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  • Spectrum Made Me

  • iokthemonkey 27/04/2012

    @fluff_the_tiger Hehe! C&VG was my first gaming mag, too and I remember being confused when I read ''C&VG'' on the letters page. I thought it was a different publication!

    As for the reason I bought it? Because it featured a 40 page programming listings section! TEN FREE GAMES!
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  • iokthemonkey 27/04/2012

    My Spectrum provided me with loads of very happy moments but what really sticks out in my mind is discovering what ''variables'' were in BASIC and how to use them. I'd programmed stuff in BASIC before but they were always non-interactive/graphics demos. Discovering that I could use INKEY$ to alter variables made me realise I could write my own interactive games, which is pretty much the industry I spent most of my working life in.

    And I remember how you could go into virtually any shop and find a cache of pocket money-friendly Spectrum games. I got my Spectrum just at the age when I was old enough to get the bus into town by myself, so Saturdays were always New Game Day for me.
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  • DC Universe Online free-to-play changeover date

  • iokthemonkey 03/11/2011

    It's fun in a console-ish sort of way. When you can actually log-in, that is. I managed to play an hour or so earlier today but for the last two hours I've just been sitting looking at queues and loading screens... Reply 0
  • Why subs-based MMOs have a future

  • iokthemonkey 07/10/2011

    The one that really did me in was quite close to the start where a quest could only be completed by buying an item from the store using Turbine Points granted. Just to nudge the player into the store, albeit at the cost of totally breaking game immersion.


    That would be the OPTIONAL quest that serves as a tutorial on how the store works.
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  • Star Trek Online free-to-play this year

  • iokthemonkey 01/09/2011

    I thought the game was OK when I bought it but I didn't get past the first ''free'' month. I'll probably come back and dabble now it's F2P and see how it is. Reply +1
  • Star Wars Galaxies endgame detailed

  • iokthemonkey 30/08/2011

    So sad to see it going. SWG was one of the most fun, immersive and downright brilliant MMOs I've ever played. Like has been said, if only SOE hadn't fucked it up by trying to turn it into WoW with Lightsabres (hmm... wonder why nobody's working on a game like that right now...) and adding that shitty hybrid MMO/FPS interface. Reply +8
  • The Secret World to follow subs model

  • iokthemonkey 26/08/2011

    Expect subs for the first year - including some special pre-purchase bulk discounts - so they can recoup some of their losses and then a shift to freemium. Reply +5
  • Free Age of Conan doubles revenue

  • iokthemonkey 12/08/2011

    @iokthemonkey Good to see you at least gave it another chance, sorry you still don't like it. Respect your viewpoint, though you have to admit it's improved by miles since launch?


    It is better than it was at launch, for sure. But it's still not to the quality that would warrant paying to play it. It just feels all the time you're playing as if the game is constantly trying to inconvenience you, rather than reward you.

    Thank the Gods the new LOTRO expansion is only a month or so away...
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  • iokthemonkey 11/08/2011

    I find the problem is that it's like FunCom are just trying to differentiate their game from other MMOs by doing stuff they don't do, simply on principle.

    Add to that the fact that they seem to want to punish you for playing, with overly difficult quests, ridiculously long travel times for quest turn-ins and isolated respawn points and there's only so long you can play before giving up. And unless you're fighting mobs of lower levels, you never feel powerful or heroic. A sense of danger and risk is good, sure, but when you arrive to do a quest, get set-upon by mobs that magically spawn out of nowhere when you approach or you pull a mob and another with no line-of-sight to him also runs over to attack you it just makes it feel like FunCom want to make your experience as unpleasant as possible.

    I guess I'm just too much of a carebear... /rollseyes.
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  • Age of Conan "the best-looking" MMO

  • iokthemonkey 09/07/2011

    Ha! I got neg-repped. I guess that's because I'm a know-nothing care bear.

    Oh and the community is full of anuses, too. Don't play as a female unless you want to be constantly asked to show off your tits.
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  • iokthemonkey 09/07/2011

    I have to report that AoC is as punishing to play as it was before.

    There are simply too many quests that are too hard to solo (even though they're supposed to be single-player quests) and you'll spend a lot of time dying. It reminds me of playing EverQuest and the game seems to revel in making life difficult for you. There's also a feeling throughout that you're weak - not wary, but weak, as if you're about five levels lower than you really are. MMOs are supposed to make you the hero and whilst nobody expects to be slaying dragons at Level 1, it's off-putting to find yourself dying repeatedly (and easily) at the hands a few on-level mobs.
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  • iokthemonkey 08/07/2011

    I'm perfectly willing to give it another chance but I'm still finding more fault than fun with a lot of it. The combat balance is still off (some quests are super-easy and then BAM! you get jumped by a dozen mobs), the combat itself is still not as smart or strategic as it thinks it is (simplistic button bashing based on where you want to hit your enemy), there are loads of UI bugs and niggles (stances not showing up, the quest guide is bugged to hell, animations are out of synch, you can scale walls through the ground, etc) and there's a real feeling of it being held together with string and prayer.

