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  • Sunless Sea review

  • goz 06/02/2015

    @the_sas_man I actually didn't know that Richard was a writer on the game until I *saw* the disclaimer on the review ;)

    - Simon
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  • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood review

  • goz 13/01/2014


    Hey Penhalion,

    The Unity statement was just an aside, unrelated to the comparison with Limbo. Apologies for the (unintended!) implication that it is somehow related.


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  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen review

  • goz 22/04/2013


    Regarding the retail, boxed product (which we reviewed here) the game is entirely standalone (it comes on two discs - game disc and texture pack install disc) so you will no longer require your previous game disc. The game imports your DD save, however, so don't delete any files.
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  • goz 22/04/2013

    @Arsecake_Baker Still have the black borders at the top and bottom of the screen (at least on Xbox ver) I am afraid.

    - Simon
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  • Halo 4 review

  • goz 01/11/2012

    @broony Fair point! The way that I phrased that was misleading. I will see if I can get the sentence edited. The point of the sentence still stands though! Thanks for the clarification. Reply +2
  • goz 01/11/2012

    @broony Hi there Broony - the final control scheme option in the menu allows you to use CoD controls for the game. It's the first time this has happened in a Halo game and, as such, I thought it was important to note! Reply +1
  • goz 01/11/2012

    @GelatinousDude Hey GelatinouDude!

    In the current climate I wanted to assure you that I would absolutely dare to give a blockbuster a '6' (see Resident Evil 6) and that I'd like to think no amount of Doritos or sugary drinks would influence my judgement.

    Furthermore, if I believed Halo 4 to be a '6' then - provided my text supported the judgement - Oli, my editor here, would have given me his full backing, without question. I receive no pressure to score games in any particular direction from the Eurogamer team.

    I'm sorry you felt there was a disconnect between the text and the score. Halo 4 is a wonderful accomplishment by 343i, equivalent in many places to the quality of work achieved by Bungie. It delivers a strong continuation of the universe.

    But while it's the nature of iterative game releases that a lack of invention can dull our excitement for the familiar, that doesn't mean competence shouldn't be applauded.

    I hope that makes sense!

    -Simon Parkin
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  • Papo & Yo Review

  • goz 15/08/2012

    @Mister-Wario Hi there Mister Wario.

    My experience was different. I didn't have any falling through walls, nor did the monster become stuck on any walls. I certainly didn't need to re-install the game.

    I thought this was a good looking game for a PSN title and, if there were frame rate or screen-tearing issues, they weren't severe enough to distract me as I didn't notice them.

    Hope that helps.

    Simon Parkin
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  • Eurogamer.net Podcast #123: Being Simon Parkin

  • goz 08/08/2012

    I routinely receive tweets asking me what the weather is going to be like on any given week. But it's some consolation that Simon Parkin the weatherman receives the odd question about Street Fighter. Thems the namesake breaks.

    And Peterfll! I am sure we share more common ground than you suspect. It sounds like you dearly love video games and I do too - so that's one thing for a start. We should have a coffee one time and talk games.

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  • Dragon's Dogma Review

  • goz 21/05/2012

    @schnide Hi there Schnide!

    I do freelance every other month or so for Edge but I didn't write those two pieces of content. Neither EG nor Edge allows its freelancers to cross-review for both publications for this very reason.

    I haven't read the Edge interview with Raymond but there may have been crossover as the PR team gave all journalists a specific list of four or five topics we were allowed to discuss (presumably as Ubisoft was not prepared to discuss any of the games currently in development at their Montreal studio).

    Hope that clears it up!

    - Simon
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  • goz 21/05/2012

    @RandomTerrain The story is slow-burning and the first half of the game feels under-developed in this regard.

    Once you've performed enough feats to gain access to the duke's mansion around 10-12 hours in (depending on how many quests you cleaned up by this point in the game) it steps up a gear.

    I found myself much more engaged in the plot from this point onwards, but don't go in expecting a Witcher in this regard...

    There are some neat tie-ins between mission with, for example, a sub-quest NPC picthing in to help in a later battle if you bothered to complete an earlier mission, and so on.

    Hope that helps.

    - Simon Parkin
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  • Final Fantasy 13-2 Review

  • goz 29/01/2012

    Laythe: that one is easy to answer. Yasumi Matsuno was the creative lead behind War of the Lions and FFXII, and he departed Square Enix towards the end of development of the latter. Pretty much nobody who worked on 12 went on to work on 13, sadly. Reply +6
  • Gears of War 3: Raam's Shadow Review

  • goz 13/12/2011

    @Triggerhappytel The DLC chapters are each spaced an hour apart (e.g. chapter 1 = 5 hours to kryllstorm, chapter 2 = 4 hours etc).

