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  • Fighter Within review

  • inutaihanyou 29/11/2013


    wanker isn't really a word we use in common speech over here, is the actual thing. Same with twat.
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  • inutaihanyou 29/11/2013

    Its this and killer instinct vs Guilty GearXrd, Injustice and a possible UltraSF4 up port.

    Seems like PS4 is getting all the good fighters.
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  • Pandora's Tower finally comes to North America in April

  • inutaihanyou 12/03/2013

    Thanks for the heads up! I will be buying in April! Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: Defining PlayStation 4's games

  • inutaihanyou 23/02/2013

    The lifecycle of the console will obviously guarantee that you will get whatever games you want out of it. After the very first showing for an hour and a half, i don't know what anyone was expecting at that time. Reply +17
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 coming to the west in March

  • inutaihanyou 05/01/2013

    Why do they always include characters that are obviously just different transformations as another character? Saying 80 is obviously a lot until you realize there arent that many Reply +1
  • "Free-to-play will change everything."

  • inutaihanyou 14/12/2012

    Why do people use "why would anyone want to oppose trying games out for free?!" as some sort of excuse for F2P gaming? That's what demo's are for already. I don't feel the goddamned need to have micro-transactions in my game, i want a complete experience from start to finish, is that so wrong? DLC for small portions of the game experience is bad enough as it is, when you start breaking the entire game into pieces just to because the publisher/devs are greedy fucks who want to milk you and make it completely obvious that's what they are doing, that's when it turns shitty. Reply +10
  • inutaihanyou 14/12/2012

    I'd ask EG, why don't they ask these guys themselves our own concerns about whether or not the consumer actually wants this kind of bullshite? Or about how there is more than one avenue for success in the industry without having to listen to every person's pitch about how their way is the only way?

    I'd like to hear about you contesting these people once in a while EG.
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  • Was it a glimpse of next-gen? Medieval RPG maker responds

  • inutaihanyou 12/12/2012


    "Couldnt be bother reading this. More gmaes on pc than consoles. Fact. Get over it sucker."

    I don't really care about what your fanboy bias's are in relation to PC's and consoles. Especially in regards to whether or not PC's have more "gmaes" than consoles or whatever you said.

    I was correcting your wrong statement only for others who might be looking and think you have an ounce of credibility.
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  • inutaihanyou 12/12/2012


    "both the current gen console gpus are based on designs from gpus that were released for PCs in what, 2007 at the latest? "

    2004 and 2005 respectively actually. Xenos is based on the Radeon RV400 series with custom elements like unified shaders and a DX9 equivalent feature set.

    Meanwhile, PS3's RSX is a literal Geforce 7800.

    "given the lead time to pin down the hardware spec so that the devs can actually produce games for launch, if those consoles are being announced next year with a view to releasing sometime a year after that, whatever they use is probably going to be largely based on the current gpu generations."

    What does this even mean? Games are being made NOW for the target specifications of these consoles and have been for a while, there is nothing to "pin down".

    And Durango is being announced next year and launched next year. just as 360 was.

    Everything else you said was either wrong or off base in regards to actual my point, which was;

    Consoles are closed boxes. Their main advantage from a performance standpoint is giving developers a single set of specs to work with and making a game based on those.

    From that they can optimize and make games utilizing the hardware to its fullest potential. It is not my opinion, it is just a fact that PC games today are built with 2005 hardware in mind, and when those confines are lifted to 2012-2013 hardware, the lowest denominator also is significantly raised.

    You don't have to take my word for it, the jump in base fidelity is from the dev's mouths themselves.
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  • inutaihanyou 11/12/2012


    "Pcs are a generation ahead. If you want to see superior people graphics, buy a pc."

    I have to keep saying it, but as long as this ignorance persists, it's necessary.

    I'd ask people who think like yourself why devs like Epic and Square Enix put out tech demo's for "next generation"? Because its currently not the next generation.

    Whereas PC's drive the upper limit of graphical fidelity, consoles drive the lower limit and the base standard.

    As 99.9% of all games are made for current generation consoles in mind, the true fidelity of the hardware you have in your PC is being under-utilized dramatically, which is why you can max out all games that come out at this point in time with little effort. Unless of course you think that BF3 at 1080p and 60fps on a GTX680 is the best that card can do? Lol.

