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  • Halo: Nightfall available on demand, DVD next month

  • governmentyard 25/02/2015

    Nightfall is unutterably bad.

    Episode 1: Generic but hey, all those Halo references! Promise!

    Episode 2-5: Cookie-cutter space marines arguing next to a piece of rock. In the dark.

    If you've seen Pitch Black, you don't need to see this.
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  • governmentyard 24/02/2015

    Yeah, and... and... why not film Karen Travis's Kilo-Four series of books? They'd make an excellent Firefly-style series. Reply 0
  • governmentyard 24/02/2015

    So when's series 2 of Spartan Ops coming out? I have my copy of Halo 4 here ready... Reply +3
  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • governmentyard 24/02/2015

    I will never stop saying this - the internet is a pub. If you wouldn't leave your child in a pub unsupervised, don't let them on the internet unsupervised. Reply +2
  • Cara Ellison on: 2014: A Space Engine

  • governmentyard 31/01/2015

    Pseud-o-gamer. Reply -3
  • Games of 2014: Destiny

  • governmentyard 26/12/2014

    Glad I bought it, glad I played it to death and rinsed it as far as I reasonably could. Glad I cashed in on it a month ago and nearly made my money back. Reply +5
  • Games of 2014: TxK

  • governmentyard 25/12/2014

    @Kasjer it's coming. In 3D, amongst other things. Reply 0
  • governmentyard 25/12/2014

    backed up by a soundtrack that seems to have found its way from a well-loved Dreamscape cassette discarded in the footwell of a Vauxhall Nova.
    That was kind of the idea, yeah :)
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  • Halo spin-off Spartan Strike delayed as 343 battles The Master Chief Collection matchmaking problems

  • governmentyard 08/12/2014

    Remember how multiplayer games used to work alright from launch? Especially Halo? Reply +2
  • What today's space sims can learn from Colony Wars

  • governmentyard 07/12/2014

    No mention of the superb voiceover? Reply +1
  • Target pulls Grand Theft Auto 5 from sale in Australia

  • governmentyard 05/12/2014

    This is the game where the guy saves his daughter from a reality show and a media perv, right? It's an oddly puritanical tale for the banhammer. San Andreas was way more deserving, if anything could be said to be, which it cannot. Reply 0
  • Angry Birds developer lays off 110 staff, closes studio

  • governmentyard 05/12/2014

    For people like my mother in law, Angry Birds is like chess or something. She'll always play it. Every device she gets, she'll get Angry Birds for it. It's like Mum types who liked Mario Bros or Tetris or Worms. They'll always ask about anything new you've got if it runs that. which is why we keep seeing Mario, Tetris and Worms. I'm afraid Angry Birds is in that pantheon, even if the company with the IP has pissed on its chips recently. Angry Birds will always sell enough to make someone a pile of money. We can sneer at films coming out but people will be as likely to take to that as not. And they can be done cheap these days, compared to the Mario movie for example.

    It is regrettably not over.
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  • Video: Is the world ready for virtual reality?

  • governmentyard 29/08/2014

    @Bander Does all VR stuff come with a Nils Frahm soundtrack? If so, I'm in. Reply 0
  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • governmentyard 28/08/2014

    Gibson. A fucking legend. Reply -1
  • PlayStation Plus gets Velocity 2X, Sportsfriends and TxK in September

  • governmentyard 27/08/2014

    @ozzzy189 ;) Reply 0
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion pushes on despite trademark battle

  • governmentyard 01/07/2014

    @arcam But....but the legal advice was that we had to spend a lot of money on lawyers over this. Reply +3
  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • governmentyard 20/06/2014

    I wonder how long before people come to realise that the language used in this debate by the anti-sexism side is inflammatory to those they accuse of it, and therefore entirely unlikely to change much very quickly?

    You don't stop people doing ignorant things by telling them they are ignorant. Likewise, saying the Assassins's Creed thing is unacceptable simply weakens the argument when it goes on to make gigabucks with 99% not giving a shit who the avatar is. The real result would be if sites like this just ignored Assassin's Creed, favouring more inclusive games. That's how you improve things. Fat chance, though.
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  • Tech Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4

  • governmentyard 17/06/2014

    Wow, new-gen offers moderately improved visuals. TAKE MY FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS!!!!!!

