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  • Star Citizen Terms of Service update makes it a bit harder to get a refund

  • graham738 22/06/2016

    @HappyGator Yes, I agree that some people in the community can take their allegiances way too seriously, however CIG is breaking new ground here, and I'd rather they take their time and succeed than release a shoddy product. Its not like the big publishers always release great things. EA, Activision, Ubisoft - they've all released major garbage that was marketed as the next greatest game, and more importantly, charged us a lot of money for! (SWTOR, Sim City, CoD, BattleField, Assassin's Creed, BattleFront, Aliens: Colonial Marines, RavenCry, and many more) We've all been bitten by this. The difference with CIG is that we can see the process, and more importantly, we can take part in the process, allowing our feedback to shape the game before its actual launch. I am frustrated that it is taking way longer than intended but great things don't happen overnight. And to those wanting a refund - well, this is a life lesson in learning to manage your money. If you cannot afford something, then simply don't get it. I've crowdfunded a number of products I've believed in. Most of them delivered, but some didn't. I understood straight away that once that money left my account I should consider it a loss unless proven otherwise. The bottom line is there are people who desperately want to see this project burn, and there are other people who want it to succeed. I have faith in the team and am looking forward to playing it one day. Here's hoping! Reply 0
  • graham738 21/06/2016

    The latest patch - 2.4 - is pretty awesome with the features released, but it is still quite buggy. Client crashes and frustrating bugs can ruin the experience a little. However it shows where they're going, and whilst progress was slow in the last couple of years, CIG is definitely heading in the right direction. This year should bring more landing zones and features fleshed out. Its never easy being the one to go against the flow and come up with something completely unheard of. Keep up the great work guys! Reply +5
  • Star Citizen first-person shooter gameplay unveiled

  • graham738 03/11/2014

    @SuperSoupy The modules are currently being developed as separate entities that will eventually all come together in one big game. The FPS mechanic is going to be used when you want to take over enemy space stations or ships. It is not a separate part of the game. From piloting your ship, you can get out of the cockpit, pick up your rifle, and head on over to the nearest space station to cause some trouble. Really the first of its kind.

    The current state of the game is very very early, and it shows it lack a hell of a lot of polish, but just like Arena Commander was rather unpleasant in its first iteration, as time goes by they will get it right. This is the whole point of slowly releasing sections of the game to the backers, so we can try it out and help them make the BDSSE!
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  • Titanfall beta sign-up opens for PC and Xbox One

  • graham738 12/02/2014

    Would love to try it, but its EA, so i'm going to have to pass. Reply -1
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti review

  • graham738 17/12/2013

    Recently bought the R9 280x, simply because of its Price per Power ratio :)

    I dont think those tiny increments in performance are worth the extra money.

    As PearofAnguish said, the money is better spent upgrading to SSD / more RAM / better CPU.
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  • Roberts vows Star Citizen "will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform"

  • graham738 21/11/2013

    Dear @donniebox

    Building a pc today is extremely easy compared to what they used to be like. And with PC its not just about the best graphics and so on, its about getting access to games that aren't out yet, its about helping small teams of developers come out with masterpieces by supporting them early (Mojang and Squad come to mind). Its about the ability to do more than just game. Its about Mods to make games better, and in a lot of cases Mods that actually fix the games. Its about not being tied down to any hardware or software manufacturer. And if you're talking exclusives, how about all the Free to Play games that we get on PC? And if you must know, the rest of the pc didnt cost that much either. They're all parts that got swapped out / upgraded slowly.

    PS: Chris Roberts is already where the dollars are. He's got his hands on about 29 million dollars. All from PC gamers. get over it.
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  • graham738 20/11/2013

    I just spent Ł250 on a new graphics card to upgrade my 5 year old pc.

    It can now run all games on the highest of settings without any trouble at all.

    And i can still play my old library of games, as they are still fully compatible with my new card. In fact, they will actually run better than before.

    To summarise: I spent less money on a graphics card than i did on a "next gen console" and i get to keep all my games and everything else i had before, and i also get to play Star Citizen.

    PC: Win
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  • Mega textures push Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC to 50GB

  • graham738 10/10/2013

    Does anyone actually own a 4K TV? Reply +3
  • New SWTOR expansion brings 12vs12 dogfighting

  • graham738 09/10/2013

    Want space combat? Look for Star Citizen. Reply +1
  • This is what the largest online space battle in history looks like

  • graham738 29/07/2013

    @null Star Citizen my space faring friend! check out Reply +2
  • Steam summer sale could start tomorrow

  • graham738 10/07/2013

    Between Star Citizen and Steam Summer sale.... i'm screwed Reply +4
  • SimCity Amusement Park Pack DLC add-on revealed

  • graham738 17/05/2013

    How about making the maps bigger first? Reply +8
  • Eve Online: Into the second decade

  • graham738 08/05/2013

    All this spaceship talk makes me want to play Star Citizen. Reply +2
  • Next Xbox won't be backwards-compatible, report says

  • graham738 09/04/2013

    I love my PC Reply +9
  • SimCity sells over one million copies in two weeks

  • graham738 19/03/2013

    I was one of those people that bought the game. They might have all those users now, but that number will fall unless they fix the damnn game. Reply 0
  • SimCity review

  • graham738 15/03/2013

    ouch! 4/10 is pretty low.

