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  • Face-Off: Forza Horizon 3

  • grandmaster 30/09/2016

    @darkmoles No, we're going to stick with the standard Xbox One in most scenarios. We used the Xbox One S for the 4K comparison specifically to show how the PC upgrades are much more impactful and meaningful at 4K. It also works to show how - potentially - games will scale between Xbox One and Project Scorpio. Reply +23
  • Digital Foundry seeking contributors

  • grandmaster 21/06/2011

    Article has been updated - ideally candidates would be based in the UK or North America (USA/Canada). Reply 0
  • Dance Central - first 15 minutes

  • grandmaster 04/11/2010

    Has it got David Brent's comic relief dance? Reply 0
  • Sony "surprise" sequel reveal this week

  • grandmaster 03/03/2010

    Surely Twisted Metal... Reply +3
  • Gran Turismo 5

  • grandmaster 15/12/2009

    If the captures look fuzzy it's because it's typically thought that the 1080p mode of GT5 runs at 1280x1080 expanded outwards as opposed to full-on 1920x1080. Reply +1
  • DigitalFoundry- Assassin's Creed 2 time-lapse video

  • grandmaster 28/11/2009

    Yup, all three pieces of music are taken from the game. The AC2 soundtrack by Jesper Kyd is truly excellent. Reply 0
  • grandmaster 23/11/2009

    @filreed - that'll be because Ezio can't sit still on anything other than sloping surfaces by the look of it. Reply 0
  • Crackdown 2

  • grandmaster 23/11/2009

    Crackdown was recently patched to allow for HDD install. Reply +5
  • DigitalFoundry- GTA IV Time-lapse: 15 Days in Liberty City

  • grandmaster 04/11/2009

    @zomoniac - the 1:14 thing... it's worth remembering that one day of game time is 50 minutes in real-time, which explains why some pedestrians stay where they are for so "long". Reply +1
  • DigitalFoundry- Uncharted: The V-sync Difference

  • grandmaster 21/09/2009

    With a one-frame or two-frame lag an LCD or HDTV could have v-sync correction built in, yes. Reply 0
  • Updated! Crysis 1080p60 Grail Quest

  • grandmaster 14/07/2009

    Max settings on Crysis DX9 are "High".

    Regardless, the Quad SLI stats posted earlier on in this thread, not to mention the Crysis Warhead video posted on here previously (set to Enthusiast) does suggest something is up with your mega-rig.
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  • grandmaster 14/07/2009

    The playlist has been fixed now :) Reply 0
  • Sky High

  • grandmaster 29/05/2009

    Some nice ideas but apparently it's streaming at 1mbps. Assuming Microsoft is using VC1/WMV that ain't gonna look pretty. The SD content on the Live Marketplace is supposed to be DVD quality but it's nowhere near. In fact, the whole concept of DVD quality at 1mbps is borderline-laughable. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Black

  • grandmaster 05/05/2009

    I`m going to have to disagree that the secret documents you could collect were a weak point, I thought they were great for the little references Criterion threw in there. Astronomy SETEC. Project THOR. Top stuff.

    Yup, even the 'crime they didn't commit' that got the A-Team banged up is mentioned in one of the Intel collectables! In fact, all that is missing is a homage to Shadow Company from Lethal Weapon.
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  • grandmaster 04/05/2009

    Weirdly enough, I was playing this just yesterday on 360 (disc copy). The most jarring things about it are the lack of run and jump buttons and the fact that iron sights isn't 'where it should be'. Frame rate is rock solid at 30fps - more than any 360/PS3 FPS I've played. In places, the graphics still hold up today. It is an incredible technical achievement.