    I could understand the leap and the excitement when we were all replacing our Megadrives with Playstations but this.... nah.
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  • Eve Online ditching bi-annual expansions, Kronos announced

  • governmentyard 04/06/2014

    Everything destructible? They must want rid of Jita, because it WILL happen. Reply 0
  • Ubisoft makes Far Cry 4 official, due this November

  • governmentyard 15/05/2014

    All these tears over cross-gen are thoroughly entertaining. *pats 360*

    I'm really not sure what else anyone might expect at the start of a new generation, particularly from a title that would sell several million less were it not cross-gen.
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  • Blizzard versus the hostility of MOBAs

  • governmentyard 02/05/2014

    Takes a long time to play and one bad player can ruin a match? It's football, then?

    There is one main undressable problem with things like this... Too many nerds playing who can't handle their tempers. Blizzard won't address that because they like money too much.
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  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile review

  • governmentyard 18/04/2014

    @xuiton yes, let's let David Cameron or Ed Miliband decide what constitutes an acceptable video game and what does not, seeing as the porn filter is so effective. I'm sure he'll put the concerns of true gamers at heart rather than playing it for the Middle England vote. Reply +6
  • Hotline Miami 2 trailer is gory-ous

  • governmentyard 08/04/2014

    I'm not buyng this until I've cleared the first one on vita, but I'll be buying the OST immediately. Reply 0
  • Game jam reality show cancelled as indies wouldn't put up with its s***

  • governmentyard 01/04/2014

    It was being produced by production company Polaris along with Maker, Mountain Dew and Pepsi.
    There we are, then.
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  • Minecraft dev Mojang made 200m last year

  • governmentyard 19/03/2014

  • HMV is ditching pre-owned video game sales

  • governmentyard 10/03/2014

    The HMV in Hull is brilliant - plenty of staff-curated stands like in Waterstones, a big rack of Indie-label stuff as you come in to the shop, right where it deserves to be, alongside the chart racks and the sale racks. Expanding vinyl section with a cracking breadth of artists. Seems like there's always a tonne of 3-4 CD albums I'd want as well.

    Games-wise, though, they are no better than Game or Grainger (which is roughly opposite) so I'd sooner they did more music. I'd have to say the relative excellence of the shop is more down to the staff than anything else, though.
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  • The lost worlds of Lionhead and Bullfrog

  • governmentyard 09/02/2014

    @cawley1 Well, I hope you've got a Vita then, as Llamasoft release the sequel, TxK, on Wednesday....

    Should also say that every 360 ever made has the Unity DNA in the visualiser: play music, hit yellow, connect 4 controllers - only thing missing is the ship and enemies.
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  • Flappy Bird dev is removing popular app for some reason

  • governmentyard 09/02/2014

    Why has everyone covering this story 'reached out' to Nguyen? Why is this 'bloglish' seemingly taking over from straightforward writing on the web? You've contacted him. Or more specifically written to him, in some capacity. You're not in a fucking pop video.

    I suppose this is going to get worse, going forward, as it cascades though social media.

    "The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to ... exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink." - Orwell
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  • Hyper Light Drifter delayed until the "holiday season"

  • governmentyard 04/02/2014

    Holiday season? Oh, good, I shall play this all summer :) Reply 0
  • New cheaper Xbox One model this year - report

  • governmentyard 31/01/2014

    Early adopters - YOU KNEW. BE QUIET.

    "I bought a clusterfuck off some arseholes and now I'm unhappy". Well, if only there'd been articles about how much of a mess it was, eh? Bloody hell, there's nothing as a 360 addict I'd like more than to buy the follow up machine on launch day and have it sat there ready for Halo 5 until that launches, too. But it's a load of rubbish, so we wait to see if it gets fixed and a sensible price is charged, don't we?
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  • Apple to refund $32.5m to those whose kids bought in-app purchases

  • governmentyard 15/01/2014

    It's not that parents got caught out by these deliberately exploitative games, but that they allowed their children to play them without due diligence in the first place. The internet is wild and they were wilfully ignorant of that. Even now, most recipients of this money will continue to pretend to themselves that the net is fundamentally safe and that everything must be fine because a big company is involved.

