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  • PUBG becomes Xbox One sensation surpassing 3 million players in a month

  • ithis 12/01/2018

    @higganos Too bad. I think EG may have accidentally found a way to make these sort of announcements fun...
    I mean really, 3 million players, sales, ... why care?
    3, however, is funny :)
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  • Magic Leap finally unveils its long-awaited augmented reality goggles

  • ithis 21/12/2017

    I know someone who, while didn't say anything about the technology at all (apparently MagicLeap has the most draconian NDAs), he did say that it is everything they say it will be. When he says those things, he's radiant and filled with awe, like one does when speaking of Elon Musk and his vertically landing rockets. So, as far as I can tell, MagicLeap tech makes people pure believers and give hundreds of millions to the company (those who have that kind of money).
    My conclusion is that the tech MagicLeap has is mind control.

    We need Batman, or the Terminator, or someone.
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  • Today, Bungie will make Destiny 2's brilliantly overpowered Prometheus Lens "way too weak" instead

  • ithis 12/12/2017

    It would be interesting if they made it a target painter/modifier. "Damage taken while hit by laser ignores shield." Reply 0
  • The overpowered, broken Prometheus Lens makes Destiny 2 fun again

  • ithis 11/12/2017

    They didn't seem to melt that fast. I mean, it's not one shot one kill AVP. Reply +2
  • Creative Assembly issues refreshingly frank update on Total War Warhammer development troubles

  • ithis 06/12/2017

    @ambershee I'm curious what happened to the couple of guys that were against this from the beginning and their arguments turned out to be right. Were they appreciated for their insight? Were they derided for their negativity? Simply ignored? Reply +2
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds desert map finally named, detailed

  • ithis 06/12/2017

    That's a busy, wet desert. Not your average Sahara then. Reply 0
  • Detroit: Become Human under fire for controversial domestic abuse scene

  • ithis 04/12/2017

    I find it ironic and sad that before the Detroit trailer at Paris Games Week, the Far Cry 5(6?) trailer was shown where young males were presented headshoting graphical representation of human beings with bows from 3 meters, all while listening to feel-good music, while before, an indie game that gathered praise for its atmosphere, showed a headshot execution of a human being in a dark alley, yet this game, Detroit, that puts the player in the situation to help, to prevent violence, is being attacked.

    I don't see where the trailer features heavy child abuse. It does imply it though. (Perhaps it's an important distinction for me because I know something about it. Or perhaps my point of view is skewed.) And what there is it certainly didn't appear to be there for entertainment purposes.

    Some deviant can look at the Guernica and "get off" on the implied violence, yet few think that it shouldn't have been painted or viewed, or that it was painted for entertainment purposes. (Yes, I just compared Detroit to Guernica.)
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  • Hearthstone's Kobolds and Catacombs expansion launches next week

  • ithis 29/11/2017

    How many Fox are given for this? (...on this??) Reply 0
  • Atomega: over the last few weeks a great game has quietly gotten better

  • ithis 20/11/2017

    You lost me at "multiplayer battler". Reply -3
  • World of Warcraft Classic: We ask Blizzard our biggest questions

  • ithis 06/11/2017

    What ice cream gag???!!!!1111

    Edit: Ah, that some people's favorite is vanilla. I guess you have to be a fan of WOW to really appreciate it.
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  • If Monster Hunter: World doesn't get you into Capcom's incredible series, nothing ever will

  • ithis 01/11/2017

    Yep, the number of comments and likes for this article does indeed show the lack of interest in this title from readers of EG. Reply -6
  • David Cage on Detroit and its depiction of domestic violence

  • ithis 31/10/2017

    "scenes of domestic abuse and child abuse feature heavily"
    There was yelling, swearing (not about the girl directly), violent grabbing and the aftermath of violence that we didn't see. The trailer alluded to heavy child abuse but did not show it. Actually, as a non-native English speaker, I think "child abuse" is not correct as it implies other abuse (forced labor, worse) that was not implied.
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  • Watch: Scorn may look fantastic, but its gameplay is utterly archaic

  • ithis 03/10/2017

    I like it from the few minutes I watched.
    The thing that jumped you and one shot killed you resemble the facehuggers in the first AvP game (perhaps the others too).
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  • Hellblade's Q&A will be with its heroine mo-capped in real-time

  • ithis 28/06/2017

    They will always be the "Heavenly Sword" developer to me. Reply 0
  • Xbox One X looks stunning - but we need to see more

  • ithis 15/06/2017

    If that black box looks stunning, what words is one to use for things that are really beautiful++?
    Is this an eye of the beholder thing or is the article actually talking about the games on the XboxOX?
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins on Xbox One X: can third parties hit 4K?

