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  • Mario Odyssey encourages curiosity - and what higher praise is there?

  • isaaccady 02/11/2017

    @JoelStinty all that you say is true. BotW and Odyssey both share lots of similar explorative elements within their world or worlds.

    But I’d argue that almost all the current Nintendo games share those elements, including arms with its deep, playful exploration into what arms to combine and how to use those combinations, but even more so in Splatoon. The levels in Splatoon are full of neat little shortcuts and secrets to give you an advantage. In fact a lot of similar elements are used, such as the power lines being very similar to the ink pipes in Splatoon, and the benefit of mastering a tight and complex, yet approachable, control scheme.

    Nintendo is really nailing good game design this generation.
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  • Nintendo's incredible year continues, but not without a few minor casualties along the way

  • isaaccady 01/11/2017

    I really enjoy ARMS, but it did release way too close to other great games and I haven’t had much time or interest to play it over the likes of Splatoon 2, BotW, even Golf Story, and now SM Odyssey. It’s my kid brothers’ favorte game, though, so when I go to visit we have a blast. The 6 yo always kicks everyone’s butt.

    I kind of wish they delayed ARMS’s release. I think they released it when they did to pad the void between BotW and Splatoon, but it should have come out after Odyssey, I think. But also, with other great games out, maybe no one would have paid it any attention, being so “odd” and the only way to sell a significant amount of units would be to release it when the library was still small and customers were hungry for more titles.
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  • Tooth and Tail review

  • isaaccady 13/09/2017

    @UncleLou Goblin Commander for GameCube is the only other RTS I can think of that has split screen multiplayer. (It's actually a pretty fun game. It was made by a couple of Warcraft III designers and it shows) Reply 0
  • Arms review

  • isaaccady 18/06/2017

    @spamdangled If the games were the same, there's really no point in comparing them like this article does. A is to B as C is to D. A and B are a different category than C and D, but the relationship between A and B is the same as the relationship between C and D. You see? They're comparing a *relationship* between specific games in different categories, not those games to each other. Reply 0
  • Street Fighter 2 Nintendo Switch first-person mode is the worst of Wii waggle

  • isaaccady 15/05/2017

    @mrcheesyelf they bother because they can use it to "justify" a higher price point. Spend a couple days and couple hundred bucks paying some intern to tack on some garbage mode and charge people $20 more than they should. Reply +3
  • Nintendo Switch shifted 2.74m units in its first month

  • isaaccady 28/04/2017

    @gaselite it's pathetic because everyone knows it's not true, so it's a blatant lie. If it was me, I'd just shut up about it and focus on what's actually good. Why they're doing it is to try to convince investors that they're not failing and it only comes off as desperate, something which they don't need now that their losses look like they're on their way to profits. Nintendo is having success with the Switch. Just give up on it's one failure and talk about all the other great stuff. They should just let 1-2-Switch be swept under the rug. Reply 0
  • isaaccady 28/04/2017

    It's really pathetic how much Nintendo is lying about 1-2-Switch's failure. No review has been favorable. It's sales are in the toilet. Yet, they still insist it's doing great and is a great game. Come on Nindy... we all know it's BS now.

    I was in GameStop asking if used copies of 1-2-Switch were available because it was getting such shit reviews it might be cheap a while ago and the employee lied to my face and said 1-2-Switch was the "best-reviewed" game on the Switch. I laughed in his face and asked if he'd heard of a game called "Zelda" and showed him the MetaCritic scores on my phone (not a single positive professional review and only two neutral pro reviews). He didn't say shit. I asked him why he was lying to me — in front of several customers — and he didn't say shit.
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  • Zelda on Switch runs more smoothly in portable mode

  • isaaccady 05/03/2017

    What if one forces their Switch to output at only 720p, even when connected to a 1080p screen? Does the game still render at 900p and downscale, or does it render at 720p, potentially adding back some performance? Reply 0
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

  • isaaccady 03/03/2017

    Every review I've read/watched indicates that Breath of the Wild is the FIRST Zelda game to do away with gear-gating and to have an open world where the dungeons can be completed in any order.