    In terms of destructible scenery, the likes of Killzone 2 etc don't get close. The amount of stuff you can blow up is really what sets this apart from any other game. It's like the last 15 minutes of Commando in video game form. Black 2 is the best shooter that's never been made.Bearing in mind the advances made since then, it would be fascinating to see how Criterion would push the genre.
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  • Dreamcast: A Forensic Retrospective

  • grandmaster 01/02/2009

    All of us who had to deal with Sega Europe at the time knew the machine was doomed. Not because of the games - the launch line-up was brilliant - but because the marketeers were trying to one-up Sony in terms of 'mainstream' PR and rapidly disappeared into their collective rear-ends.

    Not only that, but there was a genuine, conscious decision at Sega Europe to turn its back on its heritage, particularly its Japanese output. Anything that could be linked back to the Saturn days - anything - was seen as an embarrassment. This did lead to some great second party development, but they simply didn't know what to do with the majority of the Japanese stuff they had to deal with.

    The fact that the ads had no game footage or screenshots spoke volumes. The machine's key advantage at launch was that the games looked so much better than the PS1's... but you'd never have been able to tell from the marketing.

    Sad, sad days - so much optimism after the Japanese launch and the early reveals of stuff like MSR - but the bottom line is that it wasn't Sony that killed the Dreamcast, it was Sega trying to copy them.
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  • grandmaster 01/02/2009

    Did the Dreamcast really stiff at launch in Japan as Dan suggests?

    It was the only way to play Virtua Fighter 3 at home, and at that point in time, that would've made the Dreamcast a hugely successful launch, surely?
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  • Skate 2 unlock option on PSN and Live

  • grandmaster 23/01/2009

    Codemasters have been doing this for years via premium rate phone numbers and via PayPal payments on their website. Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: EG records 100% growth

  • grandmaster 16/01/2009

    My suggestion would be also be mobile based: bespoke apps for iPhone/iPod Touch and smartphones. Reply 0
  • Fable II Post-Mortem

  • grandmaster 11/12/2008

    Interesting interview but the lack of follow-up questions is infuriating. Just as an example, Molyneux talks about DLC1 but the interviewer doesn't then ask the obvious question about DLC2 - what is it? when's it coming? The whole thing almost reads like an email interview when the video proves it wasn't! Reply 0
  • MS will block NXE preview blaggers

  • grandmaster 30/10/2008

    I have NXE. There is a noticeable speed improvement installing to HDD from DVD. Not surprisingly the gains are exponentially linked to loading time. A game with 10-11 second loading time (eg Call of Duty 2's levels) will come down to 8-9. A game like Assassin's Creed or BioShock can see 10-15 second speed increases (eg 45 seconds down to 30). Oblivion is another big winner.

    Combined with the more pleasant decibel level, it's an excellent feature and I can safely say that all my 'main games of the moment' will be installed to HDD rather than running from DVD.
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  • "No plans" to fix PSP-3000 scan lines

  • grandmaster 22/10/2008

    The UK:R pic is extracted from a thread on the Official PlayStation US forum. This one: Reply 0
  • grandmaster 22/10/2008

    The picture on UK:R looks pretty damning:
    Looks as though the screen is interlaced!
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  • Exclusive: WipEout HD interview

  • grandmaster 16/09/2008

    Zone is still in the review build of the game. What was 'binned off'...? Reply 0
  • PlayTV

  • grandmaster 29/08/2008

    My question would be: how much is an average hour's worth of TV in terms of disk space? I take it that it's actually just dumping the freeview MPEG2 stream onto the hard disk, in which case, 45 minutes of BBC1 should be about 1.5GB.

    The only way it could run games smoothly while recording is by simply spooling the data across as opposed to re-encoding it, which is probably why it won't run the streams directly on PSP.

    If it is going to record Freeview HD, you're looking at around 9GB per hour!

    /me strokes 18GB 1080p BBC HD version of Raiders of the Lost Ark...
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  • Exclusive: First play of new 360 controller

  • grandmaster 21/08/2008

    what's Jack Black doing behind Johnny at GC?

    Johnny - you've lost the neeeews!
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  • Alone in the Dark

  • grandmaster 21/08/2008

    Nice job Eden. The first time that PS3 owner will feel good playing a late ported game I guess.

