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  • 2000 to One: A Space Felony is the Kubrickest game yet

  • harrisimo 31/07/2017

    I watched 2001 a few weeks ago, and I'd forgotten what an extraordinary piece of cinema it is. Yeah you kinda have to be in the mood, but it's a mesmeric, rapturous, numinous experience that just kind of envelops you (even when Rigsby from Rising Damp pops up as a Russian) and lives in your head for days afterwards. The sparseness of plot, the minimalist dialogue, the sheer lunatic ambition of it is so admirable - Kubrick set out to make the definitive sci-fi film, with his typical obsessive attention to detail, and it's hard to say what if anything has eclipsed it since.

    It's 50 years since its release next year so hoping for lots of documentary stuff about it. What I found staggering was just how realistic the depiction of space travel looks, and this was in 1968, before we had even been to the moon. I'm reading the book at the moment (which was developed as a joint project between Arthur C Clarke and Kubrick) and it explains much of what is left mysterious in the film. It's a beautifully written novel though, based on a couple of Clarke's short stories - and a truly collaborative project. All the detail in the book was in the film at some point, but Kubrick stripped it away, in a deliberate attempt to make the film a more sensory, allusive experience.

    Err, anyway, saw a bit about 2001 on here, and just wanted to chime in to say yep, love that movie.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough - Guide and tips for completing the main quests

  • harrisimo 20/03/2017

    Copy and paste error on some of your headings here, EG. Reply 0
  • Today, Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just Ł19.94 each

  • harrisimo 12/12/2014

    By "a guy that owns a computer museum in Cambridge" do you by any chance mean Jason Fitzpatrick who runs the truly excellent Centre for Computing History in Cambridge? You could have given him a mention....

    I've been lucky enough to see the loft space in his museum where he keeps old video games, and he has a staggering collection. Top dude. Fantastic place. Well worth a visit.
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  • Oakland, California lifts its 80-year pinball ban

  • harrisimo 24/08/2014

    You missed "Flipping 'eck!" as the amusing sub-heading for this story. Reply +1
  • Games of 2013: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  • harrisimo 23/12/2013

    A beautiful piece, Tom. You've totally nailed why this game is so special. I have played it for two months solid and NOT ONCE have I visited another town or had any visitors (yes, yes, bring out the tiny violins - I just don't have any friends who are playing it). And even without the social dimension, it is still magical.

    It's so charming, beguiling, endearing, immersive, cute, funny, ridiculous... as well as being as addictive as crack. All the things that the best Nintendo games offer in spades (no pun intended). I'm playing it at the same time as GTA V, and it amuses me that one moment I can be playing as a demented psychopath who treats people with disdain... and then start playing GTA V. (Lame joke). But sitting in Club LOL listening to the majestic KK Slider strum away is much more satisfying to me than mowing down pedestrians in a stolen car. Everything about it is both bonkers and joyous.

    People criticise the big N for so many sequels, but they seem to have the very rare ability among developers to recognise what it is about their franchises that make them enjoyable and really build and expand on those dimensions each time. See also Super Mario Galaxy 2, Skyward Sword, Luigis Mansion 2....

    Right, back to seeing if any of those idiot animals have bought my second hand furniture for an exorbitant price.
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  • DICE: no plans to annualise Battlefield

  • harrisimo 03/08/2011

    Damn, I hate to be pedantic, and I know what you meant, but "annualise" is a financial term that means something quite different.... "To convert a weekly, monthly, or other periodic amount to its annual equivalent by multiplying the amount by the number of periods in a year"

    Try: "no plans for annual releases of Battlefield"

    Ugh. I feel cheap now.
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  • PSN Welcome Back content now available

  • harrisimo 05/06/2011

    Never used the PSN much, so didn't miss it when it was gone, and so quite impressed with the free games thing. Downloaded Wipeout HD+Fury and Dead Nation last night, and both seem pretty decent.

    Already had Infamous. Only paid Ł15 or something for it from Amazon a while back - but loved it. After a very slow start, it really picked up for me after gaining a couple of powers and opening up different bits of the city. Played it all the way through and looking forward to the sequel. I can see why people would think it's a bit shit after only half an hour playing it, though.
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  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • harrisimo 20/05/2011

    Lovely piece, and some great comments here, that chime perfectly with my memories of playing Ocarina the first time around.

    It remains to this day the only game that inspired genuine emotion. It was just beautifully crafted, a perfect combination of art design, narrative, game play and characterization that had me totally absorbed for days on end. I used to go to bed and dream really vivid dreams about being in Hyrule. I don't think any videogame since, regardless of better graphics or more sophisticated acting, has come close to engaging me in quite the same way. I'm (almost) ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears at the end. A truly human experience that epitomizes what video games can achieve.

    I'm really looking forward to playing it all over again, in sumptuous 3D. But part of me is worried that it won't live up to my very happy memories.
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  • Low Enslaved sales blamed on poor timing

  • harrisimo 11/02/2011

    I'm playing this at the moment, and if Namco thinks it failed because "it was released at the wrong time of year" then I can tell them - you're wrong.

