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  • New Tribes game on the way?

  • grimboy 20/02/2006

    Is Tribes:Vengeance still being played online?I remember the developers said they were going to stop supporting it so I didn't bother, but the online demo was great...

    If it's still being played I'll grab a copy from my local Virgin..
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  • Pick up a PC bargain

  • grimboy 18/02/2006

    Kami...sometimes in life you have to take a deep breath...and bite the pillow (ouch). Reply 0
  • grimboy 17/02/2006

    Do you know,sod it,for a fiver I'm gonna try Tomb Raider....the second one was/is one of my favourite games(also one of my first so that may have something do it..) and I can't wait for Legends...
    Also I've always fancied Spellforce and IGI2, should make a jolly good tenner spent!!
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  • FlatOut 2 details revealed

  • grimboy 17/02/2006

    I've got the first one and really liked it...the kids have nicked it,so it's been a while since I played it, but I do remember going on xboxlive with it and finding no players whatsoever, which I thought was a real shame...maybe we should arrange a meet? Reply 0
  • TrackMania Nations released

  • grimboy 31/01/2006 that's great news..sorry to sound daft but what do you use to connect your ps2 controller to your pc?

    Much thanks for info!

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  • grimboy 31/01/2006

    How does everyone play?With a pad or keyboard?
    If it's a pad which can you use and how do you configure it?I looked but couldn't find any configure options...does the game auto find a usb pad?

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  • Continued Xbox support from MS

  • grimboy 26/01/2006

    Done my research,scanned the lists...only 4 more games i'm interested in on the first xbox...Black,Tomb Raider,TOCA3 and Starcraft:Ghost.
    After that i'm all done! X360 time!!


    Still got a few games on the my shelf to later in the year,methinks..
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  • Microsoft reveals top 10 Xbox Live Arcade titles

  • grimboy 21/01/2006

    Oooooooooo Thanks v.much, Funkstar!
    I'm off to have a go!!

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  • grimboy 20/01/2006

    Can anyone tell me where this Geometry Wars is on Project Gotham 2?
    I've yet to see you have to unlock it?
    Am I stoooooooooooooopid?

    Grim : )
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  • 50 Cent: Bulletproof

  • grimboy 11/12/2005

    Good Point..

    Still think the game is being judged on whether or not you like 50cent ....but there u go...
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  • grimboy 11/12/2005


    It's pretty obvious not many people like Mr 50 here.....which is why the game is getting a pasting,i reckon, good review though, it seemed unbiased and just dealt with the gameplay..which is good.

    We all have played Max Payne,yes?....Seems to me there's not much difference between the two except the main character...but everyone loved ol Max,strange eh?

    Personally neither games are my cup o' tea(gettin on a bit,too violent etc) but i find it amusing how one game is considered fantastic and the other utter shite,when both are based on the same thing.....killing.

    /scratches head.....
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  • Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

  • grimboy 24/11/2005

    Lovely Game!
    Fantastic FUN online,as essential as Halo2 for xboxlive?

    O yes!

    No Lag,No Assholes,Team Spirit etc = Must Buy!!

    Seriously,I own both versions and love them both the same....but B2:MC is played more just cos its more accessible and more of a laugh..Absolute Top Job and anyone with xboxlive will be mad to miss out.
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  • Child welfare groups slam Rockstar for bullying game

  • grimboy 09/08/2005

    Ok...last post from me on this one,i was bullied as a kid for one year and 25+years later i still remember it as if it was yesterday...
    My children will never be bullied,nor will they Ever bully another child,fullstop.
    Also,my children will never,ever play this game,fullstop.

    But i know their mates will....

    And that's the sad truth,talk about 18 rated games etc all you want(i enjoy em as well as the next gamer!) but it's the content we need to look at and the content in this game stinks...

    Grimboy xx
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  • grimboy 08/08/2005

    That's an interesting thought,freek,so the player fights the bullies?
    Hmm...hope i haven't jumped on the bandwagon in pummelling this game,maybe i'll be proved wrong..
    I still stand by the idea of violence in a school should not be the subject of a game no matter which "side"the player is's just unhealthy and doesn't do our hobby any good whatsoever.