    Um... Did they not hear about A Link Between Worlds?
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  • Nintendo's wildest handheld is bowing out with style

  • isaaccady 30/12/2016

    @tompagenet I completely understand what you're saying. That's why I speculated that it may be a development resource thing. They had new hardware capable of running it smoothly, but Nintendo thought it a better idea to focus on SNES emulation. That's the idea anyway. Who knows what their actual reasoning is. I feel like Nintendo always has a very good reason for doing everything they do, they just don't always communicate well. Reply -1
  • isaaccady 30/12/2016

    @Kinkster from what I understand, ambassadors who downloaded the GBA games available (only a few) said that they didn't run as smoothly as the other virtual console titles and as they did on the GBA.

    I think this is why Nintendo didn't do it. They have very high quality control standards and probably want their software to run as smoothly as possible before charging people money for it.

    It's the same reason they waited until the New 3DS to release SNES games for their handheld. I was hoping that the updated hardware also meant GBA games came with it, but I have a feeling that the GBA is still just a little too powerful for even the New 3DS to emulate flawlessly. Or perhaps it's a problem with developer time and resources, even if the N3DS is powerful enough, focusing on SNES emulation right now. They may be saving that development power for GBA emulation on the Switch.

    I more expect to see GBA games on the Switch.
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  • No Man's Sky changed the video game hype train forever

  • isaaccady 28/12/2016

    Maybe it was their intention: stop pre-order culture by acting as a worst-case-scenario to scare people off from ever doing it again... :/ Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed film review

  • isaaccady 21/12/2016

    @up_the_ante I remember reading that the film was about to be cancelled, except Fassbender was so enthusiastic about it, he convinced them to keep going. Reply +1
  • Nintendo refuses to say whether Switch has a touchscreen

  • isaaccady 23/10/2016

    If it was Hello Games they would have said, "Yes. There absolutely is a touchscreen. But you'll probably never use it — like a one in a million chance that you will, it's not intended to focus on that."

    Then console releases without a touch screen and Sean says, "it's so exciting to see that people are already trying to touch the screen! This is amazing!"
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  • isaaccady 23/10/2016

    If they're not saying, it probably means there isn't a touch-screen. But if people believe there might be and if Nintendo thinks the realization that there isn't will kill any hype, they will let people continue to believe it has a touch screen. Reply 0
  • Gears of War 4's campaign feels like an Epic revival

  • isaaccady 23/09/2016

    Do they really call them "cog tags"?... Reply 0
  • No Man's Sky modders start by shutting up your exosuit

  • isaaccady 18/08/2016

    @scuffpuppies shoot them.

    That's the best way to scan flying creatures. Really the only way. Kill one of them, find its corpse and scan it.
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  • Pokévision creator issues impassioned plea to Pokémon Go boss

  • isaaccady 03/08/2016

    Think of it this way: when playing any of the traditional Pokémon games, you don't have much of an idea where the Pokémon are. Yes you can use guides, but many people argue that using or "abusing" guides robs the game of it's fun in the "discovery" department.

    In the same vein, I can see tracking services like Pokévision doing the same.
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  • CS:GO gambling sites can be "rigged" for YouTuber promotion, streamer reveals

  • isaaccady 05/07/2016

    How the fuck can a pair of vanity items for a game be worth $3200!?!? What is wrong with humanity? Who is going to pay for that? Reply +21
  • No Man's Sky studio settles "secret, stupid" three-year Sky lawsuit

  • isaaccady 21/06/2016

    @MikkyX In all seriousness, those companies are not British, so Sky has no legal grounds to sue them in British courts. Hello Games is British. If Bethesda was British, you can be rest-assured they would sue them. Reply 0
  • Revealed: Sony's plan for PlayStation 4K - codename Neo

  • isaaccady 19/04/2016

    Why did Sony make this? I think it's because they realize how under-powered the current generation of consoles is compared to the advances of previous generations and that PC gaming is taking a larger and larger share of the market. I think the whole intention is to get games running at higher FPS so the console is more competitive with budget PC builds. They want current and future game releases to run "smoother" but not necessarily be better-looking, since gamers keep raising stink about console games not being 1080p60. I think Sony is attempting to give them that, or at least something consistently closer (900p60?). Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry's guide to the best PC controllers

  • isaaccady 05/03/2016

    Steam controller works just fine for Origin, GOG, etc. You just have to add a link to the game in steam and customize the scheme there. Then launch from steam.

