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  • A brief history of Fallout

  • henro_ben 05/06/2015

    Have been playing these since Fallout 1, can't wait for number 4! I really loved Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, thought it was an excellent tactical shooter, but my favourite is still Fallout 2, just ticked ALL the boxes for me.

    Didn't the American version allow you to shoot children, but they had to remove them from the UK & European releases? I certainly remember lots of random dialogue appearing in towns as they'd just removed the sprites, but the kids remarks would still show. For ages I thought they were meant to be ghosts and every settlement in the wastes was haunted!

    Very tempted to fire up New Vegas for another go, encountered a game killing bug the first time and gave up. Maybe by now it's been patched enough to actually work...!
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  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare to be more action-oriented

  • henro_ben 15/12/2011

    I enjoyed Alan Wake but by the end I'd had more than enough of the combat, got tedious very quickly.

    Will wait and see, but my interest is waning somewhat...
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  • Epic uses DLC to "actively fight" pre-owned "culture"

  • henro_ben 17/11/2011

    I've dabbled with DLC but so far very little has been worth the price for me, it usually just doesn't really interest me as it's either too little, too late or my attention has moved on to the latest shiny new release.

    Half the time I can't even be bothered to redeem the codes for free DLC that come in the box.

    I'm sure many like extending their favourite games, but personally DLC adds very little value to a title for me.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Madness of Release Date Congestion

  • henro_ben 14/11/2011

    The trouble for me is it's not just the expense of having to buy X number of new games in a short space of time, it's the fact I just don't have time to play them in the run up to Christmas.

    There's loads of games coming out that aren't on my 'must buy' list but would be at another time of the year i.e. in the summer.

    I can see their reasons for releasing at this time of year, I just wish they wouldn't!
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  • Syndicate Preview

  • henro_ben 01/11/2011

    I'm not sure if it's the way this preview is written, or the fact I've so recently played Deus Ex but it just sounds a bit... uninspired.

    I'll wait and see what the demo's like, but at the moment it sounds too much like Deus Ex Lite - Less choice! More guns!
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  • Leisure Suit Larry HD remakes announced

  • henro_ben 11/10/2011

    Ugh. Was Leisure Suit Larry ever well thought of?

    I remember playing it when 14 and thinking it was, well, embarrassing rubbish.

    But perhaps I was too young for its subtle charms...
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  • Ninja Theory: marketing let Enslaved down

  • henro_ben 06/10/2011

    Pfft! What a load of rubbish, there was loads of advertising in the run up to Christmas for this.

    I picked up Enslaved & Castlevania: LOS and LOS was by far the better game. Enslaved was enjoyable enough, but it's gameplay was sadly rather dull and repetative and its demo was dreadful. I had to force myself to finish it for the story, not because I was enjoying playing the game. Castlevania however was rip-roaring fun right up until the end.
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  • Forza Motorsport 4

  • henro_ben 06/10/2011

    Enjoyed Forza 1 & 2, and tried to like 3 but think I'll be giving this one a miss.

    I'm just so, so bored of the same damn tracks every time. It's just become a bit tedious, at least for me - your mileage may vary though, arf!
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  • BioWare: EA doesn't tell us what to do

  • henro_ben 03/10/2011

    They sound more like they're trying to convince themselves rather than us.

    Pull the other one good doctors, it's got bells on etc.
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  • OnLive

  • henro_ben 28/09/2011

    Hmmm.... to be honest 'adequate' isn't really the experience I'd want after spending £70 on a console. Sounds frustrating, especially as you have no idea of what might be causing the problems.

    Played it at the expo and was surprised at how little noticeable controller lag it had, although the graphics themselves did show noticeable artifacting. Felt like everything had been smeared with vasaline.

    Impressive tech demo, but not a product I'd actually be willing to spend real money on. At least not yet...
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  • Forza 4 DLC season pass announced

  • henro_ben 22/09/2011

    Ugh. DLC. Three letters that seem to be intent on ruining gaming.

    In general it's too much money for too little content released too slowly.

    I dare say there'll be people who think this is worth the cost, but I think I'll be passing.
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  • OnLive UK launch details announced

  • henro_ben 22/09/2011

    Well, I'm all for people trying out new ideas, but absolutely no part of this one appeals to me at all really.

    Yes, I am outdated and I'm not prepared to embrace the future.

    Hey you kids! Get off my lawn etc.
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  • Mass Effect film focuses on male Shepard

  • henro_ben 21/09/2011

    Really, what is the point of this? Are all game developers secretly frustrated movie directors?

    The game is slowly morphing into a damn interactive movie with each release anyway...

    Oh my god, their cunning plan becomes clear: they're trying to resurrect Space Ace!

    Nooooooooooooooo! etc.
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  • Dragon Age 2 DLC Mark of the Assassin

  • henro_ben 16/09/2011

    I'm not anti DA2, I'm just anti DLC. I've yet to play any that has actually been worth the money, I can see the value perhaps for maps etc. for multiplayer games but for RPG's they're just too little, too late.

