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  • Humble Freedom Bundle offers its most generous collection yet

  • gunark 14/02/2017

    The difference in tone between the comments here and on the Facebook post is notable. Reply +1
  • Nioh director Fumihiko Yasuda on difficulty, player feedback and what's changing

  • gunark 04/10/2016

    We are in the age of entitlement and narcissism. It's no surprise that's spreading to all facets of life. That's how modern cinema started with Citizen Kane and ends up with Transformers. It's all endless runners, IAPs and those fucking taboola adverts from here on in. I'm going to live in a hut. Reply +3
  • British FIFA YouTuber charged with promoting gambling

  • gunark 19/09/2016

    I'm really in the wrong job. That is, doing an actual job that requires me to get up early and work for 8+ hours a day, instead of being a YouTube or Vine or whatever star and getting paid a shit ton for what appears to be, at best, very little and at worst, an insufferable cunt.

    /grumpy old man
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  • Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro for November 2016, priced £349

  • gunark 07/09/2016

    PlayStation 32X Reply +11
  • Star Trek's Wil Wheaton joins 3DS exclusive Code Name: STEAM

  • gunark 06/03/2015

    Has the poor sod not earned an additional credit for Big Bang Theory at least? Its like me being referred to as a paperboy.

    Fine, I'll admit I'm a 39 year old paperboy:( My point still stands though!
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  • Windows on a stick: the Hannspree Micro PC review

  • gunark 08/02/2015

    @Cold_Waste That what she zzzz...

    Seriously though, while this is quite expensive, there are already Shenzen versions for much less, and they'll get even cheaper. Frankly its insane and exciting at the same time.
    There is more work needed on a joypad capable interface though, esp if you don't want Steam. Plex works fine with one but for things like Netflix or iPlayer you'll still need a mouse.
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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker goes on sale two weeks before official release date

  • gunark 19/12/2014

    @christinea a fiat Multipla you say? Top of the range, you say? I gots to get me some of THAT. Reply +2
  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner dated and priced

  • gunark 07/08/2014

    I don't need this, TVii will launch imminently on my Wii U.

    Won't it?
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  • Make your own game with Mario Maker in 2015

  • gunark 10/06/2014

    @Himitsu xzibit.jpg Reply +2
  • Behold! The upcoming $499 1080p NES remake

  • gunark 06/05/2014

    I'll wait for the UHD 4K version, don't want to pick this up only for it to be outdated as soon as I get it!!!111!! Reply +9
  • Yoshi's New Island review

  • gunark 13/03/2014

    @gamefan : "Oh, since when did "fecund" and "denuded" become everyday words?!"

    I think you'll find they are perfectly cromulent words.
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  • Unlicensed SNES game Super 3D Noah's Ark to be reprinted

  • gunark 14/01/2014

    Jesus... Reply +5
  • Sony announces game streaming service PlayStation Now

  • gunark 08/01/2014

    Chances of previously paid digital content being made available to you? Pretty good.
    Chances of the PS Plus free games games you have stacked from the past being available? Nada.
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  • "A future that has a history": Introducing No Man's Sky

  • gunark 09/12/2013

    I'm down with the "just explore" theme, so here's an idea - give any destination a code, say 16 digit hex or something, but instead of just randomly typing in codes to go places (and spoiling the fun of exploration), you only get the code when that place is discovered by you, it won't work before it's 'triggered' by the discovery. You can then post the code up and people can go find your newly discovered planet. This can then promote competition to find ever more spectacular places. Reply +2
  • Indie dev makes game about his s***** day job, gets fired

  • gunark 01/02/2013

    I work in an IT call centre so that's even more blood boiling. Would love to post the video on my FB but would likely be fired. Would get a new job only mine has been made shit by a government back door merger, so to speak and I'm not letting them drive me out of a once enjoyable and rewarding position.

