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  • Is DriveClub finally up to speed?

  • ithis 02/07/2015

    Recently I popped it back in, in light of the updates that came. I was curious.
    I ended up hating the fact that one has to start racing a supercar on a normally slippery winding indian mountain village circuit and then a storm comes that makes the road invisible and sliperier. Frustration and a sense of futility take hold.

    I also can't get a handle on and consequently don't give a rats ass about drifting.

    Sadly I kinda don't care about getting all the stars in races at all anymore.

    Oh well, the rain is VERY pretty.
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  • On console, PlanetSide 2 is as opaque, frustrating and brilliant as it was on PC

  • ithis 30/06/2015

    How the hell did this piece on a PS4 game turned into an xbox sales discussion?
    Please just leave advice, link to more videos, tales from the battlefield.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 is a technical tour de force

  • ithis 24/06/2015

    I wish all games were well optimized for consoles, but alas it is not the case. I mean, look at Unity 4 and it not supporting multithreading, which really hurts the PS4 especially. The good news is that during the lifetime of this console generation, popular engines will become well optimized for xbox and ps4.
    In the meantime PC gamers will have the option to buy insanely powerful hardware to run them 4k VR games.
    I do support single platform optimization as I think it's a good thing.
    I disagree with comments that the current consoles are "weak". Optimization is the key of course, because one can't sell new and improved 300 coin gaming hardware each year to "keep up".
    The PC refresh cycle concept on the other hand is a key driving force in the hardware industry, so that's not going away.
    However, if you think about it, some of the games that were running on last gen console hardware (512MB RAM, if anyone needs reminding), were beautiful examples of the power of optimization, and give a strong hint of what we will see on the current gen. There have been games that already gave an idea too.
    The one that we are talking about here is such a game.
    At the same time, it also shows to the other side what pore (buggy) optimization can do.

    Perhaps next time a game comes along and it runs at 24 FPS on consoles because it's single threaded, all of us would cry "Outrage!".
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  • ithis 24/06/2015

    So let me get this straight. On Eurogamer performance comparison articles we have two cases as far as many comments are concerned:
    1. Game runs poorly on consoles compared to PC => the consoles are shit.
    2. Game runs poorly on PC compared to console => the developers are shit.

    Well you know, one can always use one of the strengths of the PC architecture and upgrade.
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  • Ninja Theory's Hellblade to tackle mental health, backed by Wellcome Trust

  • ithis 10/06/2015

    So they give her a face like Kai, artwork, game name and sword that all suggest connection to HS, and now they give her mental issues, like Kai.
    How is this not going to be a HS sequel I don't know.
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  • Performance Analysis: Project Cars

  • ithis 06/05/2015

    @FMV-GAMER - Only true for CPU intensive games. If the CPU is not stressed then often the bottleneck is the GPU. I haven't looked at GPU performance charts in a long time, but there was always a combination of CPU bound and not CPU bound games in the test suite, usually highly demanding ones. The advantages of choosing your hardware, it also a disadvantage as you have to choose the hardware quite often. Anyway, there are links in this ling thread of posts that point to evidence that a not at all budget GPU gaming PC drops large amounts of frames in this game in the rain, in game. So that's a lot of fluctuation ain't it? On a PC, not budget.
    Literally the vast majority of PC gamers have hardware that will probably not run this game as well as these consoles run it at the same visual settings. Me included.
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  • ithis 06/05/2015

    It appears that with all this talk of "consoles are not capable of 60 fps" in demanding games stuff, some people arrived to think that average gaming PCs by default can run the same games at 60fps no problem.

    Games running on PCs have variable frame rates as well. Hellooo!!
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  • House of Wolves gives Destiny PvP an endgame worth investing in

  • ithis 30/04/2015

    @comedydave7 I bought the game. I played it for a while and finished the story, but then it became not fun anymore. I sometimes think it would be nice to go back, but I can only remember myself in the same perhaps 3 areas in my head, so then nice turns into boring. I read Destiny articles to see if there is new stuff that can make it unboring. Apparently there isn't. Then I feel disapooint and I read other people's rants and vote them up - which is a form of complaining. That's my answer. Reply +4
  • Star Wars Humble Bundle one of the best yet

  • ithis 11/02/2015

    Are you talking about Jedi Kinght II or Jedi Knoght: Dark Forces II? As I remember, you get your Jedi Powers in Dark Forces II.
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  • Evolve thrills, but for how long?

