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  • Control Method

  • hp_on_toast 20/10/2010

    Most devs don't give a shit about supporting Southpaw, Legacy and Legacy Southpaw players. I don't expect them to do much for anyone else.

    Console Manufacturers need to step it and make fully reconfigurable controls an industry standard.
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  • Team 17 making more Alien Breed

  • hp_on_toast 15/09/2008

    "Why aren't you lot working on a new Alien Breed?".

    "Funnily enough, we are", Brown bombshelled back, "and we're doing it with a budget far in excess of anything that has been spent anywhere on a digital title to date."
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  • Island games just "cashing in" on Far Cry

  • hp_on_toast 11/07/2008

    How does he have the nerve to mention Crysis like that when it's from the team that was actually responsible for Far Cry.

    And what makes him so much more special than the teams responsible for the Far Cry console versions that he's beyond his own crticism.

    Grade A tosser.
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  • Valkyria Chronicles

  • hp_on_toast 25/02/2008

    Oh god, it's Battalion Wars for the PS3! Reply 0
  • Lara Underworld pushed back to Q4

  • hp_on_toast 11/01/2008

    I agree with Blerk, it would have been great to have a PS3 / X360 specific title. Without wanting to jump too much on the sandbox bandwagon it would have been wonderful to have a large persistent world full of multiple dig sites that lead down into large, interconnecting tombs, large exterior platform sections and as few humans in there as possible. Reply 0
  • Mirror's Edge

  • hp_on_toast 11/01/2008

    The ingame shots within the Edge article were all taken from prototype rooms with generic place holder textures that looked like graph paper. These shots are definitely new. Detailed shots and info on this game are overdue. Reply 0
  • Unreal Tournament 3

  • hp_on_toast 16/11/2007

    "My point is, the best platform for games such as UT is the most open one. That obviously being the PC."

    I'm sure your original point was much closer to writing off the console conversions complete. That is what I was having an issue with.

    "Consoles are not cut out for mod-friendly FPS games like UT."
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  • hp_on_toast 15/11/2007

    I know you didn't. But you yourself said "Consoles are not cut out for mod-friendly FPS games like UT. Fact.".

    When attempting to clarify this you then talked about the PC being the best PC to build a mod on rather than anything about how a PS3 owner would play mods, which is what Epic are offering.

    You still haven't stated what is so mod playing unfriendly UT3 PS3 to justify your above statement.
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  • hp_on_toast 15/11/2007

    "Aside from the keyboard+mouse Vs gamepad dillema"

    "it's just a matter of tuning controls to make the game belong on consoles (Halo, many would say, is the best example)."

    Epic have been busy with the controls and game speed so that everything feels right on the PS3.

    "the fact is that if a game relies heavily on mods, it belongs on the PC, which is the best (not to mention only) platform where people can build them"

    But what Epic are offering PS3 owners is the ability to play the mods, not build them, on the PS3.

    So you're writing off UT PS3 for two reasons. One of which you invalidate yourself and with the other you've gone off the track completely.
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  • hp_on_toast 15/11/2007

    "Consoles are not cut out for mod-friendly FPS games like UT."

    Are you suggesting that Consoles are cut out for mod-friendly FPS games unlike UT, mod-unfriendly FPS games (regardless of their similarities to UT), both, neither or some other answer that I haven't thought of yet?
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  • WoW subs at 9.3 million

  • hp_on_toast 15/11/2007

    "Perhaps the next announcement could make up a different figure?"

    And one that doesn't feature "million" in it at all.
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  • GT5 signs deal with Top Gear

  • hp_on_toast 24/10/2007

    They'd better get the Stig to set some online lap times for us all to have a go at beating. Reply 0
  • hp_on_toast 24/10/2007

    "Well, good news for car enthusiasts, not sure if this will mean much to people outside the UK though. "

    Top Gear seems to be pretty popular all over Europe and it even picked up an Emmy in the States.

    I'm just surprised noone has tried to grab the Top Gear license for racing game, complete with poorly animated versions of the hosts and the Stig and some naff challenges.
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  • Speedball 2 XBLA in October

  • hp_on_toast 11/09/2007

    What was wrong with the MD version - I heard it had a few bug fixes not found in the Amiga version? Reply 0
  • Flagship's Bill Roper

  • hp_on_toast 10/09/2007

    Go Hellgate: SE London Expansion Pack!