    DiRT and more obviously Oblivion are two games that perform better on PS3.
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  • Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty

  • grandmaster 21/08/2008

    For those Ratchet-less PS3 owners, this looks like the better value deal:
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  • DC Universe Online

  • grandmaster 07/08/2008

    There should only be one Superman, one Batman etc. But they shouldn't be glorified NPCs. They need to feel like real life characters - get the devs to take control of them, give them an agenda and a 'life' that the player might/can be able to interact with. Reply 0
  • Id Software's John Carmack

  • grandmaster 04/08/2008

    Carmack once said Quake could never be ported to the Saturn.

    I just like mentioning that ;)

    It wasn't ported to the Saturn though. It was completely rewritten and shoehorned into a completely different engine designed from the ground up for the console. An astonishing achievement for sure, but not a port.
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  • Xbox 360 UT3 gets Euro date

  • grandmaster 12/06/2008

    There's no problem with storage as the PS3 version would've fit onto a DVD in itself. Reply 0
  • Paradroid arrives on Virtual Console

  • grandmaster 23/05/2008

    I'm betting it's not even the revisited version Braybrook put out in a Paradroid/Uridium doublepack that ran at 50fps. Reply 0
  • Rock Band "won't magically get cheaper because you wish it so"

  • grandmaster 11/04/2008

    Aren't the instruments made in China or elsewhere in the Far East any way? Is it really that much more to ship to Europe rather than the US? Reply 0
  • Dark Sector

  • grandmaster 06/04/2008

    Some interesting points there Stratus and a great counterpoint to Dan's review.

    The thing is that I find myself agreeing with both you and Dan about certain aspects of the game. The upgrades system could've been better, it does get somewhat repetitive later on (before ramping up nicely in Chapter 8/9/10) and I'm with Dan on the logic of taking on the bosses. The game sets up its own rules which seem to go out of the window with the bosses.

    But weirdly, I do feel like completing this again on the higher difficulty level and not just for the allure of the extra gamerscore. Similar to Criterion's Black, I can imagine that the skills you learn from playing the game make replaying the earlier stages much more fulfilling. And everything you point out about what makes this game fun, different and entertaining is right on the money. More than that, the limitations of the upgrades system mean that I've yet to experience most of the weapons, let alone upgrade them - another compelling reason to play through again.

    I think it's one of those games that could've benefitted from a 'double header' review. My heart says this is a 7 or even an 8 out of ten, but reading EG's description of a 6, it does seem to fit the required criteria.
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  • grandmaster 04/04/2008

    I must be a drooling maniac but as single-player games go, I enjoyed this tons more than Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Reply 0
  • grandmaster 04/04/2008

    I enjoyed this game for what it was - two nights of decent enough fun and a lovely graphics engine powering it all. A solid rental in my book, or worth picking up when it inevitably drops down to Ł17.99 at That said, I think 6/10 is a fair enough score. I'd be irked if I'd paid full price for it but while it lasted, I enjoyed it.

    You aren't dropping dead for no reason at the final boss battle by the way; the bloke is firing off a sonic weapon - as evidenced by an increasingly fierce piercing whine and an accompanying visual effect. You just smack him in the chops with an electrified glaive to put a stop to that. As there's a preceding cutscene showing the bloke to be vulnerable to attack it's pretty obvious what you're supposed to do.

    Granted though, it's a cheap one-shot kill somewhat at odds with a boss that is otherwise completely incapable of killing you. I think it's actually just trying to bore you to death.

    Good call on the church/Colossus boss melee kill though. That just made no sense whatsoever.
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  • Wii FreeLoader emerges

  • grandmaster 29/02/2008

    and why would nintendo patch it anyway? they had to sign the code for the disc in the first place, and supply a devkit to datel, so they know it exists!