    Hope David makes enough to be be able to make his change.
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  • Classic Mario levels to be offered as free NSMB2 DLC

  • gunark 27/11/2012

    Taking the NSMB2 engine and use it to reskin the whole of Super Mario World would be something I couldn't resist no matter how many games and consoles I have backed up. I curse you. Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: It just worked?

  • gunark 24/11/2012

    For the most part mobile games are either fun for a few mins or ropey console-a-likes that fall on their use of a virtual d-pad. Saying that, I can get enough of Plague Inc., Need for Speed: Most Wanted and, weirdly as the rest are godawful, Asphalt 7.

    The 2013 gen will be really powerful, already eclipsing the Vita, and you can see that in their lifetimes the Xbox 720 & PS4 being eclipsed in terms of capability by mobiles.

    Joystick API and control standardisation though, PLEASE!
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  • Nintendo removes Mario Wii U 1080p claim

  • gunark 12/10/2012

    Come Nintendo, it's practically Flash FFS. This is a pretty poor hurdle to stumble at and really does not bode too well. While the rest of the next gen moves to 1080p/120hz (or dare we imagine, 4K), Big N will treat us to 720p and make us thankful for it like a furious catholic priest ("dere's children in Africa who haven't even got progressive scan you ungrateful sinner!" Reply 0
  • Most Wanted: A Criterion Game, but is it Need for Speed or Burnout?

  • gunark 12/10/2012

    Jesus, stop with open fucking world multiplayer online bullocks and release a fantastic arcade racer without pandering to the flavour of the months gaming styles.

    I don't want to have to work out the track at high speed and then crash when it's not clear.

    I don't give a dog's cock about my mates or some random's lap times at all.

    And I really can't stick some online/offline save game / logging / thingamabollocks designed to make me buy DLC but not let me play if PSN or my network is playing up.


    Fast cars,
    Pretty scenery
    Challenging tracks that I can easily make out,
    Exciting handling.


    Oh and you can fuck off with tuning and parts too, just give me a faster car than before.


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  • Commodore founder Jack Tramiel dies aged 83

  • gunark 10/04/2012

    Arguably as important to the dance music industry as Jim Marshall to rock and Bob Moog to electronic music. No C64 no Pro 16, no Amiga no MED or plenty of Hardcore/Jungle, no Atari ST no Cubase and only a fraction of the dance music in the late 80s and early 90s would have been written. No Underworld, no Chemical Brothers, No KLF, no R&A, etc... Reply +3
  • Interesting Sequels of 2012

  • gunark 08/01/2012

    Max Payne 3 no? Though I feel it'll go all Rockstar at the expense of the atmosphere the Remedy games had. Reply 0
  • Suzuki: "We can obtain Shenmue license from Sega"

  • gunark 04/01/2012

    I see. Reply +5
  • New Xbox may integrate DVR - patent

  • gunark 04/01/2012

    Chances of there being any tuner besides ATSC - none if Microsoft track record on TV outside of the USA is anything to go on. Hey Microsoft, there's a world outside the US too... Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 10th Anniversary launch trailer

  • gunark 15/12/2011

    Plays ok on iPad 2, though I'm no fan of touch controls over physical ones, and this does little to sway me. Graphics are decent, though it seems lifted from the PS2 version and contains none of the touches from the PC such as reflections, flare and better rain. It's really a straight port, no tarting up, no easier save process and the public are still f-ing dumb and suicidal. But for three notes it's good, and will no doubt look ace on the retina screen. Reply 0
  • Fallout: New Vegas dev hopes digital distribution "stabs used game market in the heart"

  • gunark 13/12/2011

    I bought Tiger Woods 10 on my iPad 1, was something like 59p and was pretty good fun. Sold my iPad 1 and got an iPad 2, went to download my titles again and there's no Tiger Woods 10. There's a Tiger Woods 11 of course, but I'd have to pay for that, again. Thing is, I have paid for Tiger Woods 10 but now I can't get it as the dev has withdrawn it. Do I get my money back? Do I f-.