    The fact of the matter is, devs aren't going to make a game that utilizes the full effect of global illumination, the full effect of tessellation, the full effect of physX environment simulation such as true reaction to wind, collision, and deflection, if it compromises the feasibility of the game across the platforms. Not only in regards to console, but all the configurations a PC has to deal with.

    When the next consoles are announced next year, devs won't have to settle for a DX9 equivalent feature set with 500mb ram and a 240gflop GPU anymore. Thus the base game dramatically changes.

    This is nothing more than common sense.

    For a console gamer like me, i don't begrudge PC gamers for their hobby of higher resolutions, higher framerates, and better textures, but don't think for a second that what you have right now is going to be so special in the not too distant future, your gonna have to upgrade that card fairly quick soon.
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  • The Walking Dead: Season One review

  • inutaihanyou 22/11/2012

    I haven't been hit this hard by a video game since Nier. A ringing endorsement. Reply -4
  • inutaihanyou 22/11/2012

    I haven't been hit this hard by a video game since Nier. A ringing endorsement. Reply +3
  • The Miiverse is a cross between Twitter, Facebook and Gamefaqs

  • inutaihanyou 20/11/2012

    Its simply called an opinion on ZombieU EG. Its not something to go crazy and generalize people for for shallow reasons.

    Some people will like it, some people won't. You should not take reviewer publications as a facet for an entire populace, that's just ridiculous.
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  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review

  • inutaihanyou 17/11/2012

    Holy fuck, Richard Jaques is making the soundtrack? The guy who did the excellent Sonic R soundtrack all those years ago? Fuck day one purchase man Reply 0
  • The cult of TotalBiscuit

  • inutaihanyou 14/11/2012

    And like someone else above said, i think he just lacks the history of a console gamer perspective like a lot of us have growing up with genesis/megadrive, NES, SNES and the like. They aren't just something to be looked down upon because your not familiar with their ins and outs.

    And i say that as someone who has full respect for PC gamers at large, their community, and their opinions. Just treat me as a console gamer with the same respect(even if you don't play console much or don't take to it) and we'll be fine.
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  • inutaihanyou 14/11/2012

    I have issue with things he says sometimes (like a section during the mailbox when someone asked about halo 4, he went off into an incomprehensible rant about console fps and how much he believes they are inferior to 'real fps' on PC. He didn't even talk about the game itself, when a "i don't really play console fps so i could not give my opinion on it" would have done just fine)

    But in general, i really love his commentary, he's a funny guy, and seems to know his stuff about the industry or at the least he'll say SOMETHING that you agree with.
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  • Nintendo admits Wii U to be sold at loss

  • inutaihanyou 25/10/2012

    The controller, while being apart of the console set itself, has a lot of components to develop and manufacture. Hopefully the cost of this tablet controller will work out for Nintendo in the long run for all the money they've pumped into it, we're talking half the price of the console here, that's no small deal. Reply +14
  • Take a look at Assassin's Creed 3's PS3-exclusive content

  • inutaihanyou 23/10/2012

    So by now we would have had 50 posts smashing microsoft or 360 because of this, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, the reactions are more measured and at times completely hypocritical, typical Reply -4
  • inutaihanyou 23/10/2012

    So by now we would have had 50 posts smashing microsoft or 360 because of this, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, the reactions are more measured and at times completely hypocritical, typical Reply -3
  • BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution game exclusive for pre-order customers

  • inutaihanyou 22/10/2012

    Obviously because they want to be completely sure you are buying their game new instead of used or pirating. They want to sweeten the deal. And i can understand that from a business standpoint of a high budget game that depends on early sales. Its better than DRM imo with passcodes. Reply +10
  • BioShock Infinite explodes back on the scene with new trailer

  • inutaihanyou 22/10/2012

    To be clear; a majority of the staff who have left the project were working on the underlying systems. Now that they are out of the way and the game is on its way towards release, they really have nothing left to do at Irrational and so they left to other projects. Irrational has a habit of burning through certain development positions dating back to the original Bioshock's development period.

    Bioshock Infinite will be great as long as Ken is at the helm.
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  • First Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 gameplay image revealed

  • inutaihanyou 17/10/2012


    confirmed for next year 360 and ps3
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  • Face-Off: Resident Evil 6

  • inutaihanyou 06/10/2012

    Good show for platform parity i suppose.

    Now, about the game...
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  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's Big Daddy and Little Sister are penned by Ken Levine

  • inutaihanyou 04/10/2012

    I hated Bioshock 2. You could tell it didn't have Levine and 2K Boston's craft segued into with with the tacked on versus multiplayer modes and completely fabricated inclusion of characters never mentioned to exist in the first game.

