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  • The Taken King is the expansion Destiny has been waiting for

  • j-bo 01/07/2015

    It's odd. I have been a regular Destiny player since launch, and still enjoy it, despite the real sparsity of content. I've replayed the strikes maybe 30 times each, so I can totally get the complaints below. Yet I still enjoy it and go back to it. I've been totally fatigued with MMOs and grinding, and generally the idea of replaying content (say doing NG+ on Bloodborne) doesn't excite me.
    I think it's the way destiny falls into a sort of semi-regular, muscle memory style, low stress, chunk of entertainment. If I want to play something challenging or really meaty, I'll go for something else game wise, but sometimes that familiarity of Destiny is perfect game down-time. So yes it feels a rip off content wise, but oddly I've certainly got my moneys worth in terms of time played.
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  • Homophobic and transphobic game removed from Steam Greenlight

  • j-bo 06/05/2015

    Do people actually believe that gaming is somehow the only type of media that is magically immune from cultural influences and interpretation? Like no one would say, 'geez, it's only a film, or only a book, it's only fiction, it doesn't matter.'
    Well they might, but they'd be bloody stupid. Gaming is a form of media which both reflects and influences society in a big soup of all the other media, working in different ways. You can ignore the ways in which it functions as such, or find it irritating or counter productive to your hobby, but that doesn't mean it isn't working in that way, or that other people may take an interest in it for that reason.
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  • We cannot let this become gaming culture

  • j-bo 17/10/2014

    This is why I love Eurogamer. Brilliant article folks. Reply +2
  • Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • j-bo 21/02/2014

    The first expansion to Everquest - The Ruins of Kunark. The first time an expansion opened up a new land in an MMO: waiting by a dock to take a ship to a strange and hostile land. No hand holding, no string of yellow question marks to guide your way, just a ruined town, a burning wood, dark foreboding mountains and the unseen menace of dragons and hints of a forgotten empire. The story was hinted at by mystery, the landscape, the foes, and how we the players tried to understand it. The mark of good storytelling: show, dont tell. Fantastic. Reply -1
  • Dating site for gamers launches Shag a Gamer in UK

  • j-bo 16/07/2012

    there's plenty of gamers on grindr :P Reply -3
  • Always Online: What Diablo 3's Battle.net Does Right

  • j-bo 18/05/2012

    I really don't see why everyone is having absolute kittens over this. I have a broadband connection - my pc is always online. I really like playing online with friends, and I love the fact this one won't get hacked to hell as a result.

    As people have said, I'm seeing this like an MMO, which millions of people seem to be able to cope with.
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  • For Diablo 3 gamer Francis, Error 37 is the last straw

  • j-bo 16/05/2012

    That video..

    *logs out of diablo and plods off down the gym*
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  • Nvidia unveils new super PC graphics card GeForce GTX 690

  • j-bo 30/04/2012

    Still running two GTX 260s in SLI and yet to find anything which I want to play which needs better to be honest. I'd quite like a decent new title to justify an upgrade, but at the moment there just isn't anything on the horizon. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer announces Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show

  • j-bo 17/04/2012

    I live in brighton, so colour me happy:) Reply +7
  • How Mass Effect 3 will be easier on series newcomers

  • j-bo 24/01/2012

    Clifford said Mass Effect 3 will alter character's behaviour toward Shepard depending on whether you import a saved game from Mass Effect 3, or start an adventure from fresh.

    2 surely?
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  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

  • j-bo 24/10/2011

    The review felt a bit annoying because it didn't really tell me anything about the third instalment - it was more like a rambling article on ludology and gameplay v cinematics - blah etc. Interesting, but this could have been an article on the uncharted style of games, of which there are many. I don't really have any sense on how this builds or improves on the previous 2 games at all. Reply +6
  • Uncharted 3 online pass defended

  • j-bo 18/10/2011

    nope i think hes spot on, entirely support this.

    I never really got the second hand games market - you go into Game or whatnot and all the second hand games have like £5 knocked off the RRP, then you go and check online and Play proberly does it cheaper, new, anyway.