  • ithis 15/06/2017

    Without thinking about it:
    Can third parties hit 4k? - YES, third parties can hit 4K.
    Can Ubisoft hit 4K in AC-Origins? - YES, Ubisoft can hit 4K for AC-Origins.

    Can Ubisoft hit 4K in AC-Origins while presenting a beautiful, rich world populated with myriads of characters and maintain an acceptable framerate? - I don't know, perhaps I should read an article?
    Wish I could find an article with that title...sigh.

    Nope, not this one. Skip!
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  • Criterion's Star Wars Battlefront experience is the best demo for VR yet

  • ithis 07/12/2016

    @Foxtrot-Oscar I gave you a +1 for the "excitement" part of the post. I give you a virtual -1 for the rant, no scratch that, the negativity of the second part. True, few so called AAA efforts are going towards VR, but they are there. And you can't just take HOMM3 and put it in VR as it is now and make it better. You could rework it as a 3D world to look down upon, but it would take a lot of effort.
    Sure, Mirror's Edge in VR sounds fun, but only for those who have their VR legs well developed (i.e. probably nobody yet).
    Err, long story short, give it (not a lot) of time, and all things you want will come (let's go with the positive outlook shall we).
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  • DriveClub VR review

  • ithis 14/10/2016

    @porkface Thanks, it doesn't sound bad. Let's hope a PS4 Pro patch can clean the murk up as much as possible. Reply +1
  • ithis 14/10/2016

    Martin, could you comment on the following:
    1. Does VR help with the perception of depth in the game and the ability to judge the amount of breaking needed for example?
    2. Does the blurriness hinder this above effects? Would cleaner visuals help with that?
    3. Does presence manifests itself even if you use the controller for playing the game? Is it much better with the wheel?
    4. Does it really fell like you are in the car as opposed to in your living room looking at a screen?
    5. Is VR the solution to the "I can drive in real life but not in video games" problem, in other words, does driving come naturally in VR?
    6. If you are too versed with racing video games that it doesn't make a difference for you, could you objectively appreciate if it would help with the virtual driving of someone who isn't?
    7. Does "VR driving" mess with your RL driving?
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  • Mother Russia Bleeds review

  • ithis 06/09/2016

    The caption for the first screenshot: Toggling 'friendly fire' off greatly increases the difficulty of co-op play, forcing you to fight apart from one another.

    Surely you mean on, right?
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  • Star Wars Battlefront's incoming new mode sounds incredible

  • ithis 17/08/2016

    @ubergine Or X-Wing. Reply +2
  • Tekken 7's Harada on the thorny subject of sexy swimsuits and Western sensibilities

  • ithis 17/08/2016

    The main page image for this article is clickbait. Must be targeting my east-western sensibilities. Reply +2
  • Meet the man Gabe Newell called an ass on Reddit

  • ithis 17/08/2016

    I didn't read the article, but I did upvote some posts questioning it's value to us.
    I must be an ass. Small article about me? No? ... :(
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  • Watch: We play No Man's Sky all day, basically

  • ithis 09/08/2016

    I watched a bit because of all the negative comments I read somewhere. The fov doesn't seem to be a problem from the streams I think. From all the things I saw until now it's clear that this game is about the exploration. If one doesn't like to walk/fly around planets for hours without possibly any reward other than some cool sights, one won't like this game. I read complaints about the inventory being small, the animals running away, the crafting quickly becoming repetitive. Yes, I can see how all these things can be true if you make those the center of your gameplay.
    So, only buy if you like to aimlessly wander?
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  • Xbox One S: release date, price, specs and everything we know

  • ithis 16/06/2016

    About the misleading render still. It really gives the impression of extreme size reduction and coupled with the integrated power brick it's very impressive. It is frankly why I came to an Xbones article again, just to see how well received this tiny new version is. Now that I see the real difference (still quite big improvement in height I think) it appears much less impressive, and kind of normal. It will be the size of the PS4 and we know that is achievable.
    So, good for the console anyway but nowhere near as impressive as that render suggests.
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  • PlayStation E3 conference report: No Neo, no mic drop, but games to spare

  • ithis 14/06/2016

    @Noobcamper: Are you really saying that a car game is not a thing "that has been done before"? I didn't see any of it, but surely it can't be. Reply 0
  • The madness of Gran Turismo Sport

  • ithis 25/05/2016

    I watched a few comparison videos and even for the low-quality videos that they are I could see the difference - very visible in the way backgrounds (hills) now look real, with proper lighting and atmosphere conditions making these strikingly "unfake" compared to how they appear in GT6.
    I could also hear the difference for the Ferrari 458 comparison, but not for the Mazda one for example.