    We'll see........
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  • grimboy 08/08/2005

    I hear what everyone is saying about creative freedom et al...but at the end of the day(let's talk black and white,here) kids have killed themselves over Bullying and now someone is making a videogame about the subject...that is the fact.

    Now is this right?

    Personally i don't think it is,(i can't believe i'm typing this...but i feel so strongly about it!) but everyone has an opinion and i respect what a lot of people here have said...but i think we are now entering a very dangerous era in Videogaming...titles such as Americas Top 10,50 cents upcoming game,Manhunt(?),Punisher and Bully have changed the way the media view games for the worse and I think the industry needs to calm down...

    Rockstar are obviously a talented bunch,so why don't they bring out a fantastic epic sc-fi/fantasy type of game..why do they have to sink to this contraversial crap?

    Just flick through any single format Magazine and it's all the same violent/war/antisocial garbage for the next year...i noticed one of the next big games out is by someclothes designer about Grafatti artists shooting each other..i mean,wtf is going on?

    Where's the magic gone?
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  • grimboy 08/08/2005

    "The game is merely called Bully becuase it's set in a schoolyard" ......c'mon Freek,let's be honest here...the fact that it's set in a schoolyard is enough,surely?
    Search your heart,man,you know this is wrong........
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  • grimboy 08/08/2005

    God this game sounds awful,eh?
    When will Rockstar etc grow up?I have no interest in this at all,the game sounds boring,offensive and (to be honest) a bit dangerous...
    I sometimes think the games industry will destroy needs to start looking at itself quite seriously,crap like this shouldn't reach the shelves,ffs where have all the good games gone,eh?
    I've always hated the idea of censorship in any way....but those jumped up assholes like the Mail WILL win if the industry keeps allowing fools to make these kind of games...i mean,where will it end?
    As i said..really not interested in this kind of game,but it will do A LOT of damage to our favourite pastime and i find it suprising how many of my fellow EG readers are defending it.

    The Games industry is going to be ripped to pieces over this,dare i say,selfish company and their quite idiotic attitude to games.We have fantastic game designers such as Lionhead,Ninty,Sega,Namco etc...then we have complete shite such as this threatening to ruin it all.....Fucking Grow Up!!!!

    There i feel better now...............
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  • GTR - FIA GT Racing Game

  • grimboy 14/03/2005

    I've played both Demo's and have been looking forward to the PAL release for a while...the game is a sim..your job is to learn to drive these beasts,then race them hence no unlockable stuff(thank god!) friend has the German version and it truly is stunning(although i agree about the tracks graphics..a bit bland),the engine sounds are the best i have ever heard in a racing game and the handling is superb.
    The thought of getting good enough to race online is your incentive and to be honest i think once you have this game installed other racers will become pretty redundant...this is what we Sim-types wanted,a game that is truly challenging and has a huuuuuge lifespan,prepare to uninstall most of your other racing stuff cos this beauty will become your number one priority.

    Anyone having trouble with frame stutter?As mentioned in the review it does happen every now and then and hopefully Simbin will patch it up soon.....although racing in the daytime seems to solve this,it's the only disapointing aspect of the game.
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  • Merry Christmas From Eurogamer!

  • grimboy 25/12/2004

    Merry Crimbo,Everyone!!!

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  • EverQuest 2

  • grimboy 18/11/2004

    Really could do with some info about system requirement,lag issues,was it busy etc?
    Any players care to spill the beans?
    Ł35 is a bit of a gamble if your pc makes the game look like a psone any info on players specs etc would be nice!
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  • NCSoft Europe

  • grimboy 31/10/2004

    Just got off playing the Guild Wars open thingy...very good,the PvP tournies are the dogs'...nice graphics,exhausting gameplay(!),but fantastic fun.
    Like the idea of jump in and play and the fact that the online gaming is free makes this a must buy,methinks.
    Just been in a 8 player v. 8 player scrap,great team were all Korean,man they know they're stuff!
    I think it finishes on Sunday so if you haven't tried it give it a go,well worth it!
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  • UT2004 goes gold

  • grimboy 05/03/2004

    Preordered this from play....then noticed the HD space required,5.5 GB....o lordy!!!!!!
    Big clearout needed.......
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