    It's the bare-faced shamelessness of these shit parents who put their child in the local rags holding up an iPad and looking sad that really gets to me. At that stage, either you are humiliating your child or you are reinforcing the notion that there's always someone else to blame for the consequences of their actions, and that recourse to public spectacle is a valid means of resolving an issue.

    I could go on, but basically they all want fucking boiling. I won't even let a child touch my iPad. It's 650 worth of tech, for pity's sake. What's wrong with crayons?
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  • Zavvi threatens customers with legal action after accidentally sending free Vitas

  • governmentyard 11/12/2013

    @Brutal_Zen As it happens that's precisely how the law works if you accidentally give someone too much money. But this isn't money, this is goods, and it isn't comparable.

    The Vita packs are not unsolicited so the SOGA doesn't apply. If you porder Tearaway and get the Vita Tearaway pack, you know damn well what has happened and there's a number to call to let them know there's a problem with your order.

    Also it's important to note that Zavvi are now sending out letters notifying intent to pursue legal action (which is not a fucking threat however much bored hacks try to dress it up) but they've previously sent out polite ones, which have been ignored.

    If I were Zavvi I'd let the Vitas stay with the recipients, if only to offset the inconvenience the customers have suffered from not receiving the item they ordered.But not because it's wrong to ask for them back or pursue legal means of ensuring they come back. It isn't.
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  • A new Ridge Racer announced!

  • governmentyard 04/12/2013

    Ridge Racer's time has been and gone. Fortunately I just got a Vita, so I can play series zenith RR Type 4 whenever I want.

    Always remember my first go on a PS 2. Ridge Racer (5?) in Gamestation, Manchester Arndale. Christ, I was disappointed. Same old thing, better graphics, worse handling. Only ever impressed me since on PSP. Even the 360 one's a pile of mup.

    some day in the nearish future, someone will come out with a game that's got Ridge's original handling, or thereabouts, and we'll just go and love that instead. I never thought I'd get over outrun until I got my Playstation.
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  • Eldritch review

  • governmentyard 18/11/2013

    Love pixel art. Gets me started and my imagination does the rest.

    I think those of us on ZX81 s are less likely to be arsed about graphical fidelity than even those whose first computer was 16-bit.
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  • Microsoft confirms Xbox One apps for launch

  • governmentyard 09/11/2013 it's less useful than my 360, then? Reply +4
  • Rockstar: lost GTA Online characters are gone forever

  • governmentyard 21/10/2013

    Latest patch has deleted my cars :( Reply 0
  • GTA Online: Rockstar ate my gangster

  • governmentyard 09/10/2013

    This has already become Eve Online for people too stupid to play Eve Online. Career griefing and serious penalties for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or minding one's own business are ever-present. The only difference is in Eve you have it in a persistent world which feels tangible, so it is possible to come to terms with it. In GTA Online the 'world is like that of Matrix Revolutions... one of many, entirely broken, boringly deadly and praised by throngs of people whose cognitive dissonance won't let them accept they've bought into something shit.

    History will not remember this fondly, even if it more or less gets its shit together. I hope it does though, because I've paid for it now... and gold to play it with.
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  • Rockstar hopes new GTA Online patch out today

  • governmentyard 02/10/2013

    @darkmorgado I've checked all over the box and can't find that anywhere. I've gone back to the stand where I bought it from and there's no mention here either. I've checked the email address Rockstar send me tons of stuff to as I'm a registered fan of their games and nothing there either.

    ...or are you talking about the one article I've seen which came along some days after I bought the game?

    Most people I work with have GTA5 and very few ever read gaming sites.
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  • governmentyard 02/10/2013


    Makes no sense, but I'll play. There was no queue when I bought my ticket, or the queue was invisible. When I bought my ticket it would have been reasonable to be told there would be a wait. I have been sold a ticket for an experience I cannot have today, despite being sold it on the basis that I would be able to use it today.

    A better allegory would have been selling a thousand tickets for a one-carriage train.

    Regarding the debate on numbers sold, they certainly know how many copies they made, so maybe set the servers up for that many?
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  • governmentyard 02/10/2013

    Once again on EG we have people who paid for a product and are complaining because it doesn't work, who are then getting called 'entitled'.