    And this thing will bring with it the possibility of FIA driver license certification and all that organized online racing affordable on console. I was expecting this in GT5 and even though it's late, nobody else is doing this on console and it could be a big deal. Regular events plus regional, national and international finals plus the possibility of a FIA racing license - YES please!
    Will this sell 12 million? - No, it will sell 3 million perhaps.
    Will all those participate in those regular events regularly? - No, maybe 1% will.
    30 000 racing in weekends doesn't sound bad at all.
    Maddening lunacy?
    I'll let Captain Hindsight give the verdict in 10 years time.

    Edit: On the visual side, let's not forget that first party games especially can receive an impressive amount of visual polish in the last few months before the release.
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  • In Play: The new new thing

  • ithis 01/04/2016

    Quote from the Adr1ft review side box text thingy:
    "This review is culled from the non-VR version - the one we'd figured the majority of people would be playing - though Digital Foundry's John Linneman has played the game on Oculus Rift and was kind enough to provide his impressions:"
    This means that the reviewer, Rick Lane, did not play the game in VR. However, as some of us noted, the review itself does not clarify this at all. This leads to a lot of wrong conclusions about the VR experience based on the review of the non-VR experience. Why this was not clarified is a mystery to me. I mean, surely it's time to change "Version Tested: PC" to "Version Tested: PC no-VR" right?

    Then, the author of this article quotes the only reference to VR in the whole review, further perpetuating the confusion.

    Too bad, as the above mentioned "Digital Foundry's John Linneman" had different things to say about the experience in VR.

    But you know, who cares about accuracy and facts these days...
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  • PlayStation VR has the right price - and the right attitude

  • ithis 31/03/2016

    @HisDivineOrder Hmm... I don't agree that Facebook and HTC don'g get that. From all that I read, the killer app is presence, and for presence to be good enough you need a certain level of hardware. You said it yourself that the cheaper stuff will not cut it for now. Facebook, HTC, others are going for the early adopters, enthusiasts in order to create some market for the new thing that is VR. Sony tries to get the price as right as it can, hence the tie in with PS4 and the use of Moves (honestly I expected VR with Move controllers in the PS3 era, but that was probably not realistic).
    In time, once more of the general public understands that VR is something else (quite literately), the technology will be cheaper and it's quite possible that someone else will create the good enough cheap enough variant that will be selling the most. I think that's a pretty standard way of new technology going to the market. I don't think there is a way around that, and I also think that generally the early companies will be the big companies in the field, the ones to beat for quite a while.
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  • Adr1ft review

  • ithis 31/03/2016

    This review makes a poor job of explaining that it is NOT reviewing the VR version of the game.
    The greatest complaint of the reviewer is that this game does not make your heart race.
    The side box thing on the left though mentions VR and ends with: "ADR1FT may be a slow paced game, but it's one of the most intense experiences currently available for the Rift due to this freedom of motion."

    Now I'm no doctor, but that translates to boring on screen, not at all boring in VR. Quite the difference.

    I will conclude that YES, VR does change the game completely and NO it's not the same game if you play it in non-VR.
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  • Looking for an alternative space sim? Meet Evochron Legacy

  • ithis 11/02/2016

    There's VR support by the way:
    Not perfect yet apparently.
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  • PS4 sells over 35.9m units

  • ithis 06/01/2016

    >1902.7 Reply 0
  • Rez Infinite is PlayStation VR's best game yet

  • ithis 07/12/2015

    I never played Rez, but I have a question: in VR is it first person or still third person? Reply +4
  • PS4 shoots through 30m sales mark

  • ithis 25/11/2015

    @Eaton_Corvinus Well, it didn't take you much to start calling me names. I will put that to the stress you are under with all the negs you got so far. Still, if we consider this "buffoon" as a "neg" towards my comment, then this gives you a first hand idea of why people would neg a valid complaint. Reply 0
  • ithis 25/11/2015

    @NotToday Pretty much what I said, hence the "you" in "argument in favor of PS4 is pretty weak with you".
    Can the person who neg-ed me please let me know why? Just curious.
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  • ithis 25/11/2015

    @bioreit The argument in favor of PS4 is pretty weak with you. Add to the list games that you would like to play on PS4 and unless those counterbalance halo and gears of war, it shouldn't really be a contest.
    Or, you could play Gears and Halo when visiting friends and they could play Blodborne when visiting you.
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  • ithis 25/11/2015

    @Eaton_Corvinus Actually, comments with high positives receive the most attention.
    That list of improvements contains things that I can't really see to influence game enjoyment at all. I mean, online/offline (invisibility) status change? That's the thing that bothers us the most? meh...
    So overall then, quite the good and complete software features the PS4 has.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PS4's PlayStation 2 emulation

  • ithis 20/11/2015

    @BlinkyB Not to mention that CRTs have VERY low latency. Reply +1
  • Space combat roguelike Everspace confirmed for Xbox One and Windows 10

  • ithis 23/10/2015

    I never really got the "roguelike" genre. Now I again went back to the internets and the wikipedia article explains it quite well. A subgenre of RPG with some stuff in it. Aha, that makes kind of sense.
    But then why is Eurogamer (and in this case the game trailer itself) periodically calling non RPG games "roguelike" to freakin confuse and irritate me to no end?
    I mean, an airplane that takes one person is not a "mountain-bike-like" vehicle ff..something


    PS: And not all that flies in space and shoots thing is "X-Wing", unless it has 100 keyboard commands.

