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  • Dishonored - The Knife of Dunwall: A comedy of errors

  • jamievilla 22/03/2013

    There's something oddly brilliant about how this has been written, the charm of Dishonored being that you can play the game a totally different way and it builds the narrative around it. I spent hours just murdering everyone on the one of the levels and it felt as satisfying as when I stealthed through.

    A great game, some flaws yes, but massive amounts of fun. Which is what it should be about.
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  • Pre-order Football Manager 2013 and play two weeks early

  • jamievilla 28/09/2012

    @BertieBG ah nice one. Thanks for clarifying.

    25% off at Green Man Gaming guys - get there while you can! (Pre-purchase)
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  • jamievilla 28/09/2012

    Not sure about this, does this mean that there won't be a demo unless you pre-order? And is it pre-order or pre-purchase? (Steam and Green Man Gaming appear to be pre-purchases).

    I'll still be ordering as I'm huge fan, but seems to lock out those who want the demo to try the game before buying.
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  • Rage PC patch adds graphics features

  • jamievilla 10/10/2011

    Is anyone else still having problems with this?

    Even though I have the new options it seems that when I enable Vsync it only works for about 5 seconds and then turns itself off. It'd be nice to know why, although still loving the game - the co-op is awesome!
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  • Football Manager 2012 demo out now

  • jamievilla 06/10/2011


    I don't quite understand your point - are you annoyed because SI are trying to do something (however successful) against piracy? And using one of the most easy to use, simple systems to do so?

    I really don't see the problem, although I do miss looking for the right score to unlock the copy protection in the old Amiga days.
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  • Try Football Manager 2011 this week

  • jamievilla 19/10/2010


    Count yourself lucky, in the UK its 29.99 on Steam and 25 on Amazon - so not that much of difference when you include postage.

    I do agree though, surely Digi Download should be the cheaper option?
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