    You could have the Catford Cat come alive (via the power of the undead) and then be faced to fight him in the carpark of the McDonalds in the centre of the god awful One Way Sytem!
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  • Game music most influential

  • hp_on_toast 07/09/2007

    "Next they will claim they are bigger than Jesus"

    You mean they aren't? I thought the States re-entered Iraq after playing through the Desert Strike re-release on the PSP.
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  • Sci-fi Worms for Wii

  • hp_on_toast 30/08/2007

    What's the betting that the sci-fi theme relates to the fact that each level will be a mini planet, Mario Galaxy style.

    Would a publisher please let Team 17 do some more original work again.
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  • Wii: 2007's Most Wanted

  • hp_on_toast 10/08/2007

    I can't believe how many people are looking forward to RE:UC.

    Has everyone forgotten about Capcom's previous RE Light Gun Games (and don't even mention the Dino Crisis one)?
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  • Woman charged over WOW love

  • hp_on_toast 03/07/2007

    And if it were a 31 year old man going halfway across the world to take home a 16 / 17 year old girl?

    Anyway, back to real life. He's young, foolish and following his instincts. She should really know better at almost double his age than to suggest he fly away from home to live with her forever. That's alot different from just dating who you want BUT she doesn't deserve to get arrested like that when she was clearly on a trip to sort things out with his parents.

    Kind of reminds me of the South Park episode in which Ike dates his teacher...
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  • PlayStation Store Roundup

  • hp_on_toast 29/06/2007

    Were the Jumping Flash sequels any good?


    even if Metroid does everything else better.

    Now I need some tea!
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  • Bourne Conspiracy for PS3/360

  • hp_on_toast 26/06/2007

    Shame the Bourne character looks like a generic man with slightly spikey hair.

    I'm not after a Matt Damon look-alike but just someone that looks like they were actually in the military and not a H&M catalogue model.
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  • ELSPA praises UK ratings system after Manhunt 2 banning

  • hp_on_toast 19/06/2007

    Wait one minute, didn't it already pass through Elspa? It was Rockstar's own choice to submit to the bbfc afterwards when they didn't have to (there's no FMV in there). Reply 0
  • Scarface: The World Is Yours

  • hp_on_toast 12/04/2007

    Smelly if you can pass me some links to interviews in which the developer admits that they're doing alot more than the PS2 / Xbox versions then I'll gladly eat my own words but so far all I've seen them say is that they're using nicer shaders than the PS2 and Xbox versions.

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  • hp_on_toast 11/04/2007

    "They're not going to build a whole new graphics engine just to port a year old game. No surprise then that the graphics are virtually identical to the PS2."

    You don't need a new engine to just up the res of a few textures (unless you intentionally have some dodgy restrictions).

    While I can imagine that the game will play great on the Wii (the location specific stuff sounded great) and will pick it up if it's not full price it's a shame that there isn't any attempt to take advantage of the extra memory and horsepower provided by the Wii :(
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  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

  • hp_on_toast 11/04/2007

    "That's purely cynical commentary, no evidence to back it up yet, once people have seen it in motion we will be able to make proper judgments, standard-def screens look bad on web screenshots, of course they do, and as for the controls: have you played it? Oh, you haven't? Well then, don't be judgmental."

    Cynical? Like Capcom's FOURTH REMAKE of Resident Evil 1?

    As for evidence I present the Gun Survivor titles to the jury and weep.
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  • Alien Syndrome

  • hp_on_toast 22/03/2007

    Yellowtruck. AS actually looks worse than a PSOne game. One and Apocolypse both looked better than this in half the resolution :)

    Also, is it wrong to think Sigourney was pretty hot in Alien 3? It's like Natalie Portman looking her hottest in V for Vendetta since Leon!

    Ok, I'll get my coat!
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  • hp_on_toast 06/02/2007

    Yeah, that's the bugger :). It had bump and spec mapped water on Matrox PC cards I think.