    As Khosrau says above, bring back the expansion pack. RPG's need big full fat extra content, not these weedy downloadable 'lite' things.
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  • Starbreeze defends new Syndicate FPS

  • henro_ben 13/09/2011

    Meh. Poor excuse. How about: We only know how to make FPS and we've got the license for Syndicate so... Surprise! It's a FPS!

    It'll probably be a competent shooter, but it won't be Syndicate - lets be honest, the story and setting of Syndicate was a pretty generic Bladerunner/Cyberpunk ripoff even at the time.

    It was the gameplay that made it special, not the story/setting.

    Will wait and see what they come up with, but I'm sadly expecting Deus Ex wannabe, not Syndicate.
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  • EA and Starbreeze reveal Syndicate FPS

  • henro_ben 12/09/2011

    Ugh. What a terrible idea, why do we need yet another FPS?

    Syndicate was awesome, Syndicate Wars was pretty good... this, I fear, will be mediocre at best.

    Much as I've always wanted another Syndicate, this isn't it.
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  • Bethesda discusses squashing bugs

  • henro_ben 01/09/2011

    Seems believable enough, certainly I found Fallout 3 more stable than Oblivion, and Oblivion seemed more stable than Morrowind in hindsight, had some terrible saved game corruption in Morrowind originally.

    The fact that it's a) open world and b) you can warp out of missions at any time must make it a nightmare to test. Was it Morrowind where it just used to end the game if you accidently killed someone random npc who was needed later on?

    Fallout 3 New Vegas however is shockingly unstable, even after all the patches.
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  • Skyrim DLC timed Xbox 360 exclusive

  • henro_ben 26/08/2011

    What a waste of time. I'm getting so sick of DLC and pre-order tat.

    DLC is invariably too short, too expensive and too late and I've usually moved on to something else by the time it's come out. Utterly sick of it and I remain unconvinced that it offers any real benefit to the end user at all.

    Bring back the expansion packs!
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  • Deus Ex: HR clothing line announced

  • henro_ben 23/08/2011

    Surely that's not even a trench coat? Trench coats should be below the knee, that looks like it ends upper/mid thigh?

    I particularly like their pricing as well - don't bother converting, just change the symbol! £115 from the US store... or £165 from the European store. Nice.
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  • Fable 4 release date 2013?

  • henro_ben 22/08/2011

    I loved Fable 1, and enjoyed Fable 2 but I'd run out of interest by the time Fable 3 came along & still haven't picked it up.

    Personally I'd much prefer them to try their hand at something new. Sure, sometimes they overpromise and under deliver a bit with their games but they always sounded interesting - yet another Fable game just sounds lazy and dull.
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  • Dev says fans will want COD Elite premium

  • henro_ben 17/08/2011

    "If we can hit that bullseye the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards, checkmate!"

    Reading that article made my brain hurt!
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  • Batman pre-order skins will release as DLC

  • henro_ben 05/08/2011

    I'm finding it harder and harder to care about preorder dlc.

    The more they spread it over mulitple retailers the less important it becomes, half the time I can't even be bothered to type in the code to unlock whatever pointless geegaw it's come with.

    I'm obviously becoming old and bitter!
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  • How Legacy hints at Dragon Age's future

  • henro_ben 05/08/2011

    I can't help but feel that BioWare have lost their way somewhat in the last couple of years.

    I'll keep an eye on their upcoming games, but the days of first day purchase of the latest BioWare RPG are gone for me I fear. Dragon Age 2 felt too much like a rushed cash in and I do hate the drip feeding of DLC - just give me a nice fat expansion disc 12 months later, much more satisfying.
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  • Why From Dust can revive the god game

  • henro_ben 14/07/2011

    This looks awesome, it's been years since I had a quality god game to wreck havoc with - a much missed genre, at least for me.

    Fingers crossed it plays as good as it looks.
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  • Double Fine recovers Psychonauts rights

  • henro_ben 15/06/2011

    Beware the cows! Not all milk is enriched!

    Psychonauts had some really great lines in it, very tempted to play through it again...
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  • Mass Effect 3

  • henro_ben 08/06/2011

    I used to really look forward to BioWare games, but they're gradually becoming more and more disappointing. Yes, I'm looking at you Dragon Age 2.

    Why do we need yet another 3rd person shooter? Hopefully there's some RPG goodness still left in this and they're just building up the action side because it 'shows' better...
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  • Dragon Age II demo - first 15 mins

  • henro_ben 22/02/2011

    I hope the actual game is nothing like this... it looks dreadful!Why does everyone explode when he waves his sword at them? I'm presuming we can still pause combat and issue orders etc. rather than run around like a hyperactive kid full of too many E numbers? Reply +2
  • Enslaved sales fail to break 500,000

  • henro_ben 03/02/2011

    I bought this and Castlevania and whilst Enslaved looked quite nice and had decent voice actors in it the game itself was... pretty medeocre and average. Ninja Theory just don't seem to be able to crack the gameplay bit of games sadly.