    If they actually offered decent discounts I could see the lure, but I'd rather shell out an extra £5 and get a new copy tbh rather then one that's had all the dlc pillaged and/or a plastic case full of baby spittle and stale doritos.
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  • Resurrecting a Dinosaur

  • j-bo 17/10/2011

    I'm not wanting to rat on the guy at all - I wanted to find this piece inspirational - I'm not sure if it's the tone of the piece but it left me feeling, almost, like the writer was taking the piss out of him, or was that just me on a monday morning? Reply +10
  • j-bo 17/10/2011

    I found that a curiously depressing read for some reason :( Reply +24
  • Rage

  • j-bo 04/10/2011

    sitting pretty with my dark souls preorder - will wait for this to become budget on steam methinks - tbh I'd probably rather get bulletstorm then this - it seems to do the fun shooter thing better? Reply -12
  • j-bo 04/10/2011

    sitting pretty with my dark souls preorder - will wait for this to become budget on steam methinks - tbh I'd probably rather get bulletstorm then this - it seems to do the fun shooter thing better? Reply -12
  • j-bo 04/10/2011

    sitting pretty with my dark souls preorder - will wait for this to become budget on steam methinks - tbh I'd probably rather get bulletstorm then this - it seems to do the fun shooter thing better? Reply -12
  • j-bo 04/10/2011

    sitting pretty with my dark souls preorder - will wait for this to become budget on steam methinks - tbh I'd probably rather get bulletstorm then this - it seems to do the fun shooter thing better? Reply +3
  • XBLA has "peaked" says World of Goo dev

  • j-bo 04/10/2011

    I'm vaguely suprised by all the people defending Microsoft's terms here - are you all game devs, and have experience of this process? If not, why are these things so important to you?

    As someone who buys stuff on steam, xbla and psn and a few other digital platforms (impulse etc) I don't, as a gamer, see or feel any major benefit to these restrictions, so I'm really struggling to see why, as a gamer, people 'like' them (beyond generic fanboisism)?
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  • Dark Souls

  • j-bo 03/10/2011

    Pre-ordered from game for me, which I hope equals the limtied edition?

    I agree that the option to add a friend would spoil it somewhat. The loneliness in the first game was so powerful, it was one of the most 'haunting' games I've ever played, and the online functions were so integral to that. Seeing echoes of people's past death's, successes, or advice made it feel like you were the only one left alive - and when another play did enter your game, they felt remote and detatched still.

    There was something really powerful about not knowing who your assailants or saviours were, a sense of mystery and uncertaintity which is so central to that 'lump in your throat' feeling to demon's souls, and I wouldn't want to loose that experience for the sake of a laugh with mates. Yes it would be fun, yes it would be easier, but I think DS has made a good point that the easy or more instant path of pleasure isnt always the more rewarding:)
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  • EG Expo Editors' Game of the Show: Guild Wars 2

  • j-bo 27/09/2011

    Yeah gw2 was mine too, not that the others weren't great, it was just the only game that surprised me (i expected skyrim and dark souls et al to be great). Reply 0
  • Bungie bids emotional farewell to Halo

  • j-bo 12/07/2011

    Jeez, this is worse then apple fanboism PR: 'We will look up to the heavens, and find hope.'

    /avoids with a barge pole
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  • Project Café tech specs leaked – report

  • j-bo 22/04/2011

    I know this is largely a cost issue, and if what I'm about to ask for was true, consoles would be in the +500 price bracket, but I just can't help be a bit meh about new console releases, when they always use tech which is susbtantially older then what I have sitting in my desktop at the moment.

    I miss the days when, say the n64 launched, and it felt like you actually had a cutting edge piece of tech there which was doing new things. With console development leading game's tech development at the moment too, it just cant help but feel that nothing is really pushing the envelope anymore.
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  • Slapped Down

  • j-bo 27/03/2011

    And the amount of furor and vitriol being thrown at Rob for raising a viewpoint critiquing the rampant misogyny in gaming culture, for me suggests that it has hit a nerve and hints at just how endemic the discourse is.

    If it was just plain off the mark, people wouldn't be reacting so strongly, they'd probably just dismiss it and move on.I don't think anyone could claim that gaming culture isn't largely sexist, so regardless of whether you agree with the duke nuke critique or not, you'd think that people would use this as a point to discuss how gaming culture relates to gender and sexuality. But nah, instead lets have 500 comments of 'PC gone mad!' (which pretty much validates the need for articles like this anyway)

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  • j-bo 27/03/2011

    lol at people aligning the daily mail with feminism.

    *waits for the 'pope pushing his pro gay propaganda' comparison*
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  • Elemental gave Stardock a "black eye"

  • j-bo 23/02/2011

    shame - sins was/is bloody amazing Reply +1
  • The boy who stole Half-Life 2

  • j-bo 21/02/2011

    good work eg! Reply +4
  • MMO in Tights: Will DC Universe change console gaming?

  • j-bo 14/01/2011

    "True but usually a PC MMO price is lower than a console game - this is full price and you only get one month sub with it. Set the price lower and it will sell. "

    Aye but relative to other pc games, MMos tend to be prices fairly similarly at launch. Admittedly after theyve been out for a while they get cheaper and cheaper, but at launch theyre priced the same (see catalcysm for example, and that's an expansion).