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  • Uncharted: Remastered, revisited, reassessed

  • ithis 09/10/2015

    I remember Uncharted 3 the most, perhaps because I played it last, but it was full of wows.
    Except for the final fight (a recurrent theme of disappointment in all 3 games), where instead of the MGS4esque epic cinematic fight at the end that I was rooting for, it turned out to be a frustrating trial and error+QTE thing...
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  • Dark Souls 3 is a surprisingly different beast

  • ithis 18/09/2015

    @Grimner @PSfourskin
    I just watch the snowflakes. One can see when they land on something in the air that's solid.
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  • World of Tanks is coming to PS4

  • ithis 17/09/2015

    @GloatingSwine Ok, that's interesting. The trailer shows a lot of destructible environments. That was not the case a year ago on PC as I recall. Is it like that now? Reply -1
  • ithis 16/09/2015

    @GloatingSwine That's a shame. I can't really see why it has to be slightly different on the consoles, other than different interface, I guess all the functions could easily stay the same. Oh well.

    @OriTheBattleBorn Red outline in WoT? I don't remember a red outline unless someone in your team spotted the enemy and that someone is in the range of your radio (or something like that). Is this a difference between PC and console version?

    @OsmiumBrick Ah, in the comments section. Those answers were not up earlier when I checked out that article. Thanx.
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  • ithis 16/09/2015

    Custom maps for PS4, that doesn't sound too cross platformy. On xbox, are you playing against people on PCs and xboxes or only xboxes? Reply 0
  • ithis 16/09/2015

    Final-freekin-ly. I just couldn't get into the War Thunder tanks at all.
    I hope it will be crossplay.
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  • Gravity Rush 2 announced exclusively for PS4

  • ithis 15/09/2015

    @Toaster05 Wouldn't this make it "one" interest? Reply +8
  • Video: Hellblade has noble ambitions but it also has us worried

  • ithis 10/09/2015

    @snafu65 Deeply flawed? The only deeply flawed thing about HS is that back then it was cool to hate on anything PS3.
    One more thing that links Hellblade to Kai from Heavenly Sword - mental illness.
    But nope, not related...:(
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  • Is DriveClub finally up to speed?

  • ithis 02/07/2015

    Recently I popped it back in, in light of the updates that came. I was curious.
    I ended up hating the fact that one has to start racing a supercar on a normally slippery winding indian mountain village circuit and then a storm comes that makes the road invisible and sliperier. Frustration and a sense of futility take hold.

    I also can't get a handle on and consequently don't give a rats ass about drifting.

    Sadly I kinda don't care about getting all the stars in races at all anymore.

    Oh well, the rain is VERY pretty.
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  • On console, PlanetSide 2 is as opaque, frustrating and brilliant as it was on PC

  • ithis 30/06/2015

    How the hell did this piece on a PS4 game turned into an xbox sales discussion?
    Please just leave advice, link to more videos, tales from the battlefield.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 is a technical tour de force

  • ithis 24/06/2015

    I wish all games were well optimized for consoles, but alas it is not the case. I mean, look at Unity 4 and it not supporting multithreading, which really hurts the PS4 especially. The good news is that during the lifetime of this console generation, popular engines will become well optimized for xbox and ps4.
    In the meantime PC gamers will have the option to buy insanely powerful hardware to run them 4k VR games.
    I do support single platform optimization as I think it's a good thing.
    I disagree with comments that the current consoles are "weak". Optimization is the key of course, because one can't sell new and improved 300 coin gaming hardware each year to "keep up".
    The PC refresh cycle concept on the other hand is a key driving force in the hardware industry, so that's not going away.
    However, if you think about it, some of the games that were running on last gen console hardware (512MB RAM, if anyone needs reminding), were beautiful examples of the power of optimization, and give a strong hint of what we will see on the current gen. There have been games that already gave an idea too.
    The one that we are talking about here is such a game.
    At the same time, it also shows to the other side what pore (buggy) optimization can do.

    Perhaps next time a game comes along and it runs at 24 FPS on consoles because it's single threaded, all of us would cry "Outrage!".
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