    On the buttons being unreachable, try holding the controller lower in your fingers, don't grip it with your palms. You will find it is weighted to be held like this. You will be able to reach all buttons very easily if you hold it this way.
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  • Fire Emblem: Fates controversial scene changed for Western launch

  • isaaccady 26/01/2016

    I'm usually as anti-censorship as it gets, always wanting to respect original artistic vision. This, however, is offensive on multiple levels -- and unnecessarily so -- so, I'm not too bothered that they changed it. It doesn't offend me, personally, but I can't see any motivation worthy of a decision like this. What were they thinking? Reply -1
  • Unsung games of 2015: Code Name: STEAM

  • isaaccady 21/12/2015

    I love code name steam. But I haven't gotten to play it too much. It's so difficult that it's hard for me to play it and relax, and I only play DS when I'm relaxing (MH4U needs some love too, so stressful tho). Regardless, I'm glad I bought this at full price when it released. That kind of creativity needs to be rewarded. We don't need so many franchises of sequel after sequel. Reply 0
  • Why I'm tired of Fallout 4 encumbrance

  • isaaccady 17/11/2015

    You want to be able to pick up hundreds of pounds of armor and sprint around the commonwealth like a dainty little ballerina?

    I understand the dilemma, with junk being valuable you want to pick it all up. But I've found I have been more comfortable in the menus than any other Bethesda game, despite the functionality not being too drastically different.

    I love planning my loot haul routes, going on junk-only runs, or creating stashes in central locations. The planning really draws me into the world.
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  • Performance Analysis: Fallout 4

  • isaaccady 09/11/2015

    @null IIRC, Skyrim didn't drop below $60 for about 2 years. Reply 0
  • YouTube confirms paid subscription service

  • isaaccady 22/10/2015

    Honestly, I do not care anything about this. Almost all youtube ads can be skipped in 5 sec. and I have absolutely no interest in paying for anything Pewdiepie or any of those others puts out.

    I already have prime, netflix, and hulu plus. I do not see the need. Maybe if it was $9.99/year. I can't see youtubes quality of content being worth my money. Most things are user-created for very cheap. It's not like that 9.99 is going to original big-budget content creation like other paid-for internet video providers.
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  • The Hearthstone hand that stops your opponent from playing a turn

  • isaaccady 17/07/2015

    @null raising awareness of exploits helps them get fixed quicker . . .

    Sure, someone could gain an advantage after reading this, but some people already know of the exploit and can abuse it. If more people know and even if more people start using it, the more quickly blizzard will learn about it and modify the rules to fix it.

    Whoever uses this exploit because of this article is not going to be able to use it for very long. That's my guess.
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  • Come join the cult of Skiing Yeti Mountain

  • isaaccady 29/06/2015

    I loooooved the 90s PC game this is definitely based on. Reply 0
  • Final Oculus Rift hardware screenshots

  • isaaccady 14/06/2015

    Those headphones are gross. I hope we can take them off and use our own proper over-the-ear headphones. Reply 0
  • Homophobic and transphobic game removed from Steam Greenlight

  • isaaccady 06/05/2015

    There is already a developer unafraid to offend and pushing the "offend everyone" agenda. They're called Rockstar. And they may games that are actually worth playing. (And their offensive parodies are clearly parodies) Reply +3
  • Cheating death in Diablo 3's Hardcore mode

  • isaaccady 30/04/2015

    I disagree that D3 is fixed. I think it is way more broken than it ever was (excluding the death of the real money auction house; that was good).

    The reason Blizzard gave a difficulty slider was so people could make the game more difficult because it was so easy people were getting bored. It was a cheap and easy solution. They should have just made the game harder. Nightmare should have felt as such. And Hell even more so.

    I at least felt this was with D2, and I had so much more fun. Once you beat the game on a difficulty that really pushed you, you were presented to do it all over again at a difficulty twice as hard.

