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  • Titanfall boosts Xbox One sales by 96 per cent in the UK

  • jayolad 17/03/2014

    So, when is EG finally going to shut up about Titanfall and go back to normal? After posting the final review score?
    It's a popular game that people are obviously interested in. Why not ignore the Titanfall articles if it's not your thing?
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  • Sega announces Crazy Taxi: City Rush for launch this year

  • jayolad 14/03/2014

    What a shame - I used to try to have an open mind regarding F2P, and still maintain that it can work. However the vast majority of developers/publishers have no idea how to implement it properly, and I'm bored of putting time into games only to be bitten by overly aggressive monetisation. I think I'll be skipping this. Reply +2
  • Street Fighter 4 online money matches announced

  • jayolad 20/02/2014

    I'm very surprised by the amount of people in the comments who are against betting in principle. This isn't being forced upon anyone - as a genuine question, why do people care about something that consenting adults agree to spend their own money on? Reply 0
  • Psychedelic space shooter Futuridium headed to PlayStation Vita

  • jayolad 19/02/2014

    the game pays homage to Commodore 64 classic Uridium in style and neon colour scheme
    I seem to remember the original as being mostly grey and black, on C64 at least...
    Google image search link
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  • Console developers need to look at Dungeon Keeper and learn

  • jayolad 10/02/2014

    @pb The article doesn't tar the entire mobile industry with the same brush. It points out that certain F2P games contain abhorrent business practices, and that these tend to be most prevalent in the mobile sector. Yes there are commentators who subscribe to the "die mobile gaming, die" school of thought, but this certainly doesn't come from the article itself. Reply 0
  • Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecast from 9m to 2.8m

  • jayolad 17/01/2014

    @7M7 Love your suggestions, especially around the achievements-esque trophy idea. It's amazing how poorly they have been mismanaged in the past few years. Relatively simple changes like the ones you suggest could well earn them some much-needed goodwill from the wider gaming community, as well as providing additional revenue streams. Unfortunately a dramatic shift in thinking at the top level would be required before any of your ideas happened. Reply +1
  • Scammers sell trojan-filled version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition

  • jayolad 15/01/2014

    @Der_tolle_Emil Current versions of Android do have permission group headings, e.g. the ability to send SMS messages or make calls comes under the banner of "Services That Cost You Money". It's made pretty clear, although you're right about it being quite an onerous task each time you fancy checking out something new. Common sense must be applied, which is very likely why it's worth the scamming b*stards time to create this in the first place. Reply +2
  • jayolad 15/01/2014

    This really highlights why it's so important to read the permissions before installing any app, regardless of the source. Reply +12
  • Contra 3 retrospective

  • jayolad 13/01/2014

    @DrStrangelove You beat that boss by holding onto the flame thrower and using it to take the missiles out! How can I remember that but not what I had for dinner yesterday? Stupid old age... Reply 0
  • No date for Mario Kart 8, but a new trailer

  • jayolad 18/12/2013

    Yup, it's still the same old Mario Kart. But for me, it will be the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back", in terms of finally caving in and buying a Wii U. Reply +16
  • Sony's PlayStation Vita Tearaway bundle currently costs just 140

  • jayolad 18/11/2013

    I picked a Vita up a couple of months ago and love it. If you've been on the fence then this is a great deal. A PS+ subscription along with my shiny new toy will keep me happy for a long time. Reply +2
  • PlayStation App allows PS4 to act as a mobile games server

  • jayolad 19/09/2013

    @Negotiator1 Have you actually used the app? In which case putting together silly, baseless arguments against it hardly contributes to the comment thread does it? We know local streaming can work well, as demonstrated by the reviews of Nvidia's Shield. Surely it would be better to use this (optional) extra first and then form an opinion rather than lambast it before you have had the opportunity to try it out? Reply +13
  • DICE looking into Kinect head tracking for Xbox One Battlefield 4

  • jayolad 18/09/2013

    As long as it's optional, and works reasonably well, this can only be a good thing for Xbox One owners. Leaning from cover has always felt like a contortionist's trick in games where you don't "snap" to the scenery. Reply +6
  • This is what controversial Ouya exclusive Gridiron Thunder looks like

  • jayolad 16/09/2013

    It looks... better than the original video that did the rounds. Amazing what a few comedy animations and a bucket full of neon can do. Reply +2
  • Games with Gold: Rainbow Six Vegas now available

  • jayolad 16/09/2013

    @Progguitarist It took me a while to get there, well done! Reply +2
  • Omni treadmill: The future of VR goes in every direction

  • jayolad 06/09/2013

    I love the potential of this device, but I would imagine it will be many generations down the road before I decide to jump in. The Oculus Rift on the other hand... Reply +9
  • UK to get fully-functioning Xbox One voice controls at launch