    You are joking right? Datel reverse engineers code and protection systems - it's what they do. Nintendo will see it the same time you do.
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  • None more Black, says Criterion

  • grandmaster 13/02/2008

    Black multiplayer online... the best game never made :( Reply 0
  • Minter halts dev blogging

  • grandmaster 23/11/2007

    I'd be more interested to see how sales of Geometry Wars are holding up against Space Giraffe. Two years older, but the same price and by far the better game. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 3 to get DivX

  • grandmaster 14/11/2007

    This is going to be pretty much spectacularly useless unless there is support for both MP3 and AC3 audio. Reply 0
  • PS3 firmware 2.0 released

  • grandmaster 08/11/2007

    It's worth pointing out that you can charge your PS3 controllers using any USB port - you don't need to use the PS3 specifically. However, using a mains to USB charger will blow the controller up, so don't try that. Reply 0
  • Burnout Paradise dated in US

  • grandmaster 29/10/2007

    Except for the last one, Dominator, of course. Which was about as re-invented as my hand.

    And of course nothing to do with Criterion Games.
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  • The Hobbit

  • grandmaster 28/10/2007

    I got Elrond to keep giving me free lunch and eventually 'your own foul gluttony kills yourself'.

    Also amazing was how you could stack up commands to the other characters. For example, you could send Thorin into the goblins domain, get him to find Gollum's ring, wear it, then come back to you and give it to you.

    Extremely impressive stuff for its time.
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  • Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

  • grandmaster 21/10/2007

    I played the original UK version to completion and loved it. Mastering the difficult bits was all about cashing in your justice power for energy at just the right points. Reply 0
  • Every Extend XBLA this week

  • grandmaster 16/10/2007

    I have to admit that I couldn't bear Speedball 2 on XBLA. Just feels incredibly outdated - the revised version doesn't feel that much better to me than the abortive PlayStation effort.

    The concept behind the game is sound, but the implementation just doesn't hold up.

    It's been available for months on the 360's Partnernet (a dev version of Live any one with a debug station has access to).
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  • The Orange Box

  • grandmaster 11/10/2007

    Loading occurs at the same places as PC, but is at most 5-10 seconds, just like the review says. Reply 0
  • grandmaster 11/10/2007

    Blimey it's been a good year for games now this? I wasn't sure whether to go PC or 360... till I read 1080 on and full 5.1... xbox it is!

    It really isn't 1080p.

    I'd be going for the PC version personally.
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  • grandmaster 10/10/2007

    Graphics in HL2 don't seem to have had a makeover and even the HDR isn't that impactful IMHO. Textures might even be slightly lower resolution than the PC version. There appear to be some reflective effects that may or may not have been in the original game. Reply 0
  • grandmaster 10/10/2007

    But then some reviews say the graphics look "old" and don't mention any noticable improvement. In fact IGN says it's clearly a port of the Xbox 1 game! (Please, please tell me how they determined this, and if it's true).

    IGN also says load times are in the same places and take 30 seconds, compared to Eurogamer's report of "10 seconds every 5 minutes".

    Also, Eurogamer is the only one to suggest a pixel resolution of 1080.

    The graphics don't look any better at 1080p than they do at 720p. Even though the options screen says '1920x1080', it must be referring to the resolution set on the dashboard, not the native resolution as it's showing classic scaling artifacts. Frame rate also appears identical at both resolutions.

    I've only played for the first few minutes, but overall impressions are it's running at 720p/30 with the odd frame rate fluctuation. Yes it does look "old" because it's a port of Half-Life 2 and the game itself is old - nothing wrong with that. However, my old PC (3.4GHz, X800XT) ran the game at 1920x1200 at much the same frame rate.

    I don't really want to comment on Ep1 and Ep2 as I want to play them through in order, and I've not played those on PC.

    Loading is fairly frequent. Can't say for sure but it seems to be equivalent to the PC version.
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  • grandmaster 10/10/2007

    Even though the options screen says it's running at 1920x1080, I could lay money on The Orange Box actually being upscaled as I can barely tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

    I'll give it another look later.
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