    If (well, when) digital distribution takes off, don't expect your old games to stick around much. Activision would love to be able to remote kill the previous year's MW to force upgrading. Or, at the very least, withdraw it from being subsequently downloaded, leaving you screwed if your download goes on the fritz or you get a replacement / upgrade / slim version of your console.
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  • Argos "no longer" offers video game trade-ins

  • gunark 09/12/2011

    Do you know where sailors hang out? Reply +2
  • Heavy Rain completed by 74% of all users

  • gunark 06/12/2011

    Fucking thanks for that, not completed it, really looking forward to it and now I have no need to. Jesus EG, seriously spoilers in the fucking sub heading?!? How unprofessional is that? Reply -7
  • The Xbox is 10 years old today

  • gunark 15/11/2011

    It was the closest thing to a Dreamcast 2 with a slew of Sega IPs and sequels to DC titles, plus the controller was quite DC-esque. Was great, just a pain to take to your mates. Reply +1
  • Payday: The Heist Review

  • gunark 02/11/2011

    Jesus crust, stop moaning about the poxy scores ffs, they are just opinion after all, try making up your own minds.

    Anyway, i loved an old C64 game called "They Stole a Million" and always thought a modern take would be fun, if dubiously moral. A multiplayer cops vs robbers with full planning would be ace.
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  • Japanese 3DS love-sim raises eyebrows

  • gunark 19/10/2011

    I think they meant Not Scheduled for Westerners. Reply +39
  • Digital Foundry vs. HDMI video

  • gunark 08/01/2011

    What Hi Fi are even doing a sound test with £50 award winning USB cables this month, hearing a smoother sound, better space and tighter timing. ITS AN OVERPRICED USB CABLE YOU COCKTRACTORS, THEY ALL WORK THE SAME WAY! Reply +4
  • gunark 08/01/2011

    For years What Hi Fi have dined off of this bollocks of performance cableling, and granted with analogue signals and power conditioning they can have a point. But describing £100+ dvi / coax / optical / hdmi leads of improved colour / image sharpness / wider sound stage / etc is frankly offensive crap of the highest order. This very argument has been debated at amusing length on Avforums for years but still do you get mugs buying £50 monsters hdmi cables at Currys with their amazing new LED technology tvs.

    For those people I have some ultra titanium screened network cabling at £100 /m for extra speed from your broadband and gold aerials for your routers for amazing wifi.
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  • Time reveals top 10 games of 2008

  • gunark 11/12/2008

    " Wheres Haze!? "

    I read that as Where's Hazel? and was hoping for a gritty next-gen realisation of the 1970's Terry Venables Police drama with a fully 3D Nicolas Ball. I also await it.
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  • Battlestar Galactica

  • gunark 11/11/2007

    Bears beets Battlestar Galactica. Reply 0
  • Need For Speed Underground

  • gunark 26/11/2003

    One BIG problem with this (in my opinion) is that the in car view has two f-in great headlight beams ruining the view of the road - and there doesn't seem to be any way to turn them off. Given that the road are indeed paved with 'baby oil' it's incredibly distracting.

    Back to the PGR2 demo then..
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  • Club Football

  • gunark 29/10/2003

    I would buy the Leeds version but as our players are all jumping ship I'd have to keep putting new ones in.

    Also, I could actually BUY Leeds United itself for less than £40!



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  • No Xbox kill.switch in Europe

  • gunark 14/10/2003

    My mate has this and it's actually pretty good. It's the total opposite of MGS but looks pretty similar. It's good arcadey fun and pretty addictive (albeit f-ing tough and pretty unforgiving). Good use is made of the renderware engine (nice enviro's, good animation of enemies) and it has some pretty smart AI.

    It give a good feeling of being pinned-down, and plays kind of like a next-gen Commando crossed with Online MOH. It's a shame it won't be coming out here as it's certainly a good blast.