    The campaign takes around 3 hours to complete in real time, however.
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  • Radiant Silvergun

  • goz 16/09/2011


    Fair point! I sometimes forget that readers aren't actually my friends and therefore don't automatically know that there is no way I would be flippantly disparaging about any system. There's gold in pretty much every hardware hill.

    Except, perhaps, Gimondo.
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  • goz 16/09/2011

    Hey team,

    So, this is my fault for not using quotation marks for clarity's sake, but the opening paragraph was paraphrasing the kind of people that would poke fun at Radiant Silvergun and its hardware - not offering my own opinion on the system and its selection of games. Don't make me eat a dick, Dolph. :(

    I don't believe RS is the only great game for a system that I have enjoyed for many years. I ploughed my way through Princess Crown. I still play Dragon Force. I have got my Sega Scouting badge!

    In the same way, I don't believe that collectors were morons for spending upwards of Ł100 on a copy of the game. I was one of those guys. I bought it twice, even.

    The conclusion to the review - saying the joke's on the scoffers - refers to the joke-makers in the opening two paragraphs. The tide of people who didn't pick up on how I was trying to frame the review shows that I didn't express that clearly enough. Apologies! I wasn't trying to upset you all.

    Please don't let this distract from talking about what we should all be talking about: Radiant Silvergun is on XBLA FFS. How amazing is that?

    - Simon Parkin
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  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3

  • goz 14/02/2011

    Truth: Mission mode is the latter. Same format as in SF4.

    oldtrusty: there are various remixes of the 'take you for a ride' song in the Training Mode menu screen. ;)
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  • Super Mario All-Stars

  • goz 17/12/2010

    Disney made back its development costs on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 60-odd years ago. There's no outcry when they re-release the same DVD time and again (at full price), because they are introducing the film to a new generation each time.

    Why should games be treated differently in this regard? Money generated from previous releases can help fund new-IP that might not otherwise get made.
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  • GoldenEye 007

  • goz 05/11/2010

    In fairness, the game does come BUNDLED with a gold Classic Controller Pro. If it's not been primarily designed for use with that controller, it's certainly being sold that way... Reply +3
  • Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

  • goz 15/09/2010

    Katanax: there are two references to Hotel Dusk in the review, and numerous mentions of the developer! Reply +2
  • Games of 2009: Street Fighter IV

  • goz 29/12/2009

    Nobody complains about having to use the drum peripheral with Rock Band to unlock the experience's full potential... Reply 0
  • Policenauts

  • goz 17/09/2009

    rogueJT: read the review dude!

    In short: an English language fan patch was released for the game 3 weeks ago. Now, anyone with a copy of the ROM and a PSP or chipped PS1/2 casn play Kojima's lost classic in English.
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  • goz 17/09/2009

    With a little time and effort, you can download and play this on a chipped PS1/PS2 or PSP. Reply +2
  • The Edge of Reason?

  • goz 07/08/2009

    Which memories in particular Tardie? Reply 0
  • goz 03/08/2009

    KrissAkabusi: Narrative is not superflous when you're asking readers to engage with a complex, convoluted story based on a trademark dispute that's potentially dry and hard work. No, narrative is the only thing that's going to get them through. Reply +11
  • goz 03/08/2009

    RE: the character assassination comment, Langdell seems to be doing a good enough job of that himself, what with the restraining order for stalking Hollywood actresses and stuff...

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  • Sin and Punishment 2

  • goz 25/06/2009


    Sorry for the confusion. The camera does wheel and dive in a dramatic way, it just happens to also be on-rails. A bit like one's view on a rollercoaster, for example.
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  • Garou also on XBLA tomorrow

  • goz 23/06/2009

    I love this game v. hard. Alongside Last Blade 2 it's the best SNK fighter, I think.

    Very accessible too (all characters' move sets are basically the same)
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  • Over-Achievers

  • goz 15/05/2009

    Lord: the Unreal Engine's been used on loads of non-FPS titles. Last Remnant, a JRPG for example.

    I mean, you're well within your rights to dislike the output of this generation's consoles, but whatever your beef is, achievements and the Unreal Engine are certainly not to blame...
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  • Fable II: See the Future

  • goz 12/05/2009

    Continue from your last save for sure. All the DLC integrates perfectly no matter where you left off. Reply 0
  • Phantasy Star Portable

  • goz 17/04/2009


    I'm sorry you feel confused by the review. The section on the cultural differences is important because this is a game made for a Japanese market to play in a peculiarly Japanese way. We simply don't have a culture in the UK of meeting up en masse to play PSP games (something which is massively widespread in Japan thanks, in main, to Monster Hunter).

