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  • Surface with Windows 8 Pro dated for North America next month

  • illusion 23/01/2013

    The Zune was so crappy they even played on it in an episode of Chuck
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  • EA responds to FIFA 13 bug complaints aired on BBC's Watchdog last night

  • illusion 01/11/2012

    I too have seen "not seen" the invisible ball bug while playing with my friend. I still beat him 3-2 and he swears they're the best 3 goals I ever scored in the game. He still wasn't happy though I think he might have put the game on ebay :D Reply +1
  • Penn & Teller do games this week

  • illusion 07/07/2009

    I always thought Bulls*** was on the FX channel. I used to watch it when I lived in the UK. Reply 0
  • Aion open beta to run in August

  • illusion 17/06/2009

    I played the "Some asian country" open beta earlier this year.

    It's another WoWalike. Kill 20 of these. Find 30 of these etc etc.
    Wings were cool for about 10 minutes other than that it wasn't anything special or anything I'd not seen before. I was really looking forward to it when I read about it, but the beta was just too familiar.
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  • Hellgate is in dire straits, says designer

  • illusion 11/06/2008

    This is the game where you basically hold down the mouse button and move slowly through the randomly generated but amazingly samey instances?

    I wonder why it's not a huge winner.

    It's not compelling I played it and felt like nothing made much of a difference. Weapons, armour etc yeah you picked up new stuff and wore that and sometimes you didn't have enough stats to wear something else. However it didn't encourage me to do anything differently it just made me make do with what I had and be happy.

    In the end it wasn't that much fun to play and they should have realised that during development.
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  • Tiga, psychologist defend R*

  • illusion 26/11/2007

    No matter what happens with this title it'll still be a rubbish game that has more chance of suffocating in it's own plastic bag on the way home from the shops than causing it's owner to murder random people on the street with same said placy bag. Reply 0
  • Lego Indy Jones announced

  • illusion 30/07/2007

    Ooo lets milk an idea for all it's worth!! Reply 0
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 - Wii

  • illusion 09/07/2007

    "Sadly, the new photo game face system doesn't feature on the Wii - for the simple reason that there's no way of importing photographs into games on the system."

    That SD slot isn't as useful as it first looked apparently.

    /scratches head
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  • Time Pilot

  • illusion 05/09/2006

    Thus my point about not scoring them.

    I think what I tried to get across and kind failed in my long rambling was.

    If you played defender it still stands up today.
    If you've never played defender then there's a possibility you'd see it as crap.

    Each of these scenarios will produce wildly different viewpoints.
    Also classic arcade games seem to be love them or hate them.

    Due to their short game time focus. Remember these games are designed to eat quarters.

    I don't think scoring them works because of these points. Its probably why pacman got 8/10 and timepilot got 3/10

    I'd much rather see a review without the score for so called arcade classics on Live.

    They have trial versions I assume for all of the reasons I've already mentioned. It's very easy to see if you're going to like a classic arcade game or not from your first 5 games.
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  • illusion 05/09/2006

    You know what?
    I actually like Time Pilot, I've always liked it.
    I believe its a concept known as personal preference.
    That said why do EG review classic arcade games on XBLA? It doesn't make much sense to me really. The target audience are people that have played these games before and have fond memories of them and like the virtual arcade concept of trying to get the best score you can to creep up that highscore table. Everyone else will see these games as a 3/10 load of rubbish.

    The way I see it

    People who have never played or never like time pilot then it's a 3/10
    People who have fond memories of time pilot then 7/10 Faithful reporoduction and the improved version retains the gameplay intact and gives some nice gfx and sfx.

    I don't always agree with EG reviews however they're always very well written to the point of being able to see all the good and bad points for the reviewers perspective and being able to base my own level of iinterest on that.

    However with these Arcade reproductions it just doesn't work imo
    Just give us the news that it's out and what's new/improved and don't rate it.

    I mean look at any arcade game of yesteryear

    Defender - Side scrolling shoot em up
    Pacman - run round a maze eating dots
    Robotron - run round collect humans, shoot robots
    Choplifter - fly helicopter, rescue soldiers, shoot stuff.

    All pretty rubbish really but people label them classics are they classic because they're so good? Well in general yes they are quite good to people that remember them. Most people who game today if you gave them those games would label them crap.

    You can't review these games using your current scoring system so stop trying.
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