    8/10 in my book. Nothing revolutionary but what it does, it does well. A pleasant surprise.
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  • Install Guide

  • gunark 02/10/2003

    The thing that bugs me above all is not acutally the install - it's the uninstall, or specifically the millions that seem to scream "Can't Open INSTALL.LOG" when it's fucking sitting in the same fucking directory as it was when it fucking installed it!!!! Ok there is a work around (drag the INSTALL.LOG onto the desktop, hit 'Unwise' and when it asks for the log file point it to the desktop) but WTF??? It's 2003 and still XP and WISE installer DON'T F-ING WORK! Make add/remove programs totally redundant and uninstalling a 'Program Files/blah/blah/subblah' directory joke.


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  • Virtua Tennis (N-Gage)

  • gunark 22/08/2003

    does it have motorbikes? Reply 0
  • Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

  • gunark 18/07/2003

    Nazi Monkeys eh? At long last... Reply 0
  • Angelina Jolie "hated Lara Croft"

  • gunark 04/06/2003

    Now Hackers - there was a good film. Never has a film been so embarrassing to watch - but, just like a car crash, it was horrid - but you just had to look...

    Plus her short hair thing did it for me then. And them fish lips, yeah - like that fish woman on The Muppet Show.
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  • E3 2003: Half-Life 2 video content

  • gunark 17/05/2003

    Sorry Verm, all I meant was I used to like Reznor but he just got on my nerves eventually (I just found him like Industrial's own Kevin the Teenager, all stomp and no substance). The Aphex/Autechre thing is atmosphere to shock sounds - Hitchcock to Wes Craven if you will. Eerie, scaleless sounds effect me more that distorted beats and vocals.

    Hey, as I said tho - IMHO!

    edit: For the record, I still get on with Ministry, Scorn and early NIN (the Downward Spiral was the start of the er, downward spiral for me. Broken was top tho) and Skinny Puppy were indeed pacesetters late 80's/90's. Christ - I even like some Revolting Cocks (not too much mind...)
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  • gunark 17/05/2003

    qt is supposedly more er, universal (so say some sites - matrix for one iirc). Or maybe its just mac have trouble playing anything else without having to re-encode files. I love macs, 'cept when it comes to vid clips. Then they go out windows quick. Reply 0
  • gunark 17/05/2003

    HL2 - Yay! Looks sweeter and cooler that a iced weasel in a bowl of sugar!

    Trent Reznor - Dick. As bad as Avril Bratface, but for guys not gals (IMHO). Get Aphex and Autechre at their eeriest, nastiest best to show that whining girl how true atmosphere is done.
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  • Zelda wakes up the charts

  • gunark 07/05/2003

    Anyone know the other 11 fastest selling games then? Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid coming to Cube

  • gunark 01/05/2003

    Blimey Krudster - Your pic looks like the painting 'The Scream'. With hair. Scary! Reply 0
  • Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

  • gunark 01/05/2003

    W00t! Farming simulation RPGs! Actually, I do want this, GB Harvest Moon was ace.

    Anyone know if theres any GC update to Earthbound? In English?
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  • Sonic Pinball Party

  • gunark 01/05/2003

    Pinball of the Dead rocked! This might be crap tho. But yeah, good pinball games are ace. Now, if I could only get Visual PinMAME and the other bit to work with my Detonator drivers then I'd be a happy bunny. Until then it's Pinball Fantasies on UAE! w00t! Reply 0
  • Deee-lite singer sues Sega

  • gunark 01/05/2003

    [DaM] - 30-Apr-2003
    I knew about this one last August- I was on a stag night with a guy ( a gamer) who works for LMK

    She has people work for her? Doing what? That must be a piss easy doozy of a job right there.

    On the Dee Lite tip - Anyone ever see the collaboration between DL's Towa Tei and Kylie Minogue about 5 years back (when she wasn't famous again)? Crap and barking in one go!
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  • E3 2003: Midway's line-up

  • gunark 01/05/2003

    hang Nope, though I was gonna get excited then but no, I think it was an itch on my ear.



    All hail the kings of 50%!
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