    As such, its important to talk about these differences because, for the vast majority of players who will be reading this piece, they won't be able to play the game in the way it was intended. When a game's primary purpose becomes redundant due to cultural differences then you need to address that - it's more important than a survey of which button does what etc.

    That said, I may have assumed too much knowledge of PSO/ PSU of some readers. If that's the case for you then hop over to the PSU review on EG for a more detailed breakdown of the game's workings.

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  • Suikoden Tierkreis

  • goz 25/03/2009


    All of the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest DS remakes feature 3d backgrounds as well 3d characters.
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  • Ten Level Test: Final Fantasy XI vs Lineage II

  • goz 06/03/2009

    Great stuff Oli. Brought back some fond memories of good (but not necessarily missed) times in Vana'Diel. Reply 0
  • Metal Slug 7

  • goz 04/03/2009

    I finished the game on Beginner and got most of the way through on Normal. I completed a number of the Combat School challenges and went back to collect as many POWs in the log as I could because, as I said in the review, I found that pretty compelling.

    The line about animals was a mistake - fair cop. I actually rewrote that overview of the mechanics para from my Metal Slug Anthology review for EG, which is why it slipped in there.
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  • goz 04/03/2009

    I didn't play the game for twenty minutes.

    What do you mean by the metastructure being different? You get a level select and you have to clear rooms before being allowed to move on (which happened in previous games but less so). The Combat School has been present in console versions since the very first game so this certainly isn't new. It's less featured that the one SNK laid down in the very first game.

    In mechanical, visual and thematic terms the game has changed very little over its history. I argue that the team has improved the systems that underpin the game here, but that it falls short on the visuals and the level design - which I'm sure would be the common conlcusion.

    What exactly are you saying?
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  • Street Fighter IV

  • goz 16/02/2009

    peteb: it actually makes very little difference. I think that the legnth of gaps in between bouts are tied to the transition animations in someway, so even if all the assets are loaded in, the fight screen is held back till the "x vs. y" visuals and audio are finished playing out. Reply 0
  • Skate 2

  • goz 23/01/2009

    dsf: in certain timed challenges the session markers are disabled. Reply 0
  • Flower

  • goz 20/01/2009

    What are a demo scene?

    Curse these young bones :(:(:(
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  • Editor's blog: Editorial vs. Advertising

  • goz 15/01/2009

    "They're the antithesis of that recent Danish newspaper video where the fellow takes it all too seriously by asking some model archaeology questions."

    Really? You mean the Lara Croft interview? I definitely thought that was tongue-in-cheek too...
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  • Super Stardust Portable

  • goz 08/01/2009

    "This is wrong. Your progress IS saved - in the normal Arcade mode you can start from any planet you've reached, and retaining your weapon power."

    You're right: I expressed myself clumsily there. The preceding line was meant to point out that you unlock planets in sequence, and the one you quoted was meant point out that you can't save progress within playthroughs (e.g. halfway through a set of planet stages).

    Also: I absolutely did make it off the first planet you cheeky bugger. You and me, Radiant Silvergun, let's go Campbell. :)

    Finally, I did say that the control scheme is "perfectly serviceable". But at the same time it is quantitatively less precise than that employed in the PS3 version. It would be remiss not to mention that.

    Finally, playing the game for extended periods gives me cramp in my hand, whatever control scheme I'm using.

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  • Radiant Silvergun XBLA port unlikely

  • goz 06/01/2009

    It is, without question, the greatest shoot 'em up ever made for a million different reasons.

    "It doesn't lend itself to be played for score and you don't have much motivation to play it more than a couple of times," is the wrongest thing ever written on the Internet, and that's going some.
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  • Chrono Trigger

  • goz 28/11/2008

    SpaceDan: No that's true. Shortening the English names of characters and items was common practioce for translators in the 8- and 16-bit era as cart space was at such a premium.

    Japanese kanji allow much longer sentences to be expressed in far fewer characters than English, hence the discrepency between the two language versions.

    Obviously with this DS version, cart space is no longer an issue but, as default, Square decided to keep the name as Crono, for old time's sake I presume.
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  • Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City

  • goz 17/11/2008


    This is something Tom and I discussed at length. In the end we felt that, as most of EG's readership will have played an AC game before it was best to bias the piece towards them. Also, had the game been marketed as a remake, or an expansion pack, the adherence to template would have been forgivable but this is being sold as an All! New! Animal! Crossing!, a marketing skew it doesn't live up to.