    Pc games are always cheaper then ps3, so the comparision, just because it's an MMo, is moot.

    (and as other ppl pointed out it is a bit cheaper the other ps3 launch titles)
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  • j-bo 14/01/2011

    is £10 a month really such a big issue? i mean, relative to folks' other expenditures?

    I mean, seriously, that's two drinks in Brighton. And if it slows my rate of buying games down (which I never get to play) then that balances out for me.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. HDMI video

  • j-bo 09/01/2011

    Interesting to see a What Hi-fi editor being made to look an absolute cock on their own forums by this piece:

    The guy comes across like a bloomin homeopath/faith healer.
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  • Two Worlds II gets Royal Edition

  • j-bo 09/01/2011

    got this pre ordered on the pc for £44 - can always cancel if the reviews turn a bit poop, but I think the euro versions picked up some good scores? Reply 0
  • DC Universe Online UK pricing confirmed

  • j-bo 22/12/2010

    What folks don't realise with MMOs is theyre actually very good value if you get a lot out of them. Everyone balks at paying 10 quid a month, but in the past when I've played MMos it does tend to replace a good wad of your general game purchasing, so instead of shelling out 40 quid a month on a new game, you may only buy one every 2 - 3 months if youre engrossed in an MMO.

    (which to some degree is my main gripe with MMOs in that they do tend to block out too much of my gaming time - but having said that they do provide things, such as a persistent world, a vibrant online community and social elements, and substantial depth and longetivity, which other games struggle to compete with at best)
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  • Reality Pump tease Two Worlds II

  • j-bo 24/11/2010

    Early reviews suggest this is quite good (unlike fable :)) Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

  • j-bo 19/11/2010

    Codex edition sitting on my desk - it is rather gorgeous too - more collectors editions like this please! Reply 0
  • j-bo 16/11/2010

    so excited! codex edition being packed atm, squeee! Reply +1
  • LEGO Universe

  • j-bo 12/11/2010

    It's depressing how many bad MMO's have been out now in a run - it seems that everything since LOTRO has been a steaming pile of poop :/ Reply 0
  • Violent games edited for Middle East

  • j-bo 20/10/2010

    *pictures new bayonetta finisher where the hair-Burka just covers all the demons (/women) up* Reply 0
  • Digging for Victory: Minecraft Explored

  • j-bo 19/10/2010

    Brilliant article, and fabulous game! Reply +1
  • "State" of FFXIV leads to trial extension

  • j-bo 18/10/2010

    the beta was utterly abyssmal - not a suprise at all. Reply +4
  • Grab a WOW: Cataclysm beta key!

  • j-bo 12/10/2010

    weee! Reply 0
  • Marine dislikes MOH Afghanistan depiction

  • j-bo 12/10/2010

    I don't particuarly like playing current war games, mainly because I play games for escapism, and having a really frank reminder about what a shit state the world is in, is something I'd rather escape from, rather then into.

    Have me bouncing around in some sci fi alternative shooter, fine, but current war games leave me cold. Particuarly all the hyper-masculine patriotic bullshite that runs through them also.
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  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm dated

  • j-bo 04/10/2010

    Anyone know if the collectors ed includes the previosu expansions? missed lich king entirely and debating whether to come back now... Reply 0
  • FFXIV open beta ends on Sunday

  • j-bo 13/09/2010

    I was actually quite shocked at how bad the beta was. Dated gameplay, and a completely unacceptable UI for a pc MMO. I wasn't expecting leapes and bounds in terms of development, but when Everquest 1 has a better UI, you know something's gone a bit wrong. Reply 0
  • The Boys' Treehouse

  • j-bo 12/09/2010

    Great article Reply -1
  • There's no place like Homeworld

  • j-bo 12/09/2010

    lovely retrospective.

    Anyone else find that sins of a solar empire feels like the spiritual successor to homeworld? surprised to see less of a mention of it here, and wondered if it was just me?
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  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

  • j-bo 17/08/2010

    Brilliant review tagline pun :) Reply +3
  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

  • j-bo 03/08/2010

    glorious game, heartily enjoy it. 9.5 here I think Reply +1
  • Sony clarifies UK PS Move pricing

  • j-bo 29/07/2010

    yup, that works for me price wise. Reply +20
  • Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 27

  • j-bo 20/07/2010

    I still can't justify buying a Xbox 360, as the pc versions of any cross platform games laugh off any compeition from the consoles, and the PS3 still has hands-down better exclusives. About the only thing I'd buy a xbox for is Limbo, and that seems a tad like overkill:/ Reply -1
  • Play selling DJ Hero for £35

  • j-bo 26/05/2010

    It's been £39 for a while at game now Reply 0