  • ithis 09/02/2015

    It's strange to me that all the articles I read on this over the last few months approach the game from the old and uninteresting view point of the 4 member FPS team. When I first learned about the game it seamed to me that the player controlled monster is the great idea, not the 4 player team of marines. The hunters story is only interesting if the monster is very hard to win against.
    So anyway, what I wanted to say is that I read these Evolve articles in hope of learning more about playin the monster and not the others.
    Too bad the monster viewpoint is not first person.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Battlefield Hardline PC beta

  • ithis 03/02/2015

    The lighting/shadow in pic 5 is not right. The sun appears just above the round structure in the middle, yet the shadow of the round structure looks as though the sun would be high up in the sky.
    Or is that flare that looks like the sun actually a reflection of the sun which is high up in the sky?
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  • Video: First-person parkour - does it really work?

  • ithis 23/01/2015

    So basically we have Mirror's Edge parkour, which is perfect, and then we have Brink parkour, which is not and that's it.
    No other example of actual parkour elements in first person games (except the successfully implemented semi-parkour in Titanfall), but let's just draw a conclusion from there and say that many have tried but failed.
    Dishonored has nothing to do with parkour, and the blink ability even less. (Yes, the old Thief games had nothing to do with parkour either.)

    + In June 2013, the executive vice president of the EA Games revealed the game has sold "about 2.5 million units" - this hardly qualifies for "hardly anybody bought".

    Mild sensationalism, thinly argumented - not for me, thank you.
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  • GOG Star Wars splurge includes X-Wing Alliance

  • ithis 23/01/2015

    Gorramit, I can't work like this! Reply 0
  • Video: Uncharted 4's demo dissected

  • ithis 09/12/2014

    @jabberwocky I recently played TLoU and I honestly don't remember gameplay differences between 30 and 60 fps. I even think I might have ended up with 30 for the better shadows. I still have to go back and finish the add on, a good place to test 30 vs 60 since Ellie has to fight 10 dudes at a time. Reply +2
  • Frontier outlines Elite: Dangerous refund policy following offline mode backlash

  • ithis 20/11/2014

    @YenRug Now thinking about it I presume that an "initiation" part and some smaller story arc single player like mode could work offline, but for the galaxy to be an interesting place to explore and "live" in, it really needs to be an MMO IMHO. I don't know how it's designed, but I again reference EVE, where there are vast spans of space where PVP is uncommon so a worry free play experience is guaranteed. This could be the same.
    The world changing if you don't play for long periods of time will be a given, if the game is successful. I find it a plus, but I can see how you may find it uncomfortable.
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  • ithis 20/11/2014

    @YenRug I tried to back this but wasn't able to for some reason (didn't insist), however, I followed the development to some degree. My impression always has been that this game will be a single consistent online world MMO.
    I remember reading somewhere that because of the extreme number of stars out in the galaxy chance encounters with grifers would be rare, so that mitigates this to some degree. Well, anyway, it's a surprise to me that this is a surprise to some.
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  • Star Wars: X-Wing and Tie Fighter re-releasing on PC

  • ithis 28/10/2014

    Bought and Bought.
    Also called a friend of mine. He's creating his gog account now.
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  • Digital Foundry vs DriveClub

  • ithis 08/10/2014

    I searched this article and the review for references to multiplayer and there is barely any. I have the strange feeling that this is a single player game actually. Is it?
    If there is multiplayer, how many at the same time? How is the racing/performance/lag etc?
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  • Alone's upside-down thinking brings new life to a tired genre

  • ithis 08/09/2014

    Our not too large Milky Way galaxy is one hundred THOUSAND light years across, the Andromeda galaxy is twice that and it's two million light years away from us (or more). These two, plus a number of smaller local galaxies form the local cluster that we are in. Multiple local clusters form a supercluster. I therefore deduce that our local supercluster must be tens of millions of light years across.
    So this quote "stretching across hundreds of light years of space" is probably 5 (five) orders of magnitude wrong.
    Yes, the universe is big.
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  • Free-to-play shooter Warframe now available on Xbox One

  • ithis 02/09/2014

    It's interesting that there are many comments that this game is booring so "deleted after 10 minutes" or something. I don't see how one can make that judgement of any game.

    I remote played it on the Vita (they bothered to add a remote play controller setting in the options, nice touch), and it wasn't bad. I did the tutorial side of things basically only.