    What's to stop me from turning the difficulty back down to normal when I get stuck on T6? Where's the pressure? Where's the stress? Where's the sense of victory?

    Replaying at harder and harder difficulties has been a core of Diablo gameplay through the first two. It wasn't the problem that needed to be fixed. The problem was that the game was too easy early on. They should have made normal just as hard as nightmare and scale everything based on that.

    I'm tired of games treating me like I'm the one supposed to curate my experience. The DEVELOPER should curate the experience, not the player. The player should just appreciate the experience the artists have presented to them. I play a game to play that game. To adjust to it and learn its mechanics. Not to adjust the game to suit my comfort zone. So boring.
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  • What does it take to run GTA 5 at 1080p60?

  • isaaccady 18/04/2015

    So it looks like having an i7 is a huge advantage over an i3. But what about the i5? Is it enough. The i5 is kind of the "gaming" processor. You would think it was the one to test against the i3.

    Yeah the i7 is good enough, but is it overkill?
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  • Bloodborne's combat convinced me I don't need a sword and shield any more

  • isaaccady 16/03/2015

    I've only seen the ad for this game on TV, but my first impression was that the animation was pretty awful. Is it true? Reply -11
  • Destiny thrills, but the big picture rings hollow

  • isaaccady 11/09/2014

    "Yet there's still that slightly hollow ring to Destiny's world, which feels rich in art but sparse in life, even as other players are streamed in."

    It sounds like Destiny suffers from the same problem as Borderlands 1. That world just felt dead; unfinished. I won't know unless I play it, though.
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  • Nintendo shows off NES Edition 3DS XL

  • isaaccady 11/09/2014

    @camo_kill I'm partial to the LoZ 3DS XL, myself. That could be because I own one though... That micro sure is purdy.

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  • Watch 11 minutes of new Assassin's Creed: Unity gameplay

  • isaaccady 15/08/2014

    So it's not linear or hand-holding to have a cutscene that makes great efforts to point out everything you need to do (while claiming you have to figure it out on your own, I should add)?

    Also, that cutscene was pretty cheesy.

    The graphics are gorgeous, though. They should open up AC:U to the modding community so we can explore the world Assassin-Creed-Free.
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  • David Braben explains Elite: Dangerous Ł100 premium beta

  • isaaccady 12/07/2014

    @chucklepie And what exactly is Ian Bell currently doing with his career?

    You must excuse David Braben for actually trying to build a career and not simply living off of royalties from 20+ year-old computer games. I'm not saying one lifestyle is better than the other, but intelligent pricing is essential for business and business is what Braben pursued; Bell pursued hermitage.

    Also consider that $100 is not a lot for a big game and all it's future expansions. Diablo 2 cost $50 at launch and it's only expansion pack cost $30. That's a total of $80. There will likely be more than one expansion for Elite. Let's say there are 3 (there will probably be more). If each cost $30, with the original being $50, then the total spent would be $170. Of course, they might not cost $30 each.
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  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • isaaccady 09/07/2014

    I was under the impression that the Sun was a tabloid, much like the U.S.'s National Enquirer which has stories about bat boys and frozen cavemen coming back to life, and not to be respected or taken seriously as a news source.

    But I'm an American and have never read it. It could just be that it is stapled together, like our tabloids.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition release date announced

  • isaaccady 24/04/2014

    Oh god . . . Who the hell is that corny dolt with a shotgun? Get ready for some serious eye-rolling. Reply 0
  • Blizzard dev apologises for "poor response" to female character design question

  • isaaccady 26/11/2013

    I don't understand how he responded poorly. I think it was a straightforward, honest answer. I have never thought Blizzard's depiction of women to be "hyper"-sexualized; maybe just a little. Yes, Kerrigan may be more bodacious now than her ugly, red dreadlock days in SC1, but I don't think it's blatantly sexualized. Like he said, they are going for a comic book feel, and most everybody in "super hero" comics are perhaps unrealistically unattractive, guys and gals.

    RPS might have just wanted to be edgy and push an agenda that is a very popular agenda to push right now. I don't think Blizzard was the best target for this agenda. Or perhaps RPS just wanted an honest opinion from Blizzard, because it is a hot topic, and were not necessarily implying anything about Blizzard's design choices.