    It's hard to say how much has improved. All I've noticed is the item stats are now more inline with what you'd expect (i.e. they actually do something) and I'm still trying to work out if they've fixed the progression curve. Previously you'd hit massive lulls post Tortage and I'm just about at that stage now. I'll let you know.

    As for the limitations, the biggest is the class restrictions - only four and they're also dependent on racial background.

    With regard to my hatred, I felt robbed, as I shelled-out close to 100 quid playing an unfinished, bug-ridden crapfest. Now it's free it's at least easier to stomach the shitty coding, memory leaks and random crashes.
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  • iokthemonkey 07/07/2011

    Guild Wars 1, 2 and Lotro would like to have a word with you. As they are ALL better looking


    I think ''technically'' AoC has a more powerful graphics engine but I think LOTRO and GW have better art direction.
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  • iokthemonkey 07/07/2011

    I am indeed playing AoC. But before you get too excited:

    A) It's free
    B) I have nothing else to play right now (long story short but we had an expensive Disney vacation that also included paying for car repairs after we had a high-speed blowout en route, so I either play nothing or play something for free)
    C) LOTRO won't be getting any new content for a couple of months yet
    D) I want to see if they fixed the post-Tortage stuff
    E) It's still got a lot of niggling bugs in it
    F) I still think the combat is just a gimmick and the game seems pretty shallow

    I can't say if it's any better than it was, given that I'm still stuck in the same - admittedly well-done - tutorial/newbie zone. We'll see whether Funcom has indeed improved the game when I leave there, probably in another week or so at the rate I'm playing...
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  • iokthemonkey 06/07/2011

    iok, you can't seriously be comparing lotro's graphics to AoC? I love both games, but that's like comparing Paper Mario to Crysis.


    No, I'm just saying I can play LOTRO (which IMO is a better MMO) with all of ITS detail on full.

    As for the crashes being due to ''machine stresses'' I've just had the game lock into a perma-loop of death, simply because a monster ran out of a tomb, killed an NPC and then didn't reset itself properly, instead going into a continual to-and-fro from two movement points... I had to turn-off the computer to exit. Not good.
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  • iokthemonkey 06/07/2011

    In other words, it's not our fault we can't code a stable game...

    I have a pretty decent machine that can run the likes of LOTRO on the highest settings with a very solid 60-100 FPS. I have AoC's settings lowered and it still crashes. Sometimes not even mid-game either but during loads. And every time I exit and start the game again, somehow the data gets corrupted and needs checking...
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  • Free-to-play switch boosts Age of Conan

  • iokthemonkey 09/07/2011

    I didn't like it when it came out but - with the move to Freemium - I decided to try it again.

    I see they haven't made it any more fun to play. It's like being punished when you play it. You'll spend most of your time dying, running miles to get back to where you were and then dying again. And I'm a 10+ year veteran of MMOs, so it's not like I don't know how to play them and it's not like I'm talking about Leroy Jenkins headlong attacks. I mean you literally can't go anywhere in the outside world without being jumped by three or four mobs and beaten down every step of the journey.

    Perhaps it's a deliberate decision and they want it to be ''old school.'' But unless you have a lot of friends to play with, you'll spend most of your game time being frustrated by just how weak you feel in this game and how easily you die.
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  • Age of Conan: Unchained now free-to-play

  • iokthemonkey 05/07/2011

    Re-installed it for ''free'' and am trying it. It still seems a bit unstable (I've had a few crashes or exits and restarts that have somehow ''corrupted'' the data) and the combat is just a bit lacking - not just the Karaoke button combos but also in that it seems as if you have Attack 1: does some damage; Attack 2: does some damage, also; Attack 3: does damage and so on. It just seems to lack some of the subtle combat stuff like armour breaker attacks, stuns, bleeds, etc.

    I'm still grinding through Tortage (ugh) and I want to see how it is post 20 but at the moment I'm only playing it when I've nothing else to do.
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  • iokthemonkey 02/07/2011

    The combat was always a bit shonky IMO. The combo system really doesn't add anything and whilst I appreciate they were trying to make a more ''dynamic/interactive'' system, it ends up being a bit button-mashy. Reply +1
  • Doctor Who MMO announced

  • iokthemonkey 25/02/2011

    Browser-based puzzle game, anyone? Reply 0
  • Champions' F2P switch does the business

  • iokthemonkey 16/02/2011

    I could see how the subscriptions could boost their revenue but - as Roarster says - it sounds a bit of an assumption on Eurgamer's part that the F2P-shift meeting their early goals and CO/STO making them money.

    Obviously I could be wrong and Atari could be claiming that, but if they are it's a claim I find dubious.
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  • Champions Online

  • iokthemonkey 11/02/2011

    Yeah, if you buy it you'll get 400 (I think) Atari Points. I did when I bought it originally and I imagine they'd still honour that. Reply 0
  • iokthemonkey 11/02/2011

    The only thing I found in combat is sometimes I'd be trying to charge an attack and it wouldn't respond. I think the ''hot zones'' on the buttons are a little smaller than they should be, as it's quite easy - if you're not watching your hot bar - to end-up clicking on the dead zone between them.

    Is it possible to make the buttons bigger? I've never looked at the UI to see. They don't scale with resolution changes.
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  • iokthemonkey 11/02/2011

    I still find some of the Archetypes feel weaker than others. The Behemoth and Grimoire can easily hold their own once you get certain skills in place but the Marksman (Archer) has always felt weak, even before the F2P move.

    I certainly applaud Cryptic for giving so much content up-front but I also have to give them a boo for their pricing model. Yes, it may cost less than a monthly sub but they're nickle-and-diming players with everything outside the core content and it's not even as if it's attractively priced. Still though, there's enough content to keep you mildly amused for a while but of the free Archetypes there are really only a couple worth playing. And why there's no Martial Arts Archetype is beyond me, given how many superheroes fit into this category.

    Also one point to make in LOTRO's defence is that you can actually earn Turbine Points by playing the game, which can then be used to buy content. CO - whilst it offers a lot from the off, for free - doesn't have any kind of similar system. I'm not necessarily saying it should, either, just pointing out that LOTRO's ''premium'' content is easily unlocked with just a little effort and I think that's where Turbine made a better move than Cryptic.
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  • Star Wars: TOR won't be "a cakewalk"

  • iokthemonkey 31/01/2011

    Sounds all fluffy and lovely.

    Now let's see you actually do it.
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  • Blizzard targets Warcraft gold sellers

  • iokthemonkey 29/01/2011

    So WoW is going to a Freemium payment plan?

    First stage, eliminate the competition.
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  • Guild Wars 2 Guardian replaces Monk

  • iokthemonkey 27/01/2011

    I'd imagine this paladin class won't be allowed to go offensive and groups will demand they go healer/support.


    Well again, that's kind of the point - if a player wants to play a ''healer'' class, this is the one for them. But if they're in a group where another Guardian says they'll take that role, it doesn't mean they can't come along and add DPS or utility to help-out, rather than simply be told ''we've already got a healer.''
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  • iokthemonkey 27/01/2011

    I think the point is that ArenaNet trying to avoid the usual DPS-Tank-Healer requirements for groups to allow more flexibility in grouping so no class is considered ''+ random'' - as everybody can fulfill a role in any group they join - hence the lack of dedicated healers.

    The more I see of GW2 the more I want it. While EA have been pushing loads of flashy CGI and arse about fourth pillars, ArenaNet have been releasing information backed-up with details and examples. I just wish they'd give us a bloody release date!
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  • Champions Online: Free For All goes live

  • iokthemonkey 25/01/2011

    EQ2 is hideous - don't even bother, as - like all SOE games - it doesn't have a proper uninstaller and it's a right piss-on to get rid of (and it's shite.)

    CO is fun in small doses - it's ideally-suited for the fremium model, although be warned that the prices Atari are charging for the ''micro'' transactions will leave you stunned. I think it's about 6 quid for an additional TWO character slots. But on the plus-side, you get the entire base game for free and you can level right up to maximum without spending a penny.

    As for the patching, I did it early this morning (US time) and it was done within an hour or so.
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  • Champions Online turns F2P this month

  • iokthemonkey 13/01/2011

    Reinstalled it but I can't patch it until it goes F2P, unless I want to re-subscribe. Which I don't.

    Hopefully I'll still be interested in playing in 2 weeks.
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  • iokthemonkey 12/01/2011

    Hmm. I think I've got some characters that use non-free powers (Darkness control) so I dunno if I really want to go to the effort of installing and then finding out they're no use. I dunno. If I get bored one day I might give it a try. Reply 0
  • iokthemonkey 12/01/2011

    So I can't use my old characters?

    That's arse.

    (Puts CO box back in closet.)
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  • iokthemonkey 12/01/2011

    So Fawksie - the archetypes aren't restrictive? When I saw how narrow a choice of power-sets I wasn't impressed (and why do Cryptic have this obsession with gun-toting superheroes?) but if they're not bad I might consider coming back.

    Oh and I read that you could play all the way to maximum level without buying expansion packs, which is good. I just think they're being tight on the character-creation side.
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  • Free-to-play LOTRO sees revenues triple

  • iokthemonkey 08/01/2011

    On topic: I've recently started LotRO as F2P and I must say it seems like a clone of (the previous) WoW in design and quests - which I tried the trial of in the summer.


    No offence, but is this your only MMORPG experience? It's a bit like criticising Tomb Raider for being a clone of Super Mario Brothers because both feature a lot of jumping.
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  • iokthemonkey 07/01/2011

    Eldar is always well-populated when I play on it.

    And Swisstony, Isengard is the next Expansion, not update. There will be more content before its release.

    And I know people always say it, but have you tried starting over with a new class? The game is a very different experience to how it was when you were a new player.
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  • Star Wars: TOR is a "10 year opportunity"

  • iokthemonkey 08/12/2010

    I think people are being sceptical about it, simply as nothing that's been shown yet makes anybody think any differently.

    So far it seems to be ''Star Wars + speech = WIN!!!''' without any actual gameplay meat.
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  • Pirates of the Burning Sea free-to-play

  • iokthemonkey 30/11/2010

    That looked like fun from the video. Yeah, so it looks a bit ropey in places but so long as you can play for free, why not? Reply 0
  • LOTRO Isengard expansion unveiled

  • iokthemonkey 22/11/2010

    Massively have since removed the comment about open-world PvP in ROI. Reply 0
  • iokthemonkey 19/11/2010

    Even more exciting is the prospect of PvMP spilling out of the Ettenmoors into new areas. Where will the conflict take us? The devs hinted at but would not confirm Isengard as a location for open-world PvMP. This move is also designed to allow F2P gamers a way to finally participate in PvP, although the team hasn't decided whether this will include an additional cost or not.

    From Massively's article here -
    Massively's ''reporters'' are usually just fanboys spouting shit, but they're talking about open world PvP in that article. I agree it wouldn't be possible given the way LOTRO works but there you go.
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  • iokthemonkey 19/11/2010 are suggesting part of Isengard might be open-world PvP.

    That would be shit, so don't do it.
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  • iokthemonkey 19/11/2010

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I'm assuming it'll be a digital download. I wonder if it's possible to buy it with Turbine Points and - if so - how many, as I get 500 a month free as a lifetimer... :D Reply 0
  • LOTRO: Confront Saruman next year

  • iokthemonkey 17/11/2010

    If it was a great game it would not have needed to go free to play would it, i was going to give it a go but the whole selling weapons and armour really put me off, i dont want to be forced into spending cash for items i should earn in game.


    The Store doesn't sell weapons.

    And nobody's forcing you to buy items. Go earn them in-game if you like.
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  • iokthemonkey 16/11/2010

    If they're going to piss around with Monster Play, please make all the tweaks Creep-side. I don't want LOTRO ''balanced'' for PvP by arsing about with PvE skills. Reply +1
  • Blizzard plans huge office expansion

  • iokthemonkey 16/11/2010

    SAMagic - not for over a year. Why? Reply 0
  • iokthemonkey 15/11/2010

    Why would I want to play an Office Expansion? Proof they've completely lost it. The quests will be shit. ''Go to the Watercooler and talk to Bob about the missing paper clips.''

    People will buy any old shite.
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  • The Lord of the Rings Online

  • iokthemonkey 15/11/2010

    Tom Bombadil is fucking awesome. Reply +6
  • iokthemonkey 15/11/2010

    PvPers form a minority of players in MMOs, Benno. And PvP isn't an interaction between players at all - it's two (or more) players simply killing each other repeatedly. That's not as meaningful as questing together, forming Guilds, etc. which is where most MMOs - and especially LOTRO - have most of their dev-time invested. If you want a PvP-centric MMO, there are some out there I'm sure. However, LOTRO isn't - and never will be - about being the bad guy. Reply +5
  • iokthemonkey 15/11/2010

    Actionfitz - keep in mind you can earn TPs in-game, too. So if you're 80 points short (in this example) completing a few deeds/quests/etc in-game will earn you the additional points. Reply +1
  • iokthemonkey 15/11/2010

    To criticise LOTRO for lacking PvP is like criticising Blade Runner for not having enough tits in it: you're missing the point. Reply +14
  • iokthemonkey 15/11/2010

    LOTRO totally flew under my radar on release and I was a little late to the party but I've been playing for a couple of years now and it's without a doubt the best MMO I've ever played. The game is beautiful, not just visually but in terms of plot development and writing, combat mechanics (each class plays in its unique style) and just sheer fun. It's criminal how little attention LOTRO receives but now - thanks to the F2P move - it's finally in the spotlight.

    And Tom Bombadil is awesome. For anybody wondering, here's his awesome theme tune:
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