    Indeed they are. They've paid for an online game as of today and they haven't got one. Servers and demand aren't their problem. Other Top titles mange to have it working to a point where people can enjoy playing online from day one. It's reasonable to expect a game with the solid reputation of GTA to manage the same. We pay for the console, pay for the display, pay for the game, pay for the phone line and connection and also a fee to the console manufacturer to use their online infrastructure, and still we can't play the game when we are told we can, despite adverts on this premium online service stating it is possible as soon as we turn our console on.

    Maybe there's a hundred reasons why it can't work on day 1. Maybe articles on the BbC website have slightly forewarned people about this, although those might have been more reasonable before we all went out and bought the game... but none of these things change the fact that people who bought the game and bought the infrastructure to play it are very fucking entitled to be able to play it indeed. If letting off a little steam on a gaming forum makes them feel better about it, let them.

    Me? I'm philosophical about the whole thing, but I'm still entitled to play my game online and I still can't. And yes, I did buy gold especially for this. The day before they announced the problems.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • governmentyard 19/09/2013

    I've always avoided the whole scores issue, they never bother me that much, either I want something anyway and get it, or I think I might, then I cross reference EG and other sites REVIEWS, not scores.

    That said, after a few days' play, bollocks is this a 9. Best game on the 360. I paid 38 quid for this and feel like I've robbed Rockstar.
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  • Nintendo legend Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85

  • governmentyard 19/09/2013

    Yamauchi got shit done. I shall find a black Nintendo device to play in his honour later. Reply +1
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD review

  • governmentyard 19/09/2013

    @vanillabear111 a ten year old game that most gamers didn't get hold of the first time round.

    From OOT onwards there's been relatively little to separate any of the Zeldas. If this was a new title it would be lauded just as much.
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  • governmentyard 19/09/2013

    Could've sworn in one of the 2D Zeldas Link had a mum. Either the SNES one or the Gameboy one. Might have been an Aunt. I don't know. It's late. Reply 0
  • How the first Grand Theft Auto was almost cancelled

  • governmentyard 16/09/2013

    Lest we forget Body Harvest in that whole modern-sandbox genensis, either. Between that and this, DMA/R*N are the alpha and the omega of the genre, whatever contributions others made. And I'm going to mention Elite before anyone else does, too. Reply +7
  • Gamers rage at Sony over GTA 5 PS3 pre-release download delay

  • governmentyard 13/09/2013

    Yes, these gamers are entitled. They are entitled to what they paid for, which was to be able to download from today. Their reasons for wanting it are irrelevant. Money has changed hands, the result isn't what was advertised. If you want a debate about how much of a change from an advertised service is acceptable, I suppose we ought to have one.

    This isn't about that, though, it's about being abusive to people who are upset at a company changing the terms of a deal once it's been agreed and money exchanged.

    And there's people much more worthy off your derision that than on the internet, surely?
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  • Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer to retire

  • governmentyard 23/08/2013

    ...because the amount of bad things were under a given leader is always as bad as they could possibly have been.... Reply 0
  • This is what the largest online space battle in history looks like

  • governmentyard 29/07/2013

    Not sure if I'm playing Eve wrong but I'm a bit worried that I'm not finding the boredom, virgins or nerds when I'm online. Its mostly fun with well-rounded socially functional people for me... and I play very casually for the most part.

    Maybe it's that the bored, the nerds and the virgins attract one another, so that's why some find the game to be full of that when they play?

    While this was going on I was off exploring and finding treasure a quarter of a galaxy away, so LotR quotes and gank-fu are not a part of my story at the moment. Before that I was playing the markets across the Sinq-Everyshore boarder to get some space bucks to spend on fun and prior to that I spent some time helping noobs get to grips with things, for the sense of well-being it gave me. Before that.... part of a mining corp which to some might seem like work but unlike every job I've had IRL, the people doing it wanted to be there and were enjoying themselves.

    Technical criticisms of sandboxes are perfectly fair but most other dismissals of them I tend to find say more about the person making them than the game itself.
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  • governmentyard 29/07/2013

    @Marrrfooo They've built that right into the game. It's colloquially known as 'lag'. Reply +2
  • Fez 2 cancelled, Fish swims away from the game industry

  • governmentyard 28/07/2013

    @Deionarra don't journalists create magazines, websites, blogs and videos? Which people enjoy, just like games? Reply +2