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  • After Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA changes Need for Speed Payback loot crates, progression

  • helvetica_bold 21/11/2017

    Ghost lost Craig Sullivan who worked at Criterion for a long time. Craig worked on Black and Burnout. He went to Amazon Game studios. Don’t know who left at Ghost but it’s not looking good. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry vs console texture filtering

  • helvetica_bold 24/10/2015

    Didn't BF4 have better textures on Xbox One. I thought I read it was sharper regardless of the 720p. Reply +3
  • In Theory: Can Xbox One multi-platform games compete with PlayStation 4?

  • helvetica_bold 29/07/2013

    Im calling it now, DF will find Forza 5 the most impressive game at launch.
    I think forza 5 looks better than anything PS4 currently has maybe with the exception of Killzone. Drive Club's gameplay
    Didn't look very impressive to me. Im hoping Killzone will show off what the system can do.
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  • Face-Off: Battlefield 3

  • helvetica_bold 01/11/2011

    hey thanks! so you've heard the textures load faster with a
    SSD? i know richard had an article up a while ago on upgrades.
    Can you send links to where you read it?
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  • helvetica_bold 01/11/2011

    Sounds like a tie. I may have to double dip because i have friends on both systems.
    I will say on the PS3 the slow texture streaming is very annoying/distracting.
    Will a faster hard drive help???

    Anyway, I wonder if NFS The Run will use a hi-res texture install?
    Currently the demo has really ugly textures, no where near the AAA+ Hot Pursuit.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. HDMI video

  • helvetica_bold 13/01/2011

    Do any of you use the xbox 360 expanded reference level?
    I have a great monitor, Dell 2408 and it still seems to crush blacks.
    Anyone else use this monitor?
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  • helvetica_bold 10/01/2011

    Sometime I use my computer monitor (Dell Ultrasharp 2408) but most of
    the time its connected to my HDTV. When I use expanded it crushes blacks on the
    HDTV and even on the monitor to some extent.
    if you read the AVS Forums, most people say never use expanded it outputs wrong.
    I do agree RGB for games look best though.
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  • helvetica_bold 10/01/2011

    So its best to set the 360 HDMI color space to "source"?
    When I set it to YCbCr709 the picture gets dark almost too much contrast.
    However when I set it to RGB it seems even. I dont understand since this
    article states that the 360 outputs natively YCbCr709.What are the settings
    that Digital Foundry uses??
    I think they work on Dell ultrasharp monitors for their face offs, no?
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  • Face-Off: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

  • helvetica_bold 22/11/2010

    ...nevermind regarding 1080p NFS on the PS3.
    I think it looks worse than 720P. The PS3
    just has poor upscaling...
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  • helvetica_bold 22/11/2010

    The PS3 will upscale NFS to 1080p if
    uncheck all the other options.
    It help if you have a 1080p display.
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  • helvetica_bold 20/11/2010

    I have 2 questions, is the PS3 controls as responsive the article only mentioned the 360 and PC?

    Also the 360 will scale to 1080p. I believe back on the
    PS3 box its will only do 1080i. I know its
    petty but i wonder with the 360 upscaler if the image
    be sharper???
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  • Hot Pursuit PS3/360 demo showdown

  • helvetica_bold 29/10/2010

    Im loving the demo, it reminds me of Outrun so much. I dont even have any problems with the controls.
    Also, I think DICE did a great job with the backgrounds. A beautiful sense of scale as well.

    I played both versions a ton and it appears that the 360 does have a lot more contrast as usual.
    Also it looks grainer (maybe?) there's a cleaner look to the PS3 version.
    Perhaps its because my 360 is upscaling the 720p to 1080? Both system are
    output via HDMI. Im leaning toward the PS3 version.
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  • Enslaved PS3/360 demo showdown

  • helvetica_bold 27/09/2010

    Yes, Mass Effect 2 uses the UE3.
    I do agree, the PS3 has some slight issues with the engine.
    I have both systems and i alway go with the 360 version when the UE is involved.
    However i thought the PS3 version of Bioshock was actually better
    than the 360's? I think the textures were improved? I saw a head to head somewhere that confirmed it (IGN?).
    Anyway, Im really impressed with the gameplay footage of Bioshock infinite and
    i think its a great engine.
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  • helvetica_bold 27/09/2010

    I thought the game looked great and played well.
    The unreal 3 engine has plenty of life in it. For example , its powering
    BioShock Infinite and BulletStorm and those are bleeding edge games.
    Its all about having a talented art director behind the game.
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  • Tech Interview: Split/Second

  • helvetica_bold 17/05/2010

    ...it might be me but in the final 360 version there are so many post processed
    effects and motion blur that the game feels like its running at 60 fps.
    I 'm a huge fan of old school arcade racers, Outrun online arcade, Burnout, etc..
    If you're like me you will love the game.
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  • helvetica_bold 16/05/2010

    Don't go by the demo alone – I bought the 360 version and it runs beautifully.
    You don't even notice the slight hit to the res, trust me, the full game looks sharper than the demo.
    Its really a beautiful game and I believe there is some amazing lighting effects.
    Its a lot fun and it feels a lot like the older burnout games.
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  • helvetica_bold 16/05/2010

    I picked up the retail copy (xbox 360) from a mom and pop shop that broke the street date in NY.
    Seriously this has to be the best looking arcade racer to date – its like burnout on crack!
    I love all the anamorphic lens flares–its the first game thats really feels cinematic IMO.
    The final game has better graphics than the demo – it looks like the 360 version has sharpend
    up a bit. Also the reflections on the cars have been improved.
    Great game.
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  • Split/Second demo showdown

  • helvetica_bold 12/05/2010

    I think the 360 has more atmosphere and color contrast its something about the post processing effects that look better IMO.
    The PS3 is cleaner / sharper looking but I think that kind of hurts the look of the game.
    Its supposed to look like you race through a M Bay movie, dramatic w/ lots of lens flares...
    Day one purchase for me!
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