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  • Mario Kart 8 now pegged for a May release

  • introiboad 30/01/2014

    How about a link to the actual slides in English, in addition to the bunch of tweets? Reply 0
  • The Wonderful 101 review

  • introiboad 19/08/2013

    @Saurian Understood, I now get your point. I thought you were talking about the difficulty level or about the challenge the game represents to the player Reply +1
  • introiboad 19/08/2013

    @Saurian As it may have been mentioned before, really hard to get to grips with games such as Demon Souls or Dark Souls have received very positive reviews Reply 0
  • Live: Nintendo Direct E3 Conference

  • introiboad 11/06/2013

    Nintendo need to make a big game splash here. At this point their project Cafe feels more diluted than what you get in German motorway rest stops. Reply +1
  • Skyrim: Legendary Edition confirmed

  • introiboad 25/04/2013

    Will that be available as a PSN download? I would really like to buy this digitally Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 interface shown off in HD screenshots

  • introiboad 28/02/2013

    Any French literature fans out there? "Julien Sorel" is the main character from "The red and the black" by Stendhal. I wonder why they chose that name... Maybe because he is a narcissistic, ambitious and callous element, like some of the others you often see in social networks? Reply +4
  • Spec Analysis: PlayStation 4

  • introiboad 21/02/2013

    @Der_tolle_Emil Often the distinction reflects the CPUs register size, but not always. Not sure about the Nintendo 64 but this is true for most CPUs. If it's 64-bits, registers and especially the ones used to reference memory are going to be 64-bit wide, even if the bus is 32-bit. Reply 0
  • introiboad 21/02/2013

    I am personally happy for once.
    They've taken a gaming machine and made it more powerful, refined the controller and added nice features like the background download and install and the instant on.
    All the social stuff is optional and so is the Playstation eye gimmickry. What more can one ask for? Were you expecting a supercomputer? It's a machine designed to make it easy for developers to write great games and for users to play them.
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  • introiboad 21/02/2013

    @El_MUERkO I think I can shed some light here. Bluetooth 4.0 basically adds a low energy mode that, while it would be suited for the HID input commands, wouldn't work with the audio that is supposed to go back and forth from the controller to the console. If you are not going to use Bluetooth Low Energy then Bluetooth 4.0 is nearly identical to 2.1 (3.0 added an alternate PHY over wlan which would help no one here), so I understand Sony's choice.
    Edit: regarding the latency, if you are using chips of a certain manufacturer on both sides (controller and console) you can achieve the same latency with 2.1 than with 4.0.
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  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • introiboad 21/02/2013

    what were you expecting? everybody sounds disappointed, but this is really quite good. Standard controller, powerful hardware and plenty of games that are not gimmicky. This is good news I believe... I am pretty happy. Reply 0
  • introiboad 20/02/2013

    8GB!!!! how nice is that? Reply 0
  • introiboad 20/02/2013

    No more esoteric tech, x86 is back and we're happy Reply 0
  • introiboad 20/02/2013

    Are they awake in NY already? Have they been working all night long? Reply 0
  • Sony aiming at ~$400 for PlayStation 4 - report

  • introiboad 07/02/2013

    @TheApologist Yes you are right that for real-time strategy and even for some FPSs the PC is better (L4D2 is brilliant!). But I spend all day sitting in front of a computer, so when I play I like to do that on the sofa with a controller and a beer.
    If you're playing things like BF or CoD then consoles are, in my personal opinion, better because of the level playing field. I do get really envious when I see those incredible videos of BF3 or Black Ops 2 in 1080p with 4xMSAA and 60fps on a PC, but even though I could afford a gaming PC I still go for consoles because the time I spend gaming for me is a time away from the computer.
    That added to the fact that we all play at the same fps rate, with the same resolution and with the same controller, gives me a feeling of "if I lose it's my fault and nothing else" that is very pleasant to have.
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  • introiboad 07/02/2013

    @TheApologist All you say is true, but you forget to mention one little detail that is important for some of us: competitive multiplayer in even/equal conditions while sitting comfortably on the sofa. Between the hacking and diversity of input methods one cannot play in the same way on a PC. This may not be relevant to many of Eurogamer's readers, but it is to me. Reply +3
  • introiboad 07/02/2013

    @kosigan I do not think that is technically possible without including a Cell chip, which would make the console impracticably expensive. The architecture of the Cell is so different from an AMD x86 CPU that I honestly don't believe that you could achieve decent performance. Reply +3
  • introiboad 07/02/2013

    I will be happy to pay over 400€ as long as:

    * PSN remains free
    * Naughty Dog keep releasing exclusives
    * Us PlayStation users don't get the short end of the stick this time when it comes to multiplat games. I am so tired of seeing Digital Foundry articles where the conclusion reads "the Xbox version has an edge..."
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  • Wii U graphics power finally revealed

  • introiboad 05/02/2013

    @Null89 Not really, that 1.5x applies to GPU only. Then you need to factor in the CPU and bandwidth, so the final factor requires more analysis. Reply +15
  • Editor's blog: Bringing back mobile and tablet game reviews

  • introiboad 14/01/2013

    @Zombie-Hamster Yes! I finished the two Broken Sword games and Beneath a Steel Sky on an iPhone and couldn't be happier.