    It might get good in coop, most probably when different type Tenos use their powers creatively.
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  • Routine ditches Oculus Rift support due to motion sickness

  • ithis 21/08/2014

    @SarcasticJoe Actually, "Occulus VR fanboys" are the perfect people to understand that VR has special needs. The others, who don't really know much about what it needs and takes to do good VR are the ones that dismiss it as not being worth it or not being feasible. Of course a game will have to be designed with VR in mind for perfect fit. Don't worry (or do), those games are coming. Reply +1
  • Minecraft PS4 technical issues cast doubt over August release date

  • ithis 21/08/2014

    Technical issues sounded like a bad thing (think TLG and "technical issues"). The article however hints at a bug that Sony found and they consider that is has to be fixed. less bugs better product goes the general rule. Reply +3
  • Watch six minutes of Bloodborne gameplay

  • ithis 20/08/2014

    It didn't look easy to me. Actually, some of the basic attacks did very little damage, so it seems that there is some more planning/combo action to do, as the article said.

    The engine having problems well, i don't think it's an old, mature engine that they are using, so the engine must be in development as well, hence the clipping and other issues.

    The gameplay in the Souls games is easy to describe, but the feeling you get from it is hard to describe.

    The first time I saw the Demon's Souls video and I saw how the sword passed through the zombie twice and the zombie fell, it seamed strange and boring to me too.
    Still, I bought the game on positive reviews from the press and ended up buying the other two games too.

    I don't know other games that I can compare the Souls series to, so I neg people that draw an opinion based on some other game that does not compare.

    Oh, I loved the shrieking monster at the end.
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  • Ninja Theory: Don't call Hellblade Heavenly Sword 2

  • ithis 18/08/2014

    That's BS. They shouldn't have made her resemble Kai that much. When I saw the trailer during Gamescon I thought I was seeing Kai, even before the name of the game and the studio appeared at the end. Now I'm disappoint. Reply +2
  • Xenonauts review

  • ithis 04/07/2014

    I didn't read the whole article, but the start has some problems:
    1. Never ever would one go with 6 soldiers only in UFO 1 or 2. (That's the most recent game that influenced the writer there).
    2. Never have I felt that I could not trust my guys after they were reasonably trained. Quite the opposite. Accurate sniper shots across 2 screens, good grenade throws, fast precise reactions and good teamwork was their thing. When they failed, it was because of me :).

    Either way, a 7 ... it must be good.
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  • Amid financial troubles Crytek launches F2P FPS Warface on Steam

  • ithis 01/07/2014

    Strange, the movement/control from the FPS perspective looked like it was done with a controller, not keyboard + mouse. That doesn't make sense.... Reply 0
  • Mirror's Edge 2 has to support Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, right DICE?

  • ithis 20/06/2014

    @Bander He probably meant "hand to hand". Reply 0
  • ithis 20/06/2014

    @penhalion Oh, don't underestimate what the brain can adapt to. The technology is there to fool the brain with image and sound today. The brain can and probably will create a reality out of it quite easily. (And there in lies a potentially serious danger for some subjects that might loose the ability to discern VR from real ... R.)
    Either way, even if the only games that will work with VR will be the ones where the In Game alter ego does not need to move limbs to move in the virtual space (so that the brain has one less disconnect point), so floating games, or flying games, those games will be unbelievably cool.
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  • ithis 20/06/2014

    The fact that a game not made with VR in mind running on the first prototype VR that does not support good enough head tracking will make one sick in a game like ME is not at all surprising. There are animations that do not take into account the head tracking at all which is one of the biggest problems, clearly a result of the game not being made with this in mind.
    Concluding from that that all such experiences would make one sick is BS.
    I am dissapoint. No matter, others will do these things and do it well.
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  • Another World out on PS4, PS3 and Vita next week

  • ithis 18/06/2014

    @Widge It was Quite rewarding. Unfortunately I did not complete it back in 92 or so but a friend of mine did and he was there when another guy figured out one of the harder puzzles. I remember that even hearing the story of that discovery was rewarding. Re-playing the updated game after 20 years was still great. To this day, one of the best scenes in gaming ever for me was when I first looked out that window. I still go back from time to time just to look out that window to another world.
    (... Imagine a feeling like that.. but in VR ..., great things are coming)
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  • Dust to dust: How Project Legion is eclipsing Dust 514

  • ithis 05/06/2014

    I played a little bit of Dust two weeks ago or so. it's a weird FPS. Brown upon brown from what I have seen. The equipment management sure is different. After a while and after paying a bit of attention I started to enjoy that aspect of the setup process. Usually always made more money than I lost, and al that even though I sucked at it.
    Doesn't look good on a Full HD TV (I may have to play with some settings), it's hard to see things, and playing with Move it's fine enough sometimes.
    I didn't have to wait much for matches...
    Soo, it's not that bad actually, but it can surely use an update/upgrade.
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  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • ithis 26/03/2014

    @Olemak VR is a computer simulated environment that can simulate physical presence. We don't already have virtual reality. A good read about what VR can do Reply -1
  • Spec Analysis: Project Morpheus

  • ithis 21/03/2014

    @aharmlesspie Everything is in focus per eye, but because of the offset in images, what you are not looking at directly will be doubled and perhaps this can adequately replace depth of field. Reply 0
  • How does Project Morpheus compare to Oculus Rift?