  • jayolad 30/08/2013

    I'm Irish but live in the UK. Does this mean it hasn't got a chance in hell of understanding me? Reply +9
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 will let you smoke weed

  • jayolad 21/08/2013

    @George-Roper A fair point and very well made. I had the debate with my wife only a few days ago around movie ratings. Kick-Ass 2 sparked it off (a very generous 15), and to my mind the 12A cert is the worst thing to come to cinemas in a very long time. However, we are not at that point with video games, and GTA will almost certainly be rated 18 in the UK. So it is up to each adult whether or not they wish to play it. The fact that children can and do get their hands on it is a separate debate. GTA will affect fragile minds whose guardians lack the parental fortitude to prevent their offspring from playing such things. For the poor kids in these situations the unsuitable video game is unfortunately not the major worry.

    I for one would prefer we allow the system to do its job, rather than artificially censor our media in fear of a backlash. Just my $0.02.

    Oh, and thanks for not spoiling Oblivion, it's on my watch list :-)
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  • jayolad 21/08/2013

    @George-Roper But the movie analogy can be used in a slightly different way. For example, there are "sick" (for want of a better word) movies out there, but not every movie fan is tarred with the same brush. Just because someone enjoys the latest Spielberg doesn't necessarily mean they will be queuing up for the next Human Centipede sequel.

    I celebrate the fact that Mario exists, I love those games. I am also very much looking forward to GTA V, but can understand that someone else may not be. That doesn't mean that it doesn't have a right to be available for those who want it.
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  • New Retina iPad Mini "likely" this year - report

  • jayolad 01/08/2013

    @StooMonster Really interesting stuff, I hadn't realised that tablets were that prolific in education as yet. Proper order too, preparing kids for the real world.

    Also the thought of kids being embarrassed at having a laptop made me smile! When I was in my teens/early 20s that's all I wanted.

    Cheers for the reply.
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  • jayolad 01/08/2013

    @StooMonster Compulsory tablets in school, really? I didn't think we'd come to this point just yet. How much are the tablets used as opposed to books / writing? And is it Apple tablets specifically or will any OS suffice?

    Sorry for all the questions, just an intriguing situation.
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  • Man hid wedding proposal in commercial Game Boy Colour game

  • jayolad 30/07/2013

    @natureboy You seem to be under the impression that marriages never break up? I got married 2 months ago and it was one of the best things I have ever done. But I also have friends who have cohabited for years and are perfectly happy that way. Horses for courses my friend. Reply +1
  • GAME opening Xbox-only store in London

  • jayolad 18/06/2013

    I'm speculating here, but as others in the thread have pointed out it would seem to make little sense from Game's point of view to open up an Xbox-only store. Especially in Boxpark, which is more about large companies having a presence in a "cool, edgy" retail environment and less about actually making money.

    That being the case, this is very likely being funded with Microsoft money. So from Game's perspective there is little to lose from this venture.

    My $0.02.
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  • Super Mario 3D World comes to Wii U this December

  • jayolad 11/06/2013

    I loved 3D Land, it was perfect for bite-sized on-the-go gameplay. If Nintendo can iterate on this formula while making it feel fresh (ala Mario Galaxy 2) then this could be the game to make me buy a Wii U. Reply +20
  • Putty Squad remake out this summer

  • jayolad 20/05/2013

    @kinky_mong Yes indeed, it was Super Putty over here and in the US. Looking forward to playing this again.

    Wikipedia Link

    Edit: Whoops, it appears Super Putty was the prequel to this. Sorry!
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  • The quest for Shadow of the Colossus' last big secret

  • jayolad 02/05/2013

    @Killerbee So I'm not the only one who was reminded of Ready Player One by this article! Thoroughly agree, it's a great read. Reply +2
  • Asda drops Wii U price to just 149/199

  • jayolad 02/05/2013

    Hopefully it can still be picked up for this price when the games mentioned at the end of the article are released. That's what will drive my purchase more than the cost of the console. Reply +12
  • Mirror's Edge footage shows off Oculus Rift support

  • jayolad 16/04/2013

    The Rift is the one thing that could cause me to jump from consoles to PC. I'm really excited to see what some good dev teams can come up with. Hopefully it gets the support that it deserves. Reply 0
  • Draw Something studio boss quits Zynga

  • jayolad 03/04/2013

    It makes me wonder if the buyout contract stated that he had to stay for at least a year following the takeover by Zynga, which wouldn't be uncommon in these situations. The guy must be seriously wealthy, and is now free to pursue whatever he wants without answering to anyone. Understandable move if that's the case. Reply +10
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 review

  • jayolad 20/03/2013

    Version tested: Xbox 720?
    Have I missed some news?