    I'm trying my very best to enjoy this, I really am. There are things about it I do like - the setting, the art design, the facial animations, the script, the acting from Gollum-fellow.

    But, Jesus, there's also a hell of a lot wrong with it, and some of what's broken is basic game-playing mechanics 101 that I foolishly thought developers had sorted out about 10 years ago. Most of this has been mentioned here already, but here's a brief list:

    - don't put me in this rather attractive, interesting landscape and then restrict my movement to jumping onto only that ONE particular ledge that you've decided is the "correct path"
    - as a corollary, I spend most of my time stuck, staggering drunkenly into dead-ends attempting to traverse scenery that is non-interactive. This kind of shatters the illusion of being in a real place ya know
    - jumping acrobatically across ledges etc. is fun, yes, if hardly original - but less so when it requires ZERO skill. No, I don't want to fall to my death all the time, but this is ridiculous
    - unexciting button mashing battles with uninteresting robots
    - camera a bit ropey
    - moving/looking around does actually make me feel slightly motion-sick (as someone else mentioned). No other game has managed to achieve this feat. Good work.
    - v-sync issues. It really pisses me off when I'm distracted by screen tearing the entire time.

    I feel somewhat misled by the review that compared this game to Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 shows that it's possible to combine great acting, great story, fabulous art design AND great game-play. This game is not that.

    But, for 17 quid, it's not a wholly unenjoyable experience. And I find that I'm sticking with it so far, so it could be worse. It's just so frustrating that it could have been SO MUCH BETTER.
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  • Test Drive Unlimited 2

  • harrisimo 09/02/2011

    This site has also shamelessly ripped off part of your review, word for word:


    The lazy, unethical fucks.
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  • Best of 2011: Readers' Pick

  • harrisimo 14/01/2011

    Am I the only person really looking forward to Infamous 2?

    I guess I am.
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  • Uncharted 2 wins 10 AIAS Awards

  • harrisimo 19/02/2010

    Well deserved. UC2 actually reinvigorated my love of gaming... Reply +2
  • Iwata unimpressed by iPad, 3D gaming

  • harrisimo 29/01/2010


    Isn't that Apple's revolutionary new handheld watering can device?

    /gets coat
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  • Love

  • harrisimo 21/01/2010

    6MB download? At least....

    Love comes quickly.
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  • Dark Void

  • harrisimo 18/01/2010

    Uninstalled demo after 30 mins. Lame name, lame game. Reply -1
  • Games of 2009: Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • harrisimo 28/12/2009

    Playing this at the moment and loving it. "Polish and passion" are exactly the ingredients that elevate it above many other, superficially similar games. It doesn't do anything particularly original, but it does everything with style, and every aspect of the design is spot-on.

    The scarecrow levels with Batman walking through his own nightmares are particularly well done.
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  • Metroid Prime Trilogy

  • harrisimo 20/09/2009

    A good way in to MP1 now, with quite a few upgrades collected, and areas explored, and I'm absolutely loving it all over again. I'd forgotten so many of the brilliant design touches that make it such a joy to experience. On a new 40'' wide-screen TV using a component cable, and with the new wii remote controls, this is like revisiting an amazing holiday, but this time with a hot chick in tow so it's even more memorable and fun than how you remember.

    I can't think of any other games I'd actually want to play through all over again. But this one has me just as gripped second-time around. It's a lovingly crafted work of genius.
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  • harrisimo 14/09/2009

    Played first two hours of this again at the weekend. It still totally rocks. Reply +3
  • Grand Slam Tennis

  • harrisimo 01/09/2009

    Oh, and I agree about Cash. Worst fucking commentary in any sports game ever. Cash? Pat Cash? WHY? It doesn't help that half the time he's saying what an amazing forehand smash you just made when it was actually a delicate little dink over the net. He recycles his nine phrases endlessly. Waste of cocking time.

    I switched him off.
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  • harrisimo 01/09/2009

    Had this a week and been playing pretty solidly. Went online for the first time tonight to check it out, and wow - what a great experience. Smooth, hardly any lag, and had two fantastic, really close games. If anything, the rallies go on a bit too long - it's very hard to kill your opponent off. (Or maybe that's just me). Great online experience. Reply 0
  • Air Traffic Chaos

  • harrisimo 09/01/2009

    This sounds ace. Reply 0
  • Brain Training racist against Northerners

  • harrisimo 05/02/2008

    "...the deadringers impersonist dude"

    Err, I think that was Rory Bremner.

    It's all just free publicity for the DS. No doubt quite a few people watched it, and thought "ooh, that looks like a good game." Well, the 11 people left in the UK who don't alread own a copy.