    Whereas with Bioshock 1, there was a total cohesion of the world in my view, that you could go back and explore any time. Looking forward to Infinite
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  • inutaihanyou 04/10/2012

    I hated Bioshock 2. You could tell it didn't have Levine and 2K Boston's craft segued into with with the tacked on versus multiplayer modes and completely fabricated inclusion of characters never mentioned to exist in the first game.

    Whereas with Bioshock 1, there was a total cohesion of the world in my view, that you could go back and explore any time. Looking forward to Infinite
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  • Cliff Bleszinski does the unreal and leaves Epic

  • inutaihanyou 03/10/2012

    Hopefully he has a great time in his future endeavors Reply -2
  • inutaihanyou 03/10/2012

    Hopefully he has a great time in his future endeavors Reply +9
  • See Halo 4's version of Valhalla and its new mech in action

  • inutaihanyou 02/10/2012

    It will be very balanced because the plasma pistol disables it immediately Reply +7
  • Watch the US presidential election retold as a Mortal Kombat parody

  • inutaihanyou 02/10/2012

    I know the ending of the game already. Obama wins every time but looses against Drone strike protest#13843.

    Liberal American speaking, i've beaten this game and got a perfect in every round on ultra hard
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  • Sony's TGS press conference reveals new IP from Dynasty Warriors dev

  • inutaihanyou 19/09/2012

    Nier...great severely underrated game Reply +1
  • iPhone 5 revealed, runs "console quality games"

  • inutaihanyou 12/09/2012

    But is it more powerful than Vita? -sarcasm-

    "Console quality graphics" means so little as a reference point its not even funny. What does it even mean?
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  • Release date for Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins retro double-pack

  • inutaihanyou 30/08/2012

    I have Marvel Super Heroes for PS1 but the framerate is gimped to shit. Maybe i'll pick this up since it has online. Reply +1
  • How Powerful is the Wii U Really?

  • inutaihanyou 30/08/2012

    @Dasorcerer AMD 4000, not 7 series. Its 7xx series Reply -2
  • Microsoft and Sony could struggle next-gen if they fail to embrace free-to-play

  • inutaihanyou 28/08/2012

    No thanks for your brand of 'advice'. I understand your pushing your company towards this, but trying to pressure other people to make it easier on you isn't a way to win.

    F2P is fine in certain situations, but i doubt anyone wants to see F2P dominate every aspect of gaming. Nickel and diming would get 10x worse than today's business model if every game company was competing for people's time and substantial investment every second with micro transactions.
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  • This just in: DmC's Dante battles demonic conservative anchorman in shocking new footage

  • inutaihanyou 28/08/2012

    One does not simply 'parody' Fox news. Its a parody unto itself unfortunately as much as the conservatives here in the US label it gospel. Reply +12
  • Infinity Blade dev's new game Vote lets you kick the crap out Mitt Romney

  • inutaihanyou 23/08/2012


    We would not. The second poster got his second statement 100% correct, but his first statement is a little off the mark. Not everyone follows a political candidate who has a ridiculous foreign policy because they(the voter) are "warmongering". Maybe they like the social domestic policies, or the economic foreign policy and not military side, or whatever it may be. I happen to not like the GOP or the conservatives of my country at all and i would never vote for them under any circumstance. But a voting bloc is much more diverse than that kind of claim, especially when split between only two choices.
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  • inutaihanyou 22/08/2012

    As an American, i'd rather vote for Bernie Sanders(too bad he's not running), but out of a contest between these two, Obama is the obvious choice even though i have issues with his lack of will. Mitt is just a chameleon, he is whatever his A) Political benefactors, B) nutjob conservative base wants him to be, choosing Paul Ryan as a VP just proved that again.

    I'm sure the rest of the world is laughing their asses off right now at him even being within breathing distance of the nomination, go on ahead and admit it.
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  • Wonderfully made video showing what Halo 4 took to make

  • inutaihanyou 17/08/2012

    I for one, can't wait for this game. Time moves too slowly.

    The engine looks overhauled, graphics look great. Gameplay looks awesome. Soundtrack is very good, i have high expectations
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  • Warface western release date narrowed down, Crytek reveals console hopes

  • inutaihanyou 17/08/2012

    Why is 3 million players such a big deal when its all about WHO ACTUALLY PAYS?

