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  • Rift: 1 million accounts, servers named

  • ircaddicts 28/02/2011

    this will be lucky to have 100K subs after the free month is up. The only thing this has going for it is the rift system other than that its same old same old. Reply +1
  • Titan MMO won't be a Warcraft sequel

  • ircaddicts 12/02/2011

    the day blizzard do ANYTHING thats new or fresh is the same day the devil skates to work Reply +1
  • WOW Cataclysm sells 4.7 million copies

  • ircaddicts 10/01/2011

    and in other news pigs just flew past my window Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

  • ircaddicts 26/12/2010

    How much did blizzard pay you to give it 10/10 when it should of been 0/10 Reply -3
  • DC Universe Online UK pricing confirmed

  • ircaddicts 23/12/2010

    its soe so its a cert that they WILL ruin the game sooner or later and IT WILL be sooner I'm sure of it Reply -2
  • Cataclysm sales are wow

  • ircaddicts 18/12/2010

    of course blizzard has NEVER lied about sub numbers or sales before now has it..... Oh wait yes it has and it does it ALL THE TIME Reply 0
  • What can topple World of Warcraft?

  • ircaddicts 18/12/2010

    oh look YET another paid for ad in disguse for the worlds worst mmo. Much as I hate this POS i don't want it gong anywhere any time soon so all the delusional wow fanbois as seen in the comments here can stay playing thier crappy little game and not infect the vastly better games out there (eg Guild Wars) with thier stench. Reply 0
  • Game of the Week

  • ircaddicts 13/12/2010

    wow blizzard must of paid a fortune for all these ads. Just goes to show how crap the game really is if i needs all these "articles" to support it. Reply -6
  • Rewriting the Rules

  • ircaddicts 13/12/2010

    @Softie2k I can't comment on other peoples problems wow. But some of mine are

    1) The REALLY annoying fanbois who goto EVERY forum on the internet and proclaim how great wow is and how crap every other mmo is disptie the fact they have never played ANY of them and in some cases (eg GW2) the game is not even out yet. These are SO stupid they belive anything and everthing blizzard says. Its a known fact that they LIE about thier sub numbers. Anyone who can do simple maths can see this. Their public accounts say how much money they make and its nowhere near enough for the amount of players they claim to have. So therefore one of two things must be true. 1) thier lieing about the sub numers or 2) thier public accounts are wrong. If option 1 is true they get a smack on the wrist and told not to do it again. if option 2 is ture then thier in a MASSIVE amount of legal trouble which could close the company.

    2) The graphics in wow look like they where drawn by blind three year olds.

    3) The players act even younger than that

    4) the game play is nothing but a never ending grind

    5) The pvp is so unbalanced its not even funny.
    Reply -5
  • ircaddicts 11/12/2010

    wow yet another paid for ad for the worst mmo ever made. But then what should I expect from euro lamer Reply -13
  • WOW "sucked oxygen" from MMO subs

  • ircaddicts 08/11/2010

    I see we have lots of delusional wow fanbois in this thread. wow was, is and ALLWAYS will be CRAP. I've been playing mmo's for all most 10 years now and its is the worst mmo I have EVER played by a VERY long way. Uttlery boring game play, grx that look like they where drawn by blind three years old. Players that are not much old than that and behave worse, totaly UNbalenced pvp. So what if it has 902546798257 billion people are playing it. Still does'nt make it a good game. if you want to play a fantasy game go play lotro or guild wars both of which are VASTLY better than wow is or will EVER be. Also there are NO subs for either of them.

    swtor is going to be an EPIC FAIL I sure it will start well but as soon as people find out just how bad it is they player base will vanish. Why does anyone need to beat wow anyway? I'd rather all the delusional wow fanbois stayed in thier crappy game and did'nt come to others and moan about how good wow used to be and how what ever game they happen to be in sucks in comparsion.
    Reply -4
  • World of Warcraft hits 12m subscribers

  • ircaddicts 12/10/2010

    if anyone REALLY belive that wow actually has 12 million paying account then I have a bridge and some swamp I mean prime real estate to sell them Reply 0
  • Star Trek DS9 MMO revealed

  • ircaddicts 03/10/2010

    @coolbritannia can I have some of what ever drugs your on as they must be SERIOUSLY good if they make you think b5 was the best tv show ever. As it was in the fact one of the WORST. The current Star Trek MMO was'nt bad. It just had its flaws like all mmo's do. I've played a LOT worse EG w*w. Reply 0
  • StarCraft II sells 3 million in a month

  • ircaddicts 03/09/2010

    So the actual number is closer to 300k since all blizzard sales and sub figures have an extra 0 added to them by default Reply 0
  • Blizzard wants Cameron for StarCraft film

  • ircaddicts 31/08/2010

    got to love delusional starcrap fanbois who think thier crappy little game is a huge ip when its anything but. As if Camron would stop working on Avatar 2 to make a starcrap movie. Blizzard can want him all they like he's not going to do it. Uwe Boll would be much more suited to it. he makes lots of films of crap video games. Reply -1
  • ArenaNet talks Guild Wars 2

  • ircaddicts 10/08/2010

    Arena Net managed to make GW fundamentally different form anything else that was out at the time and I see no reason why that can't do it again. I can't wait to play it. Reply +5
  • Blizzard policing erotic role-play in WOW

  • ircaddicts 07/08/2010

    what a shock blizzard stoping anyone haveing fun in thier games as usual. Not that there was much chance of that anyway. Oh and the more neg votes you give the most posts i make :P Reply -1
  • StarCraft II fastest-selling strategy ever

  • ircaddicts 04/08/2010

    @swils I guess you never read any posts other than mine then. As star crap2 DOES melt gfx cards and IS just the same as star crap 1 with some new units and slighty better gfx and blizzard DO lie about thier wiow sub numbers. So I was wrong on a whole 0 out of 3 thing WOW thats just SOOO many. LOL your blizzard fanbois are SOOO DUMB Reply -3
  • ircaddicts 03/08/2010

    I guess this is useing the same method of counting that lets blizzard claim it has 54789234275689 million accounts on wow ? when in reality it has about 4. This is basicly the same as star crap 1 with a couple of new units and slighty better gfx. I guess all 13 years and $100 million gets you this days is some crappy code that melts GFX gards. Reply -17
  • Blizzard "probably very arrogant" - Jagex

  • ircaddicts 27/07/2010

    Theres no probley about it. Blizzard ARE and have ALLWAYS been arrogant thier fanbois are even worse. As will be shown by the massive amount of - vote I will get for this post. and any other thats dares to say that any blizzard game is not the best thing EVAR. Reply -1
  • Midnight opening for StarCraft II

  • ircaddicts 21/07/2010

    Ok look A 10 year old crap game with slightly better gfx. I'm sure it will sell really well. Reply -23
  • Civilization V Special Ed outed

  • ircaddicts 09/07/2010

    Will this version still need that spyware ridden POS called steam to play or not ? If not then I will but it. Reply -49
  • Blizzard: 70% in WOW don't pass level 10

  • ircaddicts 11/02/2010

    ahh i see the usual lies from blizzard are still being told. IT DOES NOT have 11.5 million players it has about half that if its lucky and about half of those are gold famrers. I'm not supprised wow is the most boring game I've ever played. I lasted 2 hours and quit. Reply -18
  • Star Trek Online

  • ircaddicts 09/02/2010

    guess you played for all of 2 hours then this review is an EPIC FAIL as members of them same team ALLWAYS are in the same instance Reply -6