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  • jaffacake 07/06/2010

    You say you are "stuck with Android 1.6" but in one of the reviews you say it "runs well even on OS 1.5" - which are you actually using? Either way, you're not stuck, have you considered upgrading your handset? For example, my HTC Hero (T-Mobile G2 Touch) shipped with Android 1.5 but is now happily running Android 2.1.

    Incidentally, even if you want to stick with your current Android version, you can still enable apps2sd if required - I've been running it for about a year now.

    Regarding the market, you say "Once you do find something, the sheer range of Android-powered devices means that it won't always run perfectly on your phone."

    Simply not true. When uploading an app to the Android Market, the dev chooses the hardware requirements for that app. For example, they may state that a medium or large screen is required. This means if you have a small screen device, like the HTC Tattoo, it simply won't appear in the market at all.

    If you see an app in the Market, unless the dev is a complete clown, it will work perfectly well on your handset. Google put considerable effort into this and it works well. Unlike the iPhone App Store, you don't click on an app only to be told you need a newer version of the OS - that happens to me all the time on my iPod Touch. But Apple want to charge me to update the OS, on the Android it's not only free...it's Open Source.

    The only thing I agree with is that game options are certainly limited right now, compared to iPhone but they are coming. It doesn't help to convince people to develop for a platform by spreading false information.
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  • jaffacake 21/12/2006

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  • Police launch new web game

  • jaffacake 22/05/2006

    Edit: Wobble - the fact that his visa had expired a couple of months previously is certainly an acceptable reason, for him to be killed!

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