    I got the game a couple of days ago and played a bit with a friend of mine.

    If the Always-On worked properly I wouldn't even mind it. But i couldn't even chat to my friend real time in game because it literally took minutes to update. Same with sharing resources. I needed power as my wind power was giving less power than the energizer bunny, but my friend's excess was nowhere to be seen on the regional map. We both had to log out and back in to see the updated stuff. As mentioned above, the traffic is just bloody stupid. All cars seemed to have a certain affection for a particular stretch or tarmac, making fire engines take a bloody year to get to a now pile of charcoal.

    i still think the game has huge potential. Building and upgrading is very easy and rewarding, but there are some serious issues that need to be ironed out before this game can be called complete.

    I was disappointed with the 3 last EA games i bought. Origin needs some serious work if Always-On is something we are to expect in all future games. Playing Sim City made me realise how bloody seamless Steam is. i will definitely think twice about my next EA game.
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  • Gamer anger grows as SimCity debacle threatens to turn ugly

  • graham738 07/03/2013

    If Blizzard got it wrong with Diablo, then i can't see how EA could have gotten it right with this. Always on is a two sided blade. It does add tons of functionality for the player and metrics for the devs, but having the paying customer be barred from playing his game is never good. I've been looking forward to this game for a while, but i have a feeling i might be playing Shogun 2 this weekend to let these server issues iron out. Reply -2
  • BioWare on next-gen: "There will be a big leap, but it won't be as obvious"

  • graham738 25/02/2013

    PS4 is based on PC architecture. I think this is absolutely fantastic for PC gamers as we might get real games rather than bad console ports! Which means this time i'll stick with my PC, and wait for the Steambox! Reply 0
  • Steam launches Big Picture mode today

  • graham738 04/12/2012

    I love you Steam. Can we push our luck and ask for a media player too? Reply 0
  • Loads of Grand Theft Auto 5 details emerge

  • graham738 09/11/2012

    I really hope they release it on PC at some point. Reply 0
  • Was Gabe Newell right to declare Windows 8 a catastrophe?

  • graham738 08/11/2012

    If Windows becomes a closed system - which is one of the reasons i dislike Apple products so much - then it would be time to move to Linux. With Steam and Nvidia really working hard to get full Linux support, then its a no brainer. I choose a PC as it gives me the freedom to do what i want with it. Sign up for the buggy ALPHA games, download the latest mod, and try quirky self published messes of game. I can do it because i own a pc. I dont want that to change Reply +3
  • Borderlands 2 shifts 1.82 million copies in September in US

  • graham738 12/10/2012

    Borderlands 2 is one of the best games i've played in ages. Fantastic story, brilliant voice acting, funny as f*^k, and great multiplayer fun. Seriously, try it with friends. Reply +5
  • Bethesda struggling with Dawnguard on PS3: "This is not a problem we're positive we can solve"

  • graham738 31/08/2012

    So i guess i better get the PC version of Skyrim and not the PS3 one! I would not be happy if i owned it on PS3.

    Also, 256 RAM on a console that should last 10 years is just bloody ridiculous. Seriously Sony, WTF?
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  • Yet more Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots get down to "business"

  • graham738 24/08/2012

    I wonder what pc you need to make it this jaw-droppingly beautiful. Reply +7
  • Ubisoft has endured a 93-95% piracy rate on PC

  • graham738 22/08/2012

    So all that money they spent on DRM was a total waste. And they keep on insisting on doing it? Reply +8
  • Blizzard's lavish cinematic unveiled for World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria

  • graham738 16/08/2012

    Why have i started itching?

    damn you blizzard

    *shakes clenched fist*
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  • Plants vs. Zombies multiplayer console shooter in development - report

  • graham738 09/08/2012

    Why does everything have to be turned into a shooter? Reply +4
  • SSX multiplayer mode teased by EA Sports

  • graham738 06/08/2012

    SSX without local split screen gameplay is simply not SSX. Its just another snowboard game. When Split Screen comes out, then i'll consider buying it. Reply +5
  • The Old Republic producer leaves BioWare

  • graham738 17/07/2012

    a game with so much potential, but put together so badly. i was truly disappointed with the game. such a pity. especially coz all those people had to stop playing SWG to make room for this flop.


    EA, when will you learn?
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  • Dyad dated for PSN

  • graham738 13/07/2012

    Does anyone remember Rez on PS2?

    This is basically that, but in HD.
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  • Steam Summer Sale is now live

  • graham738 12/07/2012

    my wallet is hiding in a corner, scared it wont recover! Reply 0
  • We have 500 Guild Wars 2 beta keys

  • graham738 12/07/2012


    i was a slowcoach.

    damn this job keeping me busy!!!
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  • EA blames Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers fall on casuals leaving game

  • graham738 08/05/2012

    I was one of the hopefuls that wanted this to be the best thing since bacon. Bought the CE and all. Unfortunately i didnt find what i was looking for.