    Yeah, the controls were terrible on the PSOne version - probably because they designed the PC version to be used with a mouse and keyboard (mouse = turning, keys = move & strafe). Machine Hunter has the crown of best PSOne top down shooter but that's not saying much when you've only got Loaded as competition ;-).
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  • hp_on_toast 06/02/2007

    That's terrible. Worst than GC Dark Alliance.

    Anyone remember that top-down shooter on the PC a few years back that was used to show off bump mapping on a (then) new video card? It got ported to the Dreamcast and PSOne (I think). This should look at least as good as that (Sega take note damnit!).
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  • Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

  • hp_on_toast 16/03/2007

    It looks like this title has come along very nicely aesthetically now - alot better looking than Untold Legends & DS Reply 0
  • hp_on_toast 02/06/2006

    What the hell are you all complaining about? Dungeon Siege 2 and that other hack and slash (brotherhood / legend / blade thingy) don't look as good on the PSP and suffer from a super up close camera which has been intelligently avoided here. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4

  • hp_on_toast 18/12/2006

    And don't forget you can equip an egg and throw it at anyone like a grenade. Just don't expect it to cause any harm to anyone :) Reply 0
  • Cannon Fodder returns for PSP

  • hp_on_toast 30/08/2006

    For those of you after some more original CF action hunt down a copy of CF for the GBC on ebay or ROM - it's a brilliantly faithful conversion that adds humourous troop voices. Reply 0
  • Ubi doing Settlers II remake

  • hp_on_toast 12/06/2006

    Was it much better than number 1? TS2 was the only one I haven't had the chance to play but everything after it was naff Reply 0
  • Desperate Housewives

  • hp_on_toast 17/05/2006

    Desperate Publishers more like. Reply 0
  • Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony

  • hp_on_toast 17/05/2006

    AAARRRGGGHHHH, its the same 'i can only see 3 feet ahead of me' camera that plagued that brotherhood fallout legend thingy and its sequel on the PSP. Reply 0
  • The Club

  • hp_on_toast 11/05/2006

    When Criterion said 'Black' would be the "Burnout" of FPSs. What a shame that turned out to be mostly generic crap - this looks like it will be much closer to that claim (yay). Reply 0
  • Sonic Rivals

  • hp_on_toast 03/05/2006

    Is it 3D but actually 2D like Pandimonium? Yeah, I've never enjoyed a 3D Sonic game! Reply 0
  • Revolution's real name

  • hp_on_toast 28/04/2006

    Look on the positive side, this is the first generation of consoles in which all the consoles names rhyme with each other. Reply 0
  • hp_on_toast 28/04/2006

    Don't forget that Nintendo's UK distribution is handled by Koch (Media).... Reply 0
  • World Snooker Challenge 2007

  • hp_on_toast 27/04/2006

    Why can't they combine this with World Pool Challenge 2007. Greedy B*st*rds!!! Reply 0
  • Crysis

  • hp_on_toast 20/04/2006

    What shite... only joking :)

    It's just a shame it's going to be PC only - I can't afford the kind of rig needed to run this :(
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  • Escape From Paradise City

  • hp_on_toast 18/04/2006

    ...take me home!!! Reply 0
  • Cold Fear coming to cinemas

  • hp_on_toast 10/04/2006

    Virus? Bah - Deep Rising is the best silly horror on a ship film out there!!! Reply 0
  • Infernal

  • hp_on_toast 31/03/2006

  • Revolution name speculation

  • hp_on_toast 24/03/2006

    I agree with Jellyhead - especially when Nintendo want to highlight the fact that they are going in a different direction to Sony and M$.

    Viva la Revolution!
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  • Field Commander

  • hp_on_toast 24/03/2006

    Not so much an answer to AW but a complete copy of it in terms of units and mechanics. That's not a bad thing though ;-) Reply 0
  • Rush for Berlin

  • hp_on_toast 20/03/2006

  • New Ape Escape game coming

  • hp_on_toast 16/03/2006

    I just want a full Monkey Gear Solid title :( Reply 0
  • Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

  • hp_on_toast 15/03/2006

    Where's Snowblind with a kick-arse action RPG for both the PS3 and the PSP when you need them?!!! Reply 0