened the door again and allowed smaller budget games to exist and succeed but digital distribution services like Xbox Live Arcade are still too conservative and inaccessible for independent developers."
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  • Sonic and the Secret Rings

  • jimbob101 02/03/2007

    SOunds a little like Sonic R, which I loved. Reply 0
  • Rumble planned for SIXAXIS

  • jimbob101 02/03/2007

    Glad they got that sorted. For when I do actually get round to getting a PS3, as I do eventually for every console, it will be nice to have. Reply 0
  • The Sims Life Stories

  • jimbob101 14/02/2007

    "Laptop friendly" - This is a welcome development. The average PC now comes with an onboard graphics card usually Intel at best an older Nvidia one. The full price PC market is shrinking because the number of PCs capable of playing the games are shrinking. More of "Laptop friendly" games and scalable games like Half Life 2 please. Reply 0
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary

  • jimbob101 05/02/2007

    Without the motorbike section and human enemies that take a 30 bullets to die, it's got to be better than TR:L Reply 0
  • SEGA's new PC RTS

  • jimbob101 05/02/2007

    EDIT: Ahh, I should read between the lines, it's petro making this.

    The lines not between.
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  • Micro Machines V4

  • jimbob101 05/02/2007

    Some of the niggles pointed out in the review, I'm not so sure I agree with. Being forced to learn the tracks for instance, was one of the fun things about the game. It also meant that by the time you'd done a circuit you'd properly nailed a large part of the racing line.

    Especially in Multiplayer, always funny to see someone take that sharp left at the first pen (or what ever item) rather than the second.
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  • Gran Turismo HD Concept

  • jimbob101 31/01/2007

    Eiger Nordwand is a fine set of roads, set on the side of a hill. A Swedish hill with a photograph of some mountains in the background.

    Swiss Mountain (That I skied down in December). The buildings are here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kleine_Sche...
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  • Next-gen N-Gage unveiled

  • jimbob101 31/01/2007

    I think this iteration of N-Gage could be quite successful for Nokia. I'm assuming that Nokia phones will have to have a number of features to make them 'N-Gage games combatible'.
    - Two Buttons above the screen so you can hold it hortizontaly, left thumb on joystick/pad, right on buttons.
    - Screen must support a certain aspect ratio.
    - Bluetooth link up
    - memory card slot (although they will also be available to download)

    This would provide a large market of phones/customers that developers would only have to code to one standard. Customers will know there is (the possibilty) of decent developer support, and n-gage games will be of a higher standard than normal mobile games so may be willing to spend more.
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  • Virtual Console: N64 Most Wanted

  • jimbob101 26/01/2007

    Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 1 - Pretty good RPG

    Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 2 - Excellant 2d plane/3d graphics platformer. Never managed to finish the last level though.

    Excitebike 64 - Brillant but really hard.
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  • Supreme Commander demo launches amBX

  • jimbob101 08/01/2007

    I like the idea of the ambx lights, the fan just seems silly. If they could do a set of desktop speakers with lights for under £50, I think that would be probably be popular. Reply 0
  • MotorStorm

  • jimbob101 05/01/2007

    The only PS3 launch game I am interested in, although what I've read on a few forums was mostly that it's good, but hasn't enough content, and hence gets boring within a few hours. Hm.

    I wonder if they would of moaned about Sega Rally's 4 tracks. If the tracks are well designed it doesn't matter.

    Edit: Another set of screenshots that don't show how the game is played.
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  • Assault Heroes

  • jimbob101 21/12/2006

    > Darkedge : Eurogamer just stump up the 50 quid or so
    > the rubbish screenshots are getting lame

    Eh ?

    HD capture cards cost lots and lots of quids ! All you get for fifty, is a crappy SVideo card - no use whatsoever for X360/PS3 screenshots...

    More useful than the usual screenshots of cut scenes / replay mode, or out of date in game scenes.
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  • NBA 2K7

  • jimbob101 18/12/2006

    This might seem like a foolish question, but are those screenshots taken during gameplay or from replays or the like?

    If it's the former, it's surely difficult to play a game when you can't see all the court. And if it's the latter, can some gameplay screenshots be used to give a better idea of what it looks like during the game.

    EG just use the screenshots in the presspack, which 99% of the time are unrelated to how the game looks when you play. Perhaps making their own useful ones are too much work.
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  • Call of Duty 3

  • jimbob101 18/12/2006

    really simple steering mechanism which works by holding the Wiimote in both hands on its side?

    Do you drop the Nunchuck and let it hang while driving. Mmmm must have low pressure in the front right tyre, the cars pulling right.
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  • Datel doing Wii FreeLoader

  • jimbob101 18/12/2006

    As part of a post on its Codejunkies website celebrating the fact that FreeLoader and Action Replay allow you to play import GameCube games on a Wii

    The 'internet' says it only currently enables PAL GC games on a US Wii, not US GC games on a PAL Wii.
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  • PS3 back-compat update

  • jimbob101 14/12/2006

    And if you're not bothered about hard disk-based PS2 titles, there isn't anything new here unless of course you missed the 1.30 update, which introduced things like support for the BD-ROM remote control accessory, among other things.

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  • Red Steel

  • jimbob101 12/12/2006

    Does this or any other FPS on the Wii have control scheme similar to GoldenEye?

    The analogue stick controled the Forward / Back / Turn movement and the left and right C buttons contralled strafe. You then used the R button to aim. I remember reading in an interview that one of the inspirations was Virtua Cop.

    On the Wii you could again have the analogue stick controlling Forward / Back / Turn, with tilting the nunchuck making you strafe. The remote then just has to aim light gun style, no need to worry using it to turn.

    Or even closer to Goldeneye, make the user press a button when they want to aim. Use the remote instead of the C buttons to strafe, either by tilting or pointing left / right.

    Having never played on a Wii, perhaps the above ideas are useless, thoughts?
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • jimbob101 08/12/2006

    I think the Wii version has widescreen support which the GC version doesn't. Disapointing, but I'll still be getting it for the GC. Reply 0
  • Halo 3 beta sign-up details

  • jimbob101 01/12/2006

    Will the new maps be Xbox 360 only? Reply 0
  • Kaz Hirai gets promoted

  • jimbob101 01/12/2006

    Is SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) completely separate from the various SCE*s? Reply 0
  • jimbob101 30/11/2006

    EG, if your going to rewrite press releases please put in explanations of the relevant abbreviations.

    SCE - Sony Computer Entertainment
    SCEA - Sony Computer Entertainment America
    SCEI - Sony Computer Entertainment Interactive?
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  • Namco PS3 games cost loads

  • jimbob101 30/11/2006

    Bit risky releasing them at the console launch (a limited one at that). By the time there is a decent sized market the games will be forgotten about. Although there is a chance with a limited choice, that your games will be picked up by a significant percentage of purchasers. Reply 0