    The negative points that really put me off were these:

    1) Levelling was way too quick. And once you got there, there wasnt that much to do. Most of the time i was just getting into the storyline of the current zone, you know, when it really starts to get good, and then you realise you're way above the level of the zone, more than halfway through the next zone's lvl range, and can pretty much skip it and move onto the next! Some zones were pretty nice, and the story was great but you ended up skipping it entirely coz it just got too easy and the gear was too low level.

    2) Lack of diversity when levelling an alt. My first toon was a BH, and it was awesome. My second one was an IA, and i was a bit irked that i had to play through the same zones right after going through them not so long ago with my main. Then i started a SW and beside the starting zone, the rest of the planets were the same! Yes i know the story makes the difference, but i still feel that there should have been more options. If the game was truly story driven, then you should have had real "left or right" choices that make you take completely different routes, even if you're dark/light in both.

    3) Maps were sickeningly linear. You couldnt really go out and explore the world. There was a path, and you had to run on it. The SWTOR World is huge as it has so many planets, but you never really get an idea of this size as you're always running on corridors. The planets do become quite open as you level further, but i just dont like to have run around a set path with every toon for 200 times each time i quest in that zone. I missed the freedom of choosing if i wanted to climb that thing over there or just wander off in a direction for more then 10 mtrs.

    $) Mounts. All the money for very little speed. 'nuff said

    I really hope that the devs keep working hard on this and make it into something that can keep players having fun. In my opinion, they just launched the game and they're already trying to catch up with demands of players. Personally, i think that if the levelling speed at launch was 50% of what it is now, they would have given themselves more time to work on fixes, and more time for people to enjoy the content.

    I might reactivate 6 months from now if i'm in the mood to see what has been improved, but not for now.
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  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Review

  • graham738 16/03/2012

    I have one. Its bloody awesome.

    It has an SD slot, you can copy and paste stuff from your pc without using any specific software (no need for itunes) and its frikkin quick.

    i love it
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  • SSX Review

  • graham738 28/02/2012

    I remember playing SSX when i got my PS2 on launch day. I'm so happy they rebooted the franchise, and did it well!

    cant wait to play this.
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  • SWTOR: BioWare warns against creating characters on high population servers

  • graham738 21/12/2011

    Tomb of Freedon Nad has been an utter nightmare.

    I'm really enjoying the game, but Bioware really fucked up with this one.

    They had pre order numbers, guild names and numbers, and still they managed to overpopulate a server.

    we're waiting 3-5 hours to join the server at peak, and around 2 hours in off peak.

    its horrible.

    i aint happy
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  • Bobby Kotick questions Star Wars Old Republic's economics

  • graham738 29/11/2011

    As a veteran MMO player, SWTOR is really upping the MMO space with this game. Played beta this weekend and the story driven aspect is really and truly amazing. Its like playing a great single player RPG - with your mates.

    There were some small bugs and nuisances but all in all it was a very smooth experience.

    WoW is not getting an worse, its just showing its age. I played WoW for over 4 years, and loved every minute of it, but now its time for a new flavour. Rift was a flawless launch and really polished game, but it was nothing really new. I think Bioware really has a chance of succeeding in reaching at least 1 million subscribers within a month or so.

    If any of you are not sure if you'll enjoy it, and havent had the chance to play it, ask yourself this:

    Would Mass Effect be even more fun if it was played with a friend? If the answer is yes, then you'll love this game.

    The potential for this game is really great. The story aspect means that you dont feel like you're grinding - at all. There is no grind. Everything you do is for a reason. The "bonus" missions for each mission is just optional, so you dont really have to kill a bunch of stuff if you dont want to, but you're rewarded if you do.

    The companions add a nice touch to the game. They're a lot more than a simple "pet". The light side / dark side options really make you stop and think before you act, and you can see the potential changes in your future every step of the way.

    All in all, i think everyone should try this game. I think it has great potential and looks like its gonna be a lot of fun. I;m sure Kotick hopes that it will fail miserably, but i'm also sure Blizzard will like some competition, and see what they can implement in "Titan".

    Just over 2 weeks to early access, cant wait!
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  • Retrospective: SSX 3

  • graham738 24/05/2010

    Would love to see a new SSX come out for the PS3. Rather unhappy about the fact that i cant play my old ones since my ps2 died.

    Some games are good in multiplayer, some games are good for single player. SSX was great for Split Screen racing, and that feeling of awesomeness when you land an insane jump.

    Soundtrack was one to remember too.
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  • EA will look into an SSX revival

  • graham738 15/11/2009

    Yes please! been dying to see one on the ps3! Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Lifetime Top 10

  • graham738 04/09/2009

    Happy Birthday EG!

    I'll have to try out some of these games :)
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  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  • graham738 18/11/2008

    Beautifully worded, and i agree with everything you said.

    I really love gaming. I've always gamed with different platforms, different genres and always looking for something new to nitpick at.

    But Wrath is honestly a masterpiece. Hats off to everyone who helped create such a richly filled and beautifully designed expansion. The music, the lore behind the quests, the phasing, the controlling of various vehicles, the instances, the graphic upgrade, the armour design, this list can go forever. truly great.

    10/10 from me too! :)
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