    Its F2P, so they aren't making a dime unless they get transactions. Hence my issue with F2P in general. If i have to put up with piecemeal game experiences that depend wholly on me putting up money every second any more than they already are trying to sell to me with DLC, that's the day i take up a new hobby.

    Sure, some people will say 'that's not how GOOD developers make their F2P games like Valve! Their stuff is all cosmetic!"

    Which is true, but brings up another issue in that F2P doesn't fit for every game out there. So far its only been used in less than a handful of genres and very specific circumstances at that. It will never work in a single player experience and especially in areas where the devs are dependent on the player putting up money and the market is flooded. Then you can be damn sure F2P is going to be indistinguishable from mandatory DLC.
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  • Sega: Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U graphics on-par with PlayStation 3 version, "maybe even better"

  • inutaihanyou 16/08/2012


    This is a misnomer. The screen resolution hardly matters to a system's power in this day and age. 360 and PS3 already render certain games in native 1080p and have for a while depending on the game.

    "Native 1080p compliant" is just a buzzword, because renerding more demanding games in 1080p is a much different matter entirely from something like Trine or Scribblenauts. These kinds of games are hardly taxing to the hardware.
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  • inutaihanyou 16/08/2012

    Uhm...with a 400gflop gpu and 1 to 1.5 gigs of GDDR3 memory dedicated to games, i'd like to hope that the Wii U's output is at PS3's level or better!

    Nintendo would have to literally put in effort to make a console weaker than 360's output.
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  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti Review

  • inutaihanyou 16/08/2012

    I am not a PC gamer, so going through these types of articles on EG, where we see absurd levels of performance from ever improving PC graphics cards(259 FPS really!?), it makes me very conscious of the next generation. With the most credible rumors putting the PS4 and 720's respective powers closest to the 7850, i can only wonder how developers on dedicated hardware will convert those absurd framerates and AA settings into actual expansion of game design going forward. Its a lot to look forward to IMO when you consider the fact that current gen 360 and PS3 just barely hit the minimum requirements of a lot of these games listed at (barely)720p and 30/(perceptual)60fps

    And of course PC gamers will have a front row seat to the festivities as GPU's and CPU's also improve .

    Long live the games.
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  • The Medal of Honor Tomahawk

  • inutaihanyou 15/08/2012

    As someone earlier said...while there are many aspects of US society that are troubling, as an American who's on the inside, i can say with confidence that a majority of what you(those on the outside)see of us is only a fragment of the diverse thought here.

    There are plenty of rational liberal minded people in America, just as there are conservative minded ones who would just as sooner prove those misconceptions you may or may not have. All i can say without going into a huge rant on the 'state of the union' is that this 'culture' that you see, is much more complicated and than you may realize looking in.
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  • BioShock Infinite cut two multiplayer modes - report

  • inutaihanyou 10/08/2012


    I liked your first post, i mean before you edited it. It made you seem less like an ignoramus.

    Anyways, can't wait to have this game in my veins, Ken has not let me down yet.
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  • Two high-profile BioShock Infinite devs quit Irrational

  • inutaihanyou 09/08/2012

    Obviously since Wells replied, he was hardly miffed about the project. And the main Bioshock 1 art director's influence is something i would not sneeze at.

    There's only been two departures so far and the game comes out in Febuary. I say there's nothing to be dooming and glooming about
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  • Jay-Z revealed as executive producer of NBA 2K13

  • inutaihanyou 01/08/2012

    Snoop....Lion..... Reply -1
  • Firefall dev "checking out" Ouya, casts doubt on Microsoft and Sony's console future

  • inutaihanyou 31/07/2012

    Can we please stop with the self proclaimed industry analysts screaming about how one specific thing is the future and how everything else is doomed please? I'd like that very much thank you. Reply +73
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale leak outs characters, stages

  • inutaihanyou 30/07/2012


    Yanks are wankers, go get yourself some better friends.
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  • Ty the Tasmanian Tiger returns

  • inutaihanyou 27/07/2012

    All i remember is that the marketing department bashed the fuck out of Crash, Mario and Sonic in the promo's. That automatically put me off this "edgy new" mascot type character. Reply +5
  • Irrational Games job ad lists 85+ Metacritic score as a requirement

  • inutaihanyou 27/07/2012

    You do realize EG, that the Metacritic bullet point is only one bullet point out of more than 10 on their list of requirements right? Reply -58