    Edit: Damn, beaten to it!
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  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate review

  • jayolad 05/03/2013

    Played the demo and it was lovely looking. Just wasn't 100% sold on the combat, as it felt slightly clunky in places. Very possible it was my fat fingers though, and this review has me interested. Maybe something to pick up before Luigi's Mansion. Reply 0
  • Wii Mini out in the UK on 22nd March

  • jayolad 27/02/2013

    Parent: Do you have the new Wii little Jimmy has been banging on about?

    Sales Assistant: Of course, right this way sir...

    How many times is this going to happen due to Nintendo's muddled branding? Releasing this with the current levels of consumer confusion around their product lineup is just crazy.
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  • Neo Geo X review

  • jayolad 26/02/2013

    @JinTypeNoir A reasonable point regarding the type of player that is likely to purchase this. I agree that taking the emulation route is disappointing for this device, but replicating the original hardware would likely have driven the cost up even further. Reply 0
  • jayolad 25/02/2013

    "The fact that your average smartphone is far more powerful - and probably perfectly capable of emulating the SNK hardware with little effort - is irrelevant"

    On today's episode of nitpicking with JinTypeNoir, basic fact checking! A lot of PC can still have some trouble running SNES/SFC emulation, let alone the Neo Geo. Yes, what you think is good emulation is really just a whole bunch of tricks and hacks to make it look accurate -- it isn't actually anything of the sort. Smartphones would choke and die if they ever had to perfectly emulate a Neo Geo.
    I'm not sure I would call this a fact checking issue. While from a technical point of view you're perfectly correct, I'm reasonably certain that the author meant from a player's perspective. All the hacks and tricks that are employed in the best of modern emulators go a long way towards recreating the general experience of the original.
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  • Deadpool and the challenge of making a comedy brawler

  • jayolad 16/01/2013

    One of the most even-handed, informative previews I have read in quite a while. Great article Wes. Reply -1
  • Archos GamePad review

  • jayolad 07/01/2013

    I love the idea behind this product, it's such a shame the execution is so poor. I recently picked up a SteelSeries Free bluetooth controller to go with my Transformer Prime tablet which, while on the pricey side, works wonderfully for gaming while travelling. Or more likely when the other half is watching Come Dine With Me or other such rubbish! Reply 0
  • Nintendo details Wii U Basic and Premium flavours, prices

  • jayolad 13/09/2012

    @Timotei They included a standard SD card slot in the 3DS though, so fingers crossed we'll see one in Wii U as well. Reply +4
  • Blowing Off Some Enthusiasm: Fun Times in Counter-Strike and Spelunky

  • jayolad 17/08/2012

    More articles like this please! Reply 0
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Review

  • jayolad 15/03/2012

    I managed to pick one of these up at the end of January, and I have to say it's the best gadget I've purchased in a long time. Yes the GPS reception is exceptionally poor, but as I have no need for this functionality on a tablet it didn't factor into my decision making. If this is important to you then I would suggest looking at alternatives. Regarding the wifi, I haven't had any problems with the wifi at all - in fact I carried out some (admittedly very unscientific) testing which involved walking away from my router with both tablet and Samsung Galaxy S phone in hand. The signal dropped out from both at about the same distance.

    Browsing is, as to be expected on such a device, speedy and responsive. Media playback is flawless, with Asus offering extra apps to add DLNA functionality out of the box. Productivity is catered for in the form of the included Polaris office suite, which is useful, although an update to add compatibility with the latest MS Office file formats (docx, xlsx etc.) would mean being able to travel for business without also packing a laptop. While certainly not a fully featured as a desktop office suite, there is more than enough functionality for basic file editing.

    The gaming potential is huge - Tegra-optimised versions of Shadowgun and Shine Runner show off the graphical muscle of the device, while the USB/bluetooth controller compatibility and keyboard are perfect for console/arcade emulation. There is undoubtedly more variety and choice in the App Store for iOS devices, but as pointed out in the review Apple products, for various reasons, are not for everyone. If you are considering an Android tablet, the Transformer Prime is difficult to beat at the moment.

    I've tried to cover most things here, but if anyone is considering this tablet and has any questions, please feel free to drop me a message and I'll do my best to help out.
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  • Rocksteady releases Batman: Arkham City Batman Inc. Batsuit skin for free

  • jayolad 20/12/2011

    Good show by Rocksteady. I recall playing through the first Spider-man game on the original PlayStation multiple times with a variety of skins. Although it doesn't alter the gameplay in any way it certainly changes the "feel" of the game, increasing replay value. I still can't bring myself to pay for skins though, when it's something many games used to offer for free. Reply +2