    Currently working my way through the original Final Fantasy
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  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on Wii U

  • introiboad 27/11/2012


    That certainly is quite interesting information. I did see the bit you mention, but you go beyond that in what you explain regarding the usage of the eDRAM.

    So I agree with you that this may prove tougher to crack for optimal performance than what I had assumed, but I am still skeptical, specially regarding the CPU.

    You mentioned the Cell earlier and I have to wholeheartedly agree with you: that is a piece of tech very hard to optimize for. I remember installing compilers on the Yellow Dog Linux I installed on the PS3 a few years back and trying to write some code, and it was tricky.
    I do not however see that level of conceptual departure in the Wii U, hence my pessimism regarding its performance potential.
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  • introiboad 27/11/2012


    Thanks for the IBM link, I hadn't actually seen that.
    But there's nothing in the press release that hints towards any new or innovative technology? I don't think there's anything inherently superior to SoI when compared to intel's FinFET stuff in their 22nm chips.
    Eve if there was that's only manufacturing tech, which has nothing to do with how you actually program the device.

    edit: about the eDRAM, I can see how this config is new, although most consoles (and indeed even embedded SoCs) have had eDRAM for a while, but do you think that alone makes it so different to code for? That's what wonder.
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  • introiboad 27/11/2012


    Here's a picture of the 2 dies: CPU and GPU clearly separate.

    and from the Anandtech analysis:

    "The multicore PowerPC based CPU is the smaller of the two larger chips. This die is made on IBM's 45nm SOI process. The RV7xx derived GPU is the biggest die on the package, and I'm presuming it was made on a 40nm process. I'm assuming the very tiny die in the corner is actually some off-chip memory. Both the CPU and GPU in the Wii U are supposed to have some eDRAM, although the bulk of it is likely dedicated for the GPU"
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  • introiboad 27/11/2012


    I watched the video, but this is clearly research into future silicon IC manufacturing that is not in mass production yet.

    The Wikipedia article for this technology:

    states that it is in experimental stages, so I doubt very much this is inside the Wii U.

    Out Of Order has been with us for ages, even the Cortex series from ARM that are in most mobile phones are out of order, there is absolutely nothing new in that.

    About the "GPU layered chip": what does that mean exactly? I mean, this is using an AMD GPU as per Nintendo itself, and iFixit's teardown showed that there are 2 separate packages there: the CPU and the GPU. There is nothing layered as far as I can tell from the information available.
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  • introiboad 27/11/2012

    Just wanted to add: in this day and age, optimizing is not the same as it was a while back probably. APIs are further away from the hw and there are no more big "game changers" or suprises anymore. It's a CPU that executes your logic and a GPU that is programmable via shaders. How different is the Wii U from other hw that you need so much time to tweak and optimize for? I may be wrong, not a graphics expert just a gamer but i do feel that 2012 != 2005 in terms of writing 3D engines and renderers. Reply +4
  • introiboad 27/11/2012

    About the whole "give them time to optimize" thing. This game uses Unreal, which runs on PC, PS3, Xbox. They probably support GPGPU by now? They support the Cell's SPEs and modern PC hardware, so it makes sense? Also Epic must've had access to the Wii U specs and hw for a while? I personally think the CPU is simply not up to scratch. Maybe they paid too high a price for Wii backwards compat, maybe they skimped. Whatever it was, this is not a CPU to be proud of in 2012 Reply +7
  • THQ clarifies Wii U "horrible, slow" CPU claim, but developer concern remains

  • introiboad 22/11/2012

    The Havok and Bullet guys are gonna face a challenge with this one... Reply +18
  • Saturday Soapbox: Vita signs of life

  • introiboad 05/11/2012

    Actually you are wrong.
    The vita has an SGX543MP4, the new iPad has an SGX554MP4, which mops the floor with the Vita.

    Just a small precision.
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  • Definitive Years in Gaming History: 1991

  • introiboad 08/05/2012

    I created an account just to say how happy I am to see Julian Rignall writing about the Mega Drive again. I remember buying Mean Machines on special import shops in my home Spain just to read your reviews, and how I truly enjoyed reading them, I couldn't wait for the next issue. I still have a ton of them somewhere in my parents' house.

    Great article BTW!
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