    My point is: I think it is a pathetic quality of modern society for this man to be pressured to write a formal letter of apology for a straightforward and honest answer — which is probably the fault of Blizzard's PR department more so than any other entity. Dustin Browder has been unnecessarily shamed and hummiliated because other's are too concerned with a hot-button topic. I will not accept his apology as I do not think it is honest and true to his own voice.

    I think we should all move on and forget about this.
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  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: the 720p fallout

  • isaaccady 06/11/2013

    Microsoft's response to graphics comparisons sounds a whole lot like Nontendo's when they launched the Wii (and Wii U). Reply +3
  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag review

  • isaaccady 01/11/2013

    I was so bored with Ezio and Renaissance Europe half-way Brotherhood. I loved the setting in III, but was bored with the gameplay and pacing. IV comes for free with my recently bought pair of GeForce 760s, so I will play it, and am excited to, but I'm not setting my hopes high. Reply 0
  • Shorting the turnips market

  • isaaccady 24/07/2013

    Sow Joan
    Dow Jones

    or what the guy below said.
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  • Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review

  • isaaccady 19/07/2013

    I thought the review was quite good. It was witty and appropriately short and cursory for a short and very cursory game.

    I feel anyone saying this is a bad review is perhaps, somewhat, maybe gynophobic. (You think?) Ellie hardly comes off as a feminist, but rather a rational, modern human with a very objective opinion on a game that is, without a shred of doubt, sexist and racist. I have played the original; women are generally given more respect in hardcore porn.

    Let's not assume that just because Ellie is a woman she cannot write objective video-game reviews. It is a tired argument that when anybody who doesn't have a phallus complains about sexism, they are a "feminist" (as if it's such a dirty word). An objective male with any maturity beyond that of a 13 year-old would recognize the unforgivable sexism and racism of the Leisure Suit Larry games. It is unforgivable because it just is not clever. If it was handled with tact and sharp wit, it would be a completely different story.

    Be careful of hating reviews just because they were written by a woman. Be even more careful of hating the writer for it. I see so many comments calling this out as a bad review, but hardly any of them are objective. The ones that do provide a rationale simply state that Ellie is a woman. I know, video game reviews are a business primarily dominated by men and women are scary to most men, but do not let that cloud your reason.

    I do have to wonder about Ellie getting assigned these kinds of games based on her gender. If she has no say in the matter, it is definitely fishy. I she can pick what she reviews, let it be.
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  • Teenager's massive Skyrim mod took 2000 hours to make

  • isaaccady 17/07/2013

    @toddmeinershagen I've actually been upping your posts. I completely agree with you, I just don't agree with society. It's necessary because of perception; I just wish it wasn't. Indeed people need to be realistic, because it's a system that is impossible to fight. Reply +3
  • isaaccady 17/07/2013

    @toddmeinershagen You speak the truth. However, this will be an awesome résumé highlight and even something to help him get into some of the best art schools that offer game design. After school, he can add this to a demo reel / portfolio for a great amount of extra wow points. Employers are always impressed with pre-university ambition.

    The caveat is that the schools/employers probably aren't going to play his mod so he will need to get some awards attached to it for the boards to be impressed.

    I wouldn't say it's a tragedy, but probably not as much of a win as he wants it to be.

    I personally think it's a shame that a degree is so necessary in modern times. It is entirely possible to self-educate oneself to the same level of expertise that an expensive (read: overpriced) degree can.

    The biggest draw is that Bethesda probably would expect to have to provide extensive training themselves to get him used to working on a creative team. This is expensive and time-consuming and the most valuable asset universities provide students.
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  • Miyamoto: Nintendo's game ownership policy should operate "like a toy company"

  • isaaccady 13/06/2013

    The philosophy makes perfect sense. Especially since Nintendo started out as a toy company. Along with this "toy" philosophy, I would like to see physical copies of Nintendo games produced indefinitely, since toys are physical things. I worry that the future will be download-only. Reply +3
  • 10 minutes of A Link to the Past 3DS revealed

  • isaaccady 19/04/2013

    I really hope the graphics change. they're kind of hideous. Reply 0