    'Normalisation' of spoken English only arrived with the development of the media. Before radio came along, most people had probably only rarely heard the way people spoke outside of their own region. The fact that the accent of the South came to be associated with 'proper' English was only because it was the most prosperous area.
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  • Super Mario Galaxy

  • harrisimo 05/11/2007

    Forever Blue... is that the game where you swim around tickling fish? That does look kind of chilled. Reply 0
  • harrisimo 05/11/2007

    the games tm review was actually even more enthusiastic than this one - called it a "landmark" game - yet strangely they gave it a 9. not that scores matter... this game looks just amazing. trying not to read too much about it, as don't want to spoil it, but the screenshots i have caught look just incredible... thank god i have a wii. oh, and mp3, after an uninspiring first couple of hours, is getting just better and better.

    feeling much wii love.
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  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

  • harrisimo 16/10/2007

    Mario Strikers is great to play online.

    MP1 was awesome. 10/10.
    I personally loved Echoes too, although some of the purpley bits could be a bit dull. It had some of the best level design I've ever seen in any game though.

    Therefore, I am very excited.
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  • harrisimo 16/10/2007

    @Sid Nice

    ha. that made me chuckle out loud.

    good idea for next title: Metroid Prime IV: Phazon Muff
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  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

  • harrisimo 06/09/2007

    that is a very good point.

    that pic of bowser throwing the hammer in the actual olympic stadium looks just weird. two worlds colliding that should never meet...

    one of the reasons i love the mario games is their hyper-real colours and imaginative cartoony landscapes. toadstool tour on cube was ace for this.

    it'd be like mario in grand theft auto or something.

    still, as long as it's fun for a couple of hours with some mates, i'll get it....
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  • Theme Park DS

  • harrisimo 04/04/2007

    This game has already proved perfect for several train journeys. It's still very addictive. The negotiation mini game is pretty simple once you figure it out. Minus 10 percent pay rises ftw. Reply 0
  • City Life

  • harrisimo 28/04/2006

    Sim City with added class war. Sounds sort of interesting, if it's sufficiently different from Sim City 4 to warrant spending 30 quid on. Reply 0
  • Metroid Prime Pinball

  • harrisimo 12/04/2006

    "When I played it, it just made me sick."

    maybe you'd just eaten some dodgy prawns beforehand or something.

    well i liked it. others didn't. such is life. i still think the review was a little unfair. i think it's a competent, well designed game. if you don't like pinball and/or metroid, it's hardly going to be your bag.
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  • harrisimo 12/04/2006

    very harsh review indeed, and much too focused on the negative aspects of the game. yes, a few more tables would have been nice, but the two 'main' tables are both excellent. also, no mention of the brilliant metroid music and sound effects. really atmospheric.

    never had a problem with the life bar. think i've died precisely once in dozens of hours of play in that manner. take the point about the tilt though - never use it.

    and the rumble pak isn't THAT bad. it sort of chirrups. some may find it annoying but i think it adds to the game.

    you must have just reviewed this in a bad mood or something. it's definitely either an 8 or a 9. i think you understimated how brilliantly designed for pinball the DS is - a passing mention of the effective use of two screens doesn't convey what a huge improvement this is from the single screen restriction of other pinball games, with their horrible scrolling or weird 'squashed' perspective.

    it's perfect for a 20 min DS blast here and there. 8.5/10 am huge metroid fan, so maybe 7 for less rabid fanboi.
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  • The Movies

  • harrisimo 16/11/2005

    i really want this game. looks great.

    does anyone what the difference is between the standard edition and the premiere edition??
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  • Mario & Luigi 2

  • harrisimo 30/06/2005

    Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga was great. It could be irritating at times, but it was also a really enjoyable game - huge, colourful, and genuinely funny. It wouldn't be the same without Mario or Luigi. It would ruin the running joke about Luigi's relative obscurity as the "green guy" for a start. I can't wait till the sequel is out. I'll be snapping it up. Reply 0
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked!

  • harrisimo 23/06/2005

    henman just lost.

    oh, and does this pack fix all the bugs that people were talking about in the existing game? if so, will definitely get the bundle of two together. looks ace.
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  • Zoo Keeper review review

  • harrisimo 09/06/2005

    Quest mode is ace.


    Beat that.
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  • Resident Evil 4

  • harrisimo 06/06/2005

    Wow, this game is good. Every bit as good as all the hype has suggested and then some. I've been playing it for about two weeks solidly, and I can't believe how it keeps on getting better and better. I'm coming up to 24 hours worth of play just as I'm approaching the final boss... and every minute of it has been superb. So many beautifully realised environments, each different and unique, with almost no textures or props reused. How do they do that? So many different adversaries, each with their own character. So many brilliant touches... great cut scenes, great dialog, even some acceptable acting, wonderful mix of weapons and a clever system of upgrades, encouraging exploration to find treasure (and mass slaughter of baddies to collect coins). Even a really enjoyable shooting gallery mini game. It's just quality from start to finish, and must have taken some talented people years and years of work to put together. So many favourite moments... I'll be disappointed when it's finally over. It's one of the very few games I really want to play again all the way through the minute I've finished. Reply 0