    Castlevania on the other hand had some ropey voice acting on occasion and a pretty generic story but was actually a lot of fun to play.
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  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gets She Hulk

  • henro_ben 16/11/2010

    I'm feeling a bit sorry for the Hulk after seeing that, he has to make do with a teeny-tiny pair of ripped trousers whilst the She-Hulk is not only prancing round in a designer leotard but also gets shoes AND socks!Blatant favouritism that's what it is. Reply 0
  • L.A. Noire out spring 2011

  • henro_ben 11/11/2010

    The mouth animation is very well done, I'm watching it with no sound & some of those scenes you can almost lip read.

    Really looking forward to this, fingers crossed it doesn't end up like mafia 2...
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  • EGTV attends lavish Kinect launch

  • henro_ben 10/11/2010

    That launch looked like a tedious waste of time and money.Although I guess the dancing morons in blue are at least an accurate warning of what people will look like whilst using kinect... Reply +3
  • Enslaved fails to meet sales targets

  • henro_ben 08/11/2010

    I was looking forward to Enslaved, but I played the demo at the expo and it just didn't grab me as much as I'd hoped it would.

    I didn't hate it or anything, it's just that my gaming time is limited and there's other stuff I'd much rather play (and indeed pay for) first...
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  • What makes games frustrating?

  • henro_ben 08/11/2010

    I can't deal with these kind of games these days, I managed to play Trials for a few evenings but soon got stuck, frustrated & turned it off, never to return to it.

    I get enough frustrating problems, and satisfying solutions, in my day to day work life. I don't need to add another load of make believe frustration from a game in the evenings as well.

    I play games for entertainment nowadays not for a challenge, although I'm sure there's many that get both from these kinds of games... just not me anymore!
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  • Kinect Reviewed

  • henro_ben 04/11/2010

    For me, nothing in this review fixes the crushing disapointment of encountering kinect at the expo last month.

    I was originally quite keen on the idea, but the reality costs too much and delivers too little for me personally. I'm surprised Joy Ride managed 5/10 though, from the expo I thought that was crusing for a kicking in the reviews.

    Think I'll stick with the standard xbox controller for the time being at least...
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  • Sony hiring for a "futuristic racer"

  • henro_ben 20/10/2010

    Obviously they're taking advantage of Tim Langdell's current financial problems and are getting Racers TM from Edge Games cheap!

    Look, it says coming soon on Playstation 3 and everything, it must be true!
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  • Fallout: New Vegas

  • henro_ben 19/10/2010

    I can rob graves again? Awesome!

    Sounds like it's a little bit more like Fallout 2, which is a good thing in my view. Day one purchase for me I think...
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  • Making Dead Space 2

  • henro_ben 13/10/2010

    Had a quick play at the expo with this and it still has the feel and atmosphere that the first one did, at least the demo bit did anyway. Mixing it up sounds good in theory though, the first one did get a bit samey towards the very end.

    For me Dead Space is single player & needs no multiplayer additions, although I'm sure some will enjoy it.

    It's on my buy list regardless, that's for sure.
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  • Microsoft's Phil Spencer

  • henro_ben 20/01/2010

    I don't know, whilst I'm interested in seeing what all the fuss is about with Natal I'm not liking the 'natural interface', 'voice recognition' and 'skeleton mapping' phrases being thrown around...

    ... hopefully it's all just marketing guff, because I don't really want to have to dance around shouting at my tv just to play a video game.

    Perhaps I'm just terribly old fashioned, but a standard controller has served me well both man and boy!
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  • Mass Effect 2 elevator change explained

  • henro_ben 07/12/2009

    I always thought the main problem was not the lifts in general, just that bloody lift on the Normandy which seemed to take AGES to get to the loading bay.

    I hated that stupid lift. Why didn't they just put stairs in!
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  • Pets for Xbox Live Avatars today

  • henro_ben 03/12/2009

    Hmm... no Liger, no Sale.

    Although I suspect these will probably sell quite well, after all, who can resist a cute little animal? Just in time for Christmas too...
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  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • henro_ben 09/11/2009

    Don't usually bother commenting on reviews, but picked this up Saturday and spent most of the weekend playing it - it's great. A big fat 8 at the moment, hovering on the edge of a 9 for me.

    They should have got someone else to review this however, if he'd finished the PC version I could well believe he was somewhat burned out by the time he got to the 360 version.
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  • Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

  • henro_ben 30/06/2008

    After playing the demo I'm amazed this even managed to scrape a 5.

    QTEs should be banned.
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  • Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy: Video Roundup

  • henro_ben 24/06/2008

    I thought the demo was diabolical. Clunky controls, far too many QTEs and some of the worst driving I've yet encountered in a game.

    Perhaps I'm being unkind and it was just a demo of an early build, although I find it hard to believe that any amount of polishing and tweaky will turn this turd into a game.
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  • GC: Wet

  • henro_ben 23/08/2007

    Hmmm... well, early days I guess but at the moment this looks dire indeed. Reply 0