  • ithis 21/03/2014

    Apparently everyone believes that Sony got into VR after Oculus appeared (or Carmak showed hes VR ski goggles), when Sony already sells the third version of a commercial personal stereoscopic head mounted viewer thing, that is halfway to VR an it's own ... almost.

    The integration with the playstation camera and move are very logical and natural and I am soo glad they are doing it.

    Software wise they are way behind still. Are they selling this or giving it to developers like Oculus does?
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  • Loads of Dark Souls 2 screenshots released

  • ithis 31/10/2013

    @Daemonic-Daz Actually, if one arrived at that place one should have been expecting something around the corner that obviously could have something behind it. I did. Was pleasantly surprised that I was right. Reply +2
  • Gran Turismo 6 will have a large day one patch

  • ithis 18/09/2013

    @podgek293 That's a bit strange, but if you think about it and what Kaz says it makes sense. GOld master is done at least 3 weeks before launch. What is a developer to do in the mean time? Not optimize? Reply 0
  • What's going on with Gaikai on PlayStation 4 in Europe?

  • ithis 03/09/2013

    I don't see the problem in Europe. Reply +5
  • Joss Whedon's Firefly universe to continue in official video game

  • ithis 18/07/2013

    Someone should buy the damn license off Fox. Reply +12
  • Just Cause 2 dev's Mad Max game finally confirmed for PS4 in 2014

  • ithis 11/06/2013

    Uselessly risking a puncture. And he barely frisked the guy. Reply +1
  • Xbox One's used game policies to lay with publishers

  • ithis 07/06/2013

    I took my PS3 to a cabin in a mountain village for a long weekend with friends once, set it up in the corner for people to play GT5 on if they wanted to as an alternative to playing cards and other stuff. Worked out nicely. No internet connection.
    I hope I will be able to do the same with my PS4.
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  • Xbox One: developers have their say on specs, self-publishing and TV TV TV

  • ithis 24/05/2013

    ""Having access to the cloud to potentially run parts of the game simulation and even have things everyone is doing in the game impact the overall world (even in single-player) are some interesting possibilities we have been thinking about," said Obsidian boss Feargus Urquhart."

    You should have been thinking about them since Demon's Souls came out, NO?
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  • Square Enix thought Tomb Raider could sell nearly double its 3.4 million first month sales

  • ithis 09/04/2013

    What in the world made them think that figure? Even in the holiday season without competitors that would have been a stretch. What was their lifetime sales figure? 13 million? Excluding digital?
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  • Okami HD, The Cave, Thomas Was Alone for PlayStation Plus in April

  • ithis 22/03/2013

    MGS HD collection? Damn it, I'm behind in my downloads. Reply +3
  • The Witcher 3: The Skyrim debate, the game on PS4, nuggets of clarification and a whiff of multiplayer

  • ithis 13/03/2013

    @Cjail And of course, Fallout 1 on which VATS in F3 is based right down to the sounds, used it log before that. Let's give the real credit where it's due shall we? Reply 0
  • Wii U sees healthy US launch, numbers in line with Wii

  • ithis 07/12/2012

    An recent article on Eurogamer (this very site):

    None of the 3 revealed sales numbers for the whole month. All 3 revealed sales numbers for Black Friday with Nintendo also revealing WiiU launch numbers.

    So what's up with "As usual, Sony did not divulge its figures,"?
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  • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Review

  • ithis 29/08/2012

    @kinky_mong It just sounded to me like you were stuck mentally trying one strategy. Don't have to byte my head off. Reply 0
  • ithis 29/08/2012

    Do it the other way around then.
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  • Seven-minute Beyond: Two Souls gameplay video

  • ithis 17/08/2012

    @megatronx I presume you can do this without killing innocent people who are "only following the orders".
    Don't jump to conclusions.
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  • Tech Analysis: Metal Gear Solid HD on PS Vita

  • ithis 21/06/2012

    Size limit aside, MGS PW is only a 2 years old game and still available for by on PSN and playable on the Vita separately. Considering the above, it makes sense to not have PW on the MGS HD Vita collection. The price should have been set accordingly though. Reply +4
  • Lara Croft attempted rape will make Tomb Raider players want to "protect" her

  • ithis 14/06/2012

    I didn't read up much on this game, but from different things, this does not have much in common with Tomb Raider. Why the reboot? Why not a new IP? Reply +1