    The community features have almost all appeared in previous games in one form or another, although as the review points out, they are best-executed here thanks to the Wii's ease of online connection. I wasn't able to test WiiSpeak because nobody else I know has the add-on but, to be brutally honest, voice chat in games, no matter how effective the hardware is in picking up voices, is very, very old hat.

    You can totally have a badge too though.
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  • goz 17/11/2008

    insincere_dave: yeah, I did mention the secret micro-island in that line originally but then took it out because the majority of readers wouldn't have seen it and, it was so small and irrelevant to the game's systems that the point stands anyway.

    Still, you win a badge for excellent pedantry. :)
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  • Mother 3

  • goz 29/10/2008


    I chose but a handful of cute flourishes to point out in that paragraph. They're not spoilers and they certainly offer just a snapshot of the huge abundance of stuff like this scattered through the game. When the best thing a game has going for it is its inventive, inconsequential moments you have to mention some of them to back up the statement.

    Anyway, could you point out what's incorrect in the paragraph you quoted please? Not in a snotty way but just because, if you're right, we can correct them!
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  • goz 29/10/2008

    Siro: The English translation was only released onto the Internet less than two weeks ago, hence the review timing. Reply 0
  • Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

  • goz 26/10/2008

    Yup - both Japanese and English voice acting to choose between. The disc's region free too, obv. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy comes to 360

  • goz 15/07/2008

    SpyroViper: Squaresoft was a Nintendo-only dev/ publisher for ten years before they moved to Sony you twit.

    Platform partisanship is so depressing.
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  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

  • goz 25/06/2008

    Listen, go back and read the first few paragraphs again now you've cooled off a bit. I don't say that I and most other people 'don't like FF7 any more'. I say that people (and realise that I'm talking about those people who played and loved FF7 at release in 1997 - not those who came to it later) are are more likely to be reticent in proclaiming their love for it these days for numerous, clearly-defined reasons.

    JRPGs are no longer as popular as they once were - in fact, they are often viewed with scorn and derison (watch yahtzee at all?) in a way they never were a decade ago when they were new, interesting and possibly the future of videogames (especially for those who thought videogames were going to move closer to films). Similarly, long FMV sequences are now bemoaned by gaming's mainstream and multidisc titles, while new and amazing in 1997, are now an annoyance that bespeaks overlong cutscenes.

    Additonally, (para 4) a lot of the things that 18-year-olds got from the game in 1997 - a sense of community and identity - are found in different places nowadays. Those aspects of the game are no longer relevant. Add to all of that the fact that the recent spin-offs have emphasised the childish, immature elements to the FF7 universe (e.g. AC is a horrific monument to vacant, overblown anime cliche) , rather than the good and true aspects of the game (the characters, themes of big business, agriculture and environmentalism) and its clear the world hasn't grown up with us in the way we maybe wish it had.

    Anyway, your irritation clearly has nothing to do with the review of Crisis Core and everything to do with the fact your love of an old, beloved game was slighted. I assure you I still share your love of that old game (here's a piece I wrote largely defending it for Eurogamer a couple of years ago). But, y'know, it's important to be honest with things you love and, even if you disagree with all of the above points, if you can't see that other people might see things that way (especially when the spin-off sales figures back that up in cold, hard data) then you're absolutely not being honest.

    Anyway, at least you don't think I'm a bad reviewer anymore, eh? Phew! ;)
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  • goz 25/06/2008

    'Also claiming you are "super informed" because you did a few interviews, as opposed to those who read them or the millions who played the games elevates your arrogance into the top notch wanker category. '

    No. I've read interviews with the FF7 team and I've played the game/s and watched the films/ anime. I was just pointing out that I've also had the privilege of interviewing members of the team myself, often in person. I think this helps counter the claim i'm 'ill-informed' so that's why I mentioned it. I didn't mean to sound like a dick - sorry.

    'But that is not what bothers me. It is your opinion of FF7. Although not as such. It is what you base it on and how you claim that most fans of FF7 now think like you. Check the boards, check the sales numbers - you don't seem to be right.'

    The introductory point about disenfranchied fans is not hearsay or anecdotal. Squre-Enix has talked about how they wanted to use this game to get fans of the original back into the series having lost them in recent years (as well as to attract new players who have never heard of FF7 before).

    That was their words which I then spun out into an introduction from my own POV. Sure there are elements of subjectivity but the wider point is one that's irrefutably true. There's no doubting that there are still an awful lot of people who love the first game. There's also no doubting that there are an awful lot less people who have bothered to buy the recent spin-offs as you can tell just buy looking at the sales figures. They're gone and this is, in my opinion, why.
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  • Square Enix releases old games via PSN

  • goz 25/06/2008

    Rakugaki Showtime